La Jornada – Order to vaccinate two people against Covid-19 is annulled

Collegiate courts in administrative matters annulled the outright suspensions that a federal judge granted to two individuals who ordered the health authorities to apply the Covid-19 vaccine and issue a vaccination program, since the current strategy is simplistic.

The magistrates of the First and Twenty-third collegiate courts in administrative matters in Mexico City deemed well founded the complaint resources filed last week by the Ministry of Health, who challenged the suspensions that Judge Martín Santos Pérez, head of the Eighth District Court in Administrative matter, granted to the petitioners María Estela Alvarado and Manuel Silva Vega.

Since last January 7, Santos Pérez has granted at least 15 precautionary measures, arguing that the vaccination strategy against the new coronavirus is simplistic, since it does not take into account the suffering of people.

However, for the first collegiate court, it was inadmissible to grant the suspension in the terms requested by the complainant, as it would translate into a variation in the execution of the national vaccination policy. But not only that, the authority would also be forced to modify or paralyze the previously established schemes to vaccinate people who attend the amparo trial.

The members stated that by granting the precautionary measure in the terms requested, it would affect the interest of the whole of society that health personnel who directly attend to the infected population be vaccinated first, who are also in imminent and certain danger of contracting the virus.

“The actions to prevent and reduce the transmission of the virus do not fall exclusively on the authorities, through programs such as the one related to the vaccination of the population, but also on the governed, who have the responsibility of addressing mitigation measures to that effect. Recommended, as they are, not to leave the house if it is not necessary, avoid places with an agglomeration of people, use the mouth cover, hygiene measures, among others ”added the robed.


Julio César Falcioni assumes a club with a rarefied climate due to the electoral year

2020 was undoubtedly the worst year in the management of Hugo Moyano in Independiente. The serious economic problems that erupted in the middle of the quarantine added to the sporting frustrations made a lethal combo that ended with the team without a manager and without a coach. The first position is still vacant, while Julio Falcioni was surprisingly chosen for the second, who this Thursday will appear before the squad and will sign your contract until December. Pedro Monzón will accompany him as a field assistant.

However, 2021 will also be very busy in the Avellaneda club since to the problems that it has been dragging it is added that in december there will be elections and the political climate has already settled in the bowels of the Diablo. This is the scenario that awaits Emperor in his second cycle in Avellaneda, after 15 years.

The current Board of Directors has less than 12 months to finish its second term with numbers and football at least in a better situation than the current one, which arouses concern inside and outside the institution that accumulates a liability of 2,807,225,559 pesos according to the balance as of June 30.

Hugo and Pablo Moyano, leaders of the assembly in Independiente who had important leadership absences. Photo: Independent

The Moyano and company have several fronts to attend to to try to rearrange the jumbled shelves of the Red. They had managed to lift the club when they took over after the premature departure of Javier Cantero. However, after the 2017 elections they entered a tunnel full of bad decisions and mistakes that had a direct impact on sports and, above all, on institutional matters until they reached this complex scenario, with several lawsuits against FIFA for millions of dollars that are pending resolution and that if unfavorable will increase the debt even more.

The economic aspect will be the transcendental issue and this will have an impact on football. The creation of a trust has already been approved in order to face the obligations and give them order. One of the actors that will play a major role in this regard is Sergio Palazzo, leader of the Banking Association, who went from being a member to occupying the position of Sports Secretary after the departure of Jorge Damiani due to differences with the Moyano management. Together with Héctor Maldonado (secretary general) they were in charge of Falcioni’s arrival.

In the last meeting of the Board of Directors, this 58-year-old from Mendoza, who has a good relationship with the financial system, was one of the singing voices, advised on the management of the trust and mentioned some names that could collaborate.

At the same time, the leadership will try to straighten the boat on the football level. Today, Independiente does not have a manager but a DT. The original idea was to close the first to choose the second, but before the refusal of Nicolás Burdisso That plan was aborted and now it is the small table itself that looked for the coach.

