The most effective firming products to combat sagging and cellulite at home

In oil, in lotion, in srum … several experts teach us how to apply them and take advantage of them

Updated 03/27/2021 00:39

After spending so much time at home and hardly exercising, it seems that areas of the body with more flaccidity and cellulitis than ever because they have run out of strength from spending so much time in the same posture and without activating our circulation or movement. Therefore, there is nothing like having extra help from experts in skin and body aesthetics to reveal which are the best. firming products to combat the body sagging and cellulite at home in the most effective way.

When we spend so much time sitting at home or in the office or we move little as we have done lately, in addition to the exercise and of a sana diet necessary, experts in beauty and body aesthetics recommend firming products to deal with body sagging and cellulitis without leaving home.

When in doubt about when and how to apply your firming products body such as srums, firming creams, lotions or oils … experts as Ruz Virtues Y Mara Vicente, surgeons and aesthetic doctors of the center Static Virtue They recommend us “to apply them twice a day, which could be, morning and night and for a long time from before the first symptoms appear so that we can delay their appearance”. Although we must bear in mind that this type of body cosmetics greatly improves flaccidity but does not work miracles.

And in that sense, Laia Puig, responsible for cosmetics of LPG, points out that “firming cosmetics can help improve the appearance of the skin, since at the muscular level there is no other option but to exercise”.

Once these symptoms of flaccidity or more pronounced elastosis are established, “either intrinsic (that of the aging process) or extrinsic (due to solar radiation) or due to excessive weight loss, it is more difficult to combat flaccidity and cellulite only with firming or anti-cellulite products. We could only stay as we are for a little longer, and always being very constant and with substances like DMAE to appropriate proportions greater than 3 percent, the colgen, the silicon and the hyalurnic acid, among others “assure the doctors.

Massage and consistency in application are key when it comes to improving flaccidity with body firming products. Jonathan Segade.

The effectiveness of body firming products is very relative, because it will depend on the components and especially on the continuity in time of the daily application throughout the year, and not only in the summer or hot months. In addition, skin and aesthetic medicine experts point out that it also depends on prevention and skin preparation before starting to apply them.

And in that sense, the doctors Ruz Virtues Y Mara Vicente they point out that “it will be necessary to peelings strong doctors in those areas of the body that we want to deal with. And if they are very large areas, do them little by little and by areas adapted to our age and to the different problems. Because the most common cause of body sagging is weight lossimportant and usually occurs more in young people (under 45 years). And solar elastosis, due to fotoenvejecimiento, is usually the most frequent in people over 45 “.

We start from the assumption that we pay less attention to our body skin because we are less constant and spend less money on body care products than on our own. facials. And also that many of the treatments respond worse to flaccidity and body cellulite than to facial flaccidity, and that they are worse than facial, and the same happens with cosmetics.

Assets such as DMAE, cabbage
Actives such as DMAE, collagen, sicilium and hyaluronic acid are effective in fighting cellulite and flaccidity. Toms de la Fuente.

But if we really want body firming products to work, we have to use them before symptoms appear. That is, as prevention and always with constancy and as the doctors ensure Ruz Virtues Y Mara Vicente “Using specific active ingredients that have been scientifically proven to be effective against flaccidity. That, yes, these are expensive assets, so the cosmetic treatment is usually higher than the facial treatment because not just any cream is worth.

To enhance the effects of any firming cream or srum, another key is its application and as advised Laia Puig, responsible for cosmetics of LPG, “We should apply the body firming products with a self-massage, making circular, gentle movements, in an upward direction and until the total absorption of the product. And always twice a day, morning and night.”

Buy here the firming lotion Q10 + vitamin C from Nivea

Body Loci
Nivea Vitamin C Firming Body Lotion Q10Nivea.

Another of the firming creams that we like the most for its value for money is the Firming Body Lotion Q10 + Vitamin C of Nivea gives very good results in skin firmness in just one week. So much so that it has already become one of the favorites of celebrities as Meghan Markle who apply it daily. Firms the skin and improves its elasticity. For sale at Amazon. (5,99 euros) Buy it here.

Buy here the Weleda birch anti-cellulite oil

Weleda Birch Cellulite Oil
Weleda Birch Cellulite Oil Weleda.

If you are looking for a firming product with an oil texture and also eco-friendly, you would like to try the anti-cellulite oil birch Weleda firming action and one of the best sellers in pharmacies and herbalists. Improves sagging skin and also fights orange peel with a natural formula that helps eliminate excess fluids in the body. It reinforces the collagen fibers preventing them from deforming, and smooths the skin and is caffeine-free. For sale at Amazon. (17,46 euros) Buy it here.

Compra aqu Intensive Contouring Care The Sculptor of Sisley

Sisley Sculptor Intensive Contouring Care
Sisley Sculptor Intensive Contouring Care Sisley.

Designed to reduce the appearance of new adipocytes and refine the silhouette to anticipate the formation of new areas of fat, the treatment Intensive Contouring Care The Sculptor of Sisley Backed by seven years of patent research and reshaping action method before fat builds up, it improves sagging with visible results. Stimulates the liplisis o the speed to eliminate adipocytes and regulates adipogenesis or their formation, preventing them from accumulating and forming cellulite thanks to the extract of mandarina and the oil of Andiroba that prevents the formation of fat in the most conflictive areas. For sale at The English Court. (149,15 euros) Buy it here.

