Did Tinieblas Jr fire Alushe? Reveal what happened to Kemonito


Mexico City / 18.01.2021 12:48:06

Much has been said about whatWhat happened to the first Alushe, the pet of Darkness and today, KemonitoIt was rumored that he was fired after several years of being with the fighter for his son, for which he clarified what happened.

Tinieblas Jr was with The Golden Scorpion at the wheel, where he was questioned on this issue, so the gladiator commented that it was all a lieTherefore, he decided to tell what happened to whoever was his father’s pet since 1985.

“Manipulated news, history and reality, the original version is that the first Alushe that walked with my dad, had enough work, got tired, traveling everywhere, the doctor asked him to restThat’s when he asked my dad for permission, ‘Hey, you know what? I’m going to rest, they asked me to be at rest, my back hurts a lot’; Told him ‘go ahead, of course’“Said Tinieblas Jr.

Once he was out of the pancracies, andhe World Wrestling Council sought him out to sell you the idea of return with a new character currently known as Kemonito, but not before seeking the approval of Darkness, who told him that there was no problem, since it was a great opportunity.

“It was already where they saw him there in Tepito, in La Lagunilla, because he lives in those areas and they pulled him to take him to the Arena México, they offered him a character and with all due respect he told my dad that they were offering him a chance and said go ahead ‘grab that chance’ “

How was Alushe, the pet of Darkness, born?

In the same way, the son of Darkness told how did your father come up with the idea of ​​having a pet like Alushe, a character that came out when watching the Star Wars saga, based on the Ewoks; its name that comes from the Mayan culture.

“Alushe is from the Mayan culture, they are good elves who take care of the fields, the character has been around for 4 decades, my father started showing him on the television show. Super Vacation; before that my dad said I want to have a pet, said I want to have like a bird or a puppy, it was when was inspired by the Star Wars movies, which featured the EwoksHe says ‘there it has to be’, when he saw a little person, he began to dress him, put his little bib, his gloves, his bracelets on him and put the Mayan elf Alushe on him ”.

Likewise defended that it was his father who introduced these characters to Mexican wrestling, because when seeing the fame that Alushe obtained, the companies decided to get theirs.

My dad was the one who started creating these fighters, because they are not fighters, they are a mascot, they began to make their little plank; my father was the creator of this in Mexico, the company saw that it worked and they took theirs ”.



Messi would receive a millionaire bonus from Barcelona even if he leaves the club


Mexico City / 12.01.2021 19:05:33

Although it seems that the relationship between Lionel Messi and Barcelona could come to an end this summer, the terms of the current contract between the two could cause the Spanish team to continue in contact with the player to pay you a millionaire amount stipulated in one of the clauses.

The Barça entity indicated, in the 2019/2020 financial year, a debt close to 500 million euros net that put the team in predicaments due to the obligation to grant Messi a bonus of 78 million agreed in the renewal of 2017.

As reported TyC Sports, both parties agreed on said figure according to the “continuity or end of career “, in addition the media points out that half of that money was paid in July 2020 prior to the scandal of burofax.

The other half of the multi-million dollar bonus, due to Barcelona’s economic crisis, it would be divided into installments from the end of this season until 2025, regardless of whether the player continues to be a culé or wears the shirt of another team.

The Board of Directors headed by Carlos Tusquets, who took over the reins of Barcelona temporarily after the resignation of Josep María Bartomeu, it was the one that made the decision to postpone this second payment of 34 million euros.



Lucy Bronze, from working at Domino’s to being the best FIFA player

Last December, Lucy Bronze was chosen as the best player of the year in the FIFA The Best 2020 awards, being the successor of the American and world champion Megan Rapinoe.

“If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that you do not have to make plans for a very long time and that you have to live in the moment. Winning the trophy this year is something that I will value more than anything.. I will always remember him, “declared Bronze after winning the FIFA award.

This great success of the English soccer player was thanks to the commitment and passion she invested so that her dreams could come true, because

Who is Lucy Bronze?

The female Manchester City player she started to love soccer since she was little, well he watched this sport with his father and at the age of 10 he received a uniform from the Portugal team, his father’s native country, with which he was going to train.

Later the taste for football increased when he played with his older brother Jorge, and his friends; Later she registered in a men’s team, but the English Federation forbade them to mix due to the danger that could be for girls, from then on everything seemed to be over for Lucy, but it was not.

