From the Super League to the new Champions or the Conference League: a guide to understand their differences

  • The 12 founding clubs of the Superliga have a guaranteed place without meeting purely sporting criteria

  • The Champions League will also change: league format and 36 teams instead of 32

  • A new actor enters, the Conference League, who will tighten the calendar even more

The announcement of the irruption of the Super League, competition devised by the great European teams to ensure a fixed place every year and, consequently, succulent income in their boxes, has caused an earthquake in the panorama of European football. Both UEFA and major league domestic competitions (LaLiga, Premier, Legue1, Bundesliga and Serie A) have harshly attacked the founding teams. They consider that this new competition has no place in an impossible calendar, in addition, increase even more if possible the difference between the most powerful teams with the most modest, who are trying to access the highest continental competition on their own merits.

Superliga, goodbye to their own sporting merits

The sport’s own merits will end since the new Super League begins. At least 15 great historical clubs will play yes or yes in this competition. Another 5 will be invited according to criteria that have not yet been clarified.

The calendar is the one there is and there are no more dates. The big teams, with the League, Cup and Super League matches, can hardly fit their matches in the Champions League and less so with the new format announced by UEFA, with more teams involved and, consequently, more matches.

The Champions League is in serious danger despite the announcement of its renewal. And to this is added a new guest, the Conference League. The schedule will be tighter than ever.

We review the different competitions in detail one by one:

Super league, fingered

How they are classified:

The Super League format would end one of the essences of football: rewarding teams for their own merits. In this new competition there will always be the greats, thus ensuring participation even if they have had a discreet season. The Super League will be made up of 20 teams, but there will always be the 15 most important teams on the continent: for now, los 12 fundadores Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atlético, Milan, Arsenal, Chelsea, Inter, Juve, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City y Tottenham. Three other clubs will be invited to join before the inaugural season.

Florentino Pérez, president of the Superliga, with the UEFA Youth League trophyCordon Press

On this list historical figures such as PSG or Bayern Munich would be missing, although they have not yet spoken. The other five remaining spots will be awarded annually based on the previous season’s performance., although it does not clarify the criteria, if they are teams that are part of the major leagues (Premier, Serie A, Liga, Bundesliga or Ligue 1) or if other clubs from other competitions can enter. They would be the “lucky ones” who could participate alongside the rich.

The games will be played during the week, all clubs will continue to compete in their respective national leagues, thus preserving their traditional calendar. It would start in August, like the first matches of the qualifying phase of the Champions League.

The 20 clubs will be divided into two groups of ten, which will play back and forth matches. The top three from each group qualify automatically for the quarterfinals. And the teams that finish fourth and fifth will play an additional two-legged playoff. Subsequently, two-party playoffs will be played from the quarter-finals to the final, which will be played as a single game, at the end of the year, at a neutral venue.

With this measure, the organizers seek more attractive duels and increase income. The historical ones are awarded but many clubs are penalized that on their own merits deserve to compete with the greats. Clubs like Milan or Arsenal, which have reduced their presence in the Champions League in recent years, will be there but others like Borussia Dortmund, Sevilla or Olympique de Lyon could lose this new showcase.

The Superliga will lose the surprise factor in the pure draw. In the Champions League, the big clubs could be left out from the round of 16 depending on the pairing in the draw.

As soon as possible, the founders will announce the same format for women’s football.

Champions League: previous league

The UEFA Champions League has been forced to change its format for the coming seasons. In the highest continental competition for clubs, so far, 32 teams participated. There are eight groups with four teams in each group, although by UEFA rule there cannot be two teams from the same country in one group. The clubs in the groups face each other back and forth and the top two finishers go to the next round, the round of 16. The third classified of each group goes to the Europa League.


Champions League TrophyEuropa Press

To settle the knockout stages, there is a draw marked by a series of criteria: two teams from the same domestic competition cannot meet in this phase and the first classified of a group is measured against the second classified of another group. Already in the quarterfinals there is a pure draw, without limitations. This ‘surprise’ factor would be lost by the Super League, a competition that would only hold a draw that will settle the 10 participants in each group, although they have not yet gone into details.

The Champions League is also aware that its format had to change. Therefore, from the 2024-2025 season They have devised a format similar to that of the Super League, but according to purely sporting criteria. In this new edition 36 teams would enter instead of the 32 that currently compete and the eight groups will disappear, becoming a single league, even if they will not play all against all. Each team will play a minimum of ten games – now they play a minimum of 6 games – in this first phase against opponents of different coefficients. The first eight will qualify for the eighth and there will be a playoff between the ninth and the twenty-fourth to know the other eight classified. The losers of that playoff would go to the Europa League.


