Meghan Markle misses the nickname of Prince Harry … while visiting the home of ‘The Prince of Bel-Air’

It has been a little over a year since Prince Harry of England and Meghan Markle they gave up their role in the British crown and they moved to Los Angeles. Perhaps with the hustle and bustle they had not yet been able to see the jewel in the crown of that place: Hollywood.

It was host James Corden who gave Prince Harry a sightseeing tour of some Hollywood landmarks in The Late Late Show.

One of the highlights was when they stopped at the house whose exteriors were used to record The prince of Bel Air, where Harry sang the show’s headline and took the opportunity to go to the bathroom, to the amazement of the owner of the house.

Can I use the bathroom in the house? “, Harry says as an excuse to enter, encouraged by Corden so that at last a real prince enters the house of The prince of Bel Air.

From there they called Meghan Marke by video call. “Haz, how’s your Los Angeles tour going?”she replies, revealing that “Haz” is what she calls Harry in private.

“I think this is where you should live, you would be the new princess of Bel-Air “, says Corden encouraging them to move house.

Harry also revealed what it was like to meet his current wife. “Dating me, or any member of the royal family, I guess, is a bit the other way around“, he explained.

“All the dates turn into dinners or watching TV or chatting, at home. And then, once you become a couple, then you can go out to dinner, to the movies and everything else“, he explained.

That brought them very quickly together. “Actually, we were able to spend an enormous amount of time just the two of us, instead of going to friends’ houses or going out to dinner, where there are other distractions. There were no distractions and that was great. It was amazing. We went from zero to 100 in the first two months, “he said.


“It was too busy with techniques and for a few”

Lawyer Patrick Zapata (DC), who is running as a constituent candidate for District 10, made a comparison with the saga of Star Wars to indicate the importance of incorporating education and the family in the new Constitution.

Through his social networks, the constitutionalist has published a series of videos in which he analyzes situations posed in the universe created by George Lucas and compares them with fundamental rights.

In his episode 3, he states that “education is a question that crosses the entire adventure of Star Wars and, it must be said, sadly it is the failure of education. Or why an education fails“.

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As an example, he mentions the cases of Anakin Skywalker, educated by Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Ben Solo, educated by his uncle Luke: “In both cases it is very terrible, in both cases the student not only comes out hating the education you received but he also ends up massacring his fellow academics ”.

The candidate indicates that in the new Magna Carta there must be “a very robust recognition of the right of everyone to have free and quality education. Education that one sees in Star Wars, seems to be too busy with certain techniques and for a select few“.

“The flaw in both cases is that technical skill was useless, on the contrary, turned against if it was not accompanied by moral training“, Explain.

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The latter is linked to the concept of family, he says, and in relation to history he states that “even the most evil villain (Darth Vader) changes, transforms, he is saved when he sees his son Luke suffering great suffering at the hands of Palpatine“.

“Again and again the adventure of Star Wars it shows us the importance of family ties, brothers and sisters (Luke and Leia), father and son (Han Solo and Ben Solo) and also the adoptive parents that are especially wonderful because one is not only father or mother by blood (the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda) ”, he relates.

Thus, it states that “In my opinion, a new Constitution should recognize the value of the family, but have the intelligence to speak of a single family, but rather to speak of the different families that structure and form our society and with great respect for the way we want to build these families, with all their wealth and plurality ”, he closes.

The video joins a series of records made by Zapata that also compares the saga with matters such as the right to property, the environment, the Armed Forces, a gender perspective, religion and security.

In conversation with CNN Chile, explained that the reason for choosing it was that “I am a teacher and as a teacher you are constantly thinking about how to reach your students. Since ever I try in my classes to make many references to cinema, music, culture because you know that is the way to get attention ”.

Everything started because his children recommended him to see The Mandalorian, production starring Pedro Pascal. “It made me see that there is a universe that unites generations, because 60-year-old people who had seen the first movie of ’77 and 17-year-old goats could understand it, an arc of 50 years could converse, the father, the grandfather and the son as it probably happens with few things“, He said.


