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Security is one of the biggest headaches for manufacturers, who not only have to verify that their devices are functional and have no faults, but are also capable of withstanding the onslaught of hackers who are always looking for a way to bypass their protections. So on many occasions we are faced with problems of zero day that are there latent until someone discovers them.

And something like this must have happened within the Apple ecosystem that, silently and practically secretly, has been introducing changes over the last few months in some iPhone models arrived on the market for two and a half years, at the end of 2018, with the intention of protecting them from some threats that have proliferated since then.

A serious security flaw?

So has published Forbes, where it is clear that the smartphones with A12 and A13 processor, they have received a little extra security in recent times: “The A12, A13, S4, and S5 products first released in Fall 2020 have a second-generation secure storage component, while previous products based on these SoCs have a first-generation secure storage component.”

This part of Apple’s ecosystem, Secure Enclave, It is inserted into the processors that North Americans manufacture for their devices and it is an extra reinforcement when it comes to storing and encrypting confidential data such as those corresponding to Face ID, Touch ID, etc. It has been on the market since the A7 chips, which equipped the iPhone 5s of 2013. The problem is that the threats have become more sophisticated and the current version of the new iPhone 12 is much more secure than, for example, that of the previous models 2018 or 2019.

That is why some analysts believe that all smartphones that have been sold since the end of 2020, including the updated versions of iPhone 11 and iPhone SE, they have done it with this security module updated to the latest version. So what has happened to the previous ones? Are they exposed? Luckily, it seems that Apple has applied a update to all models with A12 chips, such as the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max, as well as the fifth generation iPad Mini or the third and eighth generation iPad Air and iPad, respectively.

According to some experts, this movement is due to Apple has wanted to provide a “countermeasure against devices to crack passwords, What Graykey, which try to access iPhones by guessing the password an infinite number of times, using exploits that allow countless attempts at the wrong password. “All of this suggests that” the security issues that are being addressed are serious. “


“Sergei Skripal is no longer alive. But it is not profitable for Britain to admit it “: the spy’s niece made a statement

Sergei Skripal never got in touch after the death of his mother.A photo: GLOBAL LOOK PRESS

Exactly three years have passed since the events in Salisbury around the family of Sergei and Yulia Skripal. Britain accused Russia of allegedly two GRU agents, posing as Petersburg businessmen Petrov and Boshirov, and flew to Foggy Albion to eliminate the defector with a chemical warfare agent.

After that, the Skripals disappeared from sight, appearing in the media only once, when Julia gave an interview on camera to the British media. Sergei himself never appeared in the frame anymore. His relatives in Russia initially contacted him by phone. But later he stopped calling, his whereabouts are unknown. “Komsomolskaya Pravda” phoned the niece of the ex-GRU employee Victoria Skripal.


In recent years, before the events of March 3, 2019, after which the British secret services reliably hid Sergei Skripal from prying eyes, the ex-GRU officer missed Russia a lot and even began to support the country’s foreign policy. Who knows how things would have turned out if it hadn’t been for the alleged poisoning scandal. But the return of the defector to Russia was clearly disadvantageous for British intelligence.

“He was going to return to Russia, but he was waiting for the country’s leadership to change,” Viktoria Skripal shared with KP-Saint Petersburg. – He was definitely bored, here in Russia he had both relatives and friends. And in Britain at that time there was no one left. The wife died, the son died, he was there alone. And here is a mother, a daughter. But now their family has nothing to do with our country, Yulia even sold all the real estate in Moscow. As far as I know, they are now under the close supervision of the special services, they were asked to renounce everything Russian. And under the pretext that no one would identify them, Yulia and Sergei were separated – forced to live separately.

Victoria Skripal believes that her uncle is no longer aliveA photo: REUTERS

Viktoria Skripal does not believe in the poisoning of her relatives with a military substance by the Russian special services. She considers everything that happened as a theater:

– To say that they were poisoned – I’m not very sure of that. Julia quickly moved away from the chemical warfare agent. Imagine being poisoned with a powerful weapon, and soon you are talking fluently as if you were poisoned in the cafeteria. Sergei is not shown to us at all. Was there a fact of poisoning? It looks more like a performance.


