‘Soul’ and ‘Wolfwalkers’ share the Annie Awards 2021, the Oscars of animation

The International Animated Film Association has already announced the winners of the Annie Awards 2021, the most important accolades in the animation industry. And the race for the Oscar in that category will continue to be very interesting: ‘Soul’ and ‘Wolfwalkers’ have shared almost the entire track record.

The Pixar film took the grand prize, best picture (He competed against ‘Onward’, ‘The Croods: A New Era’, ‘The Willoughbys’ and ‘Trolls 2: World Tour’), ​​and six other awards, for best soundtrack. The film’s music is a firm favorite to win the Oscar for best soundtrack on April 25, just as the feature film tops all the cheers for the best animated film statuette.

The Annies are not going to serve as a thermometer to know if ‘Wolfwalkers’ could win the award at the Oscars and beat Pixar because they did not participate in the same category of best picture. The Cartoon Saloon film ended up winning the Annie for best independent film and other very important ones for best direction., best character design, production design and dubbing. Will it surprise and become the first Oscar of the Irish studio? Among the Annies, Tomm Moore also won an award for his short for Greenpeace, ‘There’s a Monster in my Kitchen‘.

As far as television is concerned, the great winner has been ‘Hilda’, who has won the Annie award for the best children’s content for television and two other awards. Genndy Tartakovsky’s ‘Primal’ won the award for best content for a general audience, winning series like ‘Rick and Morty’ or ‘Harley Quinn’.

This is the complete list of 2021 Annie winners:

2021 Annie Awards Winners List

Best film: ‘Soul’

Best Independent Film: ‘Wolfwalkers’

Best Special Production: ‘The snail and the whale’

Best short film: ‘Remember Remember’

Best Sponsored Content: ‘There’s a Monster in My Kitchen’

Best Content for Television – Preschool: ‘The Adventures of Paddington’

Best content for television – children: ‘Hilda’

Best Television Content – General Audience: ‘Primal’

Best Student Film: ‘The beast’

Best visual effects for television: ‘Jurassic World: Cretaceous Camp’

Best Visual Effects for a Movie: ‘Soul’

Best Character Animation for Television: ‘Hilda’

Best Character Animation for a Movie: ‘Soul’

Best Character Animation for Live Action: ‘The Mandalorian’

Best Character Animation for a Video Game: Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Best Character Design for Television: ‘Amphibia’

Best Character Design for a Movie: ‘Wolfwalkers’

Best Direction for Television: ‘Primal’

Best Direction for a Movie: ‘Wolfwalkers’

Best Music for Television: ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’

Best Music for a Movie: ‘Soul’

Best Television Production Design: ‘Shooom’s Odyssey’

Best Production Design for a Motion Picture: ‘Wolfwalkers’

Best Storyboarding for Television: ‘Looney Tunes Cartoons’

Best storyboarding for a movie: ‘Soul’

Best Dubbing for Television: ‘Tales of Arcadia: Wizards’

Best Dubbing for a Movie: ‘Wolfwalkers’

Best Screenplay for Television: ‘Big Mouth’

Best Screenplay for a Movie: ‘Soul’

Best Television Editing: ‘Hilda’

Best Editing for a Film: ‘Soul’


‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’: Erin Kellyman explains the motivations of the Unflagged

‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’, the new series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Disney +, has presented us on the small screen to the Flag-Smasher, Without a Flag in Spanish, an unpatriotic group that appeared for the first time in the comics of Captain America from 1985 and that for the series has changed its leader for a female version played by Erin Kellyman. The actress, who made her film debut as Enfys Nest in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’, has given an interview to TVLine where he has tried to explain the motivations of his character, whom he does not necessarily see as a villain: “The people who stayed [tras el Blip] they united and supported each other much more due to the traumatic event that was that half of the population disappeared. And the borders were opened, people came together and there was more unity “, comments Kellyman, “That’s what she tries to replicate again, but this time with everyone”.

