THESE are the 3 BEST nostalgic SERIES to watch on Disney Plus this Sunday, April 4

To everyone’s surprise, the service of Disney Plus, was positioned as one of the preferred services of people, despite the fact that Netflix and Amazon they were at the forefront of this market. The answer is simple, the content it offers is original or appeals to nostalgia.

If we add to this that it has the franchise of Star Wars, the universe of Marvel, National Geographic and of course, all the animated movies that economically active people enjoyed as children and everything from Pixar. Isn’t that reason enough?

In this case we will present you the best “oldies” series that you can enjoy in the company of your family or your partner.

“Hanna Montana”

Who does not remember Miley Cyrus What Miley Stewart, the cute teenager with a normal life during the day, but at night she became the super pop star Hannah Montana. This show had brutal success in the mid-2000s and until 2011, when it ended.

“Boy Meets World” (Learning to live)

The dear Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) returns with all his school adventures alongside Topanga (Danielle Fishel), her older brother Eric (Will Friedle) and his best friend Shawn (Rider Strong). This series was not only fun, but it touched on serious topics such as divorce, child abuse, and underage alcoholism.

“X-Men: The Animated Series”

In a world where superhero movies have completely dominated the industry, it is necessary to go back a little bit to cartoons where the same emotion was experienced a few yesterdays ago. In this case we recommend “X-Men: The Animated Series”.

If you liked the world of mutants, headed by Cyclops, Wolverine O Storm, it is necessary that you return to enjoy their battles against Magneto and other mutants who seek to end the human race.



Marvel | “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier” | Erin Kellyman: We spoke with Karli Morgenthau, the potential villain of the MCU | Disney Plus | Falcon and the Winter Soldier

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier”Brings back superheroes Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, as well as the villain Zemo… But the latter will be the least headache for the protagonists in the face of the introduction of John Walker as Captain America, and the new antagonist Karli Morgenthau under the name of Flag-Smasher.

RPP News chatted with the british actress Erin Kellyman at a press conference. At 22, he has been part of two great film franchises: the famous “Star Wars” saga and Marvel Studios. However, in the series for Disney+ it has a much more mysterious role and with intentions that could be controversial.

“We’ve seen so little about her so far with just two episodes, I think whatever your opinion of her – whether she’s a villain or a good person – my advice would be to wait. Just wait and see how things develop, “admits the star of”The Falcon and The Winter Soldier”In response to this medium. “There is no 100 percent good or bad person, it’s really a mix and Karli is somewhere in the middle.”

In the first two episodes of “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier”We have seen Karli Morgenthau to be an anarchist leader of an anti-patriotic revolution that fights to return to the stability of the world before the Blip, that is, a planet made up of half the population. Even the fiction of Disney+ shows more lags of the Hulk snap in “Avengers: Endgame” than the movies and “WandaVision,” whose last episode premiered a few weeks ago.

“I think it will make a big impact [en el futuro del UCM]It was such a thing that happened to the world that 50 percent of the population simply disappeared. No one could really explain it. I think the whole premise of my character and what he’s fighting for is for the world to go back to how it was when 50 percent of the world’s population was gone, so [el impacto del Blip] appears a lot in the series “, he assures Erin Kellyman.

And asks not to misrepresent the actions of Karli Morgenthau: “You will see my character talk a lot about it and she is very passionate about it. But don’t be confused with wanting people to disappear, that’s not what you want. She wants the way society came together when they left, that’s what she’s trying to replicate and come back [a ese momento]”.

How much was it based on Karl Morgenthau from the comics?

“I didn’t focus too much on Karl Morgenthau, because I knew they would change him a bit obviously… I’m a woman now!” She jokes Erin Kellyman when consulted by RPP News in front of his peer in the comics of Marvel. Originally, the character also known as Flag-Smasher He comes from a privileged environment and fights for the freedom of the Earth against the world regime. In addition, he is a polyglot prepared to give good fists.

“I did research on the character specifically, I didn’t read the comics, but I looked at Karl himself and tried to get a little bit of stuff out, as well as the kind of person he was,” he says. “But then, honestly, I realized that the best way to do research was to talk to people on set and read the scripts to understand them that way.”

