Sergio Pérez’s contract 2022

We started 2021 in the same place we were in October last year: Checo Pérez, the Mexican driver does not have a contract for the next Formula 1 season.

Pérez has not only the opportunity to say of himself “he had been waiting all his life”, but also backed by a good contract that reflects his new pay, that of a Grand Prix winner. In the 2020 season, the pilot from Guadalajara reported a salary close to 3.6 million dollars per year, which according to various reports, increased with Red Bull to 7.2, placing him among the highest paid Mexican athletes in the world, only behind Saúl Canelo Álvarez (boxing) and Raúl Jiménez (soccer).

As usual, the Mexican will have to win a place on the grid in 2022, justifying his seat in each race, just as he did during the last quarter, which between urgency, ambition and courage led him to position himself as the fourth best driver of the last championship, with two podiums and the longed-for first victory, in Turkey and Sakhir, respectively.

His continuity under contract is subject to results, so Checo should be even more consistent than shown at Racing Point (now Aston Martin). There are many dark clouds, because even if Pérez achieved good results – average, so to speak – in case the Japanese rookie Yuki Tsunoda conquers podiums and of course, surpasses the Mexican in the championship, there would be no discussion about his departure from the team to be promoted to the which will debut in F1 with Alpha Tauri. The same applies if Frenchman Pierre Gasly has a brilliant performance.

At least then, there are two pilots lurking for Pérez’s seat at Red Bull, who will run with more pressure than ever, not only because of the team that protected him when all the doors were practically closed, but also because of the brands that have him. supported since he was a child (Telmex, Claro, Telcel), as well as the thousands of fans who, since last October, pressured Red Bull to sign Checo.

The 30-year-old Mexican driver will have to be more cerebral than ever, understand his place in the team and assume his role, establish himself as a top driver, analyze where he can challenge his teammate Max Verstappen or not, when to support him and in what moments even, assume a leading role. The goal is clear, to push the team to achieve the constructors’ championship, to “steal” all possible points from Mercedes, especially Valteri Bottas. In particular, he should aim for, at least, the drivers’ runner-up (a championship would be madness and millions of fans in Latin America would celebrate it).

The Mexican has, in fact, the table set to have a dream campaign: a team of the highest level and infrastructure, where the improvements in the car are not limited to budget issues; an engine supplied by Honda that in its last year in F1 seeks to win the championship; one of the best car designers in Adrian Newey; his own abilities as a pilot, which are at their best physically and maturely, as well as a dedicated hobby. Everything so that at the end of 2021, the decision to continue in Red Bull is only Pérez’s.
Let the season begin, we are anxious.


Sergio Checo Pérez, the most successful Mexican in F1

Sergio Perez managed to overcome a difficult year in Formula 1 and achieved second place in the Turkish Grand Prix, thus reached nine podiums and became the most successful Mexican rider in the history.

As a “slapped with a white glove”, Czech Pérez gave a clear message to Racing Point and the rest of the teams that has everything you need to keep competing in a seat in the most important category of motorsport.

Sergio Pérez climbs on the podium of the Turkish GP (Reuters)

Your podiums

2012 Malaysian Grand Prix: Second place with Sauber

2012 Canadian Grand Prix: Third place with Sauber

Italian Grand Prix 2012: Second place with Sauber

Bahrain Grand Prix 2014: Third place with Force India

Russian Grand Prix 2015: Third place with Force India

Monaco Grand Prix 2016: Third place with Force India

European Grand Prix 2016: Third place with Force India

Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2018: Third place with Force India

2020 Turkish Grand Prix: Second place with Racing Point


“(It was) a great result, many points for the team and I am very satisfied with that”, Sergio Pérez, Mexican driver.

‘Checo’ Pérez takes the podium at the Turkish Grand Prix (Reuters)

This is how we tell it in Hobby

Czech finishes second and Lewis is already historic

F1. The 2020 Turkish GP was unforgettable because a Mexican took the podium and an Englishman equaled the mark for the most championships.