Viktoria Skripal believes that it is not profitable for Britain to make the results of its investigation public, because it would deprive Britain of a way of putting pressure on Russia.

– We do not see the results of the investigation. When will Britain present them to us? – asks Skripal. – There is one very interesting point. It’s been three years now. But the British Themis still hasn’t brought charges against us. Petrov and Boshirov are not on the international wanted list, no one is looking for them. They said that they were to blame and that was the end of it. Nobody knows what kind of substance was on the door handle and whether it was. We still haven’t seen Sergey’s interview.

According to Victoria, Western intelligence services will continue to use the situation in Salisbury as their trump card.

– It didn’t work out seriously with Navalny. Navalny is not that texture, but in the story with my relatives, you can endlessly speculate and speculate, ” explains Viktoria Skripal.

Julia last called Russia last yearA photo: REUTERS


At the end of the conversation with our correspondent, Victoria said at all that Skripal himself was no longer alive …

– We were sick with coronavirus in December, On January 7, our grandmother died – his mother– Victoria continues in a conversation with Komsomolskaya Pravda in St. Petersburg. – Information about her death has definitely reached Britain. The British Embassy assured us that the information would be communicated to the addressee. But we did not receive any feedback. After all, he not only did not convey his condolences, he did not even send a carnation to her grave. Therefore, I think that he is no longer alive. Yes, and Yulia herself told me in October, when we called on the phone for the last time, that she receives half of Sergei’s pension. This, it seems to me, is done after the loss of the breadwinner. She didn’t say anything about him, except that he breathes through a tube.


“Skripal is alive, but isolated”

– In the case of the British special services, anything can be. Maybe Sergei Skripal is really already dead, – says Director of the Institute for Political Studies Sergey Markov… “But I think they just isolated him. Most likely, he does not believe that he was poisoned by the Russian special services, but believes that it was the British who did it. Therefore, he is not allowed to appear in public, give interviews and get in touch once again. Because in this case, Sergei Skripal will definitely declare this.


Died mother of Sergei Skripal

The mother of the ex-GRU colonel died in a hospital in Yaroslavl at the age of 93 (the details)


Study finds genetic variant that favors severe forms of covid-19 – Health

Covid patients with severe clinical pictures, requiring hospitalization, “They present a specific genetic variation much more frequently than people with mild courses” of the disease, revealed an investigation by Austrian scientists.

Specifically, it is the lack of a receptor in the immune system which is lacking about 4 percent of the population, Virologist Elisabeth Puchhammer-Stöckl explained in a statement published on Monday by the Vienna Medical University (UniMed).

The results of the study, carried out by researchers from the UniMed Center for Virology in collaboration with doctors from the Viennese hospital Favoriten and led by Puchhammer-Stöckl, were recently published in the journal Genetics in Medicine.

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Its main conclusion is that people with a partial or total absence of the NKG2C receptor they tend to develop severe forms of covid-19. This genetic variation was found especially in people infected with the coronavirus who had to be hospitalized.

“The absence of the receptor was especially common in patients who had to be treated for COVID-19 in intensive care units, regardless of age or sex,” explained Puchhammer-Stöckl in the statement.

Natural absence

The note recalls that the interaction between the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the human immune system significantly influences the course and severity of the covid-19 disease in each patient.

In this context, “the antiviral immune response by natural killer (NK) cells is normally an important step to combat viral replication in the initial phase of infection,” he adds.

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The so-called NK cells (Natural Killer, in English), natural killers or assassin cells – an important lymphocyte of the immune system for the defense of the organism, have specific activating receptors on their surface, including the NKG2C receptor, that communicates with an infected cell through one of its specific structures, HLA-E.

This interaction leads to the destruction of cells infected by the virus, but “about 4 percent of the population naturally lacks the activating receptor NKG2C due to genetic variation, and around 30 percent only partially possess the receptor”, they highlight the scientists.

About 4 percent of the population naturally lacks the activating receptor NKG2C due to genetic variation, and 30 percent only partially possess this receptor.

“Genetic variations in the HLA-E of the infected cell were also associated with the severity of the disease, although to a lesser extent,” said Puchhammer-Stöckl.

