Ozil hits rock bottom: Arsenal also leaves him out of the list for the Premier League – Europa Directo

The German Mesut Özil has not been included by the London Arsenal in the list of players to dispute the Premier League. The former Real Madrid player will not be able to play for the Gunners until at least the next transfer window in January. Meanwhile, he will only be able to do so with the U21 team.

Mikel Arteta had to select a list of 25 players to play in the domestic championship and has left out Özil, whose contract ends next summer, and Sokratis.

Özil has not played for Arsenal since last March and this season he has not yet entered any call-ups with Arteta.

The German was already out of the list a few days ago to play the Europa League.


the Urban Guard shoots an individual who was going to attack them with a knife

The Barcelona City Guard has shot this saturday shortly before 7:00 p.m. to an individual who allegedly tried to attack the agents with a knife on the Paseo de Sant Joan in the city.

It’s about a homeless man aged 43 and Hungarian nationality, who was seriously injured this afternoon in Barcelona when he received at least one of the two shots fired by an agent of the Urban Guard when repelling the attempted aggression of this person with a large knife.

The Deputy Mayor for Prevention and Safety of the Barcelona City Council, Albert Batlle, has reported tonight in a press conference that the event took place shortly before 7:00 p.m., at number 44 on Paseo de Sant Joan.

A patrol had traveled to that place, Batlle said, following a complaint from a neighbor that there was a person whoIt was causing a nuisance on the street.

When the agents came to the scene, the man, visibly “upset”, tried to attack the police with a large knife, so an agent has drawn his weapon and fired two shots. One of the bullets has hit the homeless man in the abdomen.

The man has been transferred in serious condition by members of the Medical Emergency System (EMS) to the Sant Pau hospital in Barcelona, ​​where, according to Batlle, He is stable waiting to be operated.

Batlle has indicated that this event is being investigated by the internal affairs of the Urban Guard and also the Mossos, who have displaced effective to the area of ​​the event.

The deputy mayor has asked to wait to know the result of this investigation before “daring” to assess the action of the local police and if he has acted rashly.

“It would be inconvenient” At this time, when the investigation is in the preliminary phase, Batlle pointed out.

The deputy mayor has expressed his willingness to offer “transparent” information about this event, of which he will give all the details to the opposition groups in the consistory and of which he has informed the mayor, Ada Colau.


The Mossos arrest the 65-year-old woman’s son-in-law murdered Barcelona

The Mossos d’Esquadra they arrested the alleged author of the murder of a 65-year-old woman whose body was found on Wednesday at seven in the afternoon by the Bombers de Barcelona. The suspect is the son-in-law of the victim, according to sources consulted by EL PERIÓDICO. It is a 43-year-old man of Romanian nationality.

The victim’s daughter, the partner of the now arrestedShe had called Emergències because her mother did not answer and she knew that she had to be inside the home. The officials got off the hook from the upper balcony, a sixth floor, and from there they entered the residence.

Upon entering, they located the body of the woman lying on the ground, face down. The firefighters confirmed that he had died and notified the Mossos. The corpse, which was picked up by the judicial procession at around ten o’clock at night, had stab wounds. The Catalan police investigators took charge of some investigations under summary secrecy.

The crime took place inside a flat that was owned by an old woman who died a few months ago. The 65-year-old woman who was found dead was the daughter of the former owner. Both the victim and her brother had been trying to sell this property for some time.

The door lock was not forced and the Mossos put the magnifying glass on the woman’s immediate surroundings. Yesterday, Thursday, 24 hours after the crime, investigators arrested the son-in-law as the alleged perpetrator of the death of his wife’s mother.


Boris Johnson already has a solution for the crisis and the pandemic: more military spending – Europa Directo

Boris Johnson has found a way to lift the spirits of Tory MPs and the rank and file of the party. Polls place the Conservatives fairly on par with Labor – some with Keir Starmer’s party. in front-, which is a big drop from the December 2019 elections, which the Tories won by 11.5 points difference. Dozens of Tory MPs are making no secret of their displeasure at the unfulfilled promises the prime minister made at the end of the summer. At that time, the government anticipated an imminent return to economic normality. The second wave of the coronavirus has required the return of the most drastic measures, so far without very positive results.

