Xiaomi will break records with its new wireless charging that will hit the market soon | Smartphones

Although Xiaomi was one of the brands of smartphones to which it cost the most to introduce fast (and wireless) charging in its terminals, the truth is that has a season in which he does not stop showing his technological achievements, with announcements that included the milestone of exceeding 100W for recharging with cable adapters. Today’s speeds are not that fast, on paper, although they are when you consider that it is wireless charging.

With the passing of generations of smartphones it has become clear that wireless charging is a more than effective and reliable solution so as not to wear out the components of our phone and have a really comfortable way that we avoid putting and removing cables from their connectors. And the Chinese have worked to that end, showing the world what it is like to wirelessly charge a phone at a speed of 80W.

Xiaomi already has its new wireless fast charging technology ready

As we have learned from the portal XDA, everything points to what Xiaomi is developing two new phones, which will have a new wireless charging, especially since it will be much more powerful than what we have seen. Maybe Xiaomi are waiting to launch the Mi 11 outside of China so that they have time to add a model “Lite” Y “Pro”?

In any case, there is evidence that Xiaomi is working on at least two phones with support for 67W wireless charging, which would be even faster than the 50W wireless charging currently found in the standard Mi 11s.

The evidence that you are developing this 67W wireless charging, It comes from a text that details the MIUI 12.5 source code itself. The writing within this code is quite clear about it “keyguard_wireless_strong_charge_67w”So it is clear that this new technology is imminent within the range of Xiaomi.

They are expected to premiere in the next Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra

The mobiles that would have this new super fast wireless charging would be the future Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra according to rumors. Therefore, we would be talking about a fast charging unprecedented in the market when we talk about wireless methods.

While it is true that Xiaomi is testing 80W wireless charging, we do not know if it is ready for mass production. Xiaomi may not yet be ready to equip a smartphone with its Mi 80W wireless charging technology, as we have not detected any suggestive evidence in the firmware. As well Xiaomi may be intentionally limiting the maximum power to 67W instead of 80W to control the amount of heat that is generated. Regardless, there is good evidence that Xiaomi will go with 67W wireless charging in a future product.

And is that thanks to this, when we need to fill the battery a little, it won’t take long periods of time to wait for it to charge a bit. The tests that Xiaomi has shown of this Mi 80W Wireless Charge indicate that we can have 10% of the battery recovered in just 60 seconds. For its part, if it is enough for us to go out with the battery in half, the waiting time will increase to eight minutes.


Signing | Odegaard asks to leave Real Madrid and Real Sociedad tries his transfer

Odegaard, in Anoeta, in one of the few games he has played this season with Real Madrid.
Javi Colmenero

Donostia – The Real it keeps moving in the market. The big turn of the screw that happened yesterday was that Martin Odegaard He had been left out of the call for the duel against Alcoyano and that he had asked to leave again on loan until the end of the course. The realistic club has always been aware of its evolution, but it will have to take firm steps if it wants to ensure the arrival of the Norwegian, who, as this newspaper has learned, is willing to give them. Like the player himself, whose will is to return to Anoeta.

The problem is that Zidane, which has hardly counted on him, does not want to let anyone out in this winter market and will always have the last word in the operation. He Sevilla, who already loved him when he decided to bet on the Real, is also very interested, like important clubs in the Bundesliga, where he has always had a great poster. Jokin Aperribay denied any contact before the final of the Super Cup, although in principle he would have priority to win his contest based on the contract that Florentino Pérez breached last summer. The problem is that its transfer is not cheap, as it was not last year, and it will be necessary to see if in Anoeta the accounts come out in full crisis due to the pandemic …

As this newspaper reported last week, the realist club is also exploring the possibility of strengthening its defense and attack. With regard to this last chapter, the chosen one is clear from last summer and is Carlos Fernandez, with whom the Real already has an agreement. The key to your arrival, condition sine qua non for it to occur, it would be the output of Willian Jose.

As has been the usual norm in recent windows, the club has put the Brazilian back on the starting ramp, whose attitude does not seem to convince. It is still curious that when he was better this course, after the game of Naples, where he had a remarkable performance and scored the goal that certified the classification for the crosses in the last minute, in the last five games he has only started twice.

His last substitutions in the derby and in the Super Cup have not sat well with the Brazilian, who seems ready again to abandon the txuri-urdin discipline, as happened in summer and last January, when he even rebelled and left the call. prior to the match against Espanyol in the Cup. It is evident that his agent is offering the footballer, because he has already been associated with Atlético, where he would have liked to go, but the operation was truncated because they wanted a transfer without a mandatory purchase option ; the Juventus, he West Ham

Without forgetting Sevilla, who could sell to En-Nesyri to the hammers, and whose coach, Lopetegui, has always been an admirer of his game and has closely followed his track. Although this has been commented more times, Willian seems more out than ever. If he doesn’t play as a starter today, it will definitely be significant …


the firm of the iconic boots studies going public

From work shoes in the 60s to iconic boots that have passed through the feet of the members of The Who, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, by those of Pope Juan Pablo II and for all ‘celebrity’ worth its salt, to give just a few examples. And yes, it was also part of the wardrobe and identity of a whole generation of teenagers in the nineties. After turning sixty years in the middle of the pandemic and resisting the onslaught of the crisis and Brexit, Dr. Martens is now studying his London IPO.

