New barriers to the mobility of professionals and students


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With the execution of Brexi, many things change and, in the words of Raisa Venermo who is a founding partner of the firm specialized in international mobility for foreign companies and investors «AvaLanding», from now on it will be «difficult to have a work permit as an English teacher or to give Spanish classes”. That is, the Post Brexit Agreement guarantees the rights of the 250,000 British residents in Spain and that of the 184,000 Spaniards (Health, taxes …) who are estimated to live on British soil, although they will have to do “A little more paperwork”. Another thing are the people who think to cross the English Channel from now on: the validation of the titles, the obtaining of the residence permit, the visa or the disappearance of the Programa Erasmus+, represent new barriers for professionals and students.

In any case, this expert has recommended that before crossing the English Channel, you must contact the respective embassies so that find out about the conditions that apply at the time in which we embark on our adventure because there are still many aspects to develop and negotiate in the post-Brexit world. It is also relevant that just over 50,000 British residents in Spain have already requested the exchange of their green NIE for a Spanish TIE residence card for what they have until June 30.

Visa and point system

The first relevant difference is that the British who want to stay in Spanish territory (and the rest of the European Union) for a period longer than the 90 days must obtain a visa. In this sense, English tourists – 18,012,484 in 2019 – will be able to circulate freely once the health crisis ends.

For their part, Spaniards who want to cross the English Channel and stay on English soil for more than three consecutive months must apply for a residence or work permit. «For any European, from now on there is a system of points: If you speak English, have studies, have a job offer with high remuneration, etc … Before, nothing was needed “, says Venermo who warns that it will no longer be a matter of being dropped by the UK and looking for a job without worrying about paperwork to perfect the Shakespearean language.

What can be done?

For example, the founding partner of «AvaLanding» assures that a three-month language course will be possible «But then you will have to return to Spain for three months and return for another three months». In this sense, he believes that it will be «« difficult to have a work permit as an English teacher or to teach Spanish: I doubt that they will give it, the points are not met. Then the issue of roots takes years … ».

Investment in brick, entrepreneurship and retirement

So, what avenues are left for the English who want to settle in Spain? From «AvaLanding» they estimate that, in the case of Spain, there are “More than 20 types of permits”. Apart from the fact that those who have a native as a partner have it easier, this specialist with clients from more than 69 countries points to three specific routes: the so-called program «Golden Visa» For those who, since 2013, have or plan to acquire properties in Spain over 500,000 euros, they will be able to access a residence and work permit; as well as those entrepreneurs who want to start their business project in Spain thus obtaining residency and, in the case of retired people, the «non-profit visa “or” retirement visa With which you can live without restrictions in Spain, although the beneficiary will be strictly prohibited from working.

Venermo adds other cases such as those who have a highly qualified job offer, associated with new technologies and with a salary of more than 40,000 euros per year. This would not be the case for jobs like waitresses or secretaries. “With any other profession, preference is given to residents of Spain: if you want to hire a British person, you must first prove that, in Spain, there is no resident person who meets the conditions you claim,” says this expert.

Regarding entrepreneurs, the founding partner of «AvaLanding», highlights that “The Government has enough freedom to evaluate each project” and decide on the residence permit. In this sense, it has targeted sectors such as green technology, recycling or the circular economy. “It must be an interesting project for Spain either because of the jobs it is going to create, the investment, that you attract talent to the country, etc …”, he clarified.

In this sense, Venermo concludes that the situation will be more like Canada or the United States in this area than our community partners such as Germany or France. Professionals such as architects, doctors, nurses or doctors who previously could practice directly in Spanish (or community) territory or in English without prior procedures «now they will have to go through a validation of studies when changing countries ”, pointed out this expert.

Goodbye to the Erasmus program

Nor can English students benefit from the Erasmus + program, nor can Spanish students select a British university in this way for their stay abroad. All this with an important nuance: ‘UK beneficiaries can continue to participate in the program until the completion date, even after 2020, ”adds Verermo.

