The United Kingdom warns that the system will collapse in 21 days if the cases do not fall

The coronavirus pandemic is putting pressure on the healthcare system like never before and they are in an even more dire situation than in the beginning in the month of March. The next three weeks will be vital to revert to the situation, the Government of Boris Johnson has already applied restrictions, but if the cases are not reduced, the system will collapse. England’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty has warned that the health system will reach its limit in 21 days if the British do not comply with the restrictions imposed to tackle the coronavirus coagulation.

“The four UK medical chiefs and the chief medical officer of the National Health System have recommended for the first time raise the alert level to 5, the maximum. This means that if measures are not taken, there is a risk that our health service be overcome in 21 days “, Whitty has warned in an article published in ‘The Sunday Times’. Whitty has emphasized that the current restrictions are “too lax” and they will not serve to reduce new infections if the order to “stay at home” is not followed. For this reason, he considers that the United Kingdom is in “the most serious moment” of the battle against the coronavirus.

Hospitals in London and the entire south-east of England are under unprecedented pressure due to the appearance of a new strain, much more contagious than the original. Since Monday, the situation “has gotten worse” and hospitals face “the most dangerous situation anyone can remember,” according to Whitty.

If you follow the current trend “will continue to increase the time of attention to dangerous levels”. “Hospitals will not have room to redirect emergency cases and the staff-patient ratio will be unacceptable even in intensive care. There will be preventable deaths,” he indicated.

On Saturday, the UK passed the threshold of 80,000 deaths after adding 1,035 deaths in the last day. It also accumulates 3,017,409 confirmed cases after adding 59,937 new infections.


Days, times and referees: this is how the last date of the Diego Maradona Cup will be defined

River and Boca are the two leaders of Zone A for a place in the final Credit: Marcelo Endelli

Definitions stage in the Diego Armando Maradona Cup. Between Saturday and Sunday, those who qualify for the finals of the Champion Zone will be defined for the title and the ticket to the Copa Libertadores 2021 and the Complementation Zone for a place in the South American Cup 2022. Thus, after meeting the Complete fixture with days and times of the 12 matches, This Wednesday the referees were revealed.

Diego Abal He was appointed to lead the classic between River and Independiente, which will be played at Banfield next Saturday from 9:30 p.m. At the same time, in La Paternal, Fernando Espinoza placeholder image will be in Boca’s visit to Argentinos Juniors. Both games will define the winner of Zone A of the Champion Phase who will play the final on January 17 in San Juan for the title.

On the other hand, in the appointment announced this morning by the Professional Football League it was also confirmed that Néstor Pitana was stopped for his poor performance in Arsenal’s 4-3 against Independiente last weekend. The same did not happen with Fernando Rapallini, referee of the last Superclásico, who will be in Banfield-San Lorenzo, and neither with the assistant Gabriel Chade, who will accompany Darío Herrera in Colón-Talleres, two of the parties that will define Zone B of the Champion Phase.

According to the regulations of the Maradona Cup, in the event of ties in the first position of a group, the final will play the one with the best goal difference. If equality persists, first place will go to the team with the most goals in their favor. The third tiebreaker criterion is the match played between both teams. If the equality persists, a lottery will be held to define the position.

The Champion Phase will be defined with the final between the first in Zone A and the first in Zone B with a single match. If at the end of 90 minutes the result is a tie, the definition will be through penalties. Logically, the champion will secure his ticket to the Libertadores 2021. While the loser of that commitment will face the winner of the final of the Complementation Phase (played by the best of each zone) for a place in the South American Cup 2022 .