Finally, we ask Erin Kellyman what other casts of future movies or series would you like to integrate after your starring in “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier“: “If I had the opportunity ‘WandaVision‘It would be great… I really like it, it’s a great series. So yes, I will say that ”, indicates the possibility of a second season of history centered on Scarlet Witch.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier”, The new series of Marvel Studios, premieres its third episode this Friday, April 2 on the platform Disney+.


My favorite novel“: The great works of classical literature with the commentaries of the Nobel Prize Mario Vargas Llosa. An RPP production for all Spanish-speaking listeners.

The most famous story of Jack London takes place in Canada, in the middle of the gold rush, transmitting the beauty of the landscapes and its picturesque people. The protagonist of “White Fang” is a dog and with him we will live all kinds of adventures.


Disney’s new digital strategy – Disneyland stays closed longer – economy

Disneyland in California has been closed for a year now – and will continue to do so, although the theme park could reopen. That is part of the strategy: the group wants to restructure itself.

Of Jürgen Schmieder, Los Angeles

“The Happiest Place on Earth” is supposed to be Disneyland, the happiest place in the world. The Disney group has been marketing its first amusement park since 1955. But anyone who has ever been there will have noticed that it is above all a masterpiece of efficiency. Everything is connected to everything, every square centimeter is balanced for maximum utilization and thus maximum income – for example, no guest has to walk more than ten meters to the nearest trash can. Walt Disney himself determined this, just as he made sure that the trash cans were opened so that on the one hand the guests only need one hand to throw it away and on the other hand they neither see nor smell the other’s garbage.


When does Star Wars the Bad Batch premiere on Disney Plus?

Millennium Digital

Mexico City / 30.03.2021 12:13:48

Star Wars had its peak a few months ago, when The Mandalorian marked the agenda of fans of series and movies. Now, the beloved ‘Star Wars’ universe will have a new chapter with Star Wars: The Bad Batch, whose premiere is confirmed and will be exclusive by the platform of streaming Disney Plus.

This Tuesday morning, Star Wars and Disney revealed the official trailer for The Bad Batch, which lasts 2:04, where we see some of the aspects of the new television series and which has already begun to excite the most hardened fans in the universe.

“The members of Bad Batch, a unique squad of clones that vary genetically from their brethren in the Clone Army, each possessing an exceptional and unique ability that makes them extraordinarily effective soldiers and a formidable crew“says Star Wars at the foot of the video.

This production will give continuity to The clone Wars, which saw its end in season 7, broadcast via Disney Plus. You can watch the entire program with the subscription, as well as other content from Star Wars, What the movies of the main sagal and of course, the popular series The Mandalorian.

The new animated series of Star Wars has the executive produced by Dave Filoni, Athena Portillo, Brad Rau and Jennifer Corbett; plus Carrie Beck serving as co-executive producer and Josh Rimes serving as producer; Rau is also a supervising director and Corbett is a lead writer.

When it premieres ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’?

As they announced this Tuesday Star Wars: The Bad Batch It will premiere on May 4 with a 70-minute special, and will have new episodes every Friday starting May 7, just as they did with The Mandalorian, and as we saw in other original productions of Disney Plus with series of Marvel (WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier) and National Geographic (The Chosen of Glory).



[Video] Watch the official trailer for Star Wars: The Bad Batch



There is less and less for the debut of the new animated series of the Star Wars universe and we can finally know what it will bring us through the official trailer published this Tuesday. Star Wars: The Bad Batch presents a group of superior clone troopers after the events of the Clone Wars and will premiere with a special 70-minute chapter on May 4 and then go on to an episode every Friday starting from 7 of the same month, this exclusively on Disney +.



