“You could have saved yourself a couple of goals …”

Cristiano Ronaldo enlarged his legend in the final of the Italian Super Cup against Naples, that Juventus won with a target from the Portuguese and another from Morata (2-0). The Portuguese star surpassed the record held by Josef Bican and set a new career milestone of 760 goals.


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Dani godoy

The truth is that he had already a couple of games chasing the final goal that would place him as the top scorer in history, but fate wanted it to arrive in the framework of a final. After Andrea Pirlo’s men lifted the title as ‘super champions’ of Italy, the never-ending ‘Vecchia Signora’ goalkeeper, Gianlugi Buffon, sent a congratulatory message to his teammate. “You could have saved me a couple of goals … Anyway, congratulations on the umpteenth record in your career. CR … 760!”wrote the Italian goalkeeper. And Cristiano, grateful, replied: “Thank you legend.”

Throughout their long career, Cristiano Ronaldo and Buffon met in six games, with an impressive record of 9 goals in 10 shots on target for the forward.. The double most remembered by ‘Gigi’ was the one that scored him in the Champions League final when the Portuguese was still wearing the Real Madrid shirt. That final, which ended 0-3 for the Whites, prevented the Italian from winning the first ‘Orejona’ of his sporting career. The only thorn that has the legend ‘bianconnera’ embedded in it. Before he suffered it and, now, he celebrates titles with him.


El Niño and La Niña, two phenomena that weigh on the global climate

Both phenomena are related to temperature fluctuations in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean, at the height of the Equator, and associated with changes in the atmosphere, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

The name El Niño, which could refer to the baby Jesus, was used for the first time in the 19th century by Peruvian and Ecuadorian fishermen to refer to the unusual arrival on their shores of a warm ocean current, just before Christmas.

Later, its use was extended to refer to the phenomenon of warming of surface waters near the coasts of South America.

Instead, La Niña defines a cooling of the ocean surface in the same region.

Both phenomena can last between 9 and 12 months and occur with a frequency of between 2 and 7 years, with “neutral” periods in which neither of them is manifested. Nor do they have to alternate, since one or the other can take place in succession.

Both disrupt tropical rainfall cycles and atmospheric circulation.

In general, an El Niño event generates less rainfall than normal in eastern Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, India, southern Africa, and northern Brazil, but it is potentially more abundant in western South America, equatorial eastern Africa, and the southern United States.

In many regions, La Niña has opposite impacts.

Both can cause a substantial modification of the world temperature, upwards in the case of El Niño, downwards for La Niña.

El Niño was especially intense in 2015-2016 and influenced the temperature of 2016, the warmest year on record, along with 2020.

Experts estimate that the 2016 temperature could have gained between 0.1 and 0.2 ºC due to this phenomenon, so without it 2020 could have been unmarked as the warmest year. In addition, 2020 saw the beginning of a La Niña episode.

Currently, there is no scientific consensus regarding the influence of climate change on the frequency of both phenomena.


UK Detects New Covid-19 Mutation Even More Contagious | Economy

A new variant of Covid-19 has been detected in the United Kingdom, as announced by the British Health Secretary, Matt Hancock. At the moment, two people possibly infected with this strain have been located, arriving from South Africa in recent weeks.

The South African health department announced last week that a genetic mutation of the virus had been detected that could be responsible for an increase in infections in that country.

Hancock stressed: “This new variant is very worrying because it is even more contagious and seems to have mutated more than the one detected a few days ago.” The close contacts of these people should remain in their forties, as well as anyone who has returned from South Africa in the last 15 days. The UK will soon impose travel restrictions to South Africa.

The news comes just days after the British are trying to curb the increase in infections caused by another strain of coronavirus discovered over the weekend that is up to 70% more contagious. In the last 24 hours, the United Kingdom has registered a new record of infections, with 39,237 new infections, compared to 36,804 on Tuesday, and deaths, with 744 deaths. On Monday, 691 deaths from Covid-19 were recorded.