Days, times and referees of the last date of the Diego Maradona Cup

Saturday January 9

17.10. Union-Board of Trustees. Referee: Andrés Merlos

17.10. Lanús-Rosario Central. Referee: Pablo Echavarría

19.20. Velez-Godoy Cruz. Referee: Facundo Tello Figueroa

19.20. Racing-Newells. Referee: Fernando Echenique

21.30. River-Independent. Referee: Diego Abal

21.30. Argentinos-Boca. Referee: Fernando Espinoza

Sunday January 10

17.10. Defense and Justice-Aldosivi. Referee: Mauro Vigliano

19.20. Arsenal-Hurricane. Referee: Nazareno Arasa

21.30. Colon-Workshops. Referee: Darío Herrera

21.30. Banfield-San Lorenzo. Referee: Fernando Rapallini

21.30. Gymnastics-Atlético Tucumán. Referee: Patricio Loustau

Monday January 11

21.30. Students-Central Córdoba. Referee: Jorge Broggi

According to the criteria of

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Eighty-six days – Column of Adolfo Zableh Durán – Columnists – Opinion

They did a study to see how much work time was needed to buy the new iPhone 12 according to the average salary of various countries. While it takes a Swiss little more than four days, in the United States it takes six. What is the last country in the rankings? Well, Colombia, who else would it be? While in countries with alarming poverty like India and Mexico it takes fifty-four days to buy the latest Apple toy, it takes Colombians eighty-six days. Eighty-six and a half days actually, because you can be sure your employer isn’t going to give you that half a day.

If, on the other hand, you are a congressman, you can release your iPhone in a couple days, faster than a Swiss. That could be a good portrait of our country, a place where a few ‘Swiss’ rule many Colombians. And the gap is widening, as evidenced by this week’s salary increases. Thirty years ago, a congressman earned fourteen minimum monthly wages, today he earns thirty-seven, but don’t worry, we are doing well and improving. And that little is said about the number of Colombian workers who do not earn even a minimum. That is, while many are eating a cable, others are not even enough for the cable. We believe that the minimum wage is the ground, but the truth is that there is a thick subsoil that is much worse.

Some politicians have kept silent and others have come out with technicalities to justify a situation that is unjustifiable. They have been very respectful of the constitution that sometimes criticize and have said that the increase is mandatory by law, as if they could not do anything about it. Meanwhile, economists draw studies and equations to affirm that the minimum in Colombia is one of the highest in the world. Street is what some and others lack; street and humanity.

Also, on what account a salary increase for parliamentarians? Is it an award for how well they have done or what? Not only are they going to earn much more this year that is already beginning, but they are going to receive a retroactive payment of almost twenty million pesos for what they did not get in 2020. And, above all, now they are going to rest for three months without stopping receiving salary So it’s not just a matter of money, but of privilege. Ask for three months on leave from your job, and see how long it takes to kick you out like a dog and hire a more starving dog to do the same for less money.

Duque has just raised the salary of congressmen, when in the campaign he promised that they would be frozen, and since everything bad that happens in his government is the fault of his predecessor, I assume it is a matter of days before he holds Santos responsible for the measure. Although I understand that he has; Even if it is covered by a slight veneer of respectability, politics is an enormous and complex network more similar to the mafia than to anything else, and the head of everything cannot command if its subordinates are not happy, in them lies its true power, not in the vote of the citizens.

But, beyond the outrage at the difference in salary increases, the point is that in Colombia the cost of living rises faster than salaries in general, that is why you cannot buy the same things that you bought before (from hamburger combo for lunch to own house), and household that does not have at least two income is lame. No idea how long we will need in ten years to buy an iPhone, but more than eighty-six and a half days, for sure. Eighty-six days of work to have a phone, and then you can’t even use it because it comes without a charger, supposedly to “take care of the planet.” Bitch life.



The Aemet warns of heavy rains and storms this afternoon and of the arrival in the Canary Islands of another storm in the coming days

The State Meteorological Agency, Aemet, highlighted this Thursday that the country is still under the influence of a wide Atlantic storm, which is centered in the southwest of Portugal. “If we except the areas of the north of the peninsula, rainfall is practically generalized in the Peninsula and in the Canary Islands, they can be accompanied by storms and be locally strong or persistent in areas of the south of the peninsula, Central System and in the Canary Islands and, from the afternoon , in points of Catalonia and north of the Valencian Community “, affirms the report published this Thursday.

In addition, he adds that the strong wind will continue with very strong gusts in the Canary Islands, in Castilla la Mancha “and locally in storm areas.”

