Association of the German Games Industry: October 2020: Game Sales Awards for FIFA 21, Mario 3D All-Stars, Star Wars and Tony Hawk

In October 2020, game – the association of the German games industry – presented four “Sales Awards” for particularly high-selling computer and video games in Germany.

FIFA 21 has already sold over 500,000 times and has received the special game Sales Award. Super Mario 3D All-Stars with the classics Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy received the game sales award in platinum for 200,000 sales. The game already received the Gold Sales Award last month. Star Wars: Squadrons and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 had each sold over 100,000 copies by October, which is why both games received a gold game sales award.

In October 2020 a game Sales Award special prize goes to:

  • FIFA 21 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC

In October 2020 a game sales award in platinum goes to:

  • Super Mario 3D All-Stars für Switch

In October 2020 a game Sales Award in gold will go to:

  • Star Wars: Squadrons for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC – supports Virtual Reality on PlayStation 4 and PC
  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC

“With the game Sales Award the game – Association of the German Games Industry honors high-selling computer and video games in Germany. The basis is the current sales figures of the market research company GfK Entertainment. Titles of which more than 100,000, 200,000 and 500,000 copies were sold across platforms , receive the game sales award in gold, platinum or the special price. In order for sales to be considered for the game sales award, the average sales price of the title must not deviate by more than 20 percent from the recommended retail price at the time of publication. The sales quantities shown contain platform-specific extrapolation factors To determine the total market coverage and to take digital sales into account. It is up to the game to determine these factors in cooperation with GfK Entertainment. In addition, providers of computer and video games can make their cumulative digital sales to the game e report to by the eighth day of the current month and broken down by platform. The game undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the reported quantities, checks them and takes them into account when determining the relevant sales quantities. “


New Star Wars game in development at Zynga …. – News

16.11.2020 22:39Up

Hm, somehow the news looks familiar to me.
A bit of research actually showed that the collaboration between Disney and Zynga regarding a Star Wars mobile game was announced back in 2018.

And the current news:
Not only is one Star Wars game in development, there are actually two.
Zynga CEO Frank Gibeau (by the way, former manager at EA * wink * ) announced this at a shareholders’ meeting on November 4th.
It is believed that the new studio in Austin, TX is not just starting development, but that the game is quite advanced and the new studio is supposed to accelerate the development process so that something can be shown soon.

Quote :
“During the company’s second-quarter earnings call on Nov. 4, CEO Frank Gibeau said that the company has two Star Wars games set for release. Management also said that the company will be releasing a new entry in the company’s CityVille franchise and new titles from Gram Games and Peak Studios.

Zynga announced a multiyear partnership with Disney to produce Star Wars video games in 2018, but news surrounding these projects has been scarce until recently. The new Austin studio appears to have been started to accelerate the development of the Star Wars mobile game already underway at NaturalMotion, so the game probably isn’t years away from release. There’s also another Star Wars game in the works at the company that’s yet to be revealed.”


Xbox Game Studios’ The Initiative Signs Talent From Insomniac Games, Naughty Dog, And More

At the end of August the rumor broke that The Initiative, one of the teams that make up Xbox Game Studios, is working on a new game of Perfect Dark or at least set in the same universe. While this information has not yet been officially confirmed, The Initiative continues to expand its staff with new signings from major video game studios.

We already told you last month that The Initiative had signed Lee Davis, Naughty Dog combat animator, but now a long list has come to light with 13 names who have joined the Xbox Game Studios team. All the people who have joined this staff come from studios as renowned as Naughty Dog herself, but also from Infinity Ward, Insomniac Games, Santa Monica Studio, Epic Games, Blizzard, Amazon Game Studios, Id Software, Riot y Gearbox:

Below you can see the complete list of new signings of The Initiative:

  • Giovanni Martinez: Insomniac Games
  • Hawar Doghramachi: Naughty Dog
  • Jaime Molina: Infinity Ward
  • Jolyon Myers: Infinity Ward
  • Joseph Than: Blizzard
  • Lauren Manuel Garcia Carro: Naughty Dog
  • Lee Davis: Naughty Dog
  • Maxwell Morrison: Id Software, Riot y Gearbox
  • Nigel Loster: The Coalition
  • Athos Scionti: Epic Games
  • Sarah Swenson: Santa Monica Studio y Naughty Dog
  • Stephen Clayburn: Blizzard
  • Victor Chavez: Amazon Game Studios

A study surrounded by secrecy

The Initiative es a studio whose first project is still kept secret. Xbox unveiled its existence at E3 2018 and we still don’t know which game they are working on specifically, a production that will serve as the debut of this studio consisting primarily of former Crystal Dynamics and Insomniac Games employees.

