Accept recommends the documentary of the band Siren, who got together to live their dream |

Germans Accept they have recommended the documentary I’m Too Old for This Sh*t! A Heavy Metal Fairy Taleby Nathan Mowery and produced by Chris Jericho, frontman of Fozzy and professional wrestler. It’s about the american band Siren, “Great Accept Followers”, which failed to achieve success during the eighties. 30 years later they found out that they still had a following and took a trip to Europe to play a festival in Germany and live their dream.


“Who likes heavy metal documentaries?

This movie (produced by Chris Jericho) is on sale for just $ 6.99 this weekend. You can see the trailer here:

In the early 80’s the Florida band Siren were big fans of Accept. After releasing a few demos and a couple of records, they finally broke up before the decade was out. 30 years later they found out they still had a following in Europe and unexpectedly got together to play a festival in Germany and live their dream, if only for a moment.

His once in a lifetime journey was captured in the new documentary, I’m Too Old for This Sh*t! A Heavy Metal Fairy Tale, which you can now pre-order on iTunes

Check it out ”.

🤘Who’s into Heavy Metal documentaries? 🤚

This movie (produced by Chris Jericho) is on sale for only $6.99 this weekend….

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Trailer released for Billie Eilish’s documentary Reveal secrets!

Yesterday, Friday December 18 Billie Eilish I celebrate having turned 19 years old and despite her youth, the singer has managed to become, thanks to her success, one of the biggest celebrities in music today.

So much so is the great popularity it has gained over the years that it even already has its own documentary film, entitled “Billie Eilish: The World’s A Little Blurry”, which will premiere in Apple TV+ next February 26, 2021.

This incredible documentary tells the story of the singer-songwriter’s evolution as she comes of age and rises to global stardom.

RJ Cutler is the production manager, who also offers a deeply intimate look at the teenager’s journey as she wrote, recorded and released her debut album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”

In the preview that was recently released you can see the young woman with her brother Finneas O’Connell, and her parents, Maggie Baird and Patrick O’Connell, all celebrating that she has obtained a driver’s license and on stage.

It is worth mentioning that this trailer It also includes photographs of the “Lovely” interpreter during her childhood.

As you may recall, Billie Eilish released her first studio album in 2019 and the album won the Grammy for album of the year and best pop vocal album.

While this 2020 has been a great year for the protagonist, who has been crowned as the most listened to female artist of the year ahead of Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa and Halsey.

No doubt Billie Eilish She burst into the musical world with her own imprint and a very varied style that, accompanied by her young age, surprised millions of people around the world and positioned her in a place of international relevance.

Unfortunately, during the first months of this year 2020, Eilish’s concerts were falling apart as the current virus became serious.

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The most significant of all was his world tour “Where Do We Go?”, For which he had planned to attend more than fifteen countries, including Argentina and was rescheduled for March 2021.

However, the pandemic was not a reason for excuses and Eilish She kept her voice and her status as a musical disruptor valid, so all her productions of the year surpassed one million visits on YouTube, the most resonant being “No Time To Die”, “my future” and the song “Therefore I Am”. which has been online for just over a month and already has more than 83 million views.

Yesterday to celebrate, she shared on her social networks a photograph of when she was very little, in addition, that she has received messages full of love, to begin with, from her brother, co-composer and producer Finneas O’Connell.

Finneas dedicated some very cute and emotional words to his little sister, along with a video of her playing the piano with composer Hans Zimmer, with whom the two worked on the theme for James Bond.

Happy 19th birthday Billie! It is the privilege of my life to be your brother, and making music with you is my greatest joy. I’ve been very lucky in unfortunate times, “wrote his older brother.

While, as expected, the singer shared this publication on her Instagram stories with the message: “I love you !!”

And his fans were not left behind, since with messages full of love and happiness that filled social networks.

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Billie Eilish reveals new sneak peek of the World’s a Little Burry

Billie Eilish reveals a new preview of her documentary “The world’s a Little Blurry”, scheduled to premiere in 2021, the singer will tell her story of life and fame for Apple TV.

Along with her brother, a piano and her voice, the singer became a musical phenomenon with only 17 years of age, now she enjoys GRAMMY nominations, millions of sales and viral songs like “Bad Guy”, “When the party’s over”, “Ocen Eyes”, among other. Billie Eilish It is not only synonymous with success, but also with youth and the struggle to adapt to fame at such a young age.

Through their official social networks, Billie Eilish shared a new preview of “The world’s a Little Burry”, the next documental de Apple TV directed by RJ Cutler scheduled for February next year. With an emoji, the singer invited her fans to discover the secret of her life after becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

The teaser of Billie He already registers more than 3 million views and thousands of comments from his fans, who can’t wait to see the feature film that will tell the story of his career, the full trailer will be revealed next Tuesday, December 15. For this project, the singer received income of 25 million dollars from the contract.