Everything is depressing for the Tories shortly before the final culmination of Brexit. The alternative that Johnson presents, the candy with which he tries to make his party and the population forget the hardships of the present, is to return to the past and the naval glories of the empire. It is time to brighten the great power character of the United Kingdom with a large increase in military spending.

Joe Biden’s arrival at the White House in January leaves London without a reliable ally in Washington, even though Donald Trump’s erratic character and his disinterest in European countries were not a guarantee for British foreign policy either. But Biden is a pragmatist that it will try to rebuild relations with Europe and the importance of NATO, and there the United Kingdom can play a relevant role. The downside for London is that a post-Brexit Britain is less interesting as an intermediary in the dialogue with the Europeans for the US. Furthermore, Biden has already made clear that the future of Ulster is a matter that interests you especially.

To remedy this, Johnson has opted for rearmament. An extra expense of £ 16 billion over the next four years. The largest increase in real terms since the time of Margaret Thatcher. There was a prior commitment to increase Defense spending by 0.5 points above inflation, so the final figure could be around 21,500 million.

“This is our opportunity to end the era of withdrawal, transform our Armed Forces, strengthen our global influence, unite our country, invest in new technologies and defend our people and their way of life,” said Boris Johnson.

The Ministry of Finance had resisted Defense requests until now. It was Johnson’s personal intervention that closed the debate. The increase in public spending during the pandemic will force Foreign Minister Rishi Sunak to completely review the budget that was presented in March. Next week, Sunak will present the new data to Parliament. Expected to confirm that UK finances have taken the hardest hit since World War II.

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Under current conditions, analysts see no alternative but to increase taxes – a very difficult drink for conservatives to accept – although no decision in that regard is expected until 2021 when the final economic impact of the pandemic is known.

The Bank of England has predicted that the drop in GDP will be 11% this year, the largest decline in the last three centuries.

Always ready to live up to imperial glories or to emulate Winston Churchill for whom the naval force was the best standard of British influence, Johnson intends to pay special attention to the Navy as a symbol of foreign policy and of the country’s global strength. The extra money will serve to complete the strike group of the two new aircraft carriers already delivered to the Navy, but still pending their final deployment (the first of them will do so next year). Frigates, support ships and aircraft what do you need they were still in the air due to budgetary problems. “More warships for the Royal Navy” is the goal that Johnson has announced.

The Green Party has compared the increase in spending to the £ 4 billion added for the fight against climate change. “We are walking blindly into a dystopian video game without a public debate” about the country’s priorities, has said its number two, Amelia Womack. Pacifist NGOs have been more aggressive in criticizing. “Tanks and warplanes will not keep us safe from the most serious threats we face: pandemic, poverty and the climate emergency. Covid-19 has revealed the superficiality of naive opinions that argue that weapons give us security. You cannot attack a virus with nuclear weapons “, has denounced Symon Hill, of the organization Peace Pledge Union.

The construction of the two aircraft carriers was commissioned by the Gordon Brown Government a decade ago. After coming to power and at the beginning of the era of austerity, David Cameron seriously considered selling one of them, still under construction, but the high price meant that there were no candidates. The contracts made made it more expensive to cancel the order than to carry it to the end, even though the deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan showed that the Army was most in need of the money.

As a symbol of the country’s military power, aircraft carriers belong to an earlier era. These giants of the sea are now much more vulnerable due to the advancement in missile technology. The Chinese anti-ship missile Dong-Feng 21 It is its most recognized adversary since it was put into action in the early 1990s. Mounted on a mobile platform from the ground, it has an operational range of about 1,700 kilometers. It is designed to attack large ships, especially aircraft carriers. It can land on its target at a maximum speed of Mach 10.

It’s not that China has kept its ability to make aircraft carriers obsolete a secret. In military parades, he has presented later versions of the Dong-Feng with a range of 3,000 kilometers.

