Bernie Sanders would not be the “Democrats’ strongest candidate against Donald Trump,” said Hillary Clinton – while the new battlefield states poll supported her. The results of Firehouse Strategies (a company founded by the Republicans) and 0ptimus have found that in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, since December, “Trump’s advantage hasContinue Reading

Jesse Jackson supports Bernie Sanders as president while the Vermont senator fights against Joe Biden On Sunday, legendary civil rights leader and presidential candidate Jesse Jackson endorsed Bernie Sanders His blessing precedes the Michigan primary on Tuesday Jackson won Michigan in the presidential 1988 It also has a strong influenceContinue Reading

Former spy Christopher Steele breaks the silence to say that Trump did not like his intelligence report because the “truth is uncomfortable for him” while defending his “dirty dossier” funded by Democrats Steele addressed students of the University of Oxford in England on Friday He wrote the “dirty dossier” thatContinue Reading