Solidarity collection in tribute to Fernando Báez Sosa

Family and friends of Fernando Baez Sosa This Sunday they held a solidarity act in Rivadavia Park, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Caballito, to pay tribute to the 19-year-old who was killed by a violent attack by a group of rugby players who had formed their bond in the Arsenal Náutico de Zárate club.

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The meeting lasted from 10 am to 7 pm. The organizers they had preferred to hold this demonstration rather than a march based on the situation of social distancing due to the pandemic. In fact, those who attended were asked to do so with all the security measures to avoid the spread of coronavirus, especially with the use of masks and avoiding the concentration of people.

The image of Fernando (Maxi Failla).

The image of Fernando (Maxi Failla).

“A year later, we honor their memory and solidarity by collecting non-perishable food and school supplies for those who need it most,” was the announcement in networks. Fernando’s parents, Graciela Sosa and Silvino Báez will participate.

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“I have a great relief in my heart because I feel that Fernando is here in our midst because we are doing what he liked, which was helping people. We decided to honor Fernando like this, as he was always supportive, we believe that it is the best way to remember him“, Graciela told Télam.

The sanctuary that the people built in Villa Gesell (Fernando de la Orden).

The sanctuary that the people built in Villa Gesell (Fernando de la Orden).

All proceeds will be assigned to the NGO “December 18” and to the charitable works of the Colegio Marianista, which Fernando attended.

Meanwhile, this Monday there will be two tributes events in Villa Gesell. One will be at 7 p.m. on Avenida 3, in front of the Le Brique bowling alley, where Fernando was murdered. The other will be at 20, a mass presided over by Monsignor Gabriel Mestre in the Immaculate Conception parish, on Buenos Aires avenue and Paseo 101.


The City Council begins the drafting of the Action Plan for Climate and Sustainable Energy of San Fernando

The San Fernando City Council has announced through a statement that it has already commissioned the drafting of the Action Plan for Climate and Sustainable Energy (PACES) thus complying with the commitments of the Urban Agenda 2030 and with him Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, with which La Isla -he says- “once again makes reference in the fight against climate change and in the commitment to sustainability by being the first municipality to take this step in the entire province of Cádiz.”

This plan, explains the government team, also links with the Urban Agenda and “with the commitment of San Fernando for the commitment to the planet and compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals“.” It is a useful tool that will allow the town to make a qualitative leap in the way of facing its transformation with short, medium and long term measures, “he says.

San Fernando, the city of Cádiz Bay Natural Park, “thus shows its firm commitment to the fight against climate change,” says the municipal government. “In fact, the island council has even anticipated Andalusian Climate Change Plan of the Junta de Andalucía, which is still pending approval, and which will establish that Andalusian municipalities will have to have their respective PACES drawn up within two years “, he points out.

“The San Fernando Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan is a very important document that will set out the strategies, planning and government actions that will be implemented to fight climate change. Government actions that also they will be transversal and in which all the municipal areas of the City Council will be involved “, has assured the Councilor for Climate Action, Claudia Márquez.

Márquez added that “the document to be drafted will require significant background work and will be a fundamental tool to set the course for the city we want and the environmental actions that we will carry out for the protection and conservation of the environment.”

For practical purposes, he explains, a clear example of the improvements that this document is going to introduce will be the ability to detect in each neighborhood the specific needs that will allow particular and detailed actions in each of these areas (such as the optimal creation of new infrastructures green spaces and improvement of existing parks, the relationship with natural spaces, the planning of shady spaces or the promotion of subsidies or / and guidance from the public for the private implementation of saving and efficiency measures, etc.). “They will be actions that will result in air or water quality and that ultimately seek to substantially improve the quality of life, adapting to the current situation and highlighting the unique environment of San Fernando”, says the mayor .

The Plan will also establish the basic lines to assess greenhouse gas emissions and propose a battery of specific mitigation measures for the municipality, as well as assess future incidents in San Fernando linked to environmental changes and propose adaptation measures to the themselves. This document will also serve as the basis for the preparation of the Municipal Plan against Climate Change that all municipalities must have prepared based on Andalusian regulations.

Márquez has indicated the commitments of the municipalities adhering to the Covenant of Mayors: reduce CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030; increase energy efficiency by 27%; increase the use of energy from renewable sources by 42%; prepare a Reference Emissions Inventory (IER) and carry out an assessment of risks and vulnerabilities derived from climate change.

