Pellegrini confirms that Joaqun “is going to renew” and that they discuss: “He wants to play everything”

Manuel Pilgrims, Betis coach, had an online chat a few days ago with former Argentine player Quique Wolff, who presents in ESPN the program ‘Simply football, in which the Chilean remembered his beginnings in the world of sport, how he combined it with his studies of engineering and how Fernando Riera He instilled in him the vocation to be a coach. The ex of the City reviewed his passage through all the clubs and countries (6) before arriving at Betis last summer, when “he had two other offers more of Europe “, so the withdrawal was never considered. In addition, he is very happy where he ended up directing:” The popularity Betis is impressive. All the big clubs have felt it, but if there is a club in Spain that has noticed the absence of the public in the stadiums, that is the Betis. It is incredible how many people stop you on the street in Seville to tell you that it is Betic. What of West Ham in London it is the same. They are institutions not as economically powerful as others, but very popular with working people. “

In addition, Pellegrini makes it clear that the derbies here are another story. “It is very special. I had lived 9 years before in Spain and knew the rivalry, but I had to live two without an audience, which makes him lose the 90% of the importance it has. I hope that next year we can finally experience that party with an audience, because it shows even on the street. It is the only game in which people waited for the bus of the team, who had to change route to get to the stadium. “And that the South American coach does not hide the differences:” Sevilla has grown a lot and, economically, it is more powerful than Betis, which tries to make it competence in a different way, especially in the confrontations between the two. This year they were two very special games. In the first, we tied 1-1 and we wasted a penalty, while in the second we lost 1-0 but had possibilities of, at least, having tied it. This is football; We hope in the coming years to keep Betis as high as possible and beat Sevilla. “

Next, he praised the role of Joaquin, taking his renewal for granted: “Joaquín at Betis is special, because he is a player who, when you evaluate him chronologically, has 39 years to 40, but he trains every day in the same way as the rest. Physically it does not look thick; technically he always had an important capacity. He is a player that I had before in Malaga. It is a symbol of Betis, a symbol of Spain due to the immense number of people who follow Joaquín through social networks. He is a player who is always contributing. He still has football, and I really like it. Sometimes I have a lot of arguments with him, because he wants to play every game. But our obligation is to see how dose it. It is a great help within Betis. Is fully current and, these days, he will surely return to renovate one more year, because neither he has the intention of leaving nor is he a player to whom I would say with all my affection ‘look, Joaquín, this is where we have come, you have to retire’. It hits perfectly. Maybe not for 90 minutes of going up and down, but for 60 minutes or 30 minutes. He totally changes the games and he has scored a lot of goals for us. He is always with the youngest, demanding, talking. Connect for your joy in the dressing room. I remember in Malaga that, with Joaquín and CazorlaSince early in the morning there was a general laugh in the locker room. At Betis there are perhaps fewer players of his generation, but he transcends on and off the field of play. “

Finally, Pellegrini praises the role of his colleague Diego Pablo Simeone: “What you have done in the Athletic it is simply spectacular. In Spain he made his debut against me at Málaga. He has spent eight years in an institution that was in the middle of the table and that only had the Name. It has led him to win a League, a Cup of the UEFA and two endings of Champions. El Cholo has taken him to the place that belongs to him by history in Spain and Europe. “


Ángel Víctor Torres receives CV CCO 7 Palmas and confirms his support for the Champions League

The President of the Government of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, has received the players of the CV CCO 7 Palmas de volleyball, winners of the Iberdrola Women’s Volleyball League, and has confirmed that they will have the support of the regional government in the Champions League.

Historic first league title for CV CCO 7 Palmas

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The regional president has assured that “from his current institutional competence and in previous ones he has tried to support sport, much more to female sport” because it is “of justice and it is necessary to balance”.

For this reason, he has confirmed that for the Champions League “he will have the support of the Government of the Canary Islands” and he hopes that also that of the other Canary Islands institutions.