cast of Obi-Wan Kenobi series announced

In the series the actors of the films return. Filming will begin in April and the premiere is scheduled for October 2022 on Disney Plus.
The long-awaited series of the Star Wars universe already has a confirmed casting: Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen return to embody their characters as Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. The series, which will focus on the story of Jedi Obi Wan Kenobi and will be broadcast on Disney Plus, will begin shooting in April and the premiere is scheduled for October 2022.
The series will be directed by Deborah Chow, who also directed some chapters of The Mandalorian. Joby Harold is handling the rewriting of the scripts. It is also executive produced by Kathleen Kennedy, Michelle Rejwan, Deborah Chow and Ewan McGregor himself.
So far, what is known about the plot is that the story begins ten years after the terrible events at the end of Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith, in which Anakin Skywalker passes to the dark side at the hand of the Emperor. Palpatine, betraying his best friend and mentor Obi Wan Kenobi.
It will be possible to know what happened to Obi Wan during the years leading up to episode four of the saga and how Anakin started on the dark side. Joel Edgerton and Bonnie Piesse also join the cast to reprise Luke Skywalker’s uncles, Owen and Beru Lars. The rest of the cast is completed by Moses Ingram, Kumail Nanjiani, Rupert Friend, O’Shea Jackson Jr (Straight Outta Compton), Sunk Kang, Simone Kessell, and Benny Safdie.
The Jedi Order was falling apart. It will be interesting to take a character that we know in a way and show him dealing with the fact that all the Jedi were slaughtered with the end of Episode III. It’s something to get over, “said McGregor.


This is the episode of The Simpsons that was CENSORED by Disney Plus | VIDEO

Disney Plus is the platform that has generated the most fear of the king of streaming, Netflix, this due to the large amount of content it offers, such as the films and series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars or National Geographic, in addition to excellent content such as the iconic series that has become famous for its predictions: The Simpsons.

However, in these times and with the great debate about the “crystal generation” and the elimination of scenes and series with content that could generate some indignation for certain sectors, or that shows behaviors that may be somewhat sensitive, Disney Plus avoided any kind of confrontation and sharply eliminated some episodes.

In the bathroom

In the series of Matt Groening A lot of celebrities and personalities have appeared in some chapter of the life of The Simpsons in Springfield, however, one of the most controversial chapters was the one that the cartoon of Michael Jackson who is said to appear in the first chapter of the third chapter. season.

However, after the accusations of child abuse by the Neverland mansion duel took hold, Fox executives decided to withdraw this controversial episode from the season, so the platform of streaming from Walt Disney, He did not hesitate either and removed such a chapter from the schedule.

More predictions

The platform has as the first chapter of the third season, the episode of “Lisa goes to Washington” which was actually the second, so in Disney Plus it has one less chapter, in addition, the classic chapters are in a cropped format. panoramic so it is very likely that visually jokes or important details will be lost.

The change of the screen is something that has also been questioned since the original 4: 3 was modified to 16.9, which causes that somehow the scenes appear cropped and look strange, although the platform promised that they will soon modify this visual error. , the user will most likely end up modifying the format option they choose.

With information from Hobby Consoles



from the premiere of ‘Black Widow’ on Disney + to that of ‘Belgravia’, from the creator of ‘Downton Abbey’, on Movistar +

After sweeping the world with Downton Abbey, Julian Fellowes returns with a new historical fiction. The plot starts on the eve of the Battle of Waterloo. Charlotte Lennox, the Duchess of Richmond, organizes a ball in honor of the Duke of Wellington attended by the most prominent figures of the European aristocracy. The Trenchards, a lower-class family but now rubbing shoulders with the wealthiest of society, accept the invitation. Decades later, the events of the fateful night of June 15, 1815 still echo in London’s most chic district: Belgravia. It premieres on Movistar + on May 7.


Disney Plus movies and series for a vacation

The Easter holidays can seem long if we cannot go to the beach, in the face of the covid-19 pandemic. However, today we have many more options to have fun safely without going out. Are you going to have plenty of time at home? Do not worry, here we bring you series and movies that you will enjoy from home and that are in the catalog of Disney Plus.

What to see on Disney Plus during Easter?

The catalog of Disney Plus It is too extensive to be left without what to see, so some of these suggestions could be great for you.

Subscribe to watch Glee


One of the series recently added to Disney Plus could be a great option. Glee tells the story of a group of young people with great aspirations in music, but with the characteristic problems of adolescence. The best news for series fans is that the entire 6 seasons are on the platform. Without a doubt, the best option for many.

Subscribe to see Flora and Ulysses

Flora and Ulysses

One of the latest Disney productions is another excellent option. The story will take us to meet Flora, a 10-year-old girl who loves to read comics, who adopts a squirrel and calls her Ulysses. Soon after, the girl realizes that her pet has superhero powers.