“All these actions – Claudia Márquez has stated – will be collected in the PACES of San Fernando.”

“According to the IPCC report (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) of 2019, governments have a decade to act and reverse the situation that currently leads us to generate climate changes incompatible with the known lifestyle. Otherwise, there are risks of generating climate scenarios on which experts cannot project, scenarios incompatible with human life. And the challenge is that the global temperature does not rise to more than 1.5 degrees Celsius “, said the mayor to warn that” we cannot waste time in our action from the local to fight against this situation and mitigate it as much as possible ” .

The councilor stressed that “these years are decisive to combat climate change and this government team has taken environmental policies very seriously, dedicating specific councils from which we are already shaping the strategies to follow to combat climate change, even before that the regulations themselves oblige us to do so “. And in this sense, he recalled one of EDUSI’s star projects, the creation of an urban park in La Magdalena, “a park with a metropolitan vocation that will become the new green lung of the eastern area of ​​San Fernando.”

The delegate pointed out that the local government, in its participatory vocation, “will involve other social agents and citizens in this whole process.” The councilor, in this sense, recalls that she has dealt with government actions, and specific aspects such as this Action Plan for Climate and Sustainable Energy of San Fernando, at the open work table with Ecologists in Action, as well as in the Local Council of the Environment.


Diplomat Fernando Nogales, new ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago


The Council of Ministers has appointed diplomat Fernando Nogales Álvarez as the new ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago. In addition, it has appointed the ambassador to Turkey, Francisco Javier Hergueta, also ambassador to Georgia and Azerbaijan; Carlos Robles Fraga, from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, also as ambassador to the Republic of the Congo; and the one assigned to Mozambique, Alberto Cerezo, also an ambassador to Eswatini.

The new ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago has been a diplomat since 1993 and has been stationed in the Spanish Embassies in Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Poland and in the Permanent Representations of Spain to the OSCE and the European Union.

He was also deputy director general of Western Europe and of relations with the EU countries. Since September 2018, he was deputy general manager for North America.

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Video starring children from a public school in the Community of Madrid appealing to responsibility against COVID-19


Navantia puts out to tender the works of Puente de Hierro in San Fernando for 3 million

Navantia has once again put out to tender the works planned to improve access to the island factory from Puente de Hierro after reviewing the specifications, which initially divided the action into two different phases – each with its respective contract and bidding process – and left out the execution of the deck of the new bridge.

The budget for the works has gone from 1.2 to 3 million euros once the action has been rethought to undertake it as a whole. The term of execution of the works that has been foreseen is 15 months. Companies interested in winning the contract have until January 27 to submit their bids, so the works are expected to be awarded early next year.

The planned works are focused on solving the deficiencies caused by the only access that exists to Navantia-San Fernando and the Arsenal de La Carraca through the Iron Bridge, with a single shared lane for both directions of traffic. To do this, it was proposed to make use of the Adif service road that runs parallel to the said bridge – through which the train formerly circulated – to double the accesses to the Arsenal and the Navantia factory and to tackle the construction of a new bridge. The previous procedures – which have included a public transfer of the land – date back two years.

The works had been raised in August in two phases. The first, which was tendered in August for 1.2 million euros and an execution period of 8 months, contemplated three fundamental actions: the construction of a new structure for road traffic parallel to the current Iron Bridge and to the old railway bridge over the Sancti Petri pipe, the construction, on both sides of the pipe, of the expansion and adaptation of the roads that will give continuity to it, and the connection and adaptation of a new bike lane.

These will now be joined by the second phase, the execution of the deck corresponding to the bridge. Hence also the notorious increase in the tender budget, which will allow the performance to be carried out comprehensively.

The planned work, although it is an old demand from La Isla that has been insisted on for years, has not been promoted so far thanks to the push that the corvettes contract for the Royal Saudi Navy has entailed and the complementary actions which are included in the program, such as the adaptation of various facilities in the Arsenal de La Carraca –among them the old prison of the Cuatro Torres– to house the Saudi military who will be trained in the handling of corvettes. The problems that La Carraca-Navantia drags and, in general, the entire area that borders the naval population of San Carlos through the Great Power Bridge have been one of the main deficiencies in terms of traffic that La Isla presents for decades.


