Apple TV 4K (2021) vs Apple TV 4K (2017)

If you happen to be considering buying the new Apple TV, you’ve come to the right place. We explain what are the main novelties compared to the previous generation and in which cases it is worth buying the new model.

The Apple TV 4K version of 2021 corresponds to the sixth generation, whose purchase can be reserved from April 30 to receive the first units from the second half of May, according to Apple.

You will see that there are two different models to choose from:

  • Apple TV 4K 2021 de 32 GB a 199 €
  • Apple TV 4K 2021 de 64 GB a 219 €

To which the previous version joins

  • Apple TV HD de 32 GB a 159 €

Although it is true that you will no longer be able to buy the old Apple TV 4K model from 2017, it is likely that you will still find it for sale in some places ecommerce and local shops. Pay attention to know what model it is and if the price has a reduction.

Apple TV 4K

With this in mind, if you happen to see a discount of just over € 20, it is very likely that the previous generation is not worth buying. To understand it better, let’s see what are the key differences between generations.


Within the aesthetic section, nothing has changed with Apple TV, something that has happened in other products as we have seen in the new iMac de Apple with M1 chip. The chassis remains the same in a square format with dimensions of 98 x 98 x 35 mm high and 425 grams of weight.

The ports do not suffer any variation either, keeping the power, HDMI and Ethernet connectors on the back of the unit. The HDMI port in the newer version is type 2.1 instead of 2.0 in the 2017 model, but that’s about it.

Remote control

Something that has undergone quite a significant redesign is the remote control that acts as a remote control. The 2017 version has been heavily criticized in the past for having a touch surface that has proven to be quite delicate.

This has been removed in the new version by replacing it with a tap-enabled click panel that surrounds the circular select button on the top of the remote.

Somehow the new clickpad Touch allows you to navigate quickly and accurately with the ability to scroll through the extensive lists of Apple Music and other applications.

The keypad has also been revised, with the basic layout of Menu, Home, Siri, Play / Pause, and control volume replaced by a more functional and intuitive layout.

Apple TV 4K remote controls

Apple TV 4K remote controls

We now have a dedicated power button located in the upper corner of the controller, as well as a button that invokes Siri located on the side. The mute button is a nice addition, as well as the back button for easier menu navigation.

Internally, the new remote control works with Bluetooth 5.0 compared to the 2017 edition that was based on Bluetooth 4.0, allowing, among other advantages, to handle higher distance ranges. You can also control your television via IR or CEC, a function that the old one did not offer.

At this point, it should be noted that you will not have to buy the new Apple TV 4K to get this new remote control. Apple still sells the 2015 Apple TV HD remote, so you can also purchase it separately.

We offer you a practical article on how to use iPhone as a remote control for your Apple TV.

Features and specs

Beyond the points covered so far, the specification sheet is very similar for the rest of the Apple TV 4K units, although with key differences that we will clarify below.


In addition to the remote control, Apple has made major updates to the specifications of the new Apple TV 4K.

Where the older 4K model came with an A10X processor, (the same as the 2017 iPad Pro), the new generation features an A12 Bionic chip that also appeared on the iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPad Mini (2019), iPad Air (2019), as well as the iPad of 2020.

To be fair, the A10X was more than enough for the sorts of tasks required by a 4K Apple TV, so there isn’t much of an advantage to moving to the faster chip, but it does mean the 2021 model is ready for years to come. .

Plus, if you’re running Apple Arcade, the added power will ensure games run smoothly on Apple TV 4K. However, those who thought that Apple would turn the Apple TV into a video game console to compete with the Switch and Xbox will be disappointed.

High frame rate

The HDMI port, as we already mentioned, is updated from 2.0 to 2.1, which brings with it support for 4K video at a higher fps rate. When paired with the A12 Bionic, this results in the new model being able to deliver 4K HDR video at 60fps.

In addition to this, iPhone 12 users can stream Dolby Vision 4K video (again at 60fps) directly to Apple TV 4K (2021) via AirPlay.

Naturally, you will need to use a television that can display all of this, but if you do, we are sure that everything will reproduce perfectly. Sound remains the same on both, with Dolby Atmos available via HDMI and AirPlay for wireless speakers.

If you don’t mind 4K, Apple still sells the Apple TV HD (4th generation), which costs € 159 for the 32GB model that has been revamped to include the new and improved remote control, but no new features.

It’s a nice savings, but the unit is getting pretty dated in terms of specs as it has an A8 chip inside, so you might be saving some money, but it won’t be a future-proof purchase.