Subscribe to watch The Mighty Ducks

The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers

Based on the successful series of films, known in Spanish as Los Campeones, The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers is a series that will premiere on March 26 exclusively on Disney Plus, just in time for Easter.


For some, Pixar characters are favorites, and luckily, this studio’s catalog is extensive on the Disney Plus platform. Do you want some suggestions? Here they are:

Subscribe to watch Soul


The latest big hit from Disney Plus is available to its subscribers. The film tells the story of Joe Gardner, a music teacher who manages to play with the best jazz club in town. However, he comes to the land of The Great Before, a place where souls are given personality, character, and interests before reaching the material world. Do you want to get ready for the Oscars? Because without a doubt, Soul will compete for Best Animated Film.

Subscribe to see United


Another recent production of Disney and Pixar es United, a film that embarks two teenage elf brothers on an odyssey around the world, with the aim of finding out if there is still any magic in it. Will they find it?

Subscribe to watch Pixar shorts

Pixar shorts

In addition to the extensive repertoire of classic Pixar films, we can also see some shorts for the ‘free moments’. From specials like Forky Asks to short reminders like Lava, Piper, Bao, or the Sparkshorts like Out, Fleet, Purl, Burrow, among others.

Subscribe to watch the full season of Wandavision


The acclaimed films and series of the Marvel Universe is available on Disney Plus. What’s a good vacation without a little action? Here are some suggestions from Marvel on the streaming platform.


One of Marvel’s latest hits is WandaVision. The Marvel Universe series tells the story after the events of Avengers: Endgame. The intention is not to spoil, but to invite you to immerse yourself in one of the latest series that became a trend for all the secrets, action and emotions it contains.

Subscribe to watch Falcon

Falcon and the Winter Soldier

If you thought that WandaVision was all that Marvel had to tell in series format, the answer is a resounding no. Falcon and The Winter Soldier will be available on March 19, so Easter will be an excellent opportunity to start watching the series. Here we will know the story of Bucky and Sam Wilson, who joined forces in the last moments of Avengers: Endgame. Starting March 19, something new will premiere every Friday.

Phase 1, 2 and 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Don’t you want to get uninformed to these series? You just have to go to the Marvel button and start wherever you want: either in premiere order or in chronological order, as both options are available.

Subscribe to see the complete Star Wars saga

Star Wars

The original adventures of George Lucas are poured into Disney Plus. Do you want to increase your horizons or get started in this Star Wars? Then you are in the right place.

Subscribe to watch The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian

The popular Disney Plus original series, The Mandalorian, it became a trend thanks to all the action it keeps without counting the appearance of the charismatic Grogu, aka Baby Yoda. At the moment, there are two seasons of the series. We warn you to try not to cry with the end of the second part.

All Star Wars movies

To relive the main saga of the franchise, what better than to see it in its entirety? In Disney Plus you can see from episode one to IX, so you will have entertainment. Will you finish seeing them before Easter ends?

Subscribe to watch The Chosen of Glory

National Geographic

Not everything is entertainment in Disney Plus, because you can also take a tour of the cultural section offered by National Geographic. Not sure where to start? Then this is for you:

Whale secrets

It is a series with a release date of April 22, so it is already available at Easter. In it, director James Cameron will show us how these majestic beings live. The series is an exclusive to the Disney Plus steraming platform.

The Chosen of Glory

If you want to know a little history, Los Chosen de la Gloria is the perfect series for you. In it, we will explore the beginnings of the United States space program, NASA, and meet 7 of the best test pilots in the army to become astronauts and head to space.

How much does the Disney Plus subscription cost and how many screens is it for?

To subscribe to Disney Plus, you have to go to their website and create an account. Next, you must choose your subscription plan: monthly for 159 Mexican pesos or annually for 1599. Once this is done, you must enter your email and follow the process to select your payment method.

Disney Plus allows up to 4 screens to simultaneously play content, and you can watch it from your smartphone, tablet, PC, Mac, Smart TV, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and countless other devices.


The Mandalorian: 10 Connections to The Rise of Skywalker | The Rise Of Skywalker | Disney Plus series nnda nnlt | FAME

The Mandalorian”, The original series of Disney Plus, takes place in the confines of the galaxy of Star Wars, six years after Boba Fett, a bounty hunter of Mandalorian descent, hunts down Han Solo in the sequel “The Empire Strikes Back” (“The Empire Strikes Back” in its original language).

