The EU and Britain announced the creation of the EU diplomatic mission in London :: Politics :: RBC

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May 05, 21:02


Joseph Borrell and Dominic Raab

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The European Union and the United Kingdom have announced an agreement to establish a permanent EU mission in London. This is stated in the joint statement the head of the European Union’s foreign policy service, Josep Borrell; and British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab.

“We are delighted to have reached an agreement based on pragmatism and goodwill to establish an EU mission in the UK. The EU Ambassador will receive the status corresponding to the head of the diplomatic mission of foreign states, including the presentation of credentials to the head of state. The staff of the EU mission will have privileges and [дипломатический] immunity necessary for effective work, and we look forward to the opportunity to move forward, responding to global challenges, ”the document says.

EU goes to court with complaint about violation of Brexit procedure by London

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It is also reported that the parties discussed further cooperation between the EU and the UK in the field of foreign policy, security, as well as on the issue of climate change.

At the end of April, the EU and the UK finally completed all formalities in the process of the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union (Brexit). At midnight on May 1st entered by virtue of the agreement on bilateral relations between Britain and the EU.


Britain will send ships to Jersey after France’s threats to blockade :: Politics :: RBC

Britain will send two patrol ships to Jersey in the English Channel after France threatened to leave it without electricity. About it it says in a statement by the British government following a conversation between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Jersey Chief Minister John Le Fondre and Foreign Minister Ian Gorst.

During the talks, Johnson “stressed the urgent need to defuse tensions” between Jersey and France and pledged “unwavering support” to the island. “He said that any blockade would be completely unjustified,” the message says.

how transfers BBC, ships HMS Severn and HMS Tamar will be sent to the island, Downing Street called it a “precautionary measure”.

Jersey is the largest among the Channel Islands. It is located 23 km off the northern coast of France and 140 km south of the coast of Great Britain. It is the crown domain of Great Britain, but it is not part of the United Kingdom.

France previously said it could cut off electricity to the island due to new fishing regulations in the region. According to Paris, restrictions on fishing for French trawlers off the coast of the island violate the Brexit agreements.


The head of the British intelligence service assessed the scale of the “threats” to Russia and China :: Politics :: RBC

According to Jeremy Fleming, Russia poses the most acute threat to the security of Great Britain, but China is the largest. He also pledged that Britain will retain its status as a global cyberpower.

Jeremy Fleming

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Russia poses the most acute cybersecurity threat to the United Kingdom. Jeremy Fleming, the head of the British electronic intelligence service, the Government Communications Center (GCHQ), said this in his speech at Imperial College London. “The hostile nature of Russia’s behavior around the world – [агрессия] in cyberspace, interference in elections, aggressive operations of their intelligence services – demonstrates that it remains the most acute threat to the national and collective security of the United Kingdom, ”he said.

Fleming, in particular, pointed to the alleged involvement of Russia in cyberattacks on the IT company SolarWinds. Earlier, the media noted that the hacking of SolarWinds software affected several hundred organizations around the world, as well as US government departments. IN USA considerthat behind these actions is the hacker group APT29, or Cozy Bear, allegedly working for the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service.

Foreign Ministry invited the United States to exchange guarantees on cyber threats

Photo: SeongJoon Cho / Bloomberg

Another country that threatens UK security is China, Fleming said. And if Russia poses the most acute threat to the kingdom in the current context, its scale is not as significant as that of China. “Russia can influence the weather, but China is able to determine the state of the climate,” said the head of GCHQ. “The threat posed by Russia can be compared to the vulnerability of a specific application on your phone: it’s dangerous, but you can probably take advantage of an alternative. However, there are concerns that China’s size and technological strength gives it the potential to gain control of the entire global operating system, ”he added.

According to Fleming, the center of gravity in the field of technology is shifting to Asia, so the West, and Britain in particular, must be prepared to deal with new challenges. “We have come to a tipping point. It is becoming more and more obvious that if there is no action, the key technologies that we rely on for future prosperity and security will not be formed and controlled by the West, ”he said. According to the head of GCHQ, the transfer of leadership in the field of technology from the West to other countries will allow those not to reckon with the values ​​of freedom or to bypass the norms adopted today. “States that do not share our values ​​will be able to create technologies in accordance with their values,” he added.


Smart and connected to mobile: this is the Xiaomi microscope for your children | Gadgets

Microscopes have always been one of those gifts that children have received without knowing too much what practical use it could be given, since, at least the subscriber, never had the opportunity to do class work using one of these devices . It wasn’t a tool for homework assignments. Fortunately, it is with the new generations that the idea of ​​education focused on competencies is being put into practice and some centers do use them periodically.

Microscopio de Xiaomi. Xiaomi

So if any of your children have jobs to do, or their passion for science goes beyond the usual, Xiaomi has launched a curious microscope on the market that has two characteristics that make it perfect for these times: it is smart and connected, so we can use it in combination with a mobile phone or tablet, to achieve extraordinary results.

On Youpin already at a knockdown price

This microscope has a very fun design, in white and made of plastic that barely weighs 100 grams and can be used anywhere since it has a battery to save us cables. Thanks to its wireless connectivity, wifi, it will be possible to link it to a mobile or tablet so that your screens act as amplifiers of the image you capture through your high definition cameras.

Xiaomi microscope connected to the mobile.
Xiaomi microscope connected to the mobile. Xiaomi

In this way, the user can see in real time, on the screen of a tablet (which is larger), every little detail of that material that has been placed under the microscope’s magnifying glass. In this way, you don’t have to be looking through a small viewer without the possibility of accessing the details. of what we are observing. And is that thanks to this ability to connect with mobile devices, we can store all work sessions and see them again at any time. Whenever we want.