Wi-Fi 6 and Thread connectivity

The newer model benefits from Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) over Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) from the 2017 release. You will need to have a Wi-Fi 6 compatible router to take advantage of the faster speeds.

There is also support for Thread according to the specifications of the new model. Thread is a new IP-based smart home mesh-based networking standard that is also included in the HomePod mini.

It means that compatible HomeKit devices can connect via Thread instead of relying on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which should offer a more stable connection. It should also mean we’re one step closer to Apple TV being a smart home hub.

TV calibration

A cool new feature is the ability to use the iPhone’s camera to calibrate the color balance of the new Apple TV 4K. You just have to use the Apple TV application, point the iPhone at the screen and adjust the tones to obtain the best video quality.

In addition, this new function is not reserved only for the new Apple TV, since you can use it with both the Apple TV 4K models, and with the Apple TV HD. We have an article where we explain all the details of how to calibrate your TV using iPhone and Apple TV.


As you may know, tvOS works the same way on both systems, allowing you to stream content from a wide variety of services, including Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV +, iPlayer, and many more.

You can also use both models with Apple Fitness+As long as you also have an Apple Watch that supports the app.

Obviously with the newer A12 Bionic processor, the 2021 model is destined to outlast its predecessor when it comes to supporting upcoming versions of tvOS, but for the moment they both offer pretty much the same user experience.


If you already have the Apple TV 4K 2017, then there is not much that can encourage you to spend the € 200 that the new model costs to benefit from small subtle improvements.

Well it’s true that you get 4K HDR video at 60fps, a faster processor and Wi-Fi 6, but unless you have TVs and a router that can handle these updates, you will get the same performance as the previous model.

If you are looking for a new Apple TV, then the 2021 4K model is the one to buy. The old HD model has aged, and the spec sheet becomes very basic when you see the small price savings it represents compared to buying the new option (just € 50).

If all you want is a device to stream Apple TV + shows and use AirPlay to stream content from your iPhone or iPad or Mac to your TV screen, you won’t need an Apple TV to do that.

Now there are many compatible devices that are much cheaper and several TVs that have the Apple TV app built in. Check out our article on which TVs are compatible with the Apple TV app and AirPlay.


  • Procesador A12 Bionic
  • 32GB / 64GB storage
  • HDMI 2.14
  • 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 con MIMO
  • simultaneous dual band (2.4GHz and 5GHz)
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology
  • receptor IR
  • Built-in power supply
  • H.264 / HEVC SDR video up to 2160p, 60fps, Main / Main Profile 10
  • HEVC Dolby Vision (Profile 5) / HDR10 (Main Profile 10) up to 2160p, 60fps
  • H.264 Baseline Profile level 3.0 or lower with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps per channel, 48kHz, stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4 and .mov file formats MPEG-4 video up to 2.5 Mbps, 640 per 480 pixels, 30 fps, single profile with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps, 48 ​​kHz, stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4 and HE-AAC (V1), AAC (up to 320 Kbps), AAC file formats protected (from iTunes Store), MP3 (up to 320 Kbps), MP3 VBR, Apple Lossless, FLAC, AIFF and WA AC-3 (Dolby Digital 5.1), E-AC-3 (Dolby Digital Plus 7.1) and Dolby Atmos
  • Remote control (remote control)


From the Super League to the new Champions or the Conference League: a guide to understand their differences

  • The 12 founding clubs of the Superliga have a guaranteed place without meeting purely sporting criteria

  • The Champions League will also change: league format and 36 teams instead of 32

  • A new actor enters, the Conference League, who will tighten the calendar even more

The announcement of the irruption of the Super League, competition devised by the great European teams to ensure a fixed place every year and, consequently, succulent income in their boxes, has caused an earthquake in the panorama of European football. Both UEFA and major league domestic competitions (LaLiga, Premier, Legue1, Bundesliga and Serie A) have harshly attacked the founding teams. They consider that this new competition has no place in an impossible calendar, in addition, increase even more if possible the difference between the most powerful teams with the most modest, who are trying to access the highest continental competition on their own merits.

Superliga, goodbye to their own sporting merits

The sport’s own merits will end since the new Super League begins. At least 15 great historical clubs will play yes or yes in this competition. Another 5 will be invited according to criteria that have not yet been clarified.

The calendar is the one there is and there are no more dates. The big teams, with the League, Cup and Super League matches, can hardly fit their matches in the Champions League and less so with the new format announced by UEFA, with more teams involved and, consequently, more matches.

The Champions League is in serious danger despite the announcement of its renewal. And to this is added a new guest, the Conference League. The schedule will be tighter than ever.