The movie I want to be like Beckham not only inspired her more, but also her mother Diane Bronze saw her great passion and together with her aunt they decided to help her achieve her dream from being a footballer, therefore, they decided to go on vacation to the United States, where women’s soccer shone;

However, he could not play in any team due to his age, but at 18 he returned to North Carolina where he got his first big break.

Lucy Bronze started at Sunderland in England, then played for the Everton, a team in which he had his first participation in the Champions League, for 2012 he reached the Liverpool and then she was booked by the Manchester City.

In 2017 signed with Olympique de Marseille, one of the most outstanding teams in France and Europe; After three years with the club that won three Champions, now he is again with City.

Worked at Domino’s Pizza and a bar

Not everything has been rosy for Lucy Bronze, who in order to achieve success had to work for a time in Domino’s Pizza and in a bar to pay for his studies.

I started with the phones, taking orders, and then I made the toppings, made the pizzas, cut them up, and packed them, all really. I was in college at the time, in a flat with six or seven other girls, so I would bring a pizza home every night and we all got trapped, “the English footballer said in an interview with FIFA.

The injuries were also part of his past, as he injured his knee, which made him wonder if he should quit soccer and look for a “suitable job.”

“That was life then. People just see where you are now, and they probably think that everything has been easy for me. But I had so many problems when I started, especially the big knee injuries. “

Bronze remembers those moments with appreciation, because those lapses in her life made her fight for what she wanted.

“At the same time, I look back very fondly at that moment. I loved working at Domino’s, I loved working at the bar and being in college, get an education. I didn’t love to get hurt, but all that experience, fighting a bit and doing the right jobs, has helped me a lot and kept me grounded. “



Sports in 2020. This is how it changed due to the covid-19 pandemic

It’s 2020 feu an atypical year in several respects thanks to the coronavirus pandemic; However, one of the most affected sectors was the world of sports, where several events were suspended, others postponed, while some decided to be canceled.

The virus started in early 2020, but began to affect different disciplines in February in Europe, but it was until the month of March where everything stopped due to contagions.

When some disciplines could be resumed due to the health protocols that were implemented, they were experienced in a very different way. in the case of the MLS and NBA, two special tournaments were held, which were played at the Disney World facilities, in Orlando, Florida, a site where a bubble was made where the spread of the virus could be prevented, as well as several tests for covid-19.

The MLB was conducted with a strict protocol and although there were infections they did not get out of control; for the playoffs it was decided to make a bubble, where the teams of the National League played in Texas, while the American in California, same where the relatives of the players could have access.

The 2020 World Series, which was disputed between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Tampa Bay Rays, could have a liking at Global Life Field in Arlington, Texas, as 11,500 tickets were sold.

The NFL maintains a great coronavirus protocol, since they have always exalted that their priority is the health of the people who make up the coronavirus; However, some matches have had to be rescheduled due to the cases that have occurred, but thanks to the care that has been taken, the current season has not had to be suspended or canceled.

In Mexico, the Clausura 2020 tournament had to be suspended, playing only until matchday 10, so there was no champion; An intermediate tournament called the GNP Cup was created by Mexico, which was played in Guadalajara and Mexico City, the final being at the University Olympic Stadium.

For Guard1anes 2020 of the MX League, several measures were developed, such as constant tests for covid-19 and, as in European football, not all the players could be on the bench, so they sat in the stands to respect the healthy distance, in addition to the fact that, like the coaching staff, he had to be with the mask well placed.

In Europe, one of the most important competitions such as the Champions League had to change its venue for the last phases, since from the quarterfinals they were held in Lisbon, Portugal, where the format also changed and it was played by match only. This competition experienced a final without an audience.

On the subject of disciplines such as athletics, taekwondo, gymnastics, athletes had to change their routines, because no activity in open areas, gyms, so the ingenuity and their desire to continue preparing for the future made them create routines or spaces in their homes to be in shape.

The fans, the special ingredient that was missing

The fans disappeared from the stadiums; The screams, chants, cheers were not heard in football in 2020, so the matches were not the same, because although in some parts controlled access was allowed, the same was not experienced in the finals such as the Champions League, the Concachampions, Liga MX, Bundesliga, La Liga, among other leagues.

Major events postponed

This year there would be three very international events importants, which were postponed to next year: America’s Cup, Eurocup and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

After seeing that there were no security measures to hold these events that receive a large number of spectators, as they were contemplated for a date where the pandemic was in full swing, the organizers decided to suspend them and celebrated in 2021.