“When we talk about equality it also means betting on women’s sport,” he said.

This cup “weighs a couple of kilos but carries with it the work of many years of many people, Manolo Campos and his team” and today “the fruits of a planting done with humility, thanks to work, are reaped.”

Canarian sport, Torres has celebrated, “is in luck”, because this team and this cup “places women’s sport in the elite of Spanish and international sports.”

The Olímpico receives “the torch of being the best team in the women’s volleyball league” and this is “great news for sport in general, for women’s sport in particular.”

As he recalled, this triumph is “thanks to the work carried out by these teams, their technical teams, and the social support they have in the Canary Islands”.

At his reception he stressed that “we must continue to support women’s sport so that more girls are federated” and because that trust “they return with the title of league champions.”

This “is a historic moment”, because this team is the first in Gran Canaria to win the women’s volleyball league cup, which is “great news, even more so in this difficult time of pandemic.”

The president of the club, Manolo Campos, stressed that this “is a beautiful day” because “it is a great pride to return to society the affection, support and sensitivity that has been shown in recent times for sport”, on all “in times of pandemic and economic crisis.”

This is the fruit of “the 30-year effort of many people” in a success that “belongs to everyone.”

“We would be very excited to be that women’s team in the Champions League, because no one has played in Spain in the Champions League for more than 10 years,” for which he thanked the Canarian president for his support.

Saray Manzano, the captain of the Siete Palmas CCO 7 Palmas Shopping and Leisure Center Volleyball Club, said she was “very grateful and happy” because “we deserved this recognition and I think now we have to enjoy it”.

“A very long season is over, but I think we have finished in the best possible way” and we are “very happy and very grateful,” he added.


Four more deaths from covid and 83 new positives in Asturias

The absolute figures of the pandemic in Asturias they do not stop growing. If yesterday the three-day streak ended with no deaths due to covid After confirming two deaths, in the last 24 hours there have been four. They are two women aged 68 and 84 and two men aged 73 and 80. Furthermore, in a day in which 2,153 diagnostic tests were performed, the Health counseling has confirmed 83 new positives, which places the positivity rate at 5.15%.

Nor is hospital pressure eased. Yesterday there were 22 admissions to the ward and five to the ICU and seven to the hospital. Thus, according to the latest data from the Principality, “there are 158 hospitalized patients with confirmed or suspected covid-19 and another 74 people remain in intensive care units.”

The total occupancy due to covid in Asturian hospitals stands at 6.70% and in ICUs it rises to 22.70%. There are no patients admitted to the converted centers for the care of people with coronavirus, which have 120 enabled beds.

Increase in cases in young people

Faced with the threat of the fourth wave and the increase in cases in young people, the health authorities insist on asking those between 15 and 25 years of age to “isolate themselves and call the your primary care physician. They also recall that “if they have been in contact, even occasionally, with a positive case for coronavirus, they must restrict their social activity, avoid contact with vulnerable people and remain alert to the appearance of symptoms.”

75% of the councils of Asturias already have more than 10% of the immunized population

However, the general recommendation continues to be to limit social activity as much as possible and to renounce encounters with the elderly and people with chronic diseases if a risk situation has been faced. In particular, it appeals to the inhabitants of Langreo and Mieres, as well as those of those other councils in which the extreme risk level (4+) is declared.


Atlético confirm that their match against Chelsea will be in Bucharest

As this media announced yesterday, Atlético de Madrid has confirmed that it will play in Bucharest the first leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League against Chelsea, after the Government confirmed on Monday the restriction on flights from the Kingdom Kingdom that prevented the celebration of the meeting in the Metropolitan.

“Atlético has sought alternatives in recent days in different countries due to the entry restrictions that affect various territories and finally, taking into account all the conditions of access to the country, availability of facilities, stadium preparation and the situation of the pandemic , it has been agreed with UEFA that the venue for the first leg is the Nacional Arena in Bucharest, “the rojiblanco club explained in a statement. Both the date, February 23, and the time of the match, 9:00 p.m., remain unchanged.