Sergio Palazzo, leader of La Bancaria, is the new Sports Secretary of Independiente.  Photo: Andrés D'Elia

Sergio Palazzo, leader of La Bancaria, is the new Sports Secretary of Independiente. Photo: Andrés D’Elia

The target at all times was Hernan Crespo, who on Saturday plays the final of the South American Cup with his Defense and Justice against Lanús. But Crespo warned that he will not sit down to speak until after the decisive duel this weekend. This went against the trouble of the Diablo I was claiming a guarantee in advance. Therefore, the Emperor Plan.

The 64-year-old coach knows that he is coming to a club where he will have financial restrictions. Unless an opportunity arises for a drinkable name that comes free or that does not require a large investment, no reinforcements will be added. Like his predecessor Pusineri, he will have to make do with what he has and give wings to the kids of the club.

Falcioni’s hiring made internal noise. Several members of the Board of Directors were surprised as many fans before this election and they do not agree very much although they accompany …

Much of the attention of the priests of Avellaneda will also have to be placed on the political plane. The fire in the ruling party grew again after the last Assembly. The absences of many managers were notorious. The leaders who are not part of the truck leg they marked their disagreement by not showing up.

Julio Cesar Falcioni will sign this Thursday with Independiente.  Photo: Marcelo Carroll

Julio Cesar Falcioni will sign this Thursday with Independiente. Photo: Marcelo Carroll

Damiani asked for leave for a year and could resign. And several analyze following the same steps since they understand that all the determinations were exclusively in the hands of three people: Hugo Moyano, his son Pablo (vice president) and Maldonado.

Moyano father He has not yet spoken about his political future at the club. Pablo, meanwhile, warned in several interviews that when the time comes he will evaluate his candidacy to run for the presidency. The opposition, for its part, is constantly on the move. Months of talks, threads and alliances are coming.

Opponents know that to ensure the end of the Moyano era they will have to form a common front, something that will not be easy to achieve. Will the gastronomic entrepreneur Fabio Fernández (owner of the Pertutti chain) the head of this unit?

Meanwhile, Independiente continues to move in step with the decisions of the Moyano, who will seek to change the image in a year that will be measured by the thermometer of the polls. And they chose Julio César Falcioni to redirect the team with his experience and personality.


Parades appeared in La Bombonera before the Boca final for the League

Hot weather was experienced in Boca after the tough elimination in the Copa Libertadores against Santos. For some hegemonic media it was a result that could mean the end of the cycle of Miguel Ángel Russo and of several references of a team that did not measure up.

However, from Xeneize they hope to reverse the pale image provided in San Pablo in the search for their 70th title in history against Banfield in the Diego Maradona Cup.

“Players, on Sunday all with you: the finals are won”; “Román Riquelme, we know that they are operating against you, we will bank you to death”; “Periodi $ mo anti Boca, the true fan knows them”, were some of the chosen messages that surprised the world of Boca.


German looking to go around the world in triathlon, stranded in Turkey

Istanbul, Jan 16 (dpa) – German extreme athlete Jonas Deichmann, who is currently trying to go around the world in a kind of triathlon, is currently stranded in Turkey due to border closures due to the coronavirus.

“It’s really frustrating not being able to go on, but naturally not surprising,” the adventurer commented to dpa.

Deichmann left Munich by bike in September, swam 456 kilometers off the coast of Croatia and now, on his way east, has been in Turkey for about a month.

The extreme athlete explained that he exercises in Turkey, while analyzing how to continue his journey. Initially he planned to continue his journey to Russia, although now he could change course.

These days he is looking for a sailboat that can take him from Europe to the United States, which he also wants to cross.

“With my project I want to show that you can also go around the world without a motor and I intend to draw attention to climate change,” said Deichmann, who usually resides in Munich.

Three years ago, the Stuttgart-born extreme athlete who grew up in Pforzheim dared to turn his childhood dream into his trade.