We review the different competitions in detail one by one:

Super league, fingered

How they are classified:

The Super League format would end one of the essences of football: rewarding teams for their own merits. In this new competition there will always be the greats, thus ensuring participation even if they have had a discreet season. The Super League will be made up of 20 teams, but there will always be the 15 most important teams on the continent: for now, los 12 fundadores Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atlético, Milan, Arsenal, Chelsea, Inter, Juve, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City y Tottenham. Three other clubs will be invited to join before the inaugural season.

Florentino Pérez, president of the Superliga, with the UEFA Youth League trophyCordon Press

On this list historical figures such as PSG or Bayern Munich would be missing, although they have not yet spoken. The other five remaining spots will be awarded annually based on the previous season’s performance., although it does not clarify the criteria, if they are teams that are part of the major leagues (Premier, Serie A, Liga, Bundesliga or Ligue 1) or if other clubs from other competitions can enter. They would be the “lucky ones” who could participate alongside the rich.

The games will be played during the week, all clubs will continue to compete in their respective national leagues, thus preserving their traditional calendar. It would start in August, like the first matches of the qualifying phase of the Champions League.

The 20 clubs will be divided into two groups of ten, which will play back and forth matches. The top three from each group qualify automatically for the quarterfinals. And the teams that finish fourth and fifth will play an additional two-legged playoff. Subsequently, two-party playoffs will be played from the quarter-finals to the final, which will be played as a single game, at the end of the year, at a neutral venue.

With this measure, the organizers seek more attractive duels and increase income. The historical ones are awarded but many clubs are penalized that on their own merits deserve to compete with the greats. Clubs like Milan or Arsenal, which have reduced their presence in the Champions League in recent years, will be there but others like Borussia Dortmund, Sevilla or Olympique de Lyon could lose this new showcase.

The Superliga will lose the surprise factor in the pure draw. In the Champions League, the big clubs could be left out from the round of 16 depending on the pairing in the draw.

As soon as possible, the founders will announce the same format for women’s football.

Champions League: previous league

The UEFA Champions League has been forced to change its format for the coming seasons. In the highest continental competition for clubs, so far, 32 teams participated. There are eight groups with four teams in each group, although by UEFA rule there cannot be two teams from the same country in one group. The clubs in the groups face each other back and forth and the top two finishers go to the next round, the round of 16. The third classified of each group goes to the Europa League.


Champions League TrophyEuropa Press

To settle the knockout stages, there is a draw marked by a series of criteria: two teams from the same domestic competition cannot meet in this phase and the first classified of a group is measured against the second classified of another group. Already in the quarterfinals there is a pure draw, without limitations. This ‘surprise’ factor would be lost by the Super League, a competition that would only hold a draw that will settle the 10 participants in each group, although they have not yet gone into details.

The Champions League is also aware that its format had to change. Therefore, from the 2024-2025 season They have devised a format similar to that of the Super League, but according to purely sporting criteria. In this new edition 36 teams would enter instead of the 32 that currently compete and the eight groups will disappear, becoming a single league, even if they will not play all against all. Each team will play a minimum of ten games – now they play a minimum of 6 games – in this first phase against opponents of different coefficients. The first eight will qualify for the eighth and there will be a playoff between the ninth and the twenty-fourth to know the other eight classified. The losers of that playoff would go to the Europa League.


Thomas Muller, champion with Bayern Munich in the last Champions

To determine which matches each team will play, it will be drawn in four pots taking into account the positions in the leagues.As up to now and, as a novelty, the latest performances in the competition will also be taken into account.

UEFA Europa League: with hardly any news

In the UEFA Europa League the champions of the respective cup competitions of each country, the best classified of the different leagues that were behind those that did it for the Champions League, the third group of the Champions League and three more teams according to the ranking ‘ UEFA fair play ‘. It consists of four previous rounds of direct elimination. The final phase of the tournament is made up of a group phase – 12 groups of four teams each – in which each club faces each of its three rivals in a double game. Later, the direct crosses arrive from the round of 32 with round-trip matches except for the final, which is played as a single match in a stadium previously designated by UEFA.


UEFA Europa League

In the Europa League there will be a previous playoff between the group runners-up and the third group of the Champions to determine who goes directly to the round of 16.

Domestic competitions, as always

The League has not changed the format. The 20 teams play a total of 38 games each. The first four qualify for the Champions League, the fifth and the Copa del Rey champion qualify for the UEFA Europa League. If the Cup champion is a club that has qualified for the Champions League, a new place is added, the one that is sixth in the League. The last three classified are automatically relegated to the Second Division. In the silver division, the first two move up to the First Division and the teams that remain between the third and sixth place play the playoffs to get the only place left to be promoted.

