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EJanuary 1, 2021 is both at the same time, the last chapter of the UK’s forty-seven years of membership in the EEC first and the European Union later, and the first of its new solo adventure after breaking its ties in search for a sovereignty that does not exist in a globalized world, and for a control of their own laws and borders (the slogan of the Brexi) that deep down it is a chimera; It seems that since today the South Foreland Strait, in the county of Kent, has grown larger, and also that the distance that separates it from the mainland, Cape Griz Nez, has grown beyond thirty-three kilometers away real, as if he had suddenly returned to feel the British insularity that saved him from the Nazi invasion or that led to the golden isolation of the Victorian era.

Sure they will still be accessible to the British, but the snails and the pata negra ham, the voices of Julio Iglesias and Mireille Mathieu, the literature of Simone de Beauvoir, Jean Paul Sartre and Milan Kundera have become totally foreign, let alone the Café Flore on Boulevard Saint-Germain, that is in another world. Today, January 1, 2021, it seems that the European Union has lost its brightness and intensity, it seems like a waning moon with the departure of its founding partner along with France and Germany, but more cohesive in the future without its suspicious British partner.

Never before has Great Britain exercised such influence over the rest of Europe as in recent decades, having played a decisive role in the creation of the single market (Thatcher) and in the expansion of the club to Eastern Europe (Blair). But he never accepted that it was a federalist political project, he had a privileged and almost unique relationship with the rest of his community partners, he had his own currency, the pound; Among other peculiarities, but always as a discordant note, every once in a while it demanded from Brussels certain exemptions and dispensations based on its traditional political weight, its splendid past.

The once staunch enemy of Francoism, Great Britain, which the regime referred to as the perfidious Albion, has been a leading economic and political ally for some decades now. Thus, currently around 700 British companies invest in Spain. Vodafone, Barclays, EasyJet and BP are some of them. In the past decade, according to data from the British Council, the United Kingdom was our second largest foreign investor and Spain is one of the main investors in the United Kingdom, with nearly 400 registered companies: Telefónica (O2), Iberdrola (Scottish Power) , Ferrovial (BAA) and Banco de Santander (Abbey) are some of the most important

With the data referring to the year 2019, Spain was the seventh export market for the British, with a total of 14.55 million pounds sterling. The figure is greater than the sum of the exports made in the same period of time to India and China. Fortunately, if we look at Spanish exports to the island, the final balance appears positive, since it represented a total of 18.62 million pounds, higher than those made to all of Latin America. Thus, we mainly export fruit and vegetable products, three out of every 5 pieces are of Spanish origin, and cars; last year about 327,000 cars. Some 18 million British tourists visit us each year, especially to the Canary Islands and Costa del Sol, because we do not have the more than 300,000 British citizens settled in our country. If you have not reached an agreement to exit the Brexi, bilateral relations would be governed by the rules of the World Trade Organization, which would make each exported product more expensive with an average tariff close to 7% since the United Kingdom is a third country, compared to 0% of tariffs when it has been signed the agreement.

In the coming weeks it will be seen if normality or chaos prevails with the new borders. Europeans and British have agreed to turn a blind eye until the summer, except for shipments of alcohol and tobacco, so that there is a more or less soft landing. Five thousand vehicles with cargo worth 1,500 million euros cross the channel daily. The British premier has insisted that he wants to establish a special and privileged relationship with his neighbors in the European Union.

“If the sea takes away a piece of land, all of Europe is diminished, as if it were a promontory, a friend’s house or your own,” wrote the poet John Donne in 1624 with a Europeanist spirit that half of the British are not four centuries later.

The once staunch enemy of Francoism, Great Britain, has been a leading economic and political ally for decades

The British premier has insisted that he wants to establish a special and privileged relationship with his neighbors in the European Union


Goodbye forever Mr. Trump y la covid

On January 20, the new president-elect of the United States of America, Joe Biden, despite the persistent harassment of his rival, will assume the imperious powers left by the questioned and wealthy Donald Trump, an example of pathological narcissism. It is expected that the marked ideological differences between the two leaders will produce an important geopolitical change, leaving behind a black conservative “dodger” phase full of racial, ethnic and white supremacy conflicts, without forgetting the radical disregard for the environment. With the new leaders – the tandem Joe Biden and Kamala Harris – we want a stage of moderation, tolerance and harmony to flourish, both nationally and internationally, and a flexibility of criteria absent with the previous tycoon prevails.

