Remember 50 years of the explosion of gigantic whale in Oregon

FLORENCE, UNITED STATES.- On November 9, 1970, the beaches of, Florence, Oregon They stank from the huge body of a 14-meter dead whale that was beginning to decompose in that place.

To that place away from the television cameras, many curious people and reporters from different media began to arrive to see what was happening with the corpse of the sperm whale.

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From the Oregon Department of Transportation They began to evaluate how they could remove the body of the gigantic mammal, since being able to get rid of the corpse was a challenge.

In the first place, they thought about burying her, but due to its weight of 8 tons it was impossible to remove the body and it was also stranded on the shore of the beach, so the swells would end up unearthing it.

Days later they found the solution: detonate the body of the whale with dynamite. According to those who proposed this idea, the small remains of the mammal would serve as food for the seagulls and birds of prey that fly over the beach.

It was on November 13, 1970 that dozens of people, regardless of the nauseating smell, were present at the place to see what for them was a “spectacle”, when they saw the body of the whale fly through the air.

A few hours before the explosion, the authorities asked a group of people to move away about 400 meters from the body, since they could not only be affected by the explosion, but also by the pieces of meat that would fly through the air. .

Despite the fact that the experts assured that most of the whale’s remains would go to sea, the opposite happened … at the moment of the explosion, the whale’s remains began to rain even at more than 400 meters that the authorities had recommended.

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Faced with this, the people present began to flee desperately, fearing they would suffer a serious injury, because huge pieces of the whale flew through Florence’s air, even one of them destroyed a car that was parked.

One of the protagonists spoke

Paul Linnman, one of the reporters who covered the event, spoke to ABC about what happened 50 years ago, noting that the decision came from the Oregon Department of Transportation and George Thorton, who according to Linnman, had consulted with the US Navy, who had done similar things in the past.

Linnman revealed that the hope of those responsible for the blast was that the whale would disintegrate and fall into the sea, so 20 boxes of dynamite were used.

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After all the chaos produced after the explosion, the people who were in the place noticed that only one part of the body managed to be exploded, so the other part had to bury it.