Xiaomi will follow in Apple’s footsteps and starts working on its own car | Engine

More and more information points to Apple’s entry into the market for electric and autonomous vehicles, in what would be a new invasion of a big tech within a sector that is not the origin of its activity. And for what is known in the last hours it will not be the last. Xiaomi, which has seen spectacular growth in recent years, seems to be considering carrying out something similar.

According some chinese media, Xiaomi is preparing a project through which it will build its own car and it frames it within what they call “strategic decision”, although the details of what its characteristics will be have not transpired. It is obvious, however, that the great giants of technology are moving faster and faster around electric mobility and autonomous driving, the main pillars of the sector in the coming years.

The founder of the company, in front

As a sign of the importance of this new strategy of the Chinese is that, according to the same information, Lei Jun himself, founder of the company, is in charge of this Xiaomi vehicle and current CEO, who has been one of the main responsible for the success of a company that has multiplied its volume of business in the last five years as well as its presence beyond China.

Oficinas de Xiaomi en Beijing. Twitter

This new Xiaomi project is curious because In 2013 Lei Jun traveled to the US to meet with Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, where he showed a lot of interest in the field of electric mobility and autonomous driving that in those years the Americans were already revolutionizing with their first models. And it is that according to the report in which this project of the Chinese is collected, it speaks specifically of the need to “diversify” their activities in view of the evident “stagnation in the sale of smartphones” that they have been detecting.

For now Xiaomi has neither confirmed nor denied the information that arrives about a vehicle who would still have a long time to reach the stores. You just have to look at what is happening with Apple, whose automotive project has experienced several starts and stops until, a few months ago, it seems that it has already gained momentum in the face of a launch throughout this decade. We will see if in addition to Xiaomi and the Californians, other brands are encouraged to develop something similar.


Apple prepares new Touch ID and Face ID for its future iPhone without ‘notch’ | Smartphones

Apple completely changed the design of its mobile phones in 2017, just ten years after the premiere of its first iPhone, and it did introducing a stranger notch that broke the general aesthetic of what we saw in the market. His influence reached so much that many brands followed that form factor making your own eyebrows that, luckily, have been losing strength thanks to the cameras to selfies smaller and smaller or the sensors under display.

The fact is that in 2021 it will be four years, which are the ones that Apple usually invests in making important changes in the most iconic elements of its terminals and, therefore, some media have echoed certain leaks that point to a complete removal of notch, which will die thanks to the evolution of Face ID components that can be installed in much more hidden places.

The solution, under the screen

The patent that Apple has registered has the name of “Photodetectors Integrated into Thin-Film Transistor Backplanes“and it deals precisely with a method by which they point out how it is possible to place a screen on top of the elements that make both Face ID work like the Touch IDs of Californians. Something that, at least in the case of fingerprints, is common practice in smartphones with Android, which have been eliminating physical buttons for some years in favor of pressing on the screen itself.

Touch ID concept under the screen. Gizchina

Within the patent it can be read that the new system will feature “integrated photodetectors” on the screen that may be used “to obtain biometric information, such as fingerprints […] 3D facial scans or retinal scans “in such a way that such” biometric information can be used to identify or authenticate the user. “

In any case, the fact that this patent has been registered and finally remains the property of Apple does not guarantee that this year we will have the first devices capable of installing all their sensors under the screen. What would facilitate Tim Cook’s is a greater variety of models with different ways of unlocking biometric, without having to change the exterior design. Remember that right now, for example, iPhones with Touch ID continue to maintain that traditional Home button and with this patent, it would no longer be necessary, so they would be much closer to the more expensive devices, from which they could also differ in price.


Nissan denies negotiations with Apple after rumors about future ‘iCar’

Apple continues to probe car manufacturers to partner in the production of its future autonomous car. Following negotiations with Hyundai, he spoke to Nissan, although the alliance would not have prospered just because of the refusal of the Japanese brand to become a mere hardware vendor.