The recent teaser shows the funniest side of the singer, who appears in the middle of a studio and poses in front of the camera in an all-white outfit that highlights her characteristic neon green hair, Billie Eilish he smiles as one of his most popular songs plays in the background.

The documental de Apple TV will show the singer’s personal side, her family environment, as well as behind-the-scenes onstage and her career, it could also include her best performances with “bury a friend”, because in the background fans can be heard chanting the song in the middle of a concert.

The trailer The full length will be revealed on Tuesday, but fans will be able to check out the feature film until February 2021. How did you manage to deal with fame at just 17 years old? How did your life change by becoming a phenomenon? Fans will be able to discover all the secrets of the talented young green-haired girl.

Billie Eilish also lived a year full of successes and music, it was GRAMMY nominated, premiered songs and updated his personal playlist, know your favorite songs of 2020.


Criticism of Other Galaxies (Netflix): This would be extraterrestrial life

Other galaxies (Alien Worlds) is a mockumentary that is now available to watch on Netflix … And this is what you can expect from it!

It is one of the great questions that all humans have ever asked ourselves, although none of us are going to be able to live it (there is still a long way to go, but we believe it will happen). We are talking about that eternal question of what would extraterrestrial life be like. What will the living beings beyond our planet and our galactic system be like? We are not alone, that’s for sure. And projects like Other galaxies (Alien Worlds) make us dream of this.

Other galaxies is a falso documental de Netflix of a single installment (although it is classified as a documentary series) that imagines what life would be like far from Earth. He does so in the style of the famous work by Herbert George Wells, War of the Worlds, dropping the viewer that what he is seeing is real … Although it is difficult not to be skeptical of such a subject in a world like the one we currently live in. It may have worked in the past, but in the information age it’s kind of hard to believe.

So with the voice of Sophie Okonedo (Hellboy) as a backdrop and companion on this hectic journey, we let ourselves be carried away by the Science fiction purer, a dose of overflowing imagination vein that throws us into unexplored terrain and makes us truly question whether what we see is real or not. Obviously not, we insist on this, but everything is so well brought to the screen that we can only surrender and, for an instant, just for an instant, simply dream.

A combination of science fact and fiction with an irregular rhythm

The starting point of this mockumentary that has been called in Spain Other galaxies (and whose original title is Alien Worlds) is none other than the one we have mentioned in the previous paragraphs: answering that wonderful and disturbing question. But he does not do so by imagining alien life as we know from science fiction as Star Trek, Guardians of the Galaxy O Star Wars, among many other franchises. No. The key is to imagine it as realistically as possible, if there is room for this with such a theme.

We tell you four tricks to discover series and movies on Netflix that may be hidden.

Therefore, the mockumentary of Netflix which is already available on the streaming platform, plays to collect pre-existing data and give it volume, making us believe that it is real, but knowing that it is not. It is a tacit agreement between the audiovisual product and the viewer, but the reward is so great in the visual section that we soon leave behind skepticism and the thought of “this is ridiculous” to slip into a series of images that pierce our mind, drilling it little by little.

And it is that the production designs of Other galaxies it is, basically, one hundred percent of the project. We cannot imagine this mockumentary without that visual weaponry that it displays from the beginning, squeezing our imagination, penetrating our subconscious and forcing us to believe. The images created by the so-called Alien Worlds they could be real. They are not, but they could. And they have nothing to do with science fiction movies, because the base is radically different.

However, the mockumentary is a little half. The rhythm of the series is quite irregular, as is the combination of scientific facts and fiction, which have not quite reached a specific point. The narration does not help either, because far from being a support it is a distancing for the viewer, who only wants to continue seeing images to continue dreaming.

Is not that Other galaxies be a bad product, because it is not. But the end result does leave you somewhat unsatisfied by the feeling that what you have seen and what you have heard went their separate ways. Yet the pleasure of immersing yourself in images, production designs, aesthetics, and overflowing imagery of Alien Worlds it’s reason enough to give it a try.

If you decide to see it or have seen it, do not hesitate to leave a comment to know your opinion!


Other galaxies is dressed as a series of a single installment in the form of a “mockumentary” and gives us an audiovisual prodigy that imagines one of the greatest dreams of Humanity and science fiction lovers: what life could be like outside our planet .

The best

The overflowing imagination of production designs, which realizes the dreams of all lovers of ci-fi in the most realistic way possible.


The “mockumentary” format detracts from a cinematographic and technical value, despite adding a realistic touch. It remains half.


