Head of Petropar in the focus of the storm: Deputy opens the door to interpellation

ASSUMPTION.- Liberal deputy Edgar Acosta pointed out that President Mario Abdo Benítez could not have been oblivious to the secret agreement hatched to give US $ 7 million of public money to Texos Oil and a group of lawyers.

“It is the political responsibility of the president of the republic, who must be the main interested party to be clarified. If an official of mine makes a secret agreement behind my back, because of that false information I would get it out, “Acosta told Radio UNO.

It focused on the president of Petropar, Denis Lichi, the share of responsibility in the secret agreement that was about to defraud the Paraguayan State.

Acosta described as imperative the action to be taken by the Attorney General’s Office regarding the case, which is now centralized in the president of Petropar.

“The Public Ministry had to initiate an investigation ex officio and it corresponds that they do so as representatives of society to clarify the facts,” he said.

Last week the Permanent Commission of Congress decided to send a request for a report to the presidency of the state oil company. In the event that this does not satisfy, according to the liberal parliamentarian, the interpellation of Denis Lichi will be a fact.



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Marian in Zamora, and Amor in London, a tandem of Zamorans who speak in the language of the Butterflies

A tandem of two women with much in common and separated by almost 2,000 kilometers, have carried out a project in the midst of a pandemic that has not been an impediment to actually being that, a great tandem in a common project marked by speech therapy, illustration and the desire to show that “impposible takes just a little bit longer”. Children continue to teach us a lot about everything and we must learn from them.

Two lives in two different countries and cities, but with a history of friendship and common projects involved that have come up with the realization of a book that has both montage and so much, since history without the images would not tell a lot and vice versa.

A story written by Marian Alonso García and illustrated and layout by Amor B. Benéitez Carretero knocks on the door in this

2021 as a star gift for children and not so much.

Without a doubt it will be another of the editions and projects of the people of Zamora that will go far.

Its authors are not still, one at home, in the capital and working as a speech therapist at the Recoletas Hospital and another in the diaspora, no less than in London and making their first forays into the world of being autonomous in another country, they are those who have created “The take off of the butterfly”, a children’s story that could be the moral of any grown-up story.

Amor is the illustrator and the person who, one fine day, fed up with exploitations to which millions of talented Spaniards are still subjected, took the “atillo” and after trying in Madrid and being exploited in several companies related to graphic design, her hobby and way of life, Love, had to choose and not throw in the towel was his fate, he went to London the city where he resides now, there is where with a future and with a view to realizing as a person he works doing many few that add up to a whole to live honorably and proudly of what he does.

At first, she worked at Zara London, but of course a lot of Spanish, little language learning, and a lot to continue learning but with a leap to her autonomy and her “let’s see how we get ahead.” She and her boyfriend have never lost touch with origins, but of course, growing up personally has these sacrifices.

On the other side, his partner in this adventure, Marian speech therapist in Recoletas, a woman who thought of making a story for children and that a friend illustrates it for about 2,000 kilometers away, has her that too, but nothing they can’t do new technologies and the desire to undertake.

They have managed to get Recoletas to buy them more than half of an edition of their book that deals with the following:

The take off of the butterfly:

It tells the story of a girl named Kimana who belongs to an Indian tribe, with learning disabilities, she realizes it and this saddens her, but with the help of her parents, the great sages of the tribe and a lot of effort, she manages to overcome them.
Not all of us learn the same, diversity is magic.
Impposible takes just a little bit longer.
The writer and speech therapist tells us that this story was written with the intention of giving visibility and normalizing the learning difficulties that many children have. “The child’s family and personal school environment is very important to overcome these difficulties and achieve success
in school life. “There are many studies that say that there are at least one or two children in every classroom with learning difficulties.