Throughout Friday and Saturday the storm will move towards the east, placing itself over the western Mediterranean and favoring the entry of east winds over the Peninsula, with high humidity content. Rainfall, which will move from the interior and south of the peninsula to the Mediterranean area and the Balearic Islands, may be locally strong and be accompanied by storms and, especially in areas close to the coast, be persistent.

Throughout Saturday a new Atlantic storm will be located west of Portugal, with a new front that will leave rainfall during the afternoon in the southwest of the peninsula. In the Canary Islands, rainfall on Friday and Saturday morning will be weaker, although with persistence in the north of the islands of greater relief, and the wind will tend to subside. Throughout Saturday afternoon the new Atlantic front will also affect the islands, intensifying rainfall, adds Aemet.

It is very likely that on Sunday the Mediterranean storm will continue its displacement towards the east, with an improvement in the Mediterranean area. Simultaneously, the front associated with the new Atlantic storm will leave increasingly dispersed rainfall over the western peninsula and over the Canary Islands.

“There is uncertainty regarding the evolution of this new storm. The most likely scenario places it for several days between the Peninsula and the Canary Islands, with particularly intense showers over the islands, for which AEMET recommends monitoring the warnings and forecast bulletins that they will be broadcast over the next few days, “concludes the report.

A new subtropical cyclone next to the Islands

The United States National Hurricane Center (NHC), located in Miami, also contemplates the possibility of a new tropical cyclone forming in the north of the Canary Islands in the next 5 days. In fact, calculate these probabilities at 20%.

“A non-tropical low pressure area is expected to form in the far eastern Atlantic over the weekend. This system could gradually take on subtropical characteristics as it slowly moves south until early next week,” the NHC reports in your share of this Thursday.


Europe warns Turkey: next days will be crucial – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

Spokesperson for the EU High Representative for Security and Foreign Policy Peter Stano said: “Brussels is still awaiting real Turkish approaches to de-escalation in the eastern Mediterranean.”

He added: “On this ground, we will see if we move to a positive dialogue or other options.”

The Italian news agency AKI quoted Stano as saying that “the next few days will be decisive”, referring to the European summit scheduled for December 10 and 11, during which the countries and institutions of the Union will evaluate Turkish practices and take advantage of the characteristics of the next phase of relations between the two parties.



Weather: scant rains are expected for the next few days in the entire agricultural region of the country

Producers continue to plant soybeans after the weekend rains, in which almost 5 million hectares of the 17.2 million projected for the 2020/21 season have been incorporated. According to data from the Buenos Aires Cereal Exchange, the greatest interweekly advances were reported in the South of Córdoba, the North of La Pampa-West of Buenos Aires, the South Nucleus and San Luis, after an improvement in surface humidity during the last week.

In addition, to date, 31.4% of the 6.3 million hectares estimated for the current campaign have already been sown in corn, while for the cultivation of sunflower, of the 1.4 million hectares estimated for the current campaign. 94% of the area has been implanted.

In this productive context, the Buenos Aires entity launched a new Agroclimatic Outlook Report on what will happen to the climate in the next 15 days.

For the first week, from 19 to 25 of this month, minimum temperatures will continue to be observed below normal, caused by the entry of southeast winds during the preceding days.

The winds from the tropics will return rapidly, beginning a long period of warmth, with temperatures above normal in most of the agricultural area. The persistent tropical circulation will impede the passage of storm fronts, making lhe rainfall remains scarce in most of the agricultural area, except for its central portion, which will observe some foci with moderate to abundant records, caused by the entry of winds from the southeast.

At the beginning of the second stage of the outlook, from November 26 to December 2, the entry of tropical winds will continue, although with somewhat less intensity than in the first stage, so that maximum temperatures will moderate somewhat.

Parallel, the passage of the storm front will take place, producing abundant rainfall, with wide foci of storms in the north and the center of the agricultural area, while the south will receive moderate to little contributions.