These discoveries could open the doors to new formulas to combat the pandemic, says the virologist and professor. Above all, “this part of the immune response could be an important target for (the development of) drugs that could help prevent the severe disease of COVID-19,” he said.

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More severe and diffuse pneumonia

The evolution of the SARS-CoV-2 infection is still as unpredictable as the complications it can cause in the health status of those affected. Among the most common is the appearance of a pneumonic picture that, unlike those caused by other viruses or bacteria, tends to be more clinically serious. Why? There are several factors. One of them is the production of an exacerbated immune response that stimulates the synthesis of cytokines –proteins that coordinate this response–, which results in diffuse alveolar damage.

“Covid-19 has a great affinity with respiratory cells and affects the lower airways of the lungs, where the alveoli are located. When the virus infects these areas, it causes more severe pneumonia, which is characterized by being bilateral and diffuse. In addition, it exposes patients to a greater risk of suffering from Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, which is a very serious condition that requires intubation and ventilation ”, explains Dr. Javier Guerra, specialist in Pneumology at the Hospital Universitario Insular de Gran Canaria.

Most afflicted people do not require mechanical ventilation

According to the doctor, pneumonia caused by bacteria such as pneumococcus, for example, usually affect a single lung lobe and do not produce such a powerful immune activation. “This means that patients have less lung damage and ventilate better”, clarifies the specialist. While it is true that pneumonia caused by viruses such as the flu, for example, can also cause complications similar to those caused by covid. “It must be taken into account that they are less frequent, since experience tells us that the flu usually produces more benign pictures. However, this does not mean that some cases cannot occur ”, he highlights.

More severe and diffuse pneumonia

The truth is that Covid-19 pneumonia affects the young and the elderly indistinctly. However, in this last population group there is a worse prognosis. In them, a greater number of admissions to intensive medicine units and a higher mortality rate due to these circumstances are registered, something that is also extrapolated to multiple pathological patients.

The pathology affects the young and the elderly population indistinctly


“In severe cases, multi-organ failures can occur that are not caused directly by the virus, but by organ involvement. This can lead to kidney or liver failure, among many others ”, says the healthcare professional.

“We have treated patients with little affectation and then they have gone to the ICU,” says the doctor.


Likewise, according to Dr. Guerra, the evolution of patients is, in many cases, disconcerting. “At the hospital we have treated patients who have arrived with little pulmonary involvement, but after two days they have worsened and have had to be transferred to intensive care. However, luckily, the vast majority of people who require admission for pneumonia do not need mechanical ventilation and can remain on the ward with the help of other supports if necessary, ”the pulmonologist emphasizes.

The disease is treated with antibiotics, antivirals and anti-inflammatories


Regarding the therapeutic arsenal available to treat this complication, the doctor indicates that antibiotics, antivirals and anti-inflammatories are the main resources. “Currently, we only have these drugs. Right now, convalescent blood plasma is being investigated to find out new treatment opportunities, but we will have to wait for the studies to be completed. It is clear that we still have to learn much more about this virus, “he says.


“To see 10,000 people at the Coliseum again would mean that we have left a serious situation behind”

Circumstances of this pandemic year, Hereda San Pablo Burgos has signed its best season in history. Semifinals of the Endesa League and an international title such as the Champions League. There it is. Achievements at the sports level that coexist with a health, social, economic crisis … and that, at least, have served so that Burgos will not talk about the covid 24 hours those days.

But no matter how much title appears in the showcases of the Burgos team, there is a desire that weighs much more than the European Champions Cup: that their fans return to the Coliseum. «When people go to the Coliseum, it will be the best sign. And not because the team is doing better, but because we will be leaving behind a serious historical situation that is affecting us so much, “says the coach and helmsman of Hereda San Pablo, Joan Peñarroya, who is clear that the first thing is that the pandemic disappears. «There are thousands of families who are having a hard time on this issue. Outside and within sports, the important thing is to forget about the pandemic. It affects everything. We can have many wishes, but the biggest one has to be that one, “he continues.

And from that universal dream, on the sporting level, the coach of San Pablo is confident that the club will continue to grow. And that new step could be qualification for the Copa del Rey.