Thomas Muller, champion with Bayern Munich in the last Champions

To determine which matches each team will play, it will be drawn in four pots taking into account the positions in the leagues.As up to now and, as a novelty, the latest performances in the competition will also be taken into account.

UEFA Europa League: with hardly any news

In the UEFA Europa League the champions of the respective cup competitions of each country, the best classified of the different leagues that were behind those that did it for the Champions League, the third group of the Champions League and three more teams according to the ranking ‘ UEFA fair play ‘. It consists of four previous rounds of direct elimination. The final phase of the tournament is made up of a group phase – 12 groups of four teams each – in which each club faces each of its three rivals in a double game. Later, the direct crosses arrive from the round of 32 with round-trip matches except for the final, which is played as a single match in a stadium previously designated by UEFA.


UEFA Europa League

In the Europa League there will be a previous playoff between the group runners-up and the third group of the Champions to determine who goes directly to the round of 16.

Domestic competitions, as always

The League has not changed the format. The 20 teams play a total of 38 games each. The first four qualify for the Champions League, the fifth and the Copa del Rey champion qualify for the UEFA Europa League. If the Cup champion is a club that has qualified for the Champions League, a new place is added, the one that is sixth in the League. The last three classified are automatically relegated to the Second Division. In the silver division, the first two move up to the First Division and the teams that remain between the third and sixth place play the playoffs to get the only place left to be promoted.

The Conference League, the new European competition

As a novelty, this season another place in each domestic competition will be designated to a new competition, the Conference League.

In this new competition, created by UEFA, a total of 184 teams will participate throughout the season, including at least one from each of UEFA’s 55 member associations and 46 from the Champions League (eliminated from the qualifying rounds) and the UEFA Europa League (eliminated from the qualifying rounds or group rounds). Before the final group stage there will be three qualifying rounds and one playoff round.

The final phase will follow the same format that the Champions currently has with eight groups of four teams, followed by direct confrontations: eighths, quarter-finals and the final, the latter a single match. It will start this summer. In its first edition, it will be played at the National Arena in Tirana (Albania) on May 25, 2022.


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Double victory for championship leader Joshua Rogers at Le Mans – e-sports

Grand Slam success for Joshua Rogers in Le Mans: On the virtual Circuit des 24 Heures, the Australian also secured victories in the sprint and main races after setting the best qualifying time. With the maximum result, the driver of the Virtual Racing School team extended his lead in the standings after the ninth of ten rounds of the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup (PESC).

Defending champion Sebastian Job from Great Britain (Red Bull Racing Esports) took second place in the three-lap sprint on the iRacing simulation platform. In the main race, however, he had to give up prematurely after a slip. Rogers’ team-mate Mitchell deJong looked like the winner of the six-lap run for a long time, but slipped off the track shortly before the finish. With that, the Norwegian Tommy Östgaard and the US-American Zac Campbell moved up to second and third place.

Sprint race: decision on the last few meters

After his fifth best qualifying time of the current season, Rogers also won the start and took the lead from the first meter with his digital 911 GT3 Cup. After two of three laps the order at the top hadn’t changed: Rogers was ahead of his British teammate Charlie Collins, Sebastian Job, Dayne Warren (LEGO Technic Esports Team), Jamie Fluke (Great Britain, Apex Racing Team) and Mitchell deJong. But then the events rolled over: When braking into the second chicane on the long Hunaudières straight, Job passed Warren and was able to defend himself against the revenge in front of the Mulsanne right-hand bend. On the way to the Indianapolis Passage, he also attacked Rogers and even took the lead. But the Australian struck back and fought his way back to the top with a brave maneuver in the fast Porsche corners. As he crossed the finish line, less than a tenth of a second separated him from the reigning champion. Collins finished third ahead of Warren, Fluke, DeJong and Jeremy Bouteloup (France, Coanda Simsport). Diogo Pinto secured the important eighth place: Thanks to the reversed starting order for the top 8, the Portuguese from the Williams Esports team was able to tackle the main race from pole position.

Main race: Rogers maintains the overview in the hard-fought final phase

Pinto was only able to enjoy his place in the sun for a short time: At the start of the six-lap race, DeJong and Bouteloup passed him through in third place. After the first round, Warren had slipped through and was now third. Rogers had worked his way past Job to seventh place. As a result, wild slipstream duels broke out with numerous battles for positions, and the lead between DeJong, Bouteloup and Pinto was close. On lap three, while trying to overtake the group in front of him, Job came across the green verge on the approach to Indianapolis – the daring attempt failed and threw Bouteloup back in addition to the British.


