Exclusive: Zidane has already given his name and has in his hand to sign the gala pearl, Odsonne Edouard

Real Madrid after the problems it is having for the forward with Jovic and Mariano, is already testing other options. To this we must add that Benzema does not have much time left at the good level. Zidane and Florentino are concerned about the goal, and for this they are investigating forwards in the world who have this ability as a main factor.

As we have learned in Central defense exclusively from sources very close to the white set, Edouard has a contract until 2022 with Celtic, they have tried to renew him but they have not succeeded and they begin to assume his departure and, with it, to lower the price signed by the player.

Right now, That price would be between 20 and 25 million, a figure lower than the 50-60 they were asking for last summer. And it is that within a year he will be in a position to negotiate with any club if he has not left Scotland before, something that is his wish.

He is a PSG youth squad and Zidane already had references from him since his time in the Parisian team, hence now, depending on what may happen with Mariano and Jovic, have the option of bringing him at a very reasonable price to be a substitute for Benzema in case the economic crisis does not allow access to the Haalands or Mbappé in 2021.

The data speaks for itself. Edouard has played a total of 23 games, 11 goals and four assists this season. These are figures that enchant Real Madrid, which are still good evidence for Florentino to bet on the signing of the French star.


Eugenia Osborne and her unexpected style connection with Mxima from Holland and Matilde from Belgium | News

The freezing temperatures of Madrid they have turned the capital into a winter fashion show. Coats have become the new protagonists of looks and we are delighted with the idea. Especially when the most stylish celebrities take off their coats, Brainstorm! Eugenia Osborne She has been one of those in charge of showing us that there is no boring style if we add a model to match as a final touch. For that reason, this season has taught us the virtues of shearling lined jacket, the masculine straight-cut design with a belt (in true Meghan Markle style), the chaquetón furry or, as we have seen in his last publication, the fur-sleeved jacket and on the neck that reminds us so much of the trends of the 2000s. But this creation has not only convinced us to update the return of the aesthetics of 20 years ago, but because it is signed by a designer famous for dressing European queens Maximum and Matilde: Jan Taminiau.


The Dukes of Sussex want to re-negotiate the ‘Megxit’ deal | News

Last January, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex came to a historic agreement with the Queen to leave the front line of the royal family. In spring, after the transitional period that had been completed, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle officially began their new life with their son Archie on the other side of the Atlantic outside the Buckingham umbrella.


This has been the year of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after the ‘Megxit’ | News

After last Christmas and with the newly released 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan Markles surprised the world with an unusual decision: they renounced their royal obligations to devote themselves to their own solidarity projects. An unexpected move for one of the sons of the heir to the British throne and that opened an unprecedented crisis that Elizabeth II managed to tackle in record time, from her Sandringham estate, where until this Christmas she used to spend the most endearing dates of the calendar. Eventually the Duke and Duchess of Sussex achieved what has already passed down to posterity as the Megxit Thanks to an agreement in which they achieved their desired freedom, to be able to live outside the United Kingdom and be financially independent to start a new life. Of course, with some concessions that were detailed point by point in an agreement, which allowed two months later to be completely autonomous to dissociate themselves from the Royal Family. During this year, the life of Harry and Meghan and that of their son Archie has changed radically and has also been punctuated by some controversies.


EXCLUSIVE-Apple targets car production by 2024 with new battery technology: sources

Dec 21 (Reuters) – Apple Inc is making progress in developing autonomous cars and is targeting 2024 to produce a passenger car that could include its own battery technology, people familiar with the matter told Reuters.

FILE IMAGE. The Apple Inc logo is seen at the entrance of a company store on 5th Avenue, in New York, USA. October 16, 2019. REUTERS / Mike Segar

The iPhone maker’s automotive endeavor, known as Project Titan, has run unevenly since 2014, when the company began designing its own vehicle from scratch.

At one point, Apple gave up the effort to focus on software and reevaluated its goals. Doug Field, who had worked at Tesla Inc, returned to the company to oversee the project in 2018 and laid off 190 people from the team a year later.