The reality is that Boris Johnson is not interested in declaring war on China. It is enough for him to warm the patriotic spirits of the Tory deputies who cannot explain how the prime minister could so quickly lose the support he obtained at the polls less than a year ago.

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Flights from Caracas to Bolivia, Iran, Turkey and Russia will open :: La Prensa de Lara


The pandemic hits Brexit: a positive interrupts face-to-face negotiations in the final stretch – Europa Directo

The outbreak of the pandemic forced face-to-face meetings to stop in spring. Even the EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, tested positive. The videoconference format dragged on for months, until both parties realized that the only way forward could be with face-to-face meetings where papers and notes could be exchanged. But even so, the main issues in contention have not finished being closed. There are only six weeks left until the United Kingdom makes its exit from the European Union effective and, to this day, there is still no agreement on the future relationship between London and the EU.

And just now, when time is running out, a positive among Barnier’s negotiating team has forced the negotiations to be interrupted this Thursday.

“One of the negotiators on my team has tested positive for COVID-19. With David Frost [el negociador jefe británico] we have decided to suspend negotiations at our level for a short period. The teams will continue their work in full compliance with the guidelines, ”said Barnier.

“I am in close contact with Michel Barnier”, said Frost: “The health of our teams comes first.”

“The Commission has informed us that an official in their delegation has tested positive for COVID-19,” said a British Government spokesman: “We are discussing the implications for the negotiations with them. We have been and will continue to act in accordance with public health guidelines to ensure the health and well-being of our teams.

After last week the negotiations took place in London, this Monday they had resumed in Brussels. “Me and our team have been in talks almost every day since October 22,” Frost said upon arrival: “We are working to reach an agreement, but the only possible is one that is compatible with our sovereignty and recovers the control of our laws, our commerce and our waters. That has been our constant position from the beginning and we will not change it. There has been some progress in a positive direction in recent days, although of course important elements have not yet been agreed. We will work to take advantage of them and reach a general agreement if possible. But we may not be successful. Either way, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson made clear on October 16, citizens and businesses must prepare for the change that is coming on December 31, whether there is an agreement or not.

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“We want our future cooperation to be open but fair across the board,” Barnier said. And what did he mean? To the main disputed issues: fisheries, the level playing field and the governance of the agreement. Apart from the fact that the United Kingdom continues to pretend to skip international law if it goes ahead with the bankruptcy of the Brexit withdrawal agreement in relation to the Irish protocol.

“Fishing is very complex, it affects several countries and not all in the same way,” a diplomatic source abounds, “and the 27 are also united in this. We know that the quotas cannot be the same before as after Brexit, but an agreement must be reached ».

“We have to find a solution that is sustainable”, say sources from the Spanish Government: “Fishing is a matter of sharing a very traditional fishing environment, very important, for some more than for others in social terms. But in terms of fishing it is important. We also have many cross interests. Both what we fish and what we receive from exports from the UK to our domestic fish market. Fishing is a very special world in which it is as important to fish as to buy the fish.

Regarding the issue of governance: “It is about avoiding the Swiss model”, says a diplomatic source in relation to the trade agreement with the Swiss Confederation: “A model that has proven to be very complicated to manage by the European Commission and by the States, in which having 25 different tables to address the relationship all it does is complicate the relationship and turn marketing into a kind of permanent policy. That can not be”.

“What has not been healthy is that Anglo-British debate that sovereignty does not consist in negotiating an agreement,” says a community source, “but in the other saying the same as you. That is a misunderstanding of what sovereignty is. When a government tells you at a negotiation table that it has made Brexit to be sovereign and immediately afterwards it tells you that since it is sovereign, what you have to do is what it tells you, because then it seems to me that there is a misunderstanding about what the sovereignty”.

What the positive has caused is a disruption of face-to-face conversations, which is the most fruitful format. However, for now, the talks continue, albeit virtually. Barnier must be quarantined but will remain “in permanent contact with David Frost,” say diplomatic sources. The rest of the negotiators who were not in contact with the infected person can continue the conversations, while the rest do so virtually.

