“Wilshere could have triumphed at Real Madrid or Barça”

The story of Jack Wilshere is that of a footballer who has not been able to fully squeeze his full potential because – in large part – of injuries. When he was still a child, the Englishman shared midfield with Cesc Fabregas, who at that time was the player who led the offensive ‘gunner’. Now 28 years old, he is without a team and looking for a project to rebuild his career.


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Indeed, Fabregas, the player who saw Wilshere’s eyes soaked with illusion when he was a teenager, has spoken about English. “Jack was incredibly talented, one of the most talented players I’ve ever played with. He was only 16 when he came to train for the first time with us and I was like, ‘Wow, this guy is good, strong and he’s fit. ‘It’s a great shame what happened to him. I’m sorry because he could have been an English football legend. “, Spanish tells in the ‘Daily Mail’.

West Ham has been Wilshere’s last experience so far. Fabregas also values ​​the acclimatization of him and a few other British players, had it not been for the misfortune of injuries in leading clubs in Europe (outside the Premier League).

“We always talk about how the British players would adapt to the European teams. I always believed that Jack was one of the few Englishmen who could have had a great impact on Real Madrid or Barça. Like Aaron Ramsey and Gareth Bale, these guys were talented and without injuries they could have done a lot more. “, adds the Monaco player. They are examples of some footballers that the ‘and yes …’ will haunt them for the rest of their days.

The world champion in 2010 He also analyzed the present of two of his former teams: Chelsea and Arsenal. Regarding the ‘blue’ team, the former Blaugrana player affirms that “he likes the team a lot. They have added a lot of quality, speed and creativity, something that was needed. They have also added the leadership of Thiago Silva. They should choose to win the league this season because I think they have the best team alongside Liverpool and Manchester City. “

For the ‘gunner’ club, Fabregas also has good words: “Arsenal have a new project, I think what Arteta is doing is beautiful. The players are fascinated by the way in which the training came and changed, the methodology, how he prepares the matches … It makes it easier for the team, to understand how to defend or attack. I like your ideas, everything I’m hearing is positive “, ended.


Tottenham, the great covered in the fight for the Premier League

The fight for the Premier League is more exciting than ever. After eight days played, the Leicester is in first position, and the Aston Villa sixth, with one game less, closing the European positions, just three points behind. The Everton who was the leader after the break, is now seventh, five points behind the leader.

The first team of the Big Six is Tottenham of Jose Mourinho, which is second just one point behind Leicester, and tied with the Liverpool which is third. The Portuguese coach’s team did not enter the pools for winning the Premier League, and right now it’s the first component of the Big Six after six days.

After a bad season, in which the cycle ended in the Spurs from Mauricio Pochettino in the least predictable way possible, it arrived Mourinho to take his place precisely in the October national team break after the draw at home against the Sheffield United.

Despite the impetus that the arrival of Mourinho to the team, achieving that first victory against the West Ham away from home and establish a series of good results that brought them closer to the top positions, the team began to fall again, showing very irregular until the end of the season, and having to settle for that sixth position that it snatched from the Wolves on the last day.

Hojbjerg reinforces the midfield./ Photo: Premier League

After this terrible season, the Tottenham went to the market in search of players who could strengthen the team. After the departure of Eriksen in the winter market, it was necessary to strengthen the midfield, and for this they brought the Danish Hojbjerg of the Southampton, in a fairly profitable operation for Spurs in which they put the side Walker-Peters.

Reguilón luxury reinforcement for the left back./ Photo: Premier League
Reguilón luxury reinforcement for the left back./ Photo: Premier League

Given the weakness shown on the sides, the Tottenham signed the irish Matt Doherty from Wolves, to compete for the position with Serge Aurier. On the other hand, Daniel Levy I would take advantage of the situation of Sergio Reguilon, to bring him to London and take a great leap in quality on that left-back, who had limped so much last season.

