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Gentle Giant presents this exciting statue from the Collector’s Gallery series:
Star Wars Collector’s Gallery Statue 1/8 Han Solo (Carbonite)

Freezing carbon is an industrial process that locks gases under high pressure in solidified carbonite. In Cloud City, Darth Vader sets a trap for freezing young Luke Skywalker and tests the process on his prisoner Han Solo. The smuggler who had become a hero survived the freezing process in perfect hibernation and Vader handed over Captain Solo to bounty hunter Boba Fett to be returned to gangster Jabba The Hutt.

From the big space saga ‘Star Wars – Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back’ comes this high quality statue made of resin.

Han Solo in Carbonite is 1/8 format, hand-painted, has a high degree of detail and is presented on a base.

This unique collector’s item is packed in an attractive, hand-numbered window box.
A certificate of authenticity is also included.

Danger! Not suitable for children under 36 months! Danger of suffocation due to small parts that can be swallowed!

Theme: Star Wars
Figurenart: Statue

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Boris Johnson already has a solution for the crisis and the pandemic: more military spending – Europa Directo

Boris Johnson has found a way to lift the spirits of Tory MPs and the rank and file of the party. Polls place the Conservatives fairly on par with Labor – some with Keir Starmer’s party. in front-, which is a big drop from the December 2019 elections, which the Tories won by 11.5 points difference. Dozens of Tory MPs are making no secret of their displeasure at the unfulfilled promises the prime minister made at the end of the summer. At that time, the government anticipated an imminent return to economic normality. The second wave of the coronavirus has required the return of the most drastic measures, so far without very positive results.

Everything is depressing for the Tories shortly before the final culmination of Brexit. The alternative that Johnson presents, the candy with which he tries to make his party and the population forget the hardships of the present, is to return to the past and the naval glories of the empire. It is time to brighten the great power character of the United Kingdom with a large increase in military spending.

Joe Biden’s arrival at the White House in January leaves London without a reliable ally in Washington, even though Donald Trump’s erratic character and his disinterest in European countries were not a guarantee for British foreign policy either. But Biden is a pragmatist that it will try to rebuild relations with Europe and the importance of NATO, and there the United Kingdom can play a relevant role. The downside for London is that a post-Brexit Britain is less interesting as an intermediary in the dialogue with the Europeans for the US. Furthermore, Biden has already made clear that the future of Ulster is a matter that interests you especially.

To remedy this, Johnson has opted for rearmament. An extra expense of £ 16 billion over the next four years. The largest increase in real terms since the time of Margaret Thatcher. There was a prior commitment to increase Defense spending by 0.5 points above inflation, so the final figure could be around 21,500 million.

“This is our opportunity to end the era of withdrawal, transform our Armed Forces, strengthen our global influence, unite our country, invest in new technologies and defend our people and their way of life,” said Boris Johnson.

The Ministry of Finance had resisted Defense requests until now. It was Johnson’s personal intervention that closed the debate. The increase in public spending during the pandemic will force Foreign Minister Rishi Sunak to completely review the budget that was presented in March. Next week, Sunak will present the new data to Parliament. Expected to confirm that UK finances have taken the hardest hit since World War II.

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Under current conditions, analysts see no alternative but to increase taxes – a very difficult drink for conservatives to accept – although no decision in that regard is expected until 2021 when the final economic impact of the pandemic is known.

The Bank of England has predicted that the drop in GDP will be 11% this year, the largest decline in the last three centuries.

Always ready to live up to imperial glories or to emulate Winston Churchill for whom the naval force was the best standard of British influence, Johnson intends to pay special attention to the Navy as a symbol of foreign policy and of the country’s global strength. The extra money will serve to complete the strike group of the two new aircraft carriers already delivered to the Navy, but still pending their final deployment (the first of them will do so next year). Frigates, support ships and aircraft what do you need they were still in the air due to budgetary problems. “More warships for the Royal Navy” is the goal that Johnson has announced.

