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Meaning: Small silver pendant carved in the shape of triskele, Celtic symbol par excellence.

Meaning: Small sterling Silver pendant carved in the shape of a triskelion, Celtic symbol par excellence.

Meaning: Pewter brooch with the symbol Triskele engraving, also called Triskellion or Trisquel.

Meaning: Pewter brooch with the Triskelion symbol engraved.

Meaning: Hair clip with typical Celtic interlacing and shamrock knots that recall the symbol of the triskele.

Meaning: Hairslide with typical Celtic woven lines and shamrock knots that recall the symbol of the triskele.

Meaning: Silver earrings in silver shaped and carved to reproduce the Triskele Celtic, also called Trisquel.

Meaning: Silver Earrings shaped and carved to reproduce the Celtic Triskele, also called Triskelion.

Ireland | Stained glass medallion with Triskele in Ethnos

Ireland | Stained glass Pendant with Triskele on Ethnos

Celtic Triskelion Buckle – also called Triskele

Buckle with Celtic Triskelion – also called Triskele

Irish Celtic Pendant with Triskele and circle

Irish Celtic Pendant with Triskele and circle

Meaning: Belt buckle with Triskele in relief, symbol of Love, Strength and Wisdom, also of union between Past, Present and Future.

Meaning: Belt Buckle with embossed a Triskele, a symbol of Love, Wisdom and Strength, but also the union of Present, Past and the Future.

He Triskele, also the Triskel (from the Greek tpισkελής “three-legged”), is a symbol in the form of three circular arches arranged radially symmetrically, open spirals, interlocking triangles, nodal patterns, human legs or other triple shapes …

The Triskele, also the Triskel (from Greek tpισkελής “three-legged”), is a symbol in the form of three radially symmetrically arranged circular arcs, open spirals, interlaced triangles, nodal patterns, human legs or other triple forms.

The interior is made of steel, the exterior has a Triskele represented, Celtic symbol of union between past, present and future, also of strength, love and wisdom.

The inside part is made of steel, on the front side is represented the Triskele, Celtic symbol of union between past, present and future, also of strength, love and wisdom.

Meaning: Earrings with Celtic knot, like a Triskele, symbol of love, strength and wisdom. TO KNOW MORE

Meaning: Celtic Pendant shaped as a Triskele, symbol of love, friendship and wisdom.

The inside of the lid and the top lines of the Triskele they are very polished.

The inside of the cap and the top lines of the Triskele are highly polished.

Celtic jewel with horse and Triskele

Celtic pendant with carved the Triskele

Pendant with Celtic Knot of Lugh


January 2021 – Editorial magazine Transporte Profesional

Trapped drivers: the auction of the “Covid year”

Farewell to “Covid year” It could not have been more disastrous for the sector, especially for our international drivers bound for the UK.

As if the penalties suffered during this pandemic were few, the appalling and late negotiations on the Brexit and the appearance of a new strain of Covid-19 in the South of England, they have come to complicate until almost disappearing, the right to the deserved rest of our drivers in the past Christmas dates and the beginning of the new year. And, as has happened on previous occasions (Suffice it to remember the border shielding at the 2019 G-7 summit in France, as well as the roadblocks by the CDRs)It does not seem that politicians, both those in the UK and the EU, have cared the least about the harsh conditions that thousands of drivers trapped at both borders have endured for days.

CETM asked our Government and the Ministry of Transport to exert the necessary pressure to put an end to the border restrictions …

Human dignity has been trampled to intolerable extremes. Without water, without food, without hygienic services, without attention of any kind, our professional drivers have not left their vehicles waiting for a solution that did not arrive, neither by the Spanish Government nor by the whole of the EU, through the Council, to get out of the mousetrap and be able to return as soon as possible to their places of origin.

The demand of the Gallic government of a PCR test to cross the border, made this infamous situation even more difficult.

