This problem of the iPhone 11 and the battery will be solved with iOS 14.5 | Lifestyle

Apple in the coming weeks is going to launch a new update of iOS, the 14.5, which in the case of iPhone 11, in all its range, will try to recalibrate battery for troubleshooting of download and performance that they have since its launch.

The new version will solve the battery calibration problems

The version iOS 14.5Coming in late spring, includes an update that will allow the battery health information system to recalibrate the maximum capacity and peak performance capacity of the battery in the battery. iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro y iPhone 11 Pro Max to correct inaccurate estimates that some users received.

The symptoms of this error are due to unexpected battery discharge behavior or, in a small number of cases, a reduction in peak performance capacity. This inaccurate battery health information does not imply a real performance issue, but it has been by thousands of users who see their battery performance statistically low.

IPhone 11 and battery problem Apple

How is the problem going to be solved?

During the recalibration of the battery health information system, you will see a message in Settings> Battery> Battery health. Recalibration of maximum capacity and peak performance capacity takes place during typical load cycles, and this process can take a few weeks. The percentage of maximum capacity displayed will not change during recalibration. But it is possible that the peak performance capacity is updated. Also, in the event that your iPhone 11 shows you a message about the deterioration of the battery, you will stop seeing it after updating to iOS 14.5.

What if the problem is not solved?

Apple states on its website that “after recalibration is complete, the percentage of maximum capacity and peak performance capacity are updated. The recalibration message will also disappear, indicating that the process is complete.”

You must be very attentive to the messages that the calibration notifies to know how you should proceed. Because in the If the battery shows a significant degradation, a message will appear indicating this and offering a service. In this case, the battery is still working, it is not a health problem, but it may require a change by an authorized Apple supplier. This change would be free.


Apple will update iOS so you can choose Siri’s voice, do you know why? | Lifestyle

The update IOS 14.5 is going to be little less than “the mother of all updates” because we have been talking about her for months, about everything she is going to bring (very important) and to which she begins to have a short time before the WWDC in 2021, which begins on June 7, all the lights are on wear iOS 15 and its innovations.

So those from Cupertino must be working hard to bring us all that they say is going to improve and that has another of its main guest stars on Siri. Or should we say another? Especially if we take into account that as of this update is distributed, we will stop thinking of Apple’s intelligence as a purely female entity, and may adopt other accents and genres.

Two new voices, on the way

Thus, Apple has made public, through one of the latest beta versions of iOS 14.5, that Siri will no longer be a woman and the user will be able to choose between other two you are different. Among them those of a man. Thus, those from Cupertino open the fan to get rid of any type of label that could fall on them for having had, for practically a decade, a woman’s voice as the only one available within the virtual assistant.


From the company they have stated that “we are excited to present two new Siri voices for English speakers and the option for Siri users select the voice they want when setting up their device”. In the statement, they also state that “this is a continuation of the commitment of […] Apple with diversity and inclusion, and products and services that are designed to better reflect the diversity of the world we live in. “

These new voices, as they point out in the press release, at the moment they are only available within the English language so everyone else will have to wait to see if they include them at the time of the update release (or later). These types of processes are not usually automatic and simultaneous for all territories, so in the case of Spanish, we would have to wait a few more weeks. It is update 14.5 of iOS will arrive practically at the end of the second quarter of 2021, that is to say, just before the summer, at the end of June, in which it seems that it will be the last important one of this version of the operating system.


Apple: Spotify on iOS reveals hints of ‘Car Thing’: a voice-controlled assistant

Spotify announced that it planned to develop a voice-controlled assistant called “Car Thing”, However, nothing was known since that announcement in 2019, until now.

The giant music streaming company could be about to launch its assistantas hidden device images have been found in the latest app from Spotify for iOS.

The images show a device with a large rectangular screen and a thick control dial, you can also see a couple of clips that would serve to place it on the vehicle visor.

Car Thing

Regarding the software, it does not reveal anything unexpected, details of what is playing are displayed, along with the playback controls, a shuffle button and a play button. “I like”

Spotify has acknowledged the existence in its plans to develop this multimedia device, but so far has not provided further details. “Our focus remains on becoming the world’s number one audio platform, not on building hardware.”, said Spotify in May 2019.

At the moment there is no indication about a possible launch date of the device Car Thing, but as the months progress more details will come out.

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Apple will celebrate WWDC 2021 from June 7 to 11 completely online













Apple announced that its annual developer conference (WWDC) will be held from June 7-11, with a format entirely ‘online‘, repeating the format adopted in the 2020 edition on the occasion of the pandemic of coronavirus.