“She believes that she is fighting for the people who are not heard or seen, the displaced people, so she is against what he defends”He says referring to John Walker, the new Captain America. “But also, it’s that he’s not her main focus. It has higher priorities, and I think the main one is to make sure everyone affected by the Blip is safe and in warm places. and have medical supplies and food to eat. “ And clearly that doesn’t exactly sound like evil in person, despite the cold-bloodedness he has to murder for the greater good. Does the end justify the means? Are you really doing the world any good if you are willing to kill anyone who gets in your way?


In Kellyman’s eyes, the Flagless used the serum for a totally different purpose than what Zemo (Daniel Brühl) thinks, who accuses them of turning into an army like any tyranny: “I think the reason they wanted that power originally was probably for more practical use. They move around a lot and help people, and I think they probably would have taken it for that reason. Now they are starting to get more attention and pose a bigger threat, and I think [el suero] it’s quite useful, “she explains.

‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ ​​will air episode 5 next Friday, April 16 on Disney +, and will be the penultimate of the entire miniseries.


The news of series and movies of the week in pictures

GLAAD, the world’s largest organization leading the fight for acceptance of LGBTQ people, has announced the winners of the 32nd edition of its awards, in which you have recognized Poison, the series created by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi, as the Best Spanish-Language Television Series. Other winning series were Schitt’s Creek, Star Trek: Discovery Y I could destroy youin comedy, drama, and miniseries, respectively).


New Star Wars series What awaits us? in Star Wars a la Mexicana in mp3 (04/10 at 01:13:55) 01:55:41 68357824

Welcome to this temple of the Force called Star Wars a la Mexicana! On this occasion, your friends Addie, Kris and Warsie we gossip about all the series, both live-action and animated, that are coming to the SW saga. Join our talk of another galaxy very, very far away and may the Force be with you.

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Movie and series characters that their creators wanted to kill, but were saved at the last minute

7 characters who were destined to die but were saved thanks to the love of their fans 0

IMDB | IMDB | Netflix via IMDB

The creative decisions behind a movie or series are not always made by the creators. The marketing department is also heavily involved in defining what is profitable and what is not.

Fan opinion is another factor that plays a huge role. For this reason, several characters are saved from a fatal fate, even though the original plan was to kill them.

These are 7 movie and TV characters who should have died according to the original script, but luck played on their side.

# 1 Han Solo

One of the most beloved characters of Star Wars is Han Solo, so it’s hard to believe that George Lucas planned for him to die in the Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

The original idea was for Solo to perish during the Battle of Endor, at the hands of Imperial soldiers.

The creator of the space saga wanted to give a bittersweet ending to his first trilogy with this death. Thus he would leave Leia without the love of his life and Luke Skywalker would become an interstellar nomad.

However, the marketing team did not allow him to fulfill his wish and advocated leaving the character alive.

harrison ford prefers mcu than star wars
harrison ford prefers mcu than star wars
Lucasfilm Ltd.

# 2 Content

Disney movies are known for having a happy ending, so they are quite predictable at times.

In the case of Raya and the last dragon, the creators of the animation wanted to convey a very clear moral to their viewers: the solution of problems lies in oneself, you just have to learn to trust and work as a team.

From the beginning it was planned that Sisu would die, so that the humans would take the reins of the problem with the Drunn and it was themselves who would defeat them.

For that reason, the creators of the film did not see any sense to revive the dragons, because they really did not do anything.

raa disney plus movie
raa disney plus movie
The Walt Disney Studios vía IMDb

#3 Eleven

The Duffer brothers created the hit series Stranger Things like a love letter to the eighties and its horror movies.

The original idea of ​​the filmmakers was for Eleven to sacrifice herself to save everyone in season one, when she faced the Demogorgon.

Although after reflecting a bit they realized that that would end the story, because without Eleven the show would no longer make sense.

The Duffer brothers noticed that they could extend the series with more seasons, so they decided to leave the character alive. Now we are waiting for the fourth season!

study reveals that couples are breaking up because of television series 2
study reveals that couples are breaking up because of television series 2

#4 Joe Garner

Since its premiere, Soul it became one of the favorite animated films of young and old.

The story of Joe Gardner, a music teacher who seeks to professionalize his career in jazz, is a beautiful reflection on life and dreams.

When Joe is finally able to make his wish come true, he is left in a coma and near death. This is how he gets to the ‘Big Before’ and meets 22.