Match preview: Chelsea host West Ham on matchday fourteen – naaju

Chelsea receives this Monday at 2:00 p.m. the visit of West Ham at Stamford Bridge during his fourteenth game in the Premier League.

Chelsea He wants to be victorious again in the match corresponding to the fourteenth day after suffering a defeat against Wolverhampton Wanderers in the previous match by a score of 2-1. Since the competition began, the hosts have won six of the 13 matches played so far in the Premier League, with 26 goals for and 14 against.

On the visitors’ side, West Ham had to settle for a 1-1 draw against Crystal Palace during the last match, so he will try to keep adding points to his leaderboard against Chelsea. To date, of the 13 games he has played West Ham in the Premier League, he has won six of them with a figure of 21 goals for and 16 against.

Focusing on performance as a home team, Chelsea They have achieved a balance of three wins, one loss and two draws in six home games, which shows that they are slipping points in their fiefdom, giving the visitors hope of achieving positive results. At home, West Ham They have a record of three wins, two losses and a draw in six games that they have played so far, so they are quite a strong opponent away from home that the hosts will have to face.

The two rivals have met before at home ChelseaIn fact, the numbers show 15 wins, five losses and five draws in favor of the home team. The last time they faced each other Chelsea and West Ham in this competition it was in July 2020 and the match ended with a 3-2 result in favor of West Ham.

Analyzing the situation of these teams in the Premier League qualifying table, we can see that the locals are above West Ham with a difference of one point. Chelsea He arrives at the meeting with 22 points in his locker and occupying the eighth place before the game. For their part, the visitors are in ninth position with 21 points.


Chelsea – West Ham live – 21 December 2020 – Eurosport

Premier League – Follow the Football match between Chelsea and West Ham live that will take place on 21 December 2020 at 21:00. Follow the live result of the match on Eurosport, as well as the most important plays. We also offer you the starting lineups
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If you haven’t already, vote in our poll on who will win: Chelsea or West Ham. Before the match begins you can read the preview, the related news, as well as the results of these two Football teams.
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BIG NEWS: The Book of Boba Fett on Disney + News from December 2021

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@ Dark Yoda FDS

The Mandalorian: The Book of Boba Fett.

Yes, it doesn’t sound wrong, but I can’t really imagine it, because you can definitely do more with Din. The Darksaber story is not over yet, the liberation of Mandalore has been mentioned. And we don’t know whether Grogu is really completely out of the series. We actually don’t know anything about Luke’s order in the new canon. It may well be that Luke only teaches Grogu how to use his powers properly, quasi finishes his basic training from the temple, and then hands him over again because he doesn’t want to take children from their families, as the Jedi did with his father but relies on the voluntariness of older people, as it was with himself when he joined Obi-Wan. And Ben Solo knew his parents too, which speaks for it. This would also fit the statement from Episode VIII “The Force does not belong to the Jedi” that he accepts power users alongside the Jedi in the galaxy and does not see everyone else as opponents or fallen like the old order.

No, I think The Book of Boba Fett will be a series of its own. I can well imagine that it ties in with the post credit scene and explains its survival in flashbacks. In any case, I’m really happy for Temuera Morrison and somehow I really like the series title.

(last changed on December 18, 2020 at 2:03 p.m.)


Fenerbahce Turkey’s emotional post-mortem tribute to its two most loyal fans

Fenerbahce of Turkey decided to have a gesture with two of their most loyal and beloved fans. The grandparents Ihsan y Mumtaz they were the club’s most famous couple and were honored this weekend in the stands of the Sukru Saracoglu stadium, in the match against Yeni Malatyaspor, after his death. The recognition quickly went viral.

This couple of fans caught the attention of the Turkish media for their loyalty. They were always there, encouraging non-stop next to one of the most turbulent bars of the old continent, despite their advanced age. For this reason, their story crossed the field and they became a symbol of fidelity and passion.

Mumtaz died a few years ago, but his wife never stopped going to the court. She attended her love club in memory of her husband. The pandemic was the only thing that forced her to watch the games on television.

