The decline of the Trump presidency from a historical perspective | Voice of America

The events after the elections on November 3 in the United States have shocked the country and the world. What will remain of Donald Trump’s legacy and how can President-elect Joe Biden move forward on the main routes of his government program?

The Voice of america He interviewed US presidential historian Douglas Brinkley in Austin, Texas, and the researcher uncovered the details of the crucial moment.

From a historical perspective, the recent assault on the Capitol in Washington DC on January 6, and for which the House of Representatives now accuses Trump of “inciting insurrection,” has a parallel, Brinkley told the VOA collaborator, Greta Van Susteren, with the moments of the struggle for civil rights of the 1960s, under the leadership of Martin Luther King.

In Photos: Pro-Trump Demonstrators Enter Capitol Building

While protests in support of President Donald Trump continue on the street, some protesters forcibly entered the Capitol in Washington on Wednesday, January 6, 2020. Authorities fired tear gas in an attempt to control the crowd and cut off the access to protesters.

“But what is different is that we have never had a siege on the capital of the United States. We’ve never had someone walk into a crowd and create chaos like this, ”Brinkley said.

Beyond impeachment to which the outgoing president will be submitted in the SenateHe observes, “it’s about Donald Trump and what happens to him once he loses power.”

Was the United States government at risk of collapse during the riots? FLY.

It is almost unthinkable, says the historian, “America is built very strongly.”

Trump rejected the result of the November 3 elections Almost from the start, and after more than 50 legal attempts, “he was left empty-handed,” Brinkley said.

However, he believes, the outgoing president never went beyond his complaints on social networks and some public appearances, “but he did not try to gather troops to reject Biden as president”, although he continued to fall until “his presidency deteriorated at the beginning of 2021 “.

“That will be the dark stain of Trump’s legacy,” he said.

The near future

The unity of the country’s main forces and the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic will be the main challenges of the coming Democratic administration, the historian explains.

“Once Biden and Harris take office on January 20, they will see a kind of unity for a time, maybe a hundred days, for a stimulus package for COVID-19,” he said.

In addition, he predicts, the administration should continue with the Operación Warp Speed with which the Administration is dealing with the distribution of the vaccine, but “Donald Trump, as former president, will face his own demands,” he says.

He trumpismo it won’t go away even if Donald Trump leaves the White House “
Douglas Brinkley, historian

Trump won’t be the first outgoing president not to attend his successor’s inaugurationBrinkley says, and mentions Andrew Johnson, who “didn’t show up for the inauguration, he just went back to Tennessee.”

“There is a bifurcation in the Republican Party, with Trump on one side and Senator Mitch McConnell on the other, he notes.” trumpismo it’s not going to go away even if Donald Trump leaves the White House. “

The cancellation of President Trump’s accounts on most social networks It has set a precedent, which has brought the important issue of freedom of expression to the fore, Brinkley says.

Such a significant currency for democracy, he predicts, however, could end in “many court cases related to this.”

* With information from VOA collaborator Greta Van Susteren.


Big Corporations Wary of Trump and Republicans | Voice of America

Large U.S. corporations have rapidly begun distancing themselves from President Donald Trump and his Republican allies, and many of the corporations, such as Goldman Sachs, Coca-Cola, Ford and Blue Cross Blue Shield, have suspended political donations after the assault on the Capitol last Wednesday by mobs of Trump-inspired supporters.

For now, the measures are related to affirming the rule of law and the results of the presidential election that will bring Democrat Joe Biden to the White House.

However, they also indicate that companies are becoming wary of lawmakers who endorsed Trump’s false claims of voter fraud, possibly depriving Republicans of public support for groups that until recently were the core of the Republican Party’s political brand. .

‘Spreading like a forest fire’

“This is spreading like wildfire,” said Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, a professor at Yale University’s school of management who advises CEOs. “The US business community has interests entirely associated with the American public and not with Trump’s autocratic fanatic wing in the Republican Party.”

However, the donation “pause” announced by many companies, including Marriott, American Express, AT&T, JPMorgan Chase, Dow and others, is unlikely to seriously affect Republicans in Congress who voted to override Biden’s victory.