This series created by Jon favreau, not only gave fans the chance to meet some iconic characters and elements of the franchise, but also to explore unexpected corners of the universe and meet new heroes and villains that would bring problems to the protagonists.

At the premiere of Episode 7 of The Mandalorian, to many it seemed as if it had something to do with the arrival of “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” to theaters. Yellow debuted with a unique Force power that would later be seen in the saga film Skywalker, inextricably linking the two epic pieces of the franchise Star Wars.

How much more of the flagship series of Disney Plus has he appeared in the movie so far? Turns out there are bits and pieces everywhere, because Jon favreau, David Filoni and the rest of the Lucasfilm Story Group have worked hard to connect it with all aspects of the Universe of Star Wars, including sequel trilogy.


10. The Healing Force

Grogu also uses Rey’s healing power (Photo: Disney Plus)

One of the skills of the Force more important than Yellow has shown in “The Mandalorian” is to help heal others, as when he healed the wound of Greef Karga and saved his life. Its streaming debut coincided with the release of “The Rise of Skywalker”, not only made it canon but gave the series and the movie a strong connection.

While healing the Force exists for some time in “Star Wars Legends”, is a power that has only been seen so far in the media produced for the Star Wars Universe for Disney. The characters that can play him so far have been Yellow, Rey Y Ben Solo.

9. Red Five

X Wing (Foto: Star Wars)
X Wing (Foto: Star Wars)

Fans of “Star Wars” rejoiced when they saw a X-wing familiar at the end of the season 2 of “The Mandalorian”. There was only one person flying Red Five at the time, and he had a green lightsaber, a black gloved hand, and a boyish haircut. That’s right, the hero and veteran of the franchise Luke Skywalker had come to save the day and train Yellow.

His famous starfighter would make another appearance decades later in “The Rise of Skywalker”, when like in the swamps of Dagobah, the Ala-X of Luke I was at the bottom of the sea in front of Ahch-To. This time, he could lift it himself, which he did to provide Rey a means to travel to Exegetically and defeat the Emperor once and for all.

8. Use of Force Sensitive Individuals for Regeneration of Palpatine

Palpatine revivió en “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” (Foto: Lucasfilm)

At the beginning of the series, The Client look for Yellow for its sensitivity to Force, looking to extract part of his ADN to use it in some mysterious experiment. The objective of Moff Gideon is very similar, and in the season 2 succeeds where the loyal Imperial failed, acquiring part of the ADN of Yellow for some nefarious purposes, which some fans believe can aid in the regeneration of the Emperor Palpatine.

The Sequel Trilogy already showed the First order abducting sensitive individuals Force What Finn to fill their ranks. Finn leads a ground assault against a Star Destroyer because he has a “feeling”, and his sensitivity to Force helps him strike a decisive blow against the fleet of the Final order.

7. Snoke and Palpatine’s Transfer of Consciousness

Snoke is killed in “The Last Jedi” by Kylo Ren (Photo: Star Wars / Lucasfilm)

In exchange for repairs in Snow, I send agrees to infiltrate an Imperial facility with Cara Dune Y Greef Karga, but what is supposed to be an old outpost is secretly a scientific facility. What they find makes it not an effort of the imagination to think that the experiments in the facilities are related to the events of “The Rise of Skywalker”.

They find a recording of the Dr. Pershing, who mentions the need for a blood donor who has a “high M count“, A reference to the midichlorians, the microscopic life forms that exist in all living cells that help facilitate communication with the Force.

That reference, when combined with the view of several cloning-like vats, indicates that this could be where the bodies were grown so that Palpatine will inhabit or control them, like the Supreme Leader Snoke.

6. Genetic engineering and cloning

Kuiil (Photo: Disney Plus)
Kuiil (Photo: Disney Plus)

When you first interact with Kuiil, I send discover that Ugnaught they had something to do with genetic engineering when you use the word “Beachcast” to describe Yellow. The way that Kuiil explains it, Yellow is “too ugly” to be a strandcast, but the use of the new term in the franchise of Star Wars points towards the continued use of cloning by Imperial dating back to the days of the “Clone Wars “.