«Last year we were at the doors to occupy that eighth position. This year we are ready to be in the Cup. The goal is to keep doing things well, to keep winning games… and if we continue along the same lines, we will be able to reach the Cup, advance in the Champions League or continue to be in front positions in the Endesa League. The first participation would be another milestone, but now we have to keep trying to do things as before, “he continues.

And all this after a season to remember, in which Burgos have adapted better than anyone. «It is very difficult for a club like Hereda San Pablo to be in these positions, but it has been a matter of adaptation. The team has adapted to play well in these circumstances. It is evident that we have done well in the sporting area, but we should not have done in a different way if we had been in a normal situation. Some have told us that if we have taken advantage …, but we have played with the same weapons all the teams. Also, if we had our people … few clubs have that support like we do. You have to separate the two situations, “concludes Peñarroya.


Covid: Men are three times more likely to suffer from severe covid-19 – Science – Life

A global analysis with more than three million cases of covid-19 has found that men have nearly three times more likely than women to be admitted to a hospital intensive care unit, and also an increased risk of death from coronavirus, according to a study published today in Nature Communications.

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The study maintains that the data studied so far reflect that there is “an increasing bias” in the severity of COVID-19 disease in male patients, although it warns that this statement has not been validated in a large analysis. scale with world data.

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The study, led by Kate Webb, from the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and Claire Deakin, from the University College London (UCL), consisted of a meta-analysis of 92 medical reports conducted between January and June 2020 and obtained from government websites and published literature.

The goal of Kate Webb and Claire Deakin was to determine if sex was a risk factor for SARS-CoV-2 infection.
and for coronavirus mortality. Their analysis included 3,111,714 cases from 46 countries and 44 states in the United States.

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The authors found that there was no difference in the proportion of men and women infected with SARS-CoV-2 in the sample. However, they found that male patients were more likely (2.84 times higher) to be admitted to an intensive care unit as a result of covid-19.

Furthermore, the odds of death from COVID-19 were 1.39 times higher for male patients than for females. The authors suggest that differences in the immune responses of the different sexes are likely a factor in the results they observed.

However, other biological factors and sex-based comorbidities could also play a role.. The authors argue that, although more studies are needed, these data have important implications for coronavirus clinical management and mitigation strategies.

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Sean Doyle, an Irishman in the Spanishized IAG booth | Opinion

He has been with British Airways for most of his life, except for a brief stint at another IAG subsidiary, Aer Lingus. He has before him a gigantic challenge: to overcome the pandemic crisis, especially bloody for the airlines, as well as to rebuild the bridges broken with employees and authorities by his predecessor, the Spanish Alex Cruz, and the effects of Brexit. Sean Doyle (Youghal, Ireland, 49 years old) is the new CEO of the British flag carrier.

The rise of Doyle is part of Luis Gallego’s revolution, when he finally released (and after a delay of months due to Covid-19) the highest position of IAG. Carlos Gómez Suárez has been appointed CEO of Iberia Express and Fernando Candela, CEO of Level, has joined the group’s management committee assuming the new position of director of transformation. Donal Moriarty is Acting Head of Aer Lingus.

Sean Doyle is married and has a son. He was born and raised in County Cork, with a BA in Management Accounting from University College Cork. He comes from a famous family of players from hurling, an Irish sport played with sticks and ball, a kind of hockey.

His father, Oliver, was a policeman and worked in Youghal, a seaport in Cork, which has about 8,000 inhabitants; was hurler high level. Sean is very fond of, and also continues to maintain ties with his native region.

His first job was in a small print shop, and he joined British Airways in 1998 as a financial analyst. By then the company was going from strength to strength, and the Concorde was still flying. He then rose through the ranks and held various senior positions, including BA CFO, head of corporate strategy and executive vice president of the Americas division. He worked especially to forge the alliance with American Airlines.
In 2016 he entered the executive management committee as head of network and fleet (deciding which routes to do and how often) and alliances (among his responsibilities were the business units of London Gatwick Airport and the domestic and European airline BA CityFlyer).