By Luis Ramirez

Mexico City

Sergio Pérez is the Mexican driver with the most podium finishes in the history of Formula 1 and currently aspires to be fourth in the 2020 general classification, a position that some might consider to be of little value, but in an era in which both Mercedes cars dominate and Max Verstappen seems to be competing alone with Red Bull, which makes him what some call the best of the rest.


F1 director called it ‘a tragedy’ if Checo Pérez did not continue

Editorial Mediotiempo

Mexico City / 17.11.2020 22:11:40

After the second place he achieved Sergio perez at Turkish Grand Prix, Ross Brawn, director of the Formula 1, He referred to the possibility that the Mexican will not have a car next year and was even encouraged to describe it as “a tragedy” if he did not see him in 2021.

“Pérez did a great performance in Turkey. I’ve said it before, it would be a tragedy if it didn’t continue in F1 next year. Deserves a place on the grillI would say it is more than deserved. If your team wants a competitive driver to take advantage of every opportunity, Pérez is your man“wrote Brawn in his column that appears on the site.

Czech will leave Racing Point as soon as the season ends, which is why his future remains unknown; his illusion is that Red Bull knock on your door, since it is a team that interests him too much.

Celebrated Hamilton’s title

On the other hand, the manager applauded the seventh title of the English Lewis Hamilton in Formula 1.

“My congratulations to Lewis. He has shown why has an exceptional talent. Right now is at the peak of his career And I don’t know when it will start to decline I am always on the lookout for comments that circulate on Lewis’s radio during the race, in which he talks about things not going well. It’s entertaining, but then it always delivers, “he clarified.


Checo Pérez climbs the podium in second place at the Turkish GP

The Mexican Sergio perez he closed in second place at the Turkish Grand Prix, which finished with Lewis Hamilton at the top and as champion for the seventh time in Formula One.

In a very complicated Park in Istanbul, on a soaked track, the man from Guadalajara, a Racing Point representative, endured being among the first places in the race – starting third – and ensured the celebrations with champagne.

The podium was completed by Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari), who pushed the tricolor in the last corner.

Pérez accompanied Hamilton, who tied Michael Schumacher’s record as the top winners in Formula One. The Englishman, who started sixth, scored his 94th victory at the Gran Circo.

Nobody like Lewis to run on a wet track, knowing his taste for the demand he represents. While most of the steering wheels were complicated by the conditions, the F1 monarch took advantage of them to pass and stay with the victory.

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Perez even took the lead on a couple of occasions in Istanbul Park, but his pink car was no match for the one with the silver arrows, who beat him with less than 15 laps to play.

When Hamilton was placed as leader, the Mexican had to adapt and take care of his position, which he achieved without many complications, it was simply a matter of taking care of the tires.

For Checo it was a consolation, since he was able to alleviate the frustrations of the last race, when a stop to the pitts took away the opportunity for a podium. For this Sunday, the man from Guadalajara decided not to make that mistake again and celebrated with his team.

He could be the last as a Racing Point driver, as he will not be racing there for 2021, although a positive boost for his future and convincing a team to sign him for next season.

It was the third time that the tricolor closed like the two of a race.


‘Checo’ Pérez expects an exciting weekend at the Turkish GP, El Siglo de Torreón

Mexican Sergio Pérez (Racing Point), sixth in the Formula One World Championship, who signed the eleventh time in the free practice day for the Turkish Grand Prix, the fourteenth of the championship, declared this Friday at the Istanbul Park circuit that he is “convinced that” they are “facing an exciting weekend.”

“It is a pity that we have not been able to feel the absolute impact of a lap here, because it is a demanding and sensational circuit,” said ‘Checo’, born 30 years ago in Guadalajara and who finished sixth two Sundays ago in the Grand Prix of Emilia-Romagna, in Imola (Italy) and who occupies that place in the World Cup, with 82 points.

“It was a shame, but I am convinced that we are facing an exciting weekend,” said the brave driver from Guadalajara, who will not continue in the team next year – which will be renamed Aston Martin – and whose future is uncertain, for What cannot be ruled out even that he considers taking a sabbatical year from the premier class, in which he faces his tenth season, the seventh in his current team.