Since then, Apple has made enough progress that it is now aiming to build a vehicle for consumers, said two people familiar with the effort, who asked not to be named because the plans are not public.

Apple’s goal of making vehicles for the mass market stands in contrast to rivals like Alphabet Inc.’s Waymo, which has built robotic taxis to transport passengers for an autonomous car service.

A central element of Apple’s strategy is a new battery design that could “radically” lower its cost and increase the vehicle’s range, according to a third person who has seen the designs. The company declined to comment on its future plans or products.

Building a vehicle represents a supply chain challenge even for Apple, a wealthy company that makes hundreds of millions of electronic products each year from parts from around the world, but has never assembled a car. Tesla, Elon Musk’s company, took 17 years before it finally turned into profitable cars.

“If there’s a company on the planet that has the resources to do that, it’s probably Apple. But at the same time, it’s not a cell phone, ”said a person who worked on Project Titan.

It’s unclear who would assemble an Apple car, but sources have said they hope the company will rely on a manufacturing partner to build vehicles.

And there is still the possibility that Apple may decide to reduce the scope of its efforts from an autonomous driving system that would integrate with a car assembled by a traditional automaker, rather than Apple selling cars under its own brand, a source noted. .

Two people with knowledge of Apple’s plans warned that pandemic-related delays could cause production to only begin in 2025 or later.

Reporting by Stephen Nellis in San Francisco, Norihiko Shirouzu in Beijing, Paul Lienert and Ben Klayman in Detroit. Edited in Spanish by Javier Leira


Cceres have the most expensive and exclusive hotel in Spain – Noticias Cceres

Atrium remains in the Olympus of the gods of Spanish gastronomy with its two Michelin stars and it does so in the most difficult year for the sector. On Tuesday, in an emotional digital gala from the Real Casa de Correos, in the Puerta del Sol in Madrid, the 2021 edition of the Red Guide was presented. In total, it includes the same 11 restaurants with three stars, 38 with two (three new) and 203 with one (21 new).

Regarding the loss of distinctions that affects seven restaurants in Spain and one in Portugal, beyond those corresponding to permanent closures, it has transpired that the star is withdrawn from Álbora (Madrid). Those that for various reasons have not yet reopened due to the pandemic appear with the notation “temporarily closed due to covid 19”.

The Michelin guide was created in France in 1900 by André Michelin. It was an advertising guide that was given away with the purchase of tires. Stars are born in the late 1920s. The definitions were introduced in 1936 and remain today: three stars indicate exceptional cuisine that in itself justifies the journey. Two indicate first-class quality in their type of cuisine. One designates a very good restaurant in its category. Having one or more stars means that a venue is not only one of the best in its country, but also one of the best in the world. About 2,000 establishments in all the countries covered by the guide have stars.

Yesterday, Jose Polo, co-owner of Atrio together with chef Toño Pérez, said that a few months ago they hoped to add the third star because “Atrio has been given a twist with a menu that is the lemon pear.” In February the judges attended, in July the director of Michelin Spain-Portugal returned. However, the pandemic imposed caution “and it is logical that they are very careful when awarding a third award because the future of restaurants is still hanging by a thread.”

In fact, Atrio closed in October. From November 14 it opens on weekends and from January 3 it will resume its activity at full capacity. The restaurant, inaugurated in the Plaza de los Maestros in 1986, got its first star in 1994, when they triumphed with their unforgettable shrimp bags.

In San Mateo

The second came in 2013, just two years after Toño Pérez and Jose Polo, after a rehabilitation project that lasted seven years, inaugurated their Relais & Chateaux in 2011 in Plaza de San Mateo, a five-star hotel with 9 rooms and 5 suites. located in what were two buildings located in the Plaza de San Mateo and Calle Condes, in the heart of the monumental city.

