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It was for a long time the first option. In fact, David Beckham himself mentioned it on a visit to Bogotá. It seemed that the paths of the Colombian and Inter Miami were destined to cross, but suddenly the interest faded. What happened?

Several things: the gross problems of a team that does not start in the MLS, the pandemic and its consequent economic crisis, the frequent injuries of the Colombian, all together and also three priorities on the agenda of the ‘BeckBoy’ that are not in Turkey but in the Premier League.

Inter Miami is no longer targeting Falcao because the plan is to give him a 100% British touch, starting with the coach, who would be an old friend of the boss: Phil Neville. Fergusson’s teammates in the successful Manchester United would already have a total agreement for the move of the Englishman, who would not arrive only with his family but with two significant signings: Jonas Lossl, from Everton, and, attentive, a creative midfielder.

Neville would be determined to finish a nearly three-year process at the helm of the England women’s team and Beckham is delighted to know that he is interested in replacing Diego Alonso, the recently fired manager.

Once the new coach is secured, the next thing is to bet on a goalkeeper, which would be Lossl, who is fed up with seeing how Olsen has positioned himself as second goalkeeper for Ancelotti in Everton, behind Pickford. According to the Miami Herald, the player needs competition to aim for a Euro with the Denmark team and is eager to sign as soon as possible.

And here comes a surprise, which was a priority for Beckham but that in the last hours disappeared. The British wanted Mesut Ozil, but the German preferred to go to Fenerbahce after finishing his contract at Arsenal, from where he came out as badly as possible.

Ozil had previously been linked to DC United and LA Galaxy and it was said that the United States was a very attractive commercial platform for him, but the offer did not materialize and the player preferred to return to his country of descent, where he will be received as a true idol. .

The fall of that operation opens a door, difficult but a door at last, for Falcao, although it must be recognized that Inter Miami would prefer a scorer at a better time, even a name like Sergio Agüero, rather than Samarium.

What is certain is that the priority, before a scorer, is a playmaker, which is really needed for a Higuaín who would be the finisher. According to The Sun newspaper, which had Ozil but will no longer be, this could be a typical alignment of the MLS team with reinforcements included:


Taken from www.thesun.co.uk

Place for Falcao? It does not appear to be so. He is not only an older player (almost 35 years) but has dragged a series of injuries for a year and a half that have marginalized him in Galatasaray and that have turned him into an expensive luxury of which, according to Turkish media, there is urgency to come off.

It works against his high salary (close to 5 million euros per season) and, as if that were not enough, a very bad memory in his time in the Premier League, in Chelsea and Manchester Untied, teams that he also dragged. physical problems and being considered one of the great disappointments of recent years. If Beckham is looking to his country to find solutions to his poor sporting start in the MLS, without a doubt that precedent does not help the Colombian at all.

Falcao was talked about a little less than a year ago in Miami and photos with his name were even circulated on the Inter Miami shirt. But, if the versions are true, that no longer seems to be a destination. Nor is Portland, where in the last hours it was ruled out. Where will ‘El Tigre’ go hunting? The options, in the midst of the pandemic, do not seem to be as many as he and Galatasaray would like.


Radamel Falcao will not continue in Turkey: does the return to River?

Galatasaray, one of the most powerful clubs in Turkey, is planning to part with Colombian striker Radamel Falcao García. Despite having had an encouraging start, however, low performances in recent times and a series of injuries have conditioned him, to such an extent that the press of that country assures that the Galatasaray leaders would be willing to let him go, more beyond that he still maintains a contract until June 2022.

They say that the Colombian attacker has offers from an MLS team, and also from Arab soccer. However, his relatives say that in South America they would be waiting for him with open arms.

Will River be Falcao’s next destination? In today’s football, everything is possible, and those close to the footballer would not frown upon the possibility of putting on the “band” shirt again.