Amor made up his mind immediately:
“When he presented the project to me and told me about the difficulties of all these children, it seemed like a very nice project and I accepted immediately.
I made the illustrations with the intention that the reading of this book would be more accessible for this type of children since many times the visual information is acquired better than the written one and it helps them a lot to concentrate and learn easier.
They are illustrations with a lot of color to draw the attention of young readers “the illustrator tells us.

And now where to buy it, well in Amazon which is a solution that authors find for their projects. Soon we will surely have it in the bookstores of Zamora.



Tencent completes the purchase of Leyou Technologies, owner of Digital Extremes and Splash Damage

This summer we learned that several companies were interested in buying Leyou Technologies, owner of Digital Extremes, Splash Damage, Certain Affinity (of which it has 20% and option to buy after 2020), Athlon Games (publisher), Kingmaker and Radiance Games, that is, creators of Warframe, Dirty Bomb, Gears Tactics and collaborators in multiplayer aspects of Halo, Doom and Call of Duty. Tencent was the one with the most advanced of these conversations and the agreement is official. We remind you that the Chinese giant controls 11.5% of PUBG Corp., 40% of Epic Games and 100% of Riot Games, among other studios. In 2018 Leyou announced a collaboration between Athlon Games and Middle-earth Enterprises to develop a free game based on The Lord of the RingsThe Lord of the Rings-, a project that Amazon joined in 2019.

Several of the new teams, now owned by Tencent, have reassured fans about the possible changes this could bring. Digital Extremes has said about the purchase that one of its pillars is transparency and that with the purchase the creators of Warframe remain independent in creative aspects, no changes to your game or the way you work. In addition, they anticipate surprises for 2021.

Richard Jolly, co-founder of Splash Damage, has also expressed his satisfaction with the news and describes it as “a new phase for our studio, with an amazing catalog of ambitious games”. They will also continue to work independently, but hope to leverage the expertise of the Tencent family to create bigger games. “We will have much more to tell about all this next year.”

Other studies that are part of Tencent

The list of studies acquired by Tencent is extensive and includes, in addition to those mentioned, Funcom, Sharkmob, 80% of Grinding Gear Games, almost 84% of Supercell, 20% of Marvelous, more than 18% of iDreamSky, 5% of Century Huatong, almost the 18% from Netmarble, 15% from Glu Mobile, nearly 15% from Kakao, 9% from Frontier Developments, 5% from Activision Blizzard, Paradox Interactive and Ubisoft, plus other minority stakes in Yager Development and Miniclip. They also announced an investment in PlatinumGames to self-publish games, although it does not affect your independence.


Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro arrives in Peru

This launch reaffirms the commitment of both brands to bring to the local market the latest in innovation to provide users with the best smartphones with unique technology of its kind that allows, among other qualities, to go from a movie, television series, video recording, social networks to playing a video game, all at the same time, but without latency, since the device remains idle at 60 Hz and goes from 90 Hz to 144 Hz in its seven stages of automatic adjustment.

He Mi 10T Pro supports 8K, has a 108 MP quad camera with configuration of 13 MP ultra-wide angle, 5MP macro and 20 MP front camera It allows up to six fun long exposure modes such as: Long Exposure, Light Painting, Clone, Neon Trails, Starry Sky and Star Trails.

This equipment has a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, 5,000 mAh battery and with a fast charge of 33W, that facilitates daily work and have the same performance for more hours. Further, has the screen Sunlight 3.0, automatically improving the contrast of colors outdoors and, which, together with texture mode 3.0, simulates paper and provides eye protection.

This powerful team joins the recently introduced Mi 10T, which has a 64 MP quad camera, with a ultra angular de 13 MP and a 5MP macro, which stands out for its versatility when capturing images at any time.

We have closed the year in a very positive way. We launched the Mi 10T a few weeks ago and from day one it has been a sales success. We are proud and very satisfied with the achievements that we have been obtaining as a brand and today presenting this new team with Claro will allow us to reach many more Peruvians “ he pointed Tianshi Lv, General Director of Xiaomi Peru.