It had to be the IRU, the International Road Transport Organization of which CETM is a part, who made a request to Brussels to guarantee the free transit of goods through the Green Lanes corridors (Green lines of free access) that have been running at the crossroads of the Trans-European Transport Network during the pandemic.

For its part, CETM asked our Government and the Ministry of Transport to exercise “The necessary pressure to put an end to the restrictions on the borders, in order to allow the flow of drivers and vehicles, without imposing measures that hinder circulation”, like the aforementioned tests. It is practically impossible, on the other hand, to assess the economic losses suffered as a result of the negligence and improvisation of our politicians.

However, the problems, the traffic jams, have not ended, because although an agreement is reached to extend the community licenses for a period of six months, in the negotiations that are held on Brexit, controls and kilometer queues will continue for a few more months.

At the national level, “Covid year” it has had many adverse effects. For months the pandemic has strangled the activity of our sector, because its consequences have had dire consequences on basic plots such as tourism, for example.

Except for essential needs for the population, such as health and food, in which the transport of goods by road has been overturned until the last breath so that the supply to our fellow citizens never lacked, it can well be said that our Government has not shown the slightest concern to create other industrial fabrics that will change our image as a country of services; and so it goes.

It has been palpably shown that freight transport is essential, indispensable, core and strategic, but also that it is not sufficiently valued by our institutions, not so by our society, which has realized its virtues.

After tough fights with the Administration and with our clients, Porters, we find ourselves holding meetings that claim to be of character “politician”, but the representation or the level of the interlocutors (with being important) seems to indicate that their tint is rather “technical”. Rotate the tripartite table (ask the shippers why), we can only fight with the Administration, in a year that is coming especially hard, despite the fact that, at last, we have the long-awaited vaccine.

And I assure you that it will not be easy bend the will of freight transport, who will fight tenaciously – as he always has – to achieve his objectives.

From these pages and on behalf of the Editorial Board, I wish you, dear readers, health and good luck. Happy New Year.

You can consult the printed version of the Professional Transport Magazine HERE


Valverde tried to do it in English

Some of the footballers of the national team used their social networks to start saying goodbye to 2020, a complicated year from every point of view.

Luis Suárez, Federico Valverde, Diego Laxalt, Lucas Torreira and José María Giménez sent Christmas greetings or simply published family photos, with messages of prosperity.

Valverde published a video on Twitter where he tries to say hello in English and has to repeat it several times.

Atlético Madrid striker Luis Suárez, along with his wife Sofía Balbi and children, heartily wished “a very Merry Christmas” to all his Instagram followers.

Valverde, a Real Madrid figure, and a fun video with his family.

Diego Laxalt, current Scottish Celtic player, published a photo with his partner and daughter.

Lucas Torreira, Atlético Madrid midfielder, also took a photo with the Christmas tree and posted it on his Instagram stories.

So did his teammate Josema Giménez wrote, who posted the following message: “United we will be able to overcome adversity and build a new year full of hope and prosperity.”

Soccer around the world was stopped for several months due to the coronavirus pandemic. The qualifying matches of the selection were posted from March to October for that reason and only four dates could be played: Uruguay beat Chile 2-1 and Colombia 3-0, and lost 4-2 to Ecuador and 2-0 with Brazil.

In the last game, an outbreak of covid-19 was generated and 12 footballers were infected: Matías Viña, Luis Suárez, Rodrigo Muñoz, Alexis Rolín, Diego Rossi, Lucas Torreira, Brian Rodríguez, Gabriel Neves, Diego Godín, Darwin Núñez, Yonatan Irrazabal and Nahitan Nández.