Meanwhile, Rogers had advanced further and further. After the fourth round, the 2019 PESC champion was back in second place and put DeJong under pressure, the Australian even took the lead at short notice. But the American got it back first. In the last round the duels escalated. In the meantime, Tommy Östgaard was also involved in the fight for victory – the Norwegian from Team Coanda Simsport was even ahead once. When DeJong spun around in the Porsche corners and carried away a few other drivers such as Pinto and Briton Charlie Collins (Virtual Racing School), the decision had been made: Rogers won the main race for the fourth time this season. Second place went to Östgaard, who started ninth. Third place went to US American Zac Campbell (Rahal Letterman Lanigan Esports), coming from position 16. He was followed by the Italian Moreno Sirica (Mahle Racing Team), Kevin Elis Jr. from Great Britain (Rahal Letterman Lanigan Esports) and the German Martin Krönke (DirectForce Pro).

With 600 points now, Joshua K. Rogers is confidently in first place in the drivers’ standings before the finale in Monza. Mitchell deJong follows with 407 points, closely followed by defending champion Sebastian Job (395).

Virtual one-make cup celebrates season finale in Monza

The final of the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup will take place in 14 days in the Royal Park of Monza. On April 24th, around 40 digital Porsche 911 GT3 Cups will face the competition for the last time this season and crown their champions on the 5.79-kilometer Grand Prix circuit. With its long straights, the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza is considered a full-throttle temple. The sprint runs over seven laps and the main race over 14 laps.

Joshua Rogers (Australia / Virtual Racing School): “I didn’t really want to get involved in battles for positions that early in the race, but we chased several cars bumper to bumper across the track and I had to keep defending my position. It’s a shame for Mitchell deJong. He drove really fantastic and controlled the race well. After my overtaking maneuver between the Mulsanne and the Porsche corners had already worked very well in the sprint, I started an attack in the main race at the same point and was successful again. I knew it would be extremely difficult in the Porsche corners, so I had to give it a try. “

Tommy Östgaard (Norway / Coanda Simsport): “The final corners were pretty crazy. I’m not sure what happened to Mitchell deJong – it was very close between us. If his departure goes to my account, then I very much regret it. I was a little too cautious in the sprint because there were two teammates in front of me and I didn’t want to do anything unreasonable. As a result, I just missed eighth place and thus the pole position for the main race, very annoying. So I switched to attack mode for the main race and tried to catch up as many positions as possible. I was lucky in a few collisions in front of me. All in all, I am satisfied with my performance today. “

Zac Campbell (USA / Rahal Letterman Lanigan Esports): “I didn’t expect this result. Le Mans is the worst track on the calendar for me, and I had to fight today too. I apologize to Diogo Pinto, Jamie Fluke and the others involved for the accident on the last lap: I touched the rear of Diogo’s car and thus triggered the crash – something like that shouldn’t really happen. I will send Diogo the prize money for third place, because he would have deserved the podium place 100 percent. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with the result of the race because I started in 16th position. ”


Le Mans, sprint races

1. Joshua Rogers (AUS/Virtual Racing School)
2. Sebastian Job (GB/Red Bull Racing Esports)
3. Charlie Collins (GB/Virtual Racing School)
4. Dayne Warren (AUS / LEGO Technic Esports Team)
5. Jamie Fluke (GB/Apex Racing Team)
6. Mitchell deJong (USA/Virtual Racing School)

Le Mans, main race

1. Joshua Rogers (AUS/Virtual Racing School)
2. Tommy Östgaard (N/Coanda Simsport)
3. Zac Campbell (USA/Rahal Letterman Lanigan Esports)
4. Moreno Sirica (I/Mahle Racing Team)
5. Kevin Ellis Jr. (GB/Rahal Letterman Lanigan Esports)
6. Martin Krönke (D/DirectForce Pro)

Score after 9 out of 10 races

1. Joshua Rogers (AUS / Virtual Racing School), 600 points
2. Mitchell deJong (USA/Virtual Racing School), 407 Punkte
3. Sebastian Job (GB/Red Bull Racing Esports), 395 Punkte
4. Kevin Ellis Jr. (GB/Rahal Letterman Lanigan Esports), 349 Punkte
5. Dayne Warren (AUS / LEGO Technic Esports Team), 346 points
6. Charlie Collins (GB/Virtual Racing School), 342 Punkte


UK will force all travelers to enter the country with PCR

UK will force all travelers to enter the country with PCR

The United Kingdom wants to recover in health and avoid that the opening of trips abroad, scheduled for mid-May, entails an increase in the number of infections in the country. Boris Johnson wants to tighten all health controls to the maximum, hence he will require all travelers, whether or not they are tourists, to return or enter the United Kingdom to do so with a negative PCR test. Furthermore, if the person who returns does so from an area declared at risk, they will have to quarantine.