Deichmann is an independent adventurer, earning his living by speaking on tour and as a motivational speaker. And, despite all the inconveniences, he affirms that interrupting his trip around the world is not an option. “If I am stranded for half a year, then I am stranded,” he added.

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Mutual bombings between Damascus forces and Turkish gangs in Idlib – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

Mercenary groups affiliated with Turkey, calling themselves the “Al-Fateh Al-Mubin Operations Room”, shelled the sites of Damascus government forces on the southern front line of Idlib in the “De-escalation” area.

On the other hand, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the Damascus government forces renewed their missile attacks after midnight and this morning, in areas in Kansafra, Sufuhn, al-Fatira, Falifel and Majdaliya, in the southern field. Idlib, no information on casualties.

Yesterday, the Syrian Observatory documented the killing of 3 mercenaries from Hurras al-Din on an axis in the plain of al-Ghab, when they fell into a minefield, while trying to infiltrate the positions of government forces.

The Syrian Observatory monitored government forces artillery shelling against the Kabanah shafts in the Latakia countryside and the al-Ghab plain shafts in the northwestern Hama countryside, as well as the towns and cities of Jabal al- Zawiya in the countryside of southern Idlib.



Another 45,533 cases and 1,243 deaths in GB

(ANSA) – LONDON, 12 GEN – The number of new infections and deaths from Covid in the UK remains alarming, favored by the higher transmissibility of the so-called English variant of the virus and boosted today also by the statistical recovery of the data collected partly at the end of the weekend

According to the day’s figures released by the Boris Johnson government, the infections registered in the last 24 hours were 45,533 compared to just over 46,000 last Monday, while the deaths went from 529 to 1,243, close to the absolute peak.

While the government announces a police offensive against violations of the closure

The update came on the sidelines of a new emergency briefing held today in Downing Street by Interior Minister Priti Patel, in the context of the multiplication of warnings about compliance with the national blockade, reintroduced in the country a week ago

Notices that translate into the announcement of greater police rigor and immediate fines to offenders in a situation in which it is still vital to report under control the infections that threaten to overwhelm hospitals again before the desired collective immunological effect of the Covid vaccination campaign launched on the island at an accelerated rate (more than 2.4 million people vaccinated) can be implemented in a few months

Patel stressed that the Kingdom is at a “crucial” moment in terms of the pandemic and the risk of overcrowding in the hospitals of the National Health Service (NHS)

Without announcing new measures and judging the current ones as “tough enough”, the minister later remarked that the police now have an indication to punish “more quickly those who do not do their part by clearly violating the rules” and the obligation to “stay in home except for a few limited “reasons

He was echoed by Martin Hewitt, of the Assistant Commissioner of the National Police Council, who pointed a finger at “a stubborn minority” that continues to refuse to comply.

Hewitt said the high fines had risen to 45,000, adding that the police did not intend to “apologize” for this increasing severity; while citing cases of people punished for organizing parties or group meetings, having tried to spend the parties for “business meetings” or not wanting to wear a mask on trains and public transport, behavior that he described as “dangerous” for others

A call to “respect the rules set by the government” during the briefing by Vin Diwakar, medical director of the NHS in London, who called the pandemic “the biggest emergency in the country since World War II”

Diwakar recalled that Covid is “a terrible disease”, even for not a few “young patients”

He then added that “there is hope” given the advance of vaccinations and the relief of high pressure on hospitals with the reopening of temporary structures such as the great Nightingale Hospital in London; but he insisted that for now everyone should behave as if they were “infected with Covid.” (ANSA)


Brexit.- Picardo assures that “no Frontex agent may operate in Gibraltar without the approval of its Parliament”

Brexit.- Picardo assures that “no Frontex agent may operate in Gibraltar without the approval of its Parliament”

He emphasizes that the preliminary agreement reaffirms the sovereignty of the Rock and insists that “not a single red line has been crossed”

MADRID, 11 One. 2021 (Europa Press) –

Gibraltar’s chief minister, Fabián Picardo, assured this Monday that although Spain will have the assistance of Frontex for tasks related to the control of the Schengen area from the Rock, “no agent” of the mission may operate on Gibraltarian soil “without the approval of your Parliament “.