Ihsan and Mumtaz, in the stands of the Fenerbahce, over time. Photo: Twitter.

Ihsan passed away last week. After the sad news, the Turkish club decided place the silhouettes of both in one of the Sukru Saracoglu tribunes as a tribute. Thus they would show the world that they will be forever in their memory and that their breath will be present.

“Our Aunt Ihsan and Uncle Mumtaz will be with us tomorrow, as in all matches. You are in our hearts, we will not forget you, ”Fenerbahce said this weekend on their social networks.

The loss of Ihsan and Mumtaz was a severe blow to the fans in Turkey, who respected them very much and recognized them as symbol of family and sports unity.

“It is the anniversary of the death of Mümtaz. And now we have also lost his beloved wife Ihsan, recently. We will honor them, because they are an example for us and they never left us alone ”, he explained. Omar Faruk White, Fenerbahce footballer.

The tribute of the Turkish club on the court was very emotional, and you could see two huge figures of the couple with the colors they always used to encourage. Once again they were seen together and happy.

Despite the 3-0 loss to local Yeni Malatyaspor, many Fenerbahce fans immediately shared the tribute on social media.

Soccer fans around the world were moved by the situation, so Fenerbahce and this pair of grandparents went viral. The Turkish club and its two most beloved fans showed that, despite adverse situations, love and fidelity always remain.


Donald Trump’s boycott of Fox shakes the media right in the United States

The night of Monday, December 7, marked a milestone in the conservative media universe of the United States: for the first time, the conservative television Newsmax, an unknown until a few months ago, surpassed the all-powerful Fox News in audience Among viewers between 25 and 54 years old, the time frame most sought after by advertisers, the benchmark for contracting advertising.

The reason, Donald Trump’s finger. Outraged that his former idolized Fox has recognized Joe Biden’s victory in the November elections, the president has spent weeks directing his followers to rival televisions such as Newsmax or the OANN (One America News Network) chain.

But especially the first time, your new speaker and object of desire of some of his allies, who according to The Wall Street Journal they are considering getting it to rival Rupert Murdoch’s chain.

The electoral outcome was a real shock for the conservative North American audiovisual environment. The week before the election, Newsmax’s average audience was just 58,000 viewers; the week after the election, the number soared to 568,000, according to Nielsen data.

This Monday, Greg Kelly’s show, which had among its guests the lawyer Sidney Powell, expelled from Trump’s legal team, who judged his fanciful allegations excessive, attracted 229,000 viewers in the most coveted demographic, compared to 203,000 of the program by Martha McGallum on Murdoch’s network.

Donald Trump, during an interview with the Fox News channel last May. Photo: AFP

Hit Fox

“Fox News is used to being number one in the 25-54 age bracket, so losing to Newsmax, even for an hour a day, is a serious shock,” says Brian Stelter, CNN media specialist, the most watched of the cable TV networks, which in November broke all its audience records.

Fox News’ listing on the stock market has suffered. “When it comes to competing, the reflex thinking is that it is enough to put on talking busts but the business is much bigger than that,” said Steve Tomsic, Fox Corp’s chief financial officer, confident that he will be able to compete “in any scenario. ”.

“Fox News built its reputation as an outsider outlet, giving a voice to those who don’t have it,” recalls Jonathan Kauffman, director of the Northeastern University School of Journalism. “Losing the White House can be good for them, because now (with the future Democratic government) they will be able to be constantly angry with what is happening in Washington,” he adds.

The Fox News figures (3.48 million viewers on election week) make those of its conservative rivals pale and give an idea of ​​the extent to which this is a battle of David vs. Goliath. But it is no longer competing with small rival televisions but with Trump himself, who now describes his programs as “unbearable”.

Newsmax and OANN networks did not recognize Joe Biden's victory in the November 3 elections for now.  Photo: AP

Newsmax and OANN networks did not recognize Joe Biden’s victory in the November 3 elections for now. Photo: AP

“It is very sad to see how this happens, but they have forgotten what made them successful, what got them where they are. They have forgotten about the goose that lays the golden eggs, ”he tweeted.