These are the new dates that will take place:

America Cup: June 11 to July 11, 2021

Eurocup: June 11 to July 11, 2021

Tokyo Olympics: July 23 to August 8, 2021



Soccer. Technical directors revelation in 2020

Despite the fact that 2020 was a different year around the world due to the pandemic, it did not prevent soccer from being played and that in these seasons new figures appeared that amazed the fans just as the technical directors were.

Among the deck of trainers, appeared the names of Hans-Dieter Flick, Julian Nagelsmann, Marco Rose, Simone Inzaghi and Andrés Lillini, who, Although not all got a title, they imposed their style of play and surprised with their work.

Hans-Dieter Flick

The German coach took over Bayern Munich at the end of 2019 after the departure of Croatian Niko Kovac; Flick was placed as an interim, however, he earned his final appointment thanks to his good work both in the Bundesliga and in the Champions League.

Hansi Flick won five of the five titles he played with the team bávaro, the German League, German Cup, German Super Cup, Champions and European Super Cup, forging a team that became a true ‘steamroller’ and with its style dominated practically all its rivals.

Julian Nagelsmann

German football shone in this pandemic year so it is no coincidence that another coach from that country is on this list, Nagelsmann had to end his playing career due to a pair of knee injuries, but quickly began his way on the bench.

In 2018 he managed to place Leipzig in third place in the Bundesliga and thus qualify him for the 2019/2020 Champions League, in this, Julian did a great job and led his team to the semifinals, leaving Tottenham out in the round of 16, Atlético de Madrid in the quarterfinals, but losing to Paris Saint- Germain.

Marco Rose

The Leipzig, Germany-born helmsman took the reins of Borussia Monchengladbach in 2019 and little by little he was imposing a vertical and fast style of play that, at times, also becomes the organized transfer of the ball from the lower zone.

Rose and hers finished in fourth place last season in the Bundesliga and reached the Champions League, in which they managed to qualify for the round of 16 in a group that they shared with Real Madrid – whom they put in trouble – Inter Milan and Shakhtar Donetsk.

Simone Inzaghi

Filippo’s little brother took the reins of Lazio in the 2015/2016 season, however, it was not until 19/20 that he took center stage and built the path for his club to return to the UEFA Champions League after 13 years of absence.

Although they finished up to fourth place in last Serie A, Escudetto was fighting with Juventus for much of the tournament. Now, things are not going well in Italian football, but they managed to qualify for the last 16 of the Champions League in second place in their group behind Borussia Dortmund.

Andrés Lillini

If we talk about revelations, it is clear that the name of Argentine Andrés Lillini cannot be left out and is that his work on the Pumas bench has many points to highlight, this coach took the team a few days before the Guard1anes 2020 of Liga MX began after the resignation of Míchel González.

Little was expected of the university cadre both for Lillini, who had never been a technical director, and for the squad that seemed too short to fight something important, however, as the tournament progressed, Pumas earned respect in Mexican soccer.

Unbeaten for 10 days and ranking second in the general classification, the blue and gold, by the hand of Andrés Lillini, surprised locals and strangers to the point of reaching the final of Mexican soccer against León. Pumas fell in the title match, but exceeded expectations at the start of the tournament.



Milan and his return to the top of Europe; economic crisis and pandemic

In the last 10 years, AC Milan suffered a decline in their level of play, causing them to only win two titles in that period, in addition to giving way to the hegemony of Juventus in Serie A and being forgotten in the Champions League. However, after the 2019-20 season was suspended by covid-19, the Italian team suffered a promotion that has them as candidates to win all this year.

From the 2011-2012 season, the year where they obtained their last Scudetto, the club began to show some financial problems. Thus, they had to sell Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva to PSG, in addition to letting out figures such as Gennaro Gattuso, Clarence Seedorf, Alessandro Nesta, Filippo Inzaghi.

Thus, Milan was falling in position until the 2013-2014 season, the last year to qualify in the Champions League and be out in the second round for Atlético de Madrid. After this situation, gradually the club was descending more and more in the Serie A positions, culminating between sixth and eighth places for the following years. It was not until 17-18 that they returned to international competitions, although now in the Europa League.

In turn, the economic crisis came when Adriano Galliani, Silvio and their daughter Barbara Berlusconi entered into a conflict that led to the sale of the club to Li Yonghong in 2017. However, overspending by players, as well as some debts inheriteds, made the Chinese businessman give up command to the investment fund Elliott Management a year later.

At that time, some coaches such as Clarence Seedolf, Siniša Mihajlović, Genaro Gatusso and Marco Giampaolo sought to rejuvenate the squad; However, the money invested exceeded the profits, with the 2017-2018 season being the year with the most expenses (194 million euros).

