DSEI to be held in September in London alongside two counter-terrorism fairs

Sectorial exhibition of security and defense

Interior of the DSEI exhibition site in London during a previous edition. Photo: DSEI

13/01/2021 | Madrid


The largest security and defense exhibition in the world, in which technologies and products from land, air and sea are grouped, DSEI, is preparing for its next biennial appointment, which will take place from September 14 to 16. The event has a special significance this year because it marks to a large extent the return to the presence of the major events in the sector, after months in which the fight against the covid-19 pandemic has led numerous editions to limit their celebration to the field digital, postpone or cancel it, as happened with Eurosatory, the other major European event, in this case in Paris, which also takes place every two years, when DSEI is not held. The British exhibition will also be distinguished this edition by jointly holding two other parallel fairs in the same venue (the exhibition center ExCel London), in both cases dedicated to counterterrosism.

The other two samples, which are titled Counter Terror Expo (CTX o Expo Against Terrorism, in Spanish) and Forensics Europe Expo (FEE o Expo Forensic Europe), will therefore also take place between 14 and 16 September.

“Thanks to careful management of the performance of the plane”, according to the explanations of the show’s event director, Grant Burgham“We are able to run CTX and FEE together with DSEI and offer attendees and stakeholders a week of business opportunity that will be worth the wait after a tumultuous 18 months for our industry.”

Navantia and Expal, confirmed

Burgham abounds that the organization is “in a position to deliver a strong DSEI in 2021, both in terms of new exhibitor bookings and organic growth in booth size.” For now, companies of the entity of Spanish firms have already confirmed their presence Navantia and Expal.

This event, aimed at security and defense professionals from industry, infrastructure, governments and the police, especially attracts visitors and exhibitors from all over Europe. All of them, added those responsible for the event, “will have the opportunity to seek commercial synergies against terrorism with a broader group of stakeholders that assist DSEI, in all land, naval, aerospace, joint and security domains.”

According to information provided by the organization, “DSEI is on track to offer the most comprehensive platform to date, with key companies returning and first-time exhibitor numbers reflecting the industry’s commitment to a return to business. face-to-face events ”.Interior of the DSEI exhibition site in London during an edition

DSEI brought together in its last edition, in September 2019, more than 1,600 exhibitors from fifty countries, and welcomed more than 35,000 visitors – among professionals from the sector, representatives of the defense ministries and the general public. It also hosted presentations by more than 300 executives and experts from the sector.

Three events in one

Regarding the celebration of two more exhibitions, dedicated to the counterterrorism field, together with DSEI, the event director of one of them, CTX (Counter Terror Expo), Tracy Bebbington, explains that, given the circumstance that many of CTX attendees usually travel to the fair from abroad, “we have decided that there is a strong cross-audience between CTX and DSEI attendees that we could take advantage of to carry out three events in one in 2021 and thus allow our assistants to take advantage of the commercial opportunities that we will offer ”.

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Aldosivi is directed by the one Timoteo sent to his sister

Favio Fernández, the Yagui, The former gymnastics midfielder, Unión de Santa Fe, Huracán and Independiente, will be Aldosivi’s coach against Defense and Justice, this Thursday on the Arsenal field at the closing of the Complementation Zone (the Falcon has to score six goals to get Rosario Central as the group’s winner).

Look also

He replaces Angel Hoyos, disengaged by the leadership, and it was his turn because he is the technician of the Shark Reserve. He is remembered among football fans for an anecdote during the match for the penultimate date of Clausura 95, playing for Lobo. The team from La Plata beat Ferro 1-0 in Caballito and was sent off for a double yellow. Already with the first yellow the definition against Independiente was lost. Therefore, when leaving the field, he tried to relativize his attitude to the reproach of coach Carlos Timoteo Griguol. “It’s the same,” he told DT. And the Cordovan reacted with an insult that remained in the collective memory: “You want to be champion of your sister’s shell.”