Through its Web page this March 30, 2021 the Cupertino company announced the new edition of the Worldwide Developers Conference.

The WWDC shows the news of the company’s operating systems, iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS, and will teach developers new technologies, tools and frameworks with which they can build new experiences for different platforms.

“We are working to make WWDC21 the best and biggest so far,” the company said in a statement.

The conference will feature a ‘keynote’, in which the Apple product software news, as well as different sessions for developers to interact with Apple engineers and designers.


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Apple allowed an app in its store that stole Bitcoins from users

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All the iPhones that Apple sells in Spain have the same limitation: they can only install applications that have been published in the company’s App Store. Although there are methods to ‘jailbreak’ iPhones and bypass this restriction, it is becoming less common and easy to do so.

Although Apple has been widely criticized by companies such as Epic Games or Spotify for the apparent ‘monopoly’ it has on its platform, the truth is that the vast majority of users have little reason not to use anything other than the App Store.

Apple has always prided itself on its security and control, allowing it to block malicious applications that do appear in Android app stores. However, this security image has suffered a severe blow with the story of a user who claims to have lost $ 600,000 due to an app approved by Apple.

App that steals Bitcoin

The user, according to account The Washington Post, wanted to manage his Bitcoin wallet, and for this he searched the App Store for the name of Safe, the maker of your physical cryptocurrency wallet. He found what he believed to be their official app, as it used both the company name and logo.

After downloading it and entering his login details, he discovered that the app had withdrawn the 17.1 BTC that he had in his wallet, which at that time was worth approximately $ 600,000, and that today would cost more than a million of dollars (more than 820,000 euros).

Trezor is a wallet for cryptocurrencies



Actually, Trezor does not have an official app for iOS and therefore, the user had downloaded aa app falsa that sought to gain access to users’ virtual wallets to completely empty them.

The user has publicly denounced Apple for allowing the existence of this bogus app in its App Store, stating that the company has “betrayed the trust” it placed and is asking for a refund of the money it lost.

He was not the only one. Coinfirm analysts estimate that about five people lost a total of $ 1.6 million just using the iOS app.

How he fooled Apple

After an investigation, Apple has confirmed that the app was fake and has expelled it from the App Store, after the true creators of Trezor denounced it; although he has not said anything about the cheated users.

To get to the App Store, the creators of the fake app deceived Apple, studying its methods and making changes to avoid suspicion. The key to the deception was that the original app had no reference to cryptocurrencies; When the creators applied to the App Store, they did so by presenting their app as a way to encrypt files and passwords on the iPhone.

Apps and App Store

Apps and App Store

Manuel Fernandez

Only when the app was approved and appeared in the App Store, it was changed to a cryptocurrency app with the possibility of associating our virtual wallet. It was then when it began to attract users.

However, it is not only that Apple did not monitor the changes made to an app, it is that it did not check if the creators were who they claimed to be. Although the application request did not contain any references to cryptocurrencies, it did use the Trezor logo and name; Apple did not verify that these developers were really from the company, nor that this was an official app.

It may seem like an exaggeration to demand that Apple perform those checks, but critics are wondering what’s the use then the full control of Apple on the App Store, if you then let these types of apps enter.

In fact, this fake app also reached Android, where it is estimated that it defrauded users $ 600,000; But the situation on Android is very different, with many app stores with different entry criteria.

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There’s A Security Breach, Apple Suddenly Gives IOS Update For IPhone And IPad

JAKARTA – Apple has suddenly released an iOS update for iPhone, iPad, and WatchOS. This update was implemented to correct the security breach in Apple’s operating system.

According to the ZDNet page, on Monday, March 29, the updates are iOS 14.4.2 for iPhone and iPad and watchOS 7.3.3 for apple watch, respectively. The reason this update is urgent is because Apple claims that the vulnerability is being actively exploited.

According to Apple, there is a loophole in WebKit that causes an untrustworthy site to enable arbitrary cross-site scripting. Although Apple is described in detail, these loopholes can be used to perform malicious actions such as redirecting users to phishing sites.

The presence of this OS update appears before the release of a major update for iOS, namely iOS 14.5, which is currently still in beta for developers. The release of iOS 14.5 to the public appears to be happening in April.

In iOS 14.5 itself, there are a number of additional features, one of which has been discussed recently is the ability to unlock the iPhone using the Apple Watch, especially when the user is wearing a mask where Face ID cannot work.

Not only the latest updated iOS, but also iOS 12, 12.5.2 to be precise for the iPhone 6, 5s, 3rd Gen iPad Mini and 6th Gen iPod Touch, which was also released to patch security holes.