“We are happy to continue working hand in hand with Xiaomi to continue offering cutting-edge equipment added to coverage like Claro’s, which is reaching more and more parts of the country to continue connecting more Peruvians”, Indian Guillermo Malqui, Manager of Planning and Commercial Logistics of Claro Peru.

The new Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro is available in Claro, for more information regarding plans, prices and availability.


Opinion: 4 tips to optimize the work environment in the new normal

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2020 was a year of great challenges for the business ecosystem. Factors such as

In the Covid-19 pandemic, the adoption of work was adopted as a temporary measure that has been going on for more than 8 months in many cases and, it seems, will continue for much of next year. This new context meant a challenge for the work environment of many companies: How to continue with the sense of work belonging in a telework context?

Denia Calvo, People Success Manager of Proximity Peru, a company of intelligent technology solutions that are currently in search of the best Peruvian talent for their different areas of expertise (“Java”, “.NET”, “React Native”, QA engineers , among others), shares four recommendations for a company to optimize its work environment in a telework context with a view to 2021.

  1. DIGITIZE YOUR ACTIVITIES: It is important that companies develop activities that allow their collaborators to perceive that their experience working remotely is equal to or better than the physical modality. To do this, companies must adapt to activities such as virtual meetings that seek to strengthen ties in the team and highlight their achievements. To achieve this, game dynamics such as trivia, virtual Team Buildings or organizing a virtual breakfast or lunch can be implemented.
  2. TRAIN YOUR TEAM: Before Covid-19, workers’ attendance at talks was a constant that allowed them to improve their job performance. From the new normal, these actions must continue, adjusting to the virtual environment, since it increases efficiency at work and allows workers to perceive the interest of the company in their personal improvement.
  3. COMMUNICATE TRANSPARENTLY: The recent Organizational Climate study of Proximity Peru revealed that clear, efficient and transparent communication are key factors that allow employees to trust their companies more and feel more valued. To enjoy clear communication in your organization, make sure to send simple messages, avoiding technical terms so that it can be understood by the various areas of your company. Likewise, it is recommended that the company communicate through official company channels to avoid misunderstandings or rumors and to position the organization as the first source of information.
  4. GENERATES INTEREST FOR COLLABORATORS: During this year, physical conditions and stress increased as a result of the pandemic and confinement. Therefore, as an organization, it is important that actions are taken to demonstrate interest in the well-being of the worker. It is recommended to develop internal communication plans that include calls to employees to find out how they feel and how they can be supported if they are not in good health. These actions that are born from a genuine interest in the workers will increase the sense of belonging that the collaborators have in a company.

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Peñarroya values ​​the qualifying importance of the match against Darussafaka – Burgos News | – Burgos Digital Newspaper

| 21/12/2020 – 17: 40h.

The fourth day of the Basketball Champions League (BCL) will bring together Hereda San Pablo Burgos and Darüssafaka Tekfen at the Darüşşafaka Ayhan Şahenk Sports Hall in Istanbul, in a match that will begin tomorrow, Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. (8:00 p.m. local time) . The Burgos will try to add their first victory away from home in this group stage against a rival who visited the Coliseum on the last European day, in which Joan Peñarroya’s men took a resounding victory (100-70).

“I expect a different match, without a doubt,” pointed out the Hereda coach San Pablo Burgos in the preview of the clash that they will play in Turkey. “It is an important game at the qualifying level for them as well as for us,” Peñarroya highlighted, adding: “It is true that the victory here was very bulky, but I also think that, in quotation marks, it was fictitious. Although I think we were deserving victory and control the game, I think in the end the result was exaggerated. “

The Castilian team is aware that a rival “who has quality players” will be measured again, as it already demonstrated in the duel held in Burgos. The squad led by Selçuk Ernak has been reinforced since his time at the Coliseum with the incorporation of point guard Josh Magette, known in Spain for his time at Herbalife Gran Canaria, and who is a player who “gives them one more rotation in abroad and in the management position “, analyzed Joan Peñarroya.