Without leaving the American continent, it will be two hundred years since the signing of the Act of Independence of Central America (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica), on September 15, 1821, of what has been called, albeit improperly, the Spanish Empire. Shortly after, the emancipation of Panama (November 28) and the Dominican Republic (December 1, although this was ephemeral) took place. The next annuity will be lavish in elections, coinciding with the aforementioned bicentennial, with Peru, Mexico, Nicaragua and Chile as protagonists.

On May 5, 1821, Napoleon I Bonaparte passed away, who went down in history as a tyrannical dictator and “enlightened despot”, as well as a great statesman and a military genius. Emperor of the French, he was a key figure for his bloody war campaigns that allowed him to control much of Europe. After the defeat in the Battle of Waterloo (Belgium) he was exiled by the British to the volcanic island of Santa Elena – located in the Atlantic Ocean, in the latitude of Angola -, where he died six years later.

In Spain we will celebrate the 800th anniversary of the laying of the first stone of the Santa María Metropolitan Basilica Cathedral in the city of Burgos. Indeed, in 1221 this cathedral construction began using whitish limestone ashlars from the nearby town of Hontoria de la Cantera in Burgos.

Another national event of enormous significance occurs on November 23 when the 8th centenary of the birth of Alfonso X the Wise will be commemorated (Toledo, 1221-Seville, 1284). King of Castilla y León, he stood out for his wars against Muslims and stood out, above all, in the cultural order with works of a legal, scientific, historical and religious nature. He is considered the founder of Castilian prose by adopting our language as official, in addition to organizing three great cultural centers in Toledo (the famous School of Translators), Seville and Murcia. The “Code of the seven games” is considered his great work, to it must be added several others that complete his wisdom: “Books of astronomy knowledge”, “Lapidary”, “Chess books”, “General Chronicle” and the manuscript of the “Cantigas de Santa María”, one of the most important collections of sung poetry in medieval literature.

The year ahead will be conducive to essential celebrations, such as the passing of immortal musicians: Antonio Vivaldi (1741), Tomaso Albinoni (1751), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1791), Giuseppe Verdi (1901), Camille Saint-Saëns (1921) ) or Igor Stravinsky (1971). Likewise, the centenary of the birth of Miguel Delibes will be commemorated, a celebration postponed among many others by Covid-19.

In the sports field, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are scheduled to take place from July 23 to August 8, which had to be canceled due to the plague of the coronavirus.


Albon’s chestnut in Bahrain that could mean his goodbye to F1

Red Bull had given an unusual opportunity to Alex Albon after being unceremoniously loaded Daniil Kvyat, Brendon Hartley Y Pierre Gasly the past seasons. The British of Thai origin, protected by the co-owners of the brand, also from the Asian country, had in his hands to remain in the energy drink team. Had to comply in the final three races, but to the minimum a new mistake that leaves him not only out of Red Bull, but also a foot and a half out of Formula 1.

Albon had a bad accident in the second free practice of the Bahrain Grand Prix this weekend. In the last turn into the finish line, he decided to keep pushing without lifting in an area with a lot of sand and on a lap that was far from good. When he stepped on the sand, he completely lost control of his Red Bull and shot towards the protections destroying his car, which is a huge cost and work for your team. A mistake of his that has brought with it the criticism of the fans and the jokes of the toughest. Some already asked me to be careful with Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez’s car.

To respond in Turkey to this

It’s obvious that Red Bull wants Albon to show that he must stay. If they wanted to get rid of it, they would have already done so. But faced with a ‘deadline’ to convince Red Bull before Turkey arrived, tremendous pressure was put on Albon, who made crucial mistakes in the two races leading up to that grand prix in Istanbul and failed to score any points. However, the effort to retain him is such that he was given an extension until the end of the season. A clear gesture from the team to look for any reason to retain him.

Albon responded in a way in Turkey. Despite having a spin in a very complicated race for all the drivers, subsequently showed a pace worthy of victory for much of the grand prix and managed to finish the tail of his partner Max Verstappen. What is asked of him every weekend because the team knows that the Dutchman is unattainable for almost anyone. His pace raised hopes in the team and they hoped that the confidence he showed would be consolidated this weekend in Bahrain, but nothing could be further from the truth.