What remains on the agenda is the meeting of the 27 ambassadors to the EU this Friday morning to discuss the status of the Brexit negotiations.

“As the prime minister has said,” explains a British source, “we have been totally clear that we want nothing more than a Canadian-style relationship based on free and fair trade. It has always been our preference to reach an agreement and we are working hard to achieve it, but only if we can reach one that is compatible with our sovereignty and thus regain control of our laws, our trade and our waters. That has been our constant position from the beginning and we will not change it.

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“If we cannot reach an agreement that fully respects the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, we will leave with a status like Australia has,” says the British source.

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The Mossos investigate the death of a woman in a Barcelona apartment

The Mossos d’Esquadra investigate the circumstances of the violent death of a woman 65 years old in a flat in the district of Sant Martí de Barcelona. As reported this Thursday by the Catalan police, on the afternoon of this Wednesday they received a notice from the victim’s relatives, since they wanted to contact her but did not receive a response.

When the agents were able to access the apartment, they found the woman dead, lying on the ground and showing signs of crime.

The agents of the Criminal Investigation Division (DIC) of the Metropolitan Police Region of Barcelona have taken charge of the investigation to clarify the circumstances of the death of this woman, a Spanish national. The case is under the secrecy of the proceedings, according to the same sources.


Trump 2024 | El Heraldo

After consecutive defeats at the hands of Obama, the Republican party carried out an electoral autopsy. They came from losing the popular vote in the last five elections. As the Republican voter aged, Reagan’s party did not connect with a more diverse young voter. They had 34 out of 50 governorates, the pragmatism and restraint of the governors seemed the model to follow. A Social Conservatism that gave Bush the victory: seeking the Latino vote, strengthening the female vote, and denouncing inequality. Four years later none of this happened but the opposite. Trump showed up, broke all the rules, and won.

In the first presidential election, George Washington was the sole candidate, despite attempts to make him king of the United States. This revolutionary leader declined, accepted reelection alone, and retired to his estate on Mt. Vernon. Emulating Washington, no president sought more than one re-election until FDR won four in a row. After his death, a constitutional reform prohibited more than two terms. Technically, Trump is still alive by the year 2024.

For the second time the polls failed, Biden won, but it was tight. In the polls, the Democrat won Florida, North Carolina, and Texas: it did not happen. Their national victory that they said was 8% was 3%. If 72 thousand votes, only 0.04%, had voted differently in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, everything would be different. In 2016, 100,000 votes in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan were. Without the economic impact of Covid, Trump had a chance to win. Trump’s score showed he has votes.

No Trumpist senator in a vulnerable state lost. Lindsey Graham won by 16% despite the $ 100 million that was donated to defeat him. Even Susan Collins won in Maine where Biden was victorious. In the chamber, Republicans have regained six seats. A resounding victory for Biden, not only had electoral consequences but for the future Republican. Republicans who looked like Trump won.

In the United States, former presidents do not participate in day-to-day politics. Beyond attending the convention of their parties and going to some campaign events, the tradition has been not to participate. It is likely that Trump will not give up and be active. Today the Republican party was made in his image. Not only did 93% of Republicans vote for him, but the party turned ideologically towards him. Mitch McConell and Kevin McCarthy back up his retelling claims. The base is with him, most likely he will aspire again.

Biden is a friend of Colombia, he was decisive for Plan Colombia. In Congress, strengthening budget support and the double taxation agreement are within reach. The relationship has to evolve beyond the coca planting data or our usefulness to invade Venezuela. If Biden legalizes cannabis, there is a lot to rethink.

Despite the uproar over our alleged meddling in US politics, we forget that the US president got into Colombian domestic politics. Even attacking Colombian politicians for their electoral benefit. If Trump is going to be rolling and with a chance to return in four years, we have to be more sophisticated than ever.