Tomorrow will be a “difficult game playing in Turkey against a team with tradition”, for Hereda San Pablo Burgos, who travels from early Monday to Istanbul at the beginning of a few intense weeks of training and meetings in full parties Christmas. “We know what it has to do with combining two competitions, we are not going to complain about it,” stressed the coach, who spoke of the physical burden of the players, but above all, of the mental strength to face the next few days: “You have to be with a clear mind knowing that each game is very important. “

The possible victory in Turkey would give the Burgos team the possibility of establishing themselves in the leadership of the group and contesting the classification for the next round with greater guarantees. “We have to win an away game to depend on us and on Tuesday in Istanbul we have the first chance,” Peñarroya pointed out. Hereda San Pablo Burgos will look for the victory away from Darüssafaka Tekfen, tomorrow Tuesday, from 6:00 p.m.


La Nación / “Digital Story” culminated with a large participation of Paraguayan writers

On December 6, 1868, 6,000 Paraguayans resisted the attack of 12,000 Brazilian soldiers in defense of the Ytororó pass in what came to be called the Paraguayan Thermopylae. Since then, the legend of a child cruelly murdered and whose body was thrown into the stream runs through the area.

It was getting dark and the first drops were falling from a sky covered with gray clouds. He sped up and exceeded 100 kilometers per hour. He told himself that he would remain calm. However, in addition to the fact that he did not like to drive at night, this drizzle was now added, the one that leaves the asphalt as if it had been smeared with oil.

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Just a few minutes ago he was notified by phone that his wife, who went to organize some things for the weekend in the fifth they had in Paraguarí, had been admitted to a sanatorium after a strong respiratory attack and tested positive for the coronavirus . Although they told him he was stable and not to worry, he couldn’t help being stable.

He turned on the radio and the guarania that was playing left him thoughtful. He was going through South Access and was approaching the turnoff curve to the Military High School and the Bad Lands, in Ypané, a few blocks from the monument to the Battle of Ytororó, the first of the Pikysyry Campaign, during the War of the Triple Alliance.

After disembarking in San Antonio, led by the Duke of Caxias, the allied forces headed for the pass located over the Ytororó stream with the plan of surprising the Paraguayan rear guard stationed at the Lomas Valentinas barracks, in Villeta, which withdrew. until that point known as Itá Ybaté after the fall of the Humaitá fortress.

Aware of this strategy, Marshal Francisco S. López sent a regiment led by Bernardino Caballero to occupy the bridge, the epicenter of a valley surrounded by hills and a dense thicket. On December 6, 1868, the Brazilian troops, made up of about 12,000 men, attacked 6,000 Paraguayans sheltered at that strategic point. After being repelled three times, the invaders took the bridge, asserting their military and numerical superiority. Estimates of casualties vary so widely that some reach Homeric proportions. The most conservative estimates refer to some 1,800 Brazilians fallen compared to just over 1,100 Paraguayans.

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Monument to the battle of Ytotoró, in Ypané. Photo: Archive.

This combat was baptized as the Paraguayan Thermopylae, in reference to the episode of the Second Medical War in which the Greeks, vastly outnumbered by the Persian invaders, barricaded themselves in a narrow pass to confront the enemy.

Mixed with the historical data that he had frescoes in his memory, he began to remember the stories about the war that his great-grandmother, Ña Juana, told him, who in turn had heard them from her mother, Paulina, who lived in her own flesh when she was girl the ravages of the aftermath of the war. His entire family was originally from this town.

The stories of porra and other myths he heard as a child fascinated him so much that he was now investigating the ins and outs of the battles fought in his great-grandmother’s native Ypané.

When he was little and went to spend the holidays at his great-grandmother’s house, she always warned him that after lunch he should take a nap and not go out, because if he was running around there at that time of rest, he could get the pora del mitã ‘i soldier. According to legend, he lived in a cave under the Ytororó stream and did not like to hear noise during the hot hours of southern sleep.