Gel Lipo-R
Gel Lipo-Driver the LPGLPG.

To stimulate fibroblasts and improve cellulite and body flaccidity, we like the new gel Lipo-Reducer of LPG night action and promising visible results in seven days. With marjoram leaves that protect fibroblasts from epigenetic changes, crocus bulbs that regenerate the skin and provide firmness and elasticity, and hyaluronic acid that preserves skin hydration and other active ingredients with a lipolytic and draining effect. (68 euros).

Lip Scrub de Bioslimming
Lip Scrub de BioslimmingBioslimming

To reshape, nourish and drain sagging skin, nothing like an exfoliating gel like Lip Scrub of Bioslimming hydrating reducing effect with caffeine, palm seaweed and coconut oil that activate the circulation of the body to reduce, firm and reshape the silhouette in each and maintain the results even of the cabin treatments for longer. (49.90 euros).

Buy here the Somatoline Total Use & Go spray from Somatoline

Total Body Use
Total Body Use Somatoline.

It reshapes and firms the skin with a 51 percent firmness within weeks of use and is ideal to apply in the easiest way after getting out of the shower. We talk about the toning reshaping spray Total Body Use & Go of Somatoline that provides a warm sensation on the skin with assets such as caffeine, decappites and pink pepper and dermochlorella that helps your skin regain elasticity. It also tones it thanks to ingredients such as escin and ginger, among others. For sale at Amazon. (25,90 euros) Buy it here.

Buy Clarins Lift Fermet body milk here

Lift Fermet
Lift Fermet de ClarinsClarins.

In a light version but with a firming effect, the melting body milk Lift Fermet of Clarins It provides elasticity and density to the skin thanks to its active ingredients such as thyme extract, Asian centella, among others, which act to protect skin fibers from degradation. For sale at Amazon. (33,53 euros) Buy it here.

Buy here the Biotherm Life Plankton Body Milk Corrector

Body milk Life Plankton Corrective de Biotherm
Body milk Life Plankton Corrective de BiothermBiotherm.

Thanks to its long-lasting regenerating and protective power, the body milk Life Plankton Corrective of Biotherm restores the firmness of the skin and helps to restore its quality in depth thanks to its active ingredients such as probiotics and natural oils that improve the elasticity of the skin. For sale at Amazon. (25,90 euros) Buy it here.

Yves Rocher Firming Reducer SrumYves Rocher.

The firming reducing srum of Yves Rocher It is light and fresh and also has a firming effect in addition to lightening your legs thanks to its assets such as the extract of mangosteen, known for stimulating the elimination of installed fats and firming the skin and menthol. (14.75 euros).

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Why has Meghan Markle confessed to Oprah Winfrey?

Updated 03/13/2021 10:14

Because the television pitch was assured Since, at the moment, the historic interview of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry with the presenter Oprah Winfrey has been seen by more than 50 million people. Who can get such a hearing in 48 hours? On this occasion, Oprah’s pull has been joined by the pull of the British royal family itself, which has caused a world audience to break records. Meghan has chosen very well, in addition to both They are friends and neighbors in Montecito (Santa Bárbara).

Oprah Winfrey es a television legend in America, With a long professional career that has endowed him with unbeatable power from which he supports numerous causes. We tell you who it is.

The Oprah Winfrey Show is the most-watched talk show in American television history. For him he has received on several occasions an Emmy Award and an Oscar in recognition of his career. According to the magazine Forbes has been the richest African American of the twentieth century, the celebrity most powerful in 2005, 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2013, and in 2014 she was ranked 14th on their list of the 100 most powerful women in the world. Magazine Life considers her the most influential woman of her generation, and the magazine Time rated it as one of the four people who have shaped the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century.

Oprah with her mother.
Oprah with her mother. @oprah

Like Meghan, although saving the distance, Oprah is a self-made woman, they have been raised by their mother, and they have had to fight against racism. Oprah was born in a small town in Mississippi to a poor, single mother. She was raised by her grandmother, who dressed her in clothes made from the fabric of potato sacks, which earned her the nickname of sack girl. He had a doll made from a dried corn on the cob. Victim of sexual abuse since the age of 9, she became pregnant at the age of fourteen, and had a baby who died a few days after birth. Years later, Bill Clinton signed the National Child Protection Act, dubbed Oprah Law for his testimony before the committee studying the Law. He studied at Tennessee State University.

Oprah y Stedman and 2019.
Oprah y Stedman and 2019.

Share his life, for more than thirty years, with Stedman Graham, andwriter and entrepreneur who succeeds with his self-help books. In 1988 he created S. Graham & Associates, a company dedicated to consulting and training leaders. In 1995 he founded the AAD in Chicago (Athletes Against Drugs) to facilitate access to education for young people without resources. In 2008 he founded My Life is About Foundation, another NGO to help adolescents and young adults discover their capabilities. He also lectures at universities and business centers.

In 2011 with Sean Penn in Haiti.
In 2011 with Sean Penn in Haiti.

Oprah has been involved for years in causes such as the reconstruction of Haiti after the earthquake, everything related to the fight against racism and women’s demands. So, the question about racism has been the most important of his interview with Meghan Markle. In 2018, his speech against sexual harassment at the Golden Globes ceremony managed to get the entire audience on their feet and was the highlight of the night in support of the MeToo movement.

In 2013 Barack Obama awarded him the Medal of Freedom.
In 2013 Barack Obama awarded him the Medal of Freedom.