Gareth Bale returns home./ Photo: Premier League
Gareth Bale returns home./ Photo: Premier League

Taking advantage of the great relationship with him Real Madrid, Daniel Levy He wanted to knock on the table bringing back what was his great star Gareth Bale, which has always been liked by Mourinho, and from which it is expected that with the help of the Portuguese coach and the return to a league like the Premier League that enhances its great virtues, from a tremendous quality jump to the attack of some Spurs, which has one of the best tridents in Europe and of course the Premier League.

Joe Rodon reinforces the central position./ Photo: Premier League
Joe Rodon reinforces the central position./ Photo: Premier League

Another Welshman who arrived at the market close was the young Joe Rodon, from Swansea, and that comes to replace a Jan Vertonghen, who went free to Benfica, and that ends an eight-year stage with the Spurs.

Tottenham find a guaranteed substitute with Carlos Vinicius./ Photo: Premier League
Tottenham find a guaranteed substitute with Carlos Vinicius./ Photo: Premier League

Finally, the Tottenham finally signed an alternate of guarantees for Harry Kane with the arrival of the Brazilian Carlos Vinicius, who comes from leaving at Benfica where he has achieved a total of 18 goals in the last season.

Closed the chapter of transfers, Mourinho manages to form a great team in which perhaps a renowned center-back would be missing accompanying Alderweireld, with two wingers who really like to join the attack and who will give depth to the team, a great goalkeeper with experience as Hugo Lloris, a very physical midfield with a lot of work, and a lethal trident that can compete with anyone.

Tottenham's eleven against West Brom./ Photo: The coach's slate
Tottenham’s eleven against West Brom./ Photo: The coach’s slate

In the last match against West Brom there was even four new faces compared to last season in the starting eleven. Except for some nuances throughout the season such as the entrance of Aurier by Doherty, the of The Celso by Ndombele or the entrance of Harry Winks in the double pivot, standing as the eleven type of Mourinho. However, for the project to take hold, the key will be the following players.

Harry Kane

Harry Kane will be Tottenham's reference / Photo: Premier League
Harry Kane will be Tottenham’s reference / Photo: Premier League

The English striker has returned to a very high level, achieving a total of seven goals and eight assists in these first eight games, that is, he participated in 15 of the 19 goals directly from the Tottenham in the 8 days of Premier League.

After a difficult year in which injuries hampered their performance, the team lowered their level a lot and very soon fell from the top positions. Despite the arrival of a great striker like Carlos Vinicius, what Kane this healthy will be key to the future of the Spurs this season, as he makes the entire offense of the Tottenham, and when he and Son get together Mourinho seems unstoppable.

Heung-Min Son

Heung-Min Son. / Photo: Premier League
Heung-Min Son. / Photo: Premier League

Korean is another key to Tottenham, since he is that special player who can win you a game by himself. When he is not Kane, Son He has shown that his pulse does not tremble, and he throws the team on his back when the English forward is absent.

His verticality in attack, his speed and his great handling of both legs, with which he is capable of generating an occasion at any time, make Son one of the best players in the Premier League and one of the best in the world in his position.

This season he has eight goals and two assists, leading the scorers table, highlighting that match against the Southampton in which he won a poker game against one of the best teams in the Premier League at this beginning of the season.

Like what was said with Harry Kane, what Son this fresh in the key games, it will be very important to aspire to great things this season.

Tanguy Ndombele

Recovering Ndombele for the cause will be important to strengthen the midfield./ Photo: Premier League
Recovering Ndombele for the cause will be important to strengthen the midfield./ Photo: Premier League

The French midfielder seems to have loosened his differences with Mourinho, and after starting as a substitute the season he has taken a place in the starting eleven after the great cup match against Chelsea.

Ndombele came as the great signing of Tottenham last season, and to date he had failed to measure up. However, recovering that Tanguy Ndombele of the Lyon for the cause, it will be key to the schemes of Mourinho, since despite being a physical midfielder with great travel as SissokoHe has that technique when it comes to moving and that pass that his French compatriot does not have.