-Aníke che memby ekarupa rire esẽ pérupi ekorre toll mbytére. Mitã’i soldadópe Ndogustai oñe annoys the oke aja (1) –he always warned him once he finished eating.

When it was cold, he sat around the brazier next to his great-grandmother to warm himself while she drank her mate and chewed her tobacco. On one of those evenings, she told him the legend of the mitã’i soldier.

Before beginning her narration, the old woman with the white horse and thick combs arranged the can with ash that was next to her, spat on it and leaned back in the wicker chair.

The mitã’i soldier, he told him, was a 10-year-old boy who suffered horrible torture and cruelly died at the hands of Brazilian soldiers, who then dumped his body into the riverbed.

-Oparire la Señorairõ, mitã’i soldier or made the isy ho’aha umi invader pópe. Oho ombyasuru pe ibayoneta peteĩ official ryére. Ho’a omanoite, but iñirũnguéra ojagarra mitã’ípe, ojoskua chupe peteĩ yvyramátare ha oinupã chupe hikuái omano meve. Upéi omombo hikuái hetekue ysyrýpe (2) –he narrated once.

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The monument was in repairs in 2018. Photo: Archive.

As she listened to the story, she couldn’t help staring at the glass pupil of her great-grandmother, whose left eye had been removed to ease the pain of glaucoma that had blinded her for the last twenty years of her life. He felt as if that artificial eye had a life of its own and was watching him with a grave expression.

Thus he was distracted in his thoughts when suddenly he heard the sound of drums like a student parade. Suddenly, he saw a boy disguised as a soldier with a bayonet in his hand crossing the road without looking. He shook off his torpor, slammed on the brakes, and slammed the wheel, but couldn’t avoid the collision. As a result of the abrupt maneuver, he lost control of the car, which circled several times before being pinned to the side of the road, near the bed of the stream.

The firefighters quickly arrived at the scene, assisted him immediately, and after providing first aid, they transferred him unconscious to the Trauma Hospital, where he spent several days in intensive care. When he finally woke up one morning in a common room in the hospital, he asked in a shaky voice.

-What happened to the boy?

-What a child? –Asked the nurse who attended him.

“The boy who went out onto the road and whom I ran over,” he replied.

-According to witnesses, there was no one else. They said you lost control of the car by yourself, there was no one else involved in the accident –he told him about that afternoon when it began to get dark and the drizzle left the asphalt as if it had been smeared with oil.

(1) After lunch, my son, don’t go running around in the middle of a nap. The child soldier does not like to be disturbed while he sleeps.

(2) After the battle, the child soldier saw that his mother fell into the hands of the Brazilians. He walked towards them and plunged his bayonet into the belly of an officer. He fell dead, but the others grabbed him, tied him to a tree and beat him to death. Then they threw his body into the stream.

Delivery of Registration Certificate to Camila Garcete

Camila Garcete is just 7 years old and has an incipient career in the world of the arts. NOriunda de Canindeyú, came to DINAPI to obtain the registration of her 4 stories, and today, with the support of Editorial Atlas, she has a printed story and Posted. n n # LalaLaConejitaPerdida