The restaurant, Alma de Atrio, has not ceased to preserve its culinary identity, it has a cellar that contains more than 35,000 bottles of wine from more than 20 different countries. Its menu highlights its caviar dewlap, a whole experience around the Iberian pig, with vegetables, fish, seafood.

If the Michelin stars want to be eternal they must be maintained and for this it is essential to take care of quality because at any time the guide can take them away. You can never lower the bar. That is why Atrio closed for a while, that is why it has about twenty of its 50 workers in erte, because if exclusivity falters, the risk is greater and for that distinction to be maintained there must be clients. Now they have some from New York who have been staying since December 3. They have dinner every day at the hotel and when Toño made them a potato omelette and a hake in green sauce they touched the clouds.


In these months, the hope nests in the cacereños businessmen. They trust the effectiveness of the vaccine, that perimeter closures become open cities because the coronavirus begins to waver. Those from Atrio are beginning to see a purely Extremaduran clientele grow and radiate optimism.

That is why since this month, and after a reform, they have embarked on a new adventure: that of Torre de Sande, the restaurant also located in the Plaza de San Mateo. “It has been very beautiful and everything very comfortable,” says Jose proudly as he recounts that there they have taken the Meneses silver cutlery and the white and gold Czech plates that they bought from their wrappers on the visit of Kings Juan Carlos and Sofía to Las Hurdes in 1998. Contained prices, menus for two for 70 euros that include three courses, a drink and a dessert … “It has been a return to the origins of Atrio”, confesses the hotelier. And all this without losing sight of his Josper oven, “which is like a Rolls Royce,” says Polo. It works only with charcoal »and the result of the meat is spectacular.

The palace

The icing that is missing from the Atrio cake is the opening of the historic Paredes-Saavedra palace, scheduled for next summer. A luxury hotel with 11 suites spread over its 1,500 meters. This historic property located on Calle Ancha, between the Plaza de San Mateo and the Puerta de Mérida, was built between the 15th and 16th centuries. The building presents different architectural styles, Mudejar and Gothic. On the façade, which will be preserved, the sgraffito that appears on one of the side windows and the coats of arms of the Paredes-Saavedra and Paredes-Golfín families stand out. The tower that Isabel la Católica ordered to topple and which has given the area “greater prominence” has also been restored.

“There will be no superior doubles”, because all rooms are superior. The smallest are 60 meters, all have two showers with solid oak cabinets, marble bathtubs at a price of 30,000 euros and taps valued at 2,000 euros the cheapest. “The building was very battered, it’s like when someone starts with botox and their face ends up crushed. The rehabilitation is looking incredible, “reveals Polo.

There you can see the vaults of the 14th century hall, its arches and doors that will be decorated with marbles, granites and mirrors by the Portuguese artist José Pedro Croft, advised by the director of the Reina Sofía Museum, Manuel Borja. The house will regain its nobility and dignity thanks to the project of Emilio Tuñón and Carlos Martínez Albornoz and the Placonsa company, “with masons who are doing their work with exceptional care.” All this will make Casa Paredes the most expensive and exclusive hotel in Spain and it will be nothing more and nothing less than in Cáceres. By the way, he will recover the Cartier tableware, acquired in the early days of Atrio; for something each small plate cost 16,000 pesetas and each large one, 40,000.


Salah saves a point for Liverpool, maintains lead with Tottenham

With a penalty goal from the egyptian Mohamed Salah in the final stretch of the match (79), the Liverpool took a point (1-1) on his visit to Fulham (17th), which allows the ‘Reds’ to maintain their coliderato with the Tottenham, which also drew against Crystal Palace (11th).

Liverpool have not won away from Anfield in the English championship since they beat Chelsea 2-0 at Stamford Bridge on 20 September. Since then a defeat (7-2 against Aston Villa) and four consecutive draws (Everton, Manchester City, Brighton and Fulham).

This Sunday he suffered to achieve the point in the field of Fulham, which took the lead in the first half with a cross shot from Bobby Reid (25).