The Balearic Islands have a pending issue with the investigation

The Balearic Islands have a pending subject with the investigation. The so-called R&D (Research and Development) is a strategic sector in any economy and the boom years in the Islands were not used for a strong public and private commitment in this area. The result is very unfortunate: the Balearic Islands are behind Spain in investment in R&D, but it seems that the data is improving, also in job creation in the sector, with a very clear added value. In any case, the effort will have to be much greater.


Grupo Pacha will reopen the Café de Paris in London with Lío Londres

Grupo Pacha, a leading brand in the music industry and the hotel sector, will take over one of the oldest nightclubs in London, Café de Paris. In this sense, Café de Paris will reopen as Lío, the restaurant and cabaret concept of the Pacha brand. The opening of Lío Londres is part of the group’s careful expansion.

After the success of Lío’s London pop-up in 2019, the most immersive experience of cherries will have a permanent space in the capital, joining the flagship Lío Ibiza, inaugurated a decade ago.

Lío’s show, curated by Pacha’s creative director, Joan Gràcia, offers those who visit it a unique and surprising exhibition where dinner, cabaret and the club come together in a unique way, as explained yesterday from Grupo Pacha to through a statement.

Nick McCabe, CEO of the Pacha Group states: “The Café de Paris has been a West End icon since the 1920s, so it is a great privilege to take it to the next phase of its life. We are delighted that, true to its roots, it remains in a place where people can come and experience entertainment at its best. “

It should also be remembered that at the international level Grupo Pacha will also have a presence this year on the Greek island of Mykonos with Destino Pacha Mykonos and Lío Mykonos. In addition, in May they inaugurate Casa Pacha Formentera.

The company’s existing properties in Ibiza include Destino Pacha Resort, Lío Cabaret & Club, Pacha Hotel and the legendary Pacha nightclub.


Displaced workers. Ministry of Labor and Social Economy

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John Wick declares war in Cuatro against TVE’s ‘Prodigios’ and Concha Velasco in ‘Deluxe’

Premiere of ‘John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum’ in Cuatro; Tuesday and Thirteen meet on laSexta …

The ‘Prodigies’ display their art again on Saturday night of TVE (22: 00h)

Boris Izaguirre again conducts the third edition of the children’s musical contest ‘Prodigios’. Nacho Duato, Ainhoa ​​Arteta, Andrés Salado, José Manuel Zapata and Lucas Vidal will judge the performances of the 27 participants. In each category there will be a consultant who will assist in the assessments.

The 2 investigates the biography of Astrid Lindgren with the tape ‘Knowing Astrid’ (22: 00h)

From humble origins, the youth of Astrid Lindgren, the well-known author of children’s stories and creator of the character Pippi Longstocking, was marked by the many obstacles she encountered in getting ahead as a single mother in an eminently macho society.

Royal afternoon by Meghan and Harry on Antena 3 (4:00 p.m.)

Antena 3 premieres this Saturday, exclusively for Spain, the full interview that has broken records and that everyone is talking about, that of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, granted to Oprah Winfrey on the US network CBS.

To receive this broadcast, the Atresmedia chain has prepared a special afternoon dedicated to the Dukes of Sussex, which also includes the premiere of the movie ‘Meghan and Harry: a royal bond’ (4:00 p.m.) and the broadcast of the film ‘ Meghan and Harry: a royal romance ‘(5:45 p.m.).

The most media interview in recent years, which has already surpassed 50 million viewers worldwide and contains revealing statements from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, will premiere right after the films at 7.15pm. It can also be followed under the option of the original version with subtitles.

Antena 3 performs against ‘The Last Fortress’ by Robert Redford and Mark Ruffalo (10:10 p.m.)

Court-martialled and stripped of his rank, General Irwin is serving a sentence in a maximum security military prison run with an iron fist by Colonel Winter. There, Irwin will win the antipathy of the warden. However, the other prisoners will support him in his new mission: take control of the jail and strip Winter of command.

Night of action in Cuatro with the third part of ‘John Wick’, ‘Parabellum’ (22:15)

The murderer John Wick is on the run after killing the member of the international criminal gang to which he belonged. They have put a price on his head, 14 million dollars, and he has become the target of hitmen from around the world, waiting for him around every corner to try to get rid of him.

Concha Velasco sits in ‘Saturday Deluxe’ (22: 00h)

Concha Velasco is the main guest this Saturday in Deluxe. The actress, who recently gave the witness as a neighborhood film presenter to Alaska, and who we also saw in the last season of My house is yours aired to date, will go to the set of La Fábrica de la Tele to tell, in his words, “news that I have never given.”