In “The Rise of Skywalker”, Palpatine he has returned through an inventive use of cloning, though not for his own body. You have created various vessels for your consciousness to inhabit. Fans specifically know that Snoke it was a clone due to the number of clones of Snoke unused that are balanced in vats in Exegetically.

5. Yellow blaster beams

Yellow ray blasters (Photo: Lucasfilm)
Yellow ray blasters (Photo: Lucasfilm)

There have been a variety of blaster beams used in the franchise, with the most common colors being red and green, their hue provides the ability to distinguish friend from foe. In the second season of “The Mandalorian”, while they were on the planet Trask, Bo-Katan Y Because Reeves and his crew wear yellow rays, which seem to be unique and rare.

As they search for the path finder Sith in Mustafar, Kylo Ren fight among a crowd of pilgrims who protect the castle of Darth Vader, and the infantry of the First order behind him fires yellow blaster beams, perhaps indicating that 30 years after “The Mandalorian”, that tone is abundant.

4. Blue Butterflies and Ben Solo

Grogu, Ben Solo and the blue butterflies (Photo: Lucasfilm)
Grogu, Ben Solo and the blue butterflies (Photo: Lucasfilm)

When Yellow Y This Djarin they go to Tython, it is in the hope that the little user of the Force can use the sight stone to send a signal to any Jedi remaining in the galaxy. While Yellow he sits on the stone and appears to enter a trance-like meditative state, blue butterflies begin to surround him.

It is possible that an adept of the Force very important has approached him. “The Rise of Skywalker” introduces fans to Ben Solo after what Kylo Ren abandons his identity Sith and embrace the light side. In the movie it may be the only time Ben appears on the screen.

However, in a special episode of “Star Wars Roll Out” for the official channel of YouTube of Star Wars Kids, Ben Solo it is surrounded by blue butterflies. It is possible that at age 4 or 5, Ben Solo contacted Yellow through space and time, just like he did with Rey.

3. Galactic Laws and Droid Reprogramming

C-3PO rescheduling itself (Photo: Lucasfilm)
C-3PO rescheduling itself (Photo: Lucasfilm)

During the time of I send with Kuiil, the engineer is busy rewiring IG-11, a dangerous assassin droid who believes he will be a perfect domestic drone capable of keeping Yellow safe. He is able to reprogram the basic functions of IG-11 “Under the statutes of the New Republic”, implying that the new governing body needed to rewrite some of the galactic laws after the fall of the Empire.

There was already a precedent for governments dictating droid programming. In “The Rise of Skywalker”, the memory of C-3PO must be restarted before you can speak the language of the Sith. When the Empire was created, Palpatine ordered that no droid be allowed to speak the ancient language, and its programming was modified accordingly.

2. King’s hairstyle

Rey's hairstyle with three pigtails (Photo: Lucasfilm)
Rey’s hairstyle with three pigtails (Photo: Lucasfilm)

In the episode of the season 2 “The Siege”, in which I send Y Yellow they meet up with their old friends Greef Karga Y Cara Dune in Snow, Yellow is sent to spend time with some children in a school while I send takes a side job in exchange for repairs to his boat.

As Yellow adapts to the lesson, the humans around him react at various levels of maturity to the newest and greenest addition to his class. A girl sitting behind him wears her hair in the same three-bun hairstyle as Rey looks for “The Rise of Skywalker”, an appearance he hadn’t worn since “The Force Awakens”.

1. Mandalorian ships to the rescue

Mandalorian Fang Fighter (Foto: Star Wars)
Mandalorian Fang Fighter (Foto: Star Wars)

Although fans must have to wait until the season 3 To see the homeworld of the Mandalorian, they have been obtaining pieces of Mandalorian history from various characters in the series, such as La Armera, Bo-Katan, Moff Gideon and, of course, your own This Djarin.

Although Mandalorianos and the Jedi have a history of bloodshed with each other, when Lando Calrissian has to gather allies of the Resistance to fight the Final order, the Mandalorianos they answer the call. As can be seen in several shots, a Mandalorian Fang Fighter is among the thousands of ships that come to the aid of Poe Dameron and the Resistance fleet.