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Since the beginning of the year, the epidemiological situation in Europe and Spain is escalating with great speed. Although there are reasons for hope within a few months, with the introduction of the vaccines, at the current moment news is coming from all over Europe indicating the degree of incidence of the pandemic.

In the United Kingdom there has been an exponential growth in infections, both due to increased mobility during Christmas and due to the appearance of the new strain, much more contagious, reaching 1,000 deaths per day. Boris Johnson has asked Parliament for authorization to extend the country’s confinement until March 31.

In Germany, the numbers of infections and deaths have also grown enormously and the forecasts for the coming weeks of the Merkel Government point out that, due to the new strain, the level of infections will multiply by 10. Reason for which the Chancellor plans to maintain 10 weeks plus the closing of gastronomy, leisure, culture and sports, as well as commerce, except supermarkets and pharmacies, and schools and nurseries.

Some regions of the central European country propose, in addition to an increase in restrictions, to make vaccines mandatory for health workers and caregivers of the elderly, for which they have raised a query to the German Ethical Council.

The neighboring Czech Republic has banned the importation of corpses from neighboring Austria and Germany to be cremated on its territory for fear of their own collapse. Several of the country’s 27 crematories are already outpaced by work and the higher fees paid by German funeral homes was displacing local demand.

Other countries like Portugal, have also broken records of contagion, to the point where The General Directorate of Health was forced to ask the Lisbon hospital network to cease all non-essential activity to focus on the care of patients with coronavirus.

A situation that has overflowed and requires urgent measures to bring it back under control.


Coronavirus deaths force UK morgues to improvise

Tent installed in the town of Epsom to accommodate victims of coronavirus. | // REUTERS

A Coruña / London

Dozens of bodies arrive every day in a white tent, a makeshift morgue installed in the middle of an Epsom esplanade, in southern England, in a country with hospitals overwhelmed by the new coronavirus.

The United Kingdom is being hit hard by a variant of COVID-19 considered more contagious and that has caused the cases of infected people and mortality due to this disease to skyrocket. Last Friday, 1,325 deaths were registered in 24 hours, something never seen since the crisis began. This situation has put hospitals under great pressure, both their intensive care units and their morgues. And, rebound, also to the funeral sector.

In the absence of places, the temporary Epsom morgue in Surrey county, southwest of London, houses 170 bodies, more than half of them victims of COVID-19, according to the City Council. Last March, when this morgue was installed, in twelve weeks 700 corpses passed through there. By comparison, “since December 21, after just two and a half weeks, 300 bodies had passed” through this temporary morgue, a municipal spokesman said.

In London, one person in twenty inhabitants is infected with the new coronavirus, much more than the national average – already high – of one person in 50. A situation that has led to the installation of a new temporary morgue near the crematorium of Breakspear, in the northwest of the British capital, to “complete the existing capacity”, a spokesman for the local authorities told AFP. However, it is not yet operational.

Siraj Qazi, director of the Ghousia Funeral Service, a funeral home for the Muslim community in Luton, 20 miles north of London, also noted a “massive influx” in recent weeks. “We conduct burials every day and the deaths we are currently dealing with are mainly linked to COVID,” Qazi said.

Death levels now border on those of March and April, when the first wave of the pandemic peaked and his company was almost overwhelmed.

One piece of information perfectly reflects the scale of the tragedy: the United Kingdom last year registered the highest annual growth in deaths since World War II, according to figures released yesterday by the National Statistics Office (ONS).

In 2020, the United Kingdom registered 697,000 deaths, 15% more than the average number of deaths registered in previous years and the highest percentage corresponding to a 12-month period since 1940. Experts also warn that the situation may worsen by the increase in COVID deaths due to the spread of a new strain of coronavirus. Richard Murray, director of the King’s Fund, a charity that works to improve the health and social well-being of the population, said yesterday that the United Kingdom has one of the highest levels of deaths in the world per million inhabitants.

Johnson does not lead by example: by bicycle, 11 km from home

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is at the center of criticism for having been seen riding a bicycle far from his London residence, despite the fact that the population is asked to exercise near his home as part of the measures of the current confinement in England due to the pandemic. This incident comes to light after several ministers endorsed the police decision last week to fine two women in Derbyshire, northern England, after they drove a five-mile drive to a park for a walk. These fines were suspended on Monday and the Derbyshire Police apologized to the two women. Johnson was seen wearing a helmet, a mask and riding a bicycle on Sunday afternoon in the Olympic Park in east London and about seven miles from his official residence at 10 Downing Street. The Downing Street residence declined to comment on the walk that the politician made on Sunday afternoon. The Prime Minister is passionate about cycling and, when he was Mayor of London, he would always ride it from Islington to the city hall on the River Thames. Labor MP Andy Slaughter stated that the Head of Government should “lead by example” given that London has a high level of COVID-19 infections but that, Johnson is, “once again, do what I say and do not that I do”.