Their support was essential for the triumph of Barack Obama’s candidacy within the Democratic party. But not only does he rub shoulders with the Obamas but also with Tim Cook, president of Apple, Beyoncé, Madonna, Tom Cruise, Michael Jordan, Aretha Franklin … For his 55th birthday he organized a Mediterranean cruise for 1,700 friends.

With Nelson Mandela at the opening of the academy in 2002.
With Nelson Mandela at the opening of the academy in 2002.

The academy for young girls leadership in South Africa is one of the most powerful initiatives he has launched after a conversation with Nelson Mandela.

In summer he likes to sail and stop at Ibiza.

In July 2019 in Ibiza waters.
In July 2019 in Ibiza waters.

He made his film debut with the famous Spielberg movie The color purple (1985). With her role as Sofia she was Oscar-nominated for Best Supporting Actress.

Oprah in Spielberg's Purple Color.
Oprah in Spielberg’s Purple Color.

His other interview with British royalty. In 1996 he interviewed Sarah Ferguson, after hearing her divorce from Prince Andrew of England. There he recounted some details of how difficult it was to live among the Windsors and defended his friend Diana of Wales. She reappeared in 2011 from William and Kate’s wedding, to which she hadn’t been invited.

Oprah con Sara Ferguson.
Oprah con Sara Ferguson.


Vodafone signs David Gandy for the launch of the Neo children’s smartwatch

British supermodel David Gandy is the face of Vodafone’s new product. It is called Neo and it is a smart watch aimed at children that allows parents and guardians to connect with children and know at all times where they are and what they are doing. It is already on sale from 199 euros.

Children connected but without danger. This is what every parent wants to have. and that is what Vodafone has just launched with the support of Disney. In addition, he has presented it with a luxury ambassador, British supermodel David Gandy, known for having been the image of brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, 7 for all Mankind, Zara, Gant, Hugo Boss, H&M, Carolina Herrera or Massimo Dutti.

British supertop David Gandy is Neo’s ambassador.

The job of David Gandy, father of Matilda, a 2-year-old girl, consists of following the instructions of an 8-year-old photographer accompanied by a children’s production teamHim, the ad video shows a photoshoot in which David Gandy is posed as the challenge to play some of the world’s best-known characters from Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars, which come to life at the touch of a watch button.

David Gandy attending the

David Gandy taking orders from the production team.

Children’s Smartwatch

Neo is a smartwatch with parental control designed for the little ones, which arises from the collaboration of Vodafone and Disney, and that while offering independence to children, allows parents to connect with them through calls, chat and emojis, in addition to knowing where they are in real time. Weight 60 grams and can connect via Wifi and Bluetooth. Even though Vodafone is behind Neo, this works with any telephone operator.

Gandy during the session

Gandy during the makeup session.

This gadget, with a price from 199 euros, incorporates a 5 MP camera, GPS locator, activity monitor, agenda (supports up to nine contacts), step counter and usage time (determined by parents or guardians). The display can be personalized with Disney characters and content, which can be changed over and over again. The character you choose will come to life inside the clock and new characters will be added for free. The together can last, always depending on the use, up to 24 hours and warns when the level is low.

Is already on sale in the stores of Vodafone, Amazon, PC Components and El Corte Ingls.


Angelina Jolie auctions a painting by Winston Churchill to … move to London?

Angelina Jolie sells one of the most unique paintings in her collection, The Tower of the Koutoubia Mosque, painted by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in 1943. It is offered by Christie’s on March 1 with an estimate of 2.8 million euros.

In the heat of battle for the custody of his children, Angelina Jolie, who a few months ago threatened to move to London to get away from the bad influence of Brad Pitt, has decided to get rid of a box of Winston Churchill to be auctioned in the English capital on March 1.

The work in question, The tower of the Koutoubia mosque, could reach, according to the most optimistic estimates, 2.8 million euros during the bid that it has organized Christie’s on the outskirts of Buckingham Palace. It is a landscape that the British Prime Minister made during World War II as a gift to the then President of the United States Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Churchill resorted to the plenirismo of the french impressionists to reproduce an everyday moment of the Islamic temple during an uncertain day in late January 1943. After attending the Casablanca Conference, where a series of meetings were held to demand the unconditional surrender of the Axis Powers, retired to Marrakech, one of his favorite resting places. From the terrace of a suite at the Hotel Mamounia he caught the soft light of a winter sun and translated into pastel colors the sandstone bricks of the quibla wall, the arcade of the main entrance and, in the background, the majestic Almohad-style minaret that served as a model for the Giralda in Seville.

It was the only painting that was allowed to be made during the war, of course not for recreational or lucrative purposes, but strictly diplomatic. “The gift of the painting to Roosevelt underscores the fact that Churchill held him in very high regard, and points to their joint efforts to guide the Allied powers towards the outcome of World War II,” explains Nick Orchard, British art specialist from Christie’s, which is confident of breaking a collection record for a painting by the ‘premiere’. «The painting is possibly Churchill’s best painting due to the importance of the issue for him and the fact that it highlights the magnitude of the friendship between the two leaders.

After Roosevelt’s death in 1945, the painting passed from hand to hand for decades until it ended up in the window of the prestigious antiquarian MS Rau in New Orleans. There he must have seen it exposed Brad Pitt, who acquired it in 2011 as a gift to Angelina, from whom he would divorce five years later.