Nissan denied on Monday that it was in talks with Apple after a report was released that claimed the iPhone maker groped the Japanese company in recent months for an alliance for its autonomous car project. The Financial Times noted that the companies had had a brief contact that ended over Nissan’s reluctance to become an Apple-branded car assembler, adding that the talks had not advanced to the senior management level.

“We are not in discussions with Apple,” a Nissan spokeswoman said. “However, Nissan is always open to exploring collaborations and partnerships to accelerate the transformation of the industry. “The spokeswoman declined to comment further. Apple representatives were not immediately available for comment. Nissan shares fell sharply early Monday afternoon, 3.7% less than the 1.4% of the Nikkei 225 benchmark.

Initial talks between Apple and Hyundai Motor Group on autonomous electric cars also recently collapsed over the South Korean automaker’s concerns of becoming only in one manufacturer by contract.

Reuters reported in December that Apple was moving forward with autonomous car technology and aimed to produce a passenger vehicle that could include its own advanced battery technology starting in 2024.

As FT notes, many automakers have expressed their fear of becoming “the Foxconn of the auto industry”, a reference to the Taiwanese manufacturing group that assembles iPhones. The outsourcing the production of some models Through original equipment manufacturing (OEM) agreements is common in the automotive industry, but the sector does not have any major manufacturers in the way that Taiwan’s Foxconn serves the consumer electronics industry.

This year, however, the Chinese Geely has announced a series of agreements, including one with Foxconn and one with Chinese internet giant Baidu Inc, as it seeks to position itself as the contracted manufacturer of electric cars in China.


Vctor Orta, on Monchi, Bielsa, Leeds, Brexit and Messi’s future

“He is a person who gives a lot of freedom to work, but at the same time lead, do not run away from responsibility Y demands the maximum. It is eager to innovate and a vision of the profession always in constant growth. Has a multidisciplinary way of understanding work, which for me is key to being a sports director. Everyone is obsessed with recruiting players and coaches, but you also have to be a bridge between the board of directors and the coaching staff, and be able to have a global vision of the lower categories and the philosophy and methodology of the medical department “, has manifested.

Before arriving at Sevilla and starting in the world of football, Víctor Orta was a Chemistry student who came to football, as he has told, by chance of fate: “I was just another fan, albeit a bit freaky. I have always liked international football a lot, but I did not consider it as a work goal. It was fate. I started to collaborate with a small medium and then I went to Marca and Eurosport. From there they called me from a representation agency and, once inside, I started to meet soccer people. One day the president of Valladolid, Carlos Suárez, called me and He told me to meet for lunch. Just to sit down he told me he wanted me to be the club’s sports director. I thought: What is this man saying? On the return train I already knew he would say yes. ”

After going through the Zenit de San Petersburgo, the Elche and be a sports director in the Middlesbrough, arrived at Leeds United, He signed Marcelo Bielsa and, together with him, he achieved promotion to the Premier. Bielsa has told how he signed who was about to sign for Sevilla: “Andrea Radrizzani [propietario del Leeds] and I was talking about many names and he asked me: Who is your favorite coach and why? I said that Bielsa and he said “Well, call him, go! I did, but he didn’t pick it up and I left him a message on the answering machine. The next day, when he called me back, he had already watched three or four Leeds games. . He had always had the intuition that he liked England and that this type of challenge made him temper. To take a team with a clear objective, with an epic point. He had always wanted to work with him. In Seville we were very close, but in the end it didn’t work. ”

It was clear to him that Bielsa was going to work at Leeds: “It was one of the things that was clear to me that they would work. English players train really well and have a concept of a coach as if he were the teacher. When a coach asks an English player to pull a bridge into a river, the player does it, and then asks why he had to do it. Instead, a player from another site would ask the question before jumping in. He knew that our core of footballers would understand the concept of soccer and the Marcelo’s methodology in a very good way. I was more concerned about the language barrier than the game model. ”

Also in ARA he talks about Leeds, the transfer market after Brexit or Messi, whose future at Barça is in the air. “It has been a very calm market. Although it has affected the Brexit, Covid 19 has had more incidence. I remember when it all started, in summer. The CEO and I thought, pessimistically, that in December or January the public could return, and look. For a club like ours, the situation has caused a brutal lack of income of about 40 or 50 million compared to a normal year. The economic issue has scared many clubs and that is why there has been very little movement.

