New COVID-19 vaccination ‘super station’ opens in Chula Vista

This Thursday a new ‘super station’ for vaccination against COVID-19 opened in Chula Vista, which in this first stage will be available to workers in the health sector, people over 75 years of age and those in long-term care centers.

In what will be the second station of its kind in the county and the first in the south zone, located in the old Sears store building in the Chula Vista Center shopping center (565 Broadway), up to 5,000 vaccines will be administered per day, and to receive one it is required make an appointment in advance.

The site will be operated in collaboration between the County of San Diego, the City of Chula Vista and Sharp Healthcare Hospital. It will be open from Monday to Sunday from 10 in the morning to 7 in the afternoon.

Authorities praised the opening of this space, since Chula Vista, along with other communities in the south of the county, have been among the most affected by the pandemic.

“This is due to many reasons, including that many of the residents are part of the essential workforce of this community,” recalled Nora Vargas, County Supervisor who represents the communities of the southern zone.

This location was chosen because it was intended to be known and close to public transport stations, Vargas explained. In the same building to the rear, there is a testing center for COVID-19, so residents are familiar with the area, he added.

It was also required to be roofed so that weather conditions would not affect service.

The vaccination center has bilingual staff and from the moment you are in line you can consult a sign that tells you in which of the care modules Spanish is spoken.

Once the vaccine is given, the person should rest for about 15 minutes in a monitoring area so that health personnel can make sure that there was no reaction to the dose.

Up to 5000 vaccines per day will be available at the Chula Vista Super Station.

(Alexandra Mendoza / UT in Spanish)

Scott Evans, Vice President of Sharp Healthcare indicated that appointments will be scheduled one week at a time to ensure vaccine inventory. “If there were more vaccines available we could open more appointments,” he added.

Evans called on the community to be responsible and get vaccinated to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Chula Vista Mayor Mary Salas seconded the idea. “We need this as a fundamental piece to get out of this pandemic and that our lives get back on their way,” agreed the mayor, who asked to trust the vaccine.

“I am bringing my own 97-year-old mother to get vaccinated. If I can trust them to the most important person in my life, then we can trust that they will do it for others, “he added.

“People must be confident and know that scientists have worked to develop a vaccine that is safe and effective.”

About 40 volunteers, including nurses, firefighters and nursing students, are in charge of administering the vaccines. Many of them speak Spanish.

Beylor Meza, Chief Operating Officer of Success Education Colleges, an educational institution that takes volunteers to the vaccination center, highlighted the importance of serving the community in their language.

“There is a lot of misinformation about the vaccine in our Latino community and there is a lot of fear,” he lamented. “It is important that they know that this is the best way to defend against a serious episode of COVID-19.”

The appointment for the vaccine must be made through the internet on the site


Lufthansa “only” loses a million every two hours and KLM will make 1,000 layoffs

Weeks go by and coronavirus pandemic It does not finish. And their persistence perpetuates travel restrictions. And the airlines they gasp like fish out of water in search of oxygen to survive an agony that has shaken the industry like never before. An agony that seems infinite. As a sample, what happens to two of the great European groups: Lufthansa y KLM. The former continues to burn cash at full blast. The second prepares another batch of layoffs.

Lufthansa he has managed to straighten his situation somewhat … if you can say so. The German airline, rescued with 9,000 million euros, continues to burn a million euros of its reserves every two hours, as acknowledged yesterday by its CEO, Carsten Spohr. Although it is still a very large amount, it is a notable improvement over April, when the rate at which the airline was melting its funds was of one million per hour. Spohr explained in an interview posted on the Eurocontrol website that the company has improved its performance thanks to the containment of expenses and holding on to the transport of cargo, with which it has generated a positive cash flow. Companies are turning to this division to salvage furniture in recent months. Iberia itself has converted several passenger planes into freighters to earn revenue.