The Green Party has compared the increase in spending to the £ 4 billion added for the fight against climate change. “We are walking blindly into a dystopian video game without a public debate” about the country’s priorities, has said its number two, Amelia Womack. Pacifist NGOs have been more aggressive in criticizing. “Tanks and warplanes will not keep us safe from the most serious threats we face: pandemic, poverty and the climate emergency. Covid-19 has revealed the superficiality of naive opinions that argue that weapons give us security. You cannot attack a virus with nuclear weapons “, has denounced Symon Hill, of the organization Peace Pledge Union.

The construction of the two aircraft carriers was commissioned by the Gordon Brown Government a decade ago. After coming to power and at the beginning of the era of austerity, David Cameron seriously considered selling one of them, still under construction, but the high price meant that there were no candidates. The contracts made made it more expensive to cancel the order than to carry it to the end, even though the deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan showed that the Army was most in need of the money.

As a symbol of the country’s military power, aircraft carriers belong to an earlier era. These giants of the sea are now much more vulnerable due to the advancement in missile technology. The Chinese anti-ship missile Dong-Feng 21 It is its most recognized adversary since it was put into action in the early 1990s. Mounted on a mobile platform from the ground, it has an operational range of about 1,700 kilometers. It is designed to attack large ships, especially aircraft carriers. It can land on its target at a maximum speed of Mach 10.

It’s not that China has kept its ability to make aircraft carriers obsolete a secret. In military parades, he has presented later versions of the Dong-Feng with a range of 3,000 kilometers.

The reality is that Boris Johnson is not interested in declaring war on China. It is enough for him to warm the patriotic spirits of the Tory deputies who cannot explain how the prime minister could so quickly lose the support he obtained at the polls less than a year ago.

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The strange case of Matheus, a signing of Abidal that has little level for Koeman

12/11/2020 05:00Updated: 11/12/2020 08:25

In Barcelona they still remember Eric Abidal. It is not exactly praise that the former technical secretary of the club receives after a management in which he had too many open fronts, controversies and confrontations with a dressing room that withdrew his confidence. Messi, especially. They still remember Abidal for the strange signing he made, on the last day of the winter market (January 31, 2020), with the incorporation of Brazilian midfielder Matheus Fernándes. A footballer who does not want Ronald Koeman because he considers that he does not have the level to compete in the first team.

Is a mystery what happens with Matheus Fernándes. But if something is clear, it is that Eric Abidal’s clinical eye played a trick on him when he went to see him in October 2019 for a Palmeiras training session. They had tipped him off. And it was not just any person. He received a call from Barcelona’s former head of recruiting young talents, André Cury, to take note of some of the Brazilian club’s players. Abidal did not hit in the election. He chose Matheus Fernández and recommended the signing to Josep María Bartomeu with the conviction that they had discovered the Brazilian Busquets.

Ulises Sánchez-Flor

It is difficult for the French coach to recognize that there are players who worsen collective performance and make firmer decisions, even if they are painful.

Barcelona decided to pay 7 million euros and agree to another 3 million in variables to get this signing. Matheus, 22, has a contract until 2025 and a release clause of 300 million euros. The first decision, upon arriving in Spain mid-season, is to have an adaptation process in Valladolid. They convinced Ronaldo to make a hole for him in the squad. He left on loan and played very little with Sergio González. Only three games and two of them were already when the Valladolid team was assured of permanence. Sergio, the coach, had doubts. In Valladolid they do not give a complete analysis of what type of footballer they are, although they are clear that it is not Busquets nor does it seem that it can be. He plays as a defensive pivot, has a lanky appearance (1.83 m) and is not characterized by his power or explosiveness.

It has the number ’19’

Valladolid returned him to Barcelona and in the preseason, in the first training sessions with Ronald Koeman, the Dutch coach communicated to Ramon Planes, the new technical secretary of the club, who I saw the Brazilian green. He was generous in his analysis. The best thing was that he had a second assignment to continue his training and have more minutes in another team.

The surprising thing is that the club did not introduce Matheus Fernándes as a new incorporation, as was done with Pedri and Trincao. In mid-September, the Brazilian pivot suffered an injury (elongation in the biceps femoris of the right thigh), which further complicated his departure. Ramón Planes has done everything possible to find a team. Until the last day of the summer market he tried to get it out. It has been impossible.