Salah tied at 11 for the final when he transformed a controversial penalty, called after Wijnaldum’s direct free-kick hit the hand of a member of the barrier, but his arm was close to the body.

Before, Tottenham did not go beyond the tie (1-1) in their visit to Crystal Palace (11th).

Captain Harry Kane put the Spurs ahead with a shot from outside the area that didn’t seem too difficult for Vicente Guaita to save, but the ball made a stranger and fooled the Spanish goalkeeper (23).

After the goal, the locals stretched lines and began to arrive in danger before the goal of Frenchman Hugo Lloris, who was saved by wood from conceding the first goal before the break (43).

After missing a clear chance in 69, the German Jeffrey Schlupp would end up scoring the tie with 10 minutes to go, taking advantage of a short rebound from Lloris (81).

In the final stretch, the Spurs went for the victory, but first the crossbar (86) and then Guaita (90 + 2) prevented the victory of the team coached by José Mourinho.

With these results, Tottenham and Liverpool add 25 points, two more than the surprising Southampton, who placed third after clearly defeating the bottom of the Premier League, Sheffield United, 3-0.

Although they did not go ahead soon, the ‘Saints’ were not disturbed at any time by the bottom of the league, a mirage of the team that surprised last season. Che Adams scored the first of the locals in the 34th minute and it was necessary to wait until the second half for the rojiblancos to ensure the victory with the targets of Stuart Armstrong (62) and Nathan Redmond (83).

Leicester (5th), on their side, could overtake Chelsea (4th) and Southampton if they beat Brighton (16th) in their coliseum, also this Sunday.

– Results of the matches of the 12th day of the English Premier League, and classification table:

– Friday:

Leeds – West Ham 1 – 2

– Saturday:

Wolverhampton – Aston Villa 0 – 1

Newcastle – West Bromwich 2 – 1

Manchester United – Manchester City 0 – 0

Everton – Chelsea 1 – 0

– Sunday:

Southampton – Sheffield United 3 – 0

Crystal Palace – Tottenham 1 – 1

Fulham – Liverpool 1 – 1

(19h15 GMT) Arsenal – Burnley

Leicester – Brighton

Classification: Pts JGEP GF GC Diff

1. Tottenham 25 12 7 4 1 24 10 14

2. Liverpool 25 12 7 4 1 27 18 9

3. Southampton 23 12 7 2 3 24 17 7

4. Chelsea 22 12 6 4 2 25 12 13

5. Leicester 21 11 7 0 4 21 15 6

6. West Ham 20 12 6 2 4 20 15 5

7. Everton 20 12 6 2 4 21 18 3

8. Manchester United 20 11 6 2 3 19 17 2

9. Manchester City 19 11 5 4 2 17 11 6

10. Aston Villa 18 10 6 0 4 21 13 8

11. Crystal Palace 17 12 5 2 5 18 17 1

12. Newcastle 17 11 5 2 4 14 16 -2

13. Wolverhampton 17 12 5 2 5 11 16 -5

14. Leeds 14 12 4 2 6 17 22 -5

15. Arsenal 13 11 4 1 6 10 14 -4

16. Brighton 10 11 2 4 5 15 18 -3

17. Fulham 8 12 2 2 8 12 22 -10

18. Burnley 6 10 1 3 6 5 18 -13

19. West Bromwich 6 12 1 3 8 9 25 -16

20. Sheffield United 1 12 0 1 11 5 21 -16


year zero. Was it inevitable that the UK would slam the door on the EU? Episode 1

10/12/2020 22:40Updated: 12/11/2020 00:46

On December 31 at midnight, The United Kingdom will leave the European Union for practical purposes. It will be almost four and a half years since a historic referendum where an advantage of only 1.2 million ballots was enough to advocate for the exit of the bloc. In this time, Downing Street has had as many as three different tenants, there have been countless negotiations between the parties and there has been incessant speculation about the content of a trade agreement which, at the time of writing, is still being sought against the clock, or the possibility of an exit without an agreement, which would entail fees and tariffs.