That’s what makes Friday’s crash a major disaster because it seemed, with the improvements, to ride quite comfortably. The FP2 accident came after Sakhir went long in the last corner and misjudged how much he could keep his foot on the accelerator. “In FP1 the car felt pretty good, but then in FP2 we tried a couple of things that didn’t quite work. Later on, I was a bit surprised by the lack of grip on the track and the accident was at a rather awkward angle, but I’m fine. Sorry for the guys in the garage“He commented.” Throughout the year we have struggled with the rear tires, but oddly here it looks like it’s the front tires so we’ll have to look at that and see how to make them last longer. We also tested the prototype tires and switched between different compounds but they didn’t have a lot of grip so we’ll see how they develop and hopefully improve. “

Albon during training for the Bahrain Grand Prix.  (EFE)
Albon during training for the Bahrain Grand Prix. (EFE)

No seat or in Alpha Tauri

And is that this new ruling in Bahrain may be due to the pressure behind it. He couldn’t make the slightest mistake and watched as Pérez grew up at Racing Point and Nico Hulkenberg It showed that he had not lost his talent behind the wheel. The two alternatives that Red Bull handles. But beyond losing his seat in the team, he could even be left out of F1. In Alpha Tauri they are clear about the continuity of Gasly and the departure of Kvyat, but the agreement with Yuki Tsunoda also seems closed, Japanese F2 driver and member of the Red Bull junior team. His return to the box after getting out of the car with his head down and completely sunk shows perfectly what this accident can mean.

However, beyond the accident, the signs left by the workouts put Albon back into a world of his partner. The Brit was not matching Verstappen’s progress as the track evolved. None of his fast laps on the soft tire in FP2 was impressive.

His mistake is a serious blow to his future and also financially to the team. The reality is that this incident is the opposite of giving Red Bull a reason to retain him, but it is also true that it is just training. Now he has in his hand to show that the accident was just a setback and nothing more. He will have Practice 3 to regain confidence, and achieve in qualifying and in the race the result that Red Bull expected from him when they brought him up to drop Gasly. You need to hit back for the rest of the weekend. Otherwise, this could be the latest in a series of mistakes since Red Bull gave him the opportunity of a lifetime.


Goodbye to Trump | The Basque newspaper

As half the world breathes in relief at his defeat, Donald Trump and his followers continue to fuel the fire of lies created by a man who cannot believe that the most powerful country in the world no longer belongs to him. Although his ideas do not have the majority support of the Americans, we cannot forget that he has obtained 70 million votes. This makes me think: How did they let it get there? It may be too late to seek those responsible but it is clear that the Republican party has allowed a person like Trump to lead them and have run for president on two occasions.


Brexit: Goodbye Brexit Party, hello Anti-lockdown Party: Farage Strikes Back in UK

Last Thursday, in one of his last campaign events, Donald Trump improvisedly invited a guy to go up on stage with him, whom he presented as “shy” and “not controversial.” “He’s a friend of mine who many say is the most powerful man in Europe … Come on Nigel … Get up here … Don’t be shy.” If anyone wants to look for a symbol these days of the “special relationship” between the United Kingdom and the United States, it is precisely this strident duo that they have to focus their attention.

As much as the North American magnate boasts of calling Boris Johnson his “mini me”, for whom he has always had a predilection is for Nigel Farage, the “bad boy” of Brexit. Proof of this is that the irreverent Eurosceptic became the first European politician to be received in the “golden tower” by the Republican after knowing his victory in the 2016 presidential elections.

Farage now returns to the scene … If at some point he ever left at all. And the return coincides with Johnson’s biggest leadership crisis. The real protagonist of the triumph of Brexit has created a new party called “Reform UK” (“UK Reform”). His first objective is to oppose the lockdown that will take effect in England from Thursday, as long as he receives a green light from the Commons.

Celia Maza. London

The number two of the British Government, Michael Gove, recognizes that the confinement could last beyond December, as has been raised for the moment

“There is a huge political vacuum right now. The crisis has shown how badly governed we are ”, the populist wrote this Monday in an open letter in The Telegraph, considered the bible of British conservatives. “The system is not working and, therefore, it needs a very radical reform. Brexit was about setting us free, but beyond Brexit we have to govern ourselves better. Brexit is the beginning of what we need. Brexit gives us self-government and what we now need is to have good self-government, “he added.

