MIT develops an AI that recognizes if you have covid-19 by the sound of your cough

End covid-19 it remains the main mission of thousands of scientists around the planet. During the last months, numerous investigations have been carried out with the aim of trying to understand how a virus that spreads relatively easily spreads and, especially, when the person has not yet shown symptoms – or even when they never show them. Finding a remedy that allows the improvement of a patient or a vaccine that can eradicate the virus are the main objectives, although not the only ones: the latest tool developed by MIT can help a return to normality as soon as possible.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is developing a series of neural networks with the aim of helping the health authorities to control the pandemic. The latest development they have carried out is really impressive and seems almost science fiction, but the reality is that its high degree of effectiveness makes it a fundamental element: an artificial intelligence that can detect by a person’s cough if they have covid-19.

Ruben Rodriguez

Spanish researchers have discovered that eight out of ten patients with covid-19 suffer from a problem with their vitamin D levels, something that especially affects men

The main problem with the coronavirus is actually its ability to spread when the patient is not yet aware that he has contracted it. In fact, one of the main mysteries around it is not just why it spreads when someone is presymptomatic, but especially why there are people asymptomatic who do not suffer any physical problems but who are the main vector of contagion. How could someone who does not have any symptoms find out that they are actually sick and can infect more people? That is the main problem for the spread of covid-19 that now this tool can help stop.

Actually, Its operation is very simple. First of all, it has a neural network that is responsible for measure sounds associated with vocal cord strength; then another neural network takes care of detect mood signals of the subject, being able to interpret joy, anger, sadness … Finally, another third network is in charge of interpreting very subtle changes in the performance of our lungs. All three models are combined through a algorithm and this determines if there is some kind of muscle breakdown. If so, the person is infected with covid-19.

It might sound too futuristic, but the truth is that the tests they have carried out have obtained really impressive results. Some have been used 70,000 recordings of different people, with different with coughs, which are equivalent to a total of 200,000 audio samples. After using this AI, the researchers were able to recognize 98 5% of all people who were infected by covid-19 -about 2,500 people-; and, what may be even more important, they managed to discover the 100% of asymptomatic people.

This MIT study, developed by Jordi Laguarta, Ferran Hueto Y Brian Subirana, Y publicado en el ‘IEEE Journal of Engineering un Medicine and Biology’, confirms the great results of this impressive tool, although the researchers emphasize that the use of this guide It should never be a substitute for a PCR test or an antigen test. It must be an auxiliary element that helps medical services to determine if a person has contracted Covid-19 or if, on the contrary, they are healthy.

“The effective implementation of this group diagnostic tool could slow the spread of the pandemic if everyone uses it before going to a school, a factory or a restaurant. We believe this confirms that the way sound is produced changes when you have covid-19, even if there are no symptoms“, Subirana states in a statement. Although it may be imperceptible to the human ear, our voice can hold many secrets, even if we are sick with covid-19. A tool that can help stop the spread of the great pandemic of the 21st century.


the keys that will determine if you defeat the virus

At 81, Teresa Cuenca is active, walking for an hour each day and exercising on a stationary bike. No one would say that this woman from Malaga was hospitalized for 21 days for coronavirus at the beginning of the pandemic. Like many other patients, he started with a very high fever and his doctor detected something in his lungs. Once in the hospital, she was diagnosed with pneumonia, she was admitted and at times they had to supply her with oxygen. “I was not afraid“, he assures, although he admits that perhaps it was due to ignorance. We were in the first days of confinement and we still did not know what the dimension of the tragedy that the covid was going to cause was going to be.

In his case, everything went well, the evolution was favorable, he avoided the ICU and returned home. After a few months, the best news is that it has no sequelae, although the recovery was slow. “I have done a lot on my part,” he says in statements to Teknautas, “because I came out a rag, I was walking a step and I had to sit down,” but little by little he walked more and more, he gained strength and Today it has almost returned to being the same as before.

Wing. Villarino

Geneticists are trying to draw a map to determine who is most likely to suffer from a severe covid infection. They have already reached some interesting conclusions

Except for the fact that she had some osteoarthritis, Teresa was in fairly good health and went two or three times a week to maintenance gymnastics, an activity that she has not resumed – the gym she attended was closed – but which she has been maintaining for more than 20 years . “I see people my age who are worse, I feel stronger“She says. And perhaps there is the key that explains why she overcame the disease and other elderly people do not get ahead.

Despite the fact that much has been said about comorbidities and many other factors, doctors believe that the functional state that older people had before being admitted for covid is decisive for them to overcome the disease. That is the conclusion of a I study Spanish who has analyzed the clinical characteristics and risk factors of patients over 80 years of age.