Zamoranos in London: “The English are not afraid of COVID”

The young Zamorana Sira de Ávila has lived in London for seven years. | Ceded

Confusion, uncertainty, fear and resignation. COVID and, especially the new strain that has just burst into the United Kingdom, has managed to ruffle that phlegm that the English wear so much, although without falling into alarmism. The four young Zamorans who emigrated to that island use these four states of mind to explain how the population is experiencing the detection of the new mutation of the virus that has put fear in the body of the Government of Boris Johnson, but “I think not to the population ”, he explains Isabel María Sánchez Martín, of Sayago Carbellino, settled in the county of Kent, “where the strain is right”. Nor can he specify if people are more scared, although “I think they are taking it more seriously”, but without losing their nerves because, “although they say that it is transmitted more quickly and easily, there is no proof that it is more lethal”. Without express prohibitions or fines, as in Spain, “people do a little what they want, although since Monday I have seen more with a mask,” adds this 30-year-old girl who has lived in Kent for eight, a Primary teacher in a public school.

“The situation is crazy, in companies the mask is not mandatory; and telework, nothing ”

Sira de Ávila Mayor – Journalist

Instead, her boyfriend, Jorge Blanco Peña, which comes from Torrefrades, also a primary school teacher, does observe more fear than when the government imposed total confinement. “At the school where I work, now the mask is used in common areas, and they recommend that you put it on to receive parents, there is more awareness.” People perceive that “the virus is here, they no longer see it only in the north, in my school several classes have had to close.” The 32-year-old believes that the increase in infections is related to primary institutes and schools, “many are forced not to close so that the parents of the students can go to work.” So much Isabel Maria as Jorge they believe that “nobody knows how to handle the situation, what the government is doing is not working.” And “you can’t do much either, resignation and wait,” concludes the Zamorano couple.

“I think nobody knows how to handle the situation, what the government does does not work”

Jorge Blanco Peña – Primary Teacher

“The English are not afraid of the virus”

“The rules are light, they do not prohibit, they recommend, it is not monitored and it is fined as in Spain”

Isabel M. Sánchez Martín – Primary Teacher

Sira of Avila Mayor, 35-year-old journalist and employed in a London office, affects “the confusion and uncertainty” of the English when facing COVID “because the Government has not followed a clear line”, as soon as he invites the population to take a normal life, like a week he asks “stay home if the situation worsens”, without express confinement. He reproaches the Executive of the “Tories” who “does not speak clearly, the economy prevails over public health and, as it is not compulsory, people do not wear a mask on the street or in many supermarkets”, public transport is saved. There are no strict rules to comply with under sanction, as in Spain, “here they are light.” Sira, who has lived in London for seven years, gives the company she works for as an example: “We don’t have a ventilation system, the windows are closed; and employees do not wear a mask in the office, only in common areas. Telework is not talked about ”. He describes “a crazy situation, the discomfort is very important, families with children feel very insecure”. Behind this laxity he believes there is the division of the Tory party: some more supporters of the economy; others, health.

“That people are not skeptical about the vaccine, it is safe, only phases have overlapped”

Elisa Ramos Sevillano – Biologist and researcher

Not far from that vision is that of the biologist from Zamora Elisa Ramos Sevillano, 37, researcher at University College London. He admits to having become aware of the use of the mask in Spain when he visited his family in the summer. Elisa, who works in the development of vaccines in a University laboratory where the specific immune response of patients who have passed COVID is evaluated, believes that citizens “are scared by the new strain” and clears doubts about the vaccine, “It has been a worldwide effort, it is the light at the end of the road.”


“The English league is tougher than I thought”

London, Dec 20 (dpa) – German international Timo Werner has admitted to having some adjustment problems in the English soccer league since leaving the German Bundesliga, the 24-year-old forward said in an interview with Sky Sport News.

“This is still not how I imagined it would be,” said the Chelsea footballer. “Of course, I have already shown that I can make a difference in the league. But there were also a couple games there about which I have to honestly say: nothing happened with me. The league is tougher than I thought,” he stressed.

Werner switched from Leipzig to London before the start of the new season for € 53 million (about $ 65 million) and has so far scored four goals in the 13 Premier League games he has played.

