The rain arrived in Córdoba: there is an alert for strong storms

On a Wednesday in pure sunshine, people lived in Córdoba. Everything seemed to indicate that the day was going to continue without rain, because the sky was completely clear. However, the change of time came at night.

After 9:30 p.m., a strong wind surprised the city and suddenly took off rain hard. Neighbors in the northern area recorded videos of the storm. Video:

The National Weather Service issued a short term alert by strong storms with gusts and occasional hail fall.

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The measure reaches the departments of Capital, Calamuchita, Colón, Río Primero, Río Segundo, Punilla, Santa María and Tercero Arriba. It runs until 23:00.


The United Kingdom is interested in the drug against Covid patented in Córdoba

Calcifediol, the drug against Covid 19 patented by researchers at the Maimonides Institute for Biomedical Research of Córdoba (Imibic) and the Reina Sofía University Hospital, has reached the British Parliament. David Davis, a deputy in the House of Commons for the Conservative Party, has questioned Prime Minister Boris Johnson about the benefits of this drug made in Andalusia when treating coronavirus patients.

A pilot study that administers Calcifediol to Covid-19 patients in Reina Sofía shows that it reduces admission to the ICU

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The deputy has assured in his speech in the House of Commons that Andalusia has had a fatality of 190 fatalities per million inhabitants, considered low worldwide, and has assured that among the causes may be precisely the administration of this drug , based on vitamin D. Given this, Davis has asked the premier consider incorporating it into the British healthcare system. Johnson has responded that the effectiveness of the drug is being studied to administer it also in the United Kingdom.

In Andalusia, the Ministry of Health and Families recommends the use of Calcifediol in elderly residents in social and health centers to minimize the incidence of infection and reduce its severity if it occurs. Among the arguments gathered in a report, it stands out that the endocrine system of vitamin D (SEVD) is well known for its beneficial effects on calcium and bone homeostasis, especially in children, the elderly and osteoporotic patients. In addition, it has various extraskeletal effects, especially on the immune system and lung function. This drug is also being used in Israel and has been possible thanks to the work led by José Manuel Quesada and José López Miranda, as he recalls ABC Cordoba, which has advanced the news.

In addition, vitamin D deficiency may predispose to an increased risk of infections, and vitamin D supplementation may decrease the risk of upper respiratory infections in these patients. Meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials conducted between 2007 and 2020 reveal protective effects of vitamin D against acute respiratory infections, although these effects were modest in size and with substantial heterogeneity in the trials.

Likewise, the report points out that a parallel, open, randomized and double-masked pilot clinical trial, carried out at the Reina Sofía University Hospital in Córdoba, in 76 consecutive patients hospitalized with Covid-19 infection, concluded that the administration of one dose High levels of calcifediol, the main metabolite of the endocrine system of vitamin D, significantly reduced the need for ICU treatment in these patients.

Thus, and given that in the elderly population there is a high prevalence of vitamin D deficiency motivated by various causes, such as a decrease in the synthesis of cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) in the skin, less sun exposure, a decrease in food intake than contain intolerance, worse nutritional status and decreased absorption, the Ministry of Health and Families has decided to recommend the use of vitamin D in these centers in a generalized way and applicable to residents who, in the opinion of their doctor, are will benefit from the supplement with calcifediol, except for contraindications.

Finally, it has been reported that the General Directorate of Sanitary Assistance of the Andalusian Health Service has issued an Instruction for the recommendation, dated November 6, 2020, where it establishes the transfer of the information from the report of the Technical Committee to the physicians of the SAS that have patient users assigned to social health centers, so that if they consider it appropriate and given the vitamin D3 deficiency in this population, they prescribe the treatment recommended by the aforementioned committee.


Rain in the city of Córdoba and short-term warnings for the interior

The rain brought relief from the incessant heat in the city of Córdoba, where an electrical storm was recorded, while the National Meteorological Service (SMN) announced multiple short-term warnings for storms for the interior of the province.

In the capital

The forecast indicates humid and very unstable weather, with skies with abundant cloud cover, storms and precipitations and south wind with gusts, and a marked drop in temperature. The expected maximum is 20 degrees, indicated the Observatory in Twitter.

