the passage of goods between Ireland and Northern Ireland may explode the agreement

Post Brexit in danger. The Northern Ireland protocol is the one that establishes the non-border and the conditions of customs passage between Ireland, the last European border, and Northern Ireland, British territory.

Ulster Prime Minister Arlene Foster decided to challenge in court the protocol signed with the European Union, the most sensitive part of Brexit, as “incompatible with the agreements of Good Friday and Act 1800 of the Union ”of the United Kingdom.

That means that the most delicate instrument that maintains Brexit and through which goods pass to Great Britain and Europe can fall. No one uses Calais or the other ports anymore. All trucks go to Ireland and from there to Great Britain, via Northern Ireland, which still remains in the European single market.

It all started with the vaccine war, when European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen activated Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol and imposed a hard border on the spot. He believed that the Astrazeneca and Pfizer vaccines passed through that border, which were missing from the EU and were going to Great Britain. It was not true, the diplomatic act was a mess and rectified. But the damage was done.

The democratic Protestant unionists, who exercise power in Northern Ireland, never believed in the Northern Ireland protocol, they were not even warned by the EU. They immediately demanded that Boris Johnson be repealed.

Simultaneously the Protestant Loyalist militias, who oppose the Protocol, reappeared on the edge and threatened truckers and customs officers. They were the protagonists of the religious civil war in the province against the Catholic Republicans for 30 years, with 3,000 dead.

El gesto de Von der Leyen woke up the worst demons of the civil war between Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland and it jeopardized the Good Friday Agreement, which protected it.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked the EU to relax some step measures and the Europeans refuse. Nor can crustaceans like oysters, lobsters, clams from Great Britain pass over to the mainland and fishermen melt.

The deal

Arlene Foster, the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, challenges the legality of Boris Johnson’s Northern Ireland Protocol, arguing that “Is incompatible with the agreement of Good Friday of 1998 and the Law of Union of 1800 ”.

Foster, along with leading MPs from the Democratic Unionist Party, will seek to overturn the protocol, which imposes controls on goods crossing the Irish Sea.

Unionists are furious about the necessary new regulatory and customs processes to bring goods to Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK, under the EU withdrawal agreement.

Lord Frost, the new Brexit minister, is in talks with the EU to ease some of the restrictions, having taken over the negotiations in place of Michael Gove. However, Brussels has made it clear that it will not accept any significant changes to the agreement, arguing that It is up to the UK to make the protocol work.

It has now emerged that food traders will face another layer of bureaucracy sending fresh processed meat, such as hot dogs, to the province. Britain got a six-month waiver from an EU-wide ban on importing such products from outside the bloc as part of a deal last December. However, now the merchants must present an export health certificate personalized. Despite this, such products could still face a total ban, when the exemption period ends in June.

Foster said that the Northern Ireland protocol clearly violated previous legislation. “Fundamental to the Act of Union is unrestricted trade across the UK“, He said. “At the center of the Belfast agreement was the principle of consent. Now they have brought a horse and a driver through the Union Accord and the Belfast Accord,” he said.

Irish politicians are concerned at the decision of the Protestant Prime Minister, in fragile Northern Ireland, where because of protocol supermarkets have empty shelves.

Colum Eastwood, leader of the nationalist and Catholic SDLP, called the legal action badly judged. He said it will “strengthen the feverish political climate and create more uncertainty for people and businesses.” “There will be few who sympathize with the argument that the protocol, which prevents a firm border in Ireland and guarantees dual market access for local businesses, violates the Good Friday agreement,” he said.

Micheal Martin, the Irish Prime Minister, has urged the DUP “to reduce rhetoric and work to resolve issues with the protocol”.



After Leaving Facebook and Supporting Signal, Elon Musk Leaves Twitter | Lifestyle

Elon Musk has a huge track record of success behind him from the early days of PayPal, or later Tesla, SpaceX and Hyperloop. All that has made him the richest man in the world and that influence is enforced permanently through the few channels through which it speaks: in this case, practically only Twitter.

In addition, the entrepreneur is one of those who does not cut himself when interacting with other users of the social network and, many of the news that reach the media about the products that their companies launch, have been known thanks to that verbal incontinence that leads you to respond before the press departments themselves to those who, surely, pay very good salaries.

