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27/02/2021 18:22 THIS

  • Javier Domínguez (arbitration controversy)

  • Luis F. Rojo (comments)

  • Luis F. Rojo (comments)

  • Luis F. Rojo (comments)

  • Luis F. Rojo (comments)

  • Luis F. Rojo (comments)

  • Luis F. Rojo (comments)

  • Javier Domínguez (arbitration controversy)

  • Javier Domínguez (arbitration controversy)

Good afternoon! Today we have one of those games that does not disappoint. Face Sevilla Y Barcelona and the two teams play a lot. For Barcelona, ​​everything that is not winning here implies saying goodbye to LaLiga. For the Andalusians, a victory can mean getting into a fight to which no one had invited them. In addition, this meeting will be a preview of Wednesday’s Copa del Rey. There these two teams will meet again. Of course, Sevilla starts with the advantage of two goals that they obtained in the first leg.

For today, the key to the game may be at the level shown by the Barcelona defense. The Catalans have been suffering behind the entire course and Sevilla is one of those teams that takes advantage of the facilities. If those of Koeman are not fine, they can go out of the Pizjuán. In that sense, Araujo’s entry into the eleven may be the great novelty in the Catalan team. He just got out of injury, yes, but it is not good at all.

In Sevilla, Breasts It seems that he may be in the game. Of course, it looks like he will start on the bench.


Lautaro Martínez does not go to Barcelona: “It’s a thing of the past, they loved me, but I will renew with Inter Milan” | Barcelona vs. Seville | FOOTBALL-INTERNATIONAL

Lautaro Martinez sounded for many months as the great replacement of Luis Suárez in the FC Barcelona. After his departure to Atlético de Madrid, Barça fans believed that the Argentine forward would take the place of his Uruguayan counterpart. However, the economic crisis of the Catalans frustrated any type of operation and now the popular ‘Toro’ is on his way to renew his contract with him Inter de Milan. This was confirmed this Saturday in an interview published by the Italian newspaper ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’.

As the former Racing Club player has confessed, the Barcelona tried to sign him for the lead before the arrival of the pandemic of the coronavirus. On the side of Martínez there was also interest in becoming ‘Culé’, but now it is a thing of the past.

“I am not leaving Inter in the summer. I will extend the contract soon and my plan is to stay here a long time. Yes, Barcelona wanted me a year ago … and that was my way. But I told Antonio Conte: ‘Don’t worry, I’m focused on Inter’s plans.’ And now Barça for me is just the past, I’ll stay at Inter “said the 23-year-old forward.

Lautaro Martínez has 15 goals this season.

According to Italian media, Lautaro’s contract, which runs until June 30, 2023, will be extended for one more season, until 2024. And there is the possibility of extending the link for another year. Logically, everything will be done based on results and the desire of the Bahian footballer.

So far this season, the Lombard club striker has 15 goals and 5 assists in the 33 games he has played taking into account all competitions (Italian Cup, Serie A and Champions League).

It should be remembered that Lautaro Martínez came to Inter Milan in 2018 from Racing Club for 25 million euros. The Argentine forward, born in Bahía Blanca on August 22, 1997, trained at Atlético Liniers before making the leap to the ‘Academy’. He has already played the Copa América with the Albiceleste.

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Sevilla – FC Barcelona: Griezmann: now or never

Seville – FC Barcelona Koeman hopes the Frenchman will step up at this point in the season

Chema Rey


FC Barcelona: El Bara asks the Generalitat that its partners can skip confinement to vote

FC Barcelona The regional government maintains the regional confinement for at least another week

A member of the Bara casts his vote in the last elections.
Francesc Adelantado


Barcelona negotiates that the Generalitat make municipal confinement more flexible


Act. a las 22:21


The PROCICAT announced this Friday that the regional confinement will continue until next March 8, a decision that will have a direct impact on the elections to the presidency of FC Barcelona that will be held the day before, since it will prevent the Blaugrana members who do not reside in a county with voting seat can travel to vote in person. Despite everything, the Blaugrana club has not yet thrown in the towel and, according to TV3, has asked the Generalitat that its partners can skip the confinement to go to the Camp Nou to vote if they live outside of Barcelonès.