Everything seems to indicate that this study is working on a new third person game set in the universe of Perfect Dark, although it is unknown if it will be a delivery directly related or not to the Rare game. Of course, it seems that this project will be of great importance in the future Xbox catalog: Phil Spencer, Head of the Brand, already said in his day that they are working on “old things” in “new ways”, while Drew Murray, Design Director, The Initiative, described the project as “an incredibly ambitious game.”


A magic box full of potential | Blog 1 UP

It occurred to the grandfather of film director JJ Abrams many years ago, when the architect of the reformulation of Star Treck Y Star Wars he was just a kid, give him a closed cardboard box. A mystery box. “A magic box”, as the filmmaker says. A box that, beyond what it contained (the director claims that he has never opened it) contained something better, something greater: the infinite possibilities of what we do not know. Today the embargo on the analysis of Microsoft’s new desktop console is lifted: the Xbox Series X / S, a box that comes to our house to offer us just that: infinite possibilities, impossible worlds, hundreds of hours of fun and, of course, great games.

Let’s start at the beginning, with the merely physical section. Take the Xbox out of its box, the vaunted unboxing that has flooded social networks these days, is an important experience because the sober design of the Microsoft console augurs seriousness and forcefulness. It is not for less, because we are talking about the most powerful console ever created. The version analyzed by EL PAÍS, an Xbox Series X provided by Microsoft, is physically a black prism that is more reminiscent of the monolith of 2001: an odyssey of the space, than other recent consoles. A very sober design that whoever signs this considers very successful (the new generation of consoles has come to stay in our living room for 5, 6, 7 years, so the more simplicity it has, the better), but that has aroused jokes in social networks. Jokes that Microsoft itself has sharpened, creating a refrigerator in the shape of its new console.

Interface of the new Microsoft consoles.

The other physical part that makes up the gaming experience, the controller, is not the best that has fallen into these hands. Reaching for the triggers (especially the upper ones) is not as intuitive as it should be, and instead of battery the control of the console works with batteries. A design decision that, however, does not hinder the technical specifics offered by Microsoft since the Xbox series X is, and so it must be said, the most powerful console to date.

The guts of the older and younger sister

One of the keys to the landing of the Xbox in this new generation is its splitting into two versions. The X Series, the largest and the one we have analyzed, and the S Series, a kind of little sister. The first visual difference between the two is their size, but the difference a priori We will notice it more clearly in the portfolio: the Xbox Series X costs 499 euros and its smaller sister, 299 euros. Where is the fine print? Beyond the high-end model’s ability to read discs, there are other aspects where it excels and stands as a true flagship for the North American firm. For starters, the X Series knows itself as a model premium Thanks to its 12 TFLOPS of GPU power, a superb 3.8 GHz Zen 2 8-core processor, 16 GB of RAM and the ability to play content in 4K with up to 120 FPS. It also has 1 TB of storage.

The Xbox Sweries X, next to its controller.
The Xbox Sweries X, next to its controller.

For its part, Xbox Series S is aimed at those who do not have – and do not plan to have – a 4K screen; regardless of whether we are talking about a television or a monitor. This little machine achieves 2K (1440p) resolution and up to 120 FPS on compatible devices. For the rest, some RAM memory (10 GB) is lost, which in practice translates into the possibility of having up to five games in suspension instead of about seven or eight of its older sister; the internal memory is 512 GB and the GPU has 4 TFLOPS of power. Otherwise, both share technology for the processor, which is very similar, and technologies such as Xbox Velocity Architecture, which takes advantage of the SSD memory to almost completely eliminate loading times and speed up application opening mechanisms. Finally, both come prepared with Variable Rate Shading (VRS) and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) to ensure the most fluid image quality.