This first chapter of the ‘podcast’Brexit: year zero‘reconstruct how we got to this point. Was Britain’s special status in the EU reasonable? Why did he decide to abandon her despite this? ¿It was inevitable? Do we understand Brexiters better now than when all this started? Will they be able to keep all the promises they made to British voters? What could future relations between the UK and Spain look like?

Celia Maza. London

However, more than half of the more than one hundred companies surveyed admit that they have not changed their investment strategy in the British market since the historic referendum

Celia Maza, correspondent for El Confidencial in London, introduces the question and interviews Enrique Feás, Senior Associate Researcher at the Elcano Royal Institute with extensive experience in the field of international trade, and who has written some of the best Brexit analyzes in Spanish. After, Ramón González Férriz, a journalist for El Confidencial, moderates a discussion table with Maza and Nacho Alarcon, the correspondent for El Confidencial in Brussels.

“Even if the UK is outside the European Union,” says Maza, “it is not outside Europe. This is not an end point. It is a point followed in a story that will last. “‘Brexit: year zero’ will try to explain how.

If you prefer to listen to it on Spotify, click here: https://open.spotify.com/show/5xIrT1PLhDZOnuJVgqVHzG.

If you prefer to listen to it on Ivoox, click here: https://go.ivoox.com/rf/62165707.

If you prefer to see it on the El Confidencial page on YouTube, click here: https://youtu.be/JDjATNWWpp8.


A busy December in Brussels: sprint before Christmas

This December is a hot month for the European agenda. We will have several fronts and many moments of action, with a European Council on December 10 and 11 and a plenary session of the European Parliament that will begin on 14. What are the fronts?

Budget pulse

Hungary and Poland decided last week to cast their veto on the budget package, which includes the € 750 billion Recovery Fund from which Spain could get up to 140 billion. It is in retaliation for the agreement on a rule of law mechanism that could cut off their access to European funds for their attack on judicial independence.

Press conference of the Prime Ministers of Poland (in the foreground) and Hungary.  (EFE)
Press conference of the Prime Ministers of Poland (in the foreground) and Hungary. (EFE)

The safest thing is that this matter is pending until the summit of December 10 and 11. Charles Michel, President of the European Council, intends to hold this meeting in person in Brussels, because the videoconference format has proven to be of little use in solving serious problems.

When Hungary and Poland formalized their veto two weeks ago, it was thought that a change in the wording could be enough, but Budapest and Warsaw are directly opposed, and the rest of the Member States and the European Parliament do not feel like making concessions. That is why many voices in Brussels believe that it is only a matter of waiting for them to continue seeing each other alone and without the possibility of obtaining concessions so that they end up withdrawing their bluff in exchange for some minimum transfer.

The agony of Brexit

After Michel Barnier, chief negotiator of the European Commission, traveled to London on Friday after a difficult week, this past weekend has been one of intense negotiations. Many assume that the Frenchman’s trip is due to a good signal from the British side.

Michel Barnier, the EU negotiator, in London for another round of Brexit negotiations.  (EFE)Michel Barnier, the EU negotiator, in London for another round of Brexit negotiations.  (EFE)
Michel Barnier, the EU negotiator, in London for another round of Brexit negotiations. (EFE)

The three pending issues are those already known to all: governance of the agreement, fishing and ‘level-playing field’ or equal conditions. With 95% of the agreement completed in its technical aspects, as they have assured from the European Commission, these three issues are linked to an ideological element. That is precisely what is making them especially difficult to negotiate.

Once an agreement is reached, if at all, the job is not done. The ratification process will not be straightforward either, and Brexit will surely have to continue to be paid attention to well into December. The European Parliament has been willing to ratify the agreement as late as is December the 28th.

If it is not possible to close a deal, it goes without saying that the matter will gain importance as Member States have to prepare for an unknown scenario in their trade with the United Kingdom. as of January 1, 2021. Again, deal or no deal, Brexit will be one of the main issues at this month’s summit and will keep diplomats busy for weeks to come.

