“You just have to come with all your quality”: Christian Cueva receives praise from his coach

Christian Cueva left Turkey after the coach separated him from the first team due to indiscipline, but a few weeks later, ‘Aladino’ shines again and receives praise from his new coach at Al Fateh in Arabia.

Yannick Ferrara, Al Fateh coach, praised Cueva again: “He is a player who needs to be loved by his club. We do it here. One of the things I told him was that I want to give him the keys to the team. ‘You just have to come and play with all his quality ‘, I commented, “he said in a note to ESPN.

Despite the few games that the Peruvian midfielder has in the team, Ferrara is delighted with the actions of Christian Cueva, who also adds a goal from a free kick.

“I am happy and proud to have a footballer like him. His best position is when he is free on the pitch, although we also see that he can function as a winger. He has a vision of the game that not everyone has,” he added.

With Cueva present, the chances that he will be considered for the knockout call grow, unlike when he trained with the reserve team of Yeni Malatyaspor of Turkey.

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Christian Cueva | DT confirmed of his debut: “I want to give him the team key”

Christian Cueva is one of those players who has had more opportunities than he should. In the last clubs he has been in, he has not left a good image and that is why he has jumped from one club to another.

These opportunities, likewise, are not by chance. Despite his indiscipline and unprofessionalism, Aladino has something that many would like to have: talent.

We all know that talent is not enough, however, without a doubt, it helps to create opportunities. After, again, being irresponsible in Turkey he was hired in Arabia. His destination was Al Fateh.

He has already signed and already trains with the team. In fact, his coach Yannick Ferrera spoke of the player, his capabilities, his commitment and his upcoming debut.

The DT for example confirmed that he will have minutes this Thursday. In addition, he pointed out that he spoke with the player asking him if his interest was financial or sports. Finally, he confirmed that it will give him confidence: “I want to give him the key to the team.”

The technician’s words arouse confidence. You can tell that he knows who he will work with and has the objective of empowering him. Hopefully I can. We all need Cuevita at her best!

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Peruvian Selection | Christian Cueva and Jefferson Farfán are in the crosshairs of a Saudi Arabian club, according to international press

One of the concerns with a view to the Qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022 in March is that neither Jefferson Farfán and Christian Cueva, key players in the Peruvian National Team, are without a club so far.

For now, both attackers have been training independently. On the one hand, Christian Cueva is located in Turkey. While the ‘Foquita’ has been exercising with others selected in La Videna.

However, the two players, former Alianza Lima, are in the crosshairs of a Saudi Arabian club, as reported by journalist Raisa Simplicio from Brazil through her official account.

“Sources close to the President Al-Fateh of Saudi Arabia say that the club is negotiating with a Peruvian player. Christian Cueva and Jefferson Farfán appear as options,” the aforementioned journalist said via Twitter.

As it is remembered, Christian Cueva was a member of Yeni Malatyasport for the last time and, according to the Turkish press, there is a possibility that he will renew. However, it has not been made official. For his part, Jefferson Farfán had Lokomotiv Moscow as his last club and did not continue. For his part, he is still recovering from an operation on his knee.


Christian Cueva: Pierre Manrique and the possibilities in his future in Turkey

Christian Cueva has only one constant in his career: inconstancy. His unprofessionalism has caused him to jump from team to team without having more than one moderately regular season.

In the last two years He has gone through Santos, Toluca and Yeni Malatyaspor. In all those teams, he did not stand out for his football, but for his various problems off the field. That is why he is not playing today.

After it was confirmed that he would no longer have any possibilities in Turkey, there was talk of possible destinations. Richard Acuña wanted him in Vallejo and many media, Turks and Peruvians, put him in the orbit of André Carrillo’s Al Hilal.

This Tuesday, who anticipated the doping of Guerrero and has given more than a first of Peruvian football, gave information about it. We talk about Pierre Manrique, who tweeted about Christian Cueva’s situation.

“From the surroundings of Cueva they deny that ‘aladino’ is close to Al Hilal. Moreover, they do not rule out his continuity in the Yeni Malatyaspor of Turkey if this weekend DT Hamzaoglu is dismissed from his position”wrote the aforementioned communicator.

Thus, if this version is true, the Peruvian would be waiting for the removal of the coach to stay. This, it must be said, does not seem too correct either. Hopefully, everything will be solved soon.