Orta considers that not seeing the players live has also conditioned decision-making: ” Not being able to see the players live conditions everything. Although it is not decisive, the fact that there has not been face-to-face scouting influences decision-making. My scouting department traveled a lot and went to a lot of games and now we have to do a lot of video analysis. In addition, the pandemic has also affected us at a functional level. Go to a country and have to quarantine for 6 days. Imagine a loaned player arrives. Between the time he arrives, the quarantine passes and he trains, we are already at the end of February, and the league ends in May “.

“There has been a lot of conservatism when it comes to letting players go. Before there were clubs that had footballers that they did not use and it was likely that they would look for a temporary exit. This year, on the other hand, everyone has fear to be able to have casualties or a Covid outbreak in the locker room. It has happened to ourselves. There are lower league teams that have asked us for players and we have not given them up because we had to be consistent. We already have a short squad and we couldn’t weaken it further, “he said.

He also acknowledges that it has been “complicated” the first market after Brexit: “It has been complicated, but we are still not clear about the real impact. What is clear is that the new format of the market conditions a lot. Now the players, depending on the league in which they play, are assigned a certain score. This The priority of viewing and the study of leagues has changed. For example, Argentine and Brazilian soccer, which with the previous format were not a priority, have come to play a much more important role. On the other hand, other leagues such as the Nordic , where we were quite proactive in detecting young talent, they have taken a back seat. In addition, all the players who play the Champions League, the Europa League or the Copa Libertadores receive a lot of points and have a much better chance of coming. to the Premier. We are every day with the calculator adding and counting values ​​of the players that interest us. ”

Orta does not believe that Brexit adulterates the competition, but possibilities are closed to him and footballers become more expensive: “Maybe not adulterate, but the club that sells, if it does it intelligently, knows that we do not have so many alternatives. Perhaps there are 60 level left-backs who can play in the Premier League. With the point system, there are about 30 left. Of these, there are maybe 15 available. This is when the club that sells raises the price. It generates much more competition. Since January we have to have a minimum of eight English per team between the 25 chips. This will turn the Premier’s market into a wild one. Nobody will sell any player. Not for the money, but because English footballers now have an extraordinary value. As some foreign team raises the strategy of taking away very young English talent that the contract ends will be able to make a lot of money, since the return to England of these players will be highly sought after.

The City can sign Messi

Regarding the future of Messi, which is not at all clear at Barça, Orta believes that he City has the economic capacity to sign him: “I do not know exactly the accounts of City, but I think they could pay it. The owner of the club is a country. I think only City could pay Messi. Neither Liverpool, nor United, nor Arsenal I think they would arrive.”

Unfortunately, the return to the Premier League is not being enjoyed by Leeds fans: “The situation for the fans hurts a lot. We have been in Second Division for seventeen years and now that we are in First Division, we cannot go to the stadium. This is the only thing. that they tell me on the street. It’s what haunts me the most. During the summer I thought: My God, let us stay. It makes me feel guilty and remorseful to think that we can go down again and that these people have to go through again for all this without having been able to see a single match of his team in First “.

Money Medium, the key to Leeds’ success lies in “the first year. Although people criticize it a lot, it generated a very solid base in terms of results and what we were as an organization. This has been key for the second and third years. When we landed, the objective was to go up in five years and attract young players, but once you arrive you see the club’s historic backpack and you see that it had to be done now. Here there was a change of chip and we bet on Marcelo Bielsa and on experienced players who came on loan. ”


Neymar makes it clear: he is not leaving PSG, he does not want Mbappé to leave and … is he waiting for Messi? | Other Soccer Leagues

Neymar Jr carries on his back the cross of having left FC Barcelona at its best and that, judging by his statements, will stay that way, there will no longer be a sequel to that film.