“They are symbolic commitments,” said Sheila Krumholz, executive director of the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan group that tracks the role of money in politics. “This is just one source of income and for some very limited, particularly in the Senate.”

Corporate-funded political action committees can only accept donations of up to $ 5,000 per candidate each year. In contests that sometimes cost public officials millions of dollars, such contributions are just a small fraction of the overall fundraising picture.

Washington riots halt profits and drive losses on Wall Street

The Democratic conquest of two seats in the Senate inspired optimism in investors leading the Stock Market to reach all-time highs. But the unrest in Washington slowed profit generation and led to losses in Wednesday’s session.

Until the elections of 2022

In many cases, companies only suspend donations for several months, leaving plenty of time to speed up collections before the 2022 election.

“They will hide until the new cycle hits,” said Erik Gordon, a professor of law and commerce at the University of Michigan. “They will return with their checkbooks and the politicians already preparing for the legislative races of 2022 are waiting at the back door.”

Even as Trump sold himself to voters as a billionaire guru with a Midas twist on the economy, many business leaders had already quietly turned away from a president who limited trade, inflamed racism, cut off immigration, and failed to stop the pandemic. of coronavirus.

The rejection accelerated after Wednesday’s events on Capitol Hill.

Rejection of politics

What surprises many observers is how quickly the companies reacted to suspend donations.

“He looks sincere from a lot of corporations,” said Craig Holman, a campaign finance expert for Public Citizen, a liberal consumer protection organization. “There was little public pressure for Marriott and others to announce that they would not be making any more campaign contributions. They did it on their own and wowed everyone in the campaign finance community. “

Some companies are trying to circumvent the policy entirely after the events of last week. Citigroup, for example, confirmed Sunday that it had suspended all its federal donations for the first three months of the year, including to Democratic lawmakers.

This did not sit well with Democrats, who complained that they were being penalized for violence that originated with Republicans and left five people dead.

“This is not the time to blame both parties,” New York Rep. Sean Maloney told MSNBC. “What the hell did the Democrats do this week but defend the Constitution and the rule of law?”


Chobani, the king of yogurt in the US who shares the benefits with the workforce

The largest factory in the world dedicated to yogurt production is located in Twin Falls, southern Idaho. Belonging to Chobani, one of the most innovative companies in the food business. The boss, Hamdi UlukayaNot only did he come up with the formula to turn milk into gold. This son of a nomadic Kurdish shepherd is creating with his way of leading a whole management model. He pays his employees twice the minimum wage, he gave them a piece of society as a reward and part of the profit he generates goes to charitable causes.

Chobani did not exist 15 years ago or is listed on Wall Street, but its Greek yogurt is by far the most popular among consumers in the US. And that despite the fact that Ulukaya never intended to settle in the country and much less thought that some day it would end up being part of the billionaires lists. His future when he lived in Turkey was more oriented towards continuing the family goat cheese business. But his life took a 180-degree turn when police began to question his activism. So before he got into trouble and ended up in jail or even tortured, he decided to cross the Atlantic to study business management and english.

He settled in the north of New York State. Fate changed when he saw an advertisement in the local press with the sale for $ 700,000 of a old kraft factory in South Edmeston, fully equipped. He bought it and after two years it produced Greek yogurts under the Chobani brand. The company currently operates three manufacturing plants and the business continues to expand.

Yogurt sales in the US are currently around the 8,000 million dollars. They moderated compared to the close to 9 billion in 2015, when the last maximum was reached, dragged down by the drop in milk consumption. Chobani, however, is being able to maintain its growth thanks to the fact that it is able to innovate faster than large groups, to adapt to new market trends. For example, offer plant-based protein products and explore other categories, such as beverages.

Chobani began by hiring local community employees who were left without work and in the midst of the financial crisis expanded the radius to Utica, where an important refugee community from all over the world has lived for decades. Ulukaya tells in his public interventions that his objective was not only to create the company around a product, but to build a whole new corporate culture that recognizes the value of the most basic employee and rewards him for his contribution to the prosperity of the company.