Gareth Bale

Recovering the best Gareth Bale will be key./ Photo: Premier League
Recovering the best Gareth Bale will be key./ Photo: Premier League

The Welsh winger arrives at what was his home, after some very poor seasons in which he has been involved in controversy, and that added to the injuries have not allowed him to shine in the Real Madrid.

Now go back to the Premier League, a physical league that enhances the qualities of a Bale that he is happy again in London, and that he hopes to recover his best level from the hand of a Mourinho who asked for it on several occasions when he was a technician Manchester United.

If successful, the trident formed by Heung-Min Son, Harry Kane Y Gareth Bale in physical fullness, it would be one of the most powerful in Europe, capable of sentencing any rival, and with which fans of the Spurs they can dream about everything.

Hugo Lloris

Hugo Lloris protecting the goal. / Photo: Premier League
Hugo Lloris protecting the goal. / Photo: Premier League

The French goalkeeper is another of the great names to take into account in this team, after a very complicated season in which he could only play half of the games.

Hugo Lloris He is undoubtedly one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League. Having him in goal is life insurance, since he has shown since he arrived that he gives points when the team goes through bad times, and that in important matches he makes a difference as seen in the Champions League in which Tottenham reached the final, or the world what took France.

Having a guaranteed goalkeeper is key for a team that wants to aspire to something like Tottenham.

Great team from Tottenham for this season, which must take advantage of the large number of absences in defense of a Liverpool who will have to hold out until the winter market, and a Manchester City that has once again generated many doubts at the beginning of the season. Therefore, this may be the year of a Tottenham that from the hand of Mourinho he hopes to finally win the long-awaited Premier League.


Tottenham’s plan with Gareth Bale at the end of the season

The Tottenham Hotspur you are working on a possible settlement that could make Gareth Bale permanently sign at the end of the season with the team of his loves, according to information published in the Italian media Calciomercato .

Bale is off to an encouraging start on his return to North London. Spurs fans were aware that the 31-year-old was always going to take some time to catch up after a frustrating time at Real Madrid, not to mention injuries.

And it’s probably fair to say that Tottenham haven’t seen the best of Bale yet. But there have been reminders of what you can do.

He nearly scored an impressive goal in the dramatic draw with West Ham United on his debut. And he already has a winning goal under his belt: at the end of the Premier League match against Brighton.

It remains to be seen how the rest of his season unfolds. But it appears the Spurs are already preparing to try to keep him past the end of his loan.

Tottenham’s goal with Gareth Bale

According to Calciomercato, Tottenham is working to sign Gareth Bale permanently for 15 million euros. It is observed that The Whites They should be open to withdrawing their salary from the bill. So perhaps it may turn out to be a deal that all parties want.

There have been flashes of brilliance from Welsh. But José Mourinho can hope that the prospect of a permanent agreement will motivate him even more.

It was always difficult to imagine him playing regularly for Real Madrid again in the future. Therefore, the opportunity to rejoin Tottenham should definitely appeal to the forward.

The report hints that the required transfer fee may not leave the Spurs in need of bankruptcy. But your salary might add an element of risk to any future deal.


A goal from Bale to a pass from Reguilón gives Tottenham victory

Tottenham climbed seven positions in the table to become second in the Premier after their victory (2-1) against Brighton, in a match eight in which Everton lost their leadership status and Arsenal surpassed (0-1) to Manchester United.

Those of Jose Mourinho took the three points to take advantage of the day and see themselves up, although with many teams in a fist. The Londoners won thanks to Gareth Bale’s first goal on his return, shortly after taking the field, and an assist from Reguilón, a connection until recently from Real Madrid. The ‘spurs’ add 14 points to Liverpool’s 16.

Meanwhile, Everton could not respond to the victory the day before for the ‘reds’ and lost sight of the lead on their visit to Newcastle (2-1). A double by Callum Wilson in the second half knocked down Carlo Ancelotti’s men, who could only cut the final discount in their second loss in a row.