In a message on the occasion of the start of 2021, Picardo has emphasized that “regardless of what is stipulated in the agreement or treaty” between the EU and the United Kingdom to be signed, Frontex agents will only be able to operate in Gibraltar “if they have a law passed by your Parliament. ”

Thus, he has cleared up doubts in this regard and has indicated that the law of Gibraltar “will not allow any agent of the law of Spain to have executive jurisdiction or of any other type” in the Rock. “I will never present a law to Parliament that allows it,” he asserted.

That is why he stressed that the preliminary agreement, of which he said he was “very happy”, does not “cross any of the red lines” of Gibraltar in matters of “jurisdiction, sovereignty and control”. “It is an assertion of our sovereignty,” he added.

In this sense, it has clarified that the “sovereign claim of Spain with respect to Gibraltar has been specifically off the table during the negotiations” that culminated in the pre-agreement announced on December 31, which it has described as a “legally non-binding text. “and” reversible.

For Picardo, the pre-agreement reached has made it possible to avoid “the worst effects of Brexit”, something for which the agreed text has been fundamental: “it is safe for the fundamental issues that concern us.”


Regarding visas and the migration issue, the Gibraltarian ‘premier’ has indicated that “all aspects” of this type of activity “will take place only as a result of the reversible permit granted by the United Kingdom and Gibraltar in the final treaty that is signed.”

Thus, he has stressed that the treaty “can be undone”, which he has interpreted as “one more demonstration of sovereignty” for the Rock. In addition, he recalled that said treaty, which will be legally binding, will be signed with the EU, “which does not maintain any claim on the sovereignty of Gibraltar.”

“The member states of the Schengen zone, among which is Spain, will maintain the competence regarding the issuance of visas for the Schengen zone when the entry is made through Gibraltar, as it happens with respect to all other access points to the Schengen area “, he explained before stating that” only Gibraltar will maintain the competence to grant entry visas to the territory. ”

On this point he has detailed that the entrance to Gibraltar will continue to be the “exclusive competence” of the Rock and will be the “priority key to access Gibraltar or access to the Schengen zone through Gibraltar”.

“We will exercise this priority control over access through the Gibraltar Border and Coast Guard Agency, which will become the main control agency over all access via Gibraltar,” he said.


The Spanish Foreign Minister, Arancha González Laya, considers that the agreement on December 31 “has to be translated into a treaty between the EU and the United Kingdom on Gibraltar”, which she trusts will be closed within six months – ” it may be before, hopefully not after “-.

Only when that agreement is signed will it be when the fence between Gibraltar and Spain is abolished and when the Schengen Agreement would begin to be applied in the Rock, the minister explained last week, specifying that while this occurs “we are going to make sure that we guarantee maximum fluency “,” complying with the rules of the game.

González Laya has stressed on several occasions that Spain will be responsible, “as a member state of the EU that belongs to the Schengen area”, for the fulfillment of the agreement without borders in the Rock and therefore it will be the one who has “the final decision of who enters” in the Schengen area, for which it will have the assistance of Frontex.

A priori, an “initial period of four years” has been agreed, after which the “general regime” that establishes the future agreement between the United Kingdom and the EU regarding Gibraltar would apply, although it is also possible that the agreement it is reviewed at the request of one of the parties or even annulled.

The minister has highlighted how paradoxical it is that the UK’s exit from the EU will result in Schengen being applied in Gibraltar, although she pointed out that this was the way to avoid the only hard Brexit in the entire EU, by It has long recognized that this fact “has brought the interests of Gibraltar and our country closer together.”