Along with the front, the polar winds will advance, causing a marked late thermal decline in the south and the center of the agricultural area, while the north will remain under the influence of tropical circulation.


this is the Samsung that will interest you the most

If there is a terminal that has managed to give in the last year is the iPhone 11. This mobile is on the way and has practically all the ballots of becoming the best-selling terminal of 2020, as a course before it was the iPhone Xr. Why have you convinced so much? Because Apple knew how to read that many would be willing to have a next-generation high-end mobile by making some resignations if it meant being able to move away from the thousand euros. We do not know if driven by the success of this bet or by Chinese competition, but Samsung has created the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition (from now on FE) with which he intends to follow this same path.

M. Mcloughlin

The company will present its terminals next Tuesday. 5G will be one, not the only one, of its great claims. Something that with the foreseeable reduction of the previous generation will make it difficult to choose

We have spent a week with this mobile, a terminal as unexpected as it is interesting if what you are looking for is an Android, with a good specification sheet for just over 600 euros. Here are the good and the not so good of this machine, which bets a lot on performance, the camera and the screen to convince you to make eyes and Give up going to OnePlus or a Xiaomi.

As Apple already did with the iPhone 11, Samsung has taken advantage of this Galaxy S20 FE to introduce a wide palette of colors. Yellow, blue, purple, red … There are many finishes of this new model, whose frame is made of plastic in the case of the back and aluminum for the frames. It is obvious that it is a material that feels less ‘premium’ than a body finished in tempered glass, but the truth is that the treatment they have given it hides a lot and gives the hit.

Despite its 6.5 inches, its elongated design makes it comfortable to handle with one hand for quick actions such as sending messages or WhatsApp without having to grab both the right and the left at the same time. It is neither very heavy nor very light, at 190 grams. Nor does it stand out for its thickness, 8.4 millimeters. It has IP68 resistance, it has a USB Type-C port, a stereo speaker (with a drinkable sound but with room for improvement) and it forgets the headphone jack, something that still has many defenders.

Foto: M. Mcloughlin.Foto: M. Mcloughlin.
Foto: M. Mcloughlin.

For the screen they choose, as we have already seen in other models of the house, for piercing your SuperAMOLED to house the camera on the front. They put the fingerprint reader under the panel. It is not the fastest sensor you will find but it handles enough reliability so that you do not end up choosing the PIN or the pattern to unlock the mobile. Its 6.5 inches handle a resolution of Full HD + (measure more than enough for most of the people) as well as compatibility with HDR10 + and a refresh rate of 120Hz.

Display and performance

It is true that Xiaomi launched a pulse with 144Hz in its Mi 10T, But 120 is already a very high level, which makes everything feel and look very fluid. It can be deactivated if you want to stretch the autonomy.

For this price you will not find the brightest screen on the market either, but it has enough muscle to work in very bright environments or shoot a photo without problems when the sun hits directly. Good gloss, good calibration, good color reproduction within the particular style of the SuperAMOLED (They tend to saturate certain tones, although it can be adjusted) … I think the screen is one of the strengths of this device, although it is obviously far from what a S20 Ultra or a Note 20 Ultra can offer you.

The other thing the Galaxy S20 FE excels at is performance. It comes with a different engine depending on whether you opt for the 4G or 5G version. In this latest version, the one we’ve been testing, it handles the Snapdragon Qualcomm 865, one of the best chips of the year, which has held up very well the things that I have been throwing at it. Zero jerks, no temperature rises. Nothing.

Although the Exynos 990 is one step behind, power is not going to be a problem if you opt for the entry model, with LTE connectivity and not 5G.

Foto: M. McloughlinFoto: M. Mcloughlin
Foto: M. Mcloughlin

In both cases you can choose 6 or 8 GB of RAM. Obviously a higher figure will help to have a more fluid performance and to age the terminal better, but we find the same scenario as with the processor. 6GB is more than enough for the common man. It comes with Android 10 (we expect an early update to Android 11) running under One UI. In the case of storage you have two options: 128 GB or 256. In both cases, this memory handles the 3.1 UFS standard, the fastest on the market when it comes to writing and reading files. You can increase this space by external card.