As River begins the stage of purification in its current squad, it would not be unreasonable to think that the Colombian is one of the alternatives for the team that Marcelo Gallardo leads today.


It is known that Enzo Pérez is one of the River players who could emigrate in this transfer market. Although from Turkey they assure that he will play for Trabzonspor, his representative came out to deny that this news is false.

However, the Millionaire leadership and the coaching staff have as a central objective to retain the Mendoza, considered one of the pillars of the team. And in that sense, the fans, taking advantage of social networks, went out to ask that the player continue at the club. Campaigns are even being organized so that the flyer remains in the institution.


Radamel Falcao García will leave Galatasaray, according to Turkish press – International Football – Sports

There doesn’t seem to be a different way to Radamel Falcao Garcia and Galatasaray than divorce. At least that is what the press in Turkey assures, which in a year and a half went from unconditional love for ‘El Tigre’ to considering him person not pleasant.

The rumors about the departure of the Colombian are daily bread. It was recently revealed that the technician Fatih Terim He did not advise his signing and that he has always had reservations with a player so expensive and so prone to injuries, all of which he would confirm with the passage of time.

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And now the versions suggest that in effect the parties already understood that there is no other way out than the separation, which could be as difficult as the player’s months away from the courts and far from meeting their own expectations and those of the club.

The newspaper Sporx assures that there was a meeting of a group of managers in which the scenario of terminating the contract by means of the agreement was exposed, To which the forward would have reacted in an unexpected way: he would be willing to leave but not to give up the year and a half of his remaining contract.

“(Falcao) communicated to management that he would accept to leave the team only if they pay him all the accounts receivable that are pending,” a situation that would leave Galatasaray “tied hand and foot to the player.”

It means that Falcao is leaving, if it is his only path, but he would claim about 7.5 million euros, an amount that is neither available at the moment nor would be allocated to him, considering that a replacement should be found at his height and that these are critical days for the club’s finances.

Added to this version is that of the newspaper AS, which stated: “The management of Galatasaray informed Falcao of the intention to terminate his contract, but no solution has been reached, so the Colombian demands his entire salary until the end of the season”.

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The future is complex for the player, aware that the market is very difficult because of the pandemic and that, already close to 35 years old (he turns in February) and so affected by injuries, he is not exactly an attractive signing. The situation is complicated considering that it is a year of qualifiers and America’s Cup and that he needs filming if he wants to think about the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.



Galatasaray: Falcao, criticized in Turkey for injuries, say DT Terim did not ask for it | Colombians Abroad

In case Falcao García lacks difficulties in Turkey, before a new relapse of his injury, critics now make firewood from the fallen tree, mentioning that his signing never had full support in Galatasaray.

The turn now was for the journalist Bilal Mese, who revealed in his column in the Milliyet newspaper that the technical director Fatih Terim never approved his signing.

“Falcao, who came to Galatasaray with high hopes and big budgets, has not lived up to expectations. The man has a muscle tear and is bleeding, his injury has become chronic, everyone is aware of it. I know Fatih Terim well. and he firmly opposed the arrival of Falcao. On the one hand, the astronomical figures, on the other, the issue of injuries, “the journalist assured.

According to the journalist, from the first moment the DT knew of the inconvenience of such an expensive signing, but did not say anything so as not to harm a possible exit operation for the player.

“Fatih Terim’s team chooses the words with tweezers so as not to damage the institution. In fact, in many press conferences, Terim gave subtle messages about Falcao between the lines because the interests of the institution were at stake and thus would reduce the value of Falcao, would reduce the motivation to play and would eliminate the possibilities of marketing this player to other teams “; complement.

Falcao adds his fifth injury in Galatasaray, again with no probable return date, and patience in Turkey seems to have come to an end.

Now the issue is where to locate him, with the history of his injuries and in the midst of the economic crisis due to the pandemic. It’s expensive, it’s not that young, and it seems, at first glance, a luxury for any team. His personal pending issue is this situation precisely in a year of the Copa América, the Qualifiers and a World Cup in Qatar for which there is a long, long time to go, if it is necessary to spend it far from the high competition.