The ‘blues’ fell last week to a Southampton that continues to be sweet at the start of the season by beating (3-4) Aston Villa. In Villa Park, the visitors went 0-4 but ended up asking for the time to see themselves in the Champions League positions.

In addition, in a duel of ‘greats’ in no man’s land, Arsenal beat United thanks to a penalty converted by Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who incidentally cut their long scoring drought. Pogba’s maximum penalty on Héctor Bellerín put the visitors ahead in the 69th minute.

Cavani’s entry turned United without avoiding defeat and another stumble at Old Trafford, where they still do not know victory. United hangs out of the upper-middle zone, where Arsenal is with 12 points, since between the leader Liverpool (16) and the 13th Crystal Palace (10) there are only six points.


You will see it again and again, but you will not believe what happened with Bale: he did everything for a great goal and ended in fiasco – Ten

Gareth Bale could have had a rebut with Tottenham being the protagonist in this Sunday’s match against West Ham United in one more day of the Premier League.

The Belgian attacker had entered in the 70th minute, his team was leading by one goal, but unfortunately he missed an action to score that ended up costing him the result.

In a counterattack that occurred in the 90th minute, Bale had made a great play by removing marks, but failed to define in the presence of one of the defenders.

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This mistake cost him. Moments later the visiting team scored to tie the match 3-3.

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Gareth Bale may have his first minutes against West Ham

The moment so awaited by the fans ‘spurs’ is very close to occur: the redebut of Gareth Bale with Tottenham. “I cannot tell you if he is going to play or not, but I can tell you that he has worked very well. If he will play on Sunday or Thursday, I don’t know, we haven’t decided yet, ”he said. Jose Mourinho about the Welshman, very committed to his new team.

Oct 18, 2020 at 8:03 am



The London team, very fit after a hesitant start – they have scored 13 goals in favor and only three against in their last two games -, receive West Ham in their fiefdom that gives one of lime and another of sand; the ‘hammers’ come from thrashing Leicester at home (0-3). The ‘spurs’, who before the international break thrashed Manchester United at Old Trafford with a historic 1-6, hope to continue their good moment.

For it, Mourinho has the only loss of Giovanni Lo Celso, with which you can have an eleven of guarantees for the London derby. Harry Kane, who experienced England’s defeat at Wembley against Denmark (0-1) and was left without scoring despite having good opportunities, hopes to get wet again.

Possible alignments

Tottenham: Lloris; Aurier, Sánchez, Dier, Reguilón; Ndombelé, Hojbjerg, Sissoko; They are, Kane and Lamela.

West Ham: Fabianski; Coufal, Creswell, Ogbonna, Balbuena, Masuaku; Bowen, Soucek, Rice, Fornals; y Antonio.

Referee: Paul Tierney.

Stadium: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Time: 17.30 hours. DAZN.


I tried to ‘kidnap’ Gareth Bale: Former Manchester United manager

Editorial Mediotiempo

Mexico City / 17.10.2020 06:06:14

In july 2013, David Moyes took over as coach of Manchester United to replace the historical Sir Alex Ferguson and wanted to hit the table with Gareth Bale as the first signing in his stage, but could not for more than tried by all the ways, until ‘kidnapping’ him.

I wanted Gareth to be my first signing with United. But he was already a bit on his way to Real Madrid. I tried to kidnap him, to catch him. United offered more money than Madrid, but they offered more money to the player, “he declared.

Finally the Cardiff Express signed for the Spanish team in 2013 by more than 100 million euros what they paid to Tottenham, a decision that Moyes applauded, since he ended up winning four Champions.

“We did everything we could, including tWe sent a helicopter to the training ground to bring him and take him back. We thought we had a chance. But he chose Real Madrid and made a brilliant decision why won four Champions. He has had a brilliant career, “he added.