In any case, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already announced that he will launch his own version: the «Programa Turing», although there are still many doubts about it and it is hardly known by the media that it will have an endowment of about 110 million euros per year.

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Messi shines in Barcelona’s victory in the League against Athletic to climb to third place

Wednesday photo of Barcelona forward Lionel Messi celebrating with Antoine Griezmann after scoring against Athletic Bilbao. Jan 6, 2021 REUTERS / Vincent West

BILBAO, Spain, Jan 6 (Reuters) – Lionel Messi shone on Wednesday in Barcelona’s 3-2 win over Athletic Bilbao, a result that allows the Catalan team to climb to third place in La Liga.

Athletic got off to a dream start to their first match with new coach Marcelino, when striker Iñaki Williams edged out a rival defender before shooting low into the net in the 3rd minute.

However, Barça responded quickly with a goal from Pedri after a great collective move started by Messi.

Messi and Pedri combined very well again to put Barça ahead on the scoreboard at minute 38. The 18-year-old received a pass from the Argentine before returning it with a delicious taco that the captain defined in a great way.

The Argentine scored again at 62 to finish off another brilliant collective move and wasted a couple of occasions to complete his triplet, although Iker Muniain put a tense end by discounting for Athletic at 90.

The victory put Barça above Real Sociedad in third place in the standings with 31 points, seven behind the leader Atlético de Madrid, who have two games less than the Catalans.

Reporting by Richard Martin. Edited in Spanish by Rodrigo Charme


Airlines maintain flights from England to Spain despite confinement

Flights from England will continue to arrive in Spain despitelockdown total decreed by the Government of Boris Johnson, which will last at least until February 15. This measure to stop the increase in the number of infections by covid-19 includes the closure of educational centers but, for now, not of borders.

However, the British are prohibited from leaving their homes and can only travel abroad for justifiable reasons, such as essential work reasons. “You must first have a legally permissible reason to leave home,” reports the UK Executive on its website.

Further, Spain has restricted the arrival of flights “from any airport located in the United Kingdom”, “with or without intermediate stops” from December 22, 2020 to January 19, 2021.

Entry to Spain is prohibited

As stated in the order published in the BOE on December 22, traffic yes it is allowed in the case of aircraft that “exclusively transport” national citizens and legal residents in Spain or Andorra.

Furthermore, the order specifies that the Ministry of Health may lift the limitation provided for in this Agreement by authorizing aircraft flights or entry of ships for justified reasons.

In this sense, key airlines such as Ryanair, EasyJet o British Airways they continue with most of their routes and operations. Iberia It also maintains the two daily flights in each direction, destined for both passenger and cargo transport.

The Spanish Government obliges all passengers (excluding children under six years of age) arriving in Spain from ‘risk’ countries to present a negative PCR, TNA or LAMP test carried out 72 hours before arrival.

Spaniards can travel to England

Conversely, Spanish citizens can also travel to England, but they will meet with limitations because, as stated in the guide published by the British Government, “foreign citizens are subject to the rules of confinement.”

Until now, all travelers arriving in the United Kingdom from Spain had to keep a mandatory ten-day quarantine or replace it with a negative PCR test that had to be carried out from the fifth day after arrival.

However, the website also indicates that if the Spaniard was visiting the United Kingdom at the time the confinement was decreed, he can return to his country with the restrictions that this applies.


What will Spain do with Turkey?

The probable official trip this January to Spain of Mevlut Cavusoglu, Foreign Minister of Turkey, invites us to think about a country that demands attention from all of us who share a neighborhood in the Mediterranean, the EU and NATO. In the case of Spanish-Turkish relations, our main political parties have traditionally been pro-Turkish on the basis of Kemalists. The atmosphere of mutual sympathy explains Turkey’s involvement in the Alliance of Civilizations process, or the presence of a Patriot surface-to-air missile battery with Spanish soldiers located in the south of the Anatolian country to protect it from eventual bombardments by Syrian rebels.