Coronavirus.- The pandemic exceeds 89 million cases worldwide

Coronavirus.- The pandemic exceeds 89 million cases worldwide

MADRID, 10 One. 2021 (Europa Press) –

The coronavirus pandemic has left more than 769,000 cases worldwide in the last 24 hours, and has widely exceeded 89 million global infections, according to data from the Johns Hopkins University balance updated to this Sunday.

The entity has detailed through its website that during the last day 769,587 cases and 13,126 deaths have been confirmed, which places the totals at 89,644,299 and 1,926,737, respectively.

On the other hand, Johns Hopkins University has indicated that a total of 49,741,267 people have recovered to date from COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, including more than ten million in India, which tops this list .

The United States, which moves in national historical highs of cases and deaths, is the most affected country in total numbers, with 22,137,931 infections and 372,508 deaths.

Behind are India, with 10,450,284 cases and 150,999 deaths; Brazil with 8,075,998 and 202,631 deaths; and Russia, with 3,344,175 infections and 60,523 deaths. The United Kingdom has been the last country to overcome the barrier of three million infections, with 3,026,342 cases and 81,000 deaths.

In the range between two and three million cases are France (2,824,920), Turkey (2,317,118), Italy (2,257,866) and Spain (2,050,360), while in the range between one million and the two million include Germany, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Poland, Iran, South Africa, Ukraine and Peru.

For their part, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Indonesia, Romania, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Iraq, Bangladesh and Pakistan are between half a million and one million cases. Between the 400,000 and 500,000 cases are Sweden, Israel, the Philippines, Switzerland, Portugal and Morocco.

They are joined by Austria, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Hungary and Jordan, which are between 300,000 and 400,000 cases; and Japan, Panama, Nepal, Georgia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Azerbaijan, Ecuador, Croatia, Lebanon, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria and Slovakia, which have registered between 200,000 and 300,000 infections.

Above 100,000 positives are Denmark, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Armenia, Lithuania, Tunisia, Kuwait, Moldova, Egypt, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Qatar, Greece, Guatemala, Ireland, Slovenia, Malaysia, Oman, Burma, Ethiopia , Honduras, Venezuela, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Paraguay, Libya and Algeria.

China, the country where the pandemic originated, counts 96,730 infected and 4,791 fatalities, as reported by Johns Hopkins University on its website.


Çiya Furat: Our forces thwart Turkey’s objectives in Ain Issa, we did not hand it over to the government of Damascus – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

The member of the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Çiya Furat, in a special interview with our agency, in which he revealed all the developments that have occurred and are continuing in the Ain Issa region.

The text of the dialogue included:

For more than two months, Ain Issa has been the target of widespread attacks, what is the objective of them, how do you assess the confrontation of the SDF and how much have Turkey and its mercenaries lost?

At the beginning, we commemorated with the personality of the martyr Xebat Dêrik all the martyrs of the People’s Protection Units (YPG), Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) and the Syrian Democratic Forces, and we salute all our forces stationed in the fronts.

Everyone knows that we share with the media all the details of the attacks launched by Turkey against Ain Issa and its peoples, and we do not hide anything. For more than two months, the attacks have continued in various forms, and the reason is that the current political conditions do not help Turkey to launch a major attack against Ain Issa and occupy it, so it is following a policy of intermittent attacks. . in an attempt to gradually annex lands and towns, and besiege Ain Issa. Their attempts still continue, using advanced weapons, such as drones, Grad missiles, Katyusha, and other weapons.

There were heavy attacks and violent bombardments in the villages of Ain Issa, such as Al-Malikiyah, Ain Issa camp and others, with the aim of occupying the villages one after another, concentrating on them and then besieging Ain Issa, but the Las Syrian Democratic Forces were attentive to this, they managed to frustrate them all and inflicted heavy losses on the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, since during the first widespread attacks on the villages of Ain Issa, 18 occupation soldiers and mercenaries were killed, and the bodies they were left on the ground, it was a painful blow.