With all this sweeping the club, the 2019-2020 season seemed to be the same. At the beginning of the football year, UEFA accused Milan of failing to comply with financial fair play, which is why they did not compete in the Europa League. Additionally, Giampaolo posted the team’s worst tournament start since 1997; so the managers hired Stefano Pioli, an option that the fans did not like.

The emergency plan

After matchday seven of last season, Stefano Pioli arrived to replace Giampaolo, despite getting the victory against Genoa on that date. When announcing his signing until 2021, fans of the club created the hashtag #pioliout on social networks, since Luciano Spalletti was the option they wanted.

The new strategist’s debut in Serie A was bitter due to the 2-2 draw against Lecce. In addition, 2019 closed it with a disastrous defeat against Atalanta, so in the winter market the directive brought in an acquaintance of the club to try to rescue the season, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

In 2020 the club started with a draw, however things began to improve in Serie A. Despite the stoppage of activities since March 8, when the competition returned in June, the team did not lose any games until the end of the season, reaching the sixth position in the league, his ticket to the Europa League and the renewal of Stefano Pioli until 2022.

Back to the top

Some Italian sports fans and media applauded Stefano Pioli’s actions at the close of 19-20. Lucas Serafini, a recognized journalist who initially questioned footballers Calhanoglu, Kessie and Rebic, recoiled from his words and recognized the advancement of the players in the squad.

At the same time, the board found in Ibrahimovic the leader they were looking for in recent years. In addition to seeing in Pioli a technician with projection and who can return Milan in the top positions. Thus, the 2020-21 season would be the real challenge for the strategist and his players.

With the arrival of players like Saelemaekers, Tonali, Petter Hauge and Diogo Dalot, Milan started the current season with a 2-0 win against Bolognia, later did the same against Crotone and Spezia. Despite this, the first real test was with Inter on matchday 4, where the team won 2-1.

On the other hand, in the Europa League the team qualified in the playoff round. On matchday 1 he beat Celtic and then Sparta Prague; However, their first defeat in 2020 was against Lille, where the French won 3-0. Although this duel complicated his passage to the next round, the rossoneri ranked as the leaders of their group with 13 units.

Now, closing 2020 with a victory, Milan leads Serie A with 34 units, just one point ahead of Inter: however, Stefano Pioli’s men are still undefeated in the local league. further are in the round of 32 of the Europa League, which will be played in February and they will play the round of 16 for the Italian Cup.

Although the road for Milan to the Scudetto is still long. Players, management and fans remain hopeful of getting the hat-trick this year, but especially that the string of good results is a signal for the star-studded Milan of 2007 to return.



The defunct party that the club used to play at Christmas


Mexico City / 27.12.2020 13:42:20

Attend a estage football for free and having the opportunity to observe players who are not from your country, it definitely sounds not very credible and more on days when the ChristmasYet it was real.

As of 1912, when they were still playing all their matches at the Camp del Carrer Indústria, FC Barcelona decided to establish a tradition in full Christmas parties, which aimed to stay attached to his hobby on days of celebration.

Reason why the Catalan team came up with organizing free matches between December 24 and 27 Against rivals that were not from Spain, this so that its people could observe a little-known football, as it should be remembered that in those times it was not so easy for two clubs from different countries to see each other.

Barcelona, ​​who invited his rival on these dates, opened the doors of his stadium around 12 in the afternoon every December 24 to play the first game, because two or three days later, revenge was played.

This tradition that the Blaugrana maintained for exactly 56 years had to be suspended due to the tight official calendars that the club had and to 1969 they decided that no more would be done.



The pandemic and a blow to the ‘big’ Europeans

He football around the world changed due to the coronavirus pandemic and one of the most significant changes was that the hobby He was no longer able to enter the stadiums to support his team, which, at the time, seemed to affect the smaller teams.

However, things were different and many of the strongest squads had a hard time As their stadiums were emptied by the covid-19 and the teams of lower hierarchy took advantage of this to obtain some important results both in rival territory and in their own.

Among the teams that have suffered by not having the encouragement of their followers are the Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, PSG and Borussia Dortmund, which, although they won some titles, suffered setbacks in their leagues and in the Champions League

The meringues closed the 2019/2020 season in good shape by getting the La Liga title with a perfect step after the stoppage due to coronavirus, however, they suffered a painful defeat against him Manchester City in the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League.

