Greece attacks Berlin for rejecting the arms embargo on Turkey – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

In an interview with the Politico American newspaper, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias said that Germany is not responding to its leadership role in the European Union when it rejects Athens’ calls for an embargo on arms shipments to Turkey.

Dendias said: “To set a good example, I cannot understand Germany’s reluctance to use the enormous power of its economy to link states to international law.”

Dendias added: “I understand the economic aspect in Germany, but I am sure that the latter also understands the tremendous contradiction in providing arms to a country that threatens peace and stability in two countries of the European Union. This is really the definition of contradiction”.

He added that he does not understand why Greece raised the matter in Berlin rather than Germany realizing on its own, that this does not correspond to its role in Europe.

The chancellor pointed out that if the leaders of the European Union do the same as they did at the October summit, that means they have not learned their lesson and it will be a wrong signal to be sent from Europe to all the countries of the world.

The Foreign Minister stated that he looks forward to working with the next US administration, as President-elect Joe Biden and new Secretary of State Anthony Blinken are well acquainted with the region and the Greek-Turkish issues.

He said: “I think the region needs the presence of the United States, especially its military presence, in a way that compensates for the lack of a European military presence in the region.”



Greece: Turkey’s violations frustrate any prospect of dialogue – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

As quoted by the Greek daily Ekathimerni, today Dendias said: “Ankara is trying by force to set precedents at the expense of the countries of the European Union”, adding that Turkey “shows contempt for the clear positions and decisions of the European Union. “. European Union and appeals from the international community as well. “

He added: “Turkey missed another important opportunity to reestablish relations with the European Union and made the decision to work in a way that undermines international law and European objectives,” noting that “Turkey’s behavior is destabilizing and dangerous for the security of the region. “

The Greek chancellor stressed that “the European Union is not naive and it is difficult for Turkey to deceive it.”

Dendias also stressed that “Athens remains open to dialogue with Ankara on the condition that it stops its operations in the eastern Mediterranean”, considering that “Turkey does not offer a scope for constructive dialogue, as it has been expanding its activities in the eastern Mediterranean since August.”



Europe warns Turkey: next days will be crucial – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

Spokesperson for the EU High Representative for Security and Foreign Policy Peter Stano said: “Brussels is still awaiting real Turkish approaches to de-escalation in the eastern Mediterranean.”

He added: “On this ground, we will see if we move to a positive dialogue or other options.”

The Italian news agency AKI quoted Stano as saying that “the next few days will be decisive”, referring to the European summit scheduled for December 10 and 11, during which the countries and institutions of the Union will evaluate Turkish practices and take advantage of the characteristics of the next phase of relations between the two parties.



Macron attacks Russia and Turkey for fueling anti-French sentiment – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

“There is a strategy that is being followed, and it is sometimes implemented by African leaders, but mainly foreign powers like Russia and Turkey, playing on post-colonial resentment,” Macron said in an interview published by “John Africa” ​​magazine.

He added: “We must not be naive. Many of those who speak out and take videos, and those in the French-speaking media are being bribed from Russia or Turkey.”

Macron also highlighted the total opposition of France, which has a military presence on the coast, to any negotiations with extremists, an issue that is being discussed in the region, especially in Mali.



Greece threatens Turkey with ICJ – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

The Greek prime minister added, in an interview with the Greek news agency, that the EU will take steps to protect its strategic interests and those of its member states.

He added that Greece and Turkey must negotiate, and in case this does not happen, the solution of the dispute will be through the ICJ, highlighting that the Turkish measures have undermined the unity of NATO throughout 2020.

It is noteworthy that Erdogan’s visit from Turkey to the Varosha region in Northern Cyprus a few days ago, which was a luxurious tourist center and turned into a “ghost town” within the buffer zone established by the United Nations. and it divided the island after the Turkish invasion of the north in 1974, which drew widespread international criticism.

In this context, the UN Secretary General’s spokesman confirmed that the organization followed the events in Varosha with concern and said that the UN position has not changed and that the parties are invited to avoid unilateral measures.

Greek Cypriots also demonstrated in the southern half of the island, at a crossroads along the buffer zone, against the visit of the Turkish president.



Turkey’s parliament approves sending troops to Azerbaijan – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

The Turkish parliament approved tonight to send military forces to Azerbaijan to work in the joint Turkish-Russian center to monitor the ceasefire in the Karabakh region.