Your biggest but

It has a 4,500 mAh battery. Perhaps having fitted a 5,000 mAh battery would have been an extra hit of effect. It’s enough? Keep in mind that we handle a Full HD + panel and not a Quad HD +, something that always helps not to burn fuel. It is not spectacular, but it is more than enough with normal use in a work day. This week, the day ends with more than 15% when I have dispensed with 120 Hz. That figure fell below 10% when I did not give it up. It convinces, but it will not take away your hiccups.

Foto: M. Mcloughlin.Foto: M. Mcloughlin.
Foto: M. Mcloughlin.

One of the things that is not fully understood is that being compatible with 25W fast charge, include one of 15. It has been a general complaint among those of us who have tested the device, since once again a technology brand is walking with an atypical stinginess of these prices.

With the charger you will be able to give a 25% kick in just a quarter of an hour. 40% is reached if we leave it plugged in for half an hour. So even if you forget to charge it overnight, you can still get enough power in the time when you shower and have breakfast before leaving home on the way to work.

A solvent chamber

Foto: M. McloughlinFoto: M. Mcloughlin
Foto: M. Mcloughlin

Before testing this phone, the camera was what generated me the most doubts. It is one of the sections where brands juggle more when it comes to adjusting the price and thus reducing the bill when it comes to creating terminals like this Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. Here we find a triple sensor, although that alone says little. It is the same as with the megapixels of the sensors: more does not always mean better. I have to say, however, that in this case we find a very solvent camera considering the price range in which we operate.

We have a 12 megapixel main sensor, with f / 1.8 aperture, 1.8 micron pixels as well as optical stabilizer. It is punctuated by a 12 megapixel wide angle, 123 degrees aperture and f / 2.2 aperture. The third element in this equation is a telephoto lens with three optical magnifications and up to 30 digital. This choice seems to me clearly a success by leaving aside sensors of dubious practical utility at the moment of truth such as macros or monocolors, things that can be done without the need for a part of the dedicated hardware.

This configuration allows this phone to have good results in quite good photography and even measure up in video, where a little more fish is. In normal light conditions it works very well. Yes, my recommendation is that you deactivate the image recognition assistant, especially with blue skies because it tends to exaggerate them on many occasions. Portrait mode, which relies on dynamic focus mode, responds quite accurately, even in low light conditions. In night photography it also performs at a good level.

In the field of video we have 4K or 1080p capabilities at 60 or 30 frames per second. It has a stabilization function that helps reduce vibrations to a great extent, although here there are obvious differences with more expensive models. It does a good job although it does not reach the precision of the Note 20 or other higher ranges at all.

As far as the front camera is concerned, we have a single 32 megapixel, 0.8 micron and f / 2.2 sensor. Under normal conditions meets the record but when the light is scarce suffers when processing the image, printing a fairly artificial finish.

Similar but different proposal

Once we have arrived here, we have to ask ourselves: Does it really match the iPhone 11 proposal? Although the idea may be similar, each has its strengths. Even when it comes to performance, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE handles a better screen and a more versatile camera. In the case of the Apple terminal, it handles a simpler camera (main sensor + wide angle) but probably with a somewhat finer end result, especially in video; better autonomy and a tempered glass design.

Foto: M. McloughlinFoto: M. Mcloughlin
Foto: M. Mcloughlin

It must be said that Samsung offers the possibility of getting 5G connectivity, which the iPhone does not, although it is expected that this afternoon the first ones will arrive with this technology. The question in this case that many ask themselves is whether they really need a phone with 5G. I do not expect that it will be such an important leap in our day to day, as I have said on other occasions, compared to those that supposed to jump from 3G to 4G, so it would not be a drama either.

It does not seem essential to me and represents a considerable saving. The entry model costs 659 euros. If you add 5G, it already goes up to 759 euros. In particular, I think that the vast majority of people will be more than satisfied with what this terminal offers and do not need to pay the extra peak that a Galaxy S20 + or S20 Ultra requires.

But there is another substantial difference. Within Android, there are more brands. So it is not just enough to discourage them from getting a terminal that works with iOS, but we also have to compete with many other brands. And in this price range, there are other interesting alternatives such as Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro or some Oppo terminals, among other brands.


