In the Brexit dispute, the chairman of the Christian Democrats in the European Parliament, Manfred Weber, the bri

“The black peter game from London is pure show and brings no one further,” said the deputy CSU chairman in the newspapers of the Funke media group (Sunday editions). “It is irresponsible of Prime Minister Johnson to continue betting on political games instead of finally negotiating the matter seriously.”

After the EU summit, Johnson declared that talks on a future trade agreement between the EU and Great Britain were “over”. It is “pointless” for EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier to travel to London on Monday as planned. Ten weeks before the end of the Brexit transition phase, the EU clearly has no interest in a free trade agreement like the one with Canada, said Johnson. Accordingly, one now expects a relationship like with Australia – without a contract. Weber replied that the EU was calm and united. “We want an agreement, we want a close partnership in the future too. We are ready to continue negotiations.” Weber was adamant about the matter. “It is clear that we will never give up the integrity of our EU internal market,” said the Chairman of the EPP Group. Everyone who wants to sell their products in the EU must comply with the standards. “There will be no other Singapore on our doorstep. And we will not conclude contracts with partners who do not take existing contracts seriously.” Great Britain was badly hit economically because of the corona crisis, Weber said. “The British government is acting very lightly towards British citizens to risk a hard Brexit now.” It is dangerous if politics no longer weighs rationally, but acts predominantly ideologically. “Prime Minister Johnson is facing the pieces of his politics,” said the group leader of the Christian Democrats. “In the coming months he will have to explain to the British why the Brexit promises were dishonest.”

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