In the end, after helping 22, Joe Garner is given the opportunity to continue living. Motivated by this second chance, he vows to enjoy each day as if it were his only one.

soul pixar 7
soul pixar 7
Disney/Pixar via IMDB

However, in the original script it was planned that instead of returning to life Joe Garner would stay in the ‘Big Before’, as a mentor of the You Seminar.

For the creator, Pete Doctrey, this option excited him too much because it was a kind of revolution for the Disney endings.

soul pixar 5
soul pixar 5
Disney/Pixar via IMDB

#5 Poe Dameron

Another popular character from the franchise of Star Wars His creator wanted him to die is the rebel pilot Poe Dameron.

JJ Abrams had in mind that Poe was a martyr of war, for that reason he would die in the Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

Upon finding out, Óscar Isaac, the actor behind Poe Cameron, had to intervene so that his character would stay alive and thus be able to continue being part of the successful franchise.

poe dameron star wars 3
poe dameron star wars 3
Lucasfilm / Star Wars

# 6 Nebula

When the MCU began, this character was a real headache that no Marvel fan could handle.

Fortunately, she had an excellent redemption arc and it was impossible not to sympathize with her; although this creative decision was last minute.

In the original script it was contemplated that Nebula would die in the first installment of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Such information would mean that he had never reconciled with his sister Gamora, so he would not have won our hearts!

nebula guardians of the galaxy 0
nebula guardians of the galaxy 0
Marvel Studios / Walt Disney Pictures

#7 Jesse Pinkman

A sidekickquintessential Jesse Pinkman, so it’s hard to imagine Breaking Bad without said character.

Vince Gilligan, the creator of the series, had the idea of ​​killing Jesse in the first season crossed his mind.

According to Guilligan, a rival dealer would have been Pinkman’s killer.

Fact that would enrage Walter, who in response would have captured the person responsible and took revenge through a series of torture.

jesse pinkman de breaking bad
jesse pinkman de breaking bad
Sony Pictures Television

Did you already know that these characters were going to die in the original script? Tell us in the comments which one surprised you the most.

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YouTube viral: photographer recreates Star Wars scenes with toys from the movies

Many may think that there is nothing interesting in taking pictures of toys, but creativity and talent can capture memorable snapshots. In a video shared on YouTube, the photographer Jared Middleton proved this to be true.


A computer system helps screenwriters create top-grossing endings

A team of scientists of the universities Spanish from Granada (UGR) and Cádiz (UCA) designed the first system computer scientist that helps the scriptwriters of a movie to write the story that will work best in ticket office, a model that employs techniques of artificial intelligence to analyze the most successful clichés or tropes.

To do so, they have relied on the tropos, What are the resources and narrative conventions that allow the director of a movie communicate a situation that can be easily recognized by the viewer, a kind of clichés common, predictable and even necessary to narrate a history.

Tropes are ideas that are repeated in different films or series, and that is why it is often said that almost all stories have already appeared in ‘The Simpson’, animated television series to which the study refers.

Their authors, Pablo García-Sánchez and Juan Julián Melero, from the Department of Architecture and Computer Technology from the UGR, and Antonio Vélez and Manuel Jesús Cobo, from the department of Informatics Engineering of the University of Cádiz, took advantage of this series and others as an example of the operation of these clichés.

“Some examples of tropos would be the inescapable villain that heroes face in the movies of Marvel, the detective who delivers his badge and his weapon, or the hero’s journey, which has existed for thousands of years in works such as ‘The odyssey’ of Homer, but also in movies like ‘Star Wars’, ‘The Lord of the Rings’ or ‘Harry Potter’, García-Sánchez pointed out.

In this work, the researchers devised a methodology to visualize how the tropos are related, understand them and, above all, infer which combinations would be correct or not for the processes creative, a way to analyze the script twists that may or may not be box office.

The researchers used a database called TVTropes, which includes more than 25,000 tropes associated with 10,766 films, a platform which is constantly updated.

Network analysis of these tropos was carried out with programmed algorithms to discover what is the relationship between the films that share similar tropes and thus be able to measure the popularity of clichés, if they are transversal or very specific, if they are on the rise or in decline.