Castilla y León reports 945 new cases and 12 deaths from covid this Sunday

Reported COVID-19 cases decreased by 35.7% in the last 24 hours, until accounting for 945 infections in Castilla y León,which is 525 less than this Saturday, when 1,470 were counted. In addition, there were 12 other deaths, all in hospitals, of which two were people from residential social health centers.

Likewise, the community already registers 145,893 cases, of which 139,098 have tested positive for active infection. In this way, of the new cases, 945, a total of 915 have a diagnosis date on the previous day, compared to 1,393 on Saturday. In addition, active outbreaks increased by nine to 461, with 3,202 associated cases, compared to 3,226 yesterday.

In this sense, the new confirmed were concentrated in the province of León, with 259; Salamanca, with 167, and Valladolid, with 156. In addition, 134 new cases were noted in Segovia, within the growing trend of infections in this province, and in Palencia, 79. Ávila followed with 74, Burgos with 47, Soria, with 17 and Zamora with 12.

The total number of positives in the community now amounts to 145,893, of which the majority were registered in Valladolid, 33,288; Burgos, 25,218; Leon, 23,881; and Salamanca, 19,862. In addition, there are 10,661 accumulated cases in Palencia; 9,526 in Segovia; 9,164 in Zamora; 8,210 in Ávila and 6,083 in Soria.

Of the 12 deaths in hospitals in the last day, three occurred in Valladolid and Palencia, with a total of 839 and 292, respectively, while two more were accumulated in León and Salamanca, with 874 and 641, along with one in Segovia and Soria, until 265 and 183. The censuses are maintained in Avila in 251; in Burgos in 583, and in Zamora, in 346.

At the moment, the community registers 452 active outbreaks, with 3,202 linked cases. There are 117 outbreaks in Segovia (606 linked cases); 85 in Salamanca (581); 70 in Valladolid (406), in addition to 51 in Palencia (547), 42 in Ávila (262), 35 in Zamora (167), 29 in Burgos (402), and 16 in León (119).

Hospital discharges now amount to 20,104, of which Ávila has 1,211; 2,967, Burgos; 3,609, Leon; 1,288, Palencia; 2,775, Salamanca; 1,228, Segovia; 768, Soria; 4,823, Valladolid; and 1,435, Zamora.


Nursing homes for the elderly did not accumulate new deaths in their facilities, thus keeping the figure at 1,058. In total, these centers count in addition to these deaths confirmed by COVID in their facilities, another 1,591 in hospitals, two new. Likewise, there are another 1,105 deaths with compatible symptoms, 1,028 in residences and 77 in hospitals. Thus, the total number of residents who lost their lives amounts to 3,754, with 2,086 in its facilities and 1,668 in hospitals.

These centers currently serve 40,647 residents, with an accumulated mortality in the pandemic of 11,797 people, of which 2,649 are confirmed deaths from coronavirus, and 1,105 with compatible symptoms.

In these centers, 12,881 positives have been confirmed, of which 12,440 exceeded the infection. The Board finds that there are 55 isolated inmates with compatible symptoms, and another 788 in preventive.

As for the Board’s own centers, they serve 2,445 people, with 21 hospitalized. The deaths in these residences confirmed by COVID amount to 173, although there are another 117 deaths with compatible symptoms. The positives amount to 906, of which 905 passed the infection. There is no single person with symptoms, and 33 are preventatively.

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Record number of infections by Covid 19 in the world – USA and Canada – International

The December parties and gatherings are showing their true impact in the last days. The reports that monitor the numbers of infections and deaths from coronavirus in the world show a rebound in some countries.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported this Saturday more than 15,000 deaths from covid-19 in the last 24 hours, a record figure that places the total number of deaths from the pandemic at 1.9 million. 800,000 new infections were also registered, one of the highest daily figures in more than a year of health crisis, and that leaves the global total at 87.5 million.

The upswings are mainly due to the increase in America in daily cases (440,000 in the last day) and deaths (with a record number of 7,800). And for its part, according to the Johns Hopkins University count, the number of covid-19 cases in the world now exceeds 88.86 million, which brings the number of deaths to more than 1.9.