Things are not going any better for Lufthansa’s Dutch neighbors. KLM announced that cut between 800 and 1,000 jobs, which are added to the 5,000 announced in 2020, given the impact of mobility restrictions around the world to stop the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. “KLM is forced to further adjust the size of the company. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have taken an incredible number of measures to deal with the crisis, ”the company said in a statement.

This decision is based on the Recovery of the aviation industry, especially for long-haul destinations, it is taking “much longer than expected”, in part due to ongoing new international restrictions and travel limitations. KLM expected a gradual recovery from this year, something that is not happening.

Like Lufthansa, the Dutch company has also had to resort to public aid. He Dutch government decided in june inject 3.4 billion euros into the airline, which in return had to reduce its expenses by 15%, introduce environmental improvements and waive the bonuses for its directors and the dividend. After this, the airline announced in July a 5,000 job cut after losing 4,413 million during the first half of the year, due to the fall in air traffic due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Extra ball for Norwegian

More public money is what you will receive Norwegian to exhaust another of his infinite lives. He Government of Norway has decided to support and contribute to the financing of new capital for the airline, if certain conditions are met, as announced by the airline on Thursday, which assured that the measure “significantly” increases its chances of survival.

Norwegian has been fighting for its survival for years. The company entered into a process of Examinership in Ireland and a Reconstruction negotiation in Norway at the end of last year. On January 14, he presented a new business plan based on a simplified business structure, with a focus on a network of European routes and the cessation of its long-haul operations, in addition to significantly reducing your debt. The plan is comprised of a fleet of 50 aircraft in operation this year, gradually increasing to about 70 aircraft in 2022, depending on demand and possible travel restrictions. The company’s debt will be reduced to around NOK 20 billion (about € 1,937 million) and it will raise between NOK 4 to 5 billion in new capital (between € 387 and € 484 million).

“With a new business plan and government participation, we trust in being able to attract investors and pass the ‘Examinership’ and Reconstruction process. We have received wide support from political parties, clients, colleagues, shareholders and business partners, for which we are very grateful, especially during these difficult times. In addition, government support will help protect jobs and maintain healthy competition within the aviation sector, ”added Schram.

Norwegian had already bankruptcy avoided in May after obtaining the support of creditors and shareholders for a plan to convert 12.7 billion crowns (1,163 million euros) of debt into shares. This allowed him to access state aid of 3,000 million crowns (275 million euros), half of the total of a package to the Norwegian airline sector. The airline goes through a difficult financial situation for years, aggravated in 2019 by the temporary flight ban of the Boeing 737 MAX and problems with the Rolls Royce engines, and exacerbated by the coronavirus crisis.


Coronavirus in Turkey today: how many cases were recorded on January 19

The pandemic of covid-19 continues to expand throughout the Asian country and in the rest of the world. The figures are published daily by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Today, January 19, they reported in 6.818 new cases of coronavirus, 167 of deceased and 7.218 of recovered. With today’s records, Turkey it has already accumulated 2.399.781 cases of coronavirus since the start of the pandemic.

The death toll by Covid-19 in this country they already reach the 24.328 people. While the number of recovered amounts to 2.277.987 patients.

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With these numbers Turkey is ranked 8 worldwide in number of coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic.

These are the ten countries with the highest number of cases to date: U.S 24.210.344, India 10.581.823, Brazil 8.511.770, Russia 3.574.330, UK 3.476.786, France 2.996.784, Italy 2.400.598, Turkey 2.399.781, Spain 2,370,742 and Germany 2.068.678.

While the total cases already reach 95.963.947 and the 2,051,049 deaths all over the world. The number of recovered as of today is 52.854.855.


Brexit-Boris: “A milestone!” – England is already vaccinating over 70s – Politics abroad

Great Britain is speeding up!

On the island, people over the age of 70 as well as those particularly at risk are now to receive an invitation to the corona vaccination – this affects more than five million of the 67.6 million British!

Prime Minister Boris Johnson (56) is amused: “A milestone!”

