Florentino loses the Champions League – Diario de Mallorca

The first sequel to the disappearance of the fleeting Super League will be the institutional revenge, against the semifinalist club of the decrepit competition that the unborn came to replace. Florentino will lose the Champions League that he wanted to suppress, because he has fallen with the whole team. The sinking of his Royal Invincible Armada, on the shores of perfidious Albion, takes place with the perplexity that no one would have explained to him that there is a gale called Brexit.

Madrid will pay the bills of its president’s ignorance, both about the significance of Brexit and about the weight of fans that it is used to belittling. The Super League that dies without playing a game will have an impact on the Champions League, as confirmed by the hypocritical reassuring statements of those responsible for the mafia entities that govern football.

England’s football incompatibility with the miserable countries of southern Europe is as big a hoax as the original Brexit. For something UE and UEFA share the root. However, Florentino has conceded an unpayable victory to Boris Johnson through his ignorance, who freely revalidates the continent’s isolation from the United Kingdom. The British Prime Minister has dressed as Elizabeth II, to sing his tear “we must continue to protect our beloved national sport.” None of the clubs it claims to defend respond to British capital, they are in the hands of oligarchs, sheiks and mandarins of the worst kind.

Reviewing the paternalism of those refractory to the Superliga, even those who hate or fear Florentino must regret that he has been trampled by a nauseating wave of sentimentality. As a synthesis, the frightened of the Chinese Milan, under the spice of “being sensitive to the voice of those who love this wonderful sport.”

Florentino’s only salvation consists in stating that, at 74, he was only looking for an irreversible method of detaching himself from all his responsibilities. Great businessmen do not have to translate into excellent politicians, according to Nobel Krugman about the different levers to press in both businesses. However, the president of Madrid has been serving as a white coach for decades, so he had the right to think that he could defeat the fans of the great European clubs.

The Juan Carlos I-style escape by Andrea Agnelli, the nephew of Gianni Agnelli who was a bacchanalian companion of the King of Spain, rounds off the loneliness of a Florentine abandoned even by the Italian vice president of the Super League. The audacity did not go along with the bureaucratic biography of a suarista deputy director general of Infrastructures. His accession to the presidency of Madrid bothered the brothers Juan and Carlos March Delgado, because he presented himself as the owner of ACS who was a simple employee of Juan March’s grandchildren. His worst moment has come with the League at hand and in the semi-finals of the Champions League.

The triumph of nationalism, without any mitigation, must not overshadow the two irremediable economic truths hidden by the popular uprising that has extinguished the Super League. The first axiom states that football clubs are broke. Only the vanity of the box, together with the huge profits of the businesses forged there, justifies the coexistence with the howls of tens of thousands of excited spectators. The second law establishes the decline of traditional capitalism and its wayward brother Marxism. Companies do not belong to their owners, much less to their workers. Customers are the new owners of the economy.


The opinion on the Superliga (III): Florentino and an Englishman in Magaluf

The first to wake up from drunkenness have been the English. With a regretful face from a Leeds neighbor who has messed her up in MagalufSome owners have already apologized to the fans, to their wife, to the children … whoever is needed as long as they are allowed to return home and there is no divorce even if they play long nights on the couch. And from there, a torrent of desertions with apologies to each more pilgrim.

After announcing the break with UEFA on a Sunday at the stroke of midnight and hours later going to sell the product at “El Chiringuito”, what could go wrong? Nothing changes, only that the Tattaglia are beating the Corleone

In principle, the one who comes out scorched from the rebellion is the tito Floren. Some are enjoying seeing the Sauron of business, Emperor Palpatine (the bad guy from “Star Wars”) eating a sidereal-sized brown. Poor. But is that after announcing the break with UEFA on a Sunday at the stroke of midnight and hours later going to sell the product at “El Chiringuito”, what could go wrong? The worst thing is that there are those who announce that they will retreat to the Dark Lands to plan their terrible revenge. Nothing changes, only that the Tattaglia are beating the Corleone. Y Mbappé he already has a house in Madrid.


