Police seize arsenal and $ 6 million in glass after shooting in Juárez

The Municipal Public Security Secretariat announced the seizure of four long weapons with their respective chargers, two short weapons, 287 cartridges of different calibers and 26 glass packages weighing more than 27 kilos.

The corporation’s report indicates that a citizen reported to 911 that armed people were inside a home located in the Harmoni subdivision.

Upon arrival at the site, the elements were shot by a subject who was killed; In the confrontation a police officer was injured, the corporation said.

When conducting an inspection at the site, they found two suitcases in the back of the house, right at the intersection of San Antonio Norte and Teófilo Borunda streets, in the Misión de los Lagos subdivision, which apparently had been thrown by the deceased today. , which contained the following:

  • A .45 caliber pistol, with a magazine
  • A .40 caliber pistol, with a magazine
  • 4 long guns .223 caliber, all with a magazine
  • 24 glass packets wrapped in tan ribbon
  • 48 special .38 caliber useful cartridges
  • 14 useful .40 caliber cartridges
  • 12 useful .45 caliber cartridges
  • 72 useful .223 caliber cartridges
  • 141 useful cartridges caliber 7.62×39 millimeters

The Police pointed out that the insured drug has an estimated commercial value of 6 million 480 thousand pesos.

In addition, next to the man’s lifeless body, a 40-caliber pistol was found, which he allegedly used to attack the officers.

Three vehicles that were at said address were also insured, being a Chrysler Town Country pickup with Texas plates, Ford Focus with Texas plates and a Nissan Sentra with an American license.


Detainees with arsenal would participate in more than 16 homicides: Prosecutor

Adrián Alexis MV, 18, Alberto MA, 19, Carlos Iván BS, 24, Jesús Iván RA, 29, and Rubén MG, 36, were arrested in possession of several firearms, almost two thousand methamphetamine pills and glass. in the Melchor Ocampo neighborhood.

It should be noted that two of them, Adrián Alexis MV alias “El Mango” and Carlos Iván BS, alias “El Reportero”, already have an arrest warrant for their alleged participation in the murder of news anchor Arturo Alba, whom they killed “due to confusion” as indicated by Governor Javier Corral.

Nava confirmed that the latter belong to the criminal group “Artistas Asesinos” and they already have eight arrest warrants in process for them. In addition, the District Attorney said that they will seek to add to the sentences of the five more charges for their participation in different high-impact crimes.

It was shortly after 3:00 in the afternoon of November 10, at the intersection of General Juan Morales and Flora Lozano streets, that several individuals who were carrying firearms, upon noticing the police presence, tried to escape, so the elements used intelligence tactics to arrest and disarm them, managing to avoid a confrontation.

Ensuring the following:

-Six long rifle type weapons.
-Three short weapons.
– 900 thousand pills of methamphetamine known as fentanyl.
-Half kilo of the drug known as crystal.
-Ford Escape vehicle, white color.
-Grand Cherokee vehicle, dark color.


Among arsenal, “El 309” had a grenade launcher and 4 long weapons.

Cesár Ulises RJ alias “El 309” or “El Cabezón” was under arrest after intelligence operations in the vicinity of Del Valle Zaragoza in an operation of the State Investigation Agency of the strategic operations group with the support of elements of the Mexican Army, where in addition Four other people with significant arsenal were arrested.

The armed group had four long weapons, a grenade launcher, in addition to various grenades, including fragmentation grenades.

Likewise, they were carrying radio communication equipment, they were assured of a 2020 truck, two motorcycles, various amounts of drugs, tactical equipment and pixelated military-style garments, including bulletproof vests with the image of Osama Bin Laden.

Arturo EE, Jacinto Alonso CM both originally from Sinaloa, Luis Enrique UC from Parral and Roberto SG from Tabasco were also under arrest, notified the prosecutor César Augusto Peniche Espejel.


A member of “La Línea” fell with arsenal, tactical equipment and drugs

Elements of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat arrested a member of the criminal group “La Línea” identified as Julio CG, for his alleged responsibility in committing crimes against the federal law on firearms and explosives, which will be investigated for the crime of homicide, arms trafficking, drugs and people.

Through an anonymous complaint, they denounced a subject transporting weapons and drugs aboard a 2012 black Chevrolet Aveo vehicle in the Parajes de San Juan neighborhood.