The battery of this microscope is 2,700 mAh., Which allows you to be on uninterruptedly for 10 hours. It has a connector for USB-C chargers and if you want to do with it, you have it available right now through the platform from crowdfunding of the Chinese, Youpin, at one of those prices that are of authentic balance: 26 euros to change in promotional offer. If you also want it with the pack called “analysis”, then it will raise you up to 51 euros.


Iran called the condition for the United States on the nuclear deal :: Politics :: RBC

Tehran does not intend to conduct direct or indirect negotiations with Washington and demands the lifting of sanctions. Only after this can Iran return to the fulfillment of the conditions of the nuclear deal, they stressed there.

Abbas Arakchi

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Iran does not intend to conduct direct or indirect negotiations with the United States at the upcoming meeting in Vienna, at which a return to compliance with the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal will be discussed. This was stated by the Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran for Political Affairs Abbas Arakchi, transfers IRNA. The US withdrew from the nuclear deal in 2018.

“We will negotiate with the countries of the 4 + 1 group (Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany. – RBK) and tell them about our requirements and conditions for the return of the United States to the nuclear deal. Our demand is for the United States to comply with all of its obligations under the JCPOA and to lift the sanctions. After that, we will check their actions and return. [к выполнению своих обязательств]”, – said Arakchi.

He also voiced the position of Tehran, according to which Iran does not intend to take any steps towards meeting until the United States lifts all sanctions.

US to return to mediated nuclear deal with Iran

Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran

The talks will take place in Vienna on April 6. Friday Washington confirmed their participation in a meeting at which the parties will discuss the return to fulfillment of the terms of the nuclear deal, through intermediaries. In particular, it is planned to discuss what steps Iran should take in order to return to fulfill its obligations under the agreement, as well as the lifting of US sanctions.


This Xiaomi gadget allows you to train at home and connects with your mobile! | Gadgets

The Asian manufacturer has become one of the great references when it comes to buying all kinds of technological products. You can buy phones with a very difficult to beat value for money, activity wristbands and other wearables… And now Xiaomi has just presented a new gadget that will be your best ally to get in shape without having to leave home.

As is customary in this type of product, Xiaomi has used its collective financing platform Youpin to launch this gymnastics section that points to ways to become the new sales bombshell.

In addition, and on the other hand, Xiaomi has joined forces with the manufacturer Yesoul, a firm specialized in all kinds of sports products, with the aim of launching a gadget that will allow you to train from home and that includes all kinds of functionalities to make a difference.

This is the new Xiaomi gymnastics apparatus

Say that, as you can see in the image that heads these lines, we find a product with a spherical shape and that has two handles on the sides and that will serve to hold us. Through these handles we will slide with the sphere, managing to eliminate abdominal fat, in addition to strengthening different muscles of the body, especially the upper body.

The firm has opted for resistance, and for this reason the new gadget for practicing sports from Xiaomi has a body made of ABS, a highly resistant plastic, as well as steel and rubber for the wheel.

And, this curious gadget from Xiaomi has a 168 mm wide wheel so that it is very stable and you cannot suffer an accident while you are using it. And taking into account that its power is adjustable so that you have to perform a force of up to 250 kilograms, it is clear that this product will allow you to get in shape very comfortably.

Also, and how could it be otherwise in a Xiaomi product, this curious sphere to train at home has WiFi connectivity. The reason? It is a connected product, so you can control it through the corresponding application.

Thanks to it you can choose the level of difficulty, in addition to accessing different predefined workouts with which to get in shape. And the fact of having a virtual trainer setting the pace of the exercise is a detail to take into account.

Its price? This curious Xiaomi gadget can already be reserved for only 199 yuan, about 25 euros to change.


Go unnoticed with your Mac: hide it in a WiFi network | Lifestyle

Connecting to a WiFi (or cable) network has become something of the most common and, also, completely necessary, since this is how you normally access the Internet. It is possible that on some occasion you need to go unnoticed in this case, and we will tell you how to get it with a Mac de Apple.

Being visible on a network has many benefits, such as being able to interact with other connected equipment, and in this way from sharing content to other functions. But, at times this is not needed, and therefore it may be that you intend that no one knows that you are connected. This means that you do not leave any trace for the rest of the users.

Hide your computer on a network

If you have a computer with Apple’s macOS operating system, getting this is pretty easy … as long as you know the Steps that you should give. In addition, what you must do does not imply the installation of any calf application, since all the tools you need are included in your computer (whether desktop or laptop). We indicate below the configuration that you must establish on your device:

  • Connect your computer to a network and then access the System preferences that exist in Apple’s operating system.
  • Within the control software that you have opened, you should look for the Share option and use it regularly.
  • Now you will see a window that has a column in the left area full of options. What you have to do here is deselect everything that exists active. Leave absolutely nothing.
  • Possibly a dialog will appear asking for the timeout period for sharing. Set zero minutes for the new configuration to run immediately.
  • Once this is done, your computer will no longer be visible to other users on the network to which it is connected. Everything is that simple.

Things to keep in mind

One of the most important is that by doing this file sharing is disabled on the network, so you will not be able to copy anything from the rest of the existing computers (and they neither from your computer). By the way, there is an element in which a trace of the presence is left: in the router, so the system technicians will be able to know that it has been connected.