The misrule of Spanish football

This weekend begins a new season in Second B, next week the European competitions and the misrule that exists in the organization of football with CSD, LaLiga, RFEF and UEFA, will be captured in images that escape any logic. There will be an audience in the stadiums in Second B, but not in all. There will also be an audience in the stands of the Primera clubs, but only from some and only in European competitions, not in LaLiga. What’s the point of it? Does the virus depend on the category or if the party is national or international? It is the incoherence of Spanish football.

In order for them to understand the reason for this surreal situation, they have to know that there is no single command that can decide whether or not there are fans in each of the stadiums. The CSD, which presides Irene Lozano, has tried to mediate in this matter but it has been impossible and according to agency sources, they are already incapacitated for everyone to go hand in hand. The CSD has the authority to allow or not the entry of fans in the First and Second Division matches, in addition to the Endesa Basketball League. Here his jurisprudence ends. Second B, or non-professional football, belongs to the RFEF and the Champions League and Europa League matches are delegated to UEFA by each Autonomous Community. For example, in Catalonia, where the F. C BarcelonaIn the Champions League the entry of the public is prohibited but in Euskadi, where Real Sociedad plays, no. Your president, Something in Aperribay, has confirmed that they will apply the Bizi Berri II plan of the Basque Government and that there will be public in the match of the women’s team, the Real Sociedad subsidiary and the first team in next week’s Europa League meeting in which they want there to be 1,000 fans against Naples.

Aperribay says only to comply with the rules and they will abide by the decision of the Basque Government if they are denied this possibility, but just as Real Sociedad wants there to be an audience, not all clubs think the same. Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid and Getafe they don’t want fans in their stands. Barcelona, ​​one of the most economically punished clubs, has requested that they be public next week in the Champions League match against Ferencvaros. The Barça club wants the number of fans to increase gradually to 30%, which is the maximum allowed by UEFA. He Seville and Granada They have requested permission from the Junta de Andalucía to refer to what the Government orders, which has already given up after months of struggle so that all the Autonomous Communities act in unison.

This weekend begins the most complex season (102 clubs) and complicated in history for non-professional football whose protocol is light years away from that established by LaLiga, which is much safer. The RFEF, at the request of the Ministry of Health, does not oblige each club to undergo a PCR test. The competition will begin and it will not be known if there are positives in the changing rooms. The CSD cannot prohibit the entrance of the public, but it does recommend it. There his power ends. Everything is in the hands of each Community, as established in the RFEF Circular. “The RFEF understands that each club that acts as host in the matches of the official competitions at the state level must be the one that regulates the influx of the public based on the health regulations issued in the territory where it is located”, it is written. And the modest clubs, affected by the crisis, if they are given permission, will try to alleviate their accounts with the entry of a small percentage of followers. In the Madrid’s community the maximum capacity is 50% of the capacity of the venue up to 600 spectators. In the Basque Country, 60% of the capacity is authorized up to 1,000 people; the Junta de Andalucía, 65% until reaching 800 viewers … and so each with its own rules.

In Galicia, Riazor, the stadium of Deportivo de la Coruña, has a capacity of almost 33,000 spectators but the regional government allows a maximum of 5,000. The New Archangel, with almost 22,000 seats, will be able to accommodate 800 spectators. Less in proportion than Deportivo de la Coruña? Yes, but it will be 800 more than in any First or Second Division match that same weekend or 6,200 less than in Badajoz, where the Autonomous Government has allowed 50% of the capacity and up to 7,000 spectators. Welcome to the Independent Republic of Spanish Soccer.