He leaves “for a while”

The last message published by the Australian on the bird’s social network has been as brief as it is fulminant and it literally means that “Off Twitter for a while”. Just in case we could have doubts about the intention of those words, that text has been fixed in the profile, which does not make much sense since if it is going to be the last thing you write in many months (or years), it does not matter what anchor it or not to the top.

Be that as it may, Elon Musk is not suspected of leaving applications and social networks when he is not comfortable. He did so in the past when he deleted all his profiles (personal and company) from Facebook after the Cambridge Analytica scandal became known, and which pointed to those of Mark Zuckerberg as necessary accomplices in the mining, collection and use of hundreds of millions. of data for political campaigns such as those of Brexit or the election to the US presidency of Donald Trump.

Moreover, a few days ago, due to the mess with the new conditions of use of WhatsApp, Elon Musk openly recommended the use of Signal as an alternative to the application owned by Facebook, through a message on Twitter that triggered the number of downloads of this small app courier. Are you going to migrate to an alternative? Nobody knows, except that just 24 hours ago I was participating in ClubHouse, a social network whose comments are based on voice notes and which today is quite exclusive since, to access it, it is only possible to do so through a invitation.


DARK ANGELS (DE) *2021*, 22,50 €

In this 80-page hardcover Codex supplement you’ll find everything you need to start with your Dark Angels Hunt down the fallen, as well as exciting backgrounds and stunning artwork to inspire your collection.

This book contains:
– all about the story of the Dark Angels, their glorious rise and tragic fall, and the secret hunt that has driven them for ten thousand years
– a detailed description of the organization and iconography of the order
– A Dark Angels bestiary with a background to each unit and character model
– a gallery of stunningly painted Citadel miniatures
– Rules for units that are only available to the Dark Angels and their successor orders on 23 data sheets
– Combat options, the interromance psychic discipline, relics, and optional secondary objectives that illustrate the manner in which the Dark Angels wage war
– Unique crusade rules with new agendas, material requirements, combat characteristics, badges of honor and crusade relics of the Dark Angels, as well as rules for the hunt for the fallen
– and much more!

You will need a copy of Codex: Space Marines and the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook to use the rules in this Codex Supplement.


Xiaomi wants you to do sports at home with this smart abdominal wheel | Lifestyle

Xiaomi surprises us once again with one of those interesting products that appear almost every day in Youpin, a plataforma de crowdfunding de Xiaomi. Among the many accessories for daily life on the platform, there is no shortage of products dedicated to sports and wellness. On this occasion, it is an intelligent abdominal roller, becoming the perfect ally for the home and your workouts in times of COVID-19.

A smart abs roller from Xiaomi – perfect for home training

He Yesoul smart abs roller by Xiaomi YouPin have a width 168 mm and a “futuristic” design; made with quality materials and with a multilayer structure – in order to avoid deforming – the device allows both training the abdominal area and other muscles (thoracic, triceps and so on) thanks to the particular movement that will be made to perform the various exercises in the best way.

Xiaomi smart abdominal wheel YouPin

Have a 3 kg weight and a width of 178 millimeters to make it more stable, compared to traditional ones. It should be noted that it can withstand a volume of force of up to 250 kilograms.

It has a LCD screen from which you can view the progress of your training, the battery level, the status of the Bluetooth connection. It connects via Bluetooth, through it you can connect this smart wheel to your smartphone to track exercise, and you can even access an app with tons of exercise classes to motivate you.

Price and availability

The Yesoul abdominal roller, launched in Xiaomi YouPin, is in crowdfunded at an introductory price of 199 yuan, or 25 euros to current exchange rate. At the moment this accessory is only available in China, through the platform of the Asian company, although it is possible that we will soon see it on AliExpress and other similar platforms. but it is expected to soon reach Europe.


Businesses turn their backs on Donald Trump | Fortune

Since last week, when the still president of the United States, Donald Trump, instigated his followers to march on the Capitol, his brand and his fortune are in crisis. It is being rejected by some of the political donors who fed it, it has been banned from the technological platforms that have amplified its message, the banks that manage its finances have pointed out that it will no longer be welcome, as has the American golf industry that runs the business of his clubs.

