Fabián Picardo, the llanito with the most waist of the Rock

Fabián Picardo, Chief Minister of Gibraltar, is together with the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arancha González Laya, the leader of an agreement that seemed to have everything against it, even more so since the Government of Boris Johnson rejected, emphatically, the Brussels proposal that Northern Ireland remained in the customs union “because that would break the integrity of the United Kingdom.” The same has not happened with the Rock, which until now had not enjoyed that advantage or belonged to the Schengen area. The decision means saying goodbye to the gate, the symbol that for centuries has presided over relations with Spain, two different realities since the Treaty of Utrecht sanctioned the British colony three centuries ago.

La Roca -as the British know it-, where permanence in the European Union is the aspiration of 96% of its population, comes out of this divorce that had been brewing since 2016 better than it was. A negotiation, yes, tough, have recognized its protagonists, focused on not transgressing red lines for Gibraltar, such as sovereignty or jurisdiction; but crowned with success, with a Picardo attentive to the fine print of the agreement -he is a lawyer-, aware of what his 34,000 neighbors were at stake.

His Majesty’s head of the Government of Gibraltar, always in favor of “seeing the glass half full”, said he was sure that understanding between both parties would prevail. From the beginning, he ruled out a return to the situation of closing the gate, a ghost that nobody wanted to hear about in Gibraltar and that forced to explore «All roads» to avoid obstacles in a crossing that 15 million people and 50,000 trucks cross every year (all consumer goods come from outside). “As a good Liverpool fan, I know that the best goals come in injury time,” said the llanito leader in statements to SER days before the agreement was closed.

“We have fought against the tide of history. The agreement opens a rainbow of opportunities and shared prosperity »

And so it has been. On December 31, on the horn and without breaking plates. In praising González Laya, “who has shown a sensitivity like we have never seen, looking beyond the eternal question of sovereignty”, which in Spain has aroused the occasional critical voice. “We have been fighting the tide of history,” says Picardo, “but with this agreement we hope to see an area of ​​shared prosperity for Gibraltar and the entire region around us become a reality.. The new beginning of something that, we hope, will last for centuries.

A “rainbow of opportunities,” he qualified, which will not be free from friction. The first has not been long in coming after the Foreign Minister stated that Spain will have “the last word” on who enters the British colony (the controls of the port and the airport will be carried out during a transition period of four years under the supervision of the European agency Frontex, of which our country is its closest representative). “Only Gibraltar decides who enters Gibraltar and no Spanish agent will carry out controls of any kind. This is our land », Picardo stirred from Twitter.

Overwhelmed by Covid

The ‘Honorable’ -treatment that establishes the protocol for the Chief Minister- is reinforced by an agreement that had been in the works since the first quarter of 2020. “Hindering people’s mobility cannot become the new normal.” A mobility “that has so much weight in labor and commercial relations and in the well-being of all”, agree from the Commonwealth of Municipalities of Campo de Gibraltar. Its president, Juan Lozano, defines Picardo as “someone with dialogue and common interests. It’s easy to get along with him, we’ve had a few beers together … and it won’t be the last ».

Fabián Picardo (Gibraltar, 1972), the colony’s sixth Chief Minister, is the grandson of a Spanish republican who at the age of 17, at the end of the Civil War, sought refuge in the shadow of the Rock and married a plainsman. After completing his secondary studies in his city, he benefited from the UK university scholarship policy and studied law at Oriel College, Oxford, a time when he discovered how different he was from English, Irish or Scots “Despite feeling as British as them”. Back in the Straits, he went to work at Joshua Hassan’s law firm, initially dedicating himself to human rights issues, to later practice as a commercial lawyer.

Married to Justine Olivero and father of three children, Fabián was attracted to the siren songs of politics from an early age, being one of the founders of the National Party of Gibraltar when he was still a student. It would not be until 2003 when he joined the Gibraltar Socialist Labor Party (GSLP), led by Joe Bossano, who preceded him as Chief Minister between 1988 and 1996. From the beginning he was his dolphin. He praised him for “his working-class roots, even though he had access to a higher education, prospered, and lived in a world very different from his ancestors. She has the same ardor that her grandmother showed by instigating the workers in the fight for their rights. He carries it in his genetic code », said Bossano with pride. In 2011 he dethroned Peter Caruana and now has three terms.

You will not be short of challenges. Having overcome the obstacle of Brexit, it now faces the unstoppable advance of Covid, whose British variant is wreaking havoc on the Rock with an incidence fourteen times higher than that of Andalusia (2,000 cases per 100,000 inhabitants), which has forced confinement to its population and the Board, to close 8 of the closest towns. The vaccine will not arrive for another week and Picardo is one of those who prefers to sin excessively. “The order is to stay home, let’s not take it lightly.” Firm as a rock.