They immediately implemented search operations and located the person named at the intersection of Narihua and Monte de Toledo streets, which is why the police stopped the driver due to security protocols and when they carried out a preventive inspection they found him inside the car the next:

31 useful cartridges caliber .40 millimeters

30 useful cartridges caliber .380 millimeters

70 useful cartridges caliber .9 millimeters

46 useful cartridges caliber 32 millimeters

A .9-millimeter caliber pistol, with a magazine stocked with nine useful cartridges

A .40-millimeter caliber pistol, with a magazine supplied with 12 useful cartridges

Eight plastic bags with marijuana in a mess weighing approximately one pound each

225 doses of cocaine powder

A plastic bag with the same chemical powder, drug to make approximately 225 doses

132 doses of heroin

A level III ballistic helmet

Two tactical vests

A liner for a tactical vest

· Two supplies with accessories

Four military-type uniforms

For the above, the alleged perpetrator identified as Julio CG, 52, was arrested for crimes against the federal law on firearms and explosives and crimes against health, likewise the one now detained at all times said that he belonged to the criminal gang “La Línea ”and that the firearms were carried for their protection by people, in addition to engaging in arms and drug trafficking, as well as illegally entering the United States.

Likewise, the now detained has a previous detention for crimes against health during 2019.

After reading the rights, the now detainee originated from the State of Mexico was consigned to the corresponding authority for his alleged responsibility in the commission of the aforementioned crimes and / or what may result, likewise the insured firearms will be analyzed by the authority corresponding to determine if they have been used in deaths due to criminal rivalries.


“The Thursday Crime Club”, the UK publishing phenomenon

  • British television presenter Richard Osman’s first novel is in its fourth edition in Spain

  • Steven Spielberg’s production company has bought the rights to take it to the movies

Some UK booksellers say they haven’t seen anything like this since JK Rowling published the first book in the Harry Potter saga 23 years ago. The Thursday Crime Club, the first novel by the British comedian and television host, Richard Osman, has become the publishing phenomenon of the moment in the UK.

“Don’t underestimate the talent of a group of grandparents” is the subtitle of a play starring Joyce, Ibrahim, Ron and Elizabeth, four retirees who come together to recover unsolved cases, thus honoring their beloved Agatha Christie. It is a humorous crime novel that “celebrates friendship” and “highlights the capabilities of older people.”

It started selling 45,000 copies in three days and 250,000 in less than a month. It has even managed to unseat on the list of the most purchased in the The Sunday Times to the new book Rowling, Troubled Blood, although Osman has joked on his Twitter account for not being able to launch My life in red and white, the long-awaited post from former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

The author, Richard Osman, Photo: @Penguin Books UKPenguin Books, UK

In Spain The Thursday Crime Club (published by the Espasa publishing house and translated by Claudia Conde) is in its fourth edition. Steven Spielberg’s production company has bought the rights to take it to the cinema and Osman has already revealed that there will be a second part.

At 49 years old, television continues to hijack a good part of his time, but he confesses that he dreams of writing novels for the rest of his life. At this time presents House of Games, a BBC contest that puts the culture of famous personalities in the UK to the test. Between program and program, he has spent a while …

What do you think is the secret of the success of your book?

I think it’s a combination of things. I think we all like to laugh, we all like to vent crying and also solve a crime. Sounds like a perfect weekend!

Can you imagine a sequel to your book in Spain? Club members flying to the Costa del Sol (Coast of Crime, as it is jokingly called in the UK) to help out there …

It’s a great idea! I can imagine them enjoying the sun, chasing criminals and drinking a lot of Rioja. I will have to fly there to document myself. A month in a nice villa by the sea, perhaps?

How do you feel about Brexit?

I think it is sad that we have chosen to turn our back on Europe. However, I hope we find a way to stay close. The British love Spain and the Spanish and I hope nothing changes this. Please remember how much we love you!

What do you think of your Prime Minister Boris Johnson?

Al menos no es Donald Trump.

What are your best memories of Spain?

My very happy holidays on the Costa Brava when I was a child. And very happy trips as an adult to Granada, Seville and Barcelona. But if there is something I cannot forget, it is when Atlético de Madrid beat my team – Fulham – in the final of the Europa League from 2010. I’m still not over it.

Given our dark times, is it especially difficult for you to be a comedian?