Nobody has noticed Matheus Fernándes and the Barcelona they had to stay with him, give him a number (the number 19) and its corresponding federative file. But they didn’t introduce him to society. In this lonely and strange way he stayed in the first team, against Koeman’s will, and without any future in Barcelona. Because those who have seen him play, the little that has been possible, say that he has no Barça level.

Matheus Fernándes in an exercise in training with Barça.  (@_matheusf) Matheus Fernándes in an exercise in training with Barça.  (@_matheusf)
Matheus Fernándes in an exercise in training with Barça. (@_matheusf)

Matheus Fernandes has been training for a month, but Koeman does not give his arm to twist. He has not included him in the calls and the last time he referred to this situation, the Dutchman was clear: “We are working with him and he has to improve aspects to play. He has in front of Busquets, De Jong, Pjanic and what he has to do is work every day ”. Ronald Koeman has preferred, in case of emergency, to call for the first team to Óscar Mingueza (Central defender of the subsidiary) to give the opportunity to Matheus Fernández.

Eric Abidal was not successful in this signing, which the Barcelona Management Board chaired by Carles Tusquets after the resignation of Bartomeu is now seeking an exit. The objective is to place it on the winter market to continue reducing the wage bill. It does not make sense to continue at Barça when Koeman doesn’t count on him. The problem is finding that team that trusts a boy who doesn’t have a track record in Brazil either to show off as one of the jewels of the future.

Matheus Fernándes began his professional career in the Botafogo and in the 76 matches he played he only scored two goals and gave four assists. Signed by Palm Trees and he only played 11 games and only scored one goal. Their presence in the lower categories of the Brazilian National Team is reduced to two games with the U-17 and another two with the U-20. Eric Abidal was not very successful when he recommended him as a possible replacement for Busquets. Ronald Koeman is clear and direct. He does not see him ready to play for a single minute in his team and the club has the problem of placing a footballer who has no market.


The 24 Hours of Barcelona of Motoring 2021 already have a date

On September 3, 4 and 5, 2021 the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya will host one of its most valued and solid events on the calendar year after year: the 24 Hours of Barcelona of Motor Racing-Fermí Vélez Trophy.

Oct 31, 2020 at 11:39 am


As in recent years, the meeting continues to bet on its internationalization, and it does so thanks to its affiliation to the championship 24H Seriess from the hand of the Dutch promoter Creventic. The appointment in Barcelona will be the sixth of the next sporting year of the contest.

After 21 years of race history, the Catalan track is pleased to announce the return of the mythical endurance test, that this 2020 could not be held due to the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Despite the crisis, 9 of the 25 multinationals with the best work environment have a presence in Argentina

The consultant Great Place to Work revealed on Tuesday the ranking of the work environment based on a survey of 10.2 million employees in 97 countries. This is the most representative survey at a global level, from which the list of the 25 multinational companies with the highest appreciation by their workers emerges.

Free market, the most representative company in the country worldwide, it ranked eighth, being the only one with national capitals on the list. The outstanding data stems from the growth of the e-commerce firm, which grew 5 places and entered the top ten to reach the eighth place for the first time.

The international podium was made up of Cisco, DHL Express Y Hilton. The last two also make up the cumulus of companies that have a presence in Argentina. The list is completed with Salesforce, SAP, Dell, Volvo, Santander, Natura and the unicorn founded by Marcos Galperín.

DHL Team.jpg

The bank Santander, one of the largest in Argentina, it is one of the two banks that make up the prestigious ranking together with Scotiabank. The firm went up a notch by going from 247 to 23 in the last edition.

“2020 is a year with great historical challenges. A new virus appeared and the closing of the markets, with the aim of ‘flattening the curve’, unleashed a great recession of a magnitude similar to the Great Depression ”, said Ed Frauenheim, Director of Content at Great Place to Work

Frauenheim added that “2020 also marked a milestone in terms of human management and the rapid reaction of the World’s Best Workplaces, which turned this situation into an opportunity to improve, to be creative in the way they care for women. people, to deepen their commitment to the community and to connect with great courage through new ways.