21 degrees are expected for Sunday; Monday and Tuesday, 26; Wednesday, 28; Thursday, 30; and on Friday 31 degrees, indicated the SMN.

Short term notices

There are several warnings for strong storms in the departments of Río Primero, Río Seco, San Justo, Tulumba, Colón, Ischilín, Totoral, Cruz del Eje and Punilla, added the SMN.


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Rolls-Royce is inspired by the Ibn Firnás bridge in Córdoba for a luxury car that it sells in the Arab world


Updated:01/14/2021 07:11 a.m.


Two years after Córdoba will premiere the bridge Ibn Firnás en 2011, that pays tribute to the wise man of the Caliphate who wanted to be Icarus, the exclusive automobile firm Rolls-Royce took his name and his image to make a car model destined to the market of the great fortunes of the Arab world.

Thus, the company markets the model Firnas Motif Edition of its classic and iconic Ghost, a luxury saloon that in its cheapest version does not fall below 310,000 euros.

Detail of the interior of the vehicle
Detail of the interior of the vehicle – ABC

Its exterior color is white on the sides and has a bluish tone for the central part of the nose and trunk, as well as the entire roof. Devised by the automotive designer Khadim Al Helli, which belongs to Abu Dhabi Motors, The model has finials inside, both on the dashboard and on the upholstery, which reproduce the river passage devised by the Sevillian engineer José Luis Manzanares, who ensures that the house Rolls-Royce she has never contacted him. In addition, the distinctive of the nose of the car is personalized in reference to the wise man of the Califato he wanted to be an aviator.

Who did get in touch with Jose Luis Manzanares It was a TV of South Korea that within months of the inauguration of the bridge in the area of Casillas called him to interview him. For what reason? The engineer explains it: «They said that the bridge was a symbol of the coexistence that existed in Córdoba in the past, and that they found it interesting as a model in their country at that time.

“The Korean president, as they explained to me, wanted to pay tribute to the tolerance and it seemed astounding to them that with the one that was falling with the Arab world in Córdoba a tribute would have been made on a bridge to a scientist from the Califato», Adds the author of the last bridge that has been inaugurated in the city.

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The Barça, to close the last wounds playing in neutral field

Lately the Barça team has not been good at playing in a neutral fiefdom, where they have won three consecutive defeats in as many competitions: Cup, Spanish Super Cup and Champions League. The challenge of all Ronald Koeman in Córdoba is to return to the path of victory playing in this condition, as he did the last time he played on a neutral field and savored the honeys of triumph by winning the Spanish Super Cup against Sevilla in Tangier on August 12, 2018. On that occasion the tournament, unlike now, was played as a single match.

Jan 12, 2021 at 19:25


However, since then, the Barça has played in the three games in which he has played on neutral ground. He lost the final of the Cup against Valencia (1-2) at Benito Villamarín in Seville, he also lost against Atlético de Madrid (2-3) the semifinal of the Spanish Super Cup in Jeddah and also lost the quarterfinals Champions League final in Lisbon against Bayern Munich (2-8), a single match.

The first KO was painful because, after a terrible first half, in which Valencia dominated 0-2 with goals from Gameiro and Rodrigo, Barça was close to equalizing in the second. Messi He opened the door of hope in the 73rd minute and was able to tie in the 84th minute. The captain had the consolation of beating Zarra in goals scored in finals of KO competition.

The other defeats

The second defeat had consequences: the cessation of Ernesto Valverde. He Barça, who started losing, turned the scoreboard and, with goals Messi and Griezmann, had Atlético on the ropes in Saudi Arabia, in the semifinal of the Spanish Super Cup. However, he suffered a loss in the final stretch and Morata (minute 81) and Correa (minute 86) left the Barça without end. He Barça was allowed to go back, but the truth is that the VAR was the protagonist by not entering a penalty to Arturo vidal and in another to Umtiti.

However, the last defeat was the one that did the most damage. The team, already in the hands of Quique Setién, suffered a historic blow at the Da Luz stadium in Lisboa when being swept by Bayern Munich: 2-8. He FC Barcelona It sank and was especially hurtful in the final stretch of the match, in which the Barça team received three goals in seven minutes, the last two by the Brazilian. Coutinho, who played for the Bavarian team on loan from the Barça.