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Christian Cueva would play in Al Hilal with André Carrillo, reported from Turkey | Peruvian national team NCZD | FOOTBALL-PERUVIAN

A week ago, Adil Gevrek, President of Yeni Malatyaspor, confirmed that the future of Christian Cueva at the club he was practically decided: he was not going to continue, after differences with coach Hamza Hamzaoglu. Despite this scenario, ‘Aladdin’ would have a new opportunity. From Turkey they reported that he could be transferred to the club Al Hilal, where does he play André Carrillo.

As pointed out ‘Ajansspor’, one of the most recognized Turkish media, the Peruvian would fall to the whole of Saudi Arabia, with a two-year contract and earning two million dollars per season. Now, it is one of the options that were driving by the steering wheel of the Peruvian National Team.

His agent, Matías Favano, had stated on radio Ovación (La Sobremesa) that “andThere are specific talks with three clubs from Turkey and two from Saudi Arabia ”. Of course, it was taken into account that his future was far from New Malatyaspor.

Christian Cueva he is leaving, he will come to Turkey. We will sit down to talk when he arrives, the transfers between circuits begin. The technical committee, our board of directors and the sports director of ours will make a decision speaking clearly “, said the new president of Yeni Malatyaspor, Adil Gevre.

In this season, the former Sao Paulo closed his way through the Turkish team with a total of eight games, zero goals and two assists.

What were the last shirts you wore Christian Cueva? From Alianza Lima, in 2015, he went to Toluca, Sao Paulo, Krasnodar, Santos, Pachuca and, of course, Yeni Malatyaspor.

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Christian Cueva interests clubs in Turkey and Saudi Arabia

Its quality is not disputed and less when it defends the jacket of the Peruvian team. Although it was said that he would return to the national championship, the truth is that Christian Cueva could remain abroad, since clubs from Turkey and Saudi Arabia are attentive to the current situation of the footballer.

This was made known by Matías Favero, the player’s agent, who confirmed the interest of several teams in ‘Aladino’ in an interview with Ovation. “We have interest from two or three clubs in Turkey. His contract is until June 2021 with the option to extend it two more years, the president was interested in doing so. There are also two clubs in Saudi Arabia that are asking about him”, Specified the representative.

In addition, he indicated that at the moment it will not be possible to see Cueva in the national football, at least for this year. “That possibility is ruled out. He welcomes it, but for later. He still has to prove in Turkish or Arabic football. His dream is to retire in Peru ”, he pointed out.

Favero was also questioned about the midfielder’s behavior off the pitch. “Before signing with Yeni Malatyaspor, there were comments about Christian and indiscipline, but quite the opposite. Christian is very professional, he takes great care with his meals. He took the family and they are happy there. He is a different player and has a lot to give ”he expressed.

A few days ago there was talk of the possibility that it was the stellar reinforcement of the Cesar Vallejo University for the new season. However, the board of the poet team ruled out the signing upon learning of the desire of the former Alianza Lima player to remain abroad.

Cueva was separated from Yeni Malatyaspor after arguing with his coach Hamza Hamzaoglu. The Peruvian trains in a particular way in Trujillo and his possible incorporation to several national clubs has sounded strong during the last week.

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Christian Cueva and the Peruvian team that is about to make their return | News

Peruvian clubs are not wasting time and are beginning to consolidate their reinforcements with a view to facing League 1 in 2021. One of them is the César Vallejo University that wants to make the big blow by hiring Christian Cueva, who is now a free player after being separated Yeni Malatyaspor from Turkey.

The possibility of Cueva joining César Vallejo was exposed by the president of the César Vallejo club, Richard Acuña, who already spoke with the national player, who is in Peru after arriving from Turkey, where he had his last football experience.

“What about Christian (Cueva) is different because he is from Liberte. It is different from what about Jefferson (Farfán). I would love for Christian to play at UCV. We have just agreed to speak tonight, it is a meeting more friendly than sports “Acuña indicated in dialogue with Fútbol Como Cancha of RPP Noticias.

To date, Cesar Vallejo has not officially announced any signings. Although it was known that Rodrigo Cuba and Donald Millán had already reached an agreement and would be presented in the next few days.

‘Chemo’ del Solar and his technical command will stay for next season. “We have renewed with Chemo del Solar for two years, but that’s on paper. For us, let him stay as long as he wants. We believe and trust in their work, ”said Acuña.