Both in America and in Europe, where governments have had to impose new restrictions to try to curb the rate of contagion and prevent the collapse of intensive care units (ICU), the statistics are on the rise.

The American continent reported 437,000 new cases of coronavirus on Friday alone, the second worst daily figure of the pandemic in this region, bringing the total to 37 million patients.

This new wave of infections was predicted by the health authorities and is the result of the crowds in the trade to make Christmas purchases and family gatherings at the end of the year. This ascending curve of cases is suffered mainly by the United States, that accumulates 21 million patients and where vaccination progresses slowly.

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The US remains the most affected country, with 21 million cases, followed by India (10 million) and Brazil, which last day reported a record number of daily cases (87,000, bringing the total to 1, 9 million). The figures confirm Brazil, with its 210 million inhabitants, as one of the global epicenters of the pandemic, the second country with the most deaths from covid-19 in the world after the United States and the third with the most cases after that North American country and India.

The resurgence of the pandemic in recent days in Brazil placed the daily average of deaths in the last 14 days at 783, the highest level since September 7 (832).

Turning to the case of Argentina, the concern of the Executive of Alberto Fernández occurs in a context of sharp increase in the contagion curve in the summer season. This is attributed to the greater neglect of society to distancing measures, with crowded beaches and clandestine parties, but also the echoes left by mass gatherings such as Diego Armando Maradona’s wake at the end of November and thehe demonstrations around the abortion law less than two weeks ago.

The situation in Europe is not far from different. With an accumulated of 28 million cases and 622,000 deaths, it registered 273,000 cases and 6,000 deaths in the last 24 hours of this Saturday, aAlthough for now there is no clear rebound compared to the previous weeks.

Russia, with 3.3 million, shows, however, a downward curve, quite the opposite of the United Kingdom, with 2.9 million cases. In France (2.7 million infections), Italy (2.2 million) and Spain (2 million), the curve of daily positives rises again, but has not yet reached the November highs. Germany (1.8 million cases in total).

In the United Kingdom, a warning call was made last Friday by the Mayor of London, qOne said that the capital is in an emergency and that the hospitals are overwhelmed.

For its part, Germany is unable to stop the spread of the pandemic despite the successive tightening of restrictions, prolonged this week at least until the end of January, -although the figure for this Saturday shows some stabilization. Leisure, culture, gastronomy and sports have been closed since November.

All of this occurs as countries seek to initiate their vaccination campaigns. And although many of the sessions have already started in half of the developed countries, given their limited scope for now, It could take up to six months before they help drop daily cases, experts from the World Health Organization have warned.

“The purpose of the vaccines being administered is very specific, to save lives reaching the population most at risk (…), but there is not yet enough volume to have an impact on the curves” of daily cases admitted the WHO advisor for covid-19, Bruce Aylward.

INTERNATIONAL DRAFTING ** With information from EFE and AFP


Covid-19 pandemic | Covid-19 restrictions have prevented 15,000 deaths, study says – Sectors – Economy

He Bank of the Republic published the results of an analysis that estimates the economic effects derived from measures to curb the covid-19 pandemic in the country. It found that restrictions and changes in individual behavior saved around 15,000 lives.

(You may be interested in: ‘Some cities with greater economic sacrifice have more mortality’).

The study used data on the behavior of the pandemic and economic performance until November, before the manifestations of indiscipline that led to increases in infections and deaths since December.

The investigation found that government restrictions and changes in individual behavior saved around 15,000 lives, while leading to a reduction in consumption in 2020 by approximately 4.7 percent.

“The results suggest that most of this effect was the product of government policies,” say authors Juan Esteban Carranza, Juan David Martín and Álvaro José Riascos.

(Further: ‘Reasons for the World Bank to see Colombia among the countries that will grow the most’).

Of all the deaths averted, they estimate that 67 percent were thanks to official measures.

“Our simulations,” say the researchers, “suggest that government restrictions reduced annual consumption in 2020 by about 3 percent and saved about 10,000 lives.”

Without the restrictions ordered by the Government, the economy would still have faced a 1 percent contraction, generated by the population, which would have reduced both consumption and work to avoid contagion.

In this way, the work estimates the way in which policies such as quarantines and limits on the gathering of people acted as a burden on consumption.

While official measures prevented 10,000 deaths, if these had not been decreed, individual care decisions would have prevented some 2,800 deaths. In this way, the effect of self-care measures is close to one third of the effect of official restrictions.