The Brazilian himself spoke of his future, which, he said, is not even close to returning to Spain.

Speaking to Telefrance, the controversial attacker commented: “I feel happy. It has changed a lot, I could not say exactly why, if it is me or something else, but today I feel good. I have adapted and I am calmer. I want to stay. at PSG “.

So neither he wants to move nor does he want his teammates to do so: “I hope Kylian Mbappé also stays. We want Paris to be a great team,” he added.

“We are like brothers, but I am the oldest. We love playing together because I want to get the best out of him,” he said.

How will he want his message to be clear, that about the final lost in the last Champions League he said:
“I did not like it. I cried. I really wanted to bring this cup to France but we did not succeed. I think we will have more opportunities. This year we will do everything possible to reach the final and win the title,” he said.

And is he going to meet in Paris and not in Barcelona with his friend Lionel Messi, as he himself anticipated? He did not mention a word of that.

What he did make clear is that his parties are and will be his recovery therapy: “Who doesn’t like to party? We all love to have fun. I know when I can party or when not, even if some say that I am immature and not I know what I’m doing. If you like soccer 100 percent I think you end up exploding, so I will never give up. The party is an opportunity to relax, “he said.


Celta began negotiations for Enzo Pérez

When River was eliminated from the 2020 Copa Libertadores in the semi against Palmeiras, Enzo Perez He acknowledged on the same playing field of the Allianz Parque de San Pablo that “from now on I will analyze with my representative and see what I do, what my head thinks”. Of course, at that time the 34-year-old from Mendoza (he turns 35 on February 22) already knew that he would have different proposals to decide his future at a stage in his career in which he has no more challenges to fulfill than to enjoy football and add financial income for the well-being of his family when he hangs up the booties. And if well the iconic midfielder of the team Marcelo gallardo He has already rejected an offer from Turkey’s Trabzonspor, now his agents are in talks with Celta de Vigo, a destination that seduces the player and his environment much more.

Look also

At the moment, the efforts of the Spanish club led by Chacho Coudet only included conversations with Enzo’s agents, who have had a very good relationship with the institution for years. But if the interest is really strong, it is very likely that it will become a formal offer that River will hardly be able to reject.Not only because he would respect the player’s decision, but also because he is not in a financial position to compete with Celta, who have time until February 1 to sign the experienced midfielder.

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The post of Enzo Pérez's brother that reassures River

In addition, the family of the Mendoza, what I didn’t want to know anything about moving to Turkey, understand that Spain is a friendly place to live, especially because of the language and the social, economic and cultural conditions of the country in which Pérez already played for three seasons at Valencia (from June 2014 to June 2017).

Then, both Gallardo and the leaders and, mainly, the fans of River, begin to pray that Celta does not make any offer for the fan of the Band that left an indelible mark on the glorious River del Muñeco. Why Although the Mendoza has a contract until June 2023 with the Núñez club, no one could prevent his departure if Enzo decides.


The gadgets of the future are here

Some of those devices that we imagined twenty or thirty years ago, when the futuristic ‘boom’, are already here: refrigerators that make the shopping list, speakers that organize your agenda, printers that ask for the ink cartridges when they are running out … Machines, appliances and objects include new functions to make life easier. The Internet of Things, which is how the digital connection of everyday objects through the Internet is known, is already much more than light bulbs connected remotely. Here are some curious examples of this modern life.

Renews the oxygen in the water and cleanses it of impurities
Fish tank with remote control

Although it is not manufactured by Xiaomi, it is sold by this Japanese brand in its store, Youpin, and on Aliexpress. The space for the fish is divided into two parts, each with an independent feeder for which schedules can be set. With a capacity of almost nine liters of water, it can live in it between four and six small fish or three or four medium-sized fish. The pump inside renews the oxygen in the water and cleans it of impurities; and it also has LED lights. Everything is controlled through the Mi Home app. In the upper part it has a space to put a plant.

