Verón, Cuello and Quiroga are already in Tokyo 2021 and a man from Entre Ríos awaits his chance

The great news of Argentine Olympic boxing arrived. The country will have the representation of at least three boxers in the next Tokyo Games. Francisco Verón joins Mirco Cuello and Ramón Quiroga, who had already practically sealed their participation, and only their officialization remained. Thus, Argentina will have three fighters who enter by classification in the ranking of the Boxing Working Group (BTF, for its English silgas) of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in AIBA competitions, after the Boxing Pre-Olympic was canceled. de América, which was scheduled to take place in Buenos Aires, from May 10 to 16.

On Wednesday’s day came the official confirmation from the BTF, which the Argentine team had been waiting for so much. Ramón Quiroga (52 kg.) And Mirco Cuello (57 kg.) Already had their places assured for the Olympic event and were only waiting for the officialization, being located among the four best in the ranking in the continent of their respective categories. They both feature fourths. Argentina was waiting for the resolution by Francisco Verón (75 kg.), Who depended on the criteria of the BTF to prepare the ranking of the division, which finally placed him third, in order to also seal his pass for the Games that start on 23 next July.

Among his most important achievements, Quiroga was a bronze medalist at the Lima 2019 Pan American Games. Cuello obtained the bronze medal at the Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games in 2018, and the gold medal at an international tournament in Istanbul, Turkey. . Verón also comes from winning gold in the same tournament in Turkey.

While all three already have their presence assured, they might not be the only ones. Between June 10 and 11, the second BTF call will take place. There, the chances of two more representatives could crystallize, the entrerriano Brian Arregui (69 kg.) And Lucía Pérez (69 kg.). Both are first substitutes by ranking and depend on the loss of one of those already classified, something that could happen.
Pérez is fourth, in a division in which three qualify, and awaits the release of a place, something that could happen since one of the best ranked has problems with her federation.

But the one who has the best chances is the fighter from Villaguay, who is sixth, in a division that the first five enter. Although it also depends on the release of a square, his illusions grow since the Venezuelan Gabriel Maestre (former double Olympian, current professional and No. 2 in the world welterweight ranking of the World Boxing Association) would be feasible to give up competing, since who has professional fights scheduled in the United States. On June 19, Maestre will face the Canadian Cody Crowley in Houston, Texas, for an extremely high purse, and if he wins (he is a favorite), he is expected to offer a match of great importance against an elite figure worldwide.

With this, the hopes for the Villaguayan Arregui increase, whose most significant achievement was winning the gold medal at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires in 2018.

The surprise and at the same time anger was unleashed when it was known that the Cordoba sisters Leonela and Dayana Sánchez would have qualified directly for the games, if they had not been suspended for positive doping. Leonela is the first classified in 57 kg. across the continent, and Dayana third at 60 kg. Although Leonela was also a mother in recent months, and both were not trained with the national team, due to the suspension they were not registered for the Pre-Olympic which was later canceled, a mandatory requirement for the individual of the Olympic event.

Beyond all the speculations, we will have to wait until June 11 to know the final list.

The Olympic Games have a start date of July 23, but it is not ruled out that they suffer some type of alteration, as a result of the pandemic. After its completion in 2020 – its original date – was canceled due to the emergence of the Coronavirus COVID-19 worldwide, it was postponed to 2021. However, there are many social pressures in Japan to prevent competition from developing. It is not easy. If canceled, previously signed multi-million dollar contracts would be broken, which will require large reparations.

Meanwhile, the athletes continue to prepare. And the Argentine boxing team dreams of reaching the maximum possible of five participants.


The new expansion of the WOW Classic already has a release date

by Nicolás “Naiko“Bahl for The Abyss Of Evil /

If there is something that characterizes the ads of Blizzard Activion is the amount of negativity you get, and this was no exception. In the midst of a wave of complaints from various groups of players and content creators, after learning that more than half of the subscriptions that the game had when the last expansion came out had already been canceled, the company announced that in less than 1 month your version Classic would advance to The Burning Crusade.