At the moment of separation, the catalog of works of art in the private collection of “Brangelina” was valued at 20 million euros based on the strength of the names that decorated the walls of their Californian mansion in Los Feliz and the Miraval Castle that they had acquired in the south of France as a gallery: Banksy, Richard Serra, Marcel Dzama, Dom Pattinson, Neo Raunch. ..

To calm anxiety

Churchill confesses in his memoirs that the hobby of painting rescued him in moments of despondency without imagining that his paintings would reach astronomical figures (so far six figures). He began painting in 1915, when he was removed from the Admiralty after the disaster of the Gallipoli campaign in the First World War. “I felt great anxiety, and lacked the means to alleviate it; I had vehement convictions and no power to put them into practice,” he wrote in 1948. “I had to witness the unhappy loss of great opportunities and the ineffective execution of plans in which I firmly believed “.

The painting, framed, seen from the front and from the back.

The painting, framed, seen from the front and from the back.

The question that many are asking now is whether the 45-year-old actress would have resorted to the diplomatic safe-conduct of the Marrakech landscape to settle permanently in London. Awaiting the hammer’s verdict, Pitt and Jolie’s representatives are silent.


Everything you need to know about microneedling, the best treatment to transform your eye contour and combat dark circles and bags without surgery

Attenuates its bluish tone, decongests and also improves the wrinkles of the eyes, between the eyebrows and the forehead and your facial skin

Updated 02/22/2021 09:25 AM

Lately and with the permission of our eye contour that we use in the most applied way morning and night, there is talk and commentary among experts that there is a treatment that works to combat the eye bags and its bluish tone, the bags and wrinkles in the eye contour, without surgery and with a minimally invasive technique. And it is none other than him microneedling. This advanced aesthetic treatment drains bags under the eyes, the area of ​​wrinkles in the eyes and even the most conflictive areas between the eyebrows and the forehead. We will tell you how this technique that everyone talks about works.

We all want to wear one rested look and forget about the dark circles, wrinkles Y bags that make us look tired. Therefore, we have been telling you which are the best eye contours who work for you with the best anti-aging creams and we have even revealed tricks to get a more luminous look.

For that and because we are beauty junkies pending of everything new, we also want to talk to you about the microneedling, which has revolutionized dermatology and has become not only one of the best treatments to transform your skin but also your look and say goodbye to dark circles and bags without surgery. It is a minimally invasive technique in which a superficial skin puncture is performed and that can be compared to mesotherapy.

Micro-needle technology is capable of opening micro channels in the skin to improve the absorption of actives such as peptides and low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid.A. Terrn.

It is an induction therapy of colgen and that it is compatible with the use of your eye contour and other anti-aging treatments. Also called Dermapen, the microneedling It consists of several micro-tips of an electronic device stimulating the production of collagen in this area of ​​the skin. And whether we apply a treatment product or not, we will always force the skin to regenerate collagen and the effects to combat dark circles and bags are guaranteed from the first session and does not cause bruising or inflammation.

According to data from the SEME (Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine), mesotherapy is consolidated as the most used technique in the last 30 years. But its results depend directly on the skill of the doctor both to puncture and to personalize the treatment. However, to solve the drawbacks of this technique, comes microneedling. The aesthetic doctor Ruiz virtues has incorporated the microneedlingNanosoft to areas such as the gaze to end the tired gaze and that “achieves with a controlled and precise injection of active results in areas in continuous movement and difficult to treat effectively, such as the upper eyelid, dark circles, crow’s feet”, we assures the doctor.

Con t
With techniques such as microneedling, we achieve that the active principles with which we work, slow down facial aging and more specifically in the area around the eyes.

And it is that through this “pen” or device or injection, “a complex of hyaluronic acid and other active ingredients is introduced at the dermo-epidermal level that make the fibroblasts work at full capacity to produce hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin. new “, says the expert.

In the case of the eye contour, as he assures us Carmen Navarro, beautician and director of the centers Carmen Navarro, “It is essential to pay special attention to the delicate skin that surrounds them and with this technique, without a doubt, we achieve that the principles with which we work slow down the facial aging“.

And the expert in aesthetics, emphasizes that it is important that the micropasses in this type of aesthetic treatments are made of a hypoallergenic material to reduce the chances of suffering an allergic reaction and that we always put ourselves in professional hands.

The microneedling treatment is effective and allows to work on multiple imperfections. As the beautician assures us Diana Montoya, “You can do before a session with some chemical peeling in the area and treat with microneedling using active ingredients that help reduce the coloration of the dark circles, in addition to using active ingredients that act as drains in the case of bags, activating the production of collagen and treating wrinkles in this area producing an improvement in the area around the eyes in general “.

Because dark circles, puffiness and sagging of the upper eyelid due to loss of fat volume make the look look very old. “And the dark color of the eyelids and dark circles are also associated with a sadder or more tired appearance, as well as having very little volume in the central area of ​​the midface,” explains the doctor. Ignacio Genol, aesthetic doctor and surgeon of The Cliniq.

And in that sense, the fractional bipolar radiofrequency of Morpheus8, of Inmode LT It is another of the most suitable microneedling technologies to rejuvenate the look without the need to undergo surgery. This fractionated radiofrequency treatment of microneedling with needle tips ensures that there is practically no thermal damage to the epidermis and is designed to work the periorbital area thanks to its 12 micro-needles that work from one to four millimeters deep on the layers. of the skin to reduce wrinkles and dark circles and improve its quality.