“The elderly have been the great victims of the pandemic, but also the most invisible, there are few specific studies on the very elderly population “, denounces Ricardo Gómez Huelgas, president of the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI) and one of the specialists who has participated in the research. For this reason, this work Published in the journal ‘Journal of Gerontology Series A: Medical Sciences’ and based on data from the SEMI-COVID-19 Clinical Registry, it is one of the most relevant on the international scene to date.

Photo: EFE.Photo: EFE.
Photo: EFE.

The study confirms the severity of covid pneumonia in this segment of the population, with a very high mortality: 46.9% of the patients died. The sample consisted of 2,772 patients over 80 years of age who were admitted to 150 hospitals between March 1 and May 29, 2020. The analysis confirms that also within this segment the risk increases over the years: among the 80 and at 84 years the fatality reached 41.6%; between 85 and 90 years old it rose to 47.3%; from 90 to 94, 52.7%; and in those over 95 years of age it rose to 54.2%.

Despite these data, age is not everything. “From our point of view, the most interesting result of the study is that, regarding the prognosis of patients, there is something more important than age and the burden of associated diseases, it is functional capacity“, says the expert. In other words, patients who maintain a good physical condition, a good cognitive condition and are able to preserve their personal autonomy in daily activities have a better chance of succeeding in case of infection. This is also the case in other diseases, but it was not studied or described in the covid.

Comorbidity does not matter

While in the general population comorbidities such as diabetes are statistically significant for the evolution of patients, this does not happen after the age of 80. 30.8% of the study patients had atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, 25.6% diabetes mellitus and 30.5% dementia, but none of these factors had a significant influence on mortality. “In very old people, being hypertensive or having a coronary disease does not carry a greater risk”, confirms José Manuel Ramos Rincón, first author of the article, “the key is in the baseline situation and degree of dependence”.

Technically, specialists measure this question through the Barthel index, a dependency scale that assesses the functional status of the patient. “Below 60, it is a dependent person who needs help to dress, eat, walk and do the usual tasks of daily life. In the case of covid that is the limit that is associated with a worse prognosis.”

The main predictive factor specific to the elderly is their state of frailty and their functional capacity

Definitely, “the main predictive factor specific to the elderly it is their state of fragility and their functional capacity. A robust elderly patient, with good functional status, even if they have a burden of significant chronic diseases responds better to covid than another elderly patient who, although they have fewer chronic diseases, already starts from a state of dependency, “says the president of the SEMI.

Although that “good functional condition“It does not seem to have a very precise definition outside of the medical profession, experts know that it hides a biological reality that is key in critical moments.” Over the years, you lose reserves, the elderly have less capacity to respond when a stressor comes across their path “, explains Gómez Huelgas,” but some of them reach those years with a good functional reserve “and that factor is decisive in the face of other diseases, such as normal pneumonia, or a hip fracture. knows that it is also against the coronavirus.

Photo: EFE.Photo: EFE.
Photo: EFE.

In part, it is explained by genetic factors, which are not modifiable, but also by lifestyle. “We must transfer the elderly and even middle ages the importance of maintaining a healthy behavior, with a Mediterranean diet and some physical activity “, which affects a good aerobic capacity and a good reserve of skeletal muscle (the tissues attached to the bones). That is the best way to avoid frailty, although controlling cardiovascular risk factors, such as cholesterol, hypertension or diabetes, would also be part of prevention.

When a patient arrives at the hospital with covid, there are a series of biomarkers that doctors take into account to make a prognosis, but they are not very different in some age groups or in others. It is foreseeable that the evolution will be worse with certain markers of inflammation, prothrombotic state, bilateral pneumonia, low blood pressure, low oxygen saturation or low levels of lymphocytes, but this does not vary in the young or old population. Researchers have only found one different specific marker in older people that can anticipate worse behavior: decreased kidney function.

Lower fatality in the second wave

The study data refers to the population over 80 years of age in the first wave of the covid, when the tsunami devastated the health system. But what is happening with the new cases? “Our impression is that mortality is lower“says Ramos Rincón. However, he acknowledges that the reasons are clear. An important factor may be that cases are detected earlier and patients arrive at the hospital before the disease is very advanced.

Furthermore, the management of patients has also changed. Although there have been no breakthrough therapies, doctors have learned to administer the few drugs they do have more effectively. “We already put corticosteroids in everyone to reduce inflammation“, says the expert.” Anticoagulation is also important, although we began to take it into account in the first wave, it did not reach all patients, “he adds. These treatments are serving to improve the evolution of all those hospitalized for covid, the older and younger, but its effect is more significant among the group that statistically has the worst fatality figures.