After the Xiaomi Mi 11 and Mi 11 Ultra, the first image of the Mi 11 Lite arrives | Smartphones

Although the Xiaomi Mi 11 is already official and we have a date of when it will arrive in Spain, The last few days have been quite busy when it comes to bringing us news about other versions that will accompany the new smartphone of the Chinese. Is about the Ultra and Mini models that, in the first case, already had their ration of leaks last Friday where we were amazed by its extraordinary triple camera while the second takes shape from today.

It is the most economical version of the entire range that today is the star of leaks and, at first glance, It might seem to us that it does not differ from the Xiaomi Mi 11 but it does, especially on the front. The rear is virtually identical, according to what has been published by some chinese fonts who have shown the first image of this new smartphone.

No curved screen, everything smooth

That is the main difference between the Xiaomi Mi 11 and the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite: the screen, which will not have curved edges as in the case of the standard model of the range since it will be a completely smooth panel, from side to side. Thus, that touch so characteristic of the smartphones of medium and high ranges that facilitate grip of the terminal, making it much more manageable when we carry it in hand.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite. Xiaomi

For the rest, and as you can see from the photograph, the back is identical to that of the Xiaomi Mi 11, with a camera module where the three sensors and the LED flash are located. Even the finish itself and the colors are the same, so to differentiate the standard version from the normal one, we will have to resort to the screen, those smooth edges that will characterize the little brother.

This new Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite looks like It will not have connectivity with 5G networks since according to all sources it is going to install a Qualcomm chip, the Snapdragon 732G It only works with 4G / LTE, although some sources contradict this information. Surely the Chinese could have understood that at this point in 2021 their entire Mi 11 range must equip, at least, the latest technology to operate with the main operators around the world that already offer this service. For now there is no date even for its official presentation although after I saw it last week with the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and this Lite version, the same we find a joint announcement in the coming days. We will see.


‘Freelance’ and father of a family

I perceive a slight low form of the mayor of Malaga. This week the Malaga City Council has launched a campaign, Málaga workway, designed to attract teleworkers. With what Francisco de la Torre loves to embark on these adventures with a sound mark in English, he is already late. They have designed a website to formalize the event. The nomads or digital expatriates, who call this qualified staff who only need a computer and a good connection to succeed, who are trying to attract, in principle, are Germans. Perhaps that is why the publication explains that in Malaga they will surely be served a beer and a tapa for 2.5 euros. Who gives more?

But slow reflexes. Canarias last July I already created a specific product for this labor segment. And in December, a post noted that Valencia had taken the lead. The turn after the pandemic that now punishes large cities such as London, Paris or Hong Kong due to their overcrowding. The leaders who seduced this type of talent. A poll that published InterNations, a website with information for these expatriates, placed the capital of the Costa del Sol as the sixth most suggestive city in the world to live in. In Spain, only behind the aforementioned Valencia and Alicante.

De la Torre has always been ahead of his time when it comes to marketing. Success is another matter. In 2016 he created Málaga open for business. He intended that British companies will change their headquarters as a result of the Brexi. So he set his eyes on the City of London. He entrusted the mission directly to Marc Sanderson, director of International Economic Development for the City Council. With Boris Johnson’s hosts outside the EU, they have not told us if after five years they managed to escape from a firm. Sanderson had been chief of staff to the United States ambassador to Spain. But Obama arrived and in 2009 De la Torre rescued him and put him to seek investment in the US and Canada. He is now an advisor to the mayor to attract investment. A search expert, with more experience than Harrison Ford himself. Although your challenge must be as complicated as that of finding the famous Ark.