More than half of people over 80 in the UK have already received their first dose of vaccine, according to government figures. These (like nursing home and hospital staff) have priority.

The most vulnerable groups should have been vaccinated by mid-February. 15 million people!

Ten more vaccination centers are due to open in England on Monday, and soldiers are on duty in Scotland to prepare another 80 centers. A 24-hour center is to be tested in London from the end of the month. Currently, an average of 140 people receive the spades every minute!

The corona numbers are falling, but remain at a very high level despite tough lockdowns (last week more than 500 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants). Especially in London, the hospitals are at the limit.


Covid-19 rebound expected in USA in March due to London strain

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States (CDC), estimate that the strain originally discovered in London will become the predominant in the United States for the month of March, which would lead to an exponential increase in the number of coronavirus cases.

So far the strain called B.1.1.7 (london strain) has been detected in 10 states of the American Union. The strain was discovered in September in London and has already become the predominant strain in the country.

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The CDC recommended that the US population take measures that can help decrease the risk of dispersion of the strain, this to allow time for vaccination coverage.

They clarified that it is not known for sure yet if this new strain increases the risk of a more deadly infection, but research so far has shown that it is up to 70 percent more contagious.

The CDC also indicated that this would increase the strain on health resources that are already overwhelmed. The predominance of this new strain will force US citizens to adhere even more to health strategies to reduce infections such as social distance and the use of face masks.

The CDC also indicated that vaccines have a high probability of working against strainsince the manufacturers of these vaccines generally take into account the mutation capacity of the virus.

In addition to the London variant, two other variants have been detected: that of South Africa known as 1,351 and that of Brazil, P.1.

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Things do not seem to be looking for the better in the US as the incoming chief of staff of Joe Biden, who enters the nation’s command on January 20, has forecast an increase in the number of deaths by up to 100,000 people in the first five weeks of the new administration.

Currently the United States counts 24 million infected people and 398 thousand deaths due to Covid-19 caused by the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

The Biden-Harrys administration has set a goal of vaccinating 100 million people in its first 100 days in office, something that Kain says they are on track to meet.

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The possible predominance of this strain in the United States comes at a time when the world already exceeds 95.1 million accumulated cases and the death of 2.03 million people due to complications from Covid-19.

The vaccinations They have begun to be applied in many countries; however, they have not begun to be distributed among the general population, but instead they have opted for the protection of doctors who face the disease.

The United States is the country hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic since in a few months it became the region with the most cases, even than in China, where the first cases of the disease were detected in December 2019.


Easyjet and Virgin Atlantic crew help with covid vaccination

Flight companies Easyjet y Virgin Atlantics have trained their crew to help vaccinate the population against the coronavirus. The two British airlines are working alongside the UK national health service (NHS) to help advance vaccination from the country.

Like many of the European airline companies, both are interested in the vaccine being deployed as quickly as possible so that air traffic can restart. Due to the pandemic, flights have been reduced to a minimum, forcing people to lay off staff and assume debts.

“The progress the country is making on the vaccination program is an exciting and much-needed advance. Once implemented, it will allow normal life to return and is undoubtedly the key to unlocking travel again ”, he explained. it’s a statement the CEO of EasyJet, Johan Lundgren.

The crew as vaccinators

With travel at very low levels due to the lockdown, many of the 3,000 crew members easyJet cabin crew are not working, but are trained in first aid and they have security license, making them attractive candidates for the NHS to help with the program.

Virgin Atlantic has included in its teams pilots and cabin crew to help with vaccination. Many of the airline’s employees, including those with medical training, have used their skills to support the NHS in the fight against coronavirus. The company makes available to the health service its workers who voluntarily offer themselves for the administering the vaccine, caring for patient well-being and managing logistics of vaccination centers.

