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Apple’s iMessage (Messages) application is an old acquaintance that has been with us practically since the first iPhone, although it cover the years Apple has seen in it a way to integrate other elements more typical of the apps courier like WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, etc. The problem is that outside the US it is practically perceived as that site where we are only going to read or send SMS.

But what many users do not know is that when those messages are exchanged with other users also on iPhone (or iPad and Mac), it is possible to access a richer experience, with animojis, voice notes, photos and videos and practically anything we can imagine. Even confetti and balloons flying all over the screen when we congratulate a friend on a birthday.

Apple wants your WhatsApp

It is precisely because of that condition as a messaging application strictly focused on the Apple ecosystem, that It has not managed to penetrate among users clearly (except in the US), so Californians now want to go one step further. According they report Some media, iOS 15 is going to undergo a “great renovation” that includes aspects such as a radical change in notifications or the home screen of their tablets. Maybe the arrival of the widgets?

iMessage from Apple in iOS 14. Apple

Besides all that, and many more things, the goal of those from Cupertino is to turn that iMessage into a clear alternative to WhatsApp, including a good part of all those functionalities that the app owned by Facebook in terms of managing chats, groups, conversations and content that can be shared quickly and easily. Now, it remains to be seen that within those changes, there is a modification of this exclusivity strategy that limits any revolution to the iOS ecosystem.

And it is that in countries of mass adoption of the iPhone it is easy to reach the goal of turning iMessage into an alternative to WhatsApp, but In more fragmented countries with a clear majority of Android mobiles, such as Spain, reaching this goal is practically impossible, Especially if we talk about rivaling an app that has more than 2,000 million users. These changes will arrive with iOS 15 and, therefore, never before the month of September 2022, when the iPhone will go on sale that year, as well as the new operating system. Although we will be able to see something before, when for the month of June, with the WWDC underway, those of Cupertino already have something to show the worldor. Not just intentions.


Apple accounts for the environmental benefits of its products without charger | The World | DW

Last year, the Cupertino, California company came into controversy after announcing its decision to remove the charger from its iPhones and other products in order to reduce its carbon footprint. As part of its Environmental Progress Report, Apple accounts for the pro-environmental benefits that are estimated for this, and the next few years, with a view to achieving net carbon neutrality for its entire supply chain in 2030.

According to the information shared, one of the most striking figures is that the company estimates that it will save 861,000 tons of metals extracted from the earth that are necessary for the manufacture of the chargers.

Also, packages for phones and other products without a charger are much thinner, so it is possible to send up to 70% more cases of the iPhone 12 per trip, which translates into a reduction in CO2. In the case of this model, it was mentioned that the equipment is 93% fiber-based materials instead of the standard plastic film used in the industry.

In this way, the company assured that in 2020 it reduced 2.5 million tons of CO2 thanks to a reduction in energy use of 13.9%.

The challenge: create more efficient products that reduce pollution

On the other hand, the M1 chip used in last year’s Mac Mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro allows to reduce the carbon footprint of the company’s products by 34%. Other equipment such as the eighth-generation iPad consumes 66% less energy, while the iPhone 12 saves 53% energy when charged, this according to figures from the United States Department of Energy.

Compared to 2015, this year the company used 65% less plastic for packaging, while ensuring that 40% of the materials of the MacBook Air with Retina display are recycled.

Announces investment of 200 million dollars

Within its strategy for 2030, the company created a fund of 200 million dollars to invest in forestry projects and eliminate carbon from the atmosphere, all this with the objective of excluding 1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide per year from the atmosphere.

While the company will directly eliminate 75% of emissions from its supply chain and products by 2030, the fund will help address the remaining 25% of Apple’s emissions by removing carbon from the atmosphere.

“Our hope is that other companies share our goals and contribute their resources to support and protect critical ecosystems,” said Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environment, policy and social initiatives in a statement.

One of the most important objectives for Apple within this entire strategy is to eliminate the use of plastic in the packaging of all its products by 2025, betting only on recycled and renewable materials in them.

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The iPhone 13 will be Apple’s cleanest ‘smartphones’ in recent years, why? | Smartphones

Surely the most veteran of you remember that trend that became fashionable a few years ago, practically a decade, when Some smartphonesincluding iPhones, used as a sales argument that they had an “oleophobic” touch screen, that is to say, it was able to resist the onslaught of our fingers and not be marked in order to continue having a clean and healthy appearance.

With the passage of time, these types of characteristics were maintained although many no longer called their attention, despite the fact that our fingers continue today to be one of the most polluting agents that our mobile can face and that, depending on the time of day, they are able to mist the back with visible traces of each finger with which we touch and hold the device.