On the other hand, Acuña spoke of the possibility that Jefferson Farfán wears the ‘poet’ shirt: “It is not within our reach to ambition a footballer of the quality of Jefferson Farfán. As a joke I could tell him to come, but come free”


Posted on: 12/29/2020


Christian Cueva excluded from the team, confirms president of Yeni Malatyaspor

Editor: The popular19 Dic 2020 | 14:00 h

Christian Cueva does not live a comfortable moment in Turkey, a league to which he arrived after playing in Mexico (Liga MX), because the president of the New Malatyaspor, Adil Gevrek, referred to the continuity of the Peruvian after the conflict with the club’s coach.

As is known, the popular Aladino had exchanges of words with his current coach Hamza Hamzaoğlu as a result of a technical decision that surprised the Peruvian.

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What happened between Christian Cueva and Hamza Hamzaoğlu? The DT changed the Peruvian World Cup in the first half hour of a match when Yeni Malatyaspor was leading 2-0.

Cueva’s unease was made evident on social networks with indirect publications in search of an explanation. Also, his wife Pamela López openly declared on Instagram that the strategist would have a problem with South American players.

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Christian Cueva and his imminent departure from Yeni Malatyaspor

It is for this reason that the president of the Yeni Malatyaspor, Adil Gevrek, spoke out this Saturday about the case Christian Cueva, after his team’s victory over Kasimpasa (2-0).

“There was a decision of the teacher about Christian Cueva, he is off the template. Your decision is entirely up to the teacher. Of course, we had a meeting with the teacher, ”said Adil Gevrek.

Finally, the president of the Malatya club pointed out that although it is true that the Peruvian is a good player, the most important and crucial thing is the interests of the team.

“Cueva is an important player but the important thing here is Yeni Malatyaspor. We do not look individually. There is great unity and solidarity as a team ”, he concluded.

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Christian Cueva: This was his reaction to the decline of Alianza Lima | NCZD | FOOTBALL-PERUVIAN

Updated 11/28/2020 at 9:27 PM

Lima Alliance has descended to the Second Division, a situation that has shocked all Victorian fans around the world. Christian Cueva, midfielder for Yeni Malatyaspor of Turkey, was one of the first to ‘put his chest up’ and reaffirm his fanaticism for the Blue and White team.

After the pain of seeing his team lose the category, the Peruvian team midfielder showed his rebellion against the new reality of Alianza Lima. “I was born an Alliance and I will die an Alliance. With soul, heart and life ”, shared the popular ‘Aladdin‘in the stories of his Instagram account.

Always with you my alliance”Was the first story he published Chistian Cave accompanied by a photograph when he defended the Blue and White jersey in 2014 and 2015.

The midfielder is still in Turkey, where he was excluded from the first team by Yeni Malatyaspor coach Hamza Hamzaoğlu.

Christian Cueva reacts after the descent of Alianza Lima (Photo: @ Cueva10oficial)

Lima Alliance he closed a terrible campaign with a defeat against Sport Huancayo and could not exceed 26 points that condemned him to the loss. Carlos Stein managed to add 27 units in the last date (He drew 1-1 with UTC) and will continue in League 1 for 2021.

Christian Cueva reacts after the descent of Alianza Lima (Photo: @ Cueva10oficial)

Christian Cueva reacts after the descent of Alianza Lima (Photo: @ Cueva10oficial)


Peruvian team: Christian Cueva excluded in Turkey: Who could replace him in the Blanquirroja? | SPORT-TOTAL

According to the criteria of

Know more

On October 19, 2008, the San Martín team arrived in Huaraz on time to face Sport Ancash in the Clausura. Despite changing on the plane, not warming up and starting the game late, the ‘saints’ won 1-0. That goal was scored by a 16-year-old youth, Christian Cueva. On the first day of his 29th birthday, the Turkish Yeni Malatyaspor announced his separation. A press conference with strong words is no longer necessary, a simple Tweet.

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Cueva has been a permanent footballer on Ricardo Gareca’s board since 2015. But the ‘Tigre’ has some changes in mind, in the words of Juan Carlos Oblitas. Will Christian Cueva’s situation make me make a decision about him? The Argentine is much questioned for the trust he placed in Christian Cueva in these last two years, in which he changed teams practically every six months, leaving in three in the middle of some problem. “God puts everything in its place”, was the defense of the Trujillo in a story of Instagram.