‘laSexta Noche’ brings together ‘Tuesdays and 13’ Josema Yuste and Millán Salcedo on their set (9:00 p.m.)

This Saturday, at 9:00 p.m., the economic vice president Nadia Calviño visits ‘laSexta Noche’ to talk about recovery and the aid package of 11,000 million euros for companies.

Outside of politics, Iñaki López manages to bring together Josema Yuste and Millán Salcedo, the mythical Martes y Trece.


The ‘Brexit’, unexpected ally

T he announcement that the entire adult population of the United Kingdom will be vaccinated before the end of July has been an injection of optimism for Ibiza’s tourism sector. This is the first news that allows us to visualize that there will be a tourist season next summer. The British market is the most important for the island of Ibiza, so much so that by itself it guarantees a minimum of activity that deserves to be celebrated. The own strategy that the UK government has followed both when it comes to reaching agreements with pharmaceutical companies and when it comes to authorizing vaccines is paying off. Exiting the European Union has allowed the United Kingdom to gain a competitive advantage over its former partners. Brexit has thus become an unexpected ally for the tourism industry in Ibiza and, to a lesser extent, in Formentera, an island where the weight of British tourists is less.

Taking advantage of the opportunity.
The Pedro Sánchez government is still not up to the task, although there is insufficient change in position, driven by evidence that other countries, such as Greece, are going faster by negotiating directly with Downing Street. It will be useless if our main clients are vaccinated if we do not facilitate their entry, eliminating the requirements of PCR to enter and to keep quarantine when returning to the country. To do this, an agreement with the British government is urgently needed, preferably within the framework of the European Union, and if this is not possible, in a bilateral negotiation.

Is not sufficient.
That the British cannot be infected and that they greatly reduce the transmission capacity as suggested by the studies that are being carried out as the vaccination processes progress in the most advanced countries, such as Israel, is not enough. It goes without saying that to be reliable we must present very low infection rates, below 50 cases of incidence accumulated at 14 days, and the highest possible rate of vaccinated. There is hope and also a lot of work ahead.


Greece is ahead of the health passport

The vague commitment started yesterday by the president of the Government, Francina Armengol, before the head of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, for the Balearic Islands to release the health passport as a tourist destination arrives late and is so full of questions that it seems a mere advertisement to justify a trip with no practical results. The sad reality is that the government of Greece has overtaken the third largest tourist power in the world and has reached an agreement with the United Kingdom to implement the health passport and, with it, divert tourists from Ibiza and Formentera and the rest of the Balearic Islands . The Government’s declaration is a first step which, in any case, is welcome.

May is very late.
Coinciding with a new edition of Fitur, the Spanish tourist fair, scheduled for next May, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, will announce a measure of which the details are currently unknown and that, therefore, does not have ability to launch the tourism sector. The Boris Johnson government is carrying out a massive vaccination campaign that will be completed before the summer, which represents an opportunity for Ibiza, since it is our main market. It is essential that vaccinated British tourists who decide to enjoy their immunity in Ibiza find a safe destination, that is, with a low incidence of infections and with all the facilities to enter and return to their country without the need to go through quarantine.

This is not the time for advertisements, you have to work.
The Balearic Islands benefited last year from the pilot plan of the safe corridor between Germany and Mallorca organized by TUI, although the effect really only lasted a week. News such as the agreement between Greece and the United Kingdom remove the effect of being the first, so the objective is not to be the first community to announce it, but to make it a reality as soon as possible and to generate certainty in the markets. More real work is needed and there are plenty of ads for domestic consumption.


An arsenal of weapons was seized from a tapestry – The Week Between Two Rivers

The Investigations Division personnel carried out a procedure in a house near the New Concordia Cemetery. There, they seized firearms, cartridges and detained one person.

At noon on Thursday, personnel from the Investigations Division in relation to a case pending in the Fiscal Unit under the charge of Dr. Rivoira Julia filed an Order issued by the Court of Guarantees No. 1, under the charge of Dr. Mauttone Darío, raiding a house in the vicinity of Balcarce and Feliciano streets, where the owner was notified, giving the procedure a positive result;

There they seized 1 pistol Caliber 9 mm, brand FM Browning, 1 a revolver cal. .22 Pucara brand, 10 cells with full load, 1 stir lime. 32 Gacela brand, with six cells with a full load and a large amount of cartridges.

The Prosecutor in turn ordered the apprehension of the male notified of the crime of Illegal Possession of a weapon of war and subsequent transfer to the warden section where he will remain lodged at the disposal of the justice.