They arrest them with arsenal and drugs

Ciudad Juárez.- Three men were arrested and consigned to the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) after several weapons and drugs were found after a review by elements of the State Security Commission (CES).

They are José Ángel CR, 30 years old, Manuel Adrián FT, 33 years old, and José Ángel CS, 49 years old, who were circulating in a white 1998 Ford F-150 pickup.

The agents stopped them at the intersection of Jesús Nájera and Mauricio Corredor in the Chaveña neighborhood. After a search they found a revolver-type firearm, caliber .38, supplied with five cartridges.

They also carried a .22 caliber revolver type firearm, stocked with six useful cartridges, as well as 20 boxes each with 20 7.62×39 caliber cartridges.

Similarly, the police officers found a box with 50 .38 super caliber cartridges, 144 .223 caliber cartridges, another 12 .38 caliber cartridges.

While in a bag they carried 121 cocaine wrappers.

The state corporation reported that it handed over the detainees to the FGR indicated for federal crimes, such as weapons for the exclusive use of the Army and crimes against health for insured drugs.


Monterrey expects a partially sunny Thursday with a maximum of 29 °

Monterrey expects a sunny Wednesday with a maximum of 29 °  <!–


November 25, 2020

Monterrey expects a sunny Wednesday with a maximum of 29 °

At night it will be cool with a temperature of 20 degrees.

Expect Monterrey on a partially sunny Friday with a maximum of 30 ° <!–


November 27, 2020

Expect Monterrey on a partially sunny Friday with a maximum of 30 °

At night it will be mostly cloudy with a temperature of 20 degrees.

Monterrey expects a partially sunny and temperate Monday with a minimum of 17 ° and a maximum of 25 ° <!–


November 23, 2020

Monterrey expects a partially sunny and temperate Monday with a minimum of 17 ° and a maximum of 25 °

The details of the weather forecast in Telediario.

Monterrey expects a sunny and foggy Tuesday with a maximum of 28 ° <!–


November 24, 2020

Monterrey expects a sunny and foggy Tuesday with a maximum of 28 °

At night it will be clear with a temperature of 21 degrees.


‘You let me down’, Maribel Guardia attacks Apple

Maribel Guardia used her Instagram account to report her disappointment when she bought an Apple Mac Mini

According to the actress, she bought a 2020 computer and received a 2018 model.

“What a disappointment to have to buy a @apple computer, because you need it for work, buy it online in November 2020, naturally expecting a 2020, and have a 2018 sent to you,” Maribel wrote from Instagram.

Several of his followers expressed their support for him; even others complained that the same thing happened to them and others asked her to check their order well because perhaps she was the one who made a mistake.


The new and innovative Mi 10 from Xiaomi arrives in Mexico

CdMx.- The Xiaomi Mi 10 arrived in Mexico and did so marveling locals and strangers in four of the characteristics that users pay the most attention to: Camera, design, audio and performance. The best news for everyone is that the latest device in the flagship line has one of the best value for money on the market.

Capture the best photos and videos with its 108 MP camera

One of the things that immediately catches your eye is your camera. Xiaomi Mi 10 included a 108MP sensor and 8K video capture that puts it way above the rest of the competition. What does it represent to have such a camera? That you can take the clearest possible shots with the highest resolution, so that in your photos you can capture even the smallest detail and record videos of the highest quality today. Take your mobile photography to the next level.

As for videography, the Mi 10 comes with everything. Bring out that film director in you thanks to the Ultra high definition resolution in 8K, allowing you to capture every minute in detail on video. Now that if yours is social networks, take advantage of the cinematographic quality thanks to its Vlog, slow motion and ShootSteady modes.

Sleek design without sacrificing comfort

If the Xiaomi Mi 10 stands out for something, it is its design. Beauty and functionality converge in a great way in this smartphone that does not sacrifice comfort. 3D curved front and back with smooth contoured edges for an easy-to-grip feel. Covered in its entirety with Corning® Gorilla®Glass 5, your cell phone is very well protected against drops, bumps and scratches.

Added to that is its 6.67 ”curved AMOLED screen with unmatched color accuracy thanks to TrueColor technology offering more precision in photos and videos.

The best news is that you can be with your smartphone without damaging your eyesight thanks to the fast and fluid screen technology. To this is added the TÜV Rheinland certification of low blue light that allows your eyes to rest before going to sleep, as well as several brightness modes that guarantee maximum visual comfort.


Turkish government tiptoes over biden’s victory

Istanbul.- The Turkish government has barely spoken about the victory of Joe Biden in the US presidential elections, and has limited itself to indicating that with him in the White House “nothing will change” in relations with Turkey.

Both the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the Foreign Ministry have referred today to various international issues, such as the war in Nagorno Karabakh or the elections in Guinea-Conakry, but without making any reference to Biden.

The only mention has been that of Fuat Oktay, one of the vice presidents, who has said that the departure of Donald Trump from the Oval Office will not affect Turkey.

“For us, who is elected in the elections of another country does not change anything, neither in good nor in bad. Turkey has its own interests and its own foreign policy,” he told Kanal 7 station.

Ankara has attacked the Kurdish militias in Syria that the US has supported in the fight against the jihadist Islamic State, and has also criticized Washington for not extraditing Fethullah Gülen, a former Erdogan ally preacher whom it accuses of the failed coup of State of 2016.

Kemal Kiliçdaroglu, leader of the CHP Social Democrat, the main Turkish opposition party, has already congratulated the president-elect of the United States.

Even countries with bad or tense relations with Washington, such as Iran, Cuba or Venezuela, have referred to the victory of the Democratic candidate, not Russia or China, which have not yet spoken.