Other philosophy

Leaving technicalities, and reaching conclusions, the truth is that what Microsoft proposes is something with its own personality. We talked earlier that Microsoft had graciously fitted the design jokes, but there are other jokes that are more difficult to fit. “What are you going to play first on your Xbox?” The company’s official account asked on Twitter. “I have no idea. That is the problem ”, answered one user. The user was partly right. If the previous generational battles have been won by Sony instead of Microsoft, it is largely explained by the extensive catalog of exclusive (and very good) games that the PlayStation was showing off. That may begin to change in this generation, as Microsoft has started an aggressive purchasing campaign to acquire companies from which it can offer exclusive games, but the truth is that this launch of its desktop consoles is not accompanied by a powerful game, a vendeconsolas.

Is this such a big fault? It doesn’t have to. This new generation Sony will continue to bet on its exclusives, but Microsoft has another philosophy behind it: more than a game, it offers an ecosystem of games. That is, your console will be connected to your phone, from which you can manage downloads, and both will be connected to the Game Pass, that sort of Netflix of video games that for 12 euros a month allows you to access a catalog with about 100 games of high level, including some of the best indies and the best exclusives from past Microsoft consoles (Halo, Gears of War). The entire Microsoft catalog is also at your service in a backward-compatible way. In other words, Microsoft offers a different, more holistic experience that does not have to be based on a specific game.

The Xbox One, Microsoft’s previous console, was released in 2013. With this Xbox Series, especially the X, the American company hits the table, presenting a device that can be looked at with pride and offer unique experiences during many years. And it is that unlike JJ Abrams, we do know what our box contains: all the possibilities of the infinite world of video games.


Game of Thrones: relationship game from the series, according to British universities – Film and TV – Culture

A team of physicists, mathematicians and psychologists from several British universities discovered that the personal relationship plot that occurs, seemingly randomly, in the popular television series Game of Thrones (Game of Thrones) is very similar to how humans interact in real life, according to an article published this Monday Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

During eight seasons, all 73 episodes of the saga, full of intrigue, violence, sex, oppression and rebellion, millions of viewers were kept in suspense by the series created by David Benioff and DB Weiss for the television network HBO, about the fantastic novels of George RR Martin entitled A Song of Ice and Fire.

The Serie, which premiered in the United States in 2011 and concluded in 2019, recounts alliances and conflicts between dynasties, the conspiracies of exiles to regain the throne and the adventures of warriors who defend the kingdom against the Nordic invaders.

Researchers from the universities of Coventry, Warsick, Limerick, Cambridge and Oxford applied the body of scientific data and network theory to analyze to what extent the interactions between characters in fiction resemble or not
of real life,
and how the deaths of important characters that occur unexpectedly and seemingly randomly work in the series.

Martin’s original novels they contain more than 2,000 characters identified with a name and in them those characters have about 41,000 interactions, which results in a huge plot.

But, analyzed at the chapter-by-chapter level, the numbers of characters and their interactions come down to what humans experience on a daily basis. Scientists found that even the most prominent and consistent characters in all of history, on average, are related with about 150 other characters, which is the normal extension of the set of connections that people have in real life.

A remarkable element of Game of Thrones It’s Martin’s way of keeping the saga exciting and spiced with surprises, making the character deaths seem unexpected and without logic, but the scientists also dismantled this mechanism and found logic in it. There are those who have compared Game of Thrones with other myths and with human history with its mixture of realism and unforeseen developments.

When the chronological sequence is reconstructed, these deaths do not occur randomly, but rather reflect how common events are distributed in nonviolent human activities in the real world.

“The methods developed in this study allow us to test in a quantitative way many of the observations made by the readers of the series, such as the famous habit in the novels of killing characters by chancer, “wrote Thomas Gessey Jones of the University of Cambridge.

Colm Connaughton from the University of Warwick commented that “people, to a large extent, make sense of the world through storytelling, but we have no scientific understanding of what makes complete narratives be something that we can understand and that we can relate to. ”



The game idea is there, but Berizzo finds it difficult to arrange the pieces

In the absence of home players (which are few) and attending the qualifiers for Qatar on November 12 in Buenos Aires, against Argentina, and then on November 17 against Bolivia, in the Defensores del Chaco, Berizzo announced to his chosen ones that they are abroad for the dispute of said parties. He called Gatito Fernández del Botafogo and Gerardo Ortiz de Once Caldas for the goal. Needless to say, everything seems to indicate that Antony Silva of the local order will be the starting goalkeeper.