Look at the video


In defense of our values

That Venezuela that some members of the current government of Spain admire so much has just given another lesson in what a democracy should not be. The recent legislative elections that have been boycotted by the opposition and that have barely had 30% citizen participation are a monument to the cynicism of Chavismo that adopts the external appearance of a democracy and then empties it of content. Javier Cercas distinguished in a recent article the classic coups d’état from what he calls postmodern, which differ in that they take place from within, from power, “previously eroding the institutions that guarantee democracy to prevent, when the time comes, they may to resist the blow: that is why it is a self-coup ». Their second characteristic is that they are not “against democracy – like the old coups – but in the name of democracy.” That is precisely what just happened in Washington with the assault on the Capitol by a mob stirred up by the president himself and made up of “patriots” who wanted to regain democracy from the hands of politicians who would have “stolen” the election. Because the Mostachudo colonel who gives a coup d’etat, sword at the ready, is an old-fashioned model and Cercas himself cites as an example of a postmodern coup what happened in Catalonia with the disconnection laws approved in Parliament on September 6 and 7 , continued by the illegal referendum on October 1, and the declaration of secession on October 27. But neither Catalonia nor the United States have invented anything because that is what Maduro in Venezuela, Putin in Russia, Duterte in the Philippines, Bolsonaro in Brazil, Orban in Hungary, Erdogan in Turkey, Netanyahu in Israel, Xi in China do and sometimes give the The impression that they would like to make Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias when they consider modifying the election of the members of the General Council of the Judiciary and, despite the warnings from Brussels, the election of the members of the General Council of the Judicial Power and thus end the unpresentable and undemocratic blockade to which the Popular Party. They all pull down the middle street when something bothers them, forgetting that democracy consists of negotiating and convincing because dictators are already in place to impose. A feature of our time is precisely that democracies lose their attractiveness for many citizens burdened by the virus, unemployment and the crisis that does not allow them to reach the end of the month. It is something that Freedom House has been confirming for several years but has intensi fi ed lately after Trump’s stint in the White House and I suppose it will do so even more after the final assault on the Capitol. Thus, China works in favor of an international order in accordance with its political philosophy where authoritarian regimes do not have to be on the defensive and enduring constant ethical lessons from democracies that it considers decadent. In its favor plays the admiration that in many countries arouses the way in which it has managed to control the pandemic (using draconian methods) after illuminating it in Wuhan, and that increases when noting that China is the only country in the world that grows at 2% in 2020 while the standard of living falls in all others. It is precisely because it offers the world an alternative form of authoritarian governance that the European Union has defined China as a “systemic rival,” and that is why one of President Biden’s main tasks will be to reestablish relations with Europe, badly damaged by Donald Trump. , and seek a joint line of action with respect to China and Russia based on the values ​​that we share on both sides of the Atlantic, while still defending the particular interests of each one because they are not equal. Biden also wants to convene a “Summit of Democracies” in 2021, while the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has just published a document with a series of ideas for possible cooperation with Europe on China. All this with the aim of reinforcing the values ​​that sustain the democratic model in the world because if we don’t defend it, no one will.


Defense and Justice vs Patronato de Paraná Live Stream Online watch video 27 Dec. 2020, 20:10 UTC

Football match Defensa y Justicia (Governor Julio A. Costa, Argentina) – Patronato de Paraná (Entre Rios Province, Argentina) watch online live video. Start the fight December 27, 2020 at 20:10 UTC)

The match will take place in Gobernador Julio A. Costa at the stadium Estadio Norberto Tomaghello 27 December 2020 at 20:10. Referee of the match Leandro Rey Hilfer from Argentina. Live broadcast of the match will start 10 minutes before the start of the game.

Football match Defensa y Justicia vs Patronato de Paraná will be available in the records immediately after the live broadcast. On our site you can find all the matches involving teams Defensa y Justicia and Patronato de Paraná to record and watch them at a convenient time for you.