Commerce Andalusia qualifies 2020 as a “perfect storm” for the sector

The Confederation of Andalusian merchants, Comercio Andalucía, has affirmed, through a statement, that 2020 “has been a disastrous year” for local commerce, when the negative consequences of the 2008 economic crisis have not yet disappeared.

According to Andalusian merchants, in 2020 there has been “the perfect storm” for a sector that came from complicated years and for which the total closure decreed by the state of alarm was the final highlight.

Commerce Andalusia has ensured that not even the reopening, after the first state of alarm, has been enough to improve the sales of the local commerce, since the situation of uncertainty generated by the Covid-19 has caused consumption to retract and fall billing at unthinkable levels.

In this sense, Andalusian merchants have stated that sales in commerce have fallen by 50% in 2020 compared to 2019, which is a very negative figure for a sector that is vital for the economy of Andalusia.

Commerce Andalusia recalled that a similar decline already occurred in the previous crisis, although it was not in a single year, but in the period from 2007 to 2014, so the current situation can be described as “very virulent” and very little time has had devastating effects.

Along these lines, Andalusian merchants have said that a savage reconversion is taking place in the sector, which, according to their forecasts, could destroy 25% of the commercial fabric.

Commerce Andalusia is convinced that this situation is unsustainable for an economy such as Andalusia, since commerce generates 23% of employment, more than 400,000 jobs of which 60% are occupied by women, and has a volume of business of 85,000 million euros, 11.5% of the GDP of Andalusia.

For this reason, Andalusian merchants have insisted on the need to have a direct aid plan as the only viable formula to re-float a sector that is made up of 140,000 companies, 30% of the total number of companies in Andalusia, and 170,000 establishments. .

Finally, Comercio Andalucía has affirmed that, without these direct aid, “we are doomed to see local commerce disappear as we know it today, which will cause very negative effects on the structuring and social cohesion of the territory, both of the cities as in the rural world “.


With all the arsenal for the Cup

Image of a training session for Córdoba at the Ciudad Deportiva | ÁLEX GALLEGOS

Ready and ready for a new round of the Copa del Rey. The illusion is through the roof in Córdoba, and not only because of the presence of the Three Wise Men in a balloon, but also because of the match that the white-and-green team will play this afternoon (5:00 p.m.) in El Arcángel against Getafe. Everything is prepared with the sole and main purpose of overcoming the tie, although it must be borne in mind that the Bordalás team arrives with the First Division club poster.

However, Pablo Alfaro wants to make good the positive dynamics of his team and, in addition, will have for the first time this course with up to 2,500 gorges in the stands of the Califa fiefdom. Only Javi Flores due to injury, as well as Alberto Salido and Darren Sidoel due to technical decision, will miss the contest, while De las Cuevas starts as the great novelty in the call for the handy coach.

It is very possible that the Cordoba coach repeats the formula that already worked for him against Albacete, in which men like Djetei, Mario Ortiz and Piovaccari are running for a starting eleven of guarantees.

Thus, the complete list of those summoned is made up of Edu Frías, Becerra, Djetei, Jesús Álvaro, Xavi Molina, Farrando, Willy, Piovaccari, De las Cuevas, Moutinho, Bernardo, Álex Robles, Oyarzun, Mario Ortiz, Valverde, Traoré, Espeso, Samu Delgado, Luismi and Del Moral.

Leaderboard 02 Córdoba News Today - Consume Córdoba - Córdoba City Council


And yet more Europe

The ever-mentioned Winston Churchill was once asked about the unity of Europe. The wise man in other things and a regular prophet in this one, replied: it is true, the unity of Europeans would be a very positive thing, unite.

Churchill was partly right, Europe, after the departure of the United Kingdom, which maintained a stubborn attitude since its incorporation in 1973, begins to be more united, its last steps show greater consistency and its practical federalism begins to be evident.