Málaga workwayIt depends on the Department of Tourism and Investment Capture. I don’t know if De la Torre has commissioned his international man to track down the digital nomads now. Some stories are told on that website. Like that of Claudio Gerlich, a 37-year-old German. “Freelance and father of a family” is the title of the report that is broadcast by this teleworker. He has landed on the coast, and his 9-month-old baby. Gerlich, like Sanderson, are married to malagueñas. Nomads cannot live on tapas alone.


Mother hid that she had covid-19, 5 members of her family died – Venezuela – International

Five members of a family in Venezuela died of coronavirus, after the mother hid her infection for a few days.

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In Táchira, Verónica García tested positive after presenting discomfort since the second week of December, the local newspaper La Nación mentioned. After undergoing a rapid test, in a Comprehensive Diagnostic Center, he remained silent, although he did isolate himself at home.

To be more sure, a PCR test was performed and it came back positive. She began treatment with a private doctor, but she did not tell her husband, José Antonio, 33; nor his children, Nicol, 17; Jhoneider Stiven and Jhoneiker Enmanuel, both 4 years old. He only mentioned to them that it was “a very bad flu.”

On December 27, her husband attended a celebration in the Andrés Bello municipality.

“He went to the meeting. Parties are forbidden, but they got together, maybe 20 or more people. He drank liquor, spoke with friends, when he received a phone call from his wife. She told him to come back, not to share with No one, because she had covid and he could be infected, “Mariela Gómez, José Antonio’s sister, told the local newspaper La Nación.

After undergoing a rapid test, in a Comprehensive Diagnostic Center, he was silent, although he did isolate himself at home

In response, José Antonio decided to test his children and they tested negative. However, Veronica got worse and had to be hospitalized. Again they performed another test on the minors and now they have tested positive, although asymptomatic.

On Saturday, January 16, José Antonio Gómez was hospitalized due to the deepening of his symptoms, while his wife died two days later due to a severe covid-19 picture. In a couple of days, José Antonio got worse and died on January 19.

While a group of relatives mourned the deceased spouses at the health center, in Palmira’s house, Nicol, the couple’s eldest daughter, had a serious health problem and was rushed to a health center, El Nacional said.

“The same thing happened with the two four-year-old twins, who entered the clinic for pneumonia. However, the adolescent died first and then, on January 27, her twin brothers lost their lives,” explained Mariela García.

On Saturday, January 16, José Antonio Gómez was hospitalized due to the deepening of his symptoms

According to the local newspaper, Dr. Amelia Fressel, the sole health authority of the state of Táchira, declared: “It may be a simple flu, but go to the nearest public or private health center. You stay at home and when the disease gets complicated, it has advanced a lot and that is happening and we are observing that people, getting out of the ambulance, many die because they already have a very large lung compromise and obviously nothing can be done… ”.

All five members of the Gómez García family died. According to La Nación, 42 days have passed since Verónica tested positive for covid-19. Those who shared with the adolescent and the children are in quarantine, isolated and receive medical treatment to avoid any health complications.

* With El Universal de México (GDA)

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The Covid reduces the sale of toys by 7% but puzzles, board games, constructions and slides grow

The impact of Covid-19, restrictions on family gatherings and, in general, the economic deterioration of the Spanish by ERTES, increased unemployment and uncertainty have caused a 7% reduction in the turnover of the toy sector in 2020.

An “acceptable” result: the stores were closed for almost 3 months

A shop assistant serves a couple in a toy store

This is an “acceptable” result, taking into account that the stores remained closed for about three months during the confinement and when compared with the performance of other industries more affected by the effects of the pandemic, as highlighted Fernando Pérez, CEO of NPD in Spain, company that has prepared the study.

An atypical Christmas campaign

The Christmas campaign, which generates more than half of the annual sales of this industry, accused the deterioration of the economy of many households, as well as the advance of the virus, which forced the closure of shops in several regions and to limit family gatherings during the holidays, with the consequent impact on the delivery of gifts.