Max Verstappen: “Even though Turkey has been disappointing, you always look ahead”

The Turkish Grand Prix had ended in the worst possible way for the men of Red Bull. The piloting errors of Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon had thrown to the ground the enormous competitiveness that they had shown throughout the weekend where victory or, at least, the podium was possible. The RB16 and the drivers were one in the race, but those mistakes penalized them enormously and both finished outside the Top 5. The frustration was noticeable in the words of the drivers and that of the bosses, since the car had been playing in another league from the first training sessions. The positive part is that they had a good pace and were superior in wet conditions, but there will not be that possibility in the last races. The Dutchman wants to focus on the Grand Prix in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi and find a new opportunity to finish this season in the best possible way.

Verstappen, focused on the end of the year

“We had a good dynamic that weekend, so we were all disappointed within the team to finish sixth and seventh in the race. It was not where we expected to be because we wanted to win. We had some problems and the rear tires were wearing out. faster compared to the rest. You always look ahead because you can’t change what has happened in the last race. I don’t expect to see these kinds of conditions again, the last races should be easier, “concluded the Dutchman in words collected from their website.


Vural Ak from Turkey: “The 3-year license proves that we are ready for any changes”

After 9 years off the Formula 1 calendar, Turkey returned, but came back to do it in a big way. The atypical 2020 wanted Istanbul to return to our screens to celebrate a new Grand Prix, and I dare say that it did not leave anyone indifferent. From the start on Friday with free practice, until the last lap of the race it was all a great and wonderful uncertainty. You could dare to bet that a certain thing would happen that the opposite would end up happening. An unfriendly track of overconfidence, a rain that threatened from a gray and overcast sky that covered Istanbul.

We had all the necessary ingredients to return to a track unknown to many and do it in style. Perhaps, after three days of competition, they don’t know much about the track either for sure. What we do know is that we would love to see F1 make more stops there in the future. For now it falls off the 2021 calendar, but they claim to be interested in becoming the venue again and are ready to host another race at any time.

Vural Ak, Executive Director of the Intercity Istanbul Park organization

“We welcomed the president of Formula 1, Chase Carey, in Istanbul this week. I was amazed by the attention and enthusiasm which accompanied the Formula 1 race in Turkey. We organized this event in no time after a gap of nine years, and really I think it was a great success. Our talks are ongoing to reach an agreement that will bring the race back to Turkey for several years. The three-year license that the FIA ​​has granted us is proof that we are ready for any upgrade at any time “, do not close the door in Istanbul to F1.

Carey is very clear

“Many places where we compete this year expressed great interest in new races, and other countries have a stronger interest than ever. I’d probably rotate a few races to accommodate some new partners, but we already say that long-term partnerships are still our priority, “we remember the words of Chase Carey who made reference to these lines.


Andreas Seidl thinks that what happened in Turkey is not in the DNA of Formula 1

McLaren manager Andreas Seidl believes that seeing cars sliding on the track is not F1, there can be difficult conditions, but not that as constant. Many times we have seen wet conditions that have complicated things and made it more exciting, but it does not seem in favor of a track as slippery as Intercity Instambul Park. While many have dubbed Turkey the best race of the entire 2020 season, McLaren’s is not so convinced. Well, working all year round and reaching tracks where you can’t find your potential because the asphalt is not a regular, it seems that he doesn’t like that.

We can come to understand it, Andreas claims that an F1 is created to be the best, the fastest and the one with the best performance under normal conditions. But, they could go further, stating that these things can happen. We want F1 to be with battle, with uncertainty and not with predictability. It is very good that they work to have the best car, Mercedes is the best today, it was difficult for them to appear throughout the weekend, but that was when the hands of Lewis Hamilton appeared to mark the differences. The talent of the Briton made up for the shortcomings of his car in Turkey to claim a sensational victory. Maybe that is the true DNA of Formula 1, the mix between the best car and a great driver, there is no reason to leave everything in the hands of the machines.