To update iOS on an iPhone or iPad, select “Settings” and go to General> Software Update. As for the Apple Watch, users can simply update the WatchOS in the settings menu of the Apple Watch app.

The English, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, French, and Spanish versions are automatically generated by the system. So there may still be inaccuracies in translating, please always see Indonesian as our main language. (system supported by


This is Apple’s project to improve stuttering speech

With songs by Dua Lipa, Apple’s new project plans to help people with speech disorders through the sounds that are most difficult for them to pronounce

The projects, products or applications of Apple they are always very innovative. If we are talking about a new launch of the American company that designs and produces electronic equipment, software and online services, surely everyone will picture a new cell phone, a tablet, a computer or even a watch. But this time, it’s about something else entirely.

Apple’s next great invention seeks to help, that is, it is a therapeutic program designed for people who have speech problems and disorders.

Music to help speech disorders

According to many studies, music can help people with speech disorders. That is the purpose of the new Apple Music project, which through great technology and a special algorithm selects the songs that repeat the most. sounds that would be more difficult for these people to pronounce.

This new function that can be found in the application, will be called “Saylists”. Although it is not yet included in the service, this new service is the result of the alliance between Apple and Warner Music, and targets platform users who stutter or have trouble pronouncing the sound correctly a series of letters: Ch, d, f, g, k, l, r, s, t and z.

Apple’s new invention is aimed at users who have trouble pronouncing a series of letters well.

As reported by the BBC, Apple Music uses an algorithm that analyzes songs to identify those that repeat certain sounds the most, and thus managed to create a list with more than 170 songs, among which are Don’t Start Now, de Dua Lipa; Good As Hell, de Lizzo y Right Here, Right Now, de Fatboy Slim.

Since Warner Music they hope that “by creating a therapeutic tool that is as engaging and accessible as word lists,” they can help anyone with speech difficulties, “as CEO Tony Harlow put it.

Meanwhile, Apple continues to develop its new product line by 2021. Many rumors suggest that they will launch new computers and tablets during the month of April.

A week ago the pre-sale of the models of the iPhone 12 Pro y Pro Max in the country, devices that can be purchased from starting at 258,999 pesos.

What makes the difference in this new series is its chip A14 Bionic designed by Apple, the fastest on a smartphone, and that allows you to take advantage of the functionalities of photography with the triple camera system.

This processor is several generations ahead of the Android and it is the first developed with a 5-nanometer process in the smartphone industry, according to the company. This allows the device to be faster and more efficient than any other from the brand, with 50% faster processing power (CPU) and graphics (GPU) compared to the fastest chips on the market.

The new models feature a sophisticated flat-edged design, a surgical-grade stainless steel band, and a precision-molded matte glass back. In addition, they incorporate the Ceramic Shield front with nano-ceramic crystals, which allows it to be more durable and resistant than any smartphone glass.

Regarding sizes, the iPhone 12 Pro is 6.1 inches and the 12 Pro Max 6.7 inches. In both the screen is much broader edge-to-edge Super Retina XDR, with consistent color management throughout the system.

Since last week

Last week the pre-sale of the Iphone 12 Pro Max began in Argentina

But the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a larger panel than any other Apple smartphone yet, with the highest resolution – nearly 3.5 million pixels for a more realistic and extraordinary viewing experience. Both models have IP68 water resistance, the best in the industry.

Photographic sensors in the Pro version include a wider ultra-wide camera, a telephoto camera with an even longer focal length on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and new wide-angle cameras to capture spectacular professional-quality images and videos in high-intensity environments. or low light.

In turn, the iPhone 12 Pro models also incorporate the new LiDAR scanner, with which you can enjoy immersive experiences with augmented reality (AR), and MagSafe, a new ecosystem of accessories that allow fast wireless charging and are easily attached to the back of the iPhone.

Price and place of pre-sale

At the moment, the official presale of these devices is on the site of MacStation.

Regarding the costs, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are available in models of 128 GB (258,999 and 288,999 pesos), 256 GB (288,999 and 308,999 pesos) 512 GB (338,999 and 364,999 pesos). The colors in which they can be purchased are graphite, silver, gold and pacific blue.

Regarding the iPhone version 12 Mini, will be from March 26, at a price of $ 178,999 the 64 GB model, $ 194,999 for the 128GB and $ 218,999 for the 256GB. It comes in five colors: black, white, blue, red, and green.


Apple’s office suite is updated on iOS and Mac

The new version of Numbers, Keynote and Pages are now available in the App Store

Apple has released a new update to its office suite that includes new features and functions in Pages, Numbers y Keynote for iOS and Mac devices. The company has revealed that iOS now includes more precise editing controls, on-screen keyboards, the option to open documents in edit mode, and much more.