Last minute purchases: December accounted for 47% of sales

Christmas toy shop
Christmas toy shop

Despite the attempts of the industry and the distributors to advance and stagger purchases during the campaign, the behavior pattern remained intact and the Spaniards again waited at the last minute to make their purchases: the month of December concentrated 47.6 % of sales in 2020, a slightly higher weight than in previous years.

Puzzles triumph and board games and constructions grow

Sales of the classic Monopoly jumped 75% during lockdown.
Sales of the classic Monopoly jumped 75% during lockdown.

The analysis by segments reflects that, to liven up the long weeks spent at home, the Spaniards opted in 2020 for those products that consume more time, and not only aimed at children: puzzles, board games and construction sets. The puzzles, which can be enjoyed both as a group and individually, were shot by 30%; sales of board games for family fun increased 6%, while construction increased 5%.

Question and answer game in which the player who gets the six colored cheeses wins and correctly answers one or more questions in the center of the board.  It became popular in the 1980s and today millions of copies have been sold around the world.
The Trivial, a classic board game.

In a year with fewer trips and after a long period of confinement, the sale of summer toys / water and garden equipment also experienced a significant increase (+ 28%), including outdoor toys and equipment to spend at home longer (slides, trampolines, etc.).

The strong advance of mannequin dolls also stood out, which together with Barbie grew 18%.

The Mandalorian, Mario Bross and Harry Potter, licenses on the rise

The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian

Regarding the licensed market, in 2020 it reduced its sales by 6%, one point less than the sector as a whole, thus gaining representation in the total market. Despite the almost total lack of premieres, many licenses showed very positive returns: for their contribution to growth, they stand out Star Wars: The Mandalorian, Mario Bross y Harry Potter.

Strength of the Spanish toy industry

Fernando Pérez highlights that, among the 15 best-selling toys in Spain in 2020, there are nine from Spanish manufacturers, which reflects the good performance of the national toy industry.

Prices: the norm are toys between 30 and 50 euros

On the other hand, he points out the absence in the ranking of expensive products, as happened last year: “the price positioning of the products in the ranking has been going down; the range 30-50 euros seems to be the norm, when recently we found much more representativeness in much higher price ranges ”, points out the general director of NPD Spain.

The online channel almost doubles its share and is above France or Italy

Store closures, movement restrictions, and the reluctance of many consumers to go shopping boosted Internet toy sales, which grew 63% through September, according to NPD data. Thus, the online channel almost doubled its weight in the market, going from 22% in September 2019 to 40% last September, a share that exceeds that of neighboring countries such as France and Italy.


Meghan Markle’s special bond with her two adopted dogs

Meghan Markle’s commitment to women is an open secret charity and awareness works at all levels, and although the Megxit In the end it happened, Prince Harry’s wife is still pending some activities that already characterized her in the British royal house.

How is it to form part of the Mayhew kennel team and support them in their work. This is how the executive director from the kennel, Caroline Yates, in a interview with Hello!, which explains that the Duchess has always cared a great deal about the animal welfare.

Owner of two dogs she adopted, a beagle named Guy and a black Lab named Pula, Meghan knows the importance of having a very special bond with the animals.

“Whenever we talk to the Duchess about charity, refers to what important what are your dogs and the support they have been, especially, during everything that has happened this year, with the covid and the personal problems that has gone through this year ”, the director told the magazine.

This union serves as an example for the kennel, which try to achieve the same with other people: “That is what Mayhew is about, that is what we want to try and encourage, we want try to promote the bond between humans and animals. Qowing a pet can be a great source of comfort, stimulation and joy. “

The relationship between the organization and the duchess is so great that she chose to be in charge of making her Christmas greeting last 2020, in which the whole family appeared, including her two dogs.


Look closely: weird, fun and challenging puzzles

Updated January 29, 2021 at 10:10 a.m.