Regarding what would follow for the economy, in one of the study simulations it is expected that activity will converge to its long-term path by the middle of this year.

(As well: ‘Commerce already sells more than before the pandemic’).

The model estimates a drop in consumption of 4.5 percent in 2020 compared to its long-term levels, and that it would almost fully recover this year.

The researchers caution that these calculations are based “on electricity consumption, which is an imperfect measure of consumption and economic activity in general.”

They explain, for example, that there are sectors that could be permanently affected, such as tourism and entertainment, which are not intensive in the use of electrical energy.

So it would come as no surprise that while their calculations show a complete recovery, it is most likely that “a portion of the economy will underperform for a long time”.

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+ Coronavirus today: Portugal also detects a new British strain + | The World | DW

All updates in Central European Time (CET).

20:01 | Portugal also detects a new British strain

The new British strain of coronavirus spread to mainland Portugal, where authorities confirmed 16 cases this Sunday, said the National Institute of Health Dr. Ricardo Jorge.

A week ago, the Regional Secretariat of Health of the Madeira archipelago had already indicated that the strain had been detected on the islands.

Madeira authorities specified that it had been found in 18 people, 17 of them “from the United Kingdom”, while the remaining case was detected in a traveler who arrived in the archipelago “from the region of Lisbon and the Tagus Valley.”

17:37 | Almost 350 deaths in Italy and more than 14,000 new infections

Italy recorded 347 new deaths this Sunday compared to 364 the day before, the Health Ministry said, while the daily count of new infections rose to 14,245 from 11,831.

Some 102,974 tests were also carried out on the last day, compared to 67,174 previously.

Italy has recorded 75,332 deaths from COVID-19 since its outbreak came to light on February 21, the highest figure in Europe and the fifth highest in the world. The country also adds 2,155,446 cases to date.

Italy counts 75,332 deaths from COVID-19, the highest figure in Europe and the fifth highest in the world

17:18 | Peru extends beach closures until January 17

Peru extended the closure of its beaches until January 17 to avoid crowds and the risks of spreading new cases, the government announced on Sunday.

“We have issued a new decree extending it until the 17th because in this period many people go on vacation and camp,” cabinet chief Violeta Bermúdez told RPP radio.

“We evaluated that the beaches could be a potential contagion space if we are outdoors, in groups, consuming food and drinking drinks, the use of the mask and physical distancing are neglected,” said Bermúdez

16:53 | Sixth consecutive day with more than 50,000 cases in the United Kingdom, government studies tightening restrictions

The United Kingdom reported 54,990 new cases of coronavirus this Sunday, the sixth consecutive day with more than 50,000 infections.

Authorities also reported 454 new deaths, for a total of 75,025.

Earlier, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that the government is considering applying stricter lockdown restrictions given the increase in infections. However, he said that children should continue to attend school whenever possible.

The British government is considering tighter restrictions due to increased infections

The British government is considering tighter restrictions due to increased infections

16:41 | Chile registers more than 12,000 cases in the last 4 days

The Chilean Ministry of Health indicated that 12,237 infections were registered in the country in the last four days, 2,289 of them in the last 24 hours.

With these figures, the total number of positives in the South American country amounts to 618,191 since the start of the pandemic.

Likewise, the number of deaths from COVID-19 rose to 16,767, after registering 43 new deaths, according to data from the Department of Health Statistics and Information (DEIS).

15:57 | Hungary rules out buying Russian vaccine due to limited access

Hungary is unlikely to resort to the Russian Sputnik V vaccine because of “limited production capacities,” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Sunday.

“We know that the Russian vaccine is good, but there are not enough and probably will not be in the future due to limited production capacities,” Orban said.

Orban sent experts to monitor vaccine development in Russia and China, and received samples from Sputnik V. “The Chinese vaccine is more promising, it seems that it will be available sooner and in larger quantities,” he said.

rrr (afp / reuters / ap / dpa / jhu / la tercera / daily news)


Celebrity deaths: These stars died in 2020

2020 was a difficult year for many of us. It was shaped by problems, which of course mostly arose from the corona pandemic. Unfortunately, some Hollywood celebs won’t be able to see 2021 either. We introduce you to some of the stars who passed away in 2020.


+ Coronavirus today: Chile registers the highest number of infections in almost 6 months + | The World | DW

All updates in Central European Time (CET)

19:42 | Turkey suspends UK entries after detecting cases of the new strain

Turkey temporarily suspended all visitor entries from the United Kingdom on Friday after registering 15 cases of the new strain of coronavirus from people arriving from that country.