Yesterday, 23:23


Defense and Justice


Argentina. Copa de la Liga Profesional, Fase Complementacion. The live broadcast of the match Lanús – Defensa y Justicia watch online on stream24. Football match will start December 20, 2020 at 20:10 UTC)

Patronage of Paraná



Argentina. Copa de la Liga Profesional, Fase Complementacion. The live broadcast of the match Patronato de Paraná – Aldosivi watch online on stream24. Football match will start December 19, 2020 at 20:10 UTC)

Patronage of Paraná



Argentina. Copa de la Liga Profesional, Fase Complementacion. The live broadcast of the match Patronato de Paraná – Aldosivi watch online on stream24. Football match will start December 19, 2020 at 20:10 UTC)

Rosario Central

Patronage of Paraná


Argentina. Copa de la Liga Profesional, Fase Complementacion. The live broadcast of the match Rosario Central – Patronato de Paraná watch online on stream24. Football match will start December 14, 2020 at 20:10 UTC)

Defense and Justice

Patronage of Paraná


Argentina. Superliga. The live broadcast of the match Defensa y Justicia – Patronato de Paraná watch online on stream24. Football match will start March 07, 2020 at 21:00 UTC)

Patronage of Paraná

Defense and Justice


Argentina. Superliga. The live broadcast of the match Patronato de Paraná – Defensa y Justicia watch online on stream24. Football match will start March 17, 2019 at 14:00 UTC)


FC Barcelona: Second-line players, to the rescue

FC Barcelona Of the last four goals, three have been the work of midfielders and defenders

Barcelona players celebrating a goal.


Apple is forced to include a charger in its new iPhone 12

The technology giant Apple was forced to include a charger in its new iPhone 12 smartphones. Four devices were presented at a virtual event on October 13, 2020.

In the event it was ensured that the new cell phone did not have a charger to reduce the carbon emissions and thus preserve the environment. Precisely this promise was used by an organization of Brazil to require devices to have chargers.

The Procon-SP Foundation, which is intended for the consumer Defense in Sao Paulo, Brazil, he ruled that the company led by Tim Cook must include the charger for the devices in its new iPhone models.

This foundation asked Apple to demonstrate how not including chargers decreased contamination. The Cupertino company responded to the request, but the arguments did not convince the entity.

In addition to being required to include the charger, the company will have to present a sustainable recycling project.

“By selling the product without the charger arguing the reduction of carbon and the protection of the environment, the company must present a recycling project. Procon-SP has asked Apple for a viable recycling plan,” said Fernando Capez, CEO of Procon-Sp, in a statement released by the organization.

According to the apple company, the decision to remove the charger and the headphones was made due to its commitments to the environment, so the non-manufacturing of these accessories, in addition to the reduction in size in shipments, will cause save 2 million metric tons of carbon per year.

Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president, said on October 13 that there are already more than 2 billion power adapters in the world, so keep including them in the iPhone box is a waste. The company also noted that more and more customers are switching to methods of wireless charging.

The iPhone 12 box includes the USB-C to Lightning charging cable, but the headphones EarPod and the power adapter no, these accessories are sold separately.


Elcano Royal Institute

We highlight

Ainhoa ​​Marín Egoscozábal. Elcano Policy Paper 6/2020

The report aims to highlight the strategies, real and perceived risks, and perspectives of Spanish companies that already do business in African markets and that contribute to understanding the strategic importance and potential of the continent.

The Elcano Royal Institute and the Office of the European Parliament in Spain have started a cycle of debates to analyze the future of Europe in a post-COVID world.