The most striking thing has been, lately, the demonstration of logistical power in the management of the coronavirus vaccine, also, his display of strength and European will has been shown in the firmness in the delivery of the recovery funds and the approval of the budgets. Against them they had, not only the shadow of Brexit and the calamity of the pandemic, there was something, perhaps worse, the plague of the rise of right-wing extremism, anti-European, with places conquered in Hungary and Poland, and enthusiastic followers even in Spain that was said moderate and pro-European. In an international environment led by a president, perhaps insane – pending diagnosis – but surely far-right, I mean Donald Trump, it did not help either.

What Churchill could not hope for is that the islanders’ exercise of imperial nostalgia was going to end up isolating them and crumbling their pride. The immediate request for French nationality by Boris Johnson’s father is almost an innocent but other consequences of the effective Brexit are not.

A newspaper from the capital headed a story stating that Scotland’s nationalist government was beginning to woo the EU for its return. Calling the Scottish government nationalist without not saying the same with the British-English government is already striking, but they are things brought to their own ground with the use of such a polysemic term. But, no, it is not a nationalist government, it is pro-independence.

In other words, Nicola Sturgeon, Prime Minister, believes, with her government, and with the majority of Scots, if a referendum is repeated, that the way to return to the EU is through independence.

In Northern Ireland, a constituent nation of the United Kingdom, like Scotland, they were not willing via Brexit to return to the exit box prior to the Good Friday Accords. No hard borders with the Irish Republic, today more European than ever. No glimpse of violence as a path to his political goals.

In the absence of electoral checks, Northern Ireland is much closer to reunification than to accompanying the English in their isolation from Great Britain. The long arm of the extreme Europhobic did not reach the other island. The Northern Irish, Catholic or not, said yes to the EU and do not want to go back.

Nor did Europhobia reach Gibraltar, now a British overseas territory and, previously, in the EU, “a European territory whose foreign relations correspond to a member state”. Gibraltarians decided almost unanimously to remain in the EU.

The Government of Spain has already succeeded in separating any decision on the future of Gibraltar’s relations with the EU from the agreement with the United Kingdom, with its last word as a golden vote. The political leaders of Gibraltar, its main minister, Fabian Picardo and his government, and the Government of Spain always worked in the line of not damaging the relations between the parties and, a concept renewed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, González Laya, creating spaces of collaboration and mutual progress. The government of Boris Johnson has had no choice but to accompany the journey and admit the future of the reality of Campo de Gibraltar.

The border and its symbol of separation, the Gate, have vanished. Gibraltar stays but for a British islander it will no longer be the same to come to the EU and not to Gibraltar. Gibraltar will look to Europe and will be in it through Spain. After the application of the Schengen Agreement and its acquis on the Rock, with the guarantee of the Kingdom of Spain, Gibraltar is more Europe than before and the United Kingdom, less Europe than ever. Churchill’s dream has partly been fulfilled but at the cost of making the UK unrecognizable.


Board games and the ‘Baby Yoda’, the toys most sought after by the Three Wise Men in Córdoba

The happiest time for all children is here. The Three Wise Men and the families of Córdoba already fulfill the task of looking for the precious gifts for the little ones of the house for January 5 and 6. This year the table games for the whole family, although they have never gone out of style, they did skyrocket during confinement and have continued to boom until this Christmas. Of course, board games are joined by a fictional character that has enchanted everyone: Baby Yoda, the figure from the television series The Mandalorian based on Star Wars and broadcast on the streaming platform of the giant Disney.

Those are, without a doubt, one of the most sought-after toys in the province this year and is confirmed by the manager of Juguettos in the center of Córdoba, Chari Doblas. The Serie The Mandalorian has come to revitalize Star Wars toys, which together with those of Harry Potter or movies like Frozen they are repeated on the counters of almost all toy stores.

In Juguettos, the figure that Mattel manufactures has been out of stock for months, it is a soft 28-centimeter teddy with light and sound. And, says Doblas, this year the Three Wise Men have taken forecasts and have begun looking for gifts even since the summer, so that sales in this establishment “have not stopped or decreased compared to last Christmas” .

Of course, there are always families looking for gifts to complement Their Majesties at the last minute and in many toy stores and shopping centers there are queues to enter or pay these first days of January, taking into account that the measures of capacity and social distancing are maintained.