“Fireball”, the most recent documentary by Werner Herzog, comes to Apple TV – Culture

“Fireball: Visitors from Dark Worlds” is Werner Herzog’s new film that he co-directed with volcanologist Clive Oppenheimer. The duo explores the world of meteorites, stars and the fate of the universe in this documentary that premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and today arrives on Apple TV +.

With a filmography more than eclectic, the German director delivers a work as scientific as it is shamanic. With interviews with different people, from scientists to members of indigenous tribes, Herzog and Oppenheimer dive into the mysteries and complex world of meteorites; how contact with the land and societies cause changes in communities, spaces and landscapes.

The scientific rigor of the investigation is mixed with historical questions approached from the anthropological and philosophical, achieving a work of art that moves away from the television documentary that emulates an encyclopedia. “Of course, it was immediately clear that the film should not be educational. It is for that reason that we hate school and we hate teachers. And we are filmmakers, so there is a lot of humor in the film, and a lot of crazy things that you don’t usually hear in documentaries. It’s wonderful to be able to work that way, “Herzog himself explained in the virtual presentation of the documentary at the Canadian festival.

The greatness of a universe that is trying to be known, the mysteries of the immeasurable and the cultural resignification by humanity are the axes of the film, which reaches large audiences through the Apple platform.


Documentary on Queen Isabell II premieres this Sunday

National Geographic premieres this Sunday “Isabel II in the foreground”, an ambitious documentary on the Queen isabel II which tried to cover the impossible: an approach to the 68 years of his reign with unpublished material and other images so far little known.

Elizabeth II in the foreground“, directed by Tom Jennings, will be broadcast at 23:00 today through National Geographic. The documentary is made up of unpublished interviews with friends, confidants, private advisers and politicians of the Queen of United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, all through unpublished audios, videos and images of key and controversial moments in his reign, while the hidden side of the House of Windsor collides with the public life of the monarchy.

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I had exclusive access to archives while shaping the full story of Queen Elizabeth II, which is generally emphasized by stories of love and marriage – from abdication and Princess Margaret to the late Diana, Princess of Wales, and Princes William and Harry, “Jennings explains.

Using his characteristic first-person narrative style, the director of the documentary builds the entire story around the personal life of Isabel II, in the hope that this will give viewers an insight into the myriad of struggles and circumstances that shook the face of the british crown.

It is my hope that when viewers see the personal moments in which the Queen leads her people through historical and crucially important situations, they will have a clear picture of the myriad circumstances the monarch went through and the many struggles that they shook their dynasty, “he added.

With nearly seven decades at the helm of the British monarchy, Queen Elizabeth II has become the longest-lived monarch in Britain and with the longest reign in the history of the world, a period marked by historical moments – for better and for worse – and not exempt from controversial around the private life of the royal family.

Documentary on Queen Isabell II premieres this Sunday

The documentary has unpublished audios and images very little known until now. Photo: AP

In fact, the arrival of Elizabeth II to the throne in June 1953, at the scarce age of 27 years, was marked by controversy: the abdication to the throne of her uncle Edward VIII in 1936 put her father, George VI, as the new and unexpected king.

However, her sudden death in February 1953 represented the hasty ascent to the throne of Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, the full name of the British monarch, with great responsibilities suddenly on her shoulders.

Since then Elizabeth II has sworn to serve the Church of England and the Commonwealth (Commonwealth of Nations), made up of 54 independent and semi-independent sovereign countries that share historical ties with the United Kingdom and recognize the monarch as a symbolic head of state.

Almost 70 years later, this unprecedented approach to the life of the Queen of Great Britain occurs, at her most human side, beyond her public image as monarch, as well as the controversies that surrounded the life of the Windsors.

It should be said that “Elizabeth II in the foreground“It reaches the moment in history when the stage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex begins, a marriage that has starred in several of the most recent controversies of the British crown.


Apple to premiere a documentary about the Velvet Underground – Culture

Apple will play a documentary about the band ‘The Velvet Underground’ directed by filmmaker Todd Haynes, nominated for an Oscar for ‘Far from Heaven’ (2003).

“The Velvet Underground created a new sound that changed the world of music, cementing its place as one of the most revered bands in ‘rock’ n ‘roll,” the company said in a statement announcing that the film will be available at the Apple TV + catalog.

The film narrates how the band became a cultural emblem that, to this day, is an influence on popular music. In the documentary you will see the relationships that the members had from the close relationship between Lou Reed and Jhon Cale, Nico’s eccentricity and Andy Warhol’s inference in the band.

At the moment, the exact release date is unknown, although it seems that it will not be before 2021.


‘Between two lands’: a documentary explores the migratory duel of the Spanish living in London

Adriana Páramo (34 years old) left her native Vigo a decade ago and moved to London “because of the need to improve”. In all this time, she has studied film, has worked in the audiovisual sector, has made friends, has fallen in love … But Adriana still doesn’t feel like she is there. Nor does she feel that Galicia is her place when she returns to visit. Her feeling is always that of being “between two emotions, between two cultures, between two languages”, and this is how she explains it in the documentary Between two lands. The emotional challenges of living abroad, which she produces herself.