Posted by Dinapi Paraguay on Thursday, July 9, 2020

“},” type “:” oembed_response “}, {” _ id “:” DGOK5JVER5DN5OAQPSHAWQYCGY “,” additional_properties “: {},” content “:” “As a message he left for the children to spend more time reading, because through reading you learn many interesting things. Also for parents, that they support their children in something that will be useful in life, “said the talented little girl, who received copies of one of her stories, entitled” Lala, the lost bunny “, which was published by the Atlas Publisher. “,” type “:” text “}, {” _ id “:” HWWWXUSEAFBZJG66GF675HP3AI “,” additional_properties “: {},” content “:”It may interest you: The New Songbook in virtual conversations“,” type “:” text “}, {” _ id “:” XRSQAVB5HZEAHMHMG3DUQMW4EQ “,” additional_properties “: {},” content “:” “From Grupo Editorial Atlas we are very happy and grateful to Dinapi for allowing us to participate in this draft. Publishing a 7-year-old author is a rarity, such a young author ”, says Diego Manera, commercial director of the publishing house, which officially published the eight-page book on July 2nd.”, “Type”: “text “}],” credits “: {” by “:[{“image”:{“thumb”:null,”url”:””},”name”:”Carlos Gimenez”,”social_links”:[{“site”:”email”,”url”:”carlos.gimenez@gruponacion.com.py”}]}]}, “description”: {“basic”: “Originally from Canindeyú, Camila Garcete is the youngest author to certify her works, and has published“ Lala, la conejita perdida ”.”}, “display_date”: “2020 -07-13T19: 48: 19.732Z “,” headlines “: {” basic “:” 7-year-old writer posted stories in Dinapi: “Spend more time reading” “,” web “:” “},” promo_items “: {“basic”: {“_id”: “QNUVCHMJL5EMPE2WN4N5CTFSVA”, “additional_properties”: {“resizeUrl”: “http://thumbor-prod-us-east-1.photo.aws.arc.pub/lkKLC4lAuwDjr4eSqazn/KkcVM -anglerfish-arc2-prod-lanacionpy / public / QNUVCHMJL5EMPE2WN4N5CTFSVA.jpg “},” caption “:” Camila Garcete at the 2019 closing ceremony of the Philharmonic Association of Nueva Esperanza. Photo: Gentileza. “,” featured_image “: {” thumb ” : “https://www.lanacion.com.py/resizer/9ECf2XjUxWr8gTPNZ0CtItT2ufc=/120×0/smart/filters:format(jpg):quality(70)/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/lanacionpy /QNUVCHMJL5EMPE2WN4N5CTFSVA.jpg”,”url”:”https://www.lanacion.com.py/resizer/Ga84Rq6a495e7tlgS-XXsQKE26w=/1016×0/smart/filters:format(jp g): quality (70) /cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/lanacionpy/QNUVCHMJL5EMPE2WN4N5CTFSVA.jpg “},” height “: 1993,” resized_params “:[{“150×150”:{“thumb”:”/1eIZo6bnKROlIDCDf7KOh_-zWxE=smart/filters:format(jpg):quality(70)/”,”url”:”/LK6EL4PNPLxVDOKb5sWgl4dj_nI=smart/filters:format(jpg):quality(70)/”}},{“328×138”:{“thumb”:”/cFQHjqsaf6m2NteHxN0E86GP1aE=smart/filters:format(jpg):quality(70)/”,”url”:”/m50CV26y4WTqJ2xChxIJe-LShAU=smart/filters:format(jpg):quality(70)/”}},{“328×200”:{“thumb”:”/9Am9RlIiE7fmV4RMFsBgYJplGzc=smart/filters:format(jpg):quality(70)/”,”url”:”/qpRwQPKgrkYl6PmJEPk5OmNsiZQ=smart/filters:format(jpg):quality(70)/”}},{“328×250”:{“thumb”:”/zD7t0U-iQM5aNdHp6H-S1mmBGRY=smart/filters:format(jpg):quality(70)/”,”url”:”/NMLZJIIXqebrGUvSITuJ2IUmfkg=smart/filters:format(jpg):quality(70)/”}},{“328×360”:{“thumb”:”/2S4z179vpripimNQUyMky-TWraQ=smart/filters:format(jpg):quality(70)/”,”url”:”/09dHLd8dWbNOYqDeXEVxs_9yW84=smart/filters:format(jpg):quality(70)/”}},{“328×530”:{“thumb”:”/ryEktgi50z34FJpzXJDD7YiUI8o=smart/filters:format(jpg):quality(70)/”,”url”:”/8tlQT7DOUjqDyuKsvYRCFT_irmM=smart/filters:format(jpg):quality(70)/”}},{“330×220”:{“thumb”:”/J99lYD9_A-3AOPs5V6BlHgao-Ac=smart/filters:format(jpg):quality(70)/”,”url”:”/bWbWEDDy6c_H6nKiqDUXuHP_894=smart/filters:format(jpg):quality(70)/”}},{“450×575”:{“thumb”:”/o3UZbH_CVUchX00ZEQNwQOgvcCA=smart/filters:format(jpg):quality(70)/”,”url”:”/7LcukPjPCXjv79uGDZTQ2KIQ8DM=smart/filters:format(jpg):quality(70)/”}},{“672×448”:{“thumb”:”/J99lYD9_A-3AOPs5V6BlHgao-Ac=smart/filters:format(jpg):quality(70)/”,”url”:”/2WtnsZd8KBGPiN40KBTNIZBYfvM=smart/filters:format(jpg):quality(70)/”}}],”subtitle”:”Camila Garcete escritora artista”,”url”:”https://cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/lanacionpy/QNUVCHMJL5EMPE2WN4N5CTFSVA.jpg”,”width”:2759}},”subtype”:””,”taxonomy”:{“sites”:[{“_id”:”/espectaculo”,”name”:”Espectáculos”},{“_id”:”/destacado”,”name”:”Destacado”}],”tags”:[{“slug”:”camila-garcete”,”text”:”Camila Garcete”},{“slug”:”dinapi”,”text”:”Dinapi”},{“slug”:”escritora”,”text”:”escritora”},{“slug”:”autora”,”text”:”autora”},{“slug”:”libro”,”text”:”libro”},{“slug”:”cuento”,”text”:”cuento”},{“slug”:”literatura”,”text”:”literatura”}]}, “timeToRead”: 1, “website_url”: “https://www.lanacion.com.py/espectaculo/2020/07/13/esíbra-de-7-anos-registro- nosotros-en-dinapi-pasen -more-time-reading / “}],” count “: 12,” next “: 4},” expires “: 1608254663342,” lastModified “: 1608254363342}}}; .