Microneedling achieves with an injection
Microneedling achieves with a controlled and precise injection of active results in areas in continuous movement and difficult to treat effectively, such as the upper eyelid, dark circles, crow’s feet.A. Terrn.

But there is more, and it is that microneedling or collagen induction therapy has also become one of the favorite treatments of Sarah Chapman, beautician of celebrities like Meghan Markle, Victoria Beckham, Uma Thurman The Naomi Watts. And it is that this technique is capable of transforming and rejuvenating the skin around the eyes and face by combining treatments and micro-needle technology in a new roller that is not only capable of opening micro channels in the skin to improve the absorption of active ingredients such as low and high molecular weight peptides and hyaluronic acid, but also to improve the skin and achieve a firmer, smoother and rejuvenated eye contour and face.

However, the microneedling treatment and even more so in the area of ​​the dark circles, “it is not recommended to do it at home since the skin around the eyes is the finest in our entire body and the most sensitive and has many cases and small capillaries with which it is better to go to a specialized center to avoid scares and major problems “, points out Diana Montoya.

Among the many advantages of microneedling is that they are immediate and it is a treatment that corrects dark circles, bags and crow’s feet.


Weekend plan: five new series you should be watching (and where to watch them)

If you are lost with the news from Netflix, HBO and the rest of streaming platforms, don’t worry: this is our selection for you to do a marathon on the weekend

Updated 02/06/2021 08:56

You have all the February premieres available, but if you are lost with all the series to watch, we have selected those that we consider to be the five fictions of the moment: a chronicle about the gay scene and the ravages of AIDS in the London of the 80s, a funny radiography of New York by the hand of Fran Lewobitz and Scorsese, a series about women in search of empowerment … There is everything (and for all tastes) so that this weekend you can have a marathon with the best of the best of Netflix, HBO or Filmin.

“Its a sin”, en HBO.

It’s a sin, of which we already had in its premiere, is a 5-episode miniseries created by Russell T. Davies (Queer as Folk, Years and Years) about four young people in London in the 1980s. The fiction focuses on the appearance and the massive contagion of AIDS and the homophobia that it entailed and that caused it, bringing as much light as drama to a time and a conflict to which we will never give enough importance: although he has an enthusiastic and vitalistic spirit, he does not reject show the death and contempt suffered by AIDS victims, even by their families and friends.

The series tells the story of three gay boys, Ritchie (Olly Alexander), Roscoe (Omari Douglas) y Colin (Calum Scott Howells), who start their new life in London in the early 80’s. There they meet and make friends with who will become their best friend, Jill (Lydia West). However, HIV begins to wreak havoc among the population and causes the first cases of AIDS, something that decisively influences their lives.

Fran Lewobitz on the streets of New York in
Fran Lewobitz on the streets of New York in Netflix’s “Suppose New York is a City”.

The cocktail is perfect: a mix of sarcastic comments from Fran Lebowitz, the iconic writer, famous for her poignant analyzes of everyday American life, and the insightful look of the film director Martin Scorsese, and the result is Suppose New York is a city. In the new Netflix documentary series, the writer and comedian guides us through the physical and social geography of the Big Apple through her fascinating personal stories.

In seven hilarious chapters Fran Lebowitz details her opinions on everything that has to do with the city and, why fool us, with herself too. And Martin Scorsese, an inseparable friend for years, reads each and every one of the occurrences: but there is no other. Between the two they draw a guide of the city from the point of view insider, They talk about music and tourists, idiots and taxi drivers, how to walk through Times Square and even the New York art market. It is unmissable.

Nicola Walker, Stephen Margan and Deborah Findley are the protagonists of
Nicola Walker, Stephen Margan and Deborah Findley are the protagonists of “The Split”, in Filmin.

They are not recent (from the end of 2020), but it is still essential. The prestigious British screenwriter Aby morgan (Shame, Sufragistas) is the creator of this court drama about a family of lawyers specializing in divorce cases which had a huge commercial success, with about 7 million viewers in 2018 for its first episode.

The cast is already brilliant: Nicola Walker (River, Inside men), Stephen Margan (Rush, dark seduction) and Deborah Findley (The shadow of power, the end of romance). The synopsis tells us that divorce attorney Hannah Stern decides to leave her family’s law firm when her own mother, Ruth, rejects her promotion within the company. Hannah then starts working for an old rival firm, Noble & Hale … and there the conflict begins. And it is that the premise of The SplitIt is based on a plot of female empowerment where lawyers will have to assert themselves in an extremely hostile environment, but opening the focus to reflect on the relationships themselves: family, romantic and professional.

Adult material or what’s behind pornography, on HBO and Filmin

Hayley Squires plays Jollene Dollar, the porn actress starring in
Hayley Squires stars as Jollene Dollar, the leading porn actress in “Adult Material,” on HBO and Filmin.

Everything is a lie in porn. It is something that is known in the misnamed “pornographic industry”. But what is the truth in the darkness behind the cameras? Composed of four episodes of 45 minutes each, Adult Material is a miniseries that delves into the less attractive side of porn cinema to bring relevant topics to the table such as consent in intimate relationships, sex education and the hypocrisy that exists around this industry that moves billions around the world (It is the second most lucrative business, behind weapons and above drugs, as Mabel Lozano told us).