Price: € 38.41

Monitor respiration and activate the alarm
Smart pajamas for seniors

The Japanese company Xenoma launched the e-Skin line in 2020, smart pajamas with a rather traditional look, the kind that older people tend to like: soft fabrics, two pieces and sober colors (dark blue with white stripes, ocher, green or blue), as well as tracksuits in discreet tones. So far, without news. The extraordinary thing is that these garments detect the vital signs of the wearer: they monitor breathing, heart rate and vital signs during sleep and, if the person stumbles and falls, activates an alarm that warns the contact that they have been indicated. If the house is smart, they can also adapt the temperature of the environment. The tracksuit measures the daily activity of the person.

Notice via Bluetooth
Robot for toilet paper

No more voices from the bathroom when the toilet paper runs out. Rollbot is designed to solve those situations in which whoever is in the toilet is aware that there is no paper left when they need it and can carry a roll to the bathroom. It is marketed by the North American toilet paper company Charmin. It has sensors to avoid colliding with the house during the journey when it works autonomously. To encourage the person in distress, the screen at the front shows a bear face. It is accompanied by an app for the mobile phone in which the notification can be sent via Bluetooth. It is still a prototype.

A laser indicates the position
Mosquito detector

Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance, they also carry dangerous diseases. Bzigo detects them inside homes using artificial vision algorithms that perceive the movement of small living beings with image sensors and infrared light. It processes them, identifies the mosquito and points out its exact location with a harmless low-power laser. Once it has detected the annoying insect, it sends a notification to the user’s mobile phone so that it can be eliminated.

Price: It is scheduled to go on the market this year with a price of 137 euros.

Provides information on calorie burning
Jump rope

There are a good number of ropes that measure the jumps that the user has taken and the time that they have been exercising – some models have been sold out in these months. But some offer more possibilities, such as the Smart Rope Rookie from Tangram Factory, which transfers that data to the SmartRope app, where information on calories burned is displayed as well as tips for interval training and keeping the person motivated through prizes and challenges with friends. If it is synchronized with Healthkit on iOS, it better estimates the user’s physical condition. The length of the rope is adjustable and can be used by people up to 2.08 meters tall.

Price: 50.95 euros

Siime Eye vibrator

This Svakom vibrator incorporates a high definition camera –photography or video– that sends the image via Wifi to a computer or mobile phone, in which a specific driver must be installed and, for more security, it includes a password to be able to enter the application. It is submersible and suitable for the shower. It charges via USB. It has an intelligent mode that varies the frequency of the vibration.

Price: 193.50 euros

Ensures you have the necessary water and nutrients
Smart planter

Not everyone has a ‘green hand’, but Click & Grow’s smart planter may be the solution for those who have all the plants dying. It uses a low consumption and efficient led lamp and includes basil capsules with everything necessary for the plants to live for a year (then more capsules can be purchased with other plant species). The sensor that incorporates the planter ensures that the plant has the water, oxygen and nutrients it needs to germinate and grow. It does not use pesticides or plant hormones.

Price: € 189.95


Businesses turn their backs on Donald Trump | Fortune

Since last week, when the still president of the United States, Donald Trump, instigated his followers to march on the Capitol, his brand and his fortune are in crisis. It is being rejected by some of the political donors who fed it, it has been banned from the technological platforms that have amplified its message, the banks that manage its finances have pointed out that it will no longer be welcome, as has the American golf industry that runs the business of his clubs.