Both those affected and all the people who were in contact with them have been quarantined.

The UK reported a new variant of coronavirus that appears to be more contagious, but so far no evidence was found that it was more lethal.

19:12 | The United States exceeds 20 million cases

The United States adds more than 20 million cases of coronavirus, the Johns Hopkins University indicated this Friday in its real-time count.

In detail, the country so far registers a total of 20,007,149 cases and 346,408 deaths, which makes the country cob more cases in absolute terms in the world.

The number of cases in the United States is almost double that of the second most contagious country in the world, India, which accumulates 10,286,709.

18:28 | Peru establishes quarantine for travelers arriving from abroad

Peru, one of the countries with the highest mortality from COVID-19, established a mandatory 14-day quarantine for Peruvians and foreigners who arrive in the country as of January 4 in order to prevent the spread of the virus, the government indicated this Friday .

These people must comply with quarantine at home, at the Pan American Village hospital or other temporary isolation center, or in a lodging facility, prior coordination with the Ministry of Health. The 14 days will be counted from the same day of arrival to the national territory.

Peru suspended flights from Europe on December 21 and prohibited the entry of non-resident foreigners in the country who have been in the United Kingdom, after the appearance of a variant of the coronavirus there. In addition, it is one of the most affected in the region by the pandemic, with more than 37,680 deaths and 1,015,137 infections as of Thursday.

17:48 | US airlines suffer historic economic downturns in 2020 due to pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has meant losses of some $ 35 billion for US airlines in 2020, according to the multinational financial data company FactSet.

Thus, the coronavirus has ended a decade of profits recorded in the sector and is also the first time that the Southwest Airlines company suffers annual losses in its more than 40 years of history.

American Airlines, for its part, fell 45%, its biggest drop since before its merger with US Airways in 2013.

Likewise, Delta Air Lines lost 31% in the stock market and United Airlines 51%, its most significant devaluation since the 2008 crisis, while Southwest slipped 14%.

17:37 | Portugal adds 6,951 new cases and 66 deaths

Portugal registered 66 deaths and 6,951 new cases in the last 24 hours, figures somewhat lower than those of the previous day, when the country set a new record for daily infections, with 7,627 infections.

According to the latest bulletin of the General Directorate of Health (DGS), Portugal, with 10 million inhabitants, adds 420,629 positives and 6,972 deaths since March.

The number of hospitalized fell to 2,806 (34 less than the previous day), of which 483 are in intensive care.

17:24 | Queen of Denmark receives first dose of vaccine

Margaret II, the popular queen of Denmark, was inoculated with a first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, the Danish royal house announced on Friday.

The sovereign, who celebrated her 80th birthday in 2020, thus became the first group of Danes to benefit from the vaccine and will be revaccinated in three weeks.

In principle, Copenhagen plans to vaccinate residents of nursing homes, then the vulnerable over 65 and the most exposed health workers.

Nearly 30,000 people of Denmark’s 5.8 million inhabitants have received their first injection of the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine since the start of the vaccination campaign on December 27.

16:09 | One million people receive first dose of vaccine in Israel

One million people in Israel have received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, although Health announced this week a slowdown in the campaign to guarantee the second dose, when immunity is complete.

“We are moving at great speed to vaccinate the entire population” of nine million people, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared on Friday.

Israel leads the world rankings in the vaccination campaign, which began on December 19.

Another three million doses of Pfizer will arrive this month, and in March and April Israel will receive a similar number of more doses, bringing the total to ten million, enough to vaccinate five million residents, two per person.

15:46 | Chile registers the highest number of infections in almost 6 months

The Chilean Ministry of Health reported this Friday the detection of 3,588 new infections, the highest figure in 180 days, in addition to 52 deaths in the last 24 hours, which brings the total number of infected to 612,564 and to 16,660 deaths.

Currently, 16,355 confirmed cases are in the active stage, according to health authorities, and more than 570,000 people have recovered.

Also, 794 people are hospitalized in intensive care units, of which 611 are on mechanical ventilation support and 68 are in critical health.

15:15 | They extend ringing hours in part of France

The curfew schedule in force throughout France will be extended in fifteen departments in the east of the country as of Saturday, as part of the fight against the covid-19 pandemic, authorities announced this Friday.

In the departments in question, the curfew will begin at 6:00 pm, instead of the current time of 8:00 pm, which has been in effect since December 15, the day that France lifted the second general lockdown.