It took his four years as president for most of those who were his corporate allies to turn against him now, when his pressure will not be able to bring about major changes in an administration that is hurrying its last days. However, although there is no longer time for major changes politically, there is time for economics, as your latest actions could have a major negative impact on your business. “As you walk out of the palace gates, you are burning the kingdom, but in doing so you are damaging your own brand,” brand specialist Sally Hogshead tells Bloomberg. The expert adds that there is a factor of shame for a greater percentage of the population than before when pointing out that they sympathize with the president.

In a few days, Trump has been shunned by Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Washington. Twitter and Facebook suspended his accounts on their platforms after his messages encouraged violence. Canadian e-commerce company Shopify closed the Republican candidate’s campaign tent.

Some of the banks that Trump and his family have worked with for years have also turned their backs on him. The most notorious case is that of Deutsche Bank, which has decided to refrain from continuing to do business with the politician and businessman, who owes the company more than 340 million dollars. The German bank is Trump’s most important lender, but the entity’s chief operating officer in the US, Christiana Riley, condemned the violence last week through a post on her LinkedIn profile. “We are proud of our Constitution and we support those who seek to ensure that the will of the people is respected with a peaceful transition,” he wrote. Deutsche Bank has yet to make an official statement, but it might be tired of the bad publicity of remaining associated with the Trump brand.

For its part, Signature Bank, an entity of which Ivanka Trump became part of the board of directors, assured that he is cutting ties while they pressure him to resign. The firm is closing two personal accounts in which Trump held $ 5.3 million, The New York Times reported Monday.

Democrats have launched another attempt to impeachmen, that would make Trump the only representative to have faced two impeachments. All of this has led even his favorite props to turn against him. The PGA, America’s premier men’s golf circuit, has said its board voted to end an agreement that the Trump-owned golf course in New Jersey would host the next championship. “It has become clear that holding the PGA Championship at Trump Bedminster would be detrimental to our brand,” he said. Jim Richerson, PGA President, via video release. The disagreements between Trump and the tournament, however, are not new, the organization has already decided not to celebrate its 2015 Golf Grand Slam at Trump National in Los Angeles when the president assured that Mexican immigrants include rapists.

The future of Trump’s business is not so bright, according to Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of HP who fought the president in the primaries in 2016. “His brand is toxic,” the executive told Bloomberg on Monday. “This will have real consequences for his business, even as he continues to have the support of some in the Republican party,” he continued.

Other brands such as Coca-Cola, Marriott, Morgan Stanley and AT&T have also assured that they will cease donations to members of the Republican party who do not recognize the victory of Joe Biden or who join the accusations of electoral fraud by the still president of the United States. .

In any case, Trump’s career is a story of ups and downs, and his brand could also come back stronger than ever, especially among the fervent supporters who stormed the Capitol. His associates say that there are still lucrative opportunities for him, for example, in the media, including a possible role in his own news channel or the publication of books. While it’s hard to imagine Trump coming back to the top after treacherous actions, brand strategist Rebecca Horan tells Bloomberg, “History shows us that we have a short memory.”


Apple wants all its iPhone 13 to arrive with LiDAR sensors | Smartphones

LiDAR is a term that we have become accustomed to in the last year and that refers to a device that, according to Wikipedia, “allows the distance from a laser emitter to an object or surface to be determined using a pulsed laser beam”. That is, by constantly sending these beams it is capable of map an entire area and digitize it for any subsequent use we want to do.

Thanks to this technology, for example, archaeologists have been able to rediscover new areas in excavations or, in the case of iPhones, all these advantages translate into greater precision when applying photographic effects or to immerse ourselves in virtual worlds thanks to an augmented reality that every day that passes offers more and better results in applications and video games of all kinds.

One sensor available for all models

The point is that, according to they report from DigiTimes, the policy that Apple has followed in 2020 with its LiDAR sensors is going to change substantially, allowing them to reach models that last year seemed banned forever. Thus, and unlike the iPhone 12, the future iPhone 13 will all have this technology, without distinction.