The Conference League, the new European competition

As a novelty, this season another place in each domestic competition will be designated to a new competition, the Conference League.

In this new competition, created by UEFA, a total of 184 teams will participate throughout the season, including at least one from each of UEFA’s 55 member associations and 46 from the Champions League (eliminated from the qualifying rounds) and the UEFA Europa League (eliminated from the qualifying rounds or group rounds). Before the final group stage there will be three qualifying rounds and one playoff round.

The final phase will follow the same format that the Champions currently has with eight groups of four teams, followed by direct confrontations: eighths, quarter-finals and the final, the latter a single match. It will start this summer. In its first edition, it will be played at the National Arena in Tirana (Albania) on May 25, 2022.


COVID-19 Vaccines: Similarities and Differences | Coronavirus | DW

The efficacy of the different vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 continues to generate concerns, as happened last weekend in Chile, where a controversy arose over the effectiveness of the Sinovac vaccine, with which the government is inoculating the majority of its population. Given the doubts extended to other Latin American countries, in general regarding all vaccines, it is important to understand the characteristics and differences between them.

In this regard, the German virologist Felix Drexler, from the Berlin Charité, explains to us by groups the types of licensed vaccines that exist so far, how effective they are and what types of variant they could protect against. And also those to come:

Messenger RNA or mRNA

The coronavirus vaccines developed under this technology are Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna. These types of vaccines, Dr. Drexler recalls, are the newest because of the way they generate antibodies. Something that has never been successfully achieved before.

This technique consists of injecting RNA fragments with instructions that produce antibodies to the protein S (spike) of SARS-CoV-2. By creating this protein, the body learns to defend itself against it. So if a person becomes infected with the real virus, they already have antibodies capable of fighting it. “Our body produces proteins, starting with the nucleic acid DNA, which is our genome, through an intermediate called messenger RNA. It is called messenger because the message it carries is the protein that must be produced in our cells, protein S ”Explains Dr. Drexler.

Felix Drexler, virologist at the Berlin Charité.

”With it, a very great advance in biotechnology has been achieved. And it is capable of forever changing the way we vaccinate, also against other diseases such as cancer. Furthermore, taking into account the mutations, this technology is much easier to change than that of the other types of vaccines ”, assures the German virologist.

Pfizer / BioNTech’s efficiency is 95% and Moderna’s 94.1%. Two doses of this vaccine are required 21-28 days apart. For the storage of the first one, deep freezing is necessary, between -70 and -80 degrees Celsius. Moderna’s needs to be refrigerated to -20 degrees Celsius.

Adenovirus o vector adenoviral

The method that has been used for the AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Sputnik V vaccines uses a fragment of the coronavirus genetic code that is mixed with a harmless virus, called an “adenovirus vector”, which serves to transport this genetic material to the human body Adenoviruses carry protein S (spike), which causes antibodies to be produced.

“They are adenoviruses other than chimpanzees, to which genetic material was introduced. When introduced into humans, it achieves a response without causing disease. Adenoviruses are vector, that’s why we call them vectorized vaccines. While AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson use a The same vector in the application of its doses, the Sputnik V vaccine uses two different adenoviruses in the first and second doses, ”says Dr. Drexler.

Chile has already inoculated more than 7.3 million people with at least one dose, the vast majority of them with the Sinovac vaccine.

Chile has already inoculated more than 7.3 million people with at least one dose, the vast majority of them with the Sinovac vaccine.

AstraZeneca studies have shown an efficacy of 82.4% and Johnson & Johnson 83.5%. However, in some countries vaccination with both has been stopped because in some isolated cases they cause thrombosis or blood clots. In this regard, Dr. Drexler comments that it is not yet well understood what causes these risks: “It seems that it may be due to the only vector used. But, in general, we must remember that everything is a very transparent process, cases are being investigated and recommendations are being adapted, remembering that every vaccine has a cost-benefit relationship ”.

Adenovirus vaccines can be stored in normal refrigeration between 2 to 8 degrees Celsius. Two doses are required for AstraZeneca and only one for Johnson & Johnson. However, that could vary, as it depends on what each manufacturer has.

Inactivated virus or attenuated virus

Chinese pharmaceutical companies are the ones that have used this method for the Sinopharm and Sinovac vaccines, which have been purchased mostly in Latin America. The technique, which is a pioneer in the development of vaccines, uses attenuated or killed microorganisms of the virus to generate immunity.

“A virus is processed in cell culture until it has many viruses and is activated by a toxic substance, which destroys the virus, and the proteins of the virus that have been cultured immunize the person. It is a very classic way of producing a vaccine against We are seeing that now it may have a slightly reduced efficacy, according to information from China, but that is not yet certain “, says the virologist from the Berlin Charité.