Fabián Bustos asked Joao Ortiz and Fernando Gaibor for Barcelona 2021

Fabian Bustos, DT of champion with Barcelona in 2020, confirmed that he left a list of players to reinforce the Canarian squad for the 2021 season. The names of Fernando Gaibor and Joao Ortiz, as indicated by the same Argentine strategist.

In an interview with Radio Huancavilca, from Guayaquil, the gaucho coach first assured this Monday, January 4, 2021: “For me, the main objective will be to fight for the championship and be two-time Ecuadorian soccer champion (with the Canaries and their personal three-time championship), we have to talk about that as always with the players. ”

Barcelona will make changes to its payroll for the 2021 season, with the departure of players such as Jonatan Álvez, Michael Arroyo and the possible loans of young talents such as Stalin Caicedo, Jean Carlo Montaño, among others. But, it will also add reinforcements to face the LigaPro tournament, the Copa Libertadores and, possibly, the Ecuador Cup (a tournament that is still under analysis).

Bustos explained that in the list of signings that he left to the board are the names of Gaibor and Ortiz. “Fernando Gaibor He is a great man, a very good soccer player. I wanted to take Joao Ortiz two years ago (to the Delfín, a club with which he was champion in 2019) “, he pondered.

“I left on a list with players, among those were the two of them,” added the Argentine coach to the Buenos Aires station. Here they also consulted him about the possible incorporation of the steering wheel Sergio Lopez, whom he also directed on the Dolphin.

Bustos did not confirm if his name is on the list, but he highlighted the qualities of the midfielder who played in Aucas in 2020. “I brought Sergio to Ecuadorian football. He is a natural hook, he has a good associated game, he has a good punch,” he said. .

He also stressed that his versatility on offense would be a plus if he reached the champion. “Sergio with me has played behind (Carlos) Garcés, on the outside, double five, mixed midfielder … for me he can play in the four offensive positions, he can do it on the left, on the right, in the middle …”, concluded.


Barcelona tied in their visit to Orense and lost the option to be a leader

Barcelona SC He reached the ninth date of the second stage with the option of adding three points and going up to first place. But he found a combative team from Orense that complicated the bullfighters. In the end they tied 0-0 against Orense, in the stadium May 9, this November 23, 2020.

The porteños were dominant. The midfield made up of Nixon Molina, Damián Díaz and Emmanuel Martinez they controlled the ball and generated passes that were not well capitalized. Jonatan Álvez had his chances to score, while the Machaleños held on and looked for counterattacks to reach the goal Javier Burrai.

Orense was ordered in defense and was able to control a Barcelona that at times was desperate to score. They were even able to open the scoring with mid-range shots and stopped ball plays.

Barcelona pressed, but also the high temperature generated greater wear. In the end, the DT Fabian Bustos could not take advantage and barely added a point.


Fabián Bustos, firm on the Barcelona bench

They put cold cloths in Barcelona to the criticism that coach Fabián Bustos has received of a sector of the fans that is dissatisfied with the operation of the Canarian team.

Guayaquil City wins and scares Liga de Quito and Barcelona

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Those comments gained intensity after the home draw against Liga de Quito at the Monumental and the fall against Olmedo as a visitor, even the victory over Independiente del Valle recently unleashed opposing voices, not because of the result, but because of the scheme of del Toro, described as a “speculator” on social media.

According to the sports vice president of Barcelona, ​​Aquiles Álvarez, they are satisfied with the work of the yellow strategist, that did not pass the group stage of the Copa Libertadores de América after accessing that instance by overcoming previous rounds.

“Beyond the media issue, as a leadership we are calm, we understand football from another perspective. Professor Bustos’s campaign in numbers is very good. The first stage left us because of football. All teams want to be champions and in the second stage we are up ”, the Canarian manager said.

In addition, he endorsed him by saying that they are witnesses of the work of the strategist, that last season he reached the national title with the Dolphin.


Nixon Molina, bet that is consolidated

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“We see his work day by day, we have seen a media issue against him. But we support him and on the remaining dates we hope to reach the final, “added Álvarez, before the match against El Nacional, which will be played today at the Atahualpa Olympic Stadium, starting at 7:00 p.m.

Is that the three points become urgent for the canaries in an effort to get first place in the stage, which would allow him to qualify for the next edition of the Copa Libertadores and play the final of the tournament against the Quito League.

For this duel, Barcelona will not be able to count on Mario Pineida, who meets the Ecuadorian soccer team. From then on, Bustos has complete equipment to measure the military, who in the first stage added a goalless draw at Coloso del Salado.


The Barcelona SC board of directors supported the continuity of DT Fabián Bustos

The Barcelona SC board of directors supported the work of DT Fabián Bustos in command of the squad, which seeks to reach the final of LigaPro with Liga de Quito. The ‘Canarian’ team occupies second place in the LigaPro with 13 units and a lower goal difference than the white box.

Aquiles Álvarez, vice president of the bullfighting team, indicated that the board “is totally calm” with the performance of the Argentine coach, despite the elimination in the group stage of the 2020 Copa Libertadores.