  • Did you know that the first puzzle was invented as early as 1766?
  • In the early 20th century, puzzles became more popular and eventually mass produced.
  • Our list has a wide selection for you: weird, fun and challenging puzzles.

All leaderboards here in the overview

In this article we report on various products. These products are partially provided with so-called partner links: If you order a product via such a link, we will in some cases receive a commission. The price for you remains unchanged. In order to be able to assign commissions, our partners use necessary cookies, which are set when clicking on the partner links. The commissions have no effect on our assessments or test results.

Once infected with puzzle fever, it is very difficult to keep your hands off it. Hour after hour you brood over these small particles in order to be able to look at a beautiful and above all finished picture at the end.

Weird puzzles

With this high-quality wooden puzzle you can puzzle endlessly.


Over time, the demand grows: The puzzles have to become more and more complex and difficult. The Space Infinity Puzzle offers a never-ending pastime. The set offers 500 pieces with a similar color pattern.

Buy Infinity Puzzle on Amazon (Advertisement)

If that seems too easy for you, you might find your master in the Ravensburger puzzle “Krypt Black”. The rule here is: puzzles without a motif, because all 736 pieces are jet black! The shape and size alone have to put the parts together correctly. The Ravensburger puzzle is also optionally available in “Krypt Gold”. All those who have difficulty assembling can look for some orientation help with the reduced cutting template, which is enclosed in a sealed envelope.

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And if you prefer to never finish your puzzles, you should get the “The Impossible Puzzle” from infactory. The 550 pieces are printed on both sides and show challenging motifs with small pieces of candy.

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Fun puzzles – also for children

Picture to puzzle, 3D, international puzzle day, fun, weird, challenging, puzzles, games, family

Puzzles have positive effects on children’s development. For example, it promotes spatial thinking and concentration.

© iStock / Kuzmichstudio

“Star Wars” fans aged 14 and over can test their patience with this puzzle: the Ravensburger “Star Wars” puzzle with 1,000 pieces. This teeming challenge puzzle hides a Darth Vader between some stormtroopers.

Buy Star Wars puzzles at Hugendubel (advertisement)

3D puzzles in diverse and exciting designs are aimed primarily at children who like to work with different shapes. Ravensburger also offers a 3D puzzle globe.

Buy children’s globe puzzle at Hugendubel (advertisement)

Very practical: the “Batman” version also doubles as a night light. The 72 numbered plastic puzzle pieces come together at the end without any glue to form a ball that is placed on an LED light base.

Buy Batman 3D Puzzle at Hugendubel (Advertisement)

Architectural 3D structures can also be illuminated after they have been puzzled: The Ravensburger range also includes Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty, which can be made to shine with an integrated LED light after assembly. These puzzles are recommended for ages 10 and up, but also make great puzzle gifts for adults.

Buy the “Eiffel Tower at Night” puzzle from Otto (advertisement)

Challenging puzzles

Puzzles with 1,000 pieces or more are quite demanding. If you put in all the effort and invest time, the motifs should at least be so beautiful that you might even want to hang the finished work on the wall. Clemtoni puzzles are ideally suited for this. The company stands for high quality and beautiful pictures such as “The Starry Night on the Rhône” by Vincent van Gogh.

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Picture to puzzle, 3D, international puzzle day, fun, weird, challenging, puzzles, games, family

The puzzle with over 50,000 pieces is really only for puzzle professionals.


Those puzzle experts who can create a set with 2,000 pieces in one afternoon can dare to try a variant of Martin’s puzzle with more than 50,000 pieces and great animal motifs.

Buy 50,000-piece jigsaw puzzle on Amazon (advertisement)

If, contrary to expectations, it takes longer, a puzzle folder may be recommended. Even if the storage system from Ravensburger Spiele actually only offers space for 1,000 items, you can at least stow the majority and continue puzzling elsewhere without any problems.