The efficacy of the Sinopharm vaccine would be 79.3% and that of Sinovac would be between 50.38% to 100%. Of both, two doses are generally required. For its storage it would also need a normal refrigeration of between 2 to 8 degrees Celsius.

Regarding the duration of immunity that vaccines would give, there are only, so far, some studies that indicate that those of Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna would protect around six months. On the efficacy of vaccines, in general, against the new variants, the German virologist does not dare to give a prognosis. “The studies are underway. You have to remember that today’s vaccines were developed based on the original coronavirus and not on mutations, ”says Dr. Drexler.

Vaccines on the way

Given the arrival of new vaccines, the expert is very optimistic, especially with Novavax. “This will also be very important in the fight against COVID-19 in Latin America, because it is more thermostable. There is also the German Curevac, which is messenger RNA, but is a little behind in its trials. Also, without getting involved. in politics, the development of the Cuban vaccine is a very positive sign. They have a very important biomedical tradition in the region “, emphasizes Dr. Drexler.

Following what was said by the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr. Drexler recalls the importance of getting vaccinated with any of the vaccines that are available in each country: “Getting vaccinated does not mean that we are not going to get infected, but it does it will prevent a worsening of the disease, there is no doubt about that from the studies. We must not be afraid, we must get vaccinated as soon as possible “.



The big differences between the Champions League and the UEFA Europa League – Ten

The UEFA is the soccer confederation that governs soccer in the old continent, in addition to being the organizing body of two of the most important tournaments in the world: La Champions League and the Europa League.

Mistakes are often made when talking about each competition, because although they have some similarities, there are certainly great differences between the two tournaments, especially in the economic and sports aspects.

If we talk about the Champions League, we are referring to the most prestigious club championship in the world, since the tournament is made up of the best teams that exist in European countries.

In total there are 32 clubs that qualify for the tournament, the number of representatives from each nation being different depending on the importance of the leagues where they compete and what they do in them.

Wayne Rooney retires from soccer and now has a new position

For its part, in the Europa League a total of 48 teams are installed divided into 12 groups of four participants, then eight more are added that descend from the Champions League for having obtained the third place in their quadrants.

The main similarity comes in the form of elimination, since the pairings in both tournaments are almost the same with the teams that make up each tournament in the elimination phases.


Undoubtedly, playing one or the other tournament makes a difference in terms of sporting and economic level, since the prizes awarded in each competition mark a fairly large distance.

The Champions League delivers more than 1,200 million euros, distributed as follows: 12 million for competing in the group stage plus 1.5 for each victory or 500 thousand euros for each draw.

The most striking matches of the knockout stages of the Champions League

If they qualify for the round of 16, the club receives an additional 5.5 million euros, in the quarter-finals they pocket 6 million more; Entering the semifinals he receives a fee of 7 million euros and if he is champion of the contest he gets 15 million, while if he is runner-up he is awarded 10.5 million euros.

That is, without a team he achieves a full of victories and manages to lift the ‘Orejona’ at the end of the championship, in total he would be taking 54.5 million euros of total prize.

Meanwhile, the Europa League distributes almost 400 million euros, delivered as follows: 2.4 million for playing the group stage plus a bonus of 360 thousand for victory or 120 thousand for a draw.

In the round of 32 you get 500 thousand euros more, in the round of 16 they pocket 750 thousand euros and in the quarterfinals the prize is one million euros.

Already in the decisive instances, in the semifinal 1.5 million are delivered and in the final 3.5 million are disbursed to the runner-up and 6.5 million millions of euros to the champion.

It means that if the winner of the Europa League manages to be victorious in each of their matches, they could win a maximum prize of 14.8 million euros, a difference of almost 40 million with respect to the Champions League.


London and Brussels acknowledge that it will be ″ very difficult ″ to overcome post-Brexit differences | The World | DW

Negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom to reach an agreement on their post-Brexit relationship on Thursday (12.17.2020) were on the verge of collapse, to the point that top leaders indicated that overcoming the differences “will be very difficult” and a Dialogue failure is “very likely”.

The president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, and the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, maintained a new telephone contact on Thursday night, and in that talk they admitted the difficulties.

“We are pleased with the substantial progress made on many issues” but “great differences remain to be bridged, particularly in fisheries” and “overcoming them will be very difficult,” Von der Leyen said in an official note.

Meanwhile, in a statement, Johnson’s office said that “it seems highly probable that an agreement will not be reached unless the position of the EU changes substantially.”