For that reason, the smartphones that hit stores this year will all have that little black circle that you can see in the opening image and that he will be in charge of carrying out all that scanning work of what is in front of him, which includes both the Mini and standard models, so it will not be an exclusive closed preserve of the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. phones that, if nothing exceptional happens, will hit stores at the end of next September.

iPad Pro with LiDAR sensors. Apple

According to the same information, lThe Cupertino people signed a contract with Sony to be the official supplier of these components and that expires in the year 2023, reason why until that date the supplies of the Japanese seem assured. It should be noted that the PlayStation brand is developing a new generation of these sensors that include a more precise “single photon avalanche diode array (SPAD)”. Remember that The first time Apple included one of these LiDAR sensors in its devices was in March last year, when they hit the market the new 12.9 and 11-inch iPad Pro models that began to be sold just after the coronavirus pandemic arrived in the West.


Will I have to carry a passport or DNI when I travel to London? Will I be able to do an Erasmus in British universities? And roaming?

ID card or passport? Do I have to apply for a visa? Is the driving license useful? Can I leave the use of mobile data activated? These are some of the rules that change and others that will remain the same as of January 1, 2021 in the relationship between Navarre and the United Kingdom.

Can I continue traveling with my DNI or do I have to carry a passport?
The DNI can continue to be used to travel between Spain and the United Kingdom until September 30, 2021. From October 1, it will be mandatory to travel with a passport.

If I live and work in London, can I stay in the UK?
Yes. The agreements reached guarantee residency for European citizens who have arrived in the United Kingdom until December 31, 2020 (the end of the transition period) and that of British citizens who on that date live in one of the 27 countries of the European Union.

Should I do any paperwork?
Yes, you have to apply for a residence document in the UK, but there is time until June 30, 2021. Those who have resided for five years will be given settled status; and those who have been less time, the pre-seated. Britons in the European Union will also need to register, but the necessary paperwork is set by each country.

What if I have a family?
The UK Withdrawal Agreement from the EU protects the children of residents, regardless of where and when they were born. It also guarantees the right to family reunification with spouses or registered partners, parents, grandparents, children or grandchildren.

Will I need a visa if I don’t live in London but have to go on business?
No. You can visit the country for periods of up to six months for tourism or business activities, such as attending conferences or work meetings.

What if I want to go to study or work?
As of January 1, the United Kingdom will implement a point-based migration system – which will give priority to citizens with specific skills – and a visa will be required to work. To study, also for stays of more than six months. In the case of obtaining a university degree in the United Kingdom, you can apply for a graduate visa, which allows you to stay in the country to work or seek employment for two years; three, in the case of having obtained a doctorate.

How does it affect Social Security?
The current situation of residents of an EU country and their family members in the UK is also guaranteed, so that they will neither be left unprotected nor face double quota imposition.

And to health?
Emergency health care continues to be covered for temporary stays of tourists, students or business people with the European health card. Whether to stay longer will depend on national legislation. The United Kingdom imposes a health surcharge on the issuance of visas for stays of more than six months, which is refundable in the case of cross-border students or workers.

Will I be able to request an Erasmus in London if I am a student?
No. The UK has decided to exit the Erasmus program. The British government has announced that it wants to create its own plan, to be called Turing – after the mathematician Alan Turing – for 35,000 students each year to go abroad, but not just to Europe.

Will roaming still work?
European law ceases to apply and UK companies are free to apply roaming charges to EU citizens. Neither does the Spanish have to offer it to the British, although some firms will continue to provide that service.

Do I have to pay duties if I have a company that exports to the UK?
No. The pacts provide that there will be zero tariffs and zero quotas.

Will it involve more paperwork?
Yes. Both blocks have committed to reducing paperwork to a minimum. However, the United Kingdom exits the single market, which means that products from both sides of the Canal will be subject to customs controls and formalities to comply with the safety and health standards required by the destination country.

Does the ‘Brexit’ affect air transport?
Yes. UK airlines will cease to be EU companies and will not enjoy the same traffic rights in the community space. The agreement guarantees these companies that they will be able to fly over European skies and move passengers or goods between a British city and another in the EU. However, they will not be able to unite two cities in one country (Barcelona-Madrid), nor in the EU (Barcelona-Paris) or unite three points (London-Paris-Barcelona). In addition, they lose the so-called fifth freedom by not being able to travel between a Member State and a third country (London-Barcelona-Beijing). Everything will have to be re-negotiated bilaterally with the Member States.