Son seven games that Ricardo Gareca did not play for a single minute at the wheel. The first was on November 13, 2015, against Paraguay in Lima, with Yordy Reyna as his replacement. The following year, with Christian Cueva as midfielder, Cristian Benavente took his place in a friendly against El Salvador. Already in 2017, he was absent in the tie with Argentina in La Bombonera. There, the ‘Flaco’ decided to use a 4-3-2-1 system, in which Edison Flores was placed on the left.

As a World Cup team, the former Lima Alliance was not in the last three friendlies of 2018. Edison Flores played as ’10’ in equality against the United States and Cristian Benavente did so in the defeats against Ecuador in Lima and Costa Rica in Arequipa. After that, he was only absent in another lost match, this time with Colombia at the end of 2019. Peru played an unprecedented 4-4-2. Then, in all four Playoff games in 2020, he was at least one minute in each.

Christian Cueva started all three games at the 2018 World Cup in Russia (Photo: AP)

Christian Cueva started all three games at the 2018 World Cup in Russia (Photo: AP)


To all this, what would be the alternatives to replace Christian Cueva in March? The system that Ricardo Gareca wants to use against Bolivia in La Paz and Venezuela in Lima has a lot to do with it. In case of continuing with the 4-3-2-1, that is to say with two steering wheels on the outside, a forward striker and without a ’10’, it is easy to assume that Edison Flores will take the left wing, as it already happened against Chile in Santiago. ‘Ears’ was located there when ‘Aladdin’ started playing inside.

Another proposal is Christofer Gonzales, who replaced an injured Cueva in the October game against Brazil. The Sporting Cristal player has played more times in the front row, but after the Copa América he has had more opportunities in a more offensive zone. Of course, he still lacks the scoring ability that Flores and Christian himself have.

In case Gareca insists on the 4-2-3-1, two open midfielders, a ‘9’ and a ’10’ in the middle, it would be the great opportunity for Sergio Peña in the Peruvian team. Excluded from the last World Cup on the hour, the Dutch FC Emmen footballer was called up to that position in this qualifying process, playing just a few minutes on the first double date and was called off due to injury a few weeks ago.

There are several times that the 25-year-old midfielder expressed interest in wearing the two-color jersey “regardless of the position on the field.” His good foot, field outlook and good level shown in the Netherlands league are key factors to give him a chance. In addition, it is to the taste of Ricardo Gareca, who made him debut in our national team in 2017. Of course, he must also start scoring in the rival goal.

The other replacements for Christian Cueva at the time, Yordy Reyna and Cristian Benavente, see any chance far away. Especially the second, which, except for a few months in 2016, was generally left as a third option. Moreover, at least the DC United player has been considered this year (he did not arrive in Lima due to problems with his club) while the reinforcement of Royal Antwerp of Belgium saw all four games from afar.

Paolo Hurtado had been called up to the recent Copa América to also alternate there, but was injured in a friendly against Colombia prior to the tournament. To date, he has not been considered by Ricardo Gareca in his calls. A series of annoyances kept him from playing for several months. This season there are just three appearances at Konyaspor in Turkey.

Christian Cueva and Paolo Hurtado spent their time at Alianza Lima.  (Photo: Jesús Saucedo / GEC)

Christian Cueva and Paolo Hurtado spent their time at Alianza Lima. (Photo: Jesús Saucedo / GEC)


And if it is encouraged by a new summoned? The 21-year-old left-handed Martín Távara is one of Sporting Cristal’s figures this season. A gold medalist at the Youth Olympic Games in 2014, the piurano has already played in both positions with a light blue and bicolor youth jersey. It is not unreasonable that, if his evolution continues like this in March, his name appears on the list of those summoned to visit Bolivia and receive Venezuela.

Note that in the October microcycle, the Argentine called Edhu Oliva de San Martín and Rodrigo Vilca, today at the English Newcastle. In these four months, many things can happen with both to justify a place in the main Peruvian team. Many fans are excitedly waiting for Vilca to even make his debut in the mighty Premier League.

If we look at the recent Under 23, the best parameter to get an idea of ​​what the adult team would be like in the future, Fernando Pacheco started on the left and Yuriel Celi played offensively. It may still be difficult to see the Cantolao player as he has just turned 18, an age that makes him a risky bet in a Playoff. Another who played ’10’ was Jairo Concha, who did not have a role to stand out in San Martín this season.


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