Video: Neuer and a spectacular start in Ukraine-Germany

Although some seasons we do not see it in the final stages of the Champions League, this year, Manuel Neuer He showed us again what kind of archer he is.

He won everything with Bayern Munich and this weekend he had to show his level in the Germany selection, where is the captain.

Under Joachim Löw, Neuer started the visit to Ukraine for another round of the UEFA Nations League.

In the first minutes, the Bavarian club’s goalkeeper did not take long to show that, with him under three sticks, the defenders breathe much calmer.

In a Ukraine attack, Germany recovered the ball almost in their arc and, not wanting to reject long, the defender played with Neuer.

However, the defender never saw the two Ukraine footballers who were lurking and they almost reached the small area. What did the archer do? He came out with three fingers with the right side. What kind!

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Germany offers a better face and defeats Ukraine

Germany offered a better face this Saturday in their visit to Ukraine, which they defeated 2-1, after Wednesday’s friendly in Cologne against Turkey, with whom they drew 3-3, and placed second in group 4 of the League A of the League of Nations.

Matthias Ginter (20 ‘) and Leon Goretza (49’) scored the goals for the ‘Mannschaft’ and for the Ukrainians Ruslan Malinovskiy cut differences from the penalty spot (77 ‘).

“We could have gone 3 or 4 to zero before conceding the penalty. We could have avoided that penalty. But in terms of the game, we have left very few options for the Ukrainians,” German coach Joachim Löw told ARD television after match.

Löw had not been happy at all in Wednesday’s game against Turkey, in which he brought in many unusual players and which had been the third consecutive draw of his own.

But this Saturday things were different and for the League of Nations meeting, the coach played it safe and arranged an eleven headline made up of his best players, who jumped onto the pitch from a Olympic of Kiev where the presence of spectators was allowed in the stands.

EFE / S. Dolzhenko