The now coach of West Ham He only lasted nine months in office, as he was fired by the cadre of Old Trafford in april 2014 after he failed to classify them to the Champions League.


Gareth Bale also contra West Ham en la Premier League

Tottenham boss José Mourinho said on Friday that Gareth Bale will play “probably” against West Ham in the Premier League on Sunday, in what would be his first Spurs appearance after rejoining the club on a loan from Real Madrid. .

The Wales international has spent the past two weeks training after a knee injury delayed his return to Spurs after seven years in Spain.

“Of course, he wants to play,” Mourinho said. “I wanted to play from the day he arrived, but it was not possible.”

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“I’m not going to tell you if he is going to play. What I can tell you is that he is working very well, he is working in the way that he could not do for a long time.”

“The last week, especially Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the planning of the sessions focused on him and he is in very good shape.”

Mourinho confirmed that Harry Kane will start the game on Sunday after returning from international fit.

Eric Dier is a doubt due to the injury he picked up with England, while Giovani lo Celso and Japhet Tanganga are injured.

Mourinho described its president Daniel Levy as a “genius” for his work on the transfer window this summer.

Along with Bale, Spurs brought Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, Matt Doherty, Joe Hart, Sergio Reguilon and Carlos Vinicius to the club.

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“Mr. Levy proved once again that when he wants to and when he’s really involved, he’s a genius in the way he makes deals happen,” he said.

“More than I expected. We were talking about different goals, but I never thought we would go as far as we did, but I can only praise what the board did for the team.”


he plugs them into basketball

Everything seems to indicate that the Welshman could make his debut against West Ham this weekend

Bale, 31, joined Tottenham training last week after recovering from a knee injury while looking for his debut after being loaned out by Real Madrid. The presence of the Welshman in training did not leave anyone indifferent by showing his skills beyond football. And is that Bale already plugs them in even playing basketball.

Proving that he could have signed for an NBA team, the Welshman got down to work with some basketball shots. Fans went berserk watching his new signing hitting 3s and 2s during training. “Maybe you can join your friend Dele for some Alli-Oops this season!”, some shouted. His skill with the basket did not go unnoticed on social networks where many applauded the talent of the former Madrid player.

But this is not the first time that Gareth Bale leaves the soccer ball for a day and shows that the triples are not bad at all. In 2015, the former madridista participated in an NBA challenge in which famous athletes from around the world challenged each other to try a sport that is not theirs. In the case of Bale, he was more than successful, achieving three out of five possible baskets from the middle of the field. A brand at the level of NBA players.

When can Gareth Bale play for Tottenham?

Regardless of his display, what keeps the Spurs fans on edge is his possible debut this weekend against West Ham.

Portuguese coach José Mourinho did not want to confirm yesterday if the Welshman will be on the pitch this weekend. “The decisions we are going to make will be for the good of the team and for the good of the player. The team is the most important thing and Gary … Gareth is here to help the team, as we are here to help him. It is very important that he is happy with us this season, “he said.

However, the English press assumes that Bale could have a few minutes next Sunday and experience his first derby as Mourinho’s pupil.

Bale has not played a game since Sept. 6. He played the full match with his team against Bulgaria in the Nations League. Since then, he has been recovering to return to his optimal physical condition.

Where to see Tottenham vs. West Ham?

El Tottenham vs. West Ham will play on Sunday October 18 at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. In Spain, it can be seen live at 5:30 p.m. on the streaming service DAZN.


Control, touch and goal: Bale hallucinates with his return in Tottenham training – Diez

Since your arrival at Tottenham, Gareth Bale He has been absent from the calls due to a discomfort in his knee, however, his last flashes in training have denoted his recovery.

Recently the Spurs they shared a video showing a Bale in good shape scoring goals, in what a festival can be expected on his return to the Premier League.

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Finally, the Welshman could debut this next Sunday against the West Ham. A meeting expected by many of his followers with a team that marches in the sixth box with seven points.

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