Comedy is so important right now! We all need to laugh and see how absurd the world is. There are so many boring people yelling their opinions and there are so many bad people trying to divide us. The rest of us should sit around a campfire and tell jokes from time to time.

How has confinement been for you? Is this book the fruit of him?

I finished the book just before the restrictions started, but I have been writing the sequel during lockdown. It’s kept me sane spending time with these characters that I love and sending them off on another adventure. I am so glad that this book has brought so much joy to people in this difficult year.


Europe gambles the future

The EU is in an extreme situation as all member countries are. The storm is perfect when adding a health crisis difficult to solve, the Brexi that reaches the end of the year without agreements, and great difficulties for the money agreed with so many efforts to reach the most affected countries. The uncertainty generated by a second uncontrolled wave is very considerable and all countries are going through difficulties of uncertain consequences that make them reluctant to face movements of capital as enormous as those that are foreseen.

European health is the sum of the different ones of each member country and the structures depend on each state. Although the EU cannot impose anything on any of the countries, it would be advisable to issue the necessary guidelines for the plan to be common. The fight against the pandemic from the unit would, without a doubt, work much better. It is as absurd that in Europe each country goes on its own as it is that in Spain each Autonomous Community has its own plan that is different from the others.

The position before Johnson’s erratic and phony government must be firm and resounding. EU leaders cannot back down from Johnson’s threats and bravado. Any inappropriate transfer could cause irreparable damage to the economies of European countries. Everything seems to indicate that the return of the British to the negotiating table is good news; Everything indicates that the possible change in the White House has made Johnson think better of it; But everything indicates that leaving the EU without an agreement is still an option.

It is absolutely necessary that movements in the EU be streamlined and flexible so that everything continues to help avoid reaching the extremes experienced during other pandemics and economic crises of monumental size. It is absolutely necessary that global agreements be reached to face the greatest economic and health problem of the last fifty years. And it is necessary to minimize the damage of Johnson’s populism. Europe is staking everything for everything.


Spain doesn’t deserve a tax storm

The economic decline that our country is suffering is already so cruel, it is leaving injuries and will leave consequences so deep that, more than ever, the General State Budgets should be planned for execution with the utmost care, with all precision possible: we cannot afford to fail.

And yet, it seems that we are going to do it with a bang. In the absence of solving, as has been confessed, “some pending fringe”, the government and its partners seem ready to unleash a real storm, a tax hurricane under the simulated proposal of basically going after the richest. But it won’t.

The fiscal sablazo, in which some cosmetic elements have been included, such as the prohibition of payments of more than 1,000 euros between professionals, will end up giving the finishing touch to a Spanish consumption capacity that is frankly decimated, given the effects on form of financial storm from the covid-19 crisis.

Precisely at a time when citizens are counting, euro by euro, the capital they have in their pockets, it does not seem reasonable that there is an effort reinforced to the extreme, on the part of the ‘Sánchez-Iglesias executive’, to pierce the battered family accounts of the punished middle classes. It is not that the exercise, for the moment on paper, is far from applying the criterion of rationality that the moment demands: it is that it will be harmful.

Fairly enough, no one will be able to accuse the president of the government of tolerating impassively that the part of the pandemic that touched us as a developed country has seeped into our borders, and that despite the huge gaps in health management that have undoubtedly caused an aggravation in the spread of the virus. But what can be reproached, and with plenty of motivation, is that, when the Spanish needed a helping hand to get ahead, what was thrown was the tax rope around their necks.


Not a step back from Johnson

Nobody knows if it will be possible to reach a trade agreement with the United Kingdom. The only thing that seems certain is that Johnson does not want to negotiate from clarity and honesty and that all possible obstacles appear day by day.

It is absolutely necessary that in the European Union no cracks appear in this final stretch. Boris Johnson, if there were cracks, would take advantage to force the situation much more causing problems that nobody knows what they could cause, what effects it would have on the economy. The firmness that has been shown from the EU is essential for the disaster to be less. We must not lose sight of the little loyalty of Johnson that breaches until what has already been signed. The Withdrawal Agreement that was reached is already useless. Do not lose sight of the fact that Johnson has warned the UK population to prepare for an abrupt exit from Europe.

The threats that come from Johnson’s office are numerous although they turn out to be bravado very typical of a populist politician who owes his electorate. If that continues, everything will remain an anecdote, but before politicians like Boris Johnson you have to be alert and firm. Johnson has problems in his country to maintain an acceptable popularity index and if Trump does not manage to renew his presidency, the scenario will be hostile for him and he could become a wounded beast. Be careful therefore.