The fighting continued between us and them for more than two days, after which Turkey requested the mediation of Russia to intervene and allow it to remove the bodies and withdraw. In fact, Russia intervened and held meetings with the Relations Committees in the Syrian Democratic Forces, and we allowed them to withdraw their bodies under Russian supervision.

But what we noticed at the time was that the Turkish forces took the bodies of their soldiers and kept the bodies of the mercenaries, and there are still several left in the fighting zones that currently separate our zones from those of the mercenaries.

In all the attacks during the last two months, around 65 of the occupation soldiers and mercenaries were killed, and several more were wounded in their ranks, while 7 of our fighters were martyred and 9 were wounded.

In addition, the indiscriminate shelling of villages and on the outskirts of Ain Issa resulted in the death of 5 civilians and the injury of 3 members of the Syrian government forces, who did not respond to the sources of the attacks and had no role. in repelling them.

It is worth mentioning that according to the agreement concluded between our forces and the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries mediated by international powers, the villages of al-Mushairfeh and Jahbel were within the “forbidden” zones, which means that no one can enter them. But the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries did not comply with the agreement, they tried to advance and occupy these towns as well, so our forces repelled them.

It can be said that the violent bombings and attacks continue for two months until now, however the attackers have not achieved any objective, and everything that Turkey and its mercenaries claim through the media that they have entered some villages, We confirm that they are unfounded, as they have not been able to enter any town so far.

In addition to the attacks on Ain Issa, Turkey constantly threatens to attack Kobane and Manbij, what is the truth of this matter and what are your preparations for it?

Yes, we received a lot of information about Turkey’s intention to expand its attacks, and we received information that Turkey brought many mercenaries that it had sent to Libya, brought some from Idlib and gathered them in Jarablus, on the lines of contact with Manbij. , on the Ain Issa line and on Girê Spî, and on the front lines in the Serêkaniyê camp, which means that Turkey and its mercenaries are preparing to launch attacks if the opportunity arises.

We in the Syrian Democratic Forces also have our preparations to face any attack, and we will not stand idly by. We have greatly benefited from our previous experiences, according to which we have taken the necessary measures, for example it will not be easy for them to launch any attacks in any area this time, and the response will be much more forceful than before. We will protect all our regions.

Our forces have gained extensive experience during their battles with ISIS, mercenary groups and against the Turkish occupation, and we ensure that we will be able to protect our areas against any attack.

After Turkey and its mercenaries launched the attacks against Ain Issa, many media outlets circulated news that it is considering handing over Ain Issa to Syrian government forces. How reliable is this news?

Everybody used to say that the SDF cannot protect Ain Issa, so they will hand him over to the Syrian government forces, but in reality there is no such thing. Our forces are capable of protecting, the town will not be handed over to anyone and will continue to be administered by the Autonomous Administration. Everyone knows that government forces are present in Ain Issa and its periphery according to previous agreements, but that does not mean that we have handed over the city to the Syrian government, as all these rumors are false.

At a time when attacks against Ain Issa are increasing, what is the position and response of the Russian forces and the government of Damascus to these attacks?

There is an agreement between us and the government of Damascus, which was concluded last year, according to which, the forces of the government of Damascus are stationed in the region, and there are Russian forces in the region, but they have no answer or position on the attacks that have so far injured several of its members. The Damascus government is responsible for protecting Syrian lands, but it is not fulfilling its responsibilities, and we can say that it did not fire a single bullet.

We do not know the terms and the level of the agreements concluded between Russia and Turkey, but we know that there are meetings and discussions between them, and although the attacks occur in front of the Russian forces, they remain silent and without position.

The United States and Russia are the two powers that can stop the war in all Syrian lands, and there are agreements between you, Russia, and the United States on the ground, but to what extent do these two powers fulfill their responsibilities to stop the war and war? attacks taking place in the region?