More than 64,000 people have died in the country since the start of the pandemic.

rrr (afp / jhu / the third / efe)


what 2020 took away from the world of sport and what 2021 will give back

The year that paralyzed everything is over, the year of the pandemic and the year of million-dollar losses. The sport has been one of its great victims with very important cancellations, necessary measures to reinvent itself and also painful losses. 2020 is over, the year in which several ‘bubbles’ were punctured and which taught that there is nothing and no one invincible. Nor in sports.

The coronavirus pandemic paralyzed practically all sport between March and June. During those months uncertainty reigned, while everyone calculated the number of losses that this was going to suppose. When the virus appeared before the whole globe, the competitions were suspended one by one: Serie A and the major European leagues, the Champions League, the NBA, the Formula 1, MotoGP, tennis tournaments, cycling tours and a long etcetera.

As the panorama became known, and knowing that it would go on for a long time, it was the turn of the big appointments that were expected in summer. The Tokyo Olympics, the Eurocup and the America Cup they could not resist. All of them were postponed to 2021, although there was fear for the celebration of the Olympic event. It will be held, but it will entail an extra cost of 1,600 million euros to be added to the initial estimate (10,800 million).

Sergio Ramos and Zinedine Zidane respecting social distancing

In 2020 we have become accustomed (or perhaps not, but there has been no other) to the sport being practiced without an audience. To return had to be done without people in the stands and it was in June when he returned, which helped reduce the expected losses. We get used to seeing Real Madrid win a League in Valdebebas, to a Final to Eight of the Champions in Lisboa, to an Exceptional Final Phase of the ACB and bubbles. The Euroleague, unlike, it was canceled.

The term ‘bubble’ has ended up being one of the most used in this 2020. In football and basketball, extreme care was taken to the maximum, also in the Greats of cycling (Tour, Round and Return) that were held in the fall. Although the best known ‘bubble’ is that of the NBA that was formed in the resort of DisneyWorld in Orlando in the middle of a social revolution of EE.UU. The Lakers of LeBron they won and came full circle.

Those who left us

The yellow and purple ring was the best way to honor Kobe Bryant, who in January lost his life with his daughter in a tragic helicopter accident. The first tragedy of 2020 just a few days after he passed away on January 1 David Stern. Then we learned that the coronavirus would take several figures such as Joaquin Peiro, Radomir Antic O Lorenzo Sanz, among others. He also left us the unforgettable voice of Michael Robinson.

Tribute to Diego Armando Maradona

Tribute to Diego Armando Maradona


And of course it was Maradona. The greatest myth in the history of football died on November 25 of a heart decompensation. He went He Ten and the world, especially Argentina, mourned his loss. Madness at his funeral in the Pink House reflects what ‘El Pelusa’ was and will be forever.

The sport also went ‘crazy’ in this bad year. Marathons were run from home, the sports documentary entered its golden age, eSports exploded and great sports figures became intimate with each other. Ibai Llanos and company. He retired Iker Casillas And till Leo messi wanted to leave a Barcelona in crisis in summer and was held by Bartomeu, who soon left his post as president. It was a year full of surprises.

2020 had joys

2020 also left beautiful things in Spanish sports. Carlos Sainz took the Dakar, he Sevilla won his sixth Europa League, Rafa Nadal won his 13th Roland Garros, Jon Rahm was number one and Joan Mir happened to Marc Márquez as MotoGP world champion. The girls also made us vibrate: the water polo team won the European Championship, returned Carolina Marin and in soccer, Real Madrid Femenino was born.

And it is that 2020 has also had its positive news that makes us look at 2021 with greater enthusiasm. Because next year it should be the one that brings the public back to the stadiums, pabelles and circuits, the one that makes us all enjoy sport without thinking about the damn pandemic. The Games will be held, the Eurocup, we will see Fernando Alonso return to Formula 1 and Sainz race with Ferrari, Rafa fight to overcome Federer and there will be many more challenges ahead to enjoy. The sport has been vaccinated this year and it will also be the next.


In Memoriam – First Hour


1 Carlos de León – ex-boxer; was a four-time WBC champion

1 David Stern – former NBA commissioner

1 Don Larsen – ex-baseball player; only pitcher to pitch a perfect game in World Series history (1956)

10 Ángel “Cachete” Maldonado – musician; founding member of Batacumbele

10 Neil Peart – musician; drummer of the progressive rock group Rush

18 Terry Jones – actor; founding member of the Monty Python group

22 Hercules Ayala – expeller of wrestling; was 18 times WWC champion

26 Kobe Bryant – former NBA basketball player; He played 20 years with the Los Angeles Lakers, with whom he won five championships

26 Leo Fernández III – celebrity journalist

27 Ramón Avilés – former MLB player; played for the Boston Red Sox and Philadelphia Phillies in the 1970s

The burial of percussionist Ángel “Cachete” Maldonado took place in the Villa Palmeras cemetery, in Santurce.