As for the Mac version, it includes a new multimedia browser, new AppleScript functionality, among other improvements. This is version 11 of Pages, Numbers and Keynote for iOS and Mac which should be available to all users from the App Store.

In Pages 11 Precise editing controls are added in the Arrange Inspector to adjust the appearance and placement of objects. On-screen keyboards are also added to enter exact values ​​for text size, spacing, and table size. On the other hand, the ability to add or remove objects or table cells from a selection is now added by tapping through them. Similarly, phone number links can now be added to table cells, text objects, and shapes.

In Numbers 11 also added precise editing controls, on-screen keyboards, settings to always open spreadsheets in edit mode, add phone number links to table cells, text objects and shapes, and the option to exclude the spreadsheet summary when exporting the spreadsheet to Microsoft Excel.

Users who use Keynote 11 they will now see the presenter’s notes, current slide, and next slide in a separate window while presenting. Thumbnail images in the build order window make it easy to edit complex sequences, the updated multimedia browser offers improved search options and new content categories such as recent, portrait and live photos.

With information from Apple


‘Rocket League Sideswipe’ will take its aerial goals to Android and iOS

by Poor-man Posted on 24 mar 2021, 19:05:00

Nintendo has brought Mario to mobile, Ubisoft brought Assassins Creed to mobiles, Blizzard will bring Diablo to the phones, and you know very well that this is a small sample of a great list that does not stop growing day after day. The mobile games market is HUGE (like this, in capital letters), which means that no one wants to miss out on the business possibility it offers. The last to join that list are Psyonix, or rather Epic since they bought the latter. With what game? With Rocket League How could it be otherwise.

Rocket League Sideswipe will be the title of this version of the soccer game with cars that will arrive on Android and iOS, and will be focused on fast games of two minutes, one against one or two against two locally or through the Internet, with the possibility of participating in fast, competitive games and, of course, customizing the car that is going to be driven in the games.

But the great particularity of the game is that moves from a three-dimensional environment to a two-dimensional side view, so the verticality and the ability to fly Of the cars becomes even more important here than in the original game, if possible, since in addition the goals or baskets, depending on the game mode, will be located at a certain height.

Rocket League Sideswipe it will be a free game, so look forward to the possibility of spending money on car customization. However, until this happens we will have to wait since does not yet have an official departure date; But if by chance you live in New Zealand or Australia, and you have an Android phone, you can join for a limited period of time to a test that is being carried out in these countries.

PS: we will have to move to New Zealand, that all the game tests are done there.


Rocket League Official Website.


IOS tricks: how to navigate in incognito mode on the iPhone and iPad | Lifestyle

Incognito mode is one of the last havens left to us when we want to go unnoticed on the internet before those websites, services and platforms that are waiting for us anxiously to see who we are.

In the case of iOS in Apple, the incognito mode of Safari is one of the most interesting tools that exist on their devices to avoid tracking the websites we visit, although it has taken many years to be polished as it should. Thanks to the incognito mode of Safari, it is possible to go from one place to another avoiding being tracked or, at least, leaving a trace of our passage so it becomes a quite useful way to go from one place to another without waiting for all activity is collected in any cookie, log or whatever.

Visit websites without creating a search history in Safari

Private browsing protects your private information and blocks some websites from tracking your search behavior. safari will not remember the pages you visit, search history, or autofill information.

How to browse incognito mode on iPhone and iPad LaManzanaMordida

How to activate private browsing in Safari

  1. Open Safari on the iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap the new page button.
  3. Tap Private and then OK.

How to disable private browsing and Safari

  1. Open Safari on your iPhone or iPod touch.
  2. Tap the new page button.
  3. Tap Private and then OK.

Control privacy and security settings for Safari

Go to Settings> Safari and, under “Privacy and security”, enable or disable any of the following options:

  1. Prevent cross-site tracking: Safari limits third-party data and cookies by default. Disable this option to allow cross-site tracking.
  2. Block all cookies: Activate this option to prevent websites from adding cookies to the iPhone. (To delete the cookies that are already on the iPhone, go to Settings> Safari> Clear history and website data).
  3. Fraudulent website notice: Safari displays a warning when visiting a suspected fraudulent website. Disable this option if you do not want to receive alerts about fraudulent websites.
  4. Check Apple Pay: Websites that use Apple Pay can check if you have Apple Pay activated on your device. Turn off this option to prevent websites from checking if you have Apple Pay.

If you visit a website with Safari that is not secure, a warning will be displayed in the Safari search field.