Neither Newsmax nor OANN have recognized Biden as the winner of the election, as Fox News has done. But the chain continues to cultivate a certain ambiguity. Although during the day his news programs distance themselves from the fanciful rhetoric of the president’s campaign, at night his commentators remain aligned with him and give oxygen to his allegations of massive fraud, despite the fact that they have been denied by the states (both Democrats and Republicans). ), the courts and the Department of Justice itself.

Before the elections, people close to Trump said that if he lost, he would create his own television channel, something he already dropped in 2016. In an environment as complicated as cable television, starting from scratch seems like a task Herculean, hence the interest shown by the investment fund Hicks Equity, linked to the Republican Party for taking over Newsmax.

Chris Ruddy, CEO and majority owner of the small media group stated these days that they are not for sale and do not intend to become “Trump TV.” But the president, declared to Variety , “He is going to continue to be a political and media force when he leaves the White House and we would be willing to talk about a possible weekly program.”

By Beatriz Navarro, Washington correspondent for La Vanguardia



The Game Awards reveals, The Initiative’s video game is Perfect Dark

In the year 2000 Rare picked up what was sown in Goldeneye and launched one of the most celebrated shooters that have ever passed through a console: Perfeck Dark. Joana Dark came to follow the trail that Super Mario 64, the Bond video game and The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time marked in previous years, becoming the great exponent of the Nintendo console for that year. A title that implemented a large number of mechanics, not common, in a genre that in video consoles was just beginning to show its paw, which looked spectacular on a technical level and gave us a mythical multiplayer with a multitude of options.

His passage through Xbox 360 was not so celebrated, but now Microsoft seems to have put all the meat on the grill to remedy what happened with that irregular delivery. Perfeck Dark has been presented, and as it had been rumored, the new top team of the Xbox organization chart, The Initiative, is in charge of carrying it out. At the moment many details are not known, beyond what is seen in the trailer, which tells us about a dystopia in decline due to issues related to weather, and the title lacks numbering.

The Initiative has been heating up the atmosphere for some time based on signings from the most renowned studios on the scene. Members of teams as diverse as Epic Games, Blizzard, Infinity Ward, Santa Monica Studio, Epic Games, Blizzard, Insomniac Games, Amazon Game Studios, Id Software, Riot, Gearbox and Naughty Dog, have made the leap to this new studio. The emphasis placed on this new project, together with the chosen IP, give reason for optimism. There will be those who will know little or not tell much, but for a server it is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting announcements of the Game Awards.


in the first game at the Diego Maradona in Napoli, everyone left happy

A combo of sensations, which included sadness, uncertainty, emotion and final joy, accompanied the first match at the renamed Diego Armando Maradona stadium in Naples, where the team in which the best footballer of all time shone in the 1980s tied 1 to 1 with Real Sociedad for the last date of the group stage of the Europa League and got his pass to the 16th final, like the Basque team.

Six days after the Naples Communal Board approved the renaming of the old San Paolo stadium, proposed by the mayor Luigi de Magistris, Napoli had to play his pass in a group in which nothing was defined, since the local (10 points), the Real (8) and the AZ Alkmaar Dutch (8), who was visiting the HNK Rijeka Croatian (1), they were fighting for the two tickets to the next phase.

After the emotional minute of silence for the death of Paolo Rossi, the great symbol of the selected Italian World Cup champion Spain 1982, the Guipuzcoans came out much more determined, but the Neapolitans, for whom the draw was enough, went ahead with a goal from the Polish Piotr Zielinski at 34 of the first period.

Then began the journey on the roller coaster of the Basque team, which charged in search of the tie that would restore the illusion while spying on what was happening in Croatian territory. At the start of the complement, a goal from Rijeka restored his smile for just a few minutes, because very quickly AZ Alkmaar got back together.

In added time of the second half and when he had already played face to face for a long time, La Real, who had faced this duel without its two main figures (David Silva Y Mikel Oyarzábal), reached equality with a point-blank right from the Brazilian Willian Jose from the penalty spot. While the Basques celebrated, Rijeka scored his second goal.