“The campaign of the teacher (Fabián Bustos) is very good. We believe that he had a good first stage and it got out of hand due to situations that occur in football. Obviously Barcelona has to always seek to be champion and today only by goal difference we are practically first. In our internal analysis we highlight the professor, because we see the day-to-day work of him and his coaching staff, “said Álvarez, at a press conference.

Álvarez indicated that there is a “media issue” against the coach, but the club has not considered a change. He pointed out that the leaders of the yellow club are used to dealing with pressure from journalists.

As for signings for the following year, the directors of Barcelona SC avoided pronouncing themselves, but expressed that the midfielder Emmanuel Martinez He could renew for four seasons and the side is also on the list Byron Castillo.

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Fabián Balbuena: We are satisfied with the result

Fabián Balbuena, defender of the Paraguayan National Team, who was the companion of Gustavo Gómez in the center of the rear, valued the point achieved against Albiceleste.

“We are satisfied with the result. What we have been working with the teacher (Eduardo Berizzo) we try to implement on the field. The work we do is remarkable, we do not negotiate the attitude,” he said at a press conference.

Paraguay went ahead on the scoreboard with a penalty goal from Ángel Romero, while Argentina tied with a goal from Nicolás González. With the point, the Albirroja adds five units, in three presences.

The current West Ham United player from England is already mentalizing what is coming. “Now we have to think about the next game and become strong at home,” he concluded, referring to next Tuesday’s clash in Asunción against Bolivia.


Barcelona drew 2-2 against Liga de Quito, but retained the leadership of LigaPro

Barcelona SC tied 2-2 with League of Quito this Sunday, November 1, 2020. The comparison corresponded to the fourth date of the secondstage of LigaPro. The many bullfighters were Christian Colman and Damián Díaz. For the albos they were made by the Colombian Cristian Martinez Borja and Jordi Alcívar.

DT Pablo Repetto’s pupils were cornered at the beginning and managed to leave their area without much clarity. The bullfighters imposed their collective game and at times had lucid plays that could end in a goal.

Damían Díaz, Emmanuel Martínez and Christian Colman were the most dangerous players.

It was difficult for the albos, at least until minute 15, to have a good team game. Neither Lucas Villarruel nor Junior Sornoza could play their game and look for Cristian Martínez Borja. The Colombian striker was forced to go down to midfield to help recover the ball.

When Liga left spaces, Barcelona tried to be fine with their passes. Thus they managed to reach the arch of the Argentine Adrián Gabbarini.

For their part, the university students tried to surprise the Guayaquileños with medium-distance shots. José Quintero, who was encouraged to shoot, but the ball was controlled by Javier Burrai.

At minute 34, Barcelona attacked Byron Castillo, took out two defenders and in the one-on-one with Gabbarini dropped. DT Fabián Bustos claimed a penalty.

In the 45th minute, Colman received a deep pass. The Paraguayan only needed to touch the ball with the tip of his foot to send the ball to the bottom of the net of Gabbarini’s goal. In the previous play, Sornoza made a mistake in the pass and that caused the lethal counterattack.

At the beginning of the second half, Liga tried to impose its game. He had more clarity in the bullfighting area.

At minute 51 he had the opportunity to equalize the score with a free kick from Moisés Corozo, but the ball hit the wall.

At minute 53, Castillo again went into the area and took a cross for Argentine Diaz. Without any mark, he took a shot at ground level that put the locals to win 2-0.

DT Pablo Repetto’s pupils took advantage of the bands and tried to look for a header or a shot with centers. Thus came, at minute 66, the discount goal. A center that was poorly cleared by Darío Aimar, the ball hit the vertical and the coffee grower responded with his goal.

After the goal and the changes made by Repetto, Liga improved. At minute 74 came the equalizer with a mid-distance shot from Jordi Alcívar finished off with his left leg and left Burrai on the floor.

On the next date. Liga receives at the Rodrigo Paz Delgado stadium Pray and Barcelona visits the Riobamba Olympic Stadium at Olmedo.


Atleti tried to sign Fabián with Thomas’ 50 million

During the last day of the transfer market, there was a ‘bomb’ movement that never became a reality. Atlético de Madrid, after losing his midfielder Thomas Partey because Arsenal paid the 50 million euros of his clause, tried to get Fabian.

‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ with the signature of the propuesta it was just what the club received for the Ghanaian: 50 kg’. The response of the ‘azzurra’ entity, embodied by its president, Aurelio de Laurentiis, was clear: no. The figure is certainly well below its market value (more than 70 million, according to the parameters of ProFootballDB).

Y What was the response of the rojiblancos? None. They gave up their attempt to incorporate Spanish as soon as they were told no the first time. Once the transfer window was finished, the painting directed by Cholo Simeone was left without replacement.

The aforementioned source assures, yes, that This does not mean that Atlético de Madrid has ruled out Fabián. They follow you closely and may make a new attempt to hire you in the future, but that will have to wait, at least, for the winter market.