Taken from efe news.


Apple will have one last event to close 2020

With a multicolored poster and under the slogan One More Thing, the company announced that this next November 10 will take place the third Apple Event of the year at 12:00 PM Mexico time.

Although it was not announced what product or device it is, there are already theories of what could be revealed on November 10. Everything seems to indicate that it will be an addition to your line of Mac computers.

According to what you mention CNNIn June this year, during its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple announced that it would soon begin using its own silicon chips for its computers. If so, they would leave out the components made by Intel that were used in recent years.

At that event, the company headed by Tim Cook It also revealed the machines with the new ARM electronic components that would begin to be marketed at the end of this 2020

Microchips designed with ARM architecture are already used in a number of iPhones and iPads and it looks like they will likely make their way to Macs. With this new component, battery life is expected to be extended and there will be better integration between devices. For now, they are just strong rumors circulating regarding the event.

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For the second day, Chihuahua exceeds the maximum number of deaths from Covid-19 – States

Chihuahua, Chih. For the second consecutive day, Chihuahua exceeded the maximum number of Covid-19 deaths registered in the entity since the beginning of the pandemic, with 100 deaths and 208 accumulated deaths in epidemiological week 43, a figure that doubles the records of all the previous weeks .

Arturo Valenzuela Zorrilla, medical director of the local Ministry of Health, observed that the figures for the current epidemiological week, “once again have a record of cases with 3,295 infections, an extremely important number that tells us that we Chihuahuas still have a lot to do. , that we have to keep trying and not underestimating our participation as individuals in this pandemic, to assume our own responsibility as leaders at home ”.

The official reported 427 new infections this Saturday for a total accumulated cases of 28 thousand 776, and one hundred confirmed deaths from coronavirus.

Regarding the accumulated 208 deaths from Covid-19 in epidemiological week 43, he said that the figure “so far is doubling any previous figure for this pandemic.”

On Friday, the entity confirmed 76 deaths and until this Saturday accumulated 2,338 deaths, mainly in patients from the municipalities of Juárez, Chihuahua, Delicias and Cuauhtémoc.

Alert about illegal sale of Covid-19 tests

The State Commission for the Protection Against Sanitary Risks (Coespris) of the Government of the State of Chihuahua, warned the population about the commercialization of rapid tests for detection of Covid-19 offered illegally on social networks.

He warned that the tests are sold on social networks at a cost below the market, with supposed effectiveness similar to PCR tests, with results in less than 15 minutes and application at home, but they lack health registration and authorization from the Institute of Diagnosis and Epidemiological Reference (Indre).

“It was detected that the vendors offer an effectiveness similar to that guaranteed in the molecular diagnosis PCR, which is a null possibility, due to the high levels of error that it implies,” said the agency.

“These instantaneous analyzes promise a true result in less than 15 minutes, and at a cost below the market, but its origin is doubtful because it lacks a sanitary registration and authorization.”


Johnson and Von der Leyen agree to “redouble efforts” toward a post-Brexit deal

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and the president of the European Commission (EC), Ursula von der Leyen, they agreed ‘Redouble efforts’ towards a post-Brexit deal in a telephone conversation held this Saturday, a British government spokesman said.

The source noted that during the call, planned to Taking stock of the negotiationsJohnson noted that, while progress has been made, “significant differences persist in several areas” of common concern, including competition and fisheries.

The two leaders agreed that their respective teams will continue negotiations next Monday in London in order to “Redouble efforts to reach an agreement”, which would enter into force at the end, on December 31, of the post-Brexit transition period, which was formally executed on January 31.

For their part, Johnson and Von der Leyen “will remain in contact,” the spokesman said. If they fail to negotiate a bilateral pact, as of January 1, 2021, the United Kingdom and the European Union (EU) will start trading based on the generic, less beneficial regulations of the World Trade Organization (WTO).


▷ Meghan Markle’s vote in the US elections

Meghan Markle’s vote in the US elections.


In these last American electionss  Meghan Markle has been encouraged to vote in its public comments. ‘Page Six’ has been confirmed by sources close to the Sussex that the Duchess voted days before by post, and they go further by adding that she would also have exercised her right as an American citizen if she continued to live in the United Kingdom.


▷ The new virtual BlizzCon will be free for everyone: Blizzard says goodbye to the classic ticket in this edition

BlizzConline will be the event to learn more about Overwatch 2, Diablo 4, and other games.

Blizzard It has been holding a face-to-face event for 15 years where it announces news for its video games, and where fans can meet to participate in all kinds of activities related to their favorite titles. As we already knew, the 2020 pandemic has caused this BlizzCon to become “BlizzConline“an exclusively digital edition destined to maintain tradition from a safer perspective. And with this new format, they also arrive monetization changes.

In a video reviewing Blizzard-related news, products and services, President J. Allen Brack announces that BlizzConline, dated to February 19 and 20, will be free for all viewers. This is, in part, a first for the event: although the opening ceremony has always been free to watch, the rest of the tournaments, contests and collectibles were part of a virtual ticket of 40 dollars / euros.

In spite of everything, a good part of the activities which WoW parents are accustomed to, including competitions, cosplay contests or the fun march of the murlocs, where fans interpret these tribal fish with greater or lesser visual fidelity. Of course, we will also have ads.

In this edition, we will have to closely track Overwatch 2 Y Diablo IV, among other novelties. The former will add campaign heroes and PvE content to Blizzard’s cooperative shooter, while the latter will take a more sinister and traditional approach to the loot progression-based RPG series. Neither has a release date for now.

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