London: EU position on fisheries “is not reasonable”

According to the British government, the EU’s position on fisheries “is simply not reasonable”, and to reach an agreement Brussels would have to change its approach “significantly”.

In terms of fisheries, London “cannot accept a situation in which it would be the only sovereign country in the world without control of access to its own waters,” the government said.

Therefore, he added, the negotiations were in a “very serious situation.”

Despite the widespread pessimism, Von der Leyen and Johnson agreed that negotiations would be resumed this Friday.

Before the telephone contact, sources on both sides of the English Channel indicated that they would hardly try to review the discussions, but a European official confided to AFP that the solution to the fisheries issue “is really very difficult, and an agreement depends on that. “.

In a meeting with legislators, the main EU negotiator, Frenchman Michel Barnier, said on Thursday that closing an agreement this Friday was “difficult but possible”, on a day when the entire process came under pressure from the European Parliament.

In a statement, the political blocs in Parliament announced that they are ready to remain ready to analyze the eventual agreement before December 31, but only if an understanding is reached by the end of Sunday.

jc (afp, efe)


The different outfits between Meghan Markle and Catalina de Cambridge in times of COVID-19

Updated:18/12/2020 01: 00h


With the increasingly widespread coronavirus pandemic that has managed to almost completely paralyze several countries, there have been many celebrities who have wanted to contribute their grain of sand by promoting messages of hope in these uncertain times. To this initiative, the royals have not been an exception, especially the Dukes of Cambridge, the Prince Guillermo (38 years old) and Catherine of Cambridge (38 years old), and the Sussexes, the Prince harry (36 years old) and his wife, Meghan Markle (39 years).

Of course, since the confinement was decreed a few months ago in the United Kingdom, and even before, Catherine of Cambridge had spoken to thank the work of the health workers and give encouragement to those most affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

On the other side of the world and after a hard « Megxit“Meghan Markle did precisely the same thing as the Duchess of Cambridge only in a” unique “way,” in her own way “, maintaining certain traditional gestures of the British Royal Household protocol.

A more ‘natural’ Catherine of Cambridge

Despite the differences that separated the siblings earlier this year, both Meghan and Catalina have sent the same message in recent weeks only from a different approach.

According to an interview with “Daily Express”, the British populist conservative tabloid, to Judi James, British author and expert in body language within communication, Prince William’s wife seems to have more self-confidence since Meghan and Harry are not part of the British Royal Family: «The Duchess’s confidence has increased since Meghan is not in royalty. Catalina never showed herself in such a natural way as we see her now. She was not as sure of herself as now. His expression often seemed hampered by a more formal style, evidently trained by the Royal Household. But this time we see it with much more ease, much more natural ».

James has analyzed two videos where both women are shown in their best position. Catherine of Cambridge and Meghan Markle succeeded in conveying their message of hope only with slight gestures that largely mark the differences between them. Not only in terms of their personalities, but also their status in British royalty: “Catherine uses her body language to sell her message, to persuade her audience. It is much more natural, use your hands. Show much more empathy, more smiling. He looks really happy». On the other hand, in the case of Prince Harry’s wife, the expert points out that “through facial gestures, and the emphasis on certain vowels, Meghan tries to empower her royal credentials. As Catalina sits in front of the camera with a big smile. Meghan approaches from a frontal “passport photo” angle, something the woman used to use long ago. Queen isabel II to give a speech to the nation.

Meghan Markle: “Elegance of high status”

Margaret Thatcher – Michael Brockway

In addition to body language, James emphasizes how Meghan, despite not being subject to a demanding protocol by the British Royal House, still keeps certain standards in mind: “Meghan’s style of dress is more traditional and formal. We see her in a pink silk blouse. A garment with which Margaret Thatcher she would have looked comfortable in her garden with her hair pulled back instead of falling over her shoulders. “

The expert emphasizes how both try to enhance their message, but beyond transmitting hope. Meghan was firm in her position since, according to James, “in his message she is only sitting but with her head very high. As if looking at you over his shoulder. Taking into account the collar of her blouse and her hairstyle, Meghan tries to convey a high-status elegance». That unlike Prince Harry’s sister-in-law, ‘within the framework of the royal dress code, a more scruffy wardrobe. Cooler, more natural because of the way her hair rests on her shoulders. When we watch both interviews, we don’t look at whether one is covered in flowers or not, we look at their faces, how they express themselves, how effective they are in getting the message across. Catalina’s speech is powerful, she is strong, and with her body language, she conveys a feeling of freshness, of naturalness. Without putting much effort into her wardrobe as Meghan has done, “concluded the expert.