Apple wants a clean iPhone 13

As it is, it seems that this year Apple wants its new iPhone 13 to hit the market with some kind of protection before this festival of fingerprints that we leave every day when we use the mobile. Fingers grasp the smartphone that leave their mark on the glass and that not only do not make its appearance more aesthetic, but depending on the case they can worsen the grip, with the risks that this entails of suffering an accidental fall.

iPhone 12 de Apple. Unsplash

It has been Max Weinbach through his Twitter and YouTube accounts where has unveiled Apple’s intentions to root out those problems with the fingers that remain imprinted on the back areas of its iPhone 13. The idea, as revealed, is to add a special coating that will only be available for Pro models, and that it will prevent both smudges and fingerprints from being imprinted on the surface.

That is why thanks to this new design of the grip area of ​​the next iPhone 13, it will be easier to hold it in the hand, in addition to giving a matte appearance to all the tones that are part of the catalog. It is true that The iPhone have never been, at least without a case, terminals with a lot of grip and in certain generations, even uncomfortable to carry in hand, so we hope that Californians have hit the same key that other competing companies (Android) have already achieved with their more expensive terminals.


Apple will update iOS so you can choose Siri’s voice, do you know why? | Lifestyle

The update IOS 14.5 is going to be little less than “the mother of all updates” because we have been talking about her for months, about everything she is going to bring (very important) and to which she begins to have a short time before the WWDC in 2021, which begins on June 7, all the lights are on wear iOS 15 and its innovations.

So those from Cupertino must be working hard to bring us all that they say is going to improve and that has another of its main guest stars on Siri. Or should we say another? Especially if we take into account that as of this update is distributed, we will stop thinking of Apple’s intelligence as a purely female entity, and may adopt other accents and genres.

Two new voices, on the way

Thus, Apple has made public, through one of the latest beta versions of iOS 14.5, that Siri will no longer be a woman and the user will be able to choose between other two you are different. Among them those of a man. Thus, those from Cupertino open the fan to get rid of any type of label that could fall on them for having had, for practically a decade, a woman’s voice as the only one available within the virtual assistant.


From the company they have stated that “we are excited to present two new Siri voices for English speakers and the option for Siri users select the voice they want when setting up their device”. In the statement, they also state that “this is a continuation of the commitment of […] Apple with diversity and inclusion, and products and services that are designed to better reflect the diversity of the world we live in. “

These new voices, as they point out in the press release, at the moment they are only available within the English language so everyone else will have to wait to see if they include them at the time of the update release (or later). These types of processes are not usually automatic and simultaneous for all territories, so in the case of Spanish, we would have to wait a few more weeks. It is update 14.5 of iOS will arrive practically at the end of the second quarter of 2021, that is to say, just before the summer, at the end of June, in which it seems that it will be the last important one of this version of the operating system.


There is already a date for Apple’s 2021 WWDC online, with references to AR glasses? | Lifestyle

Although last year many of the events that have been held periodically had to adapt to the online ecosystem, leaving behind the face-to-face habit of seeing us all in one placeBy 2021, things no longer generate so many doubts and when a company like Apple reveals the dates of an event, practically all of us understand that it will be completely virtual.

And no one had the slightest doubt that the WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) 2021, which is held every June, would return adopting the same format last year, with a canned video where the different people in charge of Apple’s ecosystems would tell the general public, but especially developers, what they are preparing for the second half of the year.

New operating systems and AR glasses?

The point is that Apple has made public a nice promotional poster for WWDC 2021 that will take place between June 7 and 11, virtually for the second consecutive year. An edition that, if we let ourselves be guided by the main image, seems to let us fall that we could know something about the augmented reality glasses project in which those of Tim Cook are involved.

Apple’s WWDC 2021 announcement. Apple

After all, Californians play with those reflections in the glasses of the Animoji as a mirror that seems to be projected from the screen of a Mac. we do not know if it will be a little troleada given the insistent rumors published in recent months around this device, or if we are really facing the advancement of a technology that experts estimate will be in stores, at the earliest, from next year.

In this WWDC 2021 We will have news and details of the main novelties that will arrive with the versions of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8, macOS 12 (whatever the name is) and tvOS, so it will be difficult for Apple to focus on devices. It must be remembered that this event, of which the keynote Opening is just the tip of the iceberg of a week full of workshops, courses and developer talks, focusing on software.