The consultant also stressed that despite the difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the average trust, pride and camaraderie of the companies in the ranking was, as in 2019, the highest of the decade, with 85%.

Among the companies, it is worth highlighting the Hilton company, which is part of one of the sectors hardest hit by SARS-CoV2, such as tourism, which saw its activity completely paralyzed. Despite this, 92% of its employees considered it an excellent place to work. This allowed it to be among the 3 most valued companies in terms of employment.

On the other hand, from the consulting firm they emphasized that those companies that focused on people – including marginalized communities and sectors – were the ones that best managed to overcome the crisis. An example of this was what happened during the crisis of 2007-2009, when the companies that led the ranking of The best places to work registered a profit of 14.4%, the same period in which the S&P 500 lost 35, 5% and the FTSE 100 showed a 31% drop.


or Messi leaves or has to sell Ansu and lower salaries

He Barcelona Soccer Club owes banks and clubs 820 million euros, of which it will only deduct 332 for pending collections, for which it presents a net debt in the 2019-20 season of 488 million. An alarming figure, since it came from 217 last season, which would place it first in the ranking of debtor clubs in Europe, according to the ‘Financial Year Report’ that the UEFA published annually and that this last year has not seen the light yet due to the appearance of covid-19. Until last year, the Manchester United it was the team with the most debt, with 459 million euros, followed by Inter (438), Atlético (391) and Juventus (291). He Real Madrid it did not appear in the ranking of defaulters.

Barcelona has entered 192 million euros less than what it had budgeted. Out of an expected income of 1,047 million it reached only 855, even if the club warns that, without the pandemic, the figure would rise to 1,059. Barça closes the 2019-2020 season with losses of 97 million euros and the red numbers will continue in 2020-2021, as expected in the accounts.

Big problems for Bartomeu in his final stretch of term.  (EFE)
Big problems for Bartomeu in his final stretch of term. (EFE)

Problems with the wage bill

The revenue forecast for next season, which was initially $ 1.12 billion, has been drastically lowered to $ 791. The ravages of the pandemic, with the lack of public in the stands, will cause 330 million to stop entering. And that makes it a major issue for Bartomeu and its directive the subject of the wage bill. The League will not register clubs whose salary mass exceeds 70% of its budget. At the end of this year, the Barça wage bill reached 636 million, a reassuring 61%. But with revenue declining to $ 791 million, the wage bill soars around 80%. Barcelona has managed to reduce it this summer by 42 million with the departure of players such as Luis Suárez (23.4 million euros gross per year), Rakitic (13.3) or Vidal (9). But with the unexpected decrease in income you need to reduce the wage bill much more.

He has two alternatives: negotiate a salary reduction for the squad, as the club is proposing, or let out players with a high salary weight

Bartomeu’s alternatives are two: generate more revenue by selling players or getting rid of players with high contracts. If you bet on the former, you would have to sell the only footballer who would generate a real capital gain from his transfer, Ansu Fati, for which they estimate that they will get 150 million. The sale of Griezmann or Dembelé, for example, would not be profitable as it cost the club 120 and 140 million euros respectively, unrealistic figures for a market in crisis like the current one. Barça calculates that capital gains from transfers should reach 73 million this season. But Umtiti and Dembelé have not left and now we will have to work on the January market.

The other option is to lighten the salary mass, and in that aspect it also has two alternatives: negotiate a reduction in the staff’s salary, as the club is proposing, or let out players with a lot of salary weight. The first bet is dangerous because it could end with players denouncing their contracts or going free even in January. There is a real risk that footballers will claim their freedom letter, or at least challenge the measure proposed by the club, since they are protected by law with article 41 of the Workers’ Statute. And it would not be the first time that a professional athlete uses the Workers’ Statute to demand the termination of their contract. It remains to be seen how the club acts, which could negotiate the salary reduction with each player individually.

The second would go through letting Messi out, whose salary weight is around 70 million gross per year. A measure that has not been valued, as has been seen when the club refused to let the Argentine leave after announcing his frustrated departure. Messi stays and you have to bear his salary weight, so the solution is to lower the salary of his teammates.