“I knew the Bundesliga very well, I could take time out in a match and I knew exactly when to step up my game again,” he explained. “But here the game is constant back and forth because the opponents are also brutally stable and have impressive physical training,” he said.

Werner lost twice in a row with his team recently and fell to the middle of the table before Monday’s game against West Ham United. However, the young German striker has not given up hope of winning the title.

“I definitely think we have a good chance to win the championship. Many other teams are struggling with this tough program,” he said and announced: “If we get back into shape and remain undefeated for several weeks then I’m sure we will have a chance to title”.

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## Editorial contacts – Author: Tobias Brinkmann (Hannover) – Editor: Claudia Palozzo (Hamburg) – Editor: Juan Garff (Buenos Aires)

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Gonzalo Plata would interest West Ham and Newcastle, according to the Portuguese and English press

The future of the Ecuadorian Gonzalo silver He would not be at Sporting de Lisboa, the club where he plays. According to the Portuguese press, there is interest in West Ham United, of the Premier League of England.

The newspaper Record from that country confirmed that in the summer transfer window there was already an interest of the ‘Hammers’ for the tricolor.

“The London club remains attentive to the extreme and, in January, plans to achieve his signing. Given the potential of the footballer, the club is asking for USD 23.87 million for the pass,” the newspaper published.

In addition, he would not have problems leaving, because in that position DT Rúben Amorim has several options in the squad.

Plata has not had so much space at the start of the 2020-2021 season, however his performances with the Ecuadorian National Team, in the last two double knockout dates, made the British show interest again.

But West Ham It would not be the only Premier team interested in the Ecuadorian. According to the newspaper Newcastel Read, Newcastle United it would also be behind the steps of the tricolor. He even anticipates that the negotiations are aimed at wearing his colors since January. Of course, the economic situation of the club is not favorable after the pandemic.

This same newspaper, in its digital version, also clarifies that not only Newcastle would be behind the tricolor.

“It has emerged that Newcastle could compete for the player with Leicester, West Ham and Brighton, who are also looking for Silver. Sporting Lisbon is prepared to allow them to leave the club on loan in January with a view to a permanent exchange of USD 28 million. in the summer “, published the British newspaper.


English put the ‘eye’ on Gonzalo Plata

After the outstanding performances he had Gonzalo silver, with the Ecuadorian team, at the start of the qualifying rounds at Qatar World Cup 2022, several clubs in England have been interested in the current player of the Sporting Lisbon.

Since Portugal claim that the West Ham and the Newcastle they have asked about the ‘Ecuadorian jewel’ 20, for whom they would be willing to pay the $ 24 million in which it would be valued.

Diary Record published this Monday, November 30, that the team that wishes to acquire the 100% from his pass shall cancel the clause of termination in the contract, which exceeds $ 70 million.

Toño Valencia left Ecuador “to have peace”

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The payment was unveiled the previous year in the South American Sub 20 from Chile, after being one of the figures who had the selection of Ecuador, which was consecrated as champion of that tournament. Later, the national attacker was listed in the world of the category, which occurred in Poland, where the Mini-Three was located in third position.

His official approach to the selection greater than Ecuador, it happened this year, in the duels of the playoffs al Qatar World Cup 2022, that occurred before Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia and Colombia.


Liverpool travel to Brighton in search of a solo English league lead

London, 26 Nov 2020 (AFP) -Reigning champion Liverpool has the chance to take the lead in the Premier League alone on Saturday in Brighton and move away from Tottenham, the other leader, who will play a London derby against Chelsea on Sunday. third classified.

After a “deserved” defeat against Atalanta in the Champions League, according to their coach Jürgen Klopp, Liverpool (2nd, 20 points) will want to react on Saturday (12:30 GMT) in Brighton (16th).

The Reds, could, however, have the head already in the match against Ajax on Tuesday, decisive for qualifying for the knockout stages of the Champions League.