Russia and the United States are two basic powers, but above all, our goal is to protect our land through our forces, and this is the basic premise for us. After the attacks against Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî, agreements were concluded between us and these powers to stop the war, but despite that, the Turkish state and its mercenaries continue their attacks, and we hope that these forces will fulfill their duties and responsibilities. As they are the ones who entered into these agreements, but their violation is carried out by the Turkish state, and once again I confirm that the main force in the Syrian Democratic Forces is our core forces.

Today, what is the level of fighting against ISIS mercenaries?

ISIS has been a great force in the region for a long time, it controlled many cities and towns in the region and, in coordination with the International Coalition, we launched campaigns against it. The public opinion was informed of these campaigns and their results, and strong battles against ISIS broke out, during which more than 11 of our fighters were martyred, and in the end, he was defeated in al-Baghouz.

We cannot say that ISIS has been completely eliminated because there are still cells affiliated with it in the region, and when the opportunity presents itself, they launch attacks, and that is why our campaigns still continue against them in coordination with the international coalition. We have launched joint campaigns in the recent period.

ISIS still has power and seizes opportunities to organize, especially in the areas inhabited by the Arab component. I say again that a large number of ISIS mercenaries fought against us, and now they are fighting against us within the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army and launching attacks in our areas.

What is your message to the people?

We tell our Kurdish and Arab people and all the components of the region that we, in the Syrian Democratic Forces, are on the side of our people, we will defend them and we will defend our cities. Our people must support the Syrian Democratic Forces and defend their land, and our call to all our people is that they do not abandon their land, as our basic duty is to protect people, defend the region and face any possible attack by mercenaries. , and we will resist, with our people, we will be able to defend ourselves, and it is not allowed to leave the land and the homeland.

This is our hope for our people and we must prepare accordingly. If the people join forces with the Syrian Democratic Forces, we are confident that we will prevail.



NBA: Germans Schröder and Theis, key in triumphs of Lakers and Boston

Los Angeles / Boston (USA), Jan 9 (dpa) – The Germans Dennis Schröder and Daniel Theis actively participated in the victories of their respective teams, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics, in their NBA games against the Chicago Bulls and the Washington Wizards, played on Friday night (local time).

Dennis Schröder’s speed was one of the keys for the Lakers to beat Chicago 117-115 and take first place in the Western Conference. The German player managed to elude a rival defender with 4.7 seconds remaining, forcing a foul 0.5 seconds from the horn.

Schröder had 17 points, six assists and three rebounds, and after converting a free throw he prevented the Bulls from recovering the ball. “Dennis has the speed to do it,” praised coach Frank Vogel.

Also in a Western Conference game, the Los Angeles Clippers lost 115-105 to the Golden State Warriors, despite leading their rival by 20 points during the third quarter.

The Phoenix Suns also lost, 110-105 against the Detroit Pistons. The three results leave the Lakers as the only team in the Western Conference with seven wins in ten games, and at the top of the standings.

Also German Daniel Theis contributed a good performance to the Celtics’ victory against the Washington Wizards, in which his compatriots Isaac Bonga and Moritz Wagner play. The Celtics beat their rival 116-107, who has only two victories after nine games and have not just found their best game this season.

Theis came out in the starting five and finished with ten points, six rebounds and three assists in nearly 29 minutes. “Theis had some really good moments. Today he made some good plays,” said his coach, Brad Stevens.

At the Wizards, Bonga finished with just over six minutes on the court and did not score, while Wagner made one of his two free throws and played just over 12 minutes after sitting on the bench for most of the game. .

“‘Mo’ (Wagner) is a hard worker. He measures himself, does a lot of good things. He still has to work on controlling his fouls. But I like the way he’s playing. Right now, we have a couple of centers that are ahead of him. There will be nights that he plays and nights that he does not, “said the coach of the capital team, Scott Brooks.

With this, the Boston Celtics also add seven victories in ten games, although this time they had to do without three players, who had to be discarded by the NBA regulations on prevention against coronavirus.

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