Leo Messi during this Friday's game with Argentina.  (EFE)Leo Messi during this Friday's game with Argentina.  (EFE)
Leo Messi during this Friday’s game with Argentina. (EFE)

The ballast of the Espai Barça

During Bartomeu’s tenure, Barcelona has bagged more than 500 million euros in sales (222 with the payment of the Neymar clause to PSG), but the problem is the very high cost of the operations faced with transfers such as Dembelé (140) or Coutinho (160). Spending on salaries and transfer repayments has triggered the debt, and to this has been added another unexpected burden: the Barça space. The financing of the technological project already reaches 815 million euros of expenditure. A problem that punishes even more the battered culé economy.

Barcelona is the tip of the iceberg, for being the club with the highest salary mass. But the rest of the top clubs in Europe are experiencing similar situations. Dortmund has closed this season with losses of 44 million and already announces 75 for next. Its president, Hans-Joachim Watzke, offered a diagnosis shared by all his colleagues: “We will only benefit again if there are no restrictions on attendance at stadiums. We must be patient. Football is extremely difficult to imagine without fans and it is time to endure “. Roma, who lost 204 million this past year, need to enter 140 million and announced a capital increase in June to try to save the club financially.

Real Madrid, however, saved the season because it had planned a profit of 40 million and that cushion saved it from the impact of the pandemic. The whites, who have turned all their expectations into the remodeling of a new Bernabéu that will boost the club’s ordinary income, are considering an austere budget for next season, which would be around 650 million. Something that would not cause a problem with the weight of your salary bill, since capital gains from transfers such as Achraf, Reguilón and Óscar Rodríguez give margin. And in addition, Florentino already closed a salary cut with the staff last year, given the imminent crisis of the pandemic, which allows him to be relieved.


The Valencian Corts have approved a PNL in support of Kurdistan and against the invasion of Turkey

They approve an NLP in the Corts in support of Kurdistan.

The Valencian Courts have approved a Non-Law Proposition (NLP) in support of Kurdistan and against the invasion of Turkey. This text is the result of joint work between the Valencià Committee of solidarity with Kurdistan and the parliamentary forces of the Valencian left that, after qualifying a first text, agreed on the NLP that has now been approved.

This NLP presented by Compromís, the PSPV and Podemos, has counted on the abstention of the other political forces of the parliamentary arch and includes, among others: the condemnation of the military operation that Turkey now began a year ago in the Kurdish territory of the northwest of Syria, which caused the death and forced displacement of the population; solidarity with the Kurdish people, urging the Government of Spain to demand from the United Nations Security Council the creation of a security zone for the Kurdish population, guaranteeing access to humanitarian aid for the population; Furthermore, it supports the announcement by the Government of Spain to deny licenses for the export of military material to Turkey, which may be used against the civilian population.

Just this week it will be a year since Turkey’s invasion of the Kurdish city of Serekaneh, which caused the occupation of the city, the forced displacement of its population and the theft of its properties, which is why in turn has launched a solidarity campaign denouncing the events and promoting the right of return for the displaced and refugee population.

The Committee for solidarity with Kurdistan also points out the need for internationalist mobilization and to extend solidarity with the anti-fascist struggle of the Kurdish people for life and freedom. This text approved by the Valencian Corts must be a loudspeaker that contributes to making the complaint against the savage policy of war and destruction of the Turkish government against the Kurdish people heard more strongly.


Pandora & Lucasfilm release Star Wars bracelet

If you’re a big “Star Wars” fan and want something other than t-shirts, LEGO, posters or sneakers for the franchise, you might be interested in a bracelet, because Pandora has now teamed up with Lucasfilm.

A new Pandora bracelet with ten matching “Star Wars” pendants was created from a partnership between the jewelry chain Pandora and Lucasfilm. These show the iconic characters like Darth Vader, R2-D2, Chewbacca and even Das Kind (Baby Yoda). For the sake of the environment, the trailers are made from 71% recycled metal.

Customers who buy at least two “Star Wars” pendants will receive a special collection box in which the bracelet and up to four pendants can be stored. The offer is only valid until October 11, 2020.