From Apple they have confessed that “we love to bring our developers together every year at WWDC to learn about our latest technologies and connect with Apple engineers. We are working to make WWDC21 the biggest and best yet, and we are excited to offer Apple developers new tools to support them as they create applications that change the way we live, work and play. “


If you have received this email, you will not pay for Apple TV + until July | Smart tv

Practically on the hood. On the last day of January, the 31st, those of Cupertino decided to communicate to a good part of their users that the period of free enjoyment of Apple TV + is extended by five more months, until July 1, 2021, as we informed you on January 18 when some users in the US began to receive the notification from the company.

In the case of Spain, the company has waited at the last minute but starting today, those who took advantage of the promotion launched in November 2019, they can continue to see all the content without paying a single euro. Remember that the price of this service in streaming It is 4.95 euros per month, which we can significantly reduce if we take advantage of that ssubscription subscription what is Apple One, and what adds to those series and movies, video games, space in the cloud and music.

Almost two years completely free

To find out if you can take advantage of this promotion, you should check your inbox to verify that you have received the message that we show you just below, and that it reminds us that “We give you more time to continue watching Apple Originals, including series and movies. You do not have to do anything else. Just keep enjoying it for free until July. “Or if not, go to the subscriptions section within your Apple devices or, on the web, in the account settings.

Email from Apple extending the free period.

When that July 1, 2021 arrives, users who have been able to take advantage of this promotion will have enjoyed 20 uninterrupted months without paying a euro, since Apple TV + was launched on November 1, 2019, the day on which the first productions of Californians began to arrive. Very limited release that in recent months has begun to grow thanks to a whole battery of series and films that, these days, begin to mix with the second seasons of those successes from the beginning.

It is the case of “Servant”, or “Dickinson”, or of “For all the Humanity”, that are united in this month of February with “Palmer” (just released last Friday) or “Cherry”, the production carried out by Tom Holland and the Russo brothers, who come from directing some of the most successful films of the Marvel factory (“Avengers Infinity War” and “Endgame”). Further, between now and summer we will have the premieres of new seasons like “The Morning Show”.


If you install an unofficial Apple camera, your iPhone will always remind you | Lifestyle

It is not the first time that Apple has made decisions that go against the freedom of its users. Its entire ecosystem is designed so that nothing and no one can control what affects its devices, software and other products that it sells through its digital stores, so such a strategy should not surprise us.

A few years ago, he decided on his own to reduce the performance of his older phones to extend the life of their batteries, in a decision that in the end he had to reconsider and forget about cutting back the functionality of smartphones that had been repaired in an unofficial service. Another one of his most beloved fixations: trying to intimidate their phone owners into only using their own official repair kits.

Now it’s up to the cameras

So and so and so as reported MacRumors, the latest occurrence of Americans is to include in the new version 14.4 of iOS an alert that will be visible every time we turn on or restart the iPhone and that will remind us that some of the camera components are not original. Obviously, for an alert like this to appear, we would have to have previously changed that piece, which is still a piece of information that we already knew. So what does Apple want to show it for?


Being well thought out, we could believe that it is an alert directed to those cases in which a phone passes from one hand to another and wants to serve as a warning to a future buyer, but knowing the background of Californians, it does not look like that is your ultimate intention. As usual, that mania of inviting the user to always go through their customer service shows through the background, leaving aside any other alternative that does not respond to its strict control.

This notice will appear both on the lock screen the first time we restart, or turn on, the iPhone, as well as in the “Settings”, “General” and “Device information” menu. As a perpetual reminder that he will pray like this: “Can’t verify that this iPhone has an original Apple camera“.

Although the news only refers to that message, It remains to be seen if Apple goes (again) a step further by limiting functionality of that component and therefore somewhat reducing the performance of the camera itself. What there is no doubt is that, once again, those of Tim Cook are again against the freedom of choice of their own clients.


Apple’s strategy to maintain the throne: rely less on third parties and build its product ecosystem | Innovation

Apple has become the first company in the history of the United States to reach two trillion dollars (1.67 trillion euros) in market value. In the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, the technology giant has been forced to rethink its events and announce its news in virtual events without an audience. Also to delay some of your most anticipated releases. Even so, the company has already renewed its range of computers, iPads, Apple Watch and just this week it was the turn of a new smart speaker and the expected iPhone 12.

What is Apple’s strategy to achieve the throne in the technology market? “Apple does not want to be the manufacturer that more computers, smartphones and tablets sells ”, says Marc Alonso, head of content at Macnificos, a store specializing in Apple products. According to him, the objective of the apple company has always been “to manufacture the best computers, smartphones Y tablets From the market”. “Since the 1990s, with the return of Steve Jobs to the company, he has successfully focused on that, a strategy that Tim Cook, now at the helm of the company, has faithfully followed,” he says.