In reality, what Farage has requested from the Electoral Commission is to change the name to the “Brexit Party” that he created last year. In just 10 weeks, the formation achieved 150,000 members and swept the 2019 European elections, the last held by the British before making their exit from the bloc official in January. The documentation has already been submitted, although the procedures for approval of a new political force can take up to six weeks.

Anti confinement

After obtaining a European divorce and then pressuring for an exit from the single market and the European Union to also be executed, the strategy now with “Reform United Kingdom” is long-term, since it wants to present a list of candidates for the locals next month May and gain weight against the British generals scheduled for 2024.

Although the controversial Europhobe has always liked the noise and the official presentation in the middle of the pandemic with a anti lockdown slogan you have created precisely the effect you wanted.

Fish in troubled river

Because frankly, there is a certain nervousness in Johnson’s Conservative Party. The ‘premier’ is in his lowest hours of popularity and the new confinement has become his Achilles heel. Concerned about the economy of a country in recession and where unemployment levels may reach records not seen since the 1980s, around 40 ‘Tory’ deputies, including heavyweights, are ready to rebel this Wednesday in the House of Commons when the restrictions are put to a vote.

The approval of the new lockdown is taken for granted, as Labor has advanced that they will support the plan. But no prime minister wants to depend on the opposition to carry out his policies. Many are already saying that Johnson has completely lost control of his own ranks, just a year after his triumphant entry into Downing Street at the hands of the absolute majority won in the elections.

Celia Maza. London

MPs from key districts of northern England, the former Labor ‘red wall’, have organized to pressure the central government

“The confinements do not work, in fact, they cause more harm than good. But there is a credible alternative, recommended by some of the best epidemiologists and physicians in the world. It is the Great Declaration of Barrington. It is practiced to a great extent in Sweden, with considerable success ”, Farage emphasizes in this sense, in a letter loaded with demagoguery.

“The targeted protection is the key, directing resources to those most at risk: the elderly, the vulnerable, or those with other medical conditions. Many of them, of course, would prefer to hug their grandchildren and enjoy a family Christmas with their loved ones. They should not be criminalized for the simple acts that make life worthwhile, especially in their later years, “adds the populist.

With his anti-immigration speech, Farage already managed to be the undisputed protagonist in the European elections of 2014, with his former formation, the UKIP. He took 27% of the vote, snatching a large number of voters from the Conservatives. His tremendous triumph was precisely what pressured then-Prime Minister David Cameron to call a referendum on remaining in the EU. The rest is history.

The irruption of Irreverent Europhobe puts even more pressure on Johnson, who, for the first time in his political career, has realized that he is not immortal as he believed. The ‘premier’ already has too many fronts open and next year is going to be really difficult. With Brexit, the pandemic, the independence threat in Scotland [donde todo apunta que el SNP ganará los comicios de mayo, demandado un nuevo referéndum secesionista] and the rebels in the north of England already had too much on their plate. So the return of Farage is not exactly cause for celebration.


Cabal and Farah will not play the 2020 London Masters – Tennis – Sports

And 2020 ended up being a bad year for Colombian tennis players Juan Sebastián Cabal and Robert Farah, who saw how in recent weeks their chance to play the London Masters Tournament, which brings together the eight best couples of the season.

The new positive case by coronavirus from Juan Sebastian Cabal forced the Colombian couple to make the decision to get off the Paris Masters, which they were forced to win to add the necessary points to reach the eight couples.

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“I wanted to update them here a little after 10 days. Yesterday (Tuesday) they did the test, I tested positive again, I have to continue here locked up, isolated, I still have symptoms. I have felt them light, less and less, they have not been easy days, so to speak, “said the Colombian tennis player this Wednesday in a story on his Instagram.

In this way, the Colombians saw their plans to play and win the necessary points to participate in the prestigious tournament in which they had performed in 2018 and 2019 upset.

As a couple, once Cabal’s positive was known on October 18, they missed the ATP 250 of Antwerp (Belgium), the ATP 500 from Viena and now the Paris Masters 1,000, which will be played without an audience due to the outbreak that plagues France.

For now, Farah is still alive in the ATP 500 in Vienna, in which he plays with the Frenchman Fabrice Martin, and this Friday he will play the semifinals against Jamie Murray y Neall Skupski.

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It has been a 2020 for the forgotten for Cabal and Farah, who saw their season at the beginning of the year due to the positive boldenona Farah, who held them back until they resolved their situation and then the pandemic arrived, so they were again stopped. Add to that the poor performance once the professional circuit returned.