With this configuration of results, the pact of non-aggression was sealed from the banks in Naples and the last three minutes were a succession of lateral passes in the vicinity of the central circle, without anyone worrying about doing something more daring. When the Israeli referee Orel Grinfeld He blew his whistle one last time, everyone raised their arms. The first game at Diego Maradona left everyone happy.

None of the other 11 groups in the tournament had reserved so much uncertainty for the last date, although there were still things to be resolved. Among them, the first place in zone J, which remained in the hands of José Mourinho’s Tottenham. With a goal from Giovani Lo Celso, the Premier League leaders defeated 2-0 in London at Royal Antwerp Belgian and snatched the top step.

Milan also finished at the top, defeating 1-0 away from Sparta Prague with a bit of Norwegian Jens Petter Hauge. The Serie A pointer took advantage of the fall of the Little French, who lost 3 to 2 with Celtic in Scotland and had to settle for second place. Another who stayed with his zone was Bayer Leverkusen who, without Lucas Alario and Exequiel Palacios (both injured), thrashed 4-0 at home at Slavia Prague Czech.

The 24 teams that made it through the group stage will be joined by the eight that finished third in the Champions League zones (Ajax, Witches, Manchester United, Shakhtar Donetsk, Salzburg, Olympiacos, Krasnodar Y Dynamo of Kiev) to contest the 16th finals of the contest on February 18 and 25. The draw for the crosses will take place on Monday.

Thursday’s results


Young Boys (Suiza) 2 – 1 Cluj (Romania)

CSKA Sofia (Bulgaria) 3 – 1 Rome Italy)

Classified: Roma y Young Boys

B Group

Dundalk (Irlanda) 2 – 4 Arsenal (England)

Rapid Vienna (Austria) 2 – 2 Molde (Norway)

Classified: Arsenal and Mold


Bayer Leverkusen (Germany) 4 – 0 Slavia Prague (Czech Republic)

Hapoel Beer Sheva (Israel) 1 – 0 Nice (France)

Classified: Bayer Leverkusen y Slavia Praga


Standard Liège (Belgium) 2 – 2 Benfica (Portugal)

Lech Poznan (Poland) 0 – 2 Rangers (Scotland)

Classified: Rangers and Benfica


PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands) 4 – 0 Omonia Nicosia (Cyprus)

PAOK (Greece) 0 – 0 Granada (Spain)

Classified: PSV Eindhoven and Granada


Naples Italy) 1 – 1 Real Sociedad (Spain)

HNK Rijeka (Croacia) 2 – 1 AZ Alkmaar (Países Bajos)

Classified: Napoli and Real Sociedad


Sporting Braga (Portugal) 2 – 0 Zorya Luhansk (Ucrania)

Leicester (Inglaterra) 2 – 0 AEK (Grecia)

Classified: Leicester y Sporting Braga


Celtic (Scotland) 3 – 2 Lille (France)

Sparta Prague (Czech Republic) 0 – 1 Milan (Italy)

Classified: Milan y Lille


Maccabi Tel-Aviv (Israel) 1 – 0 Sivasspor (Turkey)

* Villarreal and Qarabag did not play due to a covid-19 outbreak in the Azerbaijani squad

Classified: Villarreal and Maccabi Tel-Aviv


Tottenham (England) 2 – 0 Royal Antwerp (Bélgica)

Ludogorets (Bulgaria) 1 – 3 SHOOTING (Austria)

Classified: Tottenham y Royal Antwerp


Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia) 3 – 1 CSKA Moscow (Russia)

Wolfsberger (Austria) 1 – 0 Feyenoord (Netherlands)

Classified: Dinamo Zagreb and Wolfsberger


Hoffenheim (Germany) 4 – 1 Gent (Belgium)

Slovan Liberec (Czech Republic) 0 – 0 Red Star (Serbia)

Classified: Hoffenheim and Red Star