Galatasaray executives would have tired of Falcao’s attitude

Everything seems to indicate that the cycle of Falcao with your current club Galatasaray it is coming to an end. The constant injuries of the Colombian, his lack of rhythm and the most recent, his attitude when withdrawing from the field of play due to the discomfort that afflicted him, are reasons why the Turkish managers consider the possibility of not counting on the Colombian ‘Tiger’.

And it is that after injuring his right thigh, Falcao went directly to the dressing rooms with an attitude that bothered the Galatasaray board of directorsreported Turkish outlet Fotomac.

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He took a careless attitude and clearly showed that he had no connection to the team (…) An experienced player does not behave like that. Even if he is injured, he will wait two to three minutes at least to distract the opponent. You go to the locker room to take a shower immediately and then come back and watch the game for a few minutes, “added the Fotomac medium.

Despite media speculation about the ‘bad ‘ relationship that carries the ‘Tiger‘and the club Turkey, the offers for Falcao they are latent; of course, there is talk of MLS Miami Inter, although this option has been diluted.

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It should be noted that the link that has Falcao con Galatasaray It is until mid-2022 so both parties (Radamel and the Turkish club) they should look at what offers there are so that the ‘Tiger‘He can play in another league and thus regain the level that once catapulted him as one of the best forwards in the world.


Rumor in Turkey: press says Falcao was asked to find equipment and leave Galatasaray | Colombians Abroad

So much does the jug go into the water … that, in Falcao’s case, it finally breaks and the story ends with more pain than glory.

The injuries, a true condemnation for the Colombian in recent years, are the trigger for a rumor that is not new in Turkey and that, apparently, would now be confirmed.

The version of the moment is from the local media Fotomac, which ensures that the new injury of ‘El Tigre’, the fifth since he landed in Istanbul in mid-2019, has motivated a radical decision by the Galatasaray board, which would have asked him to Jorge Mendes, the soccer player’s agent, who “looks for a team in the next transfer period.”

The new loss, which occurred just a few minutes after his expected return to the courts, after a physical discomfort he suffered last October, would have been the straw that broke the glass.

Such would be his exhaustion with the Colombian that the club would even let him go free, despite having signed a three-year contract, if this saves a costly salary, which could reach 5 million euros per season.

The media was very critical of the player, who obviously came out very angry after suffering a new injury: “he took a careless attitude and clearly showed that he had no connection with the team (…) An experienced player does not behave like that. Even if gets injured, he will wait two or three minutes at least to distract the opponent. You go to the locker room to take a shower immediately and then come back and watch the game for a few minutes. “

In this way, it is most likely that Falcao will end the 2021 season without much activity, just in a year in which, in theory, there will be Copa América in the country and the Colombian National Team has the challenge of the qualifying rounds to Qatar 2022. At this rate, repeating a World Cup seems more and more like a chimera for ‘El Tigre’.


Radamel Falcao García is injured in his first match of 2021 with Galatasaray – International Football – Sports

The bad news continues for Falcao García. At the start of 2021, the player was injured again, this time during the Galatasaray game against Antalyaspor, in the Turkish Super League, this Saturday.

The Colombian, who has not played since November due to a muscle injury and came to reappear for a few minutes on December 26, was a substitute this Saturday, entered for the second half, but at minute 76, that is, with 30 minutes on the court, he left due to a muscular discomfort.

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Falcao himself indicated with his gestures that he could not continue. He touched the thigh of his right leg, and immediately came the change.

‘El Tigre’ is still unlucky due to injuries and, apparently, it is the same muscle area that affected him and had him off the court for almost two months.

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At that time, Falcao suffered a moderate strain on the upper right anterior muscle group, which turned into a grade II muscle problem with bleeding, it was reported.