5 Kirk Douglas – actor; one of the last stars of Hollywood’s golden age

7 Wichie Torres – costumbrista painter

13 Darleen Savir – designer and influencer

16 Tony Fernández – former MLB player; participated in 17 major league seasons

Kirk Douglas and 1962. (AP)
Kirk Douglas starred in countless films, including “Champion”, “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”, “Lust for Life”, “Gunfight at the OK Corral” and “Spartacus”, among others.


1 Ernesto Cardenal – Nicaraguan priest, poet and politician; promoter of Liberation Theology

2 Rafael Cancel Miranda – poet, political activist; was one of four members of the Nationalist Party who launched an attack on federal congressmen in Washington, DC

4 Javier Pérez de Cuéllar – Peruvian politician and diplomat; he was secretary general of the UN

9 Max Von Sydow – Swedish actor; With 150 films he was one of the most prolific international actors

16 Eneid Routte-Gómez – journalist and teacher; chaired the Overseas Press Club

17 Roger Mayweather – boxer; Uncle of Floyd Mayweather, Jr., was a two-time world champion

20 Keny Rogers – country music singer and actor

21 Ramón “Piro” Reyes Oppenheimer – lawyer; Former Ponce legislator for the PPD

30 Bill Withers – musician and singer; composed the hits Lean on Me, Ain’t No Sunshine and Just the Two of Us, among many others

The independentista Rafael Cancel Miranda just a few weeks ago presented the last of his nine books.  (GFR Average)
Cancel Miranda had presented his ninth book, “Beyond the mirage” in December 2019.


4 Luis Eduardo Aute – Spanish singer-songwriter, poet and director

6 Al Kaline – former MLB player; played 22 seasons with the Detroit Tigers

15 Brian Dennehy – actor; remembered (among other roles) as the sheriff who stood up to Rambo

Brian Dennehy (left with playwright Arthur Miller) was a prolific stage, film and television actor.
Brian Dennehy (left with playwright Arthur Miller) was a prolific stage, film and television actor. (KATHY WILLENS)


4 Don Shula – former NFL coach; owns the winning mark as a coach in that league

9 Little Richard – musician; one of the most influential figures in rock & roll and pop music

11 Jerry Stiller – actor; remembered for his roles in “Seinfield” or “The King of Queens”, father of comedian Ben Stiller

19 Gergory Tyree Boyce – actor; remembered as “Tyler Crowley” in the “Twilight” saga

22 Jerry Sloan – NBA excoach

In this 2001 photo, Little Richard sings on Milton Berle's 93rd birthday and 88th birthday in Beverly Hills, California.
Little Richard was considered a music innovator who influenced genres such as gospel, blues, r & b, rock & roll, and hip-hop.


2 Wes Unseld – former NBA basketball player; MVP in 1969

2 Héctor Suárez – Mexican actor who distinguished himself in drama and comedies

9 Pau Donés – singer-songwriter; founder of the Jarabe de Palo group

19 Ian Holm – actor; especially remembered as “Bilbo Baggins” in the trilogy “The Lord of the Rings”

26 Olivia de Havilland – actress; last luminary of Hollywood’s golden age

Pau Dones published his last song, “That you give me”, weeks before he died as a tribute of gratitude for the support received during his colon cancer treatment. (Youtube Capture)


8 Naya Rivera – actress; Star of the series “Glee” and recurring host of “The View”

12 Kelly Preston – actress; star of dozens of films and series, wife of John Travolta

13 Grant Imahara – TV presenter; best known for “MythBusters”

25 Regis Philbin – TV presenter; holds the record for most hours on television

28 Vicky Hernández – radio, film and television producer

Vicky Hernéndez was the casting director in Puerto Rico of the films “Bananas”, “The Delta Factor” and “Stop”, and produced the local film “Life of Sin”, as well as a good number of soap operas and miniseries. (YAMILETTE ARANA)


28 Manuel “El Loco” Valdés – actor; member of the Mexican Valdés dynasty along with his brothers Ramón (“don Ramón”) and Germán (“Tin Tan”), he was the father of Christian Castro

28 Chadwick Boseman – actor; Popularly remembered for “The Black Panther” he was one of the most talented and promising actors of his generation

29 Cliff Robinson – former NBA basketball player; had an outstanding career as a member of the Portland Traiblazers

31 Tom Seaver – former MLB player; legendary pitcher for the New York Mets, won 311 games

31 John Thompson – former NCAA coach; was the first black manager to win the league men’s basketball championship in 1984

Chadwick Boseman died of cancer at age 43.  He kept his illness hidden, so his death surprised fans and the film industry.
Chadwick Boseman died of cancer at age 43. He kept his illness hidden, so his death surprised fans and the film industry.