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In this article we report on various products. These products are partially provided with so-called partner links: If you order a product via such a link, we will in some cases receive a commission. The price for you remains unchanged. In order to be able to assign commissions, our partners use necessary cookies, which are set when clicking on the partner links. The commissions have no effect on our assessments or test results.

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Movistar offers the familiar configuration for your Apple Watch

Movistar offers the familiar configuration on the Apple Watch, putting the Communication, health, fitness and safety features of the Apple Watch within reach of children and the elderly in the house who don’t have an iPhone. For the first time, parents can configure their children’s Apple Watches from their iPhone so they can talk on the phone and use messages with family and friends, move more with personalized activity goals, and express their creativity using personalized Memoji.

Family settings make it possible for the whole family to benefit from important Apple Watch health and safety features such as SOS Emergency and use Maps, Siri, Alarms and the App Store without the need for each person in the house to have an iPhone. Parents can rest assured that they can contact their children and see their location while their personal data is kept encrypted.

For the little ones and the oldest of the house

The little ones and the oldest of the house that use the family configuration will have their own phone numbers in separate data plans, They only have to configure the mobile data of the watch with a Movistar plan.

To use the new family configuration, currently, it is necessary to register an additional Movistar M line (€ 7.5 / month with VAT, includes 5 GB and 50 minutes), which is the most suitable for the uses of the clock.

In the near future, Movistar will offer the possibility of configuring any Movistar contract line that the entity’s clients have available on the clock. The only requirement will be that the iPhone line and that of the Apple Watch are from the same owner. Movistar makes the most advanced technology available to everyone without leaving home. The configuration of the mobile data of the Apple Watch is an ‘online’ process that is carried out from the iPhone itself and the result is the download of an eSIM for the watch, according to the chosen configuration.


Spain and Turkey defend the need for a negotiated solution to the crisis in Venezuela – GHM Abogados

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation of Spain, Arancha González Laya, and her counterpart from Turkey, Mevlut Cavusoglu, defended on Friday the need for a negotiated solution to the current crisis in Venezuela.

The officials bet on dialogue between the Nicolás Maduro regime and the opposition, with the support of the international community.

At a press conference in Madrid at the end of their meeting, the Spanish Minister again referred to the common position of the 27 regarding Venezuela, which involves the rejection of the last parliamentary elections and the recognition of the previous elected National Assembly in 2015

But it did not indicate whether it continues to consider Juan Guaidó as interim president of Venezuela.

He also recalled that they are committed to seeking a political solution to the crisis, for which extensive work is necessary supporting the entire Venezuelan opposition. He said that Guaidó has specific political legitimacy in his capacity as president of the National Assembly that emerged from the last recognized electoral process in Venezuela.

González Laya added the desire to help advance the political process in Venezuela.

The European Union, he said, considers it urgent that the different actors in the country understand each other to provide answers to the serious humanitarian crisis it is facing.

Although it is planned to talk about Venezuela both at the next EU Foreign Ministers Council on January 25 and at the meeting of the International Contact Group on Venezuela, the minister stressed that it is a dialogue between Venezuelans.

The Spanish minister assured that she is in contact with all the political actors in Venezuela, with the opposition and also with the regime because only in this way will they be able to help, support and encourage progress on a solution in the country.

For his part, Cavusuglu regretted the situation that Venezuela is going through and defended that it will not be resolved with interventionism from third countries.

Given his good relationship with the Maduro regime, he recalled that Turkey exercised mediation efforts between the parties a few months ago, also conveying messages from the EU in the context of the efforts that were made to try to postpone the December elections.

Those efforts allowed the release of some opponents by the regime, said the Turkish minister. He defended the need for the parties to seek solutions together through a sincere dialogue for which Turkey and other countries can help facilitate the environment.

In this regard, he underlined the importance of efforts by the international community as a whole, not only by Spain and Turkey, with a view to reaching permanent solutions and agreements.

The parts have to be understood and what we can do is support them”, He stressed.

Source: El Nacional