Holds Ortega y Gasset that “man has no nature; what it has is history ”. Let us therefore approach historically the Turkish question. After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the Marshal’s project Mustafa Kemal Atatürk it was to rebuild Turkey under the guidance of a secular, modern, and pro-Western state, inspired by the principles of the French Revolution.

Three examples

Almost a hundred years later, President Erdogan’s claim is to turn Ataturk’s project around to redirect the country towards the intellectual – and partly geographical – scheme of the Turkish Caliphate Empire. Since 2014, the year of his arrival to the presidency, Erdogan has taken significant steps in that direction. Three examples may interest the reader: the great constitutional reform of 2017, which greatly strengthens the presidential power, the reform of national education, also of 2017, and the transformation in 2020 of the old Byzantine basilica of Hagia Sophia, a museum since 1935, in a mosque.

The failure of the coup d’état promoted in 2016 by the moderate Islamist Fethullah Gülen It has served Erdogan to carry out purges within the Army, a traditional bastion of Kemalism, as well as in the whole of the Public Administration, the media, the universities and the Justice. With the three powers of the State modeled by the Executive – in 2018 Erdogan revalidated his large parliamentary majority – the Turkish system drifts towards a confessional and autocratic model. He premier Turkish is also building the foundation to reconfigure its position on the international board.

Enemies of the free world

With the pro-western countries of the Persian Gulf, Erdogan opts for confrontation. Before Saudi Arabia he wants Sunnis around the world to stop seeing the Kingdom as their main defender, replacing it with Turkey, which thus seeks a position of religious leadership. It is undoubtedly out of step with the states in the area that have established diplomatic relations with Israel –Bahrain and United Arab Emirates– while facing Egypt, where secular military Nasserism predominates, Erdogan has granted asylum to the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood who fled after the overthrow of Mohammed Mursi.

In Syria and Iraq, Erdogan continues his expansionist strategy under the pretext of preventing the power vacuum from leading to the creation of a Kurdish state

The foreign turn is palpable against Iran. Turkey strengthens ties of friendship with the Persian country, despite the fact that it is subject to international sanctions. The enmity of the ayatollahs with Sunni Saudi Arabia outweighs the rejection generated by the Shiite regime with its sponsorship of terrorism. In Syria and Iraq, Erdogan continues his expansionist strategy under the pretext of preventing the power vacuum of both countries from leading to the creation of a Kurdish state. Ankara already has a military presence in the north of the two nations. Turkey’s arms reach into Libya. Erdogan has sent volunteers from the Syrian war there to prevent Marshal Khalifa Haftar – secular, pro-US and pro-Egypt – from coming to power. For now, it has.

Let’s take a quick look back at Russia, for centuries faced with the Ottoman Empire. Erdogan introduces another turn here, also consistent with his policy. Ankara has bought from Vladimir Putin its S-400 surface-to-air anti-aircraft missile system, which are not compatible with the system of the Atlantic Alliance, to which Turkey belongs. The S-400, in addition, detect the weaknesses of the latest models of F-35 combat aircraft, made by the United States.

The growing Ankara-Moscow understanding has been expressed on the ground in the Nagorno Karabakh conflict (2019-2020). Turkey has positioned and remotely controlled military strategists, mercenaries and war material to support the Muslim side, in such a way that Azerbaijan has won the war. The Armenians, of the Christian-Orthodox tradition, have been defeated and, therefore, geographically reduced. Russia has tacitly let Erdogan operate. Putin has prioritized his alliance with Turkey over defending a country as small as Armenia.

The corsairs return to the Aegean

Let us now look to the shore of the eastern Mediterranean. In 1974 Turkey invaded northern Cyprus, mostly Turkish Cypriot. The incursion caused the displacement of 150,000 Greek Cypriots, who fled to the south of the island, where the Greeks are the majority. Cyprus has since lived split in two. Turkey is the only country in the world that has recognized (1983) the existence of the so-called Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Since then, United Nations resolutions seek that the entire island be a single bizonal state. Erdogan, throughout 2020, has repeatedly demonstrated for the recognition of the existence of two fully independent states, a fact that has generated notorious international rejection.