  1. Digitization and data privacy (September 29, 2020 – 17:00)
  2. Green Pact and ecological transition (October 23, 2020 – 10:00)
  3. The role of the EU in the world (November 27, 2020 – 10:00)
  4. General reflections on the future of the EU: Institutional reforms and reorganization of competences (December 11, 2020 – 10:00)

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In general terms, and coinciding with previous works on multilateral aid from Spanish cooperation, there is a weak correspondence between the declared strategic aims and the aid allocation pattern and a changing behavior of aid flows. Likewise, the important transformations of recent years in the international context require an in-depth reflection on the role of Spain in the multilateral aid system.

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Ainhoa ​​Marín Egoscozábal. Elcano Policy Paper 6/2020 – 11/12/2020.

The report aims to highlight the strategies, real and perceived risks, and perspectives of Spanish companies that already do business in the African markets and that contribute to understanding the strategic importance and potential of the continent.

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Trump Orders Withdrawal of US Troops from Somalia in 2021 | What’s up people

Washington, Dec 4 (EFE) .- US President Donald Trump has ordered the withdrawal in early 2021 of the 700 US soldiers deployed in Somalia, of which a small contingent will be relocated to nearby nations, reported this Friday the Pentagon in a statement.

That battalion will be “repositioned in neighboring countries” so that Washington and its allies maintain the ability to launch cross-border military operations against violent groups within Somalia, such as the jihadist Al Shabab.

The Pentagon did not specify where those soldiers will travel, but The Wall Street Journal noted that Kenya and Djibouti could be the next destinations.

The goal, the Pentagon explained, is for “the US to retain the ability to conduct targeted counterterrorism operations in Somalia and to collect alerts and indicators on potential threats” to its own national security.

The Pentagon did not offer an exact figure of the troops that will leave Somalia and did not specify when it will occur, although The New York Times assured that it will be on January 15, just five days before the current US president, Donald Trump, hand over the witness to his successor, Democrat Joe Biden, who won the November 3 election.

In its note, the Pentagon remarked that, despite the troop withdrawal, “the US is not withdrawing or disengaging from Africa” ​​and remains “committed to its African partners.”

The mission of US soldiers in Somalia, most of them part of special operations units, is to train local security forces to fight against Al Shabab, an organization affiliated since 2012 with the terrorist network Al Qaeda.

This group controls rural areas of central and southern Somalia and intends to establish a Wahhabi (ultra-conservative) Islamic State in the country.

Trump’s decision is part of his policy to get the US out of “eternal wars” and to reduce its military presence abroad, something it has already done in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, among other countries.


Barcelona end up with a strange defence against Osasuna

At the start of the season nobody would have expected Barcelona to end up with a defence reading: “Jordi Alba, Oscar Mingueza, Frenkie de Jong and Junior Firpo.”


Upd. at 18:23


However, that’s how they ended their 4-0 win over Osasuna at Camp Nou. Firpo was at right back, Oscar Mingueza and De Jong in the middle and only Jordi Alba providing a sense of normality at left back.

Mingueza until a few days ago had not made his debut, De Jong usually operates in midfield and Junior is on his way out of the club.

Clement Lenglet suffered an ankle injury in the second half and had to go off, forcing De Jong into the back line. Gerard Pique is out, Ronald Araujo still has not recovered and Samuel Umtiti is permanently in the treatment room.


Leader in defense of the climate: New role of the US will give wings to multilateralism

By Amaya QuincocesMadrid, Nov 28 (EFE) .- Chilean Gonzalo Muñoz, “Champion” of the High Level of climate action at COP25, a world event held in Madrid a year ago after not being able to do it in Chile, says in an interview with Efe that trusts that “the new role” in the defense of the US climate, after the change of government, will give way to a phase of multilateralism “to advance and not weaken.”

“In no case, the coronavirus has slowed down climate action”, quite the opposite, adds this defender of sustainability, an entrepreneur at the head of the position of “Champion” or High-Level climate champion promoted by the UN, with temporary mandates , to mobilize companies, institutions, universities, cities … etc, through a Climate Ambition Alliance.