The protagonist of Adult Material is Jollene Dollar, an adult film star that her name is actually Hayley Burrows and that, far from the recording studios, she tries to be a strict mother with her three children and a complacent wife with her husband. A routine like that of any woman, if it were not for the fact that she avoids telling the two youngest ones what she does and tries to make the older woman, now a teenager, understand why she is passionate about her work. Hayley Squires (Collateral) correctly interprets the foul-mouthed and provocative protagonist, who decide stand up to a sexual exploiter played by Rupert Everett, in a much-needed fiction.

Nicolas Cage is the master of ceremonies of
Nicolas Cage is the master of ceremonies for “The Story of Swearing” on Netflix.

We missed him. Nicolas Cage is eternal and has not dropped by the audiovisual scene for a few months, and his return has not left us indifferent. In six episodes (to be honest, it is more of a documentary than a series), the American actor walks the origin, the variety and the historical and social importance of the so-called expletives and, of course, makes us want to see an equivalent in Spanish.

Fuck. Shit. Bitch. Dick. Pussy. Damn. These are the titles of the six episodes that become a self-parody of the Oscar winner. The approach is interesting, as it addresses how many of these words, apart from expressive, can be claimed by those same groups against which they were initially launched. Everything, in the end, is a matter of context. And Nicolas Cage trying to add a supposed solemnity to the matter is definitely hilarious.


Katie Holmes discovers the style trick to make the coat feel good

Updated 01/26/2021 11:00

Katie Holmes has been one of our style muses in 2020 and she promises to continue setting the trend in 2021. The actress, with simplicity as a flag and without the need for excesses, always knows how to surprise us with her looks. In the absence of big events and the little street style marked by digital parades, his walks through New York are a good opportunity to sign fashion tips.

Follow trends without giving up your own style and prioritize what you know suits you. These will be two of the mantras when it comes to dressing Katie Holmes. If there are two garments, both protagonists in their last outfit, than the one that was the protagonist of Dawson Grows dominates are jeans and coat.

Starting with the first, Katie was one of the first celebrities to dare with oversized jeans, anticipating what will be one of the key trends of next spring. Although in this last look he has opted for the sobriety of straight jeans. Suitable for both ankle boots, heels or flat shoes, it is convenient to have at least one in the closet. The American has coordinated them with what is her new favorite footwear: track sole moccasins. Here his ability to unite classicism and trend is highlighted. If you add the socks to this, the result could not be more personal.

Now let’s go to shelter. Katie has opted for a striking design with a checkered print with which, coincidentally, or not, she has conformed a style to do with her boyfriend, chef Emilio Vitolo. If you have opted for spacious designs before, this time you have chosen a model wrap style (the batn). There are many followers of this type of boss, Queen Letizia and Meghan Markle among them, who has the goodness to sit especially well. With an enveloping appearance it provides sophistication and thanks to the strategically frame the silhouette. Reasons to take into account if you soon have in mind investing in a coat.


Hairstyles that instantly rejuvenate according to hairdressers

Updated 05/01/2021 09:58

There are hairstyles that have a powerful rejuvenating effect on the face and are always an upward trend among the most elegant celebrities and women of all ages. In addition, they add style with little effort and are very natural. We have looked for some of the lifting hairstyles and the odd cut for your hair according to Spanish hairdressers and that work yes or yes always and instantly and always make you look good at any age.

Hairstyles are linked to the ages and in recent years, every day we see more hairstyles that rejuvenate. That is to say, those casual hair looks with which it seems that you have not done anything and have that blow of effect, if those with tousled effect with which the French women often surprise us the most. cool. And warning: loose hairstyles are more rejuvenated than strappy ones.

Ponytails have become a basic hairstyle to make that rejuvenating effect on the face. And not only we say it. Also the experts in hairstyles like Charo Palomo, director of Atelier Charo Palomo who points out that every time “there are more women who choose when it comes to dressing up in a ponytail because of its flattering effect”.

As the stylist assures us, it is one of the most versatile hairstyles, “it cleanses our face a lot, clears our face so that it can be seen more and wears a lot, for example a wet effect taut ponytail is always a success and also is a very easy hairstyle to do and you have many versions of it. ” You can also style it high, straight or with waves to make it look good on you. Or low and very undone with a tousled effect, and it can be worn with or without bangs and adorned with a bow, with a lock of our own hair … the ideal updo because it is comfortable as well as elegant. The Queen Letizia has become its strongest ambassador but also other royals as Kate Middleton O Meghan Markle O Jennifer Lopez and Juana Acosta who wear them in a spectacular way and in the most inspiring and elegant way.

Waves have become the most popular hairstyle wellaging or rejuvenating effect in all its versions for your hair at any age. There is no more to see Olivia Palermo, a Natalie Portman oa Blanca Suarez or the same Julia Roberts who wear them in their most surfer and effortless style. If you also highlight these waves in your hair with balayage highlights or babylights, success will be more than assured.

Rafael Good of Rafael Bueno Hairdressers He confirms it to us, “waves with a balayage touch or some highlights are tremendously flattering because they refresh and take years away. They can be done in bob, midi or longer hair. They are also worn more undone or more marked but the important thing is to wave the hair that always reminds us of young and strong hair “.

Because we must also bear in mind that not all hair waves they have the same antiaging effect “beachy waves are the first in the rejuvenating list, but you have to be careful because if you make them more water-like, they don’t have the same effect”, as he assures us Diana Daureo, salon director Diana Daureo.