“Asturias can become an engine for the digital economy”

It’s a machine Miguel Martínez Álvarez (Oviedo, 1985). Or rather it is a lucid mind capable of bringing out the best in machines. He has a career that impresses: computer engineer by the Oviedo University, PhD from Queen Mary University of London, co-founder and research director of Signal AI, advisor to the Global Disinformation Index, awarded as the Business Leader of Tomorrow in 2014 … The list is very long. He is an entrepreneur who sees further and who in 2009 decided to head to England to improve his English and do a doctorate. “Once in London I fell in love with a completely multicultural city where I met people from every imaginable country, each with a more interesting story than the last. After having lived all my life in Oviedo and at 23 years old, those months opened my eyes to new ideas ».

It was an adventure. He landed with the deadlines for scholarships and doctorates, but he still made a hole with Thomas Roelleke, who directed his thesis. A year later he got a scholarship and was able to attend conferences in China, the USA or Ireland. “Thanks to this, I was able to create a network of contacts in the research community that would be essential for my next adventure.” And that came when David Benigson contacted several researchers and began to work on a project to provide more and better information so that companies can make better decisions. Wesley Hall completed the trio and Signal AI was born. “What was a risky gamble at the time was the best decision I have made in my professional life,” he says. And he explains that the successful company maintains its initial idea: “We analyze in real time more than four million documents, including news, legislation or blogs worldwide. Our system is responsible for obtaining the data mentioned in each article automatically, so that our clients can understand how and when they are mentioned in the media, what changes are taking place in the sectors or what their competitors are doing. Basically, we enable our clients to detect business and reputational opportunities and risks on a global level.

It was founded in 2014. And from having three people working in a garage in North West London, it has become a company with 160 workers with offices in London, New York and Hong Kong, with thousands of clients including companies such as Deloitte, Telefónica, AIG or HSBC. They work with artificial intelligence and the future objective “is for Signal AI to become a digital strategic advisor capable of analyzing information about organizations in real time and suggesting actions based on the opportunities and risks identified automatically”.