The club negotiates with the heads of the Interior, Health and Sports Departments and is waiting to know the decision. His proposal is that by showing the membership card and a certificate of self-responsibility, the partners can travel to Barcelona.

The initial decision of PROCICAT prevents members of the Blaugrana entity who do not reside in a region with a polling station from being able to travel to vote in person. Initially, the Generalitat de Catalunya did not plan to grant exceptional permits to exercise the right to vote, since it is not a question of political participation.

If the Generalitat does not change its mind, all those partners who are in this situation and have not requested – they had time until yesterday – to vote by mail, will be left unable to do so.


Looking ahead to the elections on March 7, the blaugrana club has set up a total of six voting seats for the first time located in the cities of Barcelona, ​​Girona, Lleida, Tarragona, Tortosa and Andorra la Vella. Therefore, members residing in the regions of Barcelonès, Gironès, Segrià, Tarragonès and Baix Ebre, and in Andorra will be the only ones who can vote in person.

The Blaugrana partners had time until last Wednesday to request a change of venue through a form located on the club’s official website. From that day on, the partners can no longer request the modification of the headquarters and will only be able to exercise their right in the population assigned to them.


FC Barcelona: Koeman’s wake-up call takes effect

FC Barcelona Messi, Alba and Piqu assume responsibilities

Jordi Alba dedicates his goal to Elche.


Lionel Messi – Barcelona | “He is taking it with nobility, I think he will stay,” said Germán Burgos | The league

The permanence of Lionel Messi in Barcelona, ​​he has the millions of fans of the Barça team in suspense. This time, it was Germán Burgos, former Atlético de Madrid coach, who spoke on the subject.

“That Luis Suárez has left has already moved everything. Things are happening there. This is what I was just saying about the legs of the table. There one of those legs is not there. From one day to the next they tell Suárez that they don’t have him. It’s complicated like that. They will fight until the end, but they are suffering, “Burgos said about the moment in Barcelona.

Burgos, who accompanied Diego Simeone for several years at Atlético de Madrid, believes that Lionel Messi will stay in Barcelona and renew his contract that ends on June 30, 2021.

“Likewise, Lionel is taking him with nobility and honor because it is his home. As a kid he was there. For him it is Argentina and Barcelona. Many say he is going to leave, but I don’t think he will leave Barza”He added in an interview Infobae.

Atlético de Madrid champion?

Germán Burgos also spoke about the possibility that Atlético de Madrid could be proclaimed champion of this season of LaLiga Santander.

“I wish them the best, they know that I am going to support them to death. I am happy with this present, and I hope they do very well. But there is still much to play. Of course, Real Madrid is in front, and there is genetics The one I was talking about, which is already installed. They are going to fight even though they have lost some games, the guys go, they go. You can’t neglect, and at any moment they put you in 6. They are going to fight because they are used to it. There are teams that get used to fighting to avoid relegation, others that know they are in the middle of the table and trying to access a cup; There are others that are going to fight to be champions, because their shield demands it, “he said.


Studies in South Africa have shown that Novavax’s Covid-19 vaccine is not effective against the variant of the virus discovered in that country. Have all the vaccines developed have the same results?

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FC Barcelona: Toni Freixa attacks Florentino Prez and Joan Laporta

FC Barcelona ‘VARentino’ and the former Barça president, target of his electoral posters

The two posters that appear on the marquees of Barcelona.


FC Barcelona: Leo Messi draws with Cristiano Ronaldo in fourth place for the Golden Boot

FC Barcelona Lewandowski Remains Outstanding Leader

Leo Messi holds the ball in Wednesday’s game against Elche.
Francesc Adelantado