Disgruntled with what he saw in Turkey

“There were a lot of comments in both directions. Is it positive or negative what we saw on Friday and Saturday from Turkey in F1? Of course, a race like that I don’t know … but at the same time, we also have to admit that we have seen that many times in the wet or in difficult conditions these exciting races occur where many things happen. It’s clear that everyone wants to see cars fighting on the trackHe wants to see overtaking maneuvers, he also wants to see that not always the same cars are in front, he wants to see that people can really regain positions by going up all over the grid from the back. “

“But at the same time, F1 is also, under normal conditions, about build or design the best car and turn it into the best performing single seater. And then it is also normal that the best car is ahead in qualifying and also in the race. That is also part of the DNA of F1. I think there will be a lot of positives from 2022 onwards with the new technical regulation, which should allow the cars to compete more together, which should also help to see more overtaking maneuvers. Also, all the other things that are being agreed on as well, like the spending limit, should also help to even things out overall. And I think there is no reason to be pessimistic. “


Bono highlights Hamilton’s great performance in Turkey: “We know what’s inside him”

These last races have been really special for both Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton. Individual and collective achievements have kept both of them growing and expanding their history in this hybrid era. At the last Turkish GP, the seventh title had finally come to the Briton, without Valtteri Bottas having been in the position to postpone it at any point during the weekend. A key player in Lewis’ careers is Peter Bonnington, Bono, who is always present on team radios and with his legendary phrase ‘it’s Hammer Time’. His track engineer highlights the good work of his driver in Istanbul in which he was not at all expected to go from being out of the Top 5 to finishing in first position. He also had the feeling that everything was under control and that victory was in hand since he climbed to the top of the table. Since 2013, both have been working together and their relationship has improved over the seasons until this perfect alliance has been forged between them.

Bono surprised by Lewis’s performance in Istanbul

“At first it was not as bright as it is now, since 2013 we have grown a lot. No one can be surprised by that performance [la de Turquía]We know what’s inside it, but when it does, you think ‘I didn’t see it coming’. I am an optimistic person, although I did not see that it would happen. In the middle of the race we found rhythm with the Intermediates and it seemed that he had everything under control. On the radio you could tell that it was in a state of tranquility and you think ‘okay, it’s under control’, the engineer concluded in an interview conducted by Sky Sports F1.


Brawn: “The Turkish organizers have done a fantastic job hosting that GP”

The Turkish Grand Prix had been one of the most difficult, if not the most, for the drivers and the teams. The resurfacing had been the main headache for them, since it was practically impossible to compete without having scares, spins or track exits. Although it was a clear handicap for everyone, that factor increased the show throughout that weekend. In addition, the weather had also come into play which had complicated things even more, in case the conditions they were dealing with in Friday practice were not enough. The lack of grip had been the reason for complaints, but Ross Brawn defends that this condition of the track was caused by the late decision to race there to have one more appointment on the calendar.

Perfect GP organization in Istanbul

“The country’s organizers have done a fantastic job of putting the circuit in position to host a sensational Grand Prix. I understand the drivers were not happy with the grip levels, but it was a consequence of the late decision to race there because the schedule has been revised to react to the pandemic. I think pilots sometimes need to remember that this is a competition and it was the same for everyone. Some pilots ducked their heads and adjusted to the conditions and others found it distracting Having had a challenging surface has not been a bad thing, which shows the talent of the pilots to the maximum. Simply, the competition needs to be fair, equitable and give them the same opportunities “, concluded Ross Brawn in words collected on the page of the F1.


Hamilton: “I want more weekends like Turkey where I can show what I can do”

Most of the weekend in Istanbul had been a real challenge for the German team from the start, but no one expected them to be really struggling with the tire. It was not a trick to later appear in classification, not this time. On Friday and Saturday they were behind what we are used to and on Sunday they started outside of the top five on the grid. Lewis Hamilton had been trapped behind Sebastian Vettel during the first stint, with no chance of overtaking him, as he watched those in front slip away. However, the strategy and perfect management of the Midwayers had been essential to take the victory. Leaving aside the final result, the Briton comments that he wants this type of challenge more often, even if he had suffered in all the sessions, but he moves with emotion to difficulties. Not everything was the car on that occasion, but quite a few factors came into play during the race.

Exciting Turkish Grand Prix from start to finish

“I want more weekends like this, more complicated conditions and more opportunities where I can show what I am capable of. I think I deserve respect and I have it with my friends, they know how hard the race had been, especially the The car had not made a difference. However, I had not been able to do it without that incredible group of people behind me. There is another great driver that I have by my side, who having the same car has not finished where I finished, “concluded the British for Motorsport week.