The climate is overheating after the attempted takeover of the Municipality and leaders linked to Saintout and Grabois are targeted

In the municipal corridors, government officials of Mayor Julio Garro dispatched anger against the “Turkish” Jalil a reference linked to UTEP and with arrival at Juan Grabois, Ramiro “Vasco” Berdesegar, of the CCC, and former candidate for councilor last year on the deputy list Florencia Saintout, who is also a benchmark of the space led by the national deputy for the Frente de Todos, Juan Carlos Alderete, Y Daniel Menendez, the latter official of the national government in the Ministry of Social Development. “Some of them ask for meetings, others act distracted afterwards, and others are directly involved in miserable attitudes”, they denied.

Even this morning the mayor himself Julio Garro said in statements to Radio Miter: “What happened yesterday was something we never imagined.”

“” More than seven months ago we established an ordinance by which we meet in neighborhood committees every Friday in each neighborhood “ commented and added: “Two social organizations had requested a meeting, the CCC and the UTEP, and it had been set for today at noon; but strikingly yesterday they entered the Municipality with violence. ”

“This is not the way or does it lead to a solution, for an issue that we do not know what it is … because this is clearly not a social or food issue, but a political one; there is no other explanation”said the president.

Added: “It caught our attention a lot, especially the violence that was carried out trying to take over the municipality.”

“This is, in my opinion, a way of extorting, intimidating and scarying; but there are limits and we are not going to tolerate this”, Held.

Added: “You have to think about the level of violence, which for several weeks has been escalating in our country.”

“Extortion is the way to start a spiral that we do not know how far it can go”, he lamented.

Barrios de Pie takes off and points to Menéndez

“From Barrios de Pie / Libres del Sur we detach any responsibility with the events of public knowledge that occurred at the gates of the Municipality of La Plata carried out this morning” says a communiqué distributed to the press yesterday.

They add: “We clarify that Barrios de Pie is the territorial space of Libres del Sur and that Silvia Saravia coordinates it at the national level.”

“The social organization that today was one of the protagonists in the events that occurred at the gates of the Municipality is Barrios de Pie / Somos, led by Daniel Menéndez (official of the National Social Development portfolio) and that since 2018 no longer is part of our organization “they add.

Then they say: “We also denounce that Menéndez has been making use of the name Barrios de Pie, dirtying the construction that for years we have built together with the most humble sectors of the country.”


Oil sinks to 5.7% on fears of excess supply

The futures of the international benchmark Brent fell 4.6% to $ 39.74 a barrel, after climbing almost 2% on Tuesday, while those of the West Texas Intermediate in the United States (WTI) fell 5.7% to 37 $ 38 a barrel, after winning 2.6% in the previous session.

US oil and gasoline stocks rose last week, according to data from the American Petroleum Institute (API). Crude inventories rose 4.6 million barrels to about 495.2 million barrels, well above analysts’ expectations in a Reuters poll of a rise of 1.2 million barrels.

“Given the sharp rise in stocks across the board in API figures, it is no surprise that the price of crude is dropping this morning as we await the official EIA numbers this afternoon,” said Harry Tchilinguirian, BNP Paribas analyst.

Energy companies and ports on the US coast of the Gulf of Mexico prepared Tuesday for the impact of Hurricane Zeta, which was moving through the area.

Likewise, the United States, Russia, France and other countries are registering record numbers of Covid-19 cases in recent days and European governments are passing new restrictions to try to stop the strong growth of the outbreaks.

US President Donald Trump acknowledged Tuesday that an economic relief package for the coronavirus is likely to be agreed upon after the presidential election, as the White House was unable to bridge differences with fellow Republicans in the Senate and with Democrats in Congress.

Oil markets were equally pressured by Libyan production, which is expected to rebound to 1 million barrels a day in the coming weeks.


Professional League: Board of Trustees has a day and time for the home debut against Huracán

This afternoon the schedule of the second date on which the board of trustees will be local to Huracán at the Presbítero Bartolomé Grella Stadium was announced. The day is next Friday from 7:00 p.m. Consequently, he will repeat the day and time since this Friday he visits Gimnasia at the same time he will receive the balloon from Parque Patricios.


Friday November 6

19.00 Board of Trustees – Hurricane

21.15 Argentines – Aldosivi

Saturday November 7

16.00 Banfield – Godoy Cruz
18.30 San Lorenzo – Students
21.15 River – Rosario Central

Sunday November 8

14.00 Arsenal – Atlético Tucumán
16.15 Gymnastics – Vélez
18.45 Independent – Colon
21.15 Newells – Boca

Monday November 9

17.00 Workshops – Lanús
19.15 Central Córdoba – Defense and Justice
21.30 Union – Racing


Tomorrow the Government summons the CCAA to a telematic meeting on the consequences of Brexit


Video of the day

The coronavirus pandemic exceeds 43 million cases with 1.15 million deaths.