Alonso explains that this year Apple has presented news that, although a priori It may seem that they do not represent a big change, they show where the company is going and how it seeks to distance itself from the competition. For him, the biggest announcement was the one Apple made in June at its developer conference. The Cupertino Company intends to start a new era by replacing Intel processors with their own ARM architecture-based chips custom-designed for your Mac desktops and notebooks.

This movement could be a before and after in Apple computers, which since 2006 have used Intel processors based on X86 architecture. The new processors will be called Apple Silicon and will come out at the end of the year. The total transition will be in 2021. The apple company would thus have greater control of the components of its devices. Popular Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed in March that the change would allow the company to save between 40% and 60% of the cost of its processors. In addition, it would help you to stop relying on Intel’s roadmap to update your devices and to differentiate yourself more from Windows-based computers.

Fernando Suárez, president of the Council of Computer Engineering Colleges, explains that traditionally Apple’s strategy has focused on building an ecosystem of products based on its design not only of the hardware, but also of the operating system. “This may have been its main difference with its competitors, since manufacturers generally use third-party operating systems such as Windows or Android,” he says. In addition, it highlights Apple’s strong commitment in the personal health sector —with devices designed for monitor heart rate or blood oxygen levels– and in order to strengthen its brand image, which in a certain way “grants certain exclusivity to users”.

The new iPhone 12

There are other Apple devices that this year also have a new processor. Both the new iPhone 12 and the iPad Air they incorporate the A14 5 nanometer chip. This chip increases the performance of its predecessor by 40% and improves graphics by 30%, according to the company. The iPhone 12, which are probably Apple’s most anticipated devices, have been presented this week in a virtual event broadcast on its website and YouTube channel.

Suárez affirms that keynote Apple are no longer what they were. And neither are the expectations of the users. Although “they represent a step forward in performance and performance [de los dispositivos]It seems that there is a certain exhaustion in terms of innovation ”. Match him César Córcoles, Professor of Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunications Studies at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC): “In general, this week’s announcements are quite continuous, not surprising and very much in line with what the company has been doing these last two or three three years”.

The main novelty of the iPhone 12 is that they are compatible with 5G networks for the first time. In addition, as usual, Apple has made improvements in the photographic field to try to make its cameras the best on the market. Córcoles highlights that in the iPhone Pro and Pro Max the camera system integrates a LIDAR sensor, “which allows the mobile to capture the world in 3D.” “This should improve the performance of the cameras a bit, especially in focus, but above all it opens up many possibilities for creating augmented reality applications,” he explains. However, it remains to be seen if there is really a market interested in these types of applications.

Unlike other manufacturers, the Cupertino company continues to bet on small screens as well. “I remember when Apple insisted that the size of the iPhone 4 was the ideal size to handle it with one hand while the competition insisted on launching smartphones huge ”, says Alonso. But changes in user consumption habits have led the company to adopt “less comfortable” sizes.

However, Apple has also launched the iPhone 12 Mini, a high-end terminal but with a compact 5.4-inch screen. Alonso has no doubt that it will be one of the best-selling terminals. According to Macnificos, only behind the iPhone 12 and very close to the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro. “It is a matter of time before the rest of the brands begin to launch similarly sized models,” he says.

The controversy of mobile phones without a charger or headphones

Suarez believes that the most notable shift has been Apple’s environmental focus on its products. The Cupertino company ensures that it is a carbon neutral company in all its global corporate operations and affirms that by 2030 it expects to have achieved zero climate impact throughout its business. Under this premise and with the aim of reducing carbon emissions, it has announced that the iPhone 12 will not include a charger or headphones in the box. That is, it will only come with the charging cable lightning with USB type C connector.

The decision has generated some controversy. Although there are those who in their homes have multiple chargers or headphones, this measure can also be seen as a way to remove these accessories from the box to reduce costs and then sell them separately. “This type of decision always has detractors and people who are in favor,” says Suárez, who is also president of the Professional College of Computer Engineering of Galicia.

He sees it more “as an aesthetic element than as a real measure because surely many users end up buying it separately.” Even so, he acknowledges that “many times we end up accumulating a lot of cables and chargers that we don’t use”: “In that sense it may also have part of logic”. For him, it is more objectionable than Apple has not joined the search for a universal chargerBecause if a person goes from a phone from another manufacturer to an iPhone, they will be forced to buy a charger.