See them


Johnson and Von der Leyen give themselves more time to unravel the final ‘brexit’ negotiation

The probability of an agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom is higher after the telephone dialogue held this Saturday by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson with the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, led both to ask the negotiating teams headed by David Frost and Michel Barnier to meet again this Sunday.

Their joint communiqué notes that divergences persist in the same areas that have been mentioned for eight months: fishing, fair competition mechanisms and governance of the agreement. But Britain’s refusal to extend the transition deadline beyond December 31 means that, whether or not there is agreement on the future relationship, sweeping changes will take effect in 25 days.

The most visible transformation will affect the transport of goods. Through roads, trains and ports, trade gives EU countries a surplus of around € 100 billion with the UK, whose economy is stronger in services. The more than possible slowdown of the movement in customs will cause damage to both parties.


Dialogue to the end.

The European leader and the premier urge the delegations to meet this Sunday in Brussels

Lack of infrastructure.

Fear that perishable products will spoil in ports due to delays in procedures

If there is no agreement, the traffic jams will be greater because shipments in both directions will have to pay new duties. But they already seem inevitable because of the EU’s decision to apply customs controls from 1 January and because of the apparent lack of preparation on the British side to respond to the consequences of the decision taken in the 2016 referendum.

“We are very concerned”, says Ignacio Doménech, president of Agromark, a family business in Torre-Pacheco (Murcia), which exports half of its production (broccoli, cavolo nero, kale, …) to large supermarket chains in the United Kingdom , with a turnover of 44 million euros. That commercial relationship born in 1984 is now shaken by uncertainty.

Two customers load the product directly at the Agromark facilities, which in turn has created an import company in the United Kingdom to manage the transport and delivery to its destination for two other customers. In the round trip itinerary common to both operations, the existence of queues can affect the fresh product. If traffic jams are extensive, the circuit may run out of trucks.

His clients, large British companies, have informed Doménech that, although the public ambition is for the treaty to include the maintenance of a trade in goods without quotas or tariffs, they believe there will be customs tariffs. It has had to deposit 600,000 euros with the British Treasury as collateral to operate in the coming months.


London published in October the document that describes the operation of its customs in the first months of 2021, with special attention to the port of Dover, through which 10,000 trucks transit daily. It warns that “the requirements of the EU states will largely determine whether the flow of goods is disturbed.” But the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee said this week doubts about the level of preparation in your ports.

Exporters will have to electronically register customs, tariff or VAT declarations, in some new cases, to cross the English Channel. 45 information posts have been created at gas stations or truck parks and waiting areas to decongest the border. A highway line will be cleared for rapid transit of perishable goods such as fish.

Complication of procedures

The provisional regime for the entry of goods into the United Kingdom will allow to defer declarations and the payment of duties or VAT until June. Phytosanitary controls on food or live animals will also be delayed for six months. Carriers will have to obtain a certificate from a website to enter the Kent region, where Dover is located.

United Kingdom produces 61% of its food and imports about 50,000 million annually of the EU. It is a good business for Spain, whose food and beverage sector was, according to ICEX figures, the largest exporter in the first six months of this year, more than 2,500 million.

Manuel Perezcarro, secretary general of Froet, a federation of transport organizations and companies in Murcia, is also concerned. “The driver is going to have to run an office,” he says. He fears a revert to a licensing system for each trip. In a region with some of the largest refrigerated transport companies in Spain, with two thousand trucks, and the majority smaller, with perhaps five, some consider giving up the British island, already problematic in recent years due to the risk and cost of stowaways.

Michael Velasco, born in the United Kingdom, the son of a Republican exile, is president of Rodanto, a British company founded in 1952 by Canarian shareholders to import tomatoes. It introduced aubergine in the ‘British’ diet in 1960. It now has a new shareholding and is present in Murcia (Terra Agrícola), Italy and South Africa. “He believes that logistics will have problems that will affect groupage transport (various loads) more than full load transport, and also Spanish companies that do not have British headquarters.


these are the differences between Elon Musk and Steve Jobs

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, often reveals very practical work tricks career, but this time he wanted to share his thoughts about Steve Jobs, the creator of Apple, and Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and Space X. Both, along with Bill Gates, are considered two of the most successful entrepreneurs worldwide by have brilliant minds in which its capacity to process enormous amounts of information and efficiency in decision making stands out.

In an interview with Bloomberg, the mogul was put to the million dollar question: Will Elon Musk be considered the “next Steve Jobs?” It is true that your company has made many advances in recent times. However Gates believes that there is huge differences when it comes to work between the two businessmen. Gates has had the opportunity to meet and work with the major tech giants and notes, “Elon is more of a hands-on engineer. Steve was a genius in design, recruiting and marketing,” Gates said.