At the request of especially Cholo Simeone, very superstitious, Atlético returns in this way to a stadium that brings back great memories, because there they won their second Europa League after defeating Athletic Club 3-0 in the 11-12 season, with a stellar performance by Colombian striker Radamel Falcao, author of a spectacular double in just over half an hour that sank the Bilbao players.

Atlético-Chelsea could be played in Bucharest

El Nacional is the field where Steaua and Dinamo Bucharest play their home matches, as well as hosting the matches of the Romanian national team and being one of the stadiums chosen for the next Eurocup of the twelve venues, if at all. It is disputed and it does so, in addition, in this new format.

With this change, there are now six continental games required to be played on neutral ground. In the Champions League, the Leipzig-Liverpool and Monchengladbach-Manchester City scenarios, which will be played in Budapest, have also been modified. Real Sociedad-Manchester Unietd (Turin), Benfica-Arsenal (Rome) and Molde-Hoffenheim (Villarreal) have moved into the Europa League.


In Korea confirm Apple investment of 3 billion in Kia

In Korea confirm Apple investment of 3 billion in Kia

From Korea, the newspaper Dong-A Ilbo has confirmed, without citing any source, an investment of the Apple technology in Kia worth 3.6 billion dollars, 2.995 million euros, as part of a collaboration for the production of electric vehicles of the ‘bitten apple’. News has been leaking for weeks about the possible […]


Independent Researchers Confirm Radar COVID Can Help Detect Stranger-to-Stranger Infections

The Spanish infection tracking application, Radar COVID, works. At least on a technological level. A study published this Tuesday in the journal Nature by independent researchers, in which the developers of the app have also participated, has contrasted that Radar COVID detects an average of 6.3 risk contacts for each user who communicates their contagion to the system. Of these, “a significant percentage” are registered among strangers, that is, among people who do not know each other and who are more difficult for manual trackers.

Of course: the researchers emphasize that it is necessary for the authorities to promote its use and remind citizens of the availability of the tool. “A priori, this technology works and after appropriate communication campaigns it could have a sufficient level of penetration and compliance to help and serve as a useful adjunct to manual contact tracing and other non-pharmaceutical interventions in containing outbreaks, thus justifying its deployment at the national level “, pick up the study.

The investigation was carried out between June and July 2020, during the pilot project that the Government carried out with Radar COVID on the Canary island of La Gomera, in which simulated infections were used. Given the lack of research on this technology, which uses the bluetooth of mobile phones, the study emphasizes that these effectiveness data from COVD Radar represent “much-needed empirical evidence of the usefulness of digital contact tracing as a complementary epidemiological tool at the level National for Containment of COVID-19 “.

The more than 15 academics and signing experts, including Spanish and international university professors or lawyers specialized in systems auditing and data ethics, supervised the operation of the app and carried out surveys with the participating volunteers. Their results confirm the figures that the Government offered in July after the pilot.

Adherence, compliance and response time, the strengths

The researchers found several strengths of the app. “After an important communication campaign, we estimate that at least 33% of the population adopted the technology,” they refer. Installed by a third of the population, Radar COVID was able to have an impact on the tracking of infections.

In addition, it obtained “relatively high” rates in terms of “adherence” (people who downloaded the app and continued to use it ten days later), “compliance” (people who communicated to the app their positive for coronavirus through the 12-digit code sent by health services), as well as a quick “response time” (which includes two factors: the people who report their positive to the app within 24 hours of receiving the PCR results; and the time that passes since enter the code until their close contacts receive the Radar COVID notification).

On the other hand, the weak points include the low rate of people who, having been notified of their risk contact through the app, decide to contact the health services. This finding, coupled with the fact that the La Gomera pilot was carried out after that “important communication campaign” among the island’s population, makes the researchers consider it essential that the authorities encourage its use for the system to be successful.