In January 2019, he was appointed Chairman and CEO of the Aer Lingus subsidiary, the Irish-flagged airline. In this short period, it has strengthened its commitment to the long-haul market with the A321neo narrow-body aircraft. Doyle is also a non-executive director of Comair Holdings, a subsidiary of Delta Air Lines, which operates in North American countries.

The future

The Covid-19 pre-flight test system is one of the most pressing issues Doyle is already tackling: this week he asked the British authorities to lift the 14-day quarantine for travelers from abroad. In his opinion, plans to reduce it to one week are not enough. “The best way to reassure people is to introduce a reliable and affordable test before flying. This will reduce the strain on the health system and on the surveillance of individual confinements ”.

Cruz had been little diplomatic in that sense with London, which is showing more solicitude towards the industry, as indicated by the fact that it has accepted that Heathrow airport introduce rapid tests of 80 pounds (voluntary and paid by the passengers themselves) since this week .

Then there are the negotiations to lay off 12,000 employees, almost a third of the workforce, started by Cruz. Doyle, who has a low profile, analytical character and a deep knowledge of the airline industry, is responsible for rebuilding both internal and external relationships. In the Financial Times, acquaintances of his say that he does not need to be a protagonist, but he is forceful when he thinks something is the right thing to do. There are also the issues related to Brexit, especially over British or non-British ownership of the company.
The Cruz stage

The rise of Luis Gallego has dragged several of his compatriots up, but also one, Cruz, to one side (he is now a non-executive president, although Doyle will assume the presidency after a period of transition), and also with “immediate effect ”. During his tenure, British has focused on long-distance travel and business class, the hardest hit by the coronavirus. It has also undertaken the general cost cutting of IAG, led by also Irish Willie Walsh, to counter competition from Ryanair and other low-cost lines.

Cruz faced the first British Airways pilot strike, in 2019: even British politicians have criticized him for his treatment of cabin crew. More problems: in its stage there have been important technological failures, with breaches in data security (which cost the company 200 million euros in fines) and in flight management (which left thousands of passengers in land).

The IAG forecasts are not good, and on Thursday, in the presentation of the quarterly accounts, it made it clear, with worse results than expected, and with an improvement in income that does not offset the increase in spending to move empty planes: only occupies 48.9% of the seats. Ed Cropley, an analyst at Reuters, points out that the group led by Gallego has at least more room for maneuver to adjust costs than its rivals Air France-KLM and Lufthansa, which have to answer for important public aid.

Sean Doyle, who is said to be eligible to lead the group in the future, will be the Irish quota in the most Spanish IAG.

The results

IAG on Thursday announced worse-than-expected results for the third quarter: 1.3 billion euros in losses, compared to 920 million predicted by analysts.

Revenues were 1.2 billion, just 500 million higher than the previous quarter, in which the skies were practically closed.


Trump Advisor: US President Has Breathing Problems

An adviser to Donald Trump affirms that the president is not well due to the new coronavirus and has breathing problems, fever and cough.

US President Donald Trump confirmed on Friday that he had contracted the new coronavirus, which causes COVID-19, together with his wife Melania, for which he will remain two weeks in forty.

The journalist of the American chain CNN Jim Acosta, quoting a Trump adviser, revealed on the same day that there is “cause for concern” after the White House tenant had “trouble breathing” when he was admitted to the Walter Reed Military Medical Center.

Trump left the White House to be hospitalized in this medical center, but did not speak and gestured with his thumb, according to local media. “This is serious,” said the source, assuring that Trump was “very tired, very fatigued” and that his condition was much more serious than that of first lady Melania Trump.

All this while the White House has remained silent on the severity of the US president’s symptoms and continues to say that he will be fine. In addition, according to CNN, There is serious concern among White House staff about the Republican magnate’s health.

Trump contracted the new coronavirus while since the beginning of the disease outbreak he has been the subject of harsh criticism for his management of the pandemic. In fact, the US president tried to minimize the effects of COVID-19 for almost two months, lied and said that the number of cases was decreasing and that the virus could disappear “like a miracle”.

Trump’s contagion has impacted the main indices of the US stock market, as well as stocks in other world markets, Treasury yields and oil. In addition, the North American country may face a very serious crisis ahead of the November 3 elections.

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