On the defensive line Robert Rojas from River, Juan Escobar from Cruz Azul, Fabián Balbuena from West Ham, Gustavo Gómez from Palmeiras, Junior Alonso from Atlético Mineiro, Omar Alderete from Hertha Berlin and from Brondby from Denmark, Blas Riveros. In the half court, Richard Sánchez from América, Andrés Cubas from Nimes from France, Gastón Giménez from Chicago Fire, Matías Rojas from Racing, Alejandro Romero from New York RB and Oscar Romero from San Lorenzo. On the offensive, Darío Lezcano de Juaárez, Hernán Pérez from Al Alhi Doha, Ángel Romero from San Lorenzo, Lorenzo Melgarejo from Racing, Miguel Almirón from Newcastle and Antonio Sanabria from Betis. Adam Bareiro, Braian Samudio, currently in Turkish football, and Celso Ortiz, who plays in Mexico, were not cited. The main novelties, Matías Rojas and Lorenzo Melgarejo. The former Cerro midfielder is likely to be in the first line of alternative for the Argentine coach. He shows character and efficiency in the Avellaneda team, where he fully justified his incorporation. As for Melgarejo, his teammate, he came from Spartak Moscow to Argentine football, joining in immediately and gaining ownership. Both will be this afternoon in the Racing game against Tucumán. The local players will be announced shortly, where the injuries to the sides of Cerro Porteño, Alberto Espínola and Santiago Arzamendia are concerned. As for Espínola, his very good management in Cerro was ratified in the National Team, being in the DT scheme a more than convincing projection argument. Assisted in Paraguay’s three goals against Peru and Venezuela respectively. Decisive in the results and with a remarkable poise. For his part, Arzamendia was absent in the two games played by Covid-19 and is a valid option as a left back for the national squad. It is clear: Berizzo practically does not vary his staff and had already indicated in advance that those who made up the microcycle prior to official matches would make up more than 80% of those mentioned. Since he took over the same line of play with few variations and according to how the circumstances of each game go. He knows the base well enough, except for Gastón Giménez, but remains exposed to the interpretation of his own players: a pending issue. It is necessary to improve Soccer performance is not enough, the sample against Peru and Venezuela was half and although Bolivia would seem to be an accessible adversary, you have to be careful. Argentina is something else, that even though it does not have a good production, it has a lot of rest and hierarchy. The calendar in principle favored Paraguay. The strongest will come later, including this match at the Bombonera on November 12. It should be made aware that the National Team is not yet consolidated although the points achieved gave air to settle in the fourth position rubbing shoulders with Colombia. In the individual order, we already mentioned some of the redheads and the one who needs to establish himself from midfield up is Miguel Almirón, whose speed and dribbling conditions are excellent. It is good, there is no doubt about that, and this Selection relies a lot on its ability, and for that reason it could even find another formula as happened with Romero, who gave a full answer with his entry into the field. Absence and return On the Brazilian side, the injury to its top star, Neymar, played for Paris Saint Germain in the Champions League, shook the atmosphere. The forward suffered an injury to his abductors and will be left out of his team against the games of Venezuela and Uruguay. The other side is the return of Edinson Cavani, recently incorporated in Manchester United and called by Maestro Tabárez for the games against Colombia and precisely Brazil. The technician had given him space to define his future. Uruguay will once again have Suárez and Cavani on offense, they understand each other by heart. To keep in mind this is the schedule for the third date of the qualifying rounds: Thursday 12 Bolivia – Ecuador and Argentina – Paraguay. The 13 Colombia – Uruguay, Brazil – Venezuela and Chile – Peru. The most deficient management of all the national teams so far is the Bolivian, with harsh internal conflicts. Defined outside For the South American Luqueño, after the home game, it is difficult to achieve his pass to the next phase. He fell to Defense and Justice and will be forced to win in Buenos Aries, scoring more goals than his rival in the first leg. The outlook is complicated for Auriazul and the same coach is aware of that as seeking to rebuild a team that was cracked by the departure of capital figures. The rematch will be on Wednesday 4. The next day, Sol will see Católica in Santa Laura, after the tie in the first leg where Órteman’s team was in several passages surpassed by the rival, although it has the away goal in favor in the return in case of equality. They are waiting One week after the elimination games have ended, the Libertadores restarts and the Paraguayan representatives in the race, Libertad and Guaraní, are ready to face Wilstermann and Gremio respectively. Of the two national teams, the one with the highest performance is Guaraní in the international arena and this time he will see Gremio, already with Churín, his rival on November 26 at the Defensores del Chaco. A day before, Libertad, who needs to improve a lot, will face Jorge Wilstermann, ranked first in his series and therefore a strong opponent.