The Superliga of Florentino Pérez vs. Aleksander Ceferin’s SuperChampions

“Participating in a future European Football Club Super League is key news for the club’s economic future.” The president of Barça, Josep María Bartomeu, left this bomb before leaving office and revealed that the project of a closed league with the 16 best teams in Europe. The creation of the European Super League would mean a rupture in the organization of football at European and world level, the one that has worked best in all kinds in the 20th century and what we have been in the 21st century.

Aleksander Ceferin from his arrival to the presidency of UEFA, he detected the need to go hand in hand with the big clubs to preserve the Champions League, the best club competition in world football. Since his first term, the UEFA President has worked with the European Club Association (ECA) and, faced with the threat of the European Super League, he has intensified those contacts with the ECA seeking consensus to improve the Champions League.

For weeks; Ceferin has created a working commission with five ECA clubs (Juventus, Real Madrid, Fenerbahce, Manchester United and Paris Saint Germain) and is progressing on the main lines of a SuperChampions. The debate is being arduous and hard, especially with Real Madrid, whose president Florentino Pérez is determined to start the Super League.

Pedro Lopez Jimenez, Vice President of the ECA and Real Madrid and Florentino’s man of maximum confidence, is the one who puts the most obstacles to the modification of the current Champions, giving way to the SuperChampions in these meetings. Conversely, Andrea Agnelli, President of the ECA and Juventus, he has already reached an agreement, he has publicly been in favor of the new Champions League and is no longer there for the work of the Super League.

Madrid is without partners

Since Ceferin has rolled up his sleeves, Madrid is losing support to create the Super League and the only club that supports him seamlessly is Milan. The rest of the teams are more convinced by the new SuperChampions, for which a new company would be set up, a company owned by UEFA and the clubs.

Ceferin’s idea is to persuade Florentino for Real Madrid to lead the new SuperChampions. Real Madrid was the founder of the European Cup with Santiago Bernabéu as leader. Florentine aspires to create a new competition to launch the reform of the stadium that Bernabéu built precisely to play that European Cup that he invented. The most logical thing would be for Real Madrid to lead the new SuperChampions together with UEFA. Florentino will surely give his arm to twist if he understands that it is the best for his team.

FIFA, which had been in profile for a few months, has come out in support of UEFA and is no longer in agreement with the Super League. With his support of the SuperChampions, the President of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, He has slapped the increasingly insistent rumors in recent months that placed him as CEO of that Super League with a salary at the height of that of Neymar, Cristiano or Simeone. It gives the impression that there has been a personal approach in this beginning of the year between Infantino and Ceferin, that it will also support the FIFA Club World Cup.

Meanwhile, the match is also played in domestic leagues. The threat of the Super League has caused Javier Tebas finally accept the pyramidal structure of football and have placed yourself where an employer’s association should be, which is nothing more than an association of professional clubs that depend on the federation of your country, as well as UEFA and FIFA. The president of the competition already knows that for the SuperChampions calendar to enter, LaLiga must reduce the participation of clubs, at least in the First Division, to 18 or, preferably, 16 teams.

Since he came to football just two decades ago, Thebes has lived in a permanent (presumed and supposed) conflict of interest. And now there may be a new case in Granada, where those who know about this say that the LaLiga boss can be judge and party through the lawyer Aranguren, who runs the Andalusian club free of charge. It just so happens that The company that exploits LaLiga’s rights in China is in turn the owner of Granada.

When fighting the Super League, Tebas must go hand in hand with UEFA and, therefore, with the Federation, dedicating itself solely to defending the interests of the clubs for which it works, although many of these clubs still believe that they are the ones who work for him. In short, Thebes defends and supports the Ceferin SuperChampions.

The game is being played and it will be intense. The Florentino Pérez Super League competes against Ceferin’s SuperChampions. There will be attacks and counterattacks, defensive and offensive transitions and propaganda. Nevertheless, the best thing for the future of football would be for Ceferin to convince the galactic Florentino so that he could play in his team and that Florentino understood that Madrid was born to play in the Champions League, the European Cup created by Santiago Bernabéu.