Turkey continues to give problems

European leaders promised Cyprus, which was calling for sanctions against Turkey for its oil and gas exploration in Cypriot and Greek waters, that they would take up the issue in December. In the meantime, Ankara would be offered the possibility of building a “positive agenda”. Despite strong friction between Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan and French President Emmanuel Macron, the dialogue between Berlin, Brussels and Ankara has not ceased.

Ships of the Turkish navy in the Aegean.  (Reuters)Ships of the Turkish navy in the Aegean.  (Reuters)
Ships of the Turkish navy in the Aegean. (Reuters)

But the tensions between the Hellenic, Cypriot and Turkish governments have not abated either. “Europe cannot pretend that Turkey is acting as an acceptable player in the regionNikolaos Dendias, the Greek foreign minister, complained last week, calling Ankara’s behavior “delinquent and provocative.” Last week, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign and Security Policy, the Spanish Josep Borrell, explained to the European Parliament that the EU bloc is at a “critical moment” in its relationship with Turkey.

The European Parliament called in a non-binding resolution addressed to the meeting of leaders on December 10 and 11, that the European Union “act and impose harsh sanctions in response to the illegal actions of Turkey.” The atmosphere will heat up in the coming days, especially if there is any kind of tension in the Aegean Sea.

This week

This coming week, the one prior to the key dates of December, it will also come loaded, with meeting of finance ministers of the Eurozone and the European Union this Monday and Tuesday, with a review of the national budget plans, including the Spanish one, which have received the general approval of the European Commission.

Huawei's counter at an electronics conference in China.  (Reuters)Huawei's counter at an electronics conference in China.  (Reuters)
Huawei’s counter at an electronics conference in China. (Reuters)

Also on Monday there will be a videoconference of ministers of Education and also of Youth. It will be the turn of those of Culture and Sports on Tuesday, and on Wednesday that of the Ministers of Justice, who will discuss the launch of the European prosecutor’s office, and also of those of Health, who in an informal meeting will address the fight against the coronavirus pandemic in the European Union. Also on Thursday Thierry Breton, Commissioner for the Internal Market, will have a meeting with Ken Hu, CEO of Huawei, and also with Abraham Liu, CEO of Huawei in Europe.

The week will close with an employment and social affairs council. In addition, Yolanda Díaz, Minister of Employment, will see a lot of faces with the commissioner of the branch, the Luxembourgian Nicolás Schmit, because in addition to the Council they will participate together in a videoconference on social economy that same Friday.


Viajes InterRías launches an exclusive tour of the most legendary Galicia

Team of “Galicia, the celtic motherland”. | // FDV

Viajes InterRías will exclusively market the trip designed in parallel with the audiovisual project “Galicia, the celtic motherland”, presented two months ago in Sanxenxo by a work team led by Marcos Redondo. Despite the difficult situation facing the tourism sector at this time, the Galician tour operator has decided to start betting on this project in the midst of a pandemic, since it is a product for very small groups that is ideal for making it compatible with the derived control measures. of the coronavirus.

During five days and six nights, the participants will visit some of the most ancient and emblematic places and sites of legendary Galicia, such as Monte Pindo, Castro Baroña, Monte do Facho, Dolmen de Axeitos, Torres do Oeste, Fervenza do Toxa, Ruta da Pedra e da Auga or Monte do Castro de Ribadumia, in addition to making visits to the Manolo Paz Foundation or the Monastery of Armenteira. The tour will be specially set to get to know and be introduced to Celtic Galicia or the castreña culture, and will include activities such as sailing on Drakkar, meditation, representation of votive offerings, Celtic baptism, etc. Accommodation for four of the six nights of the tour will be at the Gran Talaso Hotel Sanxenxo, where traditional dinners will be held and tourists will be able to enjoy its hot springs, steam baths, aromatherapy and spa.