The British shoe manufacturer, which is owned by the Permira fund (acquired in 2014 for 333 million euros through its Luxembourg company IngreLux), it sells 11 million pairs of shoes a year in more than fifty countries. Through a presentation the company has confirmed that will place at least 25% of its share capital without issuing new shares in what will be one of the first IPOs in the City this year.

“The company is considering applying for admission of its common shares to the premium trading segment of the FCA (the British regulator) and to be listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange,” the firm announced. Dr. Martens has hired Goldman Sachs International and Morgan Stanley International as coordinators of the operation and has Barclays, HSBC, Merrill Lynch y RBC Europe as placement entities, while Lazard acts as a financial advisor.

His case is not the only one, since there is also talk of a possible premiere on the market of companies such as the food delivery company Deliveroo, McLaren Group O Jaguar Land Rover, as well as the craft brewery BrewDog. The fact that London and Brussels could close their trade agreement, even if it is minimal, and the start of vaccination on a global scale that makes it possible to foresee that the recovery of the economies may gradually gain traction, has encouraged all these companies to rethink their future as listed companies.

The pandemic, which forced the firm led by Kenny Wilson After closing its stores for months, it boosted its Internet sales to double, so that its semester income (which goes from April to September) increased by 18% to 318 million euros compared to the same period of the previous year. The company sold 5.5 million pairs of shoes in that time.


  • The creator of the boots was the German doctor Klaus Martens. The idea for his first design is said to have come to him at the end of the Second World War after injuring his ankle while skiing in the Alps.


Vandalia-Atarfe, Granada duel to get out of the bottom

He start of the new year It brings with it the start of the second round in the Andalusian Division of Honor, in which the six teams from Granada return this weekend to the competition in search of triumphs that allow them to get closer to their objectives.

The most interesting clash for the provincial representatives will be the Vandalia-Atarfe, the only one that measures two of them this Sunday. Vandals and Atarfeños will face each other from 12 noon in Peligros. The two are separated by only one point in the lower part of the table, making it a vital duel in their permanence options.

Still further down the ranking is the Cubillas, that at half past five he visits a Martos who is fourth and who starts as a favorite in the duel. The Alboloteños trust in adding in Jaén lands to begin to reverse their bad end of 2020.

We must look up and not down in this Group 2-B if we want to find the Arenas and Celtic. The armilleros are outstanding leaders after signing seven victories and two defeats in the first round. At twelve they wait for Baeza, penultimate classified.

Celtic, who share second place with Begíjar and Martos, want to follow Arenas and will look for a new triumph this Sunday from twelve o’clock in his fiefdom before Begíjar himself in one of the highlights of the first day of the new year.

In Group 2-A, the Guadix will try to get his first points of the course after losing all their encounters so far. The accitanos will not have it easy since at twelve they play in the Berja fiefdom, third in the table.


“I panicked if I couldn’t get out of London and finally on Monday I could fly”

PAMPLONA – “The first thing I did as soon as I set foot in Pamplona, ​​with a negative PCR, was to go see my grandmother,” says Maitane Marcos, a 23-year-old young woman from Pamplona who has been working for four months. au pair in London. “I had the tickets since November to return at Christmas, but they canceled that date due to the pandemic,” explains Marcos, a graduate in Social Work. Then he bought other tickets so that he could return on December 21, as he finally did. “But two days before returning, Boris Johnson announced that we were entering phase 4, that means that the positive cases had skyrocketed and we had a new strain of coronavirus. Therefore, the borders were closed,” he now expresses the bad memory.

“I was in a panic thinking if I could get out of there,” he says about the uncertainty caused by the cancellation of flights. “Luckily they had not closed all the airports and I was able to fly from London. But the borders with Germany and France were already closed, and Spain did not say anything,” he adds.

“Both to go and return, a negative PCR is necessary”, he develops. “For this you could book an appointment at the airport, paying around 160 pounds. But that day the page was blocked.” “In the end, I patiently got the appointment for December 19, two days before the flight, and I had my negative test,” he says. “I had to get to Bilbao, but before I had a stopover in Madrid, and there they lost my suitcase and I can hardly board. At least today, I got home. Luckily, my father could come to look for me in Bilbao with a copy of my ID and the tickets. Going home with him was the best of the trip, “remembers Marcos happily.