The NHS is offering a fast track application process for Virgin Atlantic employees, who will be trained before supporting NHS teams in the mass vaccination centersas well as local vaccination facilities. Corneel Koster, director of operations and clients of Virgin Atlantic, explained that “we are very proud of our highly trained people and, since the beginning of the crisis, we have received an incredible response with hundreds of people eager to sign up and support the NHS and emergency services. Our people undergo rigorous programs including medical, safety and customer service training and the NHS recognizes the value and expertise they will bring to this crucial mass vaccination program. “

Throughout the pandemic

In addition, it is not the only help they have provided since during the entire pandemic the Virgin transport service has moved more than 1500 tons of essential medical suppliesincluding respirators, ventilator parts, face masks, gowns, test kits, aprons and PPE equipment to the UK to help keep NHS workers on the front lines safe and provide support to patients in need.

For its part, EasyJet is not the first time that it has offered its staff as volunteers to support the national health service – during 2020 many cabin crew volunteers worked in hospitals such as the NHS Nightingale Hospital in London – and this time, He has also wanted his crew to be trained to administer the covid-19 vaccines.

Coronavirus in the UK

It may interest you

With a new variant highly communicable virus across the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has put the country on a third lock and is launching vaccines in a hurry.

Government plan to vaccinate to the elderly, vulnerable and frontline workers – some 15 million people – by mid-February and is opening centers and recruiting volunteers to meet its goal.


British: “It’s too early to book summer holidays”

The government of Boris Johnson does not cease to bring joy to the British tourism sector. Either in the mouth of the Secretary of State for Transport, Grant Shapps, whether in the mouth of the Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, not a day goes by without the tourism sector suffering a chill at the statements of the ministers. The last phrase the industry has heard with their mouths open has been from Raab: “It’s too early to book a summer vacationYou should not travel within the country, much less make international trips. “

A few days ago, Secretary of State for Transportation, Grant Shapps, responded “don’t follow my travel advice” and added “do not follow my advice on whether or not to book your holidays and where to book, is what I am saying”, to the question of whether the British should book their summer holidays or not given the situation of the pandemic.

Shapps was referring to his “poor eyesight” on the subject, given that he and his family in Lanzarote were caught by the decision of the British Government to remove Spain from the green list. “I booked my vacation, I went to Spain, and the first thing I did upon arrival was remove Spain from the list of air carriers and go home to quarantine, leaving my family there,” Shapps said. But the UK travel industry hasn’t taken Shapps’ remarks well, let alone taken them as a joke.

Because in addition, he has been joined in these types of phrases by Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, who asked whether the British could book their summer holidays relatively quiet at this time, replied: “No i think now is too early. You have to follow the recommendations that we are launching. The rules are now very clear, people should not travel within the country and much less outside, unless there are very exceptional reasons, “according to the British media.

“I’m afraid until we are in a position to give peace of mind, it is very difficult to plan.”he added.

Dominic Raab, the head of Foreign Affairs of the Boris Johnson government.

The sector, angry

Those in charge of the tourism industry have considered the statements made by Shapps, that have been interpreted more as “I have no idea about anything” and they have earned the Secretary of Transportation some covers in which he did not come out well, and being described as “arrogant” and having “no interest or concern for the tourism industry”.

The sector continues waiting for “solid answers” of his Government and also a plan to revive the industry, as one of his representatives expressed on Twitter:

This happens just when the UK has run out of safe corridors open and with a mandatory quarantine, as of this Monday, 10 days for all international travelers who enter its territory, as we have published in the United Kingdom, will force all travelers to confine themselves for 10 days, and must also provide a negative test of Covid-19.


Every 2 days a doctor dies from covid in Peru since the beginning of 2021

Ten doctors have died in Peru by the covid-19 since the beginning of 2021, which shows an average of one doctor died every less than two days in these first weeks of the year, as warned this Monday, January 18, 2021, Medical College of Peru.

In total there are already 266 Peruvian doctors killed by covid-19 from the beginning of the pandemic, whose second wave of infections is currently growing in the South American country and the health system has again collapsed, especially in the units of intensive care (UCI).

Doctors infected by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in Peru They amount to 12,755, of which 42 are in the ICU and require assisted breathing, according to the latest report released by the Medical College.