This Monday, the vice president of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calviño, influenced the same issue, urging the autonomies to “give a push” to the implementation of Radar COVID. “Once this app has been made available to the autonomous communities, the important thing is that people who have a positive PCR be provided with a code that allows them to enter it in the app”, he stressed: “It is essential to accelerate the distribution of these codes so that the app can fully deploy its effect and contribute to the work of tracking and fighting against the spread of the virus in our country “.


Sabadell continues to climb while profit taking is imposed on the rest of the sector | Markets

In full hangover after the strong rises registered yesterday by the banks, today the collection of profits is imposed, except in Sabadell. The shares of the Catalan entity rise around 3% although in the first stages of the day it has risen more than 5%. Yesterday, Sabadell shares closed with a 24.5% revaluation due to the intense rumors that circulated throughout the day, confirmed at the close, of BBVA’s interest in taking over the Catalan bank.

Today, BBVA shares fall 5% after rising 15.8% yesterday. After the market closed, BBVA itself acknowledged that it had started conversations with representatives of Banco Sabadell. And that they are doing the work of due diligence.

The rest of the banking sector that yesterday jumped on the bandwagon of increases today is also suffering from selling pressure. Thus, Santander falls 1.4% while the shares of CiaxaBank yield close to 1%; Bankinter loses 0.65% and Bankia falls 0.3%.

Yesterday afternoon, both BBVA and Sabadell explained in separate communications that “there is no certainty that it will be adopted or, in that case, about the terms and conditions of a possible operation” to create a bank with 46,000 employees and more than 4,200 offices in Spain, in addition to a significant presence in Mexico, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

Since the beginning of September, after the announcement that CaixaBank and Bankia were studying their merger, rumors about a possible union of BBVA and Sabadell began to sound strongly, even mentioning the possibility of joining Kuxabank in the operation.

The news of the talks for a merger came the same day that BBVA announced the sale of its subsidiary in the United States for 11.6 billion dollars, about 9.7 billion euros, the largest operation in the group’s history, which gives it a wider margin to invest in the markets in which it operates.

Several analysis houses have improved their recommendation for BBVA. Swiss investment bank Credit Suisse has raised BBVA’s board to neutral from underweight and sets a price target of 3.9 euros, a potential 6% from yesterday’s close. This valuation is higher than the average valuation of the consensus which is 3.4 euros.

On the other hand, Société Générale has improved the recommendation for Sabadell from sell to hold and improves the target price to 44 cents from the previous 26 cents.

For their part, Bankinter analysts explain that the sale of the activity in the US by BBVA raises Turkey’s weight over the whole, which is delicate from a strategic perspective (and the applicable risk premium). “Taking into account the difficulties it would face in selling Turkey in view of the delicate situation of that economy and the progressive weakening of the Turkish lira, the only quick way for BBVA to dilute its weight of Turkey as a whole is to increase its weight in Spain “, these experts explain in a report in which they have improved the recommendation for BBVA and Sabadell, from neutral to buy.

The analysis firm considers that this corporate operation will go ahead for the above reason and because Sabadell “has a highly vulnerable position both from the balance and profitability point of view, with an ROE of 1.5%”.

For his part, Pedro del Pozo, an analyst at Mutualidad de la Abogacía, also applauds the operation since “it would be a good operation for both” since “the Basque bank, with a Spanish business that somewhat dilutes its exposure to emerging markets and the Catalan entity with a definitive push to his tribulations of the last years “.


Camp Nou was one of targets of 2017 Barcelona terror attacks

Camp Nou was the target for a terror attack in August 2017 three days after Las Ramblas were hit in the city, leaving 13 dead and 100s injured.