In London he has lived a less strict confinement than the Spanish and with his company he has also worked to fight against the virus. “We launched a free system to receive news related to covid”, which has reached companies, NGOs and governments.

So, and despite longing for family, food and a coffee and a beer with friends, returning is very unlikely. Thus, it sees a future for the region with conditions: «Asturias can become an engine for the digital economy, but both the entrepreneurial fabric as well as the mentality and the imposed system of the institutions is, today, far behind in comparison with other Spanish and European regions ”.


Stowaway – Netflix creates high tension in space: with Toni Collette, Anna Kendrick

Netflix won’t run out of film stocks in the near future either. Now the streaming provider has the worldwide rights to the science fiction thriller announced for 2021 Stowaway secured, which was shot in 2019 in Bavaria Studios in Munich and MMC Studios in Cologne. Above all, what goes on in front of and behind the camera makes you sit up and take notice. On the director’s chair is Joe Penna, whose first feature film was invited to Cannes right away. Since then, things have been going uphill for the Brazilian. His well-received survival thriller only came out last year Arctic with Mads Mikkelsen (Star Wars: Rogue One, Hannibal) on the market, who tells of a crash survivor and his struggle in the frosty wasteland of the Arctic. Also a look at the cast, top-class cast with Toni Collette (Hereditary – The Legacy) and Anna Kendrick (Up in the Air, Pitch Perfect), gives us hope. You take on the roles of two astronauts on a two-year mission to Mars. On the way, the three members (the third in the group is Daniel Dae Kim Lost, Hellboy: Call of Darkness) found that there is a stowaway on board who was trapped during take-off and injured himself in the process.

Toni Collette (Hereditary) goes through hell again. © Splendid Film

Inadvertently, he causes severe damage to the ship’s supply system. This takes the already risky mission a dramatic turnaround, because the spaceship constantly loses oxygen after the accident, which puts the crew to a hard test. You are too far from Earth to be able to return. The supply bottleneck leads to a dispute between the on-board doctor, the biologist and the space ship commander. While the medic suggests a daring rescue operation, the other two crew members let themselves be guided by a deadly logic. Stowaway is announced for a premiere next year. But while it amounts to a pure streaming release internationally, the sci / fi thriller should also make it to the big screen in German-speaking countries and only then be available digitally.

The production team on the set. © Inspection / XYZ

Written on December 1st, 2020 by Torsten Schrader

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The fine that Barcelona must pay for Messi’s tribute to Maradona

BARCELONA. FC Barcelona will be sanctioned with a fine for the tribute that its star, Lionel Messi, dedicated on the pitch to his compatriot Diego Armando Maradona. Thus, in addition to the yellow warning that the forward received, the club will have to face a financial sanction.

The culé celebrated his team’s fourth goal during the league game that faced CA Osasuna, getting up and taking off his Barça shirt to show that of Newells Old Boys, the Argentine team in which Maradona played and in which Messi would love himself retire in the future, as a tribute after the death of someone who has been considered by many to be the best footballer in history.

The gesture, which was shared on the networks by the Argentine club, led to a yellow card for the player, as well as an economic sanction that can be raised up to 3,000 euros.

According to the regulations of the Spanish league, which is not the only one with these types of provisions, the footballer who “lifts his shirt and displays any kind of advertising, slogan, legend, acronyms, anagrams or drawings, whatever its contents or the purpose of the action will be punished, as the author of a serious offense, with a fine of up to 3,000 euros and a warning ”.

In Spain, these sanctions are always paid by the club to the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and are included in the bag that all teams have open with the RFEF itself, so it will be FC Barcelona who must take charge of the fine. Its payment is not immediate, but occurs at the end of the season when the amount of penalties that each entity has to pay is set.