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Despite international rejection, Turkey continues its climb in the eastern Mediterranean – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

Turkey has extended the term of the reconnaissance carried out by its ship “Uruç al-Raies” in the eastern Mediterranean until 4 of next month, during a notification issued by the Turkish Navy yesterday Saturday, in which it confirmed that “Uruç al-Raies “and the ships” Ataman “and” Genghis Khan “will continue to operate in an area south of the Greek island of Rhodes.

The Turkish Navy announced earlier this month that the ship “” Uruç al-Raies “will carry out a seismic survey in the eastern Mediterranean from October 12 to 22, and in another notification indicated that survey work in the region will continue until October 27. This October.

The European Union gave Turkey until December to “review its approaches to the eastern Mediterranean”, or else it will impose sanctions.

The dispute between Turkey and Europe escalated on August 10, when Turkey sent a ship to explore natural gas and warships into waters that it claims sovereignty with Greece.



Lebanese analyst reveals why Turkey ignites conflict S. Caucasus – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

Sarkis Abu Zeid said that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is adopting the policy of attacking more than one axis at the same time, such as in the southern Caucasus, the eastern Mediterranean, especially in Libya and Greece.

He noted that Erdogan is trying to expand Turkish influence and have a role in all these areas, so that he can make settlements and have interests on more than one level.

Abu Zeid explained in an interview with the Hawar news agency that Turkey is recently trying to stoke the conflict to profit from the conflict and disagreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan due to the presence of Turkish interests with Azerbaijan regarding oil and oil pipelines and other Economic interests. , and because Armenia has alliances with powers that have conflicts and differences with Turkey.

The Lebanese writer and political analyst pointed out that Ankara is trying to strengthen Azerbaijan’s role and provide human aid and weaponry, so that it can be in a position of strength when regional and international settlements approach, so that Turkey has an important role. and be able to negotiate on places that you are forced to withdraw in particular. In Syria, in exchange for profit in other countries that have a special strategic interest, Armenia.

Abu Zeid noted that the Turkish role aims to restore the glories of the defunct Ottoman Empire and is trying to intervene on more than one front to make it in a position capable of regional and international settlement, saying: “Therefore, all these Issues will expand and await the next arrangements, especially after the end of the US elections and knowing the US trend in the region.



Members of the European Parliament call for an investigation into Turkey’s crimes in northern Syria – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

Sixty-eight members of the European Parliament called for the formation of a delegation to travel to northern Syria and gather information on the situation in the areas of the Autonomous Administration, now and in the past, as groups supported by Turkey have been accused to commit human rights. rapes and war crimes, according to Turkey’s European Commission civilian website.

In an open letter to the President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli, members of the European Parliament called on the Turkish government to stop its political, economic and military support to all groups involved in the systematic human rights violations documented in the United Nations report. United on Syria.

It should be noted that the United Nations Commission of Inquiry has found that mercenary groups affiliated with Turkey have committed systematic looting, sexual violence, confiscation of property, and widespread arbitrary deprivation of liberty.

The members of the European Parliament pointed out that “the victims, most of them Kurds, who fled these atrocities are currently in the regions of the Autonomous Administration of northeast Syria”, and asked Sassoli to initiate “a dialogue with the body politician from the Administration and eastern Syria, and to engage in talks with displaced people from areas under Turkish occupation. “

Members of the European Parliament said that after further investigations, the prosecution of perpetrators of rights violations and war crimes could begin within the framework of the International Criminal Court.



We leave it for Tuesday | Champions League

The wait for the return of basketball in Argentina is long. In this case for the culmination of the Champions League semifinals. Quimsa is already in Buenos Aires and started with the corresponding protocols within the city. He arrived with one less player because he was positive in the last days.

Both casts will add more training, especially with their new foreigners. Not only the clear case of San Lorenzo with his new quartet (except for Tucker) but also for Quimsa with the readjustment of Robinson and especially Kent and a new foreigner who came through Draper, who finally will not be part of the team for the Champions League. . On that side it closes them both.

The protocols and swabs are demanding with the times and precisely what there is less is time. Considering that the game has 72 hours left, too fair to verify how each player is doing and losing one at the last minute could be a resounding change for the game itself. The authorization regarding DIRECTV is awaited for its programming, to see what the schedule is (it could be at 20) and carry it out.

There is another data that is not minor. The final will be the 30th (unless there is some new problem), which means less rest for the winner but with a shoot for what happened on Tuesday finally. Quite a difficult puzzle to put together.

Jos Fiebig