Sovereignty of Greece and Cyprus

The problems are accentuated east of the Mediterranean. Although the Treaty of Lausanne (1923) was detrimental to Turkish interests, the many islands in these waters have been of Greek population since time immemorial. Today, international maritime law recognizes the full sovereignty of Greece and Cyprus over their maritime zones. This is indicated by both the Lausanne Treaty and the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. However, it is not only increasingly common for Turkish ships to cross Greek and Cypriot maritime areas unilaterally, but also Turkey has been drilling for hydrocarbons in the Greek and Cypriot seabed, where it lacks any sovereignty. The tension with Athens and Nicosia is enormous.

Close the clamp

The roadmap of premier Turkish comes from the Justice and Development Party, founded by Erdogan himself in 2001. The three characteristics of his neo-Ottomanism are nationalism, the expansion of Sunni Islamism and the ultimate claim to restore the religious influence that Turkey exercised during the Caliphate Ottoman. The international drift of this ideology implies that Erdogan chose to be on the side of those refractory to the Free Orderl established after the Second World War.

Europe’s fed up with Turkey is such that at any moment the Union will decide that the next drop that Erdogan drops will be the last. It should be noted that the European perception coincides with the incoming Biden Administration. In fact, the outgoing secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, has already opened to the highest tone on December 14, when he decreed harsh measures to punish the Turkish arms industry.

Bob Dylan won the 2000 Oscar for best original song with Things Have Changed. His letter serves us; things in Ankara have changed. Specifically, they have shifted from Kemalism to neo-Ottomanism. Spain’s position vis-à-vis Turkey is consistent with our usual attitude in foreign policy; betting on understanding, which is usually a smarter option than rushing towards escalating conflict. However, the question of Turkey will demand in Spain the opening of a deep debate, similar in its magnitude to the turn made by Erdogan.


Spain stops the first blow of Brexit at the Gibraltar Gate

When this Thursday, December 31st, the Gibraltarians eat the last grape, the Defend That separates The line of Gibraltar it will become an external border of the European Union (EU). Unless an unlikely last minute deal prevents it, the relationships between the Gibraltar Field and the Rock will be hampered by the culmination of Brexit.

Four and a half years after the referendum that started Gibraltar and the United Kingdom’s departure from the EU, the consequences are unpredictable, especially in La Línea. This is what the Spanish Foreign Ministry calls “far-reaching changes in multiple aspects of the relationship with the United Kingdom, which will affect citizens, economic operators and administrations“.

To try to mitigate these negative effects, the Government of Spain has approved a package of measures that softens the impact as much as possible, by guaranteeing the rights of Gibraltarians and British residents in Spain after the end of the transitional period with New Year’s Eve. But they are measures limited in time and, in addition, require the UK to do the same. The ball is therefore in the London court. If before two months there is no “reciprocity” and the British take theirs to favor the Spanish, the Pedro Sánchez Government foresees the possibility of suspending them. So far, the only step taken by the British is the agreement reached with Spain on November 17 so that the 15,000 border workers -almost 10,000 Spaniards- receive “the treatment to which they are already entitled under European Union legislation, despite Brexit “.

Spain also approved on Tuesday that European Union citizens who reside in Spain but travel daily to Gibraltar to work and contribute there will be able to access benefits due to unemployment or cessation of activity until December 31, 2022.

British residents in Spain and Gibraltar will be able to continue to benefit from the sanitary system and the Spanish university, as well as their work permits or drive temporarily. This is reflected in the Royal Decree-Law approved this Tuesday by the Council of Ministers that adapts the Spanish legal system

In addition, a final provision has been included aimed at ensuring that the entry into force of the measures is fully compatible with the eventual entry into force of the agreements reached by the European Union and the United Kingdom last December 24th.