6 Lou Brock – former MLB player; racked up the second-most stolen bases in league history

22 Soraya Santiago – community leader of the LGBTTQ + community; was the first person in Puerto Rico to undergo a gender reassignment operation

22 Joe Laurinaitis (Road Warrior Animal) – wrestling expeller; He was part of one of the most popular couples in professional wrestling

Soraya Santiago was an icon of the LBGTTQ + community in Puerto Rico, as well as a staunch defender of equality and civil rights.
Soraya Santiago was an icon of the LBGTTQ + community in Puerto Rico, as well as a staunch defender of equality and civil rights. (GFR Average)


2 Bob Gibson – former MLB player; one of the most feared pitchers of his time with the St. Louis Cardinals

3 Francisco Javier Blanco Cestero – architect; founder of the Puerto Rico Conservation Trust

3 Anthony Galindo – singer; member of Menudo and MDO

6 Eddie Van Halen – guitarist; founder and director of the rock band Van Halen

9 Whitey Ford – former MLB baseball player; remains the pitcher with the most World Series wins

11 Joe Morgan – ex-baseball player; one of the best second basemen in MLB history

26 Juan R. Torruella – former federal judge; first Puerto Rican on the Boston Circuit of Appeals and outstanding Olympic sailor

28 Carlos “Cano” Estremera – His years with La Mulenze and Bobby Valentín prepared him to become one of the most emblematic singers and the “Dueño del Soneo”.

29 Dr. Benjamín Rodríguez Cotto – physician; former director of the Emergency Room of the Medical Center

31 Sean Connery – actor; will always be remembered as the first James Bond of cinema

Juan R. Torruella is a judge for the First Circuit of Federal Appeals in Boston.  (GFR Average)
Juan R. Torruella was appointed by President Gerald Ford to the Federal Court in Puerto Rico in 1974. Ten years later, President Ronald Reagan nominated him to the Boston Circuit of Appeals.


1 Eddie Hassell – actor; recordado por “The Kids are Alright”

8 Alex Trebek – TV host; host of “Jeopardy!”

11 Luz C. “Lucy” Batista Vega – administrator of the Puerto Rico Baseball Academy & High School

18 Ruth Bader Ginsburg – Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States

20 Carlos “Taso” Zenón – anti-military activist; organized the Vieques fishermen against the US Navy

21 Héctor “Atabal” Rodríguez – musician and composer; founder and director of the Atabal group

25 Diego Maradona – former soccer player; considered by many to be the best player in history

28 Juan Félix “Cukin” Núñez – former owner of the Bravos de Cidra in Double A Baseball

28 David Prowse – actor; played Darth Vader in the first “Star Wars” trilogy

30 Quino – cartoonist; Mafalda’s “father”

The Argentine humorist portrayed daily life in his comics and caricatures.  In 1964 he published for the first time a strip of his best known character, Mafalda.
The Argentine humorist portrayed daily life in his comics and caricatures. In 1964 he published for the first time a strip of his best known character, Mafalda.


6 Tabaré Vazquez – Uruguayan doctor; he was president of Uruguay

7 Chuck Yeager – Brigadier General; In his youth, as a test pilot, he was the first person to break the sound barrier

10 Juan M. Pérez Giménez – former judge of the Federal Court of Puerto Rico

13 José “Tito” Rodríguez Casanova – volleyball player; former comforter of the National Team

26 Tito Rojas – Known as “El Gallo Salsero” he earned a place in the history of salsa from its beginnings with Pedro Conga and Internacional and then with Puerto Rican Power. He will be remembered alone for his songs of spite to the rhythm of salsa.

28 Armando Manzanero – Mexican singer-songwriter; author of one of the most extensive romantic repertoires in Latin America

29 Pierre Cardin – visionary fashion designer

In October 1947, Charles “Chuck” Yeager broke the then-elusive sound barrier at age 23, after which he broke other speed and altitude records.