Students beat Arsenal 2 to 0 in ONE

Estudiantes defeated Arsenal de Sarandí 2 to 0 in a friendly match that was played this morning at the Jorge Luis Hirschi Stadium. The goals were scored by the Uruguayans Diego García and Martín Cauteruccio. The game served for the team of Leandro Desábato continue with the set-up for the debut in the Professional League Cup.

In the first minutes, both Pincha and Arsenal sought to build plays from their arc and maintained a good pace of play. The local had the best situations to open the scoring but Martín Cauteruccio and Lucas Tití Rodríguez could not defeat the resistance of Maximiliano Gagliardo.

In the second half, Estudiantes showed more intensity in the game and had several opportunities to break the zero in UNO. The clearest was the Diego Garcia but his shot went over the arch. Minutes later, the midfielder had his revenge and did not forgive. After a series of unsuccessful clearances, the midfielder appeared alone in the area of ​​the Viaduct set and scored the first goal of the morning.

With the advantage, Pincha began to play more calmly against Arsenal that by that time had changed the vast majority of its starters. At 30, Ángel González fell the area and the referee did not hesitate to score a penalty. Cauteruccio took over the execution and with a strong shot to the left post he scored the 2-0.

Beyond the result, the match served for Chavo to continue testing variants thinking about the official debut against Aldosivi in ​​Mar del Plata.

For this match, the Pincha formed with: Mariano Andújar; Leonardo Godoy, Mauricio Guzmán, Nicolás Bazzana and Iván Erquiaga; Ángel González, Iván Gómez, Javier Mascherano and Lucas Rodríguez; Darío Sarmiento and Martín Cauteruccio.

Meanwhile, Sergio Rondina put on the court: Maximiliano Gagliardo; Horacio Igarzabal, Fabio Pereyra, Gastón Suso, Emiliano Papa; Mateo Carabajal, Facundo Kruspzky, Alejo Antilef, Nicolás Castro; Lucas Albertengo and Nicolás Miracco.

It should be remembered that this Friday the draw for the Professional League Cup was held and the Pincha was designated to occupy a place in zone 5 together with Aldosivi, San Lorenzo and Argentinos Juniors.