“Once again we are witnessing this irreparable pain that leaves a deep void in their relatives and colleagues who will no longer see them,” said the dean of the Medical College, Miguel Palacios.

“Currently we have colleagues who, due to their condition, need to be transferred to the capital, but unfortunately there are no camas UCI in any hospital. We ask the government to be concerned about our colleagues as they need us to continue saving lives, “he added.

Victims of sanitary overflow

Doctors themselves are victims of the collapse of the wards FIA in hospitals in much of the country, which since Saturday have broken the record for occupied mechanical ventilators, above the worst moment of the pandemic lived in mid-August.

There are currently 1,646 covid-19 patients in wards FIA connected to mechanical ventilation, almost a hundred more than the record registered in the first wave, where 1,553 artificial respirators were used at the same time for severe cases of the disease.

Hospitalizations continue to grow and among seriously and moderately ill patients under medical observation there are already 8,614 occupied beds, almost 5,000 more than there were practically a month and a half ago, when the lowest number of hospitalizations due to covid-19 was recorded since the rise of the first wave.

Acceleration of infections and deaths

According to the latest report of the pandemic offered on Sunday by the Ministry of Health, Peru accumulates three consecutive days with more than 100 deaths with a positive test for covid-19, a trend that was not seen since the second week of September and that raised the number of deaths to 38,871 deaths.

The new infections reached 4,342 cases confirmed, an amount that had not been reached since the first week of October and that ratifies the acceleration of the second wave whose existence was not recognized by the Government until last week.

The total number of confirmed symptomatic cases increased to 1,064,909, although the regional government records, which count asymptomatic and suspected cases, mark double the accumulated infections to exceed two million.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health announced on Monday the signing of an agreement for the air transport from China of the first of the 38 million doses of the vaccine from the Sinopharm laboratory that the Peruvian government promised to acquire and which is expected to arrive during this month of January.


California Faces Rising Covid-19 Cases Already A New Strain

California, in the south of The United States is one of the most affected by pandemic of covid-19. Los Angeles, one of the state’s largest counties, may face even more dire weeks ahead, as deaths have continued to rise as the national death toll rises. deceased for the disease respiratory is approaching 400,000.

The virus is increasing throughout California, where daily deaths averaged 528, an increase of more than 15% from a week ago. For this reason, much of the state follows a confinement order.

On January 17, 2021, the California Department of Public Health reported on a new variant of covid that had become more common across the state since December, as reported in a New York Times report.

The strain is known as L452R and was first detected in Denmark. In December, researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, sequenced coronavirus genomes pooled across the state and found that the variant was present in only 3.8% of their samples. In January, it had risen to 25.2%.

Charles Chiu, who led the sequencing of the virus, noted that it was worked with a small sample size, so they have not yet shown that this variant is more contagious. “But there are worrying signs that it may be highly transmissible,” he said.

Hospitals have run out of space in units of intensive care, although new cases and hospitalizations appear to be stabilizing in recent days. County records a death related to coronavirus approximately every seven minutes.

Nationwide, an official in President-elect Joe Biden’s administration warns that the United States will surpass 500,000 deaths from coronavirus.


La Jornada – There are 3 thousand 705 nationals deceased by Covid-19

The number of Mexicans who died from Covid-19 outside the country reached 3,705 cases, the vast majority of them registered in the United States.

According to the update made every Monday night by the Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE), of that total, 3,684 deaths of fellow citizens due to the disease occurred in the United States and 21 more in other nations.

The US cities that register the most cases of Mexicans killed by Covid-19 are: Los Angeles, with 1,47 and New York, with 809.

Also Arizona with 333 deaths, Illinois with 237 and Texas with 212.

Meanwhile, the other 21 cases of nationals who died from Covid-19 abroad are reported in Canada, with 7; three in Peru; three more in Spain; while one case is reported in each of the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, France, Greece, Guatemala, Panama and Turkey.