Hair with movement and highlights like Kate Moss always rejuvenate.
Hair with movement and highlights like Kate Moss always rejuvenate. GTres Online.

Another trick hairstyles to give a lifting touch to the face and hair is to give the hair volume and movement. And you ask yourself, how to achieve it even if you have fine hair? Felicitas Ordás of the living room Felicitas Hair gives us several tricks, “we can give hair volume, either with layers that will create a disheveled effect and with a lot of movement or by applying volumizing products. Also a semi-collected with a jewel accessory will make us have a more jovial image. For the most sophisticated ones I recommend the always attractive wet effect on all lengths “

The bangs always rejuvenate and seem like a cut adapted to the shape of each face and the type of hair. Among those that favor the most is the curtain bangs because as he tells us Rachel Saiz of Blue room “It adapts better to all types of faces and allows us to be more versatile when combing it. It gives us a casual and very modern image.”

Each face should be studied but in general the bangs always rejuvenate a lot and adorn the face, even as he assures Maria Baras, creative director of Cheska Beauty, “they even neutralize gray hair a lot by covering the face a little and, for example, a face with very refined features, which sometimes becomes thinner with age and always thinking about bangs at the same time. Brigitte Bardot that move along the cheeks, without being very geometric but softer and more versatile and that you can accompany with a ponytail, which stylizes and pulls the cheekbone up a little with a lifting effect, textured, with loose strands … the possibilities are multiple “.

As the stylist tells us Diana DaureoFrom the salon that bears her name, there are also other hairstyles that have a rejuvenating effect such as boxer or root braids, “very trendy and youthful” and “collected or undone ballerina-like buns with the natural frontal area”.

The hairstyles are linked to the times and in recent years the hairstyles that rejuvenate the most are those that are more casual or hairstyles that seem like you have not done anything and more loose hairstyles than collected. And in that sense, Moncho Moreno, director of the salons Moncho Moreno, “It is more difficult for a collected hair to rejuvenate a lot unless you complement it with loose strands on the face, very undone, with very informal ponytails or with a lot of movement”.

But let’s not get confused, a hairstyle with a tousled effect is also combed. To achieve that casual effect, the expert tells us, “you have to comb your hair first and then tousled it, contrary to what people think. First you make waves at night so that your hair is more combed at night and then in the morning you undo them and you will gain durability and a done but undone look. ”

Katie Holmes with a high relaxed textured bun.
Katie Holmes with a high relaxed textured bun.GTres Online.

Although you can also use the tweezers or your hair straightener to mark the waves, the ideal is to undo them a little so that the hair is very formal and that it gives us that youthful appearance, if you have bangs, that it opens a little in the center or that it opens up naturally and all those kinds of looks and gestures in the hair rejuvenate ”

And if we also want these types of hairstyles to acquire a more rejuvenating appearance with color techniques, nothing like accompanying them with balayage highlights, or “flash color effects, which make the hair gain movement and visually look younger, avoiding always very dark, aggressive and artificial tones because you always have to look for colors that look like ours even though they are not really, “concludes Moreno.


The Mandalorian series laser rifle, the most desired toy by Starwars fans

It is shaping up to be one of the objects of desire for fans of Starwars . The Mandalorian Pistolser from the television series Star Wars: The Mandalorian is a rifle that costs $ 120 and measures 1.27 meters. The bad thing is that, like everything in this year, it will be difficult to get it, since it will not be available until October 2021. But since they say that what is desired is more desired, we will have to wait without despair.

What fans have liked best about the Disney Plus series, created by Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni with the approval of George Lucas, is that it shoots foam darts, so it is suitable for children, that is, over 8 years old.

It is a 1: 1 scale replica with details such as the wooden stock.

The toy firm Nerf (from Hasbro) has hit the mark by manufacturing the limited edition of the Amban phase pulse blster, since the series is being a success all over the world, including Spain, especially thanks to baby yoda, the cute alien who has conquered everyone and who also has his successful Hasbro doll, this one now available.

The Mandalorian, sometimes called Mando, is the nickname of Din Djarin, the protagonist of the Disney series who is played by Chilean actor Pedro Pascal (Narcos and Game of Thrones). A bounty hunter and adoptive father to the little alien Baby Yoda who flees from the clutches of the remnants of the destroyed Galactic Empire, and seeks a safe home for him and his son. And that beyond his armor or his helmet, the long rifle that he always carries with him and that fans of the universe like so much. Star Wars. It is a highly coveted replica, already taught by Boba Fett in his animated short in the The Star Wars Holiday Special 1978, and now Nerf has turned it into a coveted toy.

Electr scope

Electronic scope illuminated by LED.

The toy is presented in a box designed for collectors

The toy is presented in a box designed for collectors

A very special weapon

The protagonist’s astonishing Amban blaster rifle (a fictitious remote-energized particle weapon typical in the universe of Star Wars), is diseado 1: 1 scale with details directly inspired by the seriesThe Mandalorian. To be very rigorous with the design, the Hasbro team spent months working on development; They wanted to be very true to the look of the real blaster so that Mandalorian and Nerf fans wouldn’t be disappointed.

The result is a rifle that fires up to 10 foam darts, featuring precision blaster sounds as standard and a electronic scope with an LED illuminated lens It requires two 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries. The stock has a wood texture, has metallic details in vacuum, with decoration worn by its “use in battles” and even with the decorative tips scorched. The blaster comes fully assembled in packaging premium, perfect for gifts.