In addition, the royal decree specifies that Gibraltarians, who as of December 31, 2020 were registered as such, they will be able to continue practicing professions for which it is required to be a national of a member state, will maintain their employment in the public administration and may continue researching in Spain without the need for new permits. A term of five years is foreseen to present recognition requests of professional qualifications and that they are resolved under the current regime.

It is also allowed that nationals of the United Kingdom or EU nationals residing in the United Kingdom who practice a profession temporarily in Spain can continue to practice it to fulfill contracts signed before January 1. It also ensures the protection of workers’ rights in matters of Social Security, at the same time that measures are collected so that nationals of the United Kingdom, as well as nationals of the European Union, can access the unemployment benefitsor for the listed periods up to December 31, 2020, in any Member State of the European Union including the periods listed in the United Kingdom, provided that the last quotes have been made in Spain and the right to legally reside in Spain is maintained.

The British professional societies, for their part, will be able to continue developing their activity in Spain for a period of six months (until June 30, 2021). The term extends to all of 2021 for auditors and audit firms.

The measures contemplate that British driving licenses will continue to enable their holders to drive in Spain for six months as of January 1, 2021. That is, the driving licenses of Gibraltarians will allow them to do so in Spain until June 30, 2021.

The authorizations of weapons, explosives, pyrotechnic articles and cartridges will remain valid until their expiration – all those that have been granted prior to January 1, 2021-.

Continuity is also allowed with conditions of certain financial services and the activity of transport companies between Spain and Gibraltar, as well as certain provisions in the field of air and airport services.

All the measures that protect workers regardless of their nationality are extended to Gibraltar and, for Gibraltarians, until June 30, 2021, the European Union regulation that grants the right to receive medical assistance in Spanish public hospitals when they travel to Spain or if they reside in Spain.

The continued validity of the health cards of British residents in Spain until June 30, 2021 and the dispensing of prescription drugs issued in the United Kingdom. Students from British education systems will be able to continue using the procedures for access to the Spanish university for the academic year 2021-2022 in the same terms provided for students from educational systems of member states of the European Union. The measures adopted also regulate the economic activities that will allow the continuity of contracts for the provision of financial services by British entities, subscribed before January 1, 2021, with certain conditions and limitations. “A measure that tries to prevent the increase in uncertainty and the loss of access to the European market could affect the financial stability or come to harm financial services customers “, explains the Spanish Government. The authorization or registration granted by the British authorities to financial services entities will provisionally maintain its validity until June 30, 2021, to carry out the activities that are necessary for the purpose of carrying out the orderly termination or assignment of the contracts signed before January 1, 2021 to entities duly authorized to provide financial services in Spain under the contractually foreseen terms. The term may be extended until December 31, 2022 for insurance companies.As for public procurement, the continuity of the legal regime applicable to British economic operators who have participated in the awarding of public contracts before January 1, 2021.


After Gibraltar has been excluded from the withdrawal agreement from the United Kingdom to the EU, the Spanish and British negotiating teams are immersed in a complex negotiation on the future relationship with the Rock that, according to the Spanish Foreign Minister, Arancha González Laya, must be agreed before this January 31.

Spain welcomes Gibraltar’s proposal to establish a border at La Verja Schengen for the free movement of people that would place the only two entry ways to the Rock from outside the EU in the port and the airport and would promote the project to create that area of ​​”shared prosperity“that the Spanish Government set itself as an objective from the beginning.

But this initiative faces several obstacles that have prevented the agreement. To begin with, the United Kingdom is delayed in ratifying the Tax Treaty agreed with Spain. There are also differences between the two governments regarding the traceability of tobacco imported by Gibraltar – and the vast majority of which end up being smuggled into Spain – or environmental issues related to waste treatment in the Rock.

Also, the step Schengen it would have to be in charge of a member state. The UK cannot because it does not belong to that agreement. Spain is willing to assume it, but the United Kingdom refuses because it would imply the presence of agents of the National Police, the Civil Guard and / or Customs in the Rock.