On Sunday (16:30 GMT), the weekend game will face Chelsea (3rd, 18 points), for which everything is going smoothly after qualifying for the second round of the Champions League, with Tottenham (1st, 20 points), also fit at the top of the championship.

A new opportunity to meet again for two coaches Frank Lampard and José Mourinho, with a long relationship in the Blues.

Arsenal (12th, 13 points) and Manchester City (13th, 12 points) can move up the ranks in their respective meetings against Wolverhampton and Burnley.

Also struggling in the middle of the table, Manchester United (10th, 13 points) have a more complicated duel with their visit to Southampton (5th, 17 points), undefeated in the last seven days.

– Program of the 10th day of the English football league (GMT time):

– Friday, November 27

(20h00) Crystal Palace – Newcastle

– Saturday, November 28

(12h30) Brighton – Liverpool

(15h00) Manchester City – Burnley

(17h30) Everton – Leeds United

(20h00) West Brom – Sheffield United

– Sunday, November 29

(14h00) Southampton – Manchester United

(16h30) Chelsea – Tottenham

(19h15) Arsenal – Wolverhampton

– Monday, November 30

(17h30) Leicester – Fulham

(20h00) West Ham – Aston Villa

Classification: Pts JGNP bp bc dif

1. Tottenham 20 9 6 2 1 21 9 12

2. Liverpool 20 9 6 2 1 21 16 5

3. Chelsea 18 9 5 3 1 22 10 12

4. Leicester 18 9 6 0 3 18 12 6

5. Southampton 17 9 5 2 2 17 13 4

6. Everton 16 9 5 1 3 19 16 3

7. Aston Villa 15 8 5 0 3 19 11 8

8. West Ham 14 9 4 2 3 15 10 5

9. Wolverhampton 14 9 4 2 3 9 10 -1

10. Manchester United 13 8 4 1 3 13 14 -1

11. Crystal Palace 13 9 4 1 4 12 13 -1

12. Arsenal 13 9 4 1 4 9 10 -1

13. Manchester City 12 8 3 3 2 10 11 -1

14. Leeds United 11 9 3 2 4 14 17 -3

15. Newcastle 11 9 3 2 4 10 15 -5

16. Brighton 9 9 2 3 4 13 15 -2

17. Burnley 5 8 1 2 5 4 12 -8

18. Fulham 4 9 1 1 7 9 18 -9

19. West Brom 3 9 0 3 6 6 18 -12

20. Sheffield United 1 9 0 1 8 4 15 -11

ole / gr / psr






“Wilshere could have triumphed at Real Madrid or Barça”

The story of Jack Wilshere is that of a footballer who has not been able to fully squeeze his full potential because – in large part – of injuries. When he was still a child, the Englishman shared midfield with Cesc Fabregas, who at that time was the player who led the offensive ‘gunner’. Now 28 years old, he is without a team and looking for a project to rebuild his career.


Act. a las 19:30


Dani godoy

Indeed, Fabregas, the player who saw Wilshere’s eyes soaked with illusion when he was a teenager, has spoken about English. “Jack was incredibly talented, one of the most talented players I’ve ever played with. He was only 16 when he came to train for the first time with us and I was like, ‘Wow, this guy is good, strong and he’s fit. ‘It’s a great shame what happened to him. I’m sorry because he could have been an English football legend. “, Spanish tells in the ‘Daily Mail’.

West Ham has been Wilshere’s last experience so far. Fabregas also values ​​the acclimatization of him and a few other British players, had it not been for the misfortune of injuries in leading clubs in Europe (outside the Premier League).

“We always talk about how the British players would adapt to the European teams. I always believed that Jack was one of the few Englishmen who could have had a great impact on Real Madrid or Barça. Like Aaron Ramsey and Gareth Bale, these guys were talented and without injuries they could have done a lot more. “, adds the Monaco player. They are examples of some footballers that the ‘and yes …’ will haunt them for the rest of their days.