It took his four years as president for most of those who were his corporate allies to turn against him now, when his pressure will not be able to bring about major changes in an administration that is hurrying its last days. However, although there is no longer time for major changes politically, there is time for economics, as your latest actions could have a major negative impact on your business. “As you walk out of the palace gates, you are burning the kingdom, but in doing so you are damaging your own brand,” brand specialist Sally Hogshead tells Bloomberg. The expert adds that there is a factor of shame for a greater percentage of the population than before when pointing out that they sympathize with the president.

In a few days, Trump has been shunned by Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Washington. Twitter and Facebook suspended his accounts on their platforms after his messages encouraged violence. Canadian e-commerce company Shopify closed the Republican candidate’s campaign tent.

Some of the banks that Trump and his family have worked with for years have also turned their backs on him. The most notorious case is that of Deutsche Bank, which has decided to refrain from continuing to do business with the politician and businessman, who owes the company more than 340 million dollars. The German bank is Trump’s most important lender, but the entity’s chief operating officer in the US, Christiana Riley, condemned the violence last week through a post on her LinkedIn profile. “We are proud of our Constitution and we support those who seek to ensure that the will of the people is respected with a peaceful transition,” he wrote. Deutsche Bank has yet to make an official statement, but it might be tired of the bad publicity of remaining associated with the Trump brand.

For its part, Signature Bank, an entity of which Ivanka Trump became part of the board of directors, assured that he is cutting ties while they pressure him to resign. The firm is closing two personal accounts in which Trump held $ 5.3 million, The New York Times reported Monday.

Democrats have launched another attempt to impeachmen, that would make Trump the only representative to have faced two impeachments. All of this has led even his favorite props to turn against him. The PGA, America’s premier men’s golf circuit, has said its board voted to end an agreement that the Trump-owned golf course in New Jersey would host the next championship. “It has become clear that holding the PGA Championship at Trump Bedminster would be detrimental to our brand,” he said. Jim Richerson, PGA President, via video release. The disagreements between Trump and the tournament, however, are not new, the organization has already decided not to celebrate its 2015 Golf Grand Slam at Trump National in Los Angeles when the president assured that Mexican immigrants include rapists.

The future of Trump’s business is not so bright, according to Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of HP who fought the president in the primaries in 2016. “His brand is toxic,” the executive told Bloomberg on Monday. “This will have real consequences for his business, even as he continues to have the support of some in the Republican party,” he continued.

Other brands such as Coca-Cola, Marriott, Morgan Stanley and AT&T have also assured that they will cease donations to members of the Republican party who do not recognize the victory of Joe Biden or who join the accusations of electoral fraud by the still president of the United States. .

In any case, Trump’s career is a story of ups and downs, and his brand could also come back stronger than ever, especially among the fervent supporters who stormed the Capitol. His associates say that there are still lucrative opportunities for him, for example, in the media, including a possible role in his own news channel or the publication of books. While it’s hard to imagine Trump coming back to the top after treacherous actions, brand strategist Rebecca Horan tells Bloomberg, “History shows us that we have a short memory.”


Falcao at the gate of Galatasaray: Turkish press assures that they want to sell it | Colombians Abroad

The sporting present of Radamel Falcao García is not good. The Colombian, who arrived in Galatasaray in 2019, has seen his career in the Old Continent go downhill, due to constant physical discomfort.

The 34-year-old Colombian suffered a new injury on January 2 in the match against Antalyaspor, which will leave him out of the field for several days. Before the event, the Tiger traveled to Spain, with the authorization of Fatih Terim, DT of Galatasaray, to recover in the best way; However, in Turkey they talk about the future of samarium, as they assure that the club would be contemplating selling it, due to its lack of continuity.

The version delivered by the Fotomac medium, explains that a part of the board would be dissatisfied with the situation of the Colombian, which is why they would make the decision to sell it, and thus recover part of the investment.

“Galatasaray wants to get rid of its cost and aims to make money selling Falcao … When it became known that Falcao had not received any official offer and that the Galatasaray management wanted to terminate the contract of the Colombian star, no agreement was reached”reported the portal.