The Galatasaray medical report is expected on this new situation of the Colombian attacker, who started with problems in 2021.



Falcao chosen as the disappointment of the Turkish league

The survey was conducted by the newspaper Sporx where the Colombian had a 59% vote against.

The performance of Falcao garcia during 2020 at Galatasaray, since the Colombian, no matter how many goals he has scored, lost a lot of time injured and this took its toll on him in the end in the press of this country.

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According to a survey by the newspaper Sporx, the ‘Tiger’ had 59% of votes against to classify it as “the disappointment of Turkish football in 2020 “. The newspaper ensures that 6 out of 10 people voted for the ‘coffee grower’.

In addition to Falcao, other players were also an option for fans to vote. These names were José Sosa, Adem Ljajic, Benik Afobe, Mauricio Lemos, Mert Hakan and Emre Akbaba. The second one behind the samarium is Ljajic with 17%, percentage to take into account since the vote that the Colombian received almost doubles it.

A general level, the Colombian gunner he scored important goals and, despite injuries, was one of Galatasaray’s top scorers, yet fans cannot believe that a footballer with so many carats on top I still cannot perform at the highest level as you are all used to.

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The scorer of the Colombian National Team missed 7 games in the season between the league and the local cup. This is added to the fact that at the beginning of the year it did not have continuity either and this fact was joined with the stop for the pandemic.


Falcao García: chosen as the disappointment of 2020 in Turkey, end of the year message | Colombians Abroad

As a result of the injuries, Radamel Falcao García did not have his best year in Galatasaray. The Colombian, who joined the Lions team in September 2019, won the hearts of the fans in the first games, but, as the days went by, the physical discomfort took their toll, to the point of being the center of criticism in Turkey and of being linked to his departure from the team.

Now, on the last day of 2020, the Sporx newspaper published the result of a survey carried out in this last month, in which ‘El Tigre’ was chosen as ‘The Deception’ of the year, by Turkish football fans. The Samarian forward led the election with 59% of the votes, beating other nominees such as José Sosa, Adem Ljajic, Benik Afobe, Mauricio Lemos, Mert Hakan and Emre Akbaba.

Despite the fact that Falcao’s numbers this season are not bad (5 goals in 6 games), his lack of continuity has filled the patience of the Galatasaray fans, who are still waiting for the best version of the coffee gunner.

Falcao says goodbye to the year

Although it was a difficult year in sports, Falcao García did not forget his fans and with an emotional message he dismissed 2020.

“Despite the difficult times we have experienced this year, we must look to the future with hope. I long for new and better opportunities for everyone. My heart goes out to the families who have suffered because of the departure of their relatives and those people who are going through difficult times” .

“I look forward to a blessed 2021 for everyone. Happy New Year! Face of celebration Let us raise our eyes to the skies from there the timely help will come.”


How was Falcao for Inter Miami in the MLS?

Falcao returned to a call-up with Galatasaray of Turkey. Meanwhile, there is speculation about his near future, as there would be the possibility that the Colombian left the ranks of the Istanbul team and ends up in the main league of the USA.

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The MLS is an option that is always mentioned in the Falcao environment. However, according to the information known in the last hours, said course would have been closed unexpectedly, mainly on the sides of Inter Miami.

In the South Florida team, the name of ‘Tigre’ had been contemplated to be one of their franchise players. However, the club’s sporting director, Paul McDonough, interested in having Falcao, decided to step aside and resign from his position on the new Major League soccer team.

According to the press that covers the MLS in the United States, with this decision The arrival of Falcao would be practically ruled out at least in Miami in 2021. In any case, it should be remembered that the samarium has also sounded for other clubs in that league, among which are the Columbus Crew and New York City FC.

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At the moment, Falcao is waiting to specify his next destination or, on the contrary, to remain in the Turkish league, at least for one more season. It should be remembered that the forward has a contract until mid-2022.