Upd. at 22:31


An inquiry into the attack confirmed on Tuesday that Barça’s famous stadium was a possible target on the day Barça hosted Real Betis in La Liga, along with the Sagrada Familia in the city and the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Local police in Barcelona found that Mohamed Houli and Driss Oukabir, plus a supposed collaborator, Said Ben Iazza, were involved with preparing the attacks as part of a terrorist cell.

The three are facing prison time of between eight and 41 years for their role in the attacks which were carried out in Barcelona and also Cambrils on the same day. Covering both attacks, 16 lives were lost.

“The chosen date was Aug. 20 at Camp Nou,” is a message on one of their phones. Days prior to the attack, two members of the terrorist cell were in the club’s shop buying products.


BMW confirms annual forecasts after earning 40% less until September | Companies

The BMW group posted a net profit of 2,177 million euros in the first nine months of the year, which represents a drop of 39.8% compared to the same period of the previous year, due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, according to data published by the company this Wednesday.

The German multinational, which groups together the BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce brands, had a turnover of 69,508 million euros between January and September, 7.1% less in the year-on-year comparison, after registering 1.63 million vehicles, 12.5 % less.

The president of the consortium, Oliver Zipse, stressed that BMW is shaping the industry of the future and stressed that the German firm is “well positioned” for the coming years. “We are strategically and technologically aligned with the period after 2025, including key aspects such as vehicle architectures and production planning by plant,” he stated.

Operating profit was 2,633 million euros, 48.2% less, while gross return on sales stood at 4.3%. The company’s worldwide workforce was reduced by 1.4% in the accumulated figure for the year, to 124,190 workers.

The group returned to profits in the third quarter, with net profits of 1,815 million euros, 17.4% more than in the third quarter of 2019, after having entered losses in the second due to the Covid-19 crisis . In that period, it earned 26,283 million euros, 1.4% less, and sold 657,592 cars worldwide, 8.6% more.

In this context, the corporation has confirmed its forecasts for the full course and expects to achieve an operating return on sales of up to 3%.

BMW estimates that the demand for cars in the main markets will experience a “significant reduction” this year, which will mean that its registrations are also “significantly lower” than the recorded in the previous year.

The company also expects its annual profit before tax to be below the results recorded in the previous year, while its global workforce volume will also be reduced.


Ewan McGregor confirms filming start date for Obi-Wan Kenobi series

Ewan McGregor como Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Ewan McGregor will return to its mythical role of Obi-Wan Kenobi as of March 2021, when the long-awaited series about the ‘Star Wars’ universe announced last summer will begin.

“It’s the story of Obi-Wan Kenobi. We started filming in March next year,” the actor said from his home during a live video call with ‘The Graham Norton Show’ on the BBC network.

While confirming the filming, Kenobi advanced that the film will tell the story of Obi-Wan Kenobi framed between the events of ‘Episode III – Revenge of the Sith’ and ‘Episode IV – A New Hope’.

On the possibility of returning to character after so much time (in 2005 the last film with McGregor was released), the 49-year-old actor joked that now he looks more like Alec Guinness than before, who played Obi-Wan Kenobi at the age of 63.

“When I was much younger, I was trying to imagine Alec Guinness doing his moves when he was younger. (…) This time I’ll be closer in age to him and it will be a challenge to resemble me at something. An honor“, he claimed.

The project sparked fan enthusiasm when it was confirmed in August 2019, even though various creative differences led to its subsequent suspension.

Later, the studios signed a new writer, Joby Harold, to rewrite some of the elaborated scripts as they wanted keep the story from looking too much like ‘The Mandalorian’, the other series about the galactic franchise broadcast by the Disney + platform.

“I think the scripts are great, they were great but they just want them to be even better. We keep the premiere. All good, “McGregor explained then.

Rumors about McGregor’s return to ‘Star Wars’ had been spreading for years and their confirmation will keep fans happy. nostalgic for the second trilogy of the saga released in 1999, which served as a prequel to the entire movie plot.