However, the only club that would be interested in the striker would be Inter Miami, so Falcao’s future is once again linked to the team owned by David Beckham.


A decisive year for the future of cinema

2020 will go down in history as a year of great upheaval within the film industry. The pandemic has accelerated many of the changes that were already looming on the horizon and the closure of cinemas for a few months, which became eternal, did nothing more than fuel the strategies of the “majors” not to succumb to the debacle.

The first sign of transformation came in late summer with the premiere of “Mulan” directly on Disney +. It is a film conceived to be seen on the big screen and whose desertion from the theaters set off all the alarms within the exhibition sector, which verified with concern how the most anticipated blockbusters were being delayed without a release date. The most important exhibition circuits in the United States cried out against the situation and warned that this was not the solution to the sector’s problems, but Disney, for now, has turned a deaf ear to the complaints.

The game of “for himself who can” began in a desperate way. Each of the assets involved began to move their chips so as not to be left behind in this new and chaotic map whose layout is still redesigning its borders. Disney continued to stoke the fire with the decision to prioritize its platform and not only limited the streaming view of its big bet for Christmas, the Pixar production “Soul”, but also presented an ambitious plan to become the leader of home entertainment with a mammoth production bet.

Warner also veered course and announced that all films scheduled for 2021, at least in the United States, would be released simultaneously in theaters and on the HBO Max platform, where they will be available for 30 days to their subscribers. But not everything seems so clear for the majors willing to fly the flag of the video on demand platforms. Shortly after “Wonder Woman 1984” was released, the industrial bonanza of free streaming premieres was called into question due to the huge amount of unauthorized downloads the film had on torrent. No one, at the moment, has said anything about the piracy issue.

“American studios are the ones that set the trend and have broken the window system,” says Álvaro Longoria, head of Morena Films, producer, among others, of the successful “Campeones.” “Each one is positioning themselves, but it is clear that they are not going to return to the previous situation, it no longer makes sense, the rules have changed and it is useless to continue clinging to them,” he explains with respect to the previous model of exploitation, in the that a certain time was stipulated between the official premiere in cinemas and its passage to the platforms.

One of his productions, “Lamentable Stories”, by Javier Fesser, ruled out its premiere in cinemas after being bought by Amazon to go to its Prime Video catalog, something that it will repeat with “Bajocero”, Lluís Quílez’s debut feature, starring Javier Gutiérrez, which can be seen on Netflix from next day 29. “We are experiencing a revolution that is going to change everything, little by little the pieces will fit into their place, but the important thing is not to limit the life of the films, that there is a flexible model in which each one finds its space ”, Longoria certifies.

Generally, we only talk about the direct impact that the effects of the crisis and the strength of streaming will have in the showrooms with a specific cinema model, when not all of them make a living from projecting Marvel, DC, James Bond, Mission movies: Impossible, Star wars and other blockbusters, including author’s, like the film that Steven Spielberg already has ready, “West Side Story”, or the one that Martin Scorsese is starting to shoot with Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro, “Killers of the Flower Moon” .

Many cinemas are betting on other types of films (independent, European, Asian), although the impact of large productions on smaller films is evident. For José Tito, one of the partners of La Aventura, the company that distributed the multi-award-winning “Parasites”, “independent films have a significant collection. There are some rooms in which the mix of independent films and the ‘majors’ makes them attract a wide audience and have fairly healthy box offices, since an adult and movie-goer audience goes that, for example, wants to see the American productions of the ” Oscar ‘”.

For Tito, the new reality of the exhibition windows is worrisome, since “the fact that the ‘majors’ are going to share the premieres in cinema with the streaming windows will cause these types of rooms to suffer financially, and that for dealers like us is very bad. Theaters oriented only towards our type of product are not strong enough to justify popular European cinema by themselves, which is the highlight of independent distributors ”.

The healthy coexistence in a multiplex of a Marvel film, “Parasites”, a French production and, for example, the last Greek film awarded at a festival is also in crisis.