This news fell very badly in the community considering the delay time that the new expansion of the World Of Warcraft Retail, the updated version of the game, comes with. And if to all this we add that the announcement time does not leave room for new players to start playing to have a character ready for the next expansion, the general malaise was already in the air. But perhaps the straw that broke the camel’s back was the incorporation of different versions of the game that will come with mounts, level ups, gold and equipment so that we can start the adventure at level 58.

Less than 3 weeks after your departure we believe that the decision was extremely hasty. It has no other purpose than to be able to balance a little the immense amount of losses that the company had during this first half of the year. Not giving players time to play but offering them a solution at a high cost is no coincidence. And despite all this we are going to continue at the foot of the canon what for a large part of the community was the best expansion of World Of Warcraft ever created. We cannot deny that a part of us is not excited, since several of us who are part of The Abyss Of Evil We started playing during this expansion more than a decade ago.


“Now Brexit narratives are coming out, which are highly politically charged”

María Alonso is one of the main promoters of the project “Narrativas das novas diasporas”, which will analyze the literature of 21st century frontiers for two years. Focused on two axes – comfort zones and conflict zones – and in three languages ​​- Galician, Spanish and English -, it seeks to open new lines of research in this field of studies.

What is this project about?

It is an interdisciplinary, transnational and multicultural and multilingual project. Our objective is to analyze literary texts in Galician, Spanish and English that represent in one way or another the new diasporas and the new migratory movements of the 21st century.

Why the decision to separate the corpus into conflict zones and comfort zones?

Migration experiences vary enormously depending on whether they occur in a conflict zone or a comfort zone. Normally, what most catches our attention is that of conflict zones, such as Mexican migration to the United States. But there are also other types of migrations in comfort zones, such as European intramigration, which although at first it seems that they are not conflictive, they have a series of very particular conditions and that are now being represented through the arts. The starting point of these texts will be different. But they all revolve around –that is our starting hypothesis– the idea of ​​a privileged community, which is the one that receives, and a subaltern, which is the one that moves from one geographical place to another for whatever reasons.

Mention the Brexit narratives. Have you had time to generate a whole literary movement around such a recent event?

This is when Brexit narratives are coming out. In the Galician field we can talk about some examples but in the English language field very interesting things are being published by authors already fully established in the United Kingdom and by new authors. They have a very important political charge and are very critical of this implicit and explicit border that has been created for reasons that are not yet understood. I lived through Brexit in Scotland. My Scottish partner came here and now he is the immigrant in Spain. This situation is so extremely ridiculous that life experiences like mine, which may be anecdotal, are possibly more common than we think.

Do you plan to continue the project once the two years are over?

That is the intention, but everything will depend on the possibilities that arise. In my case, I have to work thinking in the short term because the type of research contracts that exist at the moment are very short. Academic times are not in line with administrative times.


“My family and I are looking forward to moving to Vigo, we love the food and the culture”

Susan Steele will go down in history as the first woman to head the European Fisheries Control Agency (EFCA) and will do so from Vigo, where the community body is based. A PhD from the National University of Ireland, Steele was the Executive President of the Irish Fisheries Protection Authority and from her native country she speaks to the readers of “Atlántico” about the position that she will hold from 1 September in a place already known for her. “I have had the pleasure of visiting Vigo many times. My family and I really want to move. The city and its area are really beautiful, with a lot to explore, and we love the food and the culture “, says Steele, who also has knowledge of Vigo fishing because when she lived in Castletownbere and was a Fishing teacher” I had the opportunity to train a lot of the Gran Sol crew. “” I have always admired that they treat catches with great care, “he says.

Take over in a unique and complicated year, in the midst of a global pandemic and with the newly released Brexit. What will it mean for the Agency’s work?

The two are very different challenges in nature and require separate analysis. Our work will be affected by Brexit as the UK is now a third country and the Agency will support the European Union and Member States in this new context. As for covid, it has changed the way we all relate and work. Specifically, it has accelerated the digitization process, and also for the Agency, thus converging with one of the priority objectives of the European Union.