The world champion in 2010 He also analyzed the present of two of his former teams: Chelsea and Arsenal. Regarding the ‘blue’ team, the former Blaugrana player affirms that “he likes the team a lot. They have added a lot of quality, speed and creativity, something that was needed. They have also added the leadership of Thiago Silva. They should choose to win the league this season because I think they have the best team alongside Liverpool and Manchester City. “

For the ‘gunner’ club, Fabregas also has good words: “Arsenal have a new project, I think what Arteta is doing is beautiful. The players are fascinated by the way in which the training came and changed, the methodology, how he prepares the matches … It makes it easier for the team, to understand how to defend or attack. I like your ideas, everything I’m hearing is positive “, ended.


Red poppies: the homage of the English crown to its soldiers

Heroism, patriotism and some other much more controversial “isms” are those that lead a nation to be part of a war, those that give strength to soldiers in battle and those that make the soul of the dead be remembered forever. .

War has its mystique beyond the pain it causes and the unanimous desire for peace. In Europe, this mystique reaches its highest point in this month of November in which the Windsors lead, in London, the acts of Remembrance Day, or Day of Remembrance. Why on this date? Because on November 11, 1918 at 11 in the morning the Armistice that ended the First World War was signed. In other words, a date as cabalistic as 11-11-11, London time.

All of Britain comes together to remember those who fell in battle and also Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, all members of the Commonwealth, the community of nations that encompasses countries that once had ties to the United Kingdom.

And as there is no mystique without symbols that reinforce it, a flower, the red poppy, is the one that represents those dead and is the one that the living worship.

Poppies grow in the fields of Flanders

Between the crosses, row after row,

mark our graves. And in the sky

the larks, while singing boldly, fly.

They are barely heard by the sound of cannons.

We are the dead

A few days ago we lived, we felt the dawn,

we saw the glow of the sunset.

We loved and were loved.

Now we lie in the fields of Flanders.

Against the enemy continue our fight,

take the torch that our exhausted hands throw at you,

keep it up.

If they lack the faith of those who have died, we will never rest

Although poppies flourish in the fields of Flanders.

This poem was written by John McCrae in 1915 and it was not by chance. Mc Crae was a Canadian doctor and military man who had participated in the war in Flanders, in Belgium, during the First War. There a very dear friend had lost his life and, when later he went to visit his grave and those of other comrades, he noticed that, next to the crosses, thousands of red poppies had grown, just as in the battlefields of France , during the Napoleonic wars. This vision inspired him to write this poem that was published on December 8, 1915 under the name In Flanders Fields (In Flanders Fields). Mc Crae passed away shortly after but his words were not forgotten. The poem had caused a great impact and the poppy began to be seen as a symbol of glorious death and rebirth, as the very image of resilience.

And, in this case, a scientific basis supports the myth: some projectiles have lime in their composition and, where they fall, they kill the roots and the crops die. All except the poppies, which are favored by a certain dose of lime. And they grow by the thousands and with their bright red color, like the blood shed by soldiers. This scientific support, which serves to reassure those who need to find an explanation for everything, has nothing to do with the fact that the poppy has transcended to this day as a symbol of war.

Rather, that was due to a marketing strategy. In 1920, after the war, an American teacher read the poem and adopted the use of the poppy on her lapel but, in addition, it occurred to her to make poppies in red silk to sell and, with that money, help the ex-combatants who had returned crippled. This idea soon became popular in France and England, where it has remained to this day.

In fact, Camila, the Duchess of Cornwall and heir consort to the throne, is the patron of The Poppy Factory (Poppy is poppy in English), a non-governmental organization that helps veterans of wars to insert themselves into society for work. As patron of this institution and on behalf of the Crown, Camila attended, on November 4, the Field of Remembrance, next to Westminster Abbey, to pay her tribute. He wore, of course, a jewel-poppy on his lapel and a chinstrap that another NGO sells to raise funds, also with poppies in the design of the fabric.