In this season, Zinedine Zidane’s men have also suffered major setbacks as against Cádiz, Valencia and Alavés in Spanish football, while Shakhtar Donetsk defeated them twice in the Champions group stage.

On the other hand is the Barcelona, who, in addition to having missed La Liga 19/20 against Real Madrid, suffered one of the worst defeats in its history against Bayern Munich in the Champions League after losing 8-2 to the Bavarian team that ultimately became would crown champion.

Fortune has not smiled on the Catalans either this season in the Spanish League and the duels lost against Getafe, Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid and Cádiz, together with three draws, place them up to fifth place in the standings.

In Italy, the Juventus It also finished with just enough the previous season, crowning itself champion for the ninth time in a row but now only by one point and losing three of its last five games, in addition, they were eliminated from the Champions League by the Olympique from Lyon.

The Old lady is even worse this season because it is up to sixth place in the Serie A classification, although he has only lost one game, he has six tied duels of the 13 that have been played in this contest.

He Borussia Dortmund, which perhaps has the best fans in the world, lost the 2019/2020 Bundesliga to Bayern, a team that beat them by 13 points in addition to the current tournament, they are in fifth place with setbacks against clubs like Augsburg, Köln, Stuttgart and Union Berlin.

Finally, there is Paris Saint-Germain that, although they reached the final of the last Champions League and won Ligue 1, they are suffering in the current French football campaign because two draws and four defeats (including those suffered against Lens and Monaco) have them in the third place behind Lille and Olympique de Lyon.



Result and summary of La Liga

Agencia AFP

Madrid Spain / 13.12.2020 16:54:07

Barcelona beat Levante 1-0, with a lone goal from Lionel Messi, and ended up asking for the time to add three points that allow him not to distance himself more from the leadership of La Liga, which Real Sociedad again occupies, despite drawing 1-1 against Eibar.

Despite having numerous occasions to score, andl Barcelona ended up taking the victory with Messi’s only goal in the absence of a quarter of an hour to go (76).

Barça ended up asking for the time and Levante even had a chance to win a point from the Camp Nou, but goalkeeper Marc André Ter Stegen stopped José Luis Morales’ shot in discount and saved the tie for the hosts (90 + 6).

With this result, Barcelona adds 17 points (8th) to 9 for Real Sociedad, which regained the leadership of La Liga after drawing 1-1 in the Gipuzkoan derby against Eibar (9th) and thanks to the 2-0 defeat on the eve of Atlético (2nd) against Real Madrid (3rd).



When is the draw for the Europa League round of 32?

After finishing the regular phase, the round of 32 of the UEFA Europa League, where the teams will begin to compete to win the championship and pass to the Champions League.

On the way to the final round, some clubs anticipated their ticket prior to the close of the group stage. One of them was the set of Arsenal, who from week four qualified, and even finished with a perfect step.

On this last day, clubs like Naples, Real society, AC Milan, and the Tottenham, they closed the tournament with a positive result, obtaining the pass to the sixteenth.

Teams in round of 32

Group leaders: Roma, Arsenal, Bayer Leverkusen, Rangers, PSV, Napoli, Leicester, Milan, Villarreal, Tottenham, Dinamo Zagreb, Hoffenheim

Second places: Young Boys, Molde FK, Slavia Prague, Benfica, Granada, Real Sociedad, Braga, Lille, M. Tel-Aviv, Antwerp, Wolfsberg, Red Star.

Teams from Champions: RB Salzburg, Shakhtar Donesk, Olympiacos, Ajax, Krasnodar, Club Brugge, Dinamo Kiev, Manchester United.

Eliminated: Cluj, CSKA Sofia, Rapid Vienna, Dundalk, H. Beer Sheva, Niza, Standard Lieja, Lech Poznan, PAOK, Omonia, AZ, Rijeka, Zorya, AEK, Sparta Prague, Celtic, Sivasspor, Qarabag, LASK, Ludogorets, Feyenoord , CSKA Moscow, Slovan Liberec, Gent.

When is the draw?

Date: Monday, December 14

Hours: 6:00 a.m. (Central Mexico time)

Location: Nyon, Switzerland

Sweepstakes rules

The teams will be divided into two pots: the first includes the leaders of each group, and the four best third parties from the Champions League; in the second sector will be the second places and the remaining teams from the Champions League.

To define the matches, no team may face another club from the same group and from the same federation. Finally, the first of the group will be local in the return match. The games of the sixteenth will take place on February 18 and 25 of the same month.

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