Will that affect Iberia or Vueling?
They both belong to the British group IAG, but have defended their Spanish passports. The European Commission had doubts that the majority of its capital was European, but it is up to Spain to ensure compliance with that provision. The Government has already guaranteed that both will continue to fly. Furthermore, the agreement introduces the creation of a bilateral commission that will be able to decide within a year whether to remove the requirement that there be a majority of EU shareholders to obtain a community license.


How to take a photo with the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 and put it as a sphere | Gadgets

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 It is the benchmark activity bracelet in the world of wearables due to its great capabilities, quality and price. Surely this Christmas, it will be one of the most repeated gifts in many homes around the world. If you have just released the bracelet, we will show how it is possible take a photo from the Mi Band 5 through our phone and put it as a sphere on the screen.

One of the capabilities of the Xiaomi bracelet is to be able to take photos without having to touch the mobile. Therefore, the first thing we will have to do is activate this control from the bracelet to be able to take photos from it. To do this, we open the app Mi Fit on the phone, we go to our profile and then locate the option Laboratory on the menu.

The next thing we have to do is enter Camera settings and follow the steps to link the bracelet with the mobile camera. Once this is done, we can now use the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 to shoot and take photos through the camera of our mobile phone.

Customize the dial of your Xiaomi Mi Band 5


The moment we want to take a photo from the bracelet, we have to go to menu of the smartband until you find the option Plus and then touch on the option Camera. This will show us an image with a trigger and shutter from where we can take the image. Of course, it is necessary that we have the camera app open on our mobile phone.

After taking the photo, it is possible to put it as the main sphere on the bracelet and customize it to our liking. For this, it is also necessary to use the Mi Fit app on our phone, although there are many other apps that offer the possibility of creating personalized backgrounds that we can later put as spheres or backgrounds on our Mi Band 5.

The simplest thing is to open Mi Fit on the phone and touch on the icon of our Profile shown in the lower right. Once inside, click on the bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 5 inside the My devices section. Next, we enter the Store option, where we will find a lot of different spheres for the bracelet. Now, if what we want is to establish the photo that we took previously, then we have to select the style of the Photo Watch Face section that we like the most to later, establish the color we want and choose custom background.

That is where we must choose the photo of the phone gallery and finally, just click on the Synchronize clock appearance option. This will make our photo appear as a sphere on the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 screen.


Discounts on toys: the countdown is coming to get the best gifts on Three Kings Day | Showcase

Every year on the night of January 5 it makes thousands of children prepare a glass of milk, polvorones, water … In each house a different offering is left, what is common to all is that the little ones take time to fall asleep, nervous about the arrival of Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar. After such an unusual year as 2020, start the new year with the illusionary faces of the little ones at home opening your gifts, it is an amazing experience. They must have already written the letter and you have a lot of toys on the list to satisfy their wishes. As always, we recommend that you do not leave it until the last minute, since every year, the most demanded toys end up running out the days before the King’s Night.

Although there is not much time left until the big night, you still have options. In THE COUNTRY Showcase we have wanted to gather the stores online where you can still buy toys and have them arrive in time for Twelfth Night. Best of all, all these options have discounts So that January does not become too uphill and enjoying a day of hope with the little ones is not a pain for the pocket.

The English Court

El Corte Inglés is the safe bet to buy Christmas gifts. Not only for its promotions, although that alone should convince you. Right now They have toys with up to 33% discount or up to 23% if you are looking for electronic toys. Also, when buying toys from the brand El Corte Inglés will be able to enjoy its 3×2 promotion. As if that were not enough, Shipping costs in toys they are free.

A wide variety of toys feature delivery or collection in The same day, so you can rush more in your purchases. And of course, you will have the El Corte Inglés money-back guarantee until January 15, so you’ll have plenty of time after the big day.

In addition, toys in high demand such as Baby Yoda, are still available in your catalog online.