The British strain spreads through Spain where nine cases have already been detected

Updated:12/29/2020 10:43h


The data on the number of infections could be reaching the stabilization phase but now Spain focuses attention on the new variation of the virus from the United Kingdom. While waiting for other autonomous communities to confirm new cases, the last five have been detected in Malaga and Granada. This English mutation is difficult to detect because it presents symptoms at 4 or 5 days and most of those infected were negative in PCR. Germany has also confirmed the first case in November in a deceased patient. Its high level of transmissibility could be related to the new record of daily infections that have been registered especially in the south-east of the United Kingdom. Only in the last hours, 41,385 cases have been detected. The government of Boris Johnson will study this Wednesday to review the measures among which a new strict confinement could be considered. But there is also encouraging news because it is a matter of days before the use of the Oxford and AstraZeneca vaccine, effective to immunize against this new strain, will be authorized.

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aid to the hospitality industry in Europe

Last Wednesday the Royal Decree-law incorporating the rescue plan for the amount of 4,220 million euros for the hotel industry, commerce and tourism, the three sectors that suffer most from the covid-19 pandemic.

The document includes a series of measures, including reductions in the tax bill, moratorium on payments, exemptions in the payment of Social Security contributions and new guarantees from the Official Credit Institute (ICO). However, direct aid has not been included in this plan, as required by the hospitality sector.

In addition, they asked the Executive of Pedro Sánchez for measures similar to those approved in other European countries. Total France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Romania add up to € 40 billion in direct aid destined to the hotel industry.

The Netherlands, the one that allocates the most aid

The Dutch Government is the one that has allocated the most resources to maintain the hospitality sector, some 15 billion. It is followed by Germany, which has allocated 10 billion euros to bars and restaurants. In this sense, the Angela Merkel executive has decided to extend until June 2021 the aid that was launched at the beginning of the pandemic.

Behind the Netherlands and Germany is France. The neighboring country has included bars and restaurants in the aid of up to 10,000 euros per month that the Elysee grants to companies with less than 50 workers who suffer drops in turnover of up to 70% of their income. If the losses are 50%, the monthly aid will be 1,500 euros. In total, the amount of aid to the hotel industry rises to 6,000 million.

In the United Kingdom, after the increase in infections and the new outbreak of covid-19 that emerged in the country, the authorities decreed the closure of the hotel business in order to stop the outbreaks. For its part, the Government of Boris Johnson has decided to grant entrepreneurs in this sector 3,000 pounds (3,328 euros) per venue to cover expenses like rent or electricity and water bills. In addition, Downing Street also allocates two-thirds of the workers’ salary to help the hospitality industry.

As in the British country, Belgium also allocates 3,000 euros to each of the establishments of hospitality located in Brussels that are forced to close for a month by the measures decreed by the Belgian government.


Contrary to what has happened in Spain, Italy approved aid for the hospitality industry just over a week after decreeing the restrictions for the hospitality industry. Specifically, the government of Giuseppe Conte will pay restaurants in 29 tourist areas a maximum of 20% of the income they have lost. As well subsidizes restaurants that buy 100% Italian raw materials to favor the local economy and the consumption of local products. In addition, the administrations have decided to postpone the collection of fees for the terraces and for social contributions.

According to the alliance for competitiveness in Tourism formed by the Hospitality Industry of Spain and the Brewers of Spain, the sum of aid in Italy amounts to 5.4 billion of euros.

The sector considers the aid “very insufficient”

The rescue approved by the Executive of Pedro Sánchez has not been well received by the hoteliers of our country. Hospitality of Spain, the organization that represents more than 300,000 companies in the sector, has described the measures as “very insufficient” and considers that they are late. “We continue to demand that direct aid”insists José Luis Yzuel, president of the employer’s association. “It is urgent, it is necessary, they are for yesterday,” he adds.

In this sense, they criticize that the Government’s plan is not understandable when compared with the measures adopted in other European countries in which the weight of the sector “is much less in GDP or in job creation” compared to Spain.