Pompeo denounces religious intolerance with a gesture in Turkey – Europa Directo

It has been a surprise and a joy for the Orthodox world and even more so for the Greeks: Mike Pompeo, the American Secretary of State, during his tour of several countries in Europe and the Middle East (including France, Georgia, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates) chose to visit Istanbul to meet only with the Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch Bartolomeo I.

During his interview, Mike Pompeo, who traveled from Paris where he met with President Emmanuel Macron and Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, highlighted yesterday that the Ecumenical Patriarchate is “an essential partner as we continue to defend religious freedom in the whole world”. Accompanied by his wife, they also visited the Patriarchal Church of San Jorge. This visit to the leader of the Orthodox, according to the statement of the US Secretary of State, dealt with religious issues in Turkey and the region, as well as to promote “our firm position on religious freedom throughout the world.”

On the first leg of Pompeo’s trip to Paris, Pompeo discussed with President Macron and other authorities issues of economy and security, as well as counterterrorism and global threats. According to the French newspaper Le Figaro, “Macron and I spent a long time talking about recent actions by Turkey and we agree that they are very aggressive. ‘

The Ecumenical Orthodox Patriarchate is historically the first among all Orthodox Churches (primus inter pares) and the Ecumenical Patriarch is considered the representative and spiritual leader of all Orthodox Christians. It has been in Istanbul for many centuries and its importance grew during the Byzantine Empire.

Now the situation with the Turkish authorities is tense, given that the Greek community in the country is very small (about three thousand people) and that Turkish law requires that every Ecumenical Patriarch be a Turkish citizen by birth. Likewise, the Turkish authorities have expropriated ecclesiastical properties and closed in 1971 the Halki Theological School (located on Heybeliada island, in the Sea of ​​Marmara). The reopening of this school, which includes the seminary, remains one of the constant demands of the Orthodox and all Greek governments. Alexis Tsipras himself officially visited the school as Prime Minister in February 2019 and different US governments support this opening, including Clinton in 1999 and Obama in 2009.

The Turkish authorities were willing to also meet with Pompeo yesterday, offering that Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu and other authorities would travel from Ankara to see him, something that was rejected by the US Secretary of State.

Pompeo is a member of the Evangelical Christian Presbyterian Evangelical Church (the evangelists have mostly supported Trump in the elections four years ago and in those of a few days ago) and the Hellenic-American media emphasize that he was accompanied by his wife Susan, who they describe as a Christian orthodox. In any case, Pompeo’s wife, who has accompanied him on his two official trips to Greece, one in Athens and one in Crete during the Trump presidency, has visited Orthodox churches with great interest.

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Ideam forecasts new tropical wave that will leave more rain

Cloudiness related to Iota added to a new tropical wave, it will favor the development of rains in the Caribbean and Andean region, which in turn will make possible sudden increases and landslides in La Guajira, Cesar, Magdalena (foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta), Atlántico, Bolívar and Sucre.

Given the forecast of idea recommended activating and reinforcing prevention measures aimed at reducing the risks caused by these kinds of events, both to the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management (Ungrd) and to the departmental and municipal councils of the Caribbean region.

The Ideam reported that Iota will tend to lose intensity and possibly become a tropical storm for the next 48 hours as it moves into Central America.

According to the Saffir-Simpson scale and the National Hurricane Center, the center of the cyclone was positioned with maximum sustained winds of 260 kilometers per hour, while continuing its westward movement at a speed of 15 kilometers per hour.

The institute insisted on activating and reinforcing prevention measures aimed at reducing the risks caused by these kinds of events.

“We advise you to consider these conditions and the possible risks associated with increased waves and wind, reduced visibility for navigation in the area and at sea, heavy rains and electrical storms. Small boat operators, tourists and fishermen are advised to closely follow the daily evolution of the meteorological and marine conditions ”.


Despite the fact that Iota reached category 5 in San Andrés and Providencia during the holiday Monday, in much of the Caribbean dry weather prevailed. Only light rains were reported in Barranquilla, Sincelejo, the Gulf of Morrosquillo, Montería, Riohacha, Valledupar and Zapayán in the Magdalena.