If you are looking for a guarantee that your gifts will arrive on time, Amazon is the best option. Every day in their offers flash you will find discounts of up to 70%. And also, in the children’s toys section there are discounts of up to 50%.

And if you are looking like crazy for the singing doll from Frozen 2, we have good news. Yet you can buy it on Amazon and receive it with prime shipping. Also, some models are on sale.



In the big toy store you will be able to buy with irresistible discounts of up to half price. A direct discount on hundreds of items without a minimum purchase. LEGO, stuffed animals, dolls, costumes … And best of all, you can combine these discounts with a Exclusive promotional coupon of 3, 6 or 10 euros additional to your order. The more you spend, the greater the savings available.

Receive your purchase at home or at a nearby collection point without having to pay shipping costs when your order exceeds 40 euros. And if you need to change something, don’t worry, you will have a very long deadline. Until February 4, they will accept returns.


due attention

At outlet of Bebitus toys and gifts you can save up to 99%. Seriously, this is not a joke. It is the ideal place to give to the little ones who live their first Christmas. You’ll find Very varied stuffed animals, activity mats, dolls … And even toys for older boys and girls like LEGO, makeup kits, dolls …

He outlet from Bebitus will not be the only place where you will find promotions, In its Super Promos section you will be able to see all the store’s saving options. And if that wasn’t enough, you can get the free shipping if your purchase exceeds 65 euros. And the return? You will have until January 15 to return an item.



For fans of DC, Star Wars, Marvel or Harry Potter, giving away at Fnac is an ideal option. You will not only find toys from these universes, we recommend that you take a look at the entire catalog, you will surely find what you were looking for. And if you become a member of Fnac you will have a guaranteed discount on hundreds of items.


Cash Converters

The toys that you will find in Cash Converters have had a previous life, but you can filter by their condition: perfect condition, good condition or used. It is a way to save up to 30% and contribute to reuse. Further, all toys come with a two-year warranty, so you won’t have to worry about anything.



If you’re looking like crazy for a toy that you can’t find anywhere, eBay is sure to be there. You have a large selection of new toys with free shipping for a limited time, to make sure it arrives on time.

You can also buy by universes, such as Harry Potter, Star Wars or Playmobil of all kinds. If you buy you can save up to 53% on the best toys. And remember that eBay is also known for selling second-hand items, toys are no exception.



The toys that you will find in the Tutete offers section, they have direct discounts of up to 40%. If you want to make an original gift, we recommend that you see their catalog. There are gift options for all ages and you can receive it from free way exceeding 60 euros of purchase.


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Match preview: Chelsea host West Ham on matchday fourteen – naaju

Chelsea receives this Monday at 2:00 p.m. the visit of West Ham at Stamford Bridge during his fourteenth game in the Premier League.

Chelsea He wants to be victorious again in the match corresponding to the fourteenth day after suffering a defeat against Wolverhampton Wanderers in the previous match by a score of 2-1. Since the competition began, the hosts have won six of the 13 matches played so far in the Premier League, with 26 goals for and 14 against.

On the visitors’ side, West Ham had to settle for a 1-1 draw against Crystal Palace during the last match, so he will try to keep adding points to his leaderboard against Chelsea. To date, of the 13 games he has played West Ham in the Premier League, he has won six of them with a figure of 21 goals for and 16 against.

Focusing on performance as a home team, Chelsea They have achieved a balance of three wins, one loss and two draws in six home games, which shows that they are slipping points in their fiefdom, giving the visitors hope of achieving positive results. At home, West Ham They have a record of three wins, two losses and a draw in six games that they have played so far, so they are quite a strong opponent away from home that the hosts will have to face.

The two rivals have met before at home ChelseaIn fact, the numbers show 15 wins, five losses and five draws in favor of the home team. The last time they faced each other Chelsea and West Ham in this competition it was in July 2020 and the match ended with a 3-2 result in favor of West Ham.

Analyzing the situation of these teams in the Premier League qualifying table, we can see that the locals are above West Ham with a difference of one point. Chelsea He arrives at the meeting with 22 points in his locker and occupying the eighth place before the game. For their part, the visitors are in ninth position with 21 points.