The “brexit” agreement is good news for Spain

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, Arancha González Laya, said this Thursday that the agreement on “Brexit” is “good news” and has guaranteed that Spain will seek “until the last second” an agreement on Gibraltar, because “building an area of ​​shared prosperity that facilitates mobility” is “the best option”.

González Laya made this assessment in a press conference he gave in San Sebastián late in the afternoon in which he stressed that for Spain it is a “cause for joy” that negotiations with the United Kingdom have concluded before there is any the deadline has ended because this allows us to “face” the new relationship with this country “from tranquility and stability.”

For the year 2021, the European recovery fund and the General State Budgets are approved and “now another of the main sources of uncertainty is also clarified, which was the lack of agreement on the ‘Brexit'”, he indicated.

The head of Spanish diplomacy has stressed that the agreement responds, firstly, to the principle of “firmness” in the defense of Spanish interests, “of exporters, farmers, fishermen, tourists and citizens who will be affected by the change of situation as of January 1 “.

Secondly, it has highlighted as “key” to “success” the “unity” of the 27 member states in defending their interests and finally it has underlined the “responsibility” to seek “always and at all times” an agreement, because “an agreement better serves the needs of our country than a non-agreement,” he concluded.

“If we wanted a sample of what a wild ‘Brexit’ would have meant, there are the images of kilometers of queues of truckers stranded in England,” he said

The agreement is a “moment of joy”, but also “of sadness” because “a member state” of the EU leaves but “a partner, a neighbor” remains with whom are the bases for a “new relationship”. González has indicated, who has specified that the experts will examine from tomorrow the details of the “thousands of pages” of the document on the consensus.

The minister has remarked that “obviously” there is still no agreement between the United Kingdom and Spain regarding Gibraltar, since this matter is not part of the negotiation with the EU but has considered that “there is less and less time” for it.

For Spain “it is clear” that it prefers an agreement on Gibraltar so it will “seek it” “until the last second” because it thinks that “building an area of ​​shared prosperity that facilitates the mobility of citizens is the best option, both for Spain as for the citizens of Gibraltar “, he added.

It is clear that the United Kingdom and Spain “do not agree on sovereignty issues”, since both have “irrevocable claims”, the minister has acknowledged.


Suárez scores a double in triumph for leader Atlético Madrid; Barcelona equals with Messi’s record

MADRID, Dec 19 (Reuters) – Atlético de Madrid forward Luis Suárez scored again to help his team beat Elche 3-1 on Saturday to take the lead in the standings, on a matchday in which the Lionel Messi equaled Pelé’s record for the number of goals in the same club.

The victory led Atlético to add 29 points in 12 games, three more than Real Sociedad, which has played 15 games and lost 2-1 in their visit to Levante late on Saturday, and also three points ahead of Real Madrid -with 13 games- and that he plays on Sunday visiting Eibar.

The Uruguayan attacker Suárez, who was absent for some games after contracting coronavirus, advanced to the locals at minute 41 by lightly touching a cross shot by Kieran Trippier to score his first goal since November 7.

Suárez increased the count after another low center from Yannick Carrasco in the 58th minute to add his ninth goal of the season, to join as one of the scorers along with Iago Aspas of Celta de Vigo and Mikel Oyarzabal of Real Sociedad.

Elche discounted with a Lucas Boye header in the 64th after a well-worked corner kick, to become the first to score against Atlético at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium since the opening game of the season.

Cerro marked Diego Costa in the 80th minute through a dubious penalty kick by a rival defender on the same attacker.

In another match of the day, Barcelona drew 2-2 at home against Valencia, where the visitor opened the scoring through Mouctar Diakhaby with a header in the 29th minute.

Messi equaled him with a header after the rival goalkeeper saved him a penalty kick. With the goal, the Argentine equaled Pelé with the record of 643 goals scored for the same team.

Ronald Araujo gave the sale to Barca at the beginning of the complement, but he equaled it at 69 Maxi Gómez.