In fact, Musk stands out for his constant worry about work and its practical approach. In a 2017 interview, according to CNBC, Musk admitted that he spent nights in the same factory to try to solve the problems with your Tesla 3 machine. “I was at the factory at 2:00 am on a Sunday morning, helping diagnose calibration problems of the robot. I do everything I can, “he came to admit.

Jobs, for his part, had the gift of motivating his team. The current CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, told in his day how Jobs convinced him to join to the company: “The way he spoke and the way there was chemistry in the room, it was just him and me“According to Gates, the founder of Apple cast his spells and you could see how people were bewitched, as stated in an interview.

Gates differs with both

Despite this revelation, the Microsoft founder acknowledges that he has had differences with both. In fact, a few months ago, in the middle of the pandemic, Gates criticó a Musk after he described California’s pandemic orders to stay home from the spread of the virus as authoritarian. “He’s not very involved in vaccines. He makes a great electric car. And his rockets work well. So he’s allowed to say these things,” said Bill Gates.

In addition, the founder of Microsoft went so far as to say that “Steve Jobs is a rare person and a defective human being”, after the businessman said that “Bill Gates was a unimaginative man who has never invented anything. He just blatantly stole other people’s ideas. “Up to that point of harsh and painful statements came both leaders, though the relationship between them improved with the disease de Jobs.


Is it flu, cold or covid-19?

With the arrival of cold, the proliferation of colds, flu and bronchiolitis, especially among children, will complicate the task of doctors at the time of making diagnostics, because these diseases share symptoms with the covid-19, again on the rise in Europe.

Similar symptoms

Cough, nasal congestion, fever, headache and sore throat, diarrhea, tiredness … These symptoms they can manifest with a cold, flu and covid-19. To determine whether or not it is the latter, there is only one solution: the test PCR.

“If we have a cough, fever, pain in throat, breathing difficulties, it is best to consult a doctor and in case of doubt, undergo a PCR test so that we can isolate to the patient in a positive case, ”says Dr. Serge Smadja, from the French association SOS Medecins.

If there is not fever, it is more likely to be a cold. But there are also cases of covid without fever.

For the hypothesis of gripeIn addition to the classic symptoms (headache and muscle pain, dry cough, fatigue, chills) there is the fact that the fever (between 39 and 40º C) appears brutally, decreases towards the fourth day and rises again for three days. But a double contagion flu and covid.

A study published in early September in the Jama magazine, compared the symptoms of children hospitalized for flu and covid. In the second case, the most frequent symptoms were fever, diarrhea or vomiting, headaches, muscle and chest pain.

A clinical picture without fever but with cough, fatigue and breathing difficulties may correspond to asthma.

Finally the skin lesions, such as “pseudo-chilblains” and rashes, they can be clues of covid.

For the infections typical of winter the same measures apply prevention: hand washing, use of mask, physical distancing and ventilation of closed places.


Diarrhea is little habitual in case of flu or cold, although it is more frequent among children with flu. Instead, it can be a symptom of covid.

Between 15 and 30% of hospitalized children or examined in inquiries by covid-19 present digestive symptoms, such as diarrhea, making it difficult to distinguish from a viral gastroenteritis, according to the French Association of Ambulatory Pediatrics (Afpa).

Diarrhea can also be a symptom of alert of covid between old people.

Loss of smell

If they are noticed changes smell or taste, it may be covid. But “it is not enough”, according to pediatrician Fabienne Kochert, from Afpa, since this can also happen with gripes or colds, due to nasal congestion.

According to a European study published in the journal Rhinology, the alteration of gusto would be more important when it comes to covid than a cold, affecting especially the bitter taste but also the sweet.

Watch the children

Studies show that children are very unlikely to become seriously ill with covid and that when they infect, they often don’t have symptoms.

But at the same time, “those under the age of five develop between 5 and 8 times more diseases in winter than adults and older children, ”says Dr. Kochert.

In addition to the flu virus and rotavirus responsible for the gastroenteritis, in winter those of the cold (adenovirus, rhinovirus, the other four benign coronaviruses …) and the person responsible for the bronchiolitis, the respiratory syncytial virus, which mainly affects children under two years of age.

The flu shot

Authorities in several countries strongly recommend get vaccinated against the flu in this context of covid.

It is the case of United States, where the Academy of Pediatrics considers that it is a measure “more important than ever due to the coexistence of influenza and SARS-CoV-2”.

In France, the Academy of Medicine recommended strengthening the vaccination of the most vulnerable groups, like the elderly, with other pathologies, pregnant …