Along with this Galician woman, a score of Spanish emigrants, mostly millennials (born from 1980), relate their experience of living in London in this film directed by Javier Moreno Caballero and that since October 1 can be viewed online on the Vimeo On Demand platform.

Released for the first time in 2019 in London, the documentary has the participation of psychologists specialized in what is known as “migratory grief”, feelings associated with the experience of living outside your country. One of these professionals is Celia Arroyo, who already explained in this article for Verne the emotional stages that Spanish emigrants normally go through, whom he has been attending by video call since 2015 with his private clinic Augest. According to the INE, 2.6 million Spaniards reside abroad, of which 150,000 are in the UK.

It was precisely this article by the psychologist that motivated Moreno to create Between two lands. “I read it and I felt so identified that I decided that we should tell it. There are not many publications that tell of the experience of living outside as it is,” he tells Verne by phone Moreno (Madrid, 38 years old) from London, where he lives since 2010. Already in 2014, the young man from Madrid, who works as an audiovisual producer, created the web series Spaniards in London, which recounted the adventures and misadventures of four Spanish emigrants in the English capital.

The experience of living abroad is summed up in “gains and losses” because, as Arroyo explains, “not everything is a fairy tale, but it is not full of miseries either.” “There are television programs that have portrayed this experience abroad with a merely triumphalist vision, generating a lot of frustration for those who left and thought that everything would be like this when they arrived in that new country. There have also been other publications that have only focused on the negative side, “he says. And he adds: “In any case, living in a country other than ours can be complicated, but it also involves great learning in many aspects.”

Between two lands tells of the emotional process that involves leaving family and friends behind, missing them, realizing that life in Spain goes on without them, adapting to a different language, climate and culture … But the ” gains “from that experience: becoming more independent and decisive, learning a new language, discovering new vocations, making new friends, or even creating your own family outside your country of origin.

All the protagonists of the documentary agree on one thing: the adventure abroad always seems to have an “expiration date”. “But it is not always easy to make the decision to return, especially if you have gotten a good job in that other country. Leaving that economic stability to return to Spain, where it will not be so easy to get a job with the same remuneration, is a dilemma that many of us experience, “says Moreno.

For some, that expiration date has already arrived and they tell in the documentary what it was like to return to Spain, “another migration in itself.” “In these cases, what is known as reverse culture shock may occur, in which the young returnee experiences a difficulty in adapting because they are no longer the same person as the one who left and their environment perhaps not either,” Arroyo explains.

Hurry to return to Spain after the pandemic

Arroyo also collaborates with We return, a platform that facilitates the return of Spanish emigrants with advice on labor and emotional matters. “We have noticed how the pandemic has accelerated the desire to return of many emigrants, the situation is being very hard”, says the psychologist. “Lack of information or not being able to catch a plane and go home at any time, as before, increases anxiety about feeling trapped. On the other hand, social life is very important when you live abroad, so isolation social, which is also occurring in other countries, is affecting them a lot; and above all, the feeling of guilt for being away from the family, which already occurred under normal conditions, but is now exacerbated by the current situation, “he adds .

Moreno had begun to rethink his return before the pandemic hit. “But now as the economic situation in Spain is, I don’t think this is the time,” he says. You have also noticed how the job opportunities offered by the UK have decreased. “Unlike 2008, which mainly affected some countries, this is a global crisis and that is why I do not think that we will see an emigration of young Spaniards to other countries like that one.”

The victory of Brexit (the decision of the United Kingdom to cease to be a member of the European Union) in 2016 made the Spaniards who reside there feel “betrayed” or disappointed “, as the protagonists of the documentary say. Not only the uncertainty about the agreed departure from the UK – which is still immersed in disputes with your former European partners-, but also racist behaviors towards citizens of other nationalities who began to climb after the referendum, have aroused the doubts of many Spaniards about their permanence in the country, as is also reflected in Between two lands.

Arroyo adds that the current health crisis and the international news about Spain are reinforcing the stigma of “being Spanish”, which psychologically affects Spanish emigrants who are abroad. “Comments of the type What happens, that in your country you don’t wash your hands? The Don’t you have a good health system?“, says the psychologist, they can create discomfort that also increases the desire to return

Director of Between two lands He confesses that the documentary has been a great therapy for him and for the Spanish emigrants who have participated. “You may think that this only happens to you, but as soon as you share it, you realize that those feelings are part of the migratory grief and are normal,” says Moreno, who hopes that this documentary can help those who live or end returning from abroad as Arroyo’s article helped him.

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