Equality left Barcelona fifth with 21 points in 13 games, eight below the leader Atlético de Madrid and with one game more played than the team led by Diego Simeone.

Report by Richard Martin, Edited in Spanish by Manuel Farías


what goes from the US to Spain

Many have wondered if American democracy was going to survive Donald Trump, the many damage caused to it by the peculiar Republican president. Especially concerned was Paul Krugman, the very active opinion leader Nobel Prize in Economics. To the deficiencies of the system, which there are, were added the substantial changes made by Trump. “The majority of the Supreme was chosen by a party that only won the popular vote once in the last eight elections“With life-long positions. For that ideological auction of the North American justice he had counted on the president of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, who broke the rules and appointed the ultra-conservative Trump candidate Amy Coney Barrett when the elections were only a few days away. And nothing less than to replace the great Ruth Bader Ginsburg who came to change the history of her country.

There is still a month left for Donald Trump to hand over the witness to President-elect Joe Biden. And you still hold your breath in case any mishap happens. There are many fears that this being can still do that refuses to accept defeat and carries out activities that no other president did in his circumstances. Schedule the execution of six more convicts on death row, which would add to the 13 that he has already liquidated since August: two of them for crimes committed in adolescence. And change alliances in the Middle East or allegedly participate in targeted assassinations of great importance in the area.

And suddenly, democracy reacts: William Barr, the Attorney General appointed by him and who has rescued him from more than one predicament, resigns rather than second to Trump’s delusion. And the same president of the Senate who helped him recognizes Biden’s victory, after the judges have denied Trump’s requirements to revoke election results with false accusations of fraud. Justice, even that related to Trump, abandons him in the same way that the press did already in a decisive reaction, when it cut off his lies or unmasked them. The United States shows that it really cares about democracy, unlike other countries, such as Spain, so weighed down by partisan justice, a certain servile and misinformative press, ideals that speak of unity rather than democracy and both fascist, storyteller and profiteer infiltrator that Nor is the recurring rumor of coups d’état surprising.

In Spain, the General Council of the Judiciary not only continues to make appointments, after having expired for two years, but is hurrying to prevent the Government’s intention of limiting its functions from reaching it while it is in interim status as now, supported by a majority in Congress. They are current positions until retirement. The conservative press says it very clearly: the CPGJ defies the Government, and from another band it insists on defining as an “assault on judicial independence” the attempt to stop this excess. And not in a dream does he denounce the abuses and lies of the leaders that weigh down democracy as the American press has done with Trump.

Meanwhile, the Constitutional Court, also expired, ruling that it is a crime to verbally offend the flag. Or decide that freedom of expression does not cover protests that disturb a religious ceremony, in a non-denominational country as the Constitution indicates. And there are still those who defend that writing in a private chat that you want to shoot 26 million Spaniards is freedom of expression.

Trump was happy if between 100,000 and 150,000 Americans died of COVID-19, it would imply that his administration would have done “a good job.” Ayuso, the Madrid business promoter charged to the public purse, is not going to close the Community, nor shops, nor bars and restaurants, when all the responsible governments in Europe and other Spanish autonomous communities are doing so in the face of the increase in infections. The priorities are others. Krugman said in the same article, recently known the majority who pointed to Biden: “We desperately need a new round of federal spending on health, unemployment and business assistance, and support for the struggling state and local administrations.” There are policies that save lives and there are those that destroy them.

74 million people still support Trump, they stick for him, but most send him home. Politics show for dummies He exalted him, like the rowdy Ayuso, who bases his propaganda on the fight with the Government of Spain to be able to do his job of managing the PP.SA in Madrid. Whatever it takes, even sickness and lives, the same as Donald Trump.

Democracy is saved if citizens love it and fight for it. It is the quid whose response worries in Spain. And that it is not understood that this is the basis on which everything is based. There is no economy, no life. There is no healthy society, without justice, or independent information. There are no rights and freedoms for everyone, without democracy.