Glory awaits you | Champions League

Quimsa and Flamengo face everything or nothing looking for the Champions League 19-20. Two strange presents considering the filming of both and how they arrive regarding the amount of games faced lately. As and everything is a game and the winner will be crowned in Uruguay from the 20 by DIRECTv.

The cast from Santiago comes from winning a real battle. Super on supplementary to San Lorenzo 110 – 97 after equaling in 91 and after raising 14 points of difference. A game with a strange setting, both Argentine teams with a mix between new players and those who could keep, especially Quimsa. Baralle and Ramrez Barrios as party figures to turn an electric game full of ups and downs and situations for both.

Quimsa showed high performance in closing. They mesh with Robinson and Gaskins passages, added to the moments to find Simpson, the prominence of the perimeter and the physical battle that was crucial and without a doubt be one of the points that play his game against Flamengo. A great appearance by Baralle and all the power and heart of Ramrez Barrios to take the victory. For the santiagueo it will be his first final of the tournament and therefore his first chance of being crowned in the competition.

Flamengo looking for his second tournament. In 2014 he took it in the Brazilian teams’ duel against Pinheiros 85 – 78 in Rio de Janeiro. Marcelinho Machado with 24 pts was the figure and had Nicols Laprovittola from the lead (now Balbi repeating Argentines from the base). Also with the peculiarity that that tournament took him undefeated (he could repeat in case of beating Quimsa). If he manages to celebrate, he will reach two conquests, equaling Pearol, San Lorenzo and Guaros de Lara as the most winners.

The history of Flamengo is different in this championship. He arrives undefeated, he dominated his group from the defensive, reached the quarterfinals where he overflowed in both games to Fuerza Regia and in the semifinal he collided with Instituto. He beat him both times (63 – 54 and 66 – 64) to make it to the final. From that cast he has several changes to consider. It no longer has Barrera, Vargas, Graham or Black but adds Luciano Gonzlez, Yago Mateus and the experience and power of Rafael Hettsheimeir after passing through Franca. Good changes enhancing his roster without a doubt.

Flamengo has a cast to fear. Balbi with all his quality in driving, Mateus was added, in addition to Marquinhos in the external shot and players with a lot of physical power but with an external shot. The aforementioned Hettsheimeir as well as Olivinha and Mineiro with experience in finals. A long roster, very strong from its defense and with a great perimeter goal. It comes with another shoot because he took the Carioca championship at the beginning of October in a very loose way and giving place to his entire team to show themselves.

Argentina will seek its sixth title, the third in a row after the two made by Barça (2 San Lorenzo, 2 Pearol, 1 Regattas). On the other side, Brazil could match the albiceleste palm groves (it has 4 so far) and leave behind a couple of second places in recent seasons. Quimsa with illusion around the corner. Glory awaits you.

Jos Fiebig



Tottenham beats Lask in a game where Andrade scored an own goal

The Welshman was part of the rotations established by coach Jose Mourinho, who reserved for the duel regular starters such as French goalkeeper Hugo Lloris, attacker Harry Kane or Korean Son Heung Min.

Bale, who already made his debut with the Spurs last Sunday in the clash against West Ham, when he played the last twenty minutes, played an hour against LASK and participated directly in the second goal of his team, an own goal by the Panamanian Andrés Andrade when tried to intercept a pass from the Welshman.