Did the crisis generated by the covid have an impact on the inspection work?

It had an impact in the sense that to guarantee the safety of the inspections and reduce the risks of contagion, it was necessary to prioritize control and inspection tasks and establish security protocols for shipments. The Agency provided great support to the Member States and the European Union by helping them to fulfill their international obligations and to maintain a good level of control and inspection in the different fisheries, also providing a holistic picture of the situation at sea. In addition, additional tools such as data analysis or aerial surveillance were used more extensively.

And the British waters, were they problematic?

British waters do not belong to the Agency’s Joint Deployment Plans.

What are the most conflictive areas in terms of fisheries controls?

In general, one cannot speak of more or less conflictive areas. It works through a risk analysis in cooperation with the Member States, which takes into account many factors such as environmental, regulatory or fishing gear, beyond geographical factors.

Are more offenses committed at sea or on land?

The data available in the 2020 report indicates that the percentage of suspicious infringements is higher in inspections at sea. Underreporting of catches (45%) and infractions in conservation measures (29%) are the types of infraction most frequently detected.

What objectives do you set in your mandate?

In the short term my goals are a smooth transition as the new CEO. Pascal Savouret has done a magnificent job and it is important that the transition is smooth. The appointment of a new CEO is an important opportunity to review and, where possible, improve the performance of the Agency. In the long term I will try to comply with the highest standards of control, inspection and surveillance of the Common Fisheries Policy and ensure that the Agency operates at the highest level of excellence and transparency.

What will be the first thing you do when you enter your new position?

My first priority will be to ensure a smooth transition and to work with the staff to improve European fisheries control and the fulfillment of coastguard functions. The Agency has faced many challenges and achieved excellent results thanks to its quality and the dedication of its expert and competent staff.


Recovered from COVID-19 who have been vaccinated can donate plasma – Information – 05/02/2021

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The Maldonado Blood Center reported that people recovered from COVID-19 who have already been vaccinated against the virus may be donors of convalescent plasma.

“Contrary to what has been handled, the updating of the procedures in the processes of the fight against COVID-19, today allows to break down the impediment to those vaccinated from being donors of convalescent plasma; this will allow to have a greater number of donors, to obtain and apply plasma from recovered ”.

According to information from the Hemocenter, 43% of rejections are to women who have ever had a pregnancy. Then, 34% of the rejections corresponded to people already vaccinated. The remaining 23% responded to tattoos, piercing or medication.

Recently, the country reported that the possibility of using plasma from recovered that had already been given some of the doses of the vaccine against COVID-19 was being analyzed. On April 24, infectologists, immunologists, hematologists and hemotherapists, among other professionals who make up a committee under the orbit of the Administration of State Health Services (ASSE), will begin to study whether it is possible that those patients recovered and who already were vaccinated against COVID-19 (that is, they have been discharged for more than three months), they are also plasma donors.

Why donate plasma? Plasma, according to the Hemocenter, allows increase the immune response to infection. In this way, the disease can be shorter and less severe.

According to studies cited by the Hemocentro, 70% of the things that receive plasma have an improvement.

In turn, according to what El País reported, 28% of people who were infected with coronavirus have the possibility of donating plasma to infected patients.


Europe has its crosses and there will be a new Champions

On the side of the prized Champions League, Spanish Real Madrid and English Chelsea will meet first in Madrid, on the 27th of this month, then in London, on May 5. The merengue team eliminated the last champion, Liverpool. The blues, for their part, have had an impeccable Champions League so far, leaving behind teams like Atlético de Madrid.

In the other semi-final, Manchester City will be the 28 against the French PSG, who will receive him in the rematch on May 4. Both have been seeking their consecration for several seasons and this may be for one of the two.

EUROPE LEAGUE. Villarreal of Spain will face Arsenal and Manchester United in Rome next Thursday, April 29, the first leg and on May 6, the return, in the crosses that have resulted in the Europa League, the other current tournament.