According to their figures, more than 500 cities, more than 1,100 companies and at least eight of the ten largest in the world, and more than 5 trillion dollars in financial assets are already committed to emission neutrality by 2050 in line with the Agreement on Paris, the great global pact for the climate of whose signature will be celebrated this December 12 the fifth anniversary.

QUESTION: This year was key to submitting more ambitious emission reduction commitments under the Paris Agreement. How is the coronavirus affecting climate action?

ANSWER: The fight against global warming continues to advance. It has been reflected at the national level, not only by the number of those that have updated their national contributions, but also because there are countries that have announced commitments to neutrality. We look forward to celebrating the Paris Agreement with lots of added commitments that will lead us to the Glasgow Summit (UK) in November 2021 with more progress.

Q: Through the Alliance for Climate Ambition launched in 2019 by the UN with the impulse of Chile as the organizing country of COP25, could you give us details of the climate action by non-state actors?

A: The Alliance for Climate Ambition brings together nations and non-state actors committed to climate neutrality by 2050. At COP25 the initiative was strengthened with a significant number of new members. In June, together with Briton Nigel Topping, the High Level Champion for COP26, we launched the Race to Zero campaign. Today we have in the Climate Ambition Alliance a significant number of states like California and New York, and the majority of Australians. Also from Brazil, from Europe. In addition, more than 500 cities, more than 1,100 companies from different sectors and regions. Of the ten largest companies in the world, at least eight are already part of this alliance. But at the same time, we have a significant number of SMEs in the world, and 550 universities. Additionally, more than $ 5 trillion in assets under management are committed to carbon neutrality by 2050. And all of that continues to grow. I have no doubt, vis-à-vis Glasgow, that many countries will increase their ambition, as the announcements from China, Japan confirm. It will also influence what the president-elect in the US assumes.

Q .: Are there new initiatives in defense of the climate?

A .: This year one of the milestones on the global climate agenda has been the launch of Race to Zero. In the area of ​​non-state actors, which is what we are mobilizing with this campaign, the number of members has doubled during the pandemic. The increase in commitments is being impressive. Today, 53% of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP) is committed to carbon neutrality.

Q: Will the health crisis teach us about the effect on health caused by mistreatment of the environment?

A: The pandemic, in addition to generating a lot of pain and suffering, has shown us the possibility of doing things differently. For example, the energy transition has accelerated, fossil fuels are increasingly in disuse, and the development of photovoltaics or wind, in addition to green hydrogen projects. The commitments of the Paris Agreement have continued to advance. This year, Chile has updated its NDC or determined contributions in line with science, and China has surprised us by declaring that it will be climate neutral at the latest in 2060, while Japan will be in 2050, and South Korea, the same .

Q: What is your opinion from the climate point of view of the change of government in the United States?

A .: In addition to further acceleration of commitments within the country, I hope that it will engage the nation with emissions neutrality before 2050. I believe that Joe Biden as president-elect, based on his speech, is going to bring about an important change at the global level of climate action to comply with the Paris Agreement.

Q .: What challenges do you consider a priority for the Glasgow Summit?

A .: One of the great challenges has to do with financing; for example, for adaptation: how mechanisms are generated that increase the resilience of all parts of the world that suffer the impacts of the climate crisis. At the same time, put an adequate price on carbon in everything that refers to a ton emitted and a ton captured and sequestered. We must move towards an accessible market worldwide, so that the trade begins to incorporate this metric with a lot of speed to align the incentives throughout the value chain. Another pending goal is nature-based solutions; Next year we will have a biodiversity COP, and I hope that during 2021 the world will learn to value ecosystem services and all that nature means. Glasgow’s expectations will depend on the next few months, because a lot will still happen before that appointment.

Q .: What message would you send to the world on climate issues?

A .: It is important to enter a new phase of assessing and validating multilateralism taking into account the lessons learned. The United States must play an important role to help, strengthen, resolve, improve and perfect, rather than attack and weaken. We must move forward to improve from learning as hard as those of recent times. EFE

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