Andrade was later substituted in the 46th minute by Marvin Potzmann.

It was at half an hour, ten minutes after the Brazilian Lucas Moura opened the scoring.

In the second half, in the final stretch, Korean Son rounded out Tottenham’s first European victory.


LigaPro set the date and time for the game between Barcelona and Liga de Quito, for the second stage of the championship

Barcelona will face League of Quito next November 1, 2020, for the fourth date of the LigaPro. It will be the second direct rival that the albos will face, on their way to winning the second stage of the tournament, and crowning themselves as direct champions.

The albos already lost to Independent of the Valley, another of his direct rivals in the second phase of the LigaPro, on the second date by 3-2. Now he will face the bullfighters, who at the end of that day rose as leaders of the competition.

This Monday, October 19, Ligapro made official the schedules of the third and fourth dates. It will be in the latter in which he faces the bullfighters. The game is scheduled for 18:00, in the Monumental stadium.

The team of Pablo Repetto won the first match of this 2020, when they won 2-1 at the stadium Rodrigo Paz. That day, the Albos traced an adverse marker and won on the hour.

Barcelona, ​​which equaled with a bit of Fidel Martinez, had the opportunity to win for the first time in White House, with a penalty kick that Cristhian Alemán missed. After that play, the locals got their second goal, through Franklin Guerra. Cristian Martinez opened the account.

This Monday, October 19, LigaPro also confirmed the schedules for the third date. The match between League of Quito and El Nacional It will be one of the most attractive for the third date of the second stage. Both will meet on Saturday, October 24, 2020, within the hours that the LigaPro confirmed.

This is how the third date will be played

Friday, October 23, 2020

Stadium: Mushuc Runa
15:30 Mushuc Runa vs Aucas

Stadium: O. Atahualpa
19:00 U. Católica vs. Deportivo Cuenca

Saturday October 24

Stadium: Capwell
15:30 Emelec vs. Macara

Stadium: Bellavista
18:00 University Technician vs. Dolphin

Stadium: Rodrigo Paz
20:30 League of Quito vs. The National

Sunday October 25
Stadium: Olímpico de Riobamba
15:30 Olmedo vs. Independent of the Valley

Stadium: Reales Tamarindos
18:00 Portoviejo League vs. Barcelona

Monday October 26
Stadium: Christian Benítez
17:30 Guayaquil City vs. Orense


London and Brussels must find a way out that helps the recovery | Opinion

The EU heads of government yesterday supported the extension of the round of talks that Brussels has with London in order to regulate trade relations between both parties before the end of the year, the date on which Brexit enters fully into force. Despite the Council’s pleasure and the determined European will to do everything possible to close a friendly exit of the United Kingdom from the EU, it seems increasingly difficult to achieve that goal. The Council itself yesterday urged the Commission to design possible unilateral contingency measures of a limited duration if Brexit finally ends without an agreement, and there are already several voices that consider the negative outcome of the negotiations as probable. Both the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and the Italian President, Giuseppe Conte, have warned that the pact with London cannot be reached at any price, while French President Emmanuel Macron openly acknowledged the possibility that the divorce could take place at the bravas.

The EU guidelines for the negotiation have correct and clearly marked red lines: those established in the withdrawal agreement and in the protocols signed by London and Brussels, which remain fully in force and must be respected. The unusual decision of the British Government to promote a law that breaks with some points of the agreement, mainly those related to commercial activity on the border with Northern Ireland, has become a bone of contention with enough potential to burst the long negotiating path traveled so far in London and Brussels.

Europe must stand firm in defending an agreement that has been widely discussed and negotiated with the United Kingdom and that contains the roadmap on which the commercial relationship between the EU and the British must be built. However, and without departing from that framework, which is fully legitimate, Brussels must also do everything possible to avoid a rupture that could seriously damage the European economy, mired in a crisis of historic dimensions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Both the EU and the United Kingdom are enduring the scourge of an unprecedented recession not only because of its intensity, but also because of the extraordinary uncertainty it has sown in all European economies. Faced with a scenario like this, it is necessary more never to call for responsibility and cooperation to design trade rules of the game that will help the recovery of the whole of Europe instead of hindering it.