Manchester United will face Rome in the semifinals, on the same dates.

On the other hand, next Monday UEFA would approve a new 36-team format from 2024, with a single qualifying table.


The Legend of the Tower of London Crows – People – Culture

The British monarchy is in mourning: this April 9, at the age of 99, Philip of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, died. It is worth remembering that the president had certain health mishaps in recent weeks. These complications even forced him to stay in a UK clinic for a few days.

After that the world is aware of the ‘future’ of the monarchy. Many, on social networks, wondered about the end of one of the most extensive legacies in the history of nations.

(Also read: What are the mourning protocols in the British Crown?)

However, several internet users pointed out that the ‘fall of the crown’ will only occur when the crows leave guarding the Tower of London.

What is this curious superstition about?

Philippe of Edinburgh died at the age of 99. His departure ‘sets off the alarm bells’ about the future of the British monarchy and the likely rise of new generations of heirs.

Seven crows ‘in the service’ of the monarchy

Although there is no explicit origin of the superstition, the belief indicates that the British monarchy will end only when the ravens leave the Tower of London. That is why they are an essential part of the kingdom and they are cared for like pets.

In fact, these seven custodians were for a long time Jubilee, Harris, Gripp, Rocky, Erin, Poppy y Merlina. There are royal guards whose function is to ensure the welfare of these birds.

And it is that the popular adage indicates: “there must be at least six ravens, otherwise both the Tower and the monarchy will fall”.

Ancient engravings and various stories about the legend are known, however, it is only a historical superstition that, even today, is still valid between the traditions of the British monarchy.

(We tell him: The dark moments that marked the life of Prince Felipe)

Merlina made the kingdom ‘shake’

According to various media at the time, in December 2020 the guards went to the grounds of the Tower in order to keep the birds – they usually have moments of ‘walk’. However, they only found six.

Merlina was missing.

Nothing more was known about this ‘guardian’. In fact, by January 2021 she was officially declared missing. In that case he started a new ‘training’ of crows to give Merlina’s legacy to a new bird.

(It may interest you: UK clubs pay tribute to Prince Philip)



The AirPods Max already have their wireless charging base, and without the help of Apple | Gadgets

The AirPods Max hit the market last December, in a launch so limited that the device has been practically out of stock for weeks, at least in Apple’s distribution network. They are, so far, Californians’ most ambitious over-ear wireless headphones, far above any Beats model.

The Max Stand. floating pixels

Despite being the most expensive, with a price in Spain of 629 euros, they come with a cable charging system, with MagSafe termination so that in case of a pull neither the connector nor the port of the helmets themselves suffer, so that Apple missed the opportunity to install some kind of wireless item to match the times. Although, as always happens, a small outside company has decided to finish the job that the Cupertino people left halfway.

A simple foundation in any color

The idea that the Germans have had of floating pixels is that of create a wireless base where we can leave the AirPods Max standing while charging. As simple as that. A base that has the shape of the two headphones and that when placed on the ergonomic surface, allows the link between the components so that recharging the battery is a quick and hassle-free task.

The Max Stand.
The Max Stand. floating pixels

In addition, the choice that the helmets rest standing is another of the successes of this The Max Stand since allows us to leave it in a visible place without fear that it appears thrown in any way. Thus, helmets offer a sense of order wherever we leave them and the way to pick them up to use them again is more natural, grabbing them by the headband to lift them, without friction.

The Max Stand.
The Max Stand. floating pixels

This charging base has a USB-C connector that is the one that is hooked to the power adapter and that will force us to always have it installed in a specific place in the house. In addition, its developers have thought about practically all the details and We will have this The Max Stand available in the same colors that Apple sells its AirPods Max, so that we have the matching set: green, blue, pink, white or black, with the same shades as the helmets.