“This research can help the writers and directors of a film during the creative process since, although our system it is not useful for writing automatically, it does offer resources to find out what combination of ideas can be used, “Pablo García said in a statement.


Fast and Furious: The Secrets Behind Vin Diesel and Paul Walker’s Incredible Jump Off a Cliff in Fast Five | Fast and Furious | Movies | nnda nnlt | FAME

Fast and Furious 5“Or” Fast Five “is a 2011 American action film directed by Justin Lin and written by Chris Morgan. It is the sequel to “Fast and Furious” (2009) and the fifth installment of “Fast Saga”. The film stars Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Matt Schulze, Sung Kang, Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Joaquim de Almeida.

MORE INFORMATION: Why is Sung Kang’s entry into the Obi-Wan Kenobi series so curious?

Fast Five follow Dominic Toretto, Brian O’Conner and his team while planning a heist to rob $ 100 million to the corrupt businessman Hernan Reyes while being hunted down to arrest them for the US Diplomatic Security Service and his Agente Luke Hobbs. While developing Fast Five, Universal Studios he deliberately departed from the street racing theme that was prevalent in earlier films.

With this installment his goal was to transform the franchise into a series of heist action involving cars. In doing so, they hoped to appeal to a wider audience that would otherwise be put off by a heavy emphasis on cars and car culture. Fast Five It is considered the transition of the series, features just a car race, and pays more attention to action pieces like shootouts, brawls, and the heist.

MORE INFORMATION: Sung Kang, from “The Fast and the Furious” to “Star Wars”: the actor is part of the cast of “Obi-Wan Kenobi”

The production mounted a comprehensive marketing campaign, marketing the film through social media, virtual games, movie theaters, car manufacturers, and racing cars. NASCAR. Of this installment, what caused the most curiosity and intrigue was the jump of Diesel and Walker by the cliff that is why we give you the details of how this scene could be carried out.


The scene of the jump from the cliff of “Fast Five” in it Corvette really set the tone for what was to come in the fifth installment of “Fast and Furious” and beyond. The film series was no stranger to action-packed stunt sequences, but propelling a car over the side of a canyon ushered in a new chapter. Once a saga focused on street racing, “The Fast Saga” It slowly morphed into a full-blown action franchise.

“Fast Five” He sped up the transition with several memorable stunts, starting with the cliff dive. Here’s how the cast and crew pulled off the dangerous sequence starring Vin Diesel and Paul Walker What Dominic Toretto and Brian O’Conner, respectively. Continuing the scene at the end of “Fast and Furious” from 2009, Brian freed Judgment of a prison transport bus with the help of the sister of Judgment, My Toretto.

Fast Five - Key Art
Fast Five – Key Art

After escaping to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the trio joined a mission to steal cars from a moving train. The vehicles turned out to be the property of the drug dealer Hernán Reyes, but were recently seized by the give. When the henchmen of Reyes they killed the agents of the give, Judgment and Brian tried to flee after sending My in one of the stolen cars.

With his participation in an assault that caused the death of agents of the give, Judgment, Brian and My became the target of the agent of the DSS Luke Hobbs. Before the trio could escape to a safe house in River to recruit a team to defeat Reyes, the group had to safely escape the henchman’s grasp. My arrived at the meeting point in the wagon with an important computer chip, but Judgment and Brian they were trapped on the train.

The “Fast and Furious” franchise used to be about car racing. At some point, however, the focus of the series changed with “Fast Five”. (Photo: Youtube)

Judgment I take the Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray Grand Sport from 1963 to rescue Brian from the movie train just before it crossed a bridge. With nowhere to turn Judgment had no choice but to walk away from the rim of the canyon, plunging into the water while Brian hung from the back of the Corvette. The car, including its two passengers, experienced a 15-second free fall before falling into the water. Even though Diesel and Walker they were very involved in the realization of the scene, the couple was not the one who plunged into the canyon.

Even so, “Fast Five” used exciting filming techniques rather than relying on CGI. In it ” target=_blank>behind the scenes of the cannon jump trick “Fast Five”, the team filmed the cliff jump in two parts. As explained by visual effects monitoring Michael J. Wassel, two specialists who interpret Judgment and Brian, were shot jumping off the cliff into the water while tied up. Then a real Corvette Sting Ray It was launched into the cannon using an air cannon.