The average price of gifts ranges from 60 to 100 euros in this store, where in addition to figures from movies and video games such as the Playmobil from a legendary movie such as Back to the Future O Scooby Doo or the LEGO pieces from Mario Kart, the board game for the whole family Children vs. Parents it triumphs and has also been exhausted.

This is accompanied by two games that have a lot to do with current times, and the coronavirus has also reached toy stores. Stop the Virus It is a board where the players must get immunization against viruses with a mask, gloves and even hydroalcoholic gel, and Virus, a card game that, although not new, is back in fashion and consists of competing to be the first to eradicate a pandemic of experimental viruses and save lives, much more current than its manufacturers could have imagined years ago.

Babies and even teenagers look for octopus stuffed animals that change their face from sad to happy when they are turned over, a toy that has been a boom throughout the year and the Kings do not escape from it. All children want one, they are everywhere, even in Christmas kiosks in the streets of Córdoba and they occupy the third position of the best sellers in Amazon Spain.

Technology, of course, has its place among the top positions with requests such as mobile phones, the Nintendo Switch or the new console of PlayStation, one of the most expensive gifts and that in most stores has been sold out since its launch, so many children will have to wait a bit to get it.

Educational games for babies

But keeping the little ones away from technology these times is being a complicated task for parents, especially after the confinement of March, a time when the minors were watching classes online or simply playing on mobiles, computers and tablets while their parents teleworked. Thus, in the Recreo store, which has been living in Córdoba for 40 years, they try to give it importance by learning, playing and reading as before, with real books.

For its owner, Maite Serrano, the Educational game It is the most important thing for the development of the youngest children and this is how he makes it known to his customers, who are not a few, when they ask him what they can buy for their babies. Serrano carefully selects toys with shapes, songs, colors and textures and books, for those who start in the world of reading, that have added value for this Christmas.

Online shopping cannot be ignored either. This year in toys this modality also shot up with the offers and discounts on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. In fact, 45% of Spaniards say they buy more now online than before the pandemic, according to the study by the comparator Acierto.


Belgrano vs Nueva Chicago Live Stream Online watch video 27 Dec. 2020, 22:10 UTC

Football match Belgrano (Cordoba, Argentina) – Nueva Chicago (Argentina) watch online live video. Start the fight December 27, 2020 at 22:10 UTC)

The match will take place in Cordoba at the stadium Estadio Julio César Villagra 27 December 2020 at 22:10. Referee of the match Onur Ozutoprak from Turkey. Live broadcast of the match will start 10 minutes before the start of the game.

Football match Belgrano vs Nueva Chicago will be available in the records immediately after the live broadcast. On our site you can find all the matches involving teams Belgrano and Nueva Chicago to record and watch them at a convenient time for you.

Yesterday, 23:23


New Chicago


Argentina. Primera B Nacional, Group A. The live broadcast of the match Belgrano – Nueva Chicago watch online on stream24. Football match will start November 02, 2019 at 20:10 UTC)

New Chicago

Defenders of Belgrano


Argentina. Primera B Nacional. The live broadcast of the match Nueva Chicago – Defensores de Belgrano watch online on stream24. Football match will start February 02, 2019 at 20:00 UTC)

New Chicago

Independent Rivadavia


Argentina. Primera Nacional, Fase 2, Group A. The live broadcast of the match Nueva Chicago – Independiente Rivadavia watch online on stream24. Football match will start December 20, 2020 at 20:10 UTC)

CA Miter

New Chicago


Argentina. Primera Nacional, Fase 2, Group A. The live broadcast of the match CA Mitre – Nueva Chicago watch online on stream24. Football match will start December 14, 2020 at 12:00 UTC)

New Chicago

Alvarado Athletic Club


Argentina. Primera Nacional, Fase 2, Group A. The live broadcast of the match Nueva Chicago – Club Atlético Alvarado watch online on stream24. Football match will start December 05, 2020 at 20:10 UTC)

San Martin de San Juan

New Chicago


Argentina. Primera Nacional, Fase 2, Group A. The live broadcast of the match San Martín de San Juan – Nueva Chicago watch online on stream24. Football match will start November 29, 2020 at 21:00 UTC)