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic is deadly in every way. Failing to stand firm in the face of Johnson’s crude and menacing policy could be, too.


What does the editorial that The New York Times published against Trump say – United States Elections 2020 – International

The New York Times newspaper published a harsh editorial on Friday against the president of the United States, Donald Trump, in which it says that the president’s re-election campaign means “The greatest threat to American democracy since World War II.”

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“Trump’s ruinous term has seriously damaged America at home and around the world. He has abused the power of his office and has denied the legitimacy of his political opponents, breaking the rules that have united the nation for generations, ”the text says.

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Donald Trump will contest the White House with Democrat Joe Biden.

The opinion piece states that the president has shown disregard for the lives and liberties of americans and points out that he is “a man unworthy of the position he occupies.”

In addition, the newspaper recalls that it has condemned the “divisive rhetoric of the president and his attacks on other” Americans. The Times also says that November 3, the day of the presidential elections, may be a “turning point.” “This is a choice about the future of the country and which path its citizens want to choose.”

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On the other hand, Trump traveled this Friday to Florida, a key state, and Georgia, an old Republican stronghold. Democrat Joe Biden, for his part, He spent the day in Michigan, a northern state that the Republican narrowly won in the 2016 election.

With AFP *

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The Editorial | Know the virus

Barranquilla, where the epidemic curve due to the virus has been declining for weeks, is one of the 8 Colombian capitals in which the National Institute of Health is carrying out a complete study of Covid-19 seroprevalence. This research project seeks to understand how the virus has behaved in the country, what is the percentage of the infected population and how much immunity it managed to develop in people who overcame the disease, identifying the antibodies generated in their bodies.

Starting tomorrow and for 10 days, a sample of 1,400 volunteers will undergo blood tests and nasopharyngeal swab to measure the real impact of the virus in Barranquilla and try to know, precisely, how people were exposed to it and if they produced a immune response, whether they were asymptomatic or had mild, moderate or severe symptoms.

The results of the study, which in the coming weeks will move to Medellín, Bogotá, Cúcuta, Cali, Bucaramanga and Villavicencio, after its first stop in Leticia, will be definitive to adopt future determinations on the virus that continues to circulate throughout the national territory , expanding to regions where it had not reached a higher incidence, and in which people with underlying diseases would be exposed to its lethality.

No one should forget that Covid-19 has already killed more than one million human beings around the planet since the beginning of 2020, although The Economist magazine estimates that global deaths would exceed 2 million due to the excess of unaccounted deaths of official way.

It is hard to believe that so many months of confinement and restrictions have taught us so little. Too many unconscious continue to underestimate the extent of the virus, assuming it does not kill because most cases are asymptomatic. We walk on a tightrope in which, at the slightest oversight, the price to pay will be very high. How about having to face a new confinement like the one that Madrid and 10 of its neighboring municipalities are experiencing today, in Spain, due to a second wave?

Seeing dozens of people escaping, as if they were criminals, from a pool hall in the San Felipe neighborhood, after the arrival of the Police and the Covid Patrol, because they were violating the District’s measures, reveals that their main concern is not contagion, but the fine that may be imposed. Citizens who show infinite contempt for their own well-being and that of their loved ones, not to mention the risk to which they expose their co-workers or the citizens with whom they share transportation on a daily basis.

Without a mask, in a closed space full of people, what is the guarantee of not getting infected? Resisting believing that the virus is still with us is not only useless, but harmful and counterproductive. Out of tiredness, selfishness or pure cynicism, many decided to convince themselves that the Covid disappeared, they are deceived and in the process end up becoming a walking threat, refusing to protect the most vulnerable against the virus: the elderly, the sick and people with limited resources.

Those who consider that the virus is a Chinese tale should stop to reflect on the lightness of their actions by appealing to common sense. Just review the facts: three of the biggest coronavirus deniers, Presidents Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro, as well as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, tested positive, rectifying their lack of judgment, after suffering the ravages of the disease. .

Without a doubt, the research carried out in Barranquilla by the indefatigable team of the National Institute of Health, headed by its director Marta Ospina, will be of great use. This unpredictable virus still raises too many questions for the immunization phase, especially now when the risk of a second outbreak seems imminent. What do you do to avoid it?