This act was the beginning of a series of celebrations that end the Day of Remembrance, or Armistice Day and in which tribute is paid to those who died in all the wars in which Great Britain has participated and also to the veterans of those wars . Throughout the week leading up to November 11, members of the royal household wear a poppy on their lapels. This year, of course, everything was different since the health crisis forced them to be carried out with a small number of people.

The presence of the queen was not expected in any of them. But Isabel II, 94 young years, always surprises. Despite the pandemic and the fact that it was not on the agenda, one afternoon, he escaped from the palace to pay homage, in privacy, to those who gave their lives in battle and visited, with the sole presence of his aide, the bishop and from the court photographer, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, in Westminster Abbey. The images that circulated allowed us to see the queen with a chinstrap for the first time. Black with white trim, the brainchild of Angela Kelly, completed Her Majesty’s solemn look.

This monument was inaugurated by his grandfather on November 11, 1920 and, although great celebrations were expected for the centenary, we will see that they had to be reduced to a minimum. The Tomb has enormous significance for the ladies of the royal family since each one of them has visited it after their wedding ceremony to deposit the bouquet. Diana did it in 1981, Kate Middleton in 2011 and Meghan Markle in 2018. The last was Princess Beatrice of York this year, in the midst of a pandemic. And Isabel repeated it last week, who brought as an offering an exact replica of the bouquet she had deposited in 1947 when she married Prince Felipe.

In keeping with the times, the official social networks were also “pooled” and the accounts @theroyalfamily, @clarencehouse Y @kensingtonroyal They showed new profile photos in which we saw the queen and her heirs, each wearing poppies on their lapels. In addition, Kate, the Windsor friend of new technologies, was connected by Zoom with the military who are serving abroad and with relatives of war victims. Always, obviously, wearing his poppy.

The annual Remembrance Day festival was, this year, virtual and thousands of English people were able to see it on television. Prince Charles, in his words, recalled those who fought for freedom and made a parallel with the current situation: “In this challenging year perhaps we have realized that the freedoms for which they fought for us are more valuable than that we knew, and that the debt we owe them is even greater than we imagine ”.

Last Sunday, finally, the main act took place in the Cenotaph, attended by all the members of the Royal Household and the government. And, instead of the thousands of veterans who parade every year, only a few were present. The Prince of Wales, accompanied by Prince William, was the one who presided over the event. The queen, visibly distressed, and the rest of the family watched from the balconies, always keeping their distance. The queen wore five poppies on her lapel, Camila one and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, three. Although there is no official explanation, it is believed that they carry a flower for each of those killed in battle in their respective families.

In addition to the minute of silence and the allusive words, offerings of poppies were deposited on behalf of Prince Felipe, retired from public activity and of each one of those present.

Rumor has it that Prince Harry, self-exiled with his wife in the United States, was offended and displaced because no one had put a crown in his name and, not to be the least, placed a wreath to soldiers buried in the Los Angeles cemetery. Angels Beyond the criticism for that kind of parallel court that Harry and Meghan want to create, there is no doubt that his feelings are genuine since for ten years he was an active member of the army, an institution with which he feels very close.

All these acts showed that COVID-19 has accelerated the times for the queen’s retirement. There is no talk of abdication, not even regency, but it is clear that the Prince of Wales and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, are the ones who assumed all the prominence.

In fact, the central act of last Wednesday (the one from 11 from 11 to 11) at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was they who presided over it. With great solemnity but without neglecting the complicity that characterizes the couple, Carlos presented himself with all the decorations on his chest and Camila in black and with her elegant chinstrap of poppies. And it will also be this couple who will represent the queen today in Berlin when they attend the Veteran’s Day celebration.

All the events for Remembrance Day in 2020 are now ending. Although a certain tragic spirit always hovers over them, this year they have also been sad and a bit lackluster. The United Kingdom was and is being severely punished by the pandemic and we can intuit that both the members of the royal family and everyone present would be willing (like us) to win this battle and for the poppies to grow at once.