Deal or No Deal – u.a. mit Nvidia, Netflix, Apple, Mastercard, … (Andreas Kern)

Investors are currently experiencing an emotional roller coaster. No wonder, after all, we are in the middle of the US presidential campaign.

In 25 days there will be elections in the USA. Against this background, almost everything that is currently running on the ticker has to be rated and classified. In particular, the negotiations between Republicans and Democrats about another economic stimulus package, along with any Trump tweets, are causing high volatility in the markets.

High stakes poker

If the chances of an agreement increase, so do the rates. If, on the other hand, there are setbacks, then they fall. Following Trump’s order to break off negotiations and postpone them until after November 3, the stock exchange recently reacted particularly sensitively. But poker is also being played on this side of the Atlantic – the Brexit issue is becoming more explosive every day. If Great Britain and the EU fail to agree on an agreement, chaos threatens the European economy at the turn of the year. Even if none of the sides give in prematurely in such publicly played poker games, an agreement still seems possible.

Invest instead of speculating

Neither the ups and downs in the negotiation poker between Democrats and Republicans nor the corona infection of the US President should Thomas Schreyer ( tomtomstocks ) in the end. He tracks in his wikifolio Investmentideen – the name suggests it – a long-term approach that relies on a fundamental analysis of the individual securities account. The historical performance also serves as a yardstick for future price development. The focus of the wikifolio is still on the US stock market despite the current uncertain political situation. Companies like the chip manufacturer Nvidia , the credit card provider Mastercard and Apple are apparently among the best “investment ideas” for Schreyer, even in times of Corona. For reasons of risk diversification, he strives for an approximately equally weighted division of the wikifolio into five to ten shares. As the annual performance of more than 48% shows, he obviously selected the right companies.

Lifestyle for the depot

For the finer things in life such as fashion, culture, sport or entertainment, Moritz Lange ( LangeKapital ) as a trader. Its wikifolio Share values ​​from pop culture seeks and finds companies that are operationally successful with their offers in these areas. Most of the candidates, of course, come from the United States – the motherland of pop culture. Lange also takes a long-term investment approach. In this way, positions are to be increased in a targeted manner in both positive news and weak phases. As long as a company’s operational perspective is correct, there is no reason for it to part with its stocks. Long trusted tech heavyweights like Apple and Netflix as well as one Disney or adidas . Interestingly, he relies on a gold ETF to hedge his equity positions. Over the past twelve months, he achieved a remarkable total return of over 25% with this strategy.

Small ones at the top

Smart stock picking is particularly important for small caps. It is important to identify stocks with a compelling story and strong fundamentals. Michel Tesmar is dedicated to this task ( Mitsch ) in his wikifolio SmallCap Dividende Plus . Tesmar prefers to buy shares in German small caps, but foreign stocks or BlueChips can occasionally be added. Before an admission, he analyzes the fundamental data of a company based on the common key figures. He attaches particular importance to low debt, a positive outlook and the dividend. He uses chart technology to help him timing his purchases and sales. The aim is to always beat the DAX for the whole year. Especially with small caps, however, it sometimes takes patience until a story is discovered and understood by the masses. Currently owned by the app provider Cliq Digital , the French HealthCare group Cegedim and the fashion retailer Global Fashion Group to Tesmar’s favorites. In addition, there is almost a third of the cash that can be used for new investments. The increase of almost 20% over the year will not only satisfy Tesmar.

What’s coming?

  • Investors should keep an eye on that for the next week

These days, stockbrokers should above all keep an eye on the Twitter account of US President Donald Trump. It is not yet clear whether the next TV duel between him and his challenger Joe Biden will actually take place on October 15th – but the next few days will tell.

In the United States, the balance sheets of the major banks JPMorgan (Monday) and Citigroup (Tuesday) start the reporting season for the third quarter. We also have important data on US retail sales on Friday. If these fail, the debate about a stimulus package could pick up speed again.

Originally published here: Focus of the week: Deal or No Deal


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