Electronically, it is also very successful. Sound, so fundamental in the universe of Star Wars, is present when you get to capture eight unique sounds for charging and blasting. What is clear is that the wait will not be longer than the full name of the toy: NERF Star Wars The Mandalorian Amban Phase-pulse blaster. There it remains.

Detail of the futuristic weapon.

Detail of the futuristic weapon.

The munici

The ammunition, foam darts, makes it a recommended toy for children from 8 years old.


Lady Di’s haircut confirms what is the trend hair of 2021

Take the bob chop of Diana of Wales again but updated and we will tell you which manes it favors the most and why it is still cool today

Updated 12/17/2020 09:21

Lady Di’s haircut will be more fashionable than ever in 2021. And it is beyond “The Crown“and its fourth season that has inspired us again, as well as the outfits of Diana of Wales, he bob chop or bob with layers with a disheveled and imperfect effect, it has become an icon that is ideal for giving movement and volume to all types of hair and hairdressers reveal why you will ask again.

The highly anticipated fourth season of “The Crown“has confirmed what we already know that Diana of Wales always be an icon of style and also of beauty and hair. Despite the fact that more than two decades have passed since his death, he still continues to inspire us and not only the wives of his children, Kate Middleton O Meghan Markle who pay homage to him in their outfits, but with his short and unbeatable hair.

Because also and luckily, it seems that his bob chop cut before in 1990 the stylist Sam McKnight It will cut it much shorter, it will be pure trend in 2021 and we have the proof.

In the dating years in which Lady Di she wore a very short bob chop haircut and gave signs of how her hair would become an icon that is back in fashion.

How do you tell us Carlos Fernndez, Education Manager de Franck Provost, “This first cut gave her personality in her beginnings in which she was more shy and introverted, and made this look sweeten her face, in addition, seeing herself in it made her feel comfortable, beautiful and protected in front of the cameras”.

With his cut ic
With his iconic court with Prince Charles the day their engagement was official. GTres Online.

And what is certain is that in addition, with layers, bangs and a tousled effect, it has been one of the most stylish cuts and that next year it will return with force. And it is that it is a variant of the most flattering bob cut for all types of faces and hair, especially it looks great on fine hair. It is versatile, comfortable and also allows you to comb your hair without complicating your life as well as having an unquestionable rejuvenating air.

In Balmoral next to the pr
At Balmoral with Prince Carlos, Lady Di with her iconic cut with layers and bangs that continues to inspire us and is one of the coolest. GTres Online.

For Carlos Fernndez, Education Manager de Franck Provost, this look is very peculiar and considers that, with slight changes, without a doubt, “to come back strong in 2021 because it is also perfect to frame the face and give it personality”.

Lady Di’s haircut is most inspiring but as she claims Eduardo Sanchez, director of Eduardo Snchez House, will have to adapt and modernize it. “We should remove thickness in the never, and also work the layers, leaving the upper ones longer and with a work with the thinning scissors to create a much lighter effect. It is a recommended cut for straight hair but with some gesture” .

Layered bangs have been one of the cuts that Lady Di has worn with different lengths of her hair.
Layered bangs have been one of the cuts that Lady Di has worn with different lengths of her hair and it still inspires us today. GTres Online.

“This cut suits best on thin, elongated, oval, triangular and rhombus and heart-shaped faces” he tells us. Diana Daureo, founder and director of the salon Diana Daureo and it will not be weird or outdated today because as Daureo assures, “this trend can be adapted, for example, you can make the same cut and polish it a bit leaving a feather effect on the ends, thus giving it a younger, fresh air. and chic and also we could add a fringe, and make it a little more blunt using the razor to leave more volume in the upper area and less on the sides “.

Diana of Wales with her long bob hair grown next to Elizabeth II.
Diana of Wales with her long bob hair grown next to Elizabeth II. GTres Online.

In that sense, the also stylist Conchi Fernndez, head stylist of the center To Be Aguilar Delgado confirms that it is a cut that will favor us all, “as long as we adapt it both in the length of the square hair and in the layers and making bangs or not depending on the features of the face.”

Carlos Fernndez, Education Manager de Franck Provost notes that perhaps this bob chop favors “even more elongated faces and square or round faces but with marked features such as the nose and somewhat thin cheekbones”.

And as regards the chosen tone, the ideal would be to wear it with our chosen hair tone, from a brown, a blonde or a copper but “always giving some highlights and color to make the hairstyles of this cut much more sophisticated “qualifies.

Actress Emma Corrin, Lady Di in the Netflix series The Crown with her haircut ic
Actress Emma Corrin, Lady Di on Netflix’s The Crown series with her iconic haircut. GTres Online.

The stylist and expert in cut and color, Eduardo Sanchez However, he points out that this cut that is perfect with blonde hair because “with this tone the cut can be further enhanced by playing with a work of light and shadow and if our hair is dark and we want to try it, a good work of reflections is essential. accompany the court and enhance it. “

In general, the bob chop cut of Lady Di It is a very versatile cut and looks great on all types of hair, although as he tells us Diana Daureo, “it would be more suitable for hair with shape, wavy and straight, but not table”.

So if your hair is thick but straight it is an ideal cut. Although in the case of curly hair, “it can be a plus that a casual touch” ensures Carlos Fernndez, Education Manager de Franck Provost. Because as the expert says, “in cases of very fine hair, you will have to play with the styling so that it remains with volume and movement”.