In “Fast Five,” for the first time in the series, the film features Dom assembling a team of skilled criminals drawn from previous installments in the franchise. (Photo: Youtube)

That sequence, along with the one featuring the stuntmen, were combined in post-production, making it seem like everything happened simultaneously. To polish the cliff jump sequence into “Fast Five”, Wassel and his team used a green screen to create the moment before the free fall. With Diesel in the driver’s seat and Walker hanging from the rear, the movements of the car were simulated as the actors were pulled up with cables.

Diesel and Walker they also filmed scenes emerging from the water to show the characters directly after the free fall. The sequence was not as technical as the Vault Heist stunt. “Fast Five”But it helped show just how far the franchise was willing to go after taking on the identity of an action series.


Tradition and illusion overcome the health crisis reaching pre-pandemic numbers

The delusion of the smallest and the reopening of shops together with the relaxation of sanitary measures will manage to revive the Catalan tradition and beat the pandemic and leave behind a horrible year for the Confectionery Guild. With a sales forecast of some 700,000 monas sold, according to the union itself, they will be able to reach the numbers for the last prepandemic year, 2019.

Still, because of the few movie premieres and the low volume console or computer games (only the Among Us is saved), the classic figures Like the Barça players, the characters of Star Wars o go Superheros.

Spiderman and the typical Easter chick next to him

After a year 2020 to forget from the guild believe that the level of sales will be similar to 2019, but with a turnover 15 or 20% lower, with respect to that year, due to the fact that different coexistence bubbles cannot be joined and they cannot be shared, therefore the size of the monkeys will be smaller.

On the other hand, the end of the district confinement will favor the pastry shops in tourist municipalities that have been particularly affected by the restrictions. “I’m thinking about pastry shops in the Pyrenees and on the coast, which usually have many visitors and to those who the district confinement could have greatly harmed the campaign, “the president of the Confectionery Guild, Elies Miró, explains to the ACN.

Three cute features, one from SpongeBob, another from Harry Potter and the one from the game that was fashionable last year, Among Us
Three cute characteristics, one from SpongeBob, another from Harry Potter and the one from the game that was fashionable last year, Among Us

Pastry Canals Badalona

Eva and Carla, two workers at the Canals pastry shop in Badalona, ​​explain that in their case “sales are being lower to the ones they had in 2019 before the pandemic. “Even so, they want to maintain the tradition and only sell monkeys in the store itself and believe that selling at home, as was done last year, would end it.

On the other hand, the best-selling monas in your case are those of Harry Potter and also those of superheroes in general, due to the few films that have been made this year. Besides, as is recurrent in Badalona, ​​there are different monas about different sports, including Barça and Club Joventut de Badalona, ​​”La Penya”.

Although their sales are lower, “the price of the monas remains the same as in other years“, since in his case the size of these is the same as other years.

Other very characteristic monkeys

Mona from the Club Joventut de Badalona and above that of Spiderman.
Mona from the Club Joventut de Badalona and above that of Spiderman.

In Badalona it is common to find many references to a historical team such as the Badalona Youth Club, and also because it is the city team.

A cute with Piqué, Messi and Ter Stegen (FCB).
A cute with Piqué, Messi and Ter Stegen (FCB).

The monas of the Barcelona Soccer Club They are a classic in Catalan Easter because it is one of the most representative teams in Spanish football.


Star Wars has revealed the official sexuality of some of its characters

Perhaps you will remember that shortly before the premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story, one of the film’s writers, Lawrence Kasdan, said the character of Lando Calrissian he was actually pansexual, that is, he was attracted to men, women, and non-binaries. Kasdan did not get this idea out of his head and now the official account of Star Wars This has been confirmed.

As part of the celebrations of Pride Month in June, Star Wars will be publishing some variant covers of their comics to celebrate all the characters in the franchise that are part of the community LGBTQ+. Among them is Country, the Dr. Aphra and Sana Starros.

Here you can take a look at these covers:

And yes, before you wonder, these stories are part of the franchise’s official canon, plus Star Wars is behind your post.


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