Turkey tried to circumvent a ceasefire agreement, which stipulates the entry of Russian peacekeepers into Karabakh, and Turkey promoted its forces to participate in this mission, and this was denied by Russia.

Today, France and the United States asked Russia for clarification on Turkey’s role in the Karabakh Agreement.



France Reveals Possible European Sanctions Against Turkey – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

“Imposing sanctions on some economic sectors is possible,” Boone said, adding that “all options are on the table,” including individual sanctions.

During an interview with the radio program “Europe 1” and the newspaper “Les Echos”, the French minister pointed out the sanctions that had been taken against some Turkish officials for gas exploration in the Mediterranean.

“We had an opportunity at the recent European summit for Turkey, which sent small hints of calm and has now chosen once again the path of provocation and systematic aggression,” Bonn said, adding: “We will definitely go further.”

Bonn stated that “over a period of 10 or 15 years, we believed that Turkey was a peaceful democracy-Christianity in the eastern form accompanied by a gradual contemporary”, adding: “This was not the case, it adopts an Islamic culture and geopolitical approach hostile in all fields. Again in Nagorno Karabakh recently, so we must not be naive. “

Bonn emphasized that “France is not the only one facing Turkey today, and there are no illusions in any European country about what Erdogan and his regime are.”

Notably, differences have intensified between Turkey and the European Union since last August, in the context of the first gas exploration in the eastern Mediterranean.



Washington expresses its disgust at Turkey’s actions – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sent a letter to his Greek counterpart, Nikos Dendias, criticizing the unilateral measures taken by Turkey, while describing Athens as one of the pillars of stability in the region, according to the daily Kathimerini, citing diplomatic sources in Athens.

In turn, Dendias said in response to his US counterpart, “Pompeo has recently reiterated US objections to Turkey’s energy exploration in areas where Greece reserves the right to expand its territorial waters from 6 to 12 nautical miles.”

Pompeo again warned against unilateral actions in the region, while emphasizing that coercion, intimidation and military activity are not the way to resolve disputes between countries, the newspaper reported.

The US Secretary of State praised Greece’s role in seeking to resolve bilateral differences through dialogue and on the basis of international law.

Mike Pompeo emphasized that the United States and Greece seek to achieve stability and prosperity in the eastern Mediterranean, as well as cooperation between countries on the basis of international law.



US Official: Very Likely to Impose Sanctions on Turkey – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

Undersecretary of State for Political-Military Affairs Clarke Cooper told reporters that “the Turks continue to acquire the S 400 missile system.” Adding: “imposing sanctions has become a highly proposed idea, after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced last week that his country had tested on October 16 the Russian air defense system that Washington says contradicts the membership of Turkey in NATO “.

Cooper noted that Washington told Ankara last year that the red line as far as the United States is concerned is when Turkey uses the S400 system, which Ankara bought from Moscow in 2017 to get closer to Russia.

Cooper said: “We have made it clear to Ankara that testing the S 400 missile system is not at all unacceptable”, indicating that the US Administration is still making efforts to convince Turkey not to launch the S 400 missiles. “

The US administration can impose economic sanctions on Ankara According to a decree unanimously approved by the United States Congress in 2017 to confront the enemies of the United States, the decree stipulates automatically imposing sanctions on any country that concludes an agreement with the sector Russian armsman.

The United States suspended Turkey’s participation in the program to manufacture new American F-35 fighter jets, in response to Ankara’s purchase of the first Russian battery last year, considering that the S 400 missile system can carry to reveal that advanced fighter jet technology.



Despite international rejection, Turkey continues its climb in the eastern Mediterranean – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

Turkey has extended the term of the reconnaissance carried out by its ship “Uruç al-Raies” in the eastern Mediterranean until 4 of next month, during a notification issued by the Turkish Navy yesterday Saturday, in which it confirmed that “Uruç al-Raies “and the ships” Ataman “and” Genghis Khan “will continue to operate in an area south of the Greek island of Rhodes.

The Turkish Navy announced earlier this month that the ship “” Uruç al-Raies “will carry out a seismic survey in the eastern Mediterranean from October 12 to 22, and in another notification indicated that survey work in the region will continue until October 27. This October.

The European Union gave Turkey until December to “review its approaches to the eastern Mediterranean”, or else it will impose sanctions.

The dispute between Turkey and Europe escalated on August 10, when Turkey sent a ship to explore natural gas and warships into waters that it claims sovereignty with Greece.