This project is in the phase of crowdfunding via Kickstarter and it’s “all or nothing.” That is, if the necessary money is not collected, it will not be carried out, although that limit must be said that they exceeded it a few hours ago. If you want to get one, just you have to go to the page and reserve it at the price of 59 euros so that it reaches you in the month of May.


Premier League: James is happy at Everton, has ambitious goals, praises Ancelotti, interview | Colombians Abroad

He has the option of collapsing, of suffering like no one else in the world can from constant injuries, of listening to every critic and believing that everything has already been said. But by now he knows that there is nothing accidental in his career, he understands that there are good things in his landing in the Premier League and he is going for more. As always.

James Rodríguez has granted an interview to the official Everton website in which he highlights that yes, that 5 goals in 21 appearances and two prolonged casualties due to injury were not in the plans, but he is already a part of the past and in the future his best version.

“I’m reasonably happy with how I’m playing. I think there’s more to come and I can get into better form. But when I’ve performed well, it has had a positive effect on the team. And that’s what I want: for the team to play. good football and perform at a high level, “said the Colombian. Glass half full.

Although he arrived without much of a Real Madrid sign, from which he almost fled when he stopped counting, his landing in the demanding Premier League has been much simpler than expected: “it has been very easy to settle down. I have come to a good club, a club that wants to achieve great things. I am with a coach who knows exactly how I am, how to relate to his players and his staff, I get along fantastically well with him, as a father and son. So, everything was very easy and simple, “he said.

“Soccer is much more physical here. There is a lot of contact and you see fouls all the time. But these are all new experiences and I am happy to add this one to my list … Many of my hopes and dreams have come true, but … when you fulfill your dreams, you want to achieve even more. ” your career if not?

Clearly, he also knows what the Everton fan wants to hear from his creative: “Here we are, taking things step by step. If Everton can reach the heights of Real and Bayern, why not? First of all … we have to fight in top of the league. The last two games haven’t been as good as we would have liked, but that’s the Premier League. Every game is like a final … a battle. But that’s what we’re here for and you have to make sure you’re in good shape, strong mentally and prepared for everything, as it is going to be difficult. ” Like him, now that it has taken a little more than a month to be at full capacity in this final stretch, that of the assault on Champions League positions.


The iPhone 13 will borrow a function that the Apple Watch already have | Smartphones

There are times Apple decides to set a path that later other manufacturers of smartphones but, on other occasions, it happens just the other way around. What When a road is already clogged with so much traffic, those from Cupertino appear pretending they just found out to welcome a function that millions of users have been using for years on their phones (with Android).

And in this case it is curious because Apple has a precedent in the Apple Watch Series 5 that arrived on the market in 2019, which among its few novelties (because they did not include many, if not any) they boasted of having a always on display that allowed the user to always see the time although the smartwatch is locked and with the screen (technically) off.

The iPhone will always give you the time

Thus, from the YouTube channel EverythingApplePro they have taken advantage of the last hours to publish a video in which he comes to give new clues about some of the features that these new iPhone 13 of 2021 will have. The most outstanding is this one from the screen always active, or on, although with the brightness quite dim so as not to use up the entire battery. A function that Android users have already had for some years, with Samsung as the main driver.

Thanks to this always on display, the user will have a way to know the time of the smartphone no need to unlock it, or activate the screen by pressing any button, as well as notifications of notifications, calls, etc. Although it remains to be seen how Apple implements it in its future iPhone 13, it is a fast and minimally invasive way to control the notifications that are coming to the phone and that takes advantage of one of the best qualities of some OLED panels, such as the possibility of activate only a few screen pixels to deactivate the rest and thus avoid excessive energy expenditure.

Also, in the same video EverythingApplePro have confirmed that This year’s iPhone 13s will hit stores with 120Hz display panels. with LTPO technology (low-temperature polycrystalline oxide), such as those that the Apple Watch has been using since 2019 and that are the ones that allow this function of the always on display work smoothly. We will see, but without a doubt, Apple would go a step further in the functionality of its smartphones and print them one more plus of functionalities that have become, for many users, essential.