Ulukaya knew how to see before anyone else the jerk i was having greek yogurt among consumers increasingly aware of food and who did not mind paying more to eat healthy. The young Kurdish anti-capitalist thus ended up dominating an industry that was basically controlled by multinational conglomerates such as Danone, Yoplait and General Mills. And he also won the crown of the business by showing a compassion never seen before his employees, whom a few years ago transferred 10% of the capital for his sacrifice.

Chobani already had more than 2,000 employees when it announced the program in 2016, which also recognized six weeks of paternity leave paid. A third of the workforce is immigrant, coming from a score of countries, and 400 wage earners are refugees, a philosophy of integration into American society that collided head-on with the closed-door policy promoted by Trump. Ulukaya, one of the signatories of the charity initiative Giving PledgeI created one to assist displaced people.

The Chobani founder makes it clear that he is not doing politics with his management model and insists that immigrants, and especially refugees, are willing to work to maintain their communities. “I would never have made it without these people”Ulukaya acknowledged when he decided to return to his employees what he owed them for their effort by starting the company from scratch, “I never imagined that what was built would be so successful.”


Now the United States knows what it feels like when another country says it is concerned about its democracy

Never in the history of U.S something like the take of the capitol, this January 6, 2021, to prevent the presidential succession. Only in its darkest hours did the south part with the victory of Abraham Lincoln in 1860. Civil War was declared. And in the middle of the secessionist battle, the elections of November 1864 were held, and Lincoln’s inauguration for a second term in March 1865. It was a question, in a then fragile country, of respecting the power of the vote, one of the basics of what your democracy.

That Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he was “deeply shocked” by the “attack on democracy” was a severe blow to their political culture for Americans. The United States is supposed to be the country that says democracy of a country is in danger. Its international policy is mainly focused on the “defense of democracy in the free world.”

Also the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson intervened. And it was tougher than Trudeau. He said they were “embarrassing scenes.” “The US is rightly proud of its democracy, and there can be no justification for these violent attempts to thwart the legitimate and appropriate transfer of power,” he wrote on Twitter.

Now the United States knows what it feels like when another country says it is concerned about its democracy.

Neither in his domestic politics, Americans were encouraged to speak of defending democracy or that it was in danger, as did the president-elect, Joe Biden.

“They tried to destroy democracy and failed,” he said. Mitch McConnell, leader of the Republican majority in the Senate.

Respect for institutions is the other value that American democracy has historically defended. The ex-president George W. Bush He said that this is how “the electoral results are disputed in a Banana Republic – not in our Republic.”

The House of Representatives and of Senators they were gathered to fulfill a mere formality: to recognize the victory of Joe Biden in the Electoral College, on December 14. Some Republican lawmakers, who had joined President Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated conviction that there was fraud in the Nov. 3 election, were to present pleadings. After what happened in the Capitol, many anticipated that they will give up doing it.

They were questioning Trump: he is not loyal to those who are loyal to him. Encourage your supporters gathered in front of the White House to “march down Pennsylvania Avenue to Congress,” was a severe blow to two who have been absolutely loyal to him: Vice President Mike Pence y McConnell.

Both were always on the side of the President in these four years. McConnell, for example, hastened the nomination of the conservative Amy Coney Barret as judge of the Supreme Court replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg. He did not recognize Biden’s victory until the Electoral College vote. And Trump did not forgive him. With what happened, the President left both of them in an uncomfortable place before the political violence and the consequences it might treat.

At 8:15 p.m., the legislators reconvened, waiting to ratify Biden’s victory.


Russia and Turkey continue military cooperation despite US pressure

Russia stresses that US sanctions against Turkey for the purchase of Russian anti-missiles will not affect the continuity of Moscow-Ankara military cooperation.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Tuesday that “relations between Russia and Turkey are self-sustaining and self-sufficient, they do not depend on the aggressive and hostile actions and whims of someone,” according to the Russian state news agency. TASS.

In this way, the Russian minister was referring to the sanctions that the United States imposed in early December on the Presidency of Defense Industries of Turkey and its director, Ismail Demir, as well as three other people related to the presidency of the Turkish industry. defense, for Ankara’s purchase of Russian S-400 missile defense systems from Moscow.

The Russian Foreign Minister, who made these statements at a press conference in the Russian city of Sochi, together with his Turkish counterpart, Mevlut Cavusoglu, affirmed that Turkey and Russia base their relations on “the national interests of each of our countries and on our determination to continue mutual cooperation and mutual benefit, seeking a balance of interests ”.

We have confirmed our mutual intention to develop military ties with Turkey“Lavrov stressed, highlighting Russian President Vladimir Putin’s appreciation of Turkey’s determination to”maintain cooperation in this area, despite unlawful pressure from Washington”.

For his part, Cavusoglu dismissed the US sanctions against Turkey as “an act of aggression against the sovereign rights of our country,” adding that Ankara would not give in to pressure.

“We prefer to solve all problems, including the S-400, through negotiations,” and highlighted that Washington, after sanctioning Turkish officials, spoke of dialogue, when in reality Ankara has never opposed dialogue.

Moscow completed the shipment of the first batch of the S-400 defense system to Ankara in July 2019. Concerned about the supposed “security danger” that Russian missiles represent to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) system, the US has resorted to threats against Turkey, a member of the Alliance. , until this month it imposed sanctions on Turkish authorities.



Trump: I will never forget that the Republicans have left me alone

The still US president denounced that the Republicans have left him alone in a campaign to change the electoral results, something he will never forget.

At a meeting held today [24 de diciembre] In Florida, everyone was asking why aren’t Republicans fighting over the fact that Democrats stole rigged elections? They said, in particular, why doesn’t this even happen in the Senate, where you helped eight legislators run for office? How soon they forgot!”, Has denounced the real estate mogul Donald Trump through a message on his Twitter account.

Also, the Republican leader has added in another tweet that he had saved at least eight Republican senators in the elections on November 3, including the leader of the Republican majority in the Senate Mitch McConnell, preventing him from losing “the recent rigged elections” .

A day after the Electoral College of the North American country ratified the triumph of Democrat Joe Biden despite Trump’s accusations about a “generalized fraud” in the presidential elections of November 3, the main Republican senator of the United States, recognized by Biden’s election victory for the first time on December 15, something that, however, was rejected by Trump.

In this regard, the New York tycoon added that “now, almost everyone has taken a step back, observing my fight against the evil and deceitful enemy, that is, the extreme left democrats.” “I will never forget it!”, He asserted.

On November 14, the electoral body confirmed Biden’s victory, surpassing Trump by just over 7,000,000 votes. Meanwhile, the Republican has not yet recognized the triumph of his rival, insisting that he has a chance to challenge the election results based on an alleged massive fraud of which he has not provided any evidence.

The still tenant of the White House resorts to his theory of a conspiracy and arguments, such as electoral fraud, or that he will take the issue of the elections to court, to reverse the results in his favor.

However, so far, all legal actions by the Republican and his team have failed in their attempts to stay in power.



Covid-19 adds 11,015 cases in Florida as vaccination advances

Florida added this Monday, December 21, 2020 11 015 new cases of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus while the immunization days progress with more than 43,000 people injected with the vaccine Pfizer in the state and very soon thousands more with the Modern, which already began to arrive today at floridian hospitals.

The state Department of Health also detailed that they were added in the last 24 hours 115 deaths for a total of 20,976 deaths since last March, out of a total of 1 212 581 infected with the coronavirus.

The Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, announced this Monday that 61,000 have already begun to arrive dose from Moderna vaccine, and that he expects another 300,000 for tomorrow, Tuesday, to be distributed in 170 hospitals.

This vaccine got the go-ahead from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Friday, December 18.

Meanwhile, a new shipment of some 120,000 Pfizer vaccines and its German partner BioNTec, which was approved last December 11 by the US authorities and began to be administered last week in Florida.

In this state, the county Miami-Dade It is the most affected by the coronavirus, with 4,097 deaths to date (31 more) and 276,414 cases (2,297 more) since last March 1, when the first case was registered.

A Miami-Dade It is followed by the neighboring county of Broward, with 128 157 (917 more) cases of SARS-CoV-2 and 1 784 deaths (8 more than the last day), and Palm Beach with 71,241 (639 more) and 1 835 deaths (16 more).

He Florida Department of Health reported this Monday a rate of positive posted in one day of 8.45%.

The number of positive patients for the pathogen who have been hospitalized since March in Florida is 60,152.

It has recorded 17.7 million cases and more than 316,000 deaths from covid-19, more than in any other country in the world in absolute terms, according to the independent count from Johns Hopkins University.


Trump takes another demand to the Supreme Court to annul electoral result

Donald Trump’s campaign goes to the US Supreme Court again to request the annulment of the electoral result in the key state of Pennsylvania.

The team of lawyers of the outgoing president of the United States, Donald Trump, denounces that the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania exceeded in ruling against him, by issuing three sentences that allowed irregular voting by mail.

For this reason, the lawyers of the Republican president demand that the General Assembly of Pennsylvania itself, with a Republican majority, choose its list of voters.

“The petition seeks all appropriate remedies, including the cancellation of the appointment of the voters committed to Joseph Biden and allow the Pennsylvania General Assembly to select their replacements,” said Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani this day.

However, even the alleged support of the Supreme Court to the appeal, which is quite impossible, would be insufficient, since the elected president of the North American country, Democrat Joe Biden, despite losing the 20 electoral votes that the triumph in Pennsylvania grants, he would still hold as the winner of the elections with a wide advantage.

On November 14, the Electoral College confirmed Biden’s victory, surpassing Trump by just over 7,000,000 votes. Meanwhile, the Republican has not yet recognized the triumph of his rival, insisting that he has a chance to challenge the election results based on an alleged massive fraud of which he has not provided any evidence.

The still tenant of the White House resorts to his theory of a conspiracy and arguments, such as electoral fraud, or that he will take the issue of the elections to court, to reverse the results in his favor.

However, so far, all legal actions by the Republican and his team have failed in their attempts to stay in power.



Biden to receive COVID vaccine, Trump remains on the sidelines | Voice of America

The leader of the Trump administration’s vaccination program says that people who have been infected with the coronavirus, a group that includes President Donald Trump, should get vaccinated.

Moncef Slaoui, Operation Warp Speed’s senior adviser, told the “State of the Union” program on Sunday CNN that the vaccine is safe for those who have recovered and offers stronger and potentially longer protection than the virus itself.

“We know that infection does not induce a very strong immune response and it decreases over time. So I think that, as a clear precaution, it is appropriate to get vaccinated because it is safe,” he said. “I think people should get vaccinated, actually.”

IN PHOTOS: Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution begins in the US

Boxes containing Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine, approved on Friday, began being delivered to healthcare facilities across the United States from McKesson’s distribution center in Olive Branch, Mississippi, this Sunday, December 20. . Authorities announced that the first injections will likely be administered Monday morning.

Trump has not received the first of two vaccines, which began last week as part of the largest vaccination campaign in the country’s history. Vice President Mike Pence, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky, received doses Friday. President-elect Joe Biden was to receive his Monday.

They have all chosen to publicize their injections as part of a campaign to convince a skeptical public that vaccines are safe and effective, in hopes of finally ending a pandemic that has killed more than 310,000 people in the United States and has life changed. the world.

Trump has spent the last week largely out of sight as he continues to be locked in electoral defeat and comes up with increasingly outlandish plans to stay in power. It’s an approach that has baffled top aides who see their silence as a missed opportunity for the president, who leaves office on January 20, to claim credit for helping oversee the rapid development of the vaccine and polishing his legacy.

Trump was hospitalized with COVID-19 in October and received an experimental monoclonal antibody treatment to which he attributed his speedy recovery.

Trump: “I beat this crazy and horrible Chinese virus”

The US leader declares immunity after his coronavirus diagnosis, but doubts remain.

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, which was the first to receive authorization, “is safe and probably effective” in people who have been infected with COVID- 19 and “should be offered regardless of a history of prior symptomatic or asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection.”

While there is no recommended minimum waiting time between infection and vaccination, because reinfection is rare in the three months after infection, the committee said people who tested positive in the previous 90 days “may delay vaccination until near the end of this period, if they wish. “

The advisers also recommended that those who received the type of treatment Trump received should postpone vaccination for at least 90 days to avoid potential interference.

“Currently, there is no data on the safety and efficacy of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine in people who received monoclonal antibodies or convalescent plasma as part of COVID-19 treatment,” they wrote, recommending that vaccination “be postponed at least 90 days as a precautionary measure until additional information is available to avoid interference of antibody treatment with vaccine-induced immune responses. “

Trump, who has spread misinformation about vaccine risks in the past, tweeted earlier this month that he was “not scheduled to receive the vaccine, but hopes to do so at the appropriate time.” The White House has said it is still discussing with its medical team when it should.

“When the time is right, I am sure he will continue to accept it,” White House spokesman Brian Morgenstern echoed Friday. “It’s something we are working on.”

Some Americans Concerned About COVID-19 Vaccine Safety

A survey released last week showed that among African Americans, who suffer one of the highest death rates from the virus of any racial group, only 14% are confident that a COVID vaccine will be safe.

The national director of health, Jerome Adams, echoed that argument in the program “Face the Nation” of CBS when asked if Trump planned to receive the vaccine on camera to help allay concerns about its safety, especially among Republicans.

“From a scientific point of view, I will remind people that the president has had COVID in the last 90 days. He received the monoclonal antibodies. And that’s actually a scenario where we tell people that maybe they should stop. get the vaccine and talk to your healthcare provider to find out the right time, “Adams said.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, has recommended that Trump get publicly vaccinated without delay.

“Even though the president himself was infected, and probably has antibodies that could be protective, we are not sure how long that protection will last. So, to be doubly sure, I would recommend that you get vaccinated, ”he told ABC News.


Blockade in the US Congress to extend aid due to Covid

New York Correspondent

Updated:12/20/2020 02: 26h


Negotiations between Democrats and republicans continued this Saturday without giving results to achieve an expansion of the aid package against the pandemic of Covid-19. Talks to extend aid approved in the spring have dragged on since the summer and are putting at risk the subsidies on which millions of Americans depend and, in addition, a federal budget law.

The deadline to approve the budget has already suffered several kicks forward, extensions of a few days to allow legislators to reach an agreement on the package for Covid. The last, two days, after the talks collapsed on Friday night and it was decided to extend the deadline until midnight today Sunday.

The urgency is maximum because, if there is no agreement, millions of citizens and companies will see the aid they have received in recent months to keep their economy afloat disappear. Although large companies have navigated the pandemic crisis well and the stock market has reached records, there are ten million fewer jobs than in February, before the virus hit. In addition, the negotiation comes amid a strong rebound in cases and deaths across the country. Despite the start of vaccination, it is not expected that the pandemic can be brought under control at least until spring, and there is a long winter ahead.

The economic package that legislators finalize is about $ 900 billion, much more modest than what the Democrats were looking for at first. But there are many fringes to close. Among others, how to structure the extra unemployment benefit of $ 300 per week, determine which companies can access the 300,000 million dedicated to SMEs, who will be able to receive a check for $ 600 – in the spring it was up to $ 1,200 – or what amounts should be dedicated to food aid.

Federal Reserve Emergency Loans

This Saturday, the main point of friction between Republicans and Democrats was a provision that the former want to include: preventing the Federal Reserve grant emergency loans to SMEs and local entities as of January 1. The Democrats see it as an abuse that cuts the powers and independence of the Fed and that, in addition, would tie the hands of the next president, Joe Biden, when he takes office on January 20. Republicans see the Democratic opposition as an opposition strategy to access more spending through the back door.

“We are going to get there,” said the Republican leader in the Senate yesterday, Mitch McConnell, about the agreement. It is possible that tomorrow the budget will have to be extended again for a few days to continue negotiating